Booty Championship: Vida Guerra: 26, 5'3", 115#, 34C-25-37 vs. Cori Nadine: 36, 5'7'', 133#, 36D-24-36 by Freddy Roberts

This is a much anticipated match with great expectations. Guerra holds recent wins over J-LO and Britney but was taught a bit of a lesson by Neve Campbell in a recent Face Sit Tournament. Nadine is older 10 years, has height and a weight advantages but both have unreal bodies and are rarin' to tear into each other. Guerra wants to retain her title and is obviously the crowd favorite after her recent wins. Both women have been on magazine covers and 'celebrity newsmagazine' TV shows all month and the tension is building as is the 'heat' surrounding this match. Cori has been quoted as saying, "That young Cuban will taste my sweet ass tonight!" while Guerra said on 'Entertainment Tonight', "I'll wipe Cori's ass all over the place and teach her fat ass a lesson she won't forget!"

The fight will be held in Madison Square Garden, NYC, before an 'invite-only' crowd of a little more than 1000 people. The prize money is $250,000 for the winner and only humiliation for the loser. As usual, the girls have agreed to a pre-fight beauty contest. The nine judges for the beauty contest will rate the two contestants on seven body areas - ass, tits, legs, face, sexiness, overall shape and mid-section. Each of the judges has either been a Booty champion or top contender herself, or has in some other way established herself as "booty-wise" through her careers or by the way she's conducted herself in her personal or professional life.

The judges are:
Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears,
Karen McDougal, Cindy Crawford, Beyonce, Janet Jackson
and Jessica Simpson.

Rules of the fight are as follows:
Girls wear bikinis;
Fight to submission;
Face-sit during the match;
Loser stripped nude.
After the match, there will be a 20 minute humiliation time for the loser.

The following stipulations have been added:
Ass must be spanked;
Booty must be bitten;
Pussy must be shaved;
Anal dildo inserted;
And finally, the loser get fucked by anyone the winner designates!!

The girls enter the arena; both look stunning as expected - first the muscular and foxy challenger Nadine wearing a white, almost non-existent outfit that hides practically nothing, then champion Guerra in a skimpy black thong bikini that leaves her ass cheeks exposed. The women pose for the crowd, slowly circling the ring around which the nine judges are standing, leaning against the ring apron, each with a clipboard and pencil for making notes about all the minor defects and slight imperfections they see (or imagine they see) on each contestant's near-perfect body.

First category: tits is a clear 6-3 win for Cori.
Second category
: legs a narrow 5-4 edge, again to Cori.
Third category
: face is a run-away 7-2 victory for Cori.
Fourth category
: belly by a close 5-4 margin gives her first win to Vida.
Fifth category
: overall shape is another razor thin 5-4 win for Vida.
Sixth category
: sexiness by the narrowest of 5-4 margins is the third straight for Vida.

So far, the contest is a 3-3 tie after six, although if it were being scored on "points" instead of by categories, Cori would be well ahead by a huge margin (30-24 for those of you scoring along at home!)

Final category: booty. Both girls parade past the judges, shaking their butts and giving their all. Then Vida takes off her bottom and Cori, looking surprised by Vida's maneuver, quickly follows suit. Again, they shake and wiggle their asses and the judges must decide what for them must be a very close contest. But what nobody yet knows is that Cori had linked herself romantically with judge Janet Jackson, having taken Janet as her girlfriend several weeks before the contest. Of course, that’s no guarantee one vote alone can make a difference! Will Cori's devious seduction of a single judge make a difference, or will she taste defeat despite her nefarious undermining of the democratic process?

The deciding votes are: (insert drum roll here)

Jolie sighs and says, "What an ass on that Cori!"

Berry says, "I love Vida's ass!!"

Lopez blushes and admits, "Yeah Vida fucked me...but I love her ass!"

Spears says, "Vida whipped me so I have to admit, her ass is the best!"

Simpson says, "You two are both crazy; Cori has the best ass I’ve ever seen…since I looked in the mirror this morning!"

McDougal says "They’re both great butts, but Vida's is the one I'd want on MY face!"

Crawford winks at Karen, nudges her and disagrees. "I'd love to bite both those asses, but I think Cori's the best!"

Beyonce pats Cindy on the thigh as she agrees, "Both asses are fine, but my vote goes Cori!"

It's a 4-4 tie as both girls look at each other, then wait for Janet Jackson to cast the deciding vote. Janet is secretly Cori's lover and as they parade around, Cori stops at the judges table, bends over and sticks out her butt. Janet leans out and licks her asshole, then Cori turns around and they share a passionate kiss as shocked murmurs rumble through the spectators. Vida slams her fists on her thighs and mumbles something about a "set up!"
The referee for the match, agreed upon by both women, is Christina Aguilera and she calls both women together as the crowd buzzes with excitement and Vida and Cori eye each other, looking their opponent's body up and down.

J-LO screams out, "Cori you shit-bag...kick her ass Vida!"

Janet Jackson tells Vida, "Pack it up hon, your second class ass is going DOWN!"

Christina goes over the rules again, but before she finishes Vida kicks Cori in the belly, right below her navel. Cori is momentarily stunned, and then delivers a punch to Vida's face. Vida responds with a kick again to the Nadine mid-section and Cori holds her tight tummy.

"Beat ME in an ass contest?" yells Vida. "No way, bitch!" Cori is not responding verbally, instead she uncorks a good right hand SLAP that smashes Vida’s left tit flat! "OOOOOOOOOHHHH..." moans Vida.

Obviously Cori had watched Vida's last fight with J-Lo and knew Vida had sensitive tits. She grabs Vida's left tit thru her bikini and squeezes it. Vida knocks her hand away and kicks her in the groin. Cori is getting hit too many times in the mid-section, the last one a vicious shot to her belly button. Now the girls pull hair. Vicious hair pulling and cursing in the middle of the ring.

"Bitch! Slut! Cow! You pig! Scumbag! Cock-tease!" Insults are hurled. Vida yanks Cori's hair and Cori pulls down on Vida's bra. Suddenly, Vida's right tit pops out!

"Nice little titties..." Cori purrs.

"You slut!" screams Vida.

Cori pulls Vida’s top completely off, leaving her nice jugs exposed and they jut out proudly, tipped by two hard, brown nipples. Vida is pissed that her nips and titties have been revealed and in retaliation, she grabs Cori's top and yanks. The material breaks and Cori's very big breasts are also exposed. The girls tear into each others titties, grabbing and pulling as they scream out loud while their prized possessions are battered until they’re black and blue. Vida is known for her sensitive jugs and after several minutes of abuse, she starts to cry as Cori yanks, pinches and twists them. Vida also smashes Cori's tits but everything changes when Cori knees Vida in her crotch and stops her attack in its tracks!

Vida howls in pain and then Cori knees her in the pussy again! Cori shoves Vida back into the corner where she pummels her with punches to the gut, head and especially those sensitive tits! Vida becomes Cori's punching bag as the thickly built muscle babe unloads lefts and rights to her face. It's one punch and slap after another until Vida's face is swollen and her lips puffy. Vida continues trying to punch back, but most of her punches are blocked and even when they land, she can't seem to hurt Cori. Then Cori uppercuts Vida and, while she's reeling in pain, Cori knees her in the twat for the third time!

"OWWW!!" moans Vida, hanging onto the ropes for support, no longer protecting herself.

Poor Vida’s pussy is kneed another FIVE times while she’s wedged in the corner, doubled over with her ass stuffed between the ropes. She continues to stand, barely; but she’s clearly outgunned by the much stronger woman. Vida is in trouble as Cori starts to slam her fist up into her pussy. Vida hunches over in tears, her fingers lose their grip on the ropes and she slowly drops to the canvas on her knees, then topples over face down onto the mat. While Vida is on the canvas face down, Cori grabs her by the hair and drags her on her boobs across the rough canvas to the center of the ring. Vida tries to throw a wild punch that misses, then Cori flings her down in the center of the ring and drops her knee on her back!

"AHHHHHH!!!" screams Vida as Cori Knee Drops her back again and again!

Vida can only cry as her tits are being ground into the canvas by Cori’s kneeing punishment. Vida is in some trouble now as Cori is cheered on by the crowd. They are pro Cori as Cori knees Vida again and Vida screams. Vida tries to escape by getting to her knees only to have Vida kick her in the ass, over and over, Cori's last kick to the wide Vida ass is in her twat area and the pain is tremendous. Cori now tells Vida that her snooty attitude and smart ass attitude will soon be over as Cori pushes Vida on to her back and then sits astride her on her belly and slaps her face. As Cori pins her arms, Vida is helpless and is open to face slaps and punches. Cori jumps up and plops her unreal, gorgeous ass up and down on Vida's belly, knocking the wind out of her. Then Cori clutches both of Vida's very perky tits and yanks on them.

Cori squeezes Vida's jugs for all she's worth as Vida cries, "My tits...oh please...please, my jugs...STOP!!"


Vida can't contain her pain as Cori pinches her nipples and then sticks the nipples between her fingers and pinches them over and's tittie torture agony as her exposed chest is the target of Cori's powerful hands. Next, Cori squeezes Vida's face and twists her nose and lips, then fires several fists into her face until her beautiful face is beaten to a bloody pulp. Cori nails her with lefts and rights and as Vida gets groggier and groggier, Cori keeps punching her in the head until Vida goes limp...the Champion has been knocked out cold!!

The audience watches in amazement at the knockout. But since Vida hasn't submitted, Cori has to revive her to finish the match and then humiliate her. The judges can't believe that the champ is out on the mat. Lopez is stunned. Spears cannot believe it. Janet Jackson is jumping for joy as her girl Cori is the winner. Cori quickly stands over Vida and pulls off her bottoms, Vida is now nude. Her very hairy bush is exposed and she is a gorgeous site naked and spread out on the canvas. So one of the requisites of the match is complete as Vida is stark nude. While she is unconscious , Cori asks Janet for the lather and blade. She sits on her tummy and shaves her twat, then Cori carefully wipes her down. Vida's eyes remain shut as her pussy is balded and a check is presented to Cori...but still no submission! Under the rules, for the title to change hands, Vida must submit.

Cori slaps her face to wake her up and as Vida shakes her head trying to revive, Cori tells her, "Vida, your sweet face will taste my ass - which is better than yours."

True enough, both Nadine and Guerra do have amazing asses but only one can be 'number one'! Cori stands over Vida and strips off her bikini bottom, then slowly sits her huge, shapely fanny down over Vida's face. Vida is awake as the ass of asses in many fans minds plops down on her face.

As Cori wiggles her butt, Vida cries, "No, No...stop..."

"Give up!" demands Cori.

"No," gasps Vida between gulping breaths.

"Good!" says Cori as she grinds and wiggles her ass in Vida's face and clenches her cheeks on her face as she positions herself with Vida's nose wedged deep in the cleft of her ass. Still, Vida refuses to submit, so Cori turns and slams her hairy pussy down on Vida's face and grinds her hairy twat all over Vida's face until it is covered with her sweat, pussy juice and strands of short, curly pubic hairs as Cori scrubs her slit over Vida's gasping mouth.

"Eat it, bitch! Eat or submit!" Cori screams.

Vida doesn't want to lick Cori's pussy so she raises her hand and groans, "OK, I QUIT..."

"Who has the better ass?" asks Cori. "C'mon, say it bitch!" Vida admits Cori's ass is better.

"Who has a better twat?"

" do, Cori," sobs Vida.

"And...? Go on, SAY IT!!!"

"ALRIGHT DAMMIT! You...your pussy is the best. Now, please... let me up,” Vida whined. “I…I can't breathe."

Cori stood up and told the referee she had “something to say” before the humiliation time began. Telling Vida, "You just lay right there..." Cori stepped across Vida’s chest, straddling her, then reached between her legs and spread her labia with her fingers. Bending her knees, Cori unleashed a long, steaming stream of hot golden piss down over Vida's red face. Fans sat stunned as something THIS disgusting and depraved had never happened in any Booty fight; the new champ giving their predecessor a hot, wet, golden shower!

"STOP!" screamed Jennifer Lopez, trying to stand up. "That's not allowed."

"Oh, shut the fuck up, cunt!" Beyonce tells her as the judges all grab J-Lo and slam her ass back down on her chair.

"The slut deserves it for giving up so easily!" Angelina tells her with a twinkle in her eye as she looks admiringly up at Cori’s muscular body and licks her lips hungrily.

And Cori’s time to humiliate Vida even further still hasn’t even started yet...audience and the judges sat and waited in eager anticipation of the humiliation of the ex-champ which was about to begin as referee Christina Aguilera asked Cori if she wanted to use her time.

“You bet!” laughed Cori. She growled at Vida, ordering her to, “Turn over on your tummy.” The audience and judges gaze at Vida's well-shaped muscular and gorgeous nude ass as it was raised fully exposed as she rolled over. “Well, well, well, Ms. Guerra,” Cori chuckled malevolently. “I guess it's time that fat fanny got spanked!”

Cori sits on her shoulders and proceeds to open hand crack Vida's ass. She also punched it at the crack, causing great pain. Cori smacks the nude upturned ass for several minutes and Vida can do nothing but bite her lip and cry. The pain worsens as Cori lays across Vida's back and gets her head between her thighs and calves. She then has her head on Vida's perfect ass and yells to the crowd.

“Time for a nice dinner bite!” She bites Vida's ass, her teeth digging deep into the smooth flesh. Her ass in pain, Vida bites her lip as she struggles not to scream as Cori tortures her butt cheeks; biting both cheeks hard...leaving her teeth marks on Vida's ass. Cori stands up and observes Vida laying nude on the canvas, her legs apart and her red and bitten ass in full view of the audience. Her pussy has been shaved and now Cori orders her to get on her knees. Cori then goes to Janet and asks her for the super dildo, a good 12 inches in length; as thick as her wrist it’s long and black.

“You were the Booty Queen,” Cori chuckles. “Well, let's see how your booty Queen ass handles THIS!”

Vida gets on all fours and Cori gets behind her and puts the dildo in...then in...then in deeper...finally it was in about six inches.

Vida cried, “Stop! ass…please Cori!!”

But Cori ignored her pleas, pulled it back out, smeared Vaseline on it and then rammed it in a full 9 inches! Vida sobbed and cried uncontrolably as her body squirmed and bucked as Cori rammed the dildo further, slamming it in all the way, holding just the tip in her fingertips as Vida screamed.

“My God, Stop it!!! You’re destroying my beautiful ass!!”

The judges can't believe what they’re witnessing and Beyonce leans over and whispers to J-Lo, “That is the worst ass torture I’ve ever seen. I’m going to have a hard time topping that after my next victory! Brutal!”

Cori yanks out the dildo and orders Vida over onto her back, then sits on her tummy and commands her to suck the dildo. She does and then Cori takes the clean and shiny dildo and kneels at Vida's feet.

“OK,” she grins. “Open up!” Cori pulls Vida’s legs wide apart and slides the slippery dildo into her shaven pussy. “I want to see you come..come , come, and then come some more,” laughs Cori.

Vida can only wait as the dildo is slid into her by Cori. Surprisingly, Vida finds she likes the sensation as Cori twists it in, then pumps it rapidly in and out. Vida is writhing on the mat as Cori is making her come. Cori slides it in and out until Vida erupts with a major climax. Vida’s pussy unloads as she climaxes, her cunt juice flowing over and around the thrusting dildo as Vida screams, “AHHHHH!! AHHHhhhhhhhh……!”

Her submissive climax is witnesed by everyone and when Cori’s arm finally gets too tired to pump her any more, Vida is totally spent and beaten, a pitiful sight. She’s had her tits tortured, her ass beaten to a pulp, her pussy shaved and been forced to orgasm in public.

And Cori still isn't done with her! She orders Vida to get up, then grabs her by the hair and walks her around the ring. Vida, her face a bloody mess and totally beaten, is paraded around like a trophy by Cori who tells her, "I hope you never challenge me again, because I will kick your ass again. If we fight ten times, I kick your ass ten it bitch!!" Vida slowly nods her head and Cori releases, letting her slump to the mat at her feet. Vida's friends J-Lo and Britney rush to the ring to help her but before they reach her, Cori holds up her hand. "Wait! We're not done yet. Remember, she still is due a fucking from anyone I want. Lemme see, who gets to do the dirty deed…"

Cori looks at each of the judges and some, like Jolie and McDougal, appear eager to strap-on and take it to Vida. But nobody is surprised when Vida points to her 'chosen' one, Janet Jackson who claps excitedly as she picks up the tote bag containing her strap-on and other toys. Janet grabs Vida by one elbow and Cori takes her by the other as they drag the weakly resisting ex-champ up the aisle toward their dressing room where Vida will spend the night on her hands and knees being taken by two very rough dommes. The other judges try to ignore the plight of Vida, concentrating instead on sucking up to Cori as she brushes past them on her way to take her pleasure with her predecessor and her lover.

A new booty champ has been crowned, but already rivals have their sights on Cori's firm, tight ass jiggling up the aisle toward her date with destiny.