The Affairs: Ruth Guerri vs.Cathy St. George by kit

"Come back by after you drop 'em off," said Cathy, buckling her youngster into the car seat.

"Oh, I don't know, Cathy," said Ruth, looking over her shoulder as she sat at the wheel. "I've got a lot to do this morning."

"Oh c'mon," said Cathy, pecking her son on the forehead. "I've got some gourmet coffee on and we need to have a little girl-talk."

"Well..." stalled Ruth, really not wanting too. "Alright. But just for a few minutes. I can't stay long...really."

"That's fine," said Cathy, looking at her now. "It won't take long."

"OK, seeya in a few then."

"Bye!" said Cathy, shutting the back door of the car. She stood in her driveway and watched Ruth back out and head to the preschool with their sons. "Bitch!" she muttered.

As she drove, Ruth wondered just exactly what that phrase meant. Was Cathy aware of her affair with her husband? Or perhaps suspicious? Maybe it was nothing at all. Maybe she did just want to visit. Either way, she'd know shortly.
Cathy and Ruth were very attractive young mothers in their mid-twenties, and the only reason they knew each other was because their husbands were good friends and they lived in the same neighborhood; otherwise, the two would never hang out. Being dyed-haired blondes, Cathy and Ruth had a natural built-in rivalry and disdaine for each other. Nothing serious had ever happened between them, but both sensed a mutual envy and jealousy, and the underlying currents that go along with that.

Cathy was a frosted-blonde with sultry looks and a nice tan body. At 5-4 and a slim 102 pounds, her 34-22-34 measurements made her look fuller and bustier than she actually was. But still she was an extremely attractive woman and a real head-turner.

Ruth was a clock-stopper in her own right. Her bleached yellow hair highlighted her girlish face and good looks. At 5-5 and 108 pounds, she was a bit taller and heavier than Cathy, but her 35-22-34 figure was every bit as impressive.
"It's such a beautiful mornin' that I thought we'd take our coffee to the patio," suggested Cathy as they stood in her kitchen.

"Yes, it is," nodded Ruth, anxious to find out what was on Cathy's mind. Maybe she was just trying to be friends. If so, she would meet her halfway.

The morning dew still lay on the lawn as the spring sun had yet to melt it away as the young women sat down under the canopy and sipped their coffee. Both looked at each other over the rims of their cups as Cathy wondered how'd she'd confront Ruth, while Ruth sensed something unpleasant approaching.

"Mmm, it's good," said Ruth, breaking the ice.

"Yes, it's my favorite," nodded Cathy as their eyes danced together.

They took another sip, and Ruth could see Cathy's hard nipples protrude against her thin, white tank-t. Cathy crossed her legs, showing off her lovely legs coming out of her short, white cotton shorts. Ruth matched her move as her legs poured out of her blue cut-offs. Cathy's eyes dropped to Ruth's breasts and she could make out the outline of her areolas behind her pink, cropped t-shirt.

"I know all about it!" said Cathy, swirling her sip as she stared Ruth in the eyes.

Ruth's tummy jumped up in her throat, "Uh-hum...excuse me?"

"Don't play coy with me, bitch," said Cathy, setting down her cup. "I know all about it. Steve confessed all."

Ruth went into denial. No way would Steve confess their affair. Cathy was just bluffing. "Bitch? How dare you call me a bitch. If anyone's the bitch here it's you."

"Alright," nodded Cathy as their eyes crossed angrily. "You're not a bitch, you're a slut!"

"Slut? So now I'm a slut?" asked Ruth, rising from her chair. "I think I've had about all your company that I want."

Cathy instantly rose and cut off the path. "You're not goin' anywhere, bitch."

"I don't even know what the hell you're talkin' about," said Ruth, dropping her hands to her hips.

"Oh, please! Just admit it. You're sleepin' with my husband."

Ruth dropped her eyes to the concrete. "He actually told you?"

There was a calm.

"Yeah, he did. Three days ago."

Ruth put her hands to her face. "I'm sorry. We didn't mean for it to happen."

Their was a long pause.

" did."

Ruth looked up at Cathy. "Are you guys gettin' a divorce?"

Cathy shook her head. "No. We're gonna try and work it out."

Ruth nodded. "Are you gonna tell Rick (her husband). Does he know?"

"No, that's your job. As far as I know, he doesn't know."

Ruth nodded and dropped her head again.

"But that still leaves a little matter between us, doesn't it?"

Ruth looked up. She could see the anger in Cathy's eyes. "You wanna fight me?"

"No," smirked Cathy. "I don't wanna fight. What we're gonna do is have a good ol' fashion catfight."

Ruth shook her head. "I'm not gonna fight you. You can tell Rick if you want, but we're not fightin'."

Cathy shifted her weight. "Fine. Don't fight me...just stand there and take it. I'm gonna claw and rip you to ribbons."

"This is crazy," said Ruth, trying to move around Cathy.

Cathy shoved her back. "So you're actually not willin' to fight me?"

"No, I'm not!" exclaimed Ruth, glaring at her. "It's stupid."

"Okay. Okay," nodded Cathy, seething. "I can see you're gonna need some motivation."

Ruth wondered if Cathy was about to slap or hit her. It wasn't that she was afraid of fighting. She'd fought girls before in high school and had always won. She just thought fighting now was silly and childish.

"I've gone to bed with Rick," announced Cathy.

"What! When?" asked Ruth very surprised.

"It's been a few years back," said Cathy. "But we slept together the night before you guys got married."

"That's a lie! What about Steve? You were married then," said Ruth still very stunned.

"Steve? Ha, he was passed out. Rick made a move on me and I let him. Even after you guys got back from your honeymoon we still slept together and made love," said Cathy, shaking back her hair now.

Ruth was now raging. "That's a lie, bitch! I don't believe you! You're just sayin' that to make me fight you."

"Oh, am I? Well how do I know he has a nice, thick, meaty 8-incher and loves anal...somethin' you wouldn't give but I would," said Cathy, pressing the right button.

"Gggggrrrrr!! You fuckin' whore!" growled Ruth, flying forward with a slap.


Cathy's pretty head turned as her cheek took on a set of red fingerprints.

"You fuckin' bitch!" yelled Ruth, grabbing a big fist of hair and reloading to slap Cathy again.


But Cathy connected with a slap of her own that tattooed Ruth's cheek.

"Slut!" Cathy shouted, yanking on a handful of hair also.

Digging into each other's hair with both hands, Cathy and Ruth violently shook and slung each other around the patio. Ruth rammed Cathy up against the sliding glass door. But Cathy jerked back hard on her hair and spun around, throwing Ruth up against the glass door. Ruth kneed Cathy in the side of the thigh and yanked Cathy by the back of the hair. Cathy squealed as they staggered sideways towards the lawn. Ruth slapped Cathy hard across the face as Cathy ran her fingernails down Ruth's soft cheek.

"Oooowww!" cried Ruth, backing off.

"Slut!" Cathy shouted, adding a blistering slap to the clawed flesh. POP! Holding her face, Ruth stumbled back towards the middle of the patio as Cathy leaned over, resting her hands on her knees.

"Uuummm...shit," whimpered Ruth, rubbing her cheek and catching her breath.

Still leaned over, Cathy puffed, and asked, "Had enough, bitch?"

"Have you, bitch?"

Cathy straightened up and fluffed her hair. "No, but it looks like you have."

"Hardly, bitch," said Ruth, running her hands thru her hair. "I haven't even started with your ass."

"Good," said Cathy, shaking out her hair. "It's been awhile since I've had a nice, long catfight."

"Well, bitch, you're in for one now," said Ruth as she and Cathy slowly moved towards the yard.

Scoping each other out from head to toe, Ruth and Cathy orbited once and lifted up their fists.

"Bitch, I've never liked you," said Cathy, her fists tightly clinched in front of her face.

"It's a mutual feelin', slut," Ruth responded, her knuckles turning white as they rotated to each other's left.

Stepping forward quickly, Cathy snapped out a jab. Ruth leaned back and avoided the blow. But Cathy hopped forward and snapped it out again. This time Ruth's head rocked back as her chin took on Cathy's knuckles. Cathy then put her right fist fully along Ruth's jawbone, sending her sprawling sideways.

"I'm gonna knock your fuckin' head off, bitch," said Cathy, reloading and going after her.

But two blows weren't near enough as Ruth stopped the onslaught with a driving right hook that sank deep and hard into Cathy's smooth, trim tummy.

"Uuummmpphh!" belched Cathy, doubling over as her tummy muscles rippled with shock.

"Ggggrrr! You cunt!" shouted Ruth, reaching underneath Cathy's doubled over body and latching on to her breasts.

"Ooooowwww!!" wailed Cathy as her beautiful b-cups were squeezed thru her tank-t.

Ruth lifted Cathy upward by the breasts, twisting and wringing the firm globes as she tried to get her sharp fingernails thru the cotton material.

"Oohh gawd! Mmmmy t-i-t-s!" cried Cathy, delivering a knee between Ruth's legs.

WHAM! "Uuuuunnnggg!!" groaned Ruth as her pussy was busted.

Cathy knocked Ruth's hands from her breasts and then shook her head by the hair with one hand and gave her nasty slap across the cheek with the other.

"You fuckin' bitch!" shouted Cathy, slinging Ruth in a circle by the hair with both her hands. "I'll teach you to grab MY tits!" Throwing Ruth down on the moist grass, Cathy straddled over her waist and gave her face another tasty slap. Ruth tried to push Cathy off with her right hand as her left hand began swatting her across the top of the left buttocks. Cathy winced as she slid her hands under Ruth's cropped top.

"Ooooowwww!!" wailed Ruth as her soft, creamy b's were cruelly fondled.

"How's it feel, you fuckin' cunt?" asked Cathy, squeezing and working in her nails.

"Ooooouuuuucccchhhhh!!" cried Ruth, lifting her legs around Cathy's waist and trying to lock them together.

Grabbing Cathy's left forearm, Ruth pulled her hand towards her mouth and bite down on Cathy's thumb.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!" screamed Cathy, running a set of fingernails down Ruth's midsection.

Ruth flipped Cathy sideways with her legs and succeeded and locking her ankles together and scissoring her. Cathy grunted as her guts oozed between Ruth's flexing, pumping thighs. Yanking down the front of Cathy's tank-t, Ruth buried ten nails into her tits as she squeezed her legs with all her might.

"Ooommmpphhhh!!" Cathy grunted, her eyes closed as her hands reached for Ruth's breasts.

"Fuckin'...whore," Ruth hissed, scratching and squeezing as she felt Cathy's hands clamp down on her breasts.

Laying sideways with Cathy scissored between Ruth's legs, the two lovely ladies fought in a battle to see who's breasts could take the most pain. Swearing and screaming thru gritted teeth and hissing lips, Cathy and Ruth pinched and scratched the living shit out of each other. With their heads thrown back, each took a nipple and stretched as their other hand curled up and dug into tender breast flesh. The following moments were some of the most intense pain that either had ever underwent, and yet their will and determination to win carried them on as they both let each other have it.

" bitch," grimaced Cathy, her body shaking in shock.

"," Ruth winced as her tits withered and her legs wilted.

"Ssshhhit!" Cathy cried, letting go of Ruth's nipple and punching her under the chin.

Ruth's legs instantly fell apart (but Cathy still lay between them) and her hands dropped from Cathy's breasts. Cathy took Ruth by the tits again and twisted the shit out of them.

"Aaaaarrrggggg!!" screamed Ruth, her hands going for Cathy's throat.

*Gasp* Cathy's eyes bugged as Ruth's fingernails dug into her veins and choked down on her. Realizing the damage of this move, Cathy instantly wrapped her hands around Ruth's neck and choked back. *Gag*

Like most females, Cathy and Ruth had witnessed and participated in their share of catfights. Both knew that catfights, while nasty and violent, were usually over rather quick. But as they lay choking each other, neither had ever seen, and certainly not ever been in a catfight this long and this savage. Still, they both seemed determined, and with each breath leaving their battling bodies, their hate for each other spurd new fuel with which to catfight.

"You.......slut," huffed Cathy, draping her left leg over Ruth's right leg.

"," Ruth grunted, twisting her legs together with Cathy's legs.

With their legs knotted and their hips butted together, Cathy and Ruth leaned forward until their foreheads touched. Glaring very, very, very hatefully into each other's tear-filled eyes, they shifted their hands, working their painted talons into the back of each other's neck as their thumbs pressed across the Adam's apple. Simoultaniously they squeezed. Their eyes popped and their mouths gaped open. Cathy drove her sharp, strong thumbnails in deep. Ruth seemed to go into shock as her hands then ripped straight back on Cathy's hair. Cathy screamed as her head was almost torn from her shoulders. Almost instantly the girls bucked hips and uncoiled from each other like a pair of compressed springs set free. Kicking and kneeing, Cathy and Ruth rolled clear of each other and lay on their backs clutching their throats under the morning sun. For over five minutes, neither stirred as they gasped for breath and softly wept. Both were tired, sore and hurting in places they never thought they would. Their breasts were red and swollen. Their nipples bruised and deformed. Their hair hurt and their faces stung with pain from the slaps and punches. Ruth even had a small trickle of blood running out her mouth from an uppercut she had received. Like Cathy had said, this wasn't going to be just a fight, but rather a catfight, and that's exactly what it had been.

"No...more," Ruth finally said, sobbing softly. "I'm through....fightin'."

Cathy slowly sat up, folding her legs to her chest and hugging them close to her body. She said nothing. She had no room to taunt or brag. Boasting was out of the question. She had won, but only in the sense of the word. More than anything, she was just simply relieved.
When Steve and Rick discovered each other's affair, they met, fought and ended their friendship. But for Cathy and Ruth it wasn't that simple. Although they had fought, it still wasn't over or settled between them. Making love to their husbands wasn't fun or pleasurable. Both had a very hard time reaching orgasms as they would lay their wondering which of them their husbands perferred. Was Ruth the better kisser? How good was Cathy's oral? Was Ruth better on top? Was Cathy's ass tighter? Who's pussy was hotter? Could Ruth go longer? Was Cathy nastier? These were the questions that burned in their minds as their husbands fucked and made love to them. Then one morning a month later, Cathy's doorbell rang.
"What the hell do you want, bitch?"

Without saying a word, Ruth produced a 12-inch two-headed dildo from her bag. Cathy nodded, and said, "We need to talk."

"We need to do more than talk, bitch," said Ruth, slowly wagging the rubber cock between them as they looked hard at each other. Then Cathy turned and led her down the hallway to her bedroom. "I see you've got my favorite sheets on," taunted Ruth, noting the unmade bed and tossing the dildo on it.

"Yeah, well, don't forget, bitch, I've slept in YOUR bed too," said Cathy, pulling her t-shirt over her head.

Ruth unbuttoned her blouse, "I'll bet you didn't know you were sleepin' in my wet spot."

"Your ass was sleepin' in my wet spot first!" countered Cathy, watching Ruth throw her blouse across a chair.

"True," said Ruth as they began to remove their shorts, "but my wet spot is bigger."

"I don't think so, bitch," said Cathy, stepping out of her shorts and pulling down her panties.

"I do, bitch," said Ruth, removing both her shorts and panties at the same time.

"Well, bitch, I guess we'll find out," said Cathy, rising up fully.

"I guess we will, slut," said Ruth, standing up straight.

Fully nude, Cathy and Ruth took in each other's true beauty. They were both impressed and could see why their husbands couldn't resist the others lovely womanhood.

"For a bitch, you've got a nice body," snarled Cathy, stepping forward.

"Your body's not bad either, slut," hissed Ruth, going to meet her.

"I'll bet a lil' slut like you has done this before," said Cathy as they came nose-to-nose with each other.

"No, but a lil' whore like you probably has," whispered Ruth, her lips almost touching Cathy's lips.

"I wish I had, bitch," whispered Cathy, her left nipple touching Ruth's right nipple. "The thought of you bein' my first makes me want to puke."

"Yeah, well, the idea of our pussies fuckin' makes me sick too," lipped Ruth as their nipples ran across each other.

Gently Cathy place her hands on Ruth's hips. "Well my pussy is gonna make your pussy throw up over and over and over again."

"Oh is that a fact, bitch," said Ruth, carefully putting her hands on Cathy's hips.

"That's a fact, slut," said Cathy as they looked down their noses at each other.

Both girls were getting wet fast and very turned on by all this catty talk. Their nipples, now fully hard, continued to play with each other as they carefully pushed their tingling vaginas into each other.

"Mmmm," moaned Ruth softly. "My pussy is gonna have your pussy dry heaving."

Cathy quietly groaned as her bushy brown hairs intertwined with Ruth's thick, black curls. Both looked down as their nipples got ready to take each other on.

"Looks like mine are harder," said Cathy.

"You're just more turned on than me," stated Ruth.

Pushing their hips closer, Cathy and Ruth aimed nipples and leaned in. Only a few weeks ago were they trying to tear each other's tits off. Now both moaned as their hard, pink erasers battled to invert each other. Although their breasts were only b's, they were beautiful and mushroomed evenly with each other as their lovely pink areolas and nipples were perfect matches for a fight.

Resting their foreheads together, Cathy and Ruth watched their tits fight as they insulted each other and started to grind their hips harder together.

"My tits are winnin'!" gloated Cathy as she looked into Ruth's eyes.

"Definitely NOT bitch!" purred Ruth. "Mine are...and so's my pussy."

Cathy ran her arms around Ruth's lower back and squeezed. Ruth grunted, but did the same to Cathy as they now hugged up and brought their bodies into tighter and closer contact. Their heads now dangled back as they softly grunted and groaned. With their tits pancaked and their vaginas completely lubed for action, Ruth and Cathy shifted their hips and slid a thigh between the other's leg.

"Uumm, bitch," moaned Cathy, cupping Ruth's hot ass with both hands and drawing her in close to her thigh.

"Aaahh, bitch yourself," Ruth groaned, getting her hands on Cathy's foxy ass and pulling her in.

"I'm gonna fuck your guts out, bitch," whispered Cathy, pressing her thigh hard against Ruth's swelling snatch.

"Just you try, bitch," said Ruth, matching pressure. "I'll have you screamin' before this is over."

"You care to back up that tough talk with your tongue as well?" asked Cathy, her lips nearly on top of Ruth's.

"I'd rather suck my grandmother's toes than lock lips with you, slut," mouthed Ruth very quietly as she flicked out her tongue and ran it over Cathy's lips.

"Fuck you," lips Cathy, her tongue darting to the insult.

A warm glaze crossed their locked eyes as their tongues flicked tips.

"I hate you," tongued Cathy, looking deep into Ruth's eyes.

"I hate you," kissed Ruth, pressing her lips fully with Cathy's lips.

Trying to choke each other out with their tongues, Cathy and Ruth rolled their heads around and around and around as they traded spit and fought with their nipples. Down below, both were tightly gripping each other's sweet ass and humping up and down on the other's rising, flexing, lifting thigh. Their vaginas were fully open and easily gliding up and down on the vaginal lube they were pasting on the top of each other's tan, tone thigh.

"Uuuummm...uuuummm...uuuuummmm," moaned Cathy, Frenching and fucking.

Ruth made similar, lustful sounds as her sexual engine shifted into high gear and fought back with equal drive and determination. Both were on the verge of cumming, but neither wanted to be the first. Cumming first would be a clear sign of sexual weakness, and that was something neither wanted.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah," moaned Ruth, breaking off her kiss.

"Cum, bitch, cum," begged Cathy, fighting her own desire to let go and climax.

Close to losing it, Ruth switched tactics and replaced her thigh with her hand. Slipping her middle finger up Cathy's twat, Ruth found her clit and stroked it.

"Mmmmmmm," moaned Cathy, pressing her thigh harder against Ruth's pussy and digging her nails into her shapely ass. It turned Ruth on!

"Oh gawd! I'm...cum...cuuuummmmin!"

It wasn't a hard orgasm, but Ruth had lost her sex first. Not stopping, Cathy removed her thigh and ran her hand under Ruth's dripping snatch. Standing slightly spread and sideways together with one arm around the other's waist, Cathy and Ruth rose up and down on their toes as they fingered each other out.

"Mmm, mmm, bitch," moaned Cathy, her clit throbbing.

Ruth closed her eyes and held on to her sex as Cathy's finger did a number on her clit.

"Ah, ah, ah," moaned Cathy. "I'm sssooo clooose."

"Mmmm," groaned Ruth. "Me too."

Cathy pressed her finger hard on Ruth's clit as Ruth slipped two fingers in and shoved. Both dug their nails into each other's waist as their bodies jolted up and down, sending their tits flopping as they washed each other's hand with their girl cream.

Although Ruth had twice orgasmed, Cathy's solo orgasm was much harder and had dropped her to her knees at Ruth's feet.

"Mmmm, shit," panted Cathy, clutching herself.

Ruth huffed, proudly she said, "Get used to it, bitch. I told you my pussy was better."

Cathy looked up at her and got up. "Fuck you. You came twice, bitch."

"Yeah, but I wasn't dropped to my knees, bitch."

"Well, why don't you just drop your ass on that bed, bitch, and let's really get down to it," challenged Cathy, stepping chest-to-chest with Ruth.

"Oh, so you think you're ready to scissor up with me and fight pussies?" asked Ruth, shoving her tits into Cathy's tits.

"Damn right, bitch," said Cathy as they rubbed their tits together. "I'm ready to leave your fuckin' ass in my wet spot."

"Then let's get it on and settle this shit once and for all," said Ruth.

For a few seconds they stood their staring and roughly rubbing their tits in a circle.

"Get your ass on that bed, bitch," said Cathy, grabbing Ruth's arms.

Ruth grabbed back, "C'mon, slut! Let's fuck!"

Throwing each other on the bed the girls almost got into a catfight as Ruth took the position at the head of the bed and Cathy the foot.

"Spread 'em, bitch," ordered Cathy as they both grabbed the dildo.

"You spread 'em, slut," snapped Ruth, not about to let Cathy control the fight.

Spreading and lifting their legs, Ruth and Cathy got into a 'V' as they placed the dildo between their pussies and started to slide down on it.

"Mmm, bitch," Cathy swore as her pussy lips kissed against Ruth's pussy lips.

The 12-inch dildo disappeared, and Ruth moaned as her hairy, black beaver nestled snug against Cathy's brown, fuzzy triangle.

"Ready to settle it, bitch?" asked Cathy, leaning back on her hands.

Ruth leaned back on her hands. "I'm ready, slut."

With a twitch and a bump, Cathy and Ruth moaned as their pussies began a slow, grinding roll with 6" split between them. Watching their beavers chew and mash on each other, the girls started in with the trash talk as their sexual tensions began to mount within their loins.

"Mmmmm, bitch," groaned Cathy. "How do you like my pussy on you."

"You don't show me much, ooooommm," Ruth moaned.

"I'll show you plenty before I'm done," said Cathy, hunching down harder.

Ruth matched the pressure as their pussies began catfighting over control of the dildo. Cathy increased her tempo. Ruth turned up with her. The bed began to rock as their pussies started to slide up and down and slam together. The sound of their cunts banging made a erotic slapping noise that had their nipples turning hard and their juices boiling.

"Um, um, um, um, um, um, um," moaned Ruth as her pussy smacked against Cathy's pussy.

Cathy could see Ruth's tummy tighten and tremble and she knew she was close to making her cum.

"Cum, you fuckin' whore," puffed Cathy, as her pussy shoved two more inches of dildo up Ruth's cunt.

Ruth threw back her head and sang out as her pussy exploded against Cathy's pussy.

"That's right, bitch," said Cathy, still fucking. "You can't handle it."

"Fuck you," snarled Ruth, pumping back now.

Falling back on their elbows, Ruth and Cathy pounded pussies as they took turns shoving the dildo back and forth in each other. For ten minutes the girls fucked and banged into each other. Beads of sweat appeared on their faces and foreheads and in the folds of their bellies. Their pubic hairs glistened with moisture and tugged on each other as their pussies spread further open and rubbed lips.

"Oh gawd! Oh gawd! I'm gonna cum again!" wailed Ruth, stretching out her own nipples as she lay on her back fucking and getting fucked.

Cathy gritted her teeth and clinched her eyes. Her nostrils flared as she fought to hold on to her sweet, sweet sex. But when Ruth erupted in pleasure and soaked her cunt with sex, Cathy let loose and creamed her end of the dildo with her own hot sex.

"Mmmm," moaned Ruth, flat on her back with her pussy quivering against Cathy's pussy. "I fuckin' hate you."

"I think you better give, bitch," said Cathy, breathing hard as she leaned up on her elbows and looked down at their pussies throbbing together at the lips. "Your pussy is no match against mine."

Leaning up on her elbows now, Ruth's pussy began to stir against Cathy's pussy. "I think it's you that better give, bitch."

Cathy glared at her as their cunts gently started to rock on each other. Up and down they humped, trying to control the dildo as they took turns forcing it back and forth. Turning a bit on their sides, Cathy and Ruth jacked a leg and held on to each other's leg just past the knee as they fucked slow and sensually. This wasn't about pleasuring each other, but more of a contest of sexuality. Both were grinding and trying to prove her love making abilities as their pink pussy lips massaged each other. For fifteen minutes the girls methodically gyrated on each other. Their pussies rubbed in unison as the dildo slid back and forth, stirring the brew that was bubbling deep inside.

"Bitch," groaned Ruth, suddenly thrusting her pussy hard against Cathy's pussy. "Cum!"

"Unnnng," moaned Cathy from the unfriendly impact. "You cum, slut!" she said, pounding back.

"Uggggh," Ruth grunted, as they now began to hammer into each other.

Sinking their nails into each other's thigh, Cathy and Ruth rolled their hips in circles as they butted pussies. Both were grunting and groaning and getting closer and closer to exploding.

"Uuummpphh! Bitch!" groaned Ruth, reaching down and running her fingers thru Cathy's fuzz.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" squealed Cathy as her hairs were painfully pulled.

"Ooouuuucchh!" winced Ruth as her hairy, black fuzz was tugged.

Cramming their pussies together the girls arched their backs and pulled pubic hairs.

"Ooowww! You're hurtin' mmmeee!" Cathy wailed.

Ruth gritted her teeth. "Cuuuuum b-i-t-c-h!"

"Uuuunnggg! Oooooohhh! Aaaaawwww!" howled Cathy as Ruth forced nearly three extra inches of dildo up her twat.

Cathy's body orgasmed out of control as her hips jolted painfully against Ruth's open hips.

"Ooohh ggaawwdd," moaned Cathy, falling to her back.

Not hesitating, Ruth pressed her advantage. Pushing herself upright on her knees, Ruth lifted Cathy's left leg and held it against her (Ruth) shoulder as she got into a 'ride the pony' position. Clutching the dildo with her pussy muscles, Ruth humped up and down, making the dildo act like a 'real' cock as it went in and out of Cathy's spread snatch.

"Um, um, umph, um, um, umph," moaned Cathy as she was fucked.

"I'm gonna fuck your damn guts out, bitch," threatened Ruth, fucking.

But Cathy fucked back as best she could. Banging back, she at least forced Ruth to grunt with each thrust as they both grabbed each other by a nipple and pinched.

"Cum, cunt! Cum!" ordered Ruth, dropping down and grinding.

The dildo sank in deep, and Cathy couldn't hold back her urges to orgasm. "Yeeeeeeeeees! Ooooooooohhhh! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" Ruth gave Cathy's tit a hard squeeze and a wicked grin, and then fell backward, leaving about four inches of the dildo sticking out of Cathy's twat.

"Uumm...ow," whimpered Cathy, slowly pulling the rubber cock from her cunt and flinging it across the room. "You miserable bitch," she added softly.

"Fuck you, slut," panted Ruth, laying on her back.

Having just been forced into a couple of pretty hard orgasms, Cathy's ire grew as she realized she just might lose this fuck fight. Ruth was proving to be just as tough in the bed as she was in the backyard when they catfought.

Sitting up, Cathy fanned herself as Ruth looked at her while sensually rubbing her tits.

"You think you're pretty tough, huh, bitch?" asked Cathy, getting to all-fours.

"Scared, bitch?" egged Ruth. "You know my pussy's better."

Ruth spread her legs as Cathy crawled between them. "Not really, but let's see how you do when our clits fight each other."

"Bring it on, bitch," accepted Ruth, spreading and opening her arms. "I'm just aching to clit fight you."

Cathy lowered her hips into Ruth's hips as Ruth lifted up and wrapped her legs high around Cathy's waist.

"You're gonna be aching alright, after my clit tears up your clit," said Cathy as their pussies parted and she laid down on top of Ruth.

Placing her breasts on top, both winced as their stiff, hard nipples dug in, and they cussed each other. Running her arms under Ruth's arms, Cathy held her close as Ruth clasped her arms around the back of her neck and pulled her down.

"Where's your clit, bitch?" asked Ruth, as their lips softly touched.

"Where's your's, slut," answered Cathy, as their pussies twitched and their hairs began to lock up.

Staring into each other's eyes, they began tongue wrestling and rolling their tits together in a circle. Squeezing her legs tighter around Cathy's waist, Ruth humped her ass upward as Cathy grinded down with her's. Both gasped as their clits suddenly rubbed across each other.

"Mmm, bitch," whispered Cathy, her clit searching for Ruth's clit again.

"Aaah, there you are, slut," hissed Ruth, her clit now against Cathy's clit.

Sealing mouths, the two blondes now battled with every sensual organ in their body. Their tongues rolled as their nipples turned. Their bellies flapped navels while their clits flicked on each other. Both were quickly getting insanely hot. Never in their lives had they been this sexually aroused. Young, beautiful and hot, they'd shared the same men, and now they were settling scores the only way two women can truely settle a score.

"Mmmmm, you...fuckin'...whore," moaned Cathy as Ruth's clit stabbed under her hood.

"Oooohh," Ruth groaned as Cathy's clit fought to turn her's over.

But Ruth's clit wasn't to be denied. Slicing higher into Cathy's pink folds, the two tingling points fought it out as their juices began to creep out and make the battlefield even hotter, stickier and wetter.

"Oohh gggaawwdd, I hate you!" growled Cathy grabbing the back of Ruth's hair and pulling as she was just about to orgasm again.

"Aaaahhh...b-i-t-c-h!" Ruth snarled, jerking back on Cathy's hair and squeezing the shit out of her waist.

Nipples and clits were at an all-time stiffness as both girls were brought to orgasms. Cathy really exploded as Ruth held on and just barely came.

"Yuck! You nasty bitch!" barked Ruth as she felt Cathy's cum running down the crack of her ass.

Jerking Cathy off by the hair, she and Cathy got into a little hair pulling fight as Ruth got on top and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. It was some of the best pussy pounding one girl could do on another. Cathy, about to blow again, dug her fingers into Ruth's pink, wet ass and held on for dear life.

"Cum, you fuckin' slut!" demanded Ruth, her clit having it's way in Cathy's hood.

"Oooohhh...ssssshhhhit!" screamed Cathy, shooting her sex like Ol' Faithful.

Ruth continued to pound, during and after Cathy's orgasm. She was the best, and she was determined to put this bitch down.

"I fuckin' hate you! Get off!" shouted Cathy, giving Ruth's ass a hard, nasty swat and big yank on the hair.

"Ouch! Bitch!" yelped Ruth, yanked and slapped sideways. "Take this!" she added, slapping Cathy across the hip.

"Ow! You slut!" Cathy shouted, as they now lay sideways pulling on a handful of hair and exchanging slaps to the ass; hips; thighs; and lower backs.

Swapping nearly a dozen vicious swats and pulling on the top of each other's hair, Cathy and Ruth called each other every nasty name in the book.

"You slut!" swore Cathy, her hand going for Ruth's snatch.

"Ouch! Shit!" yelled Ruth, grabbing Cathy's cunt.

Hooking legs, the two girls roughly groped each other. Between yelps and winces, they squeezed and fingered, and added a few good pulls on each other's fuzz. Working herself slightly on top, Cathy slipped in two fingers and fucked.

"Aaaahhh!" moaned Ruth, adding a second finger up Cathy's cunt.

Cathy locked down on Ruth in a hard French kiss as both girls tried to get a third finger in. Although dripping wet and smokin' hot, both pussies were still very tight and hard to penetrate.

"Take this, slut," whispered Cathy between kisses as she switched tactics and stuck her middle finger up Ruth's asshole while her thumb pressed down on her meaty clit.

"Oooooooooo!" Ruth sang, her body going stiff with excitement.

Three good strokes and Cathy had Ruth busting at the seams with her sexual juices.

"Oooooooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Ruth orgasmed.

Slipping two fingers back up Ruth's pussy while she orgasmed, Cathy leaned down and sucked her left nipple between her lips.

"Oooohh ssssooo gggoooood!" Ruth cried from ecstacy land. Never in her life had she been pleasured so. But still the fight was in her and she knew another orgasm would do her in. "No, bitch! No!" she yelled, tearing Cathy off her nipple by the back of her hair.

"Ssssshhhhit! Bitch!" cried Cathy.

"Ooouuuccchh!" screamed Ruth as Cathy pulled on some pubic hairs.


Ruth popped Cathy across the cheek, knocking her over on her back. Cathy slapped Ruth's face as she tried to mount her. Rolling to their knees, they took a handful of hair and traded a pair of crisp slaps to the face before grabbing a handful of tittie and twisting.

"Ooouuuuccchh!" screamed Cathy as her tit was wrung out.

"Fuuuuuuck!" Ruth cried as her nipple was stretched.

"Oooowww leeegggooo!" wailed Cathy, her hand now between Ruth's thighs.

"Ssshhhit! My pussy!" screamed Ruth, squeezing Cathy's love box.

They fell over sideways, pulling out several fingers full of each other's fuzz. Ruth kneed Cathy in the cunt, a blow that allowed her to straddle Cathy in another 'ride the pony' position.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out, bitch!" yelled Ruth, her pussy spreading out with Cathy's as her clit speared into her hood.

"Oohhh my clit!" cried Cathy, grabbing Ruth by the hips and fucking her back.

Ruth bucked as their clits took each other on in a ferocious catfight.

"That's right, slut!" shouted Ruth. "Fuck fight me!"

Spreading and jacking up her legs, Cathy answered the bell with everything she had. Both cunts were wide open and slopping back and forth on each other as their clits jousted together. The bed shook with vigor as the girls moved their hips in pelvic-crushing fashion. Everything hung in the balance as one more orgasm by either one would bring sudden defeat and humiliation. It was all or nothing, and they both knew it as they screamed out their mutual hate and jealousy for each other.


Ruth was lifted as Cathy's orgasm was so powerful and massive that not only her pussy was soaked, but so was her ass as the sex blew up the crack of her foxy butt.

"S-h-i-t!" exclaimed Ruth, blown off and landing on her back.

Cathy collapsed, her pussy convulsing as her breasts and belly rose and fell in great heights. Her face was beat red and her blond hair absolutely matted around it. Her eyes were closed, but fluttering as her mouth hung gaped open.

Ruth, soaked in sweat and sex herself, finally rolled off the bed after a minute or two of catching her breath. Her pussy still burned and it hurt to stand, but stand she did as she looked down on Cathy who was just coming around from having her guts and brains fucked out.

"Looks...looks're sleepin' my...wet spot, bitch," panted Ruth with pride.

Unlike Cathy during their catfight, Ruth had every reason to boast and brag! Winning a catfight was one thing, but winning a fuck fight - now that was something totally different.