Stacy Haiduk vs. Paula Trickey by Tom 12-00

These two actresses have been associated with action series throughout their careers. Stacy Haiduk was the auburn-haired Lana Lang in the 'Superboy' TV series and later a crew member on "SeaQuest DSV". Paula Trickey is the raven-haired beauty who appeared for years on 'Pacific Blue' as a bicycle cop. Both were trying out for an adventure series' recurring role when jealousy got the best of them. After the tryouts, they agreed to meet in a catfight at an apartment, unoccupied at the moment while a friend was out of town. They arrive at the apartment, go inside, and move some furniture to make room for the battle. They both take off their outer garments to reveal skimpy bikinis. Both are well-toned with sinewy muscular development and are of comparable size.

The match starts with each circling the other as they look for an opening. Stacy first contacts Paula by grabbing some of the raven-beauty's tresses. She throws Paula to the plush carpet using the principle that where the hair goes, the body follows. Paula is stunned as she hits the carpet giving Stacy her first opening of the match. With Paula on her back, Stacy pummels her with some foot stomps to her concave, developed midsection. The blows drive the breath from Paula's lungs and give Stacy an opportunity to take early control.

Stacy lays beside Paula, grabs her right arm, and puts her feet up against the shoulder. Thus, she is pushing with her feet against Paula's beautiful shoulder while pulling Paula's right arm, a perfect scenario for a dislocation. Paula pounds the carpet with her free left arm, painfully aware of what is occurring as evidenced by her screams.

Stacy laughingly says, "Paula, I would accuse you of faking being in pain, but I know you're not that good an actress."

This continues for a minute or so until Paula is able to break the impasse by getting partially off the carpet. Stacy leg sweeps Paula's feet from under her, knocking the brunette onto her back again, then mounts Paula straddling her midsection with her knees. Stacy pounds some rights into Paula's stomach which again makes her breathing difficult.

Stacy then rips Paula's bikini top off to expose some well-formed, large, natural tits. Stacy places her large hands on the breasts and twists the hard nipples causing Paula to once again scream. Stacy then reaches back with her right hand, rips Paula's bikini bottom off to reveal a lush forest of dark pubic hair.

"Nice pussy, Paula -- I may want to visit that later," Stacy says with a devilish grin.

Stacy reverses her position on Paula's stomach, grabs Paula's legs with her hands, and pulls them toward her. She then backs up to place her beautiful butt over Paula's face, as Paula's gorgeous form is in an "L-shaped" position. Stacy rubs her butt back and forth over Paula's flawless face thus further humiliating and causing breathing problems for the beauty. Paula attempts to buck her off without success, but does turn over to the side to throw her off sideways.

Paula is mad as hell at her early treatment and is in the mood to try to get even. As Stacy heads towards her for another attack, Paula grabs her left arm and judo throws Stacy over her body. Stacy hits the carpet hard, and Paula still has that one arm in her grasp. Paula awkwardly bends that arm behind Stacy's back in a classic hammerlock hold. Stacy is now on her knees with her right arm helping to support her, but her left arm in the hammerlock hold. Straddling Stacy's back, Paula moves forward and wraps her legs around the redhead's head in a standing head scissors maneuver.

Paula moves down to the carpet maintaining both holds. Stacy is now the one crying in pain as Paula increases the leg pressure around her head and the pressure on her arm. Finally, Stacy slides her head out of Paula's leg scissors at which point Paula lands knees to Stacy's back below the hammerlock to knock the breath out of her. Paula releases the hammerlock, but forces Stacy against one of the room's walls.

Pinning the redhead against the wall with her body, Paula says, "Time to even the score, whore!"

Paula uses her right hand to rip the bikini top from Stacy. Stacy's natural jugs, even larger than Paula's, are exposed including her inviting nipples. Paula then moves her hand down Stacy svelte body to pull her bikini bottom off. As with Paula, Stacy has a lush stand of pubic hair surrounding her pussy, but of auburn hue. Paula moves fingers of that right hand deep into Stacy's pussy which generates a quick sensation to the redhead. Since Paula has Stacy pinned tight against the wall with her body, she has some time to explore that orifice with her hand. Finally, Stacy frees her right hand, and delivers a right cross to the left side of Paula's head sending the fit brunette stumbling backwards onto her back to the carpet.

Stacy moves over to Paula's prone body and does a leg drop across her neck. Stacy then jumps on top of Paula to spread-eagle her. Stacy rubs her larger boobs against Paula's slightly less impressive tits. Paula regains her senses, frees her hands, grabs fists full of Stacy's red hair and rolls the beauty onto her back. Stacy then returns the favor and the two actresses roll one way then the other with neither gaining more than a temporary advantage.

Paula says, "Listen you grade-B actress tramp, let's both get up and settle this once and for all."

Both women, their skin sweat soaked from the exertion, ascend to their feet and raise their arms above their heads pointed towards the opponent. Hands and fingers interlock in the classic test of strength. Stacy seems to have the arm strength advantage as Paula is humbled to her knees within one minute of the test of strength. Stacy forces Paula to all fours, straddles her back and spanks the brunette with quick slaps to Paula's beautiful ass.

Stacy then double ax-handles Paula to crumple her flat on her stomach to the carpet. Stacy grabs Paula's arms, pulls them towards her while standing up, and places her right foot onto the small of Paula's back in a type of surfboard hold. Paula's arms are extended beyond their normal limit while her back is being pressed into the carpet. Paula is almost ready to give up, but Stacy changes tactic.

She releases the hold, turns Paula over onto her back, and Stacy then sits on the brunettes chest. She pulls Paula's face into her pussy area to expose the brunette to her dense, auburn colored, sweat-soaked pubic hair which smothers Paula's mouth and nose.

As she rubs Paula's perfect face in that odorous and wet area, Stacy comments, "Now, slut, here is an adventure you will never forget."

Stacy lowers her tits as she pulls Paula's face into the cleavage canyon and laughs, "Have a close-up look at some great tits, whore! In fact, if you're thirsty, you can drink some of my sweat"

Stacy rubs her boobs across Paula's face, then pulls Paula's head into her right armpit to both smother her and expose Paula's beautiful face to her sweaty, smelly underarm in a humiliating way. Stacy is ready for the kill -- Paula is basically defenseless as she moves back to Paula's pussy. Stacy inserts the strong fingers of her right hand into that orifice and harshly probes. Paula screams in pain with the rough handling.

Stacy says, "Are you ready to give it up and admit that I'm the better woman?"

Paula criess, "Yes, Yes! Please quit hurting me!"

But Stacy still has a couple more humiliations left. She moves forward to sit on Paula's upper chest, grabs a dildo she brought in her bag and inserts it in her own pussy. Stacy arouses herself by pumping it in and out until she is ready to cum. She pulls Paula's beautiful face snug against her pussy so the cum hits its target. She ends the torment by face-sitting her fallen foe, spreading the cum evenly over the raven-haired woman's entire face. For her own benefit, Stacy puts her hands on her head and gazes at her well-toned arms and her position atop her opponent in a wall mirror.

Standing up, Stacy orders Paula to, "Clean up the apartment before you leave! It's a mess and I doubt our friend will appreciate returning to this pig sty. Oh, and don't forget to lock up when you leave, loser. I assume you won't be auditioning for any parts I'm interested in the future."

Stacy is laughing as hard as she can as she departs the apartment. Paula lies almost motionless except for the sensual heaving of her chest as she struggles to resume normal breathing. The script for this adventure episode wasn't at all what she expected as it turned out.