Battlin' Blondes: Gwendolyn Hajek vs. Jenny McCarthy by kit

When Jenny went into the employee's lounge she saw Gwen getting a bottle of water out of the fridge. "Ggggrrr, that fuckin' bitch," she thought. Gwen had similiar thoughts as she saw Jenny coming toward her. "I wanna talk to you," said Jenny, stopping in front of her co-worker and folding her arms under her breasts.

"Good," said Gwen, setting down the bottle. "I wanna talk to you too."

For the past few weeks, the rival 20-year-olds had been sleeping with the same young man who worked at the bank with them. Gwen and Jenny were tellers, and Tom was a stud fresh out of college enjoying his new job and the fact that he was laying two very hot and sexy blondes.

"Well, I guess we're not gonna settle things sexually," said Jenny, referring to the fact that neither had been able to win him over in bed.

"Yeah, we must be pretty even there," agreed Gwen, as both had thought that they could out-fuck the other.

"For now," Jenny shrugged.

Gwen folded her arms under her breasts. "Well, what do you suggest?"

Jenny glared into Gwen's eyes, "I suggest that we really fight, but I don't think you're up for that."

Gwen glared back. "Oh, on the contrary, I'm up for it alright; but can YOU handle it?"

Jenny snickered, "Please...don't get yourself into somethin' you're not able to do," giving Gwen's long hair a flip behind her shoulder.

"Oh sweetie, I'm capable of just about anything," said Gwen, flipping back some of Jenny's long hair. "I think you know that."

Jenny snickered again, "Please. Just because you know how to fuck doesn't mean you know how to fight."

"Well why don't we give it a shot," suggested Gwen, propping her hands on her hips and cocking her head.

Jenny did likewise, saying, "Oh really?"


"You wanna fight? You wanna go all out and catfight?"

"Yeah, let's fight for real. Enough of this tryin' to out-fuck each other. Let's just catfight," said Gwen.

Jenny gave a little giggle. "Fine with me. How's after work at my place?"

The two blondes began to circle as Gwen nodded in agreement. Racked, stacked and packed, Jenny and Gwen were made to battle each other. They were both young, blonde and built. Each babe stood 5’ 7” and weighed close to 120; both had straight, breast-long hair with dark, sexy roots - Jenny's a bit more platinum than Gwen's wheat-color; both had firm, round tits with perfect, pink areolas. Jenny measured out to an impressive 38-24-34, while Gwen was a flawless 36-24-36.

"You know, I'm kinda tired of bein' nice to you anyway. I think I'm gonna enjoy kickin' your ass," said Gwen, nearly chest-to-chest with Jenny as they continued to circle.

Jenny went into her snicker routine, "Please...hmph...that's a laugh."

Jenny threw her chest into Gwen's chest. Gwen grunted, but threw her chest in return and made Jenny grunt.

"You won't be laughin' tonight, bitch," said Gwen as they both butted their breasts together.

"Hmph. Is that what you say now, bitch?" asked Jenny.

"Uh-huh," grunted Gwen, banging breasts with her rival.

Jenny mashed her chest into Gwen's. "That's not what you're gonna say tonight, bitch. I'll beat you down in five seconds."

"Bitch, that's 'bout how long you'll last," said Gwen, grinding tits with Jenny.

"The first blow to your face and you'll be down...unconscious," said Jenny, feeling Gwen's hard nipples against her own hard nipples.

"Bitch, you'll be cryin' in the corner," promised Gwen, drawing back and butting boobs with the blonde.

"Ha! I don't think so, bitch," said Jenny, punching back with her tits.

"We'll see, bitch," said Gwen, pushing forward.

"Yeah, we will, bitch," replied Jenny in kind.

The two blondes grumbled as they pulled back and returned to finish the day's job.

Ever since meeting several months ago, Jenny and Gwen had always been jealous of each other and often wondered how a catfight would go. Both had been in fights before, and both had fought within the last year. Jenny won a fight outside of a bar and Gwen had won a fight at a party. Like their previous catfights, both blondes knew there'd be the usual slapping and hair pulling and wrestling on the floor. Gwen could see herself pinning Jenny in a 'schoolboy press' and winning, while Jenny sensed a few good slaps to the face and maybe a handful of hair would win the fight for her. But both misjudged the other's hate and jealousy and determination, because if they hadn't, they might not have ever agreed to fight. Neither one knew that she was about to get into the biggest catfight of her young life.
At 6:23 p.m., Jenny and Gwen faced-off in the middle of the living room at Jenny's apartment.

"You really up for this?" asked Jenny as they stood nose-to-nose.

"Yeah," said Gwen, shaking back her hair a little.

"You sure 'bout that?" asked Jenny, slowly taking a handful of Gwen's hair. "Are you?" she asked, with a firm pull.

"Yes," replied Gwen definately, taking a slow handful of Jenny's hair. "Are you?" she asked, pulling firmly.

"Doesn't it look like it?" Jenny asked, getting a second handful of hair. "Doesn't it?" she asked, with a duel tug.

Gwen responded by sinking in her other hand and giving Jenny's hair a hard yank. Shifting their legs for a better stance, the two long-haired blondes swayed from side-to-side as they yanked and jerked and tried to get the other off balance.

"Ow." "Uumm." "Oohh." "Ow." "Ouch." "Aahh." "Le' go." "You le' go." "Ooww." "Ouch." "Le' go." "You le' go."

"Ooww," winced Jenny, letting go.

Gwen then let go as they both took a stumbling step back.

"You're kinda whiney already," teased Gwen.

Jenny shook back her hair, "Hmph! You're a big talker, that's all you are."

Although their tug-o-hair hadn't lasted even 30 seconds, it was a good ice breaker and got the girls worked up to really fight now.

"Sounds like you've had enough," said Gwen, stepping out of her heels.

"Hardly," said Jenny, kicking off her heels. "You haven't shown much."

"I made you let go of my hair," bragged Gwen, unbuttoning her slacks.

"Like that hardly counts," said Jenny, unzipping her skirt.

"Then let's just stop all this pussy-footin' around," said Gwen, getting out of her slacks.

"Oh, I've always hoped it would come to this with us," said Jenny, stepping out of her skirt.

Gwen threw her slacks across the back of the chair, leaving her in a short sleeve red cotton blouse and white panties. "Careful what you wish for."

"You're the one gonna be sorry...not me," said Jenny, now in a black short sleeve silk blouse and black panties.

"We'll see," said Gwen as Jenny stepped forward.

"Bitch," hissed Jenny, reaching for Gwen's hair.

"Bitch," spat Gwen, while at the same time going for Jenny's hair.

Both winced and grunted as they yanked back, sideways and then jerked each other over at the waist. Shifting sideways their hips slammed together, and then Jenny hip tossed Gwen hard to the floor. Gwen grunted but had Jenny yelping as she pulled her down with her by the hair. Turning in to each other, the girls brought their legs into the fry as they yanked back on two fists of hair and went into a roll. Jenny. Gwen. Jenny again. Then Gwen again and finally Jenny!

"Uumm...bitch," grunted Gwen, on the bottom and pulling hair.

"Oooww," yelped Jenny, sliding off. Their legs twisted and locked as Jenny grabbed Gwen's left boob and squeezed.

"Oouuch," winced Gwen, slapping Jenny's hand off and then grabbing Jenny's right boob.

Jenny groaned, but grabbed Gwen's boob again. Together they both squeezed and pulled on a fist of hair. Their tan thighs strained as their hips rolled together and pushed.

"Ooowww!" wailed Gwen.

The fight then went back into each other's tresses as both let go of the other's tit. Hip-to-hip the girls rolled in one spot. Their legs tangling and knotting as they both stretched back on two fists of hair and fought.

"Oooowwww!!" screamed Gwen, first to lose a handful.

"You fuckin' bitch!" shouted Jenny. "I'll bald your ass!"

"Oh fuck you, cunt!" Gwen yelled, rolling on top.

"Fuck you!" barked Jenny, yanking her off and getting on top.

"Fuck you!" swored Gwen, bucking Jenny off and taking her turn on top.

"Fuck you! You cunt!" Jenny yelled, rolling on top.

Gwen tore out a handful of Jenny's hair, making her scream and roll over on her back. Gwen lost another handful of hair as she tried to mount Jenny and go for her tit. Now her back, Gwen fisted Jenny twice in the abs as Jenny tried to straddle her and rip open her blouse.

"Uuummph! Uuunngg!" grunted and groaned Jenny upon impact.

"Slut!" yelled Gwen, reaching up and slicing her fingernails down Jenny's cheek.

"Yeeeeooww!" cried Jenny as her flesh opened up.

"Bitch! Get off!" shouted Gwen, arching her back and pushing on Jenny's shoulders.


Jenny put her right fist across Gwen's jaw, and then tore into her.

"You slut!" Jenny cursed, putting her hands around Gwen's throat. "How dare you scratch me!"

Groggy from the punch, Gwen's eyes bugged and her mouth gaped open as she now tried to pry Jenny's hands off her throat. Twisting her head back and forth while clawing at Jenny's wrists finally paid off after several seconds.

"Bitch, I'll kill you," winced Jenny, grabbing Gwen's left arm and biting down on her forearm.

"Oooowww!" howled Gwen as Jenny's teeth broke the skin.

Lurching upward with her hips, Gwen bucked Jenny to the side only to now became scissored around the waist as Jenny locked her ankles together.

"Fuckin' slut," hissed Jenny, ripping open Gwen's blouse as they faced each other.

"Uuunnnggg," groaned Gwen, slapping at Jenny's thigh from the pressure it was putting on her ribs, not realizing her tits were about to be attacked.

Now that she'd ripped open Gwen's red blouse, Jenny latched on to the red lace bra and squeezed with all her might.

"Ooowww! Fuuuuck!" cried Gwen, now trying to pry Jenny's hands off.

Jenny tightened her legs even more as she tried to keep her hands glued to Gwen's boobs. Gwen pulled and scratched at Jenny's hands and wrists as her body withered between the blonde's powerful, pumping legs.

"Uuuunnngggg!!" sang Gwen as her tits came out and felt Jenny's nails.

But Jenny's wrists and hands were becoming raw and red and she couldn't hold up the pressure.

"Oouuch! You slut," she said, letting go, but slapping Gwen's cheek.

Taking Gwen by the top of the hair with both hands, Jenny pulled her legs from around Gwen's waist and turned her in such a position so that she could lock them around the blonde's neck. Gwen struggled to keep this from happening, but a slap to the face and a twist of the nipple kept her from blocking the move. Once again Gwen was getting choked out, only this time it was by a pair tan, toned thighs.

"Oh you fuckin' bitch," swore Jenny, twisting her hands in Gwen's hair as her thighs flexed around her throat. "I fuckin' hate you. I fuckin' hate you!"

Gwen squirmed and gasped. She scratched and slapped at Jenny's thigh and tried to pry loose her ankles. But Jenny's legs were strong and sexy, and she was getting her hair pulled with one hand and her right tit abused with another.

"Give it up, cunt. Give it up," demanded Jenny, letting go of Gwen's tit and going for her panties instead.

Fear raced across Gwen's body as she felt Jenny's fingers start to slide in her white panties. A strong surge of adrinaline flowed thru her veins as her whole body bucked and her legs flew up and somehow around Jenny's neck.

"Aaaaarrrrnnnggggg!!!" grunted Gwen as her sudden burst of energy had Jenny's body flopped over and her legs snaked around her neck and squeezing.

"Uuunnggg!" Jenny gasped as it was her turn to get choked, but still she had her legs locked around Gwen's throat.

Turned head-to-toe and facing each other, Jenny and Gwen were scissored around the throat as they tore into the other's lower regions like a pair of wild, tangled alleycats. They dug into one another's fine, shapely ass. They spanked each other's butt and thigh. They stretched and pulled panties, hiking them high and hard up the cracks, splitting the lips of the pussy. Gwen ran her hand under Jenny's ass and got inside of her black panties. Jenny turned her face into the soft, tender portion of Gwen's inner thigh. Gwen screamed as her flesh was bitten. Jenny then screamed as her pussy hairs were pulled.

"Aaaaarrrggggg!!" cried Jenny as her inner thigh was bitten close to her puss-puss.

Both girls uncoiled and sprang apart. This duel lock had lasted only seconds, but long enough so that each had given and gotten a terrible amount of pain.

"Oooohhh...oooowww," moaned Jenny, curled up and holding her cunt.

Because of her lack of air, Gwen was doing more gasping and gagging, but still she was shedding tears as she rolled back and forth rubbing her inner thigh.

For several minutes, Jenny and Gwen remained on the floor, not talking, but licking their wounds and trying to catch their breathes. It had been hell, and both were hurting and wounded in places they'd never been hurt or wounded before.

"Uuuummm...shit," moaned Jenny, finally the first to make contact as she lay on her back and looked over at Gwen.

"Bitch," mumbled a teary-eyed Gwen looking at her.

"Oh fuck you," said Jenny, slowly sitting up.

Gwen wiped the tears from her eyes, "I hate you."

"Yeah, want some more?" asked Jenny.

"I don't want you at the bank any longer," hissed Gwen, sitting up.

"That's fine, bitch. I don't want you there either, so let's end it," said Jenny, getting a deep breath.

Gwen put her tits back in her bra, even though the bra was a little stretched and not able to hold them properly. Still it was better than no protection at all.

Jenny adjusted her bra and blouse, and even though her tits had been squeezed, everything was still intact and not torn; however, the front of her black panties was torn half from the waistband and hanging down so that half of her thick, black bush was exposed. Digging the back of their panties out of their asses, Gwen and Jenny put up their fists and prepared to end it. Throwing punches was really nothing new to the girls, but usually it was in the heat of the fight and not like this. Still both girls knew that a solid blow to the face would be a good start to winning and possibly ending this catfight.

Looking hatefully at Gwen behind her raised fists, Jenny called her a 'bitch' and lunged in with a punch. Gwen just did duck under the blow and was able to hook her right fist across her rival's belly.

"Uuuggghhh!" grunted Jenny, knifed sideways. "Uuummpphh!" she groaned as Gwen's left fist cut up under her right tit and knocked it out of her bra.

"Had enough, slut?" asked Gwen, watching Jenny stagger backwards.

Overconfident, Gwen stepped forward, reaching for Jenny's hair. But Jenny rose up with a backhand to the mouth that knocked Gwen to one knee.

"No! Have you?" said Jenny, quickly throwing Gwen face down by the hair and straddling her back.

Dropping her ass in the small of Gwen's back, Jenny grabbed the back of Gwen's hair and reigned back. Gwen howled as her neck bowed and her hair nearly dragged out.

"You slut. Had enough now?" taunted Jenny, shoving Gwen's face in the carpet and rubbing it back and forth while bouncing up and down on her backside.

Screaming, Gwen bucked and squirmed and clawed at Jenny's hands in her hair. Jenny fell over on her side and pulled Gwen's body between her legs. Locking her thighs around the blonde's belly, Jenny squeezed and squeezed as she stretched out a handful of Gwen's hair with her left hand while her right hand ran around and grabbed her on the tit.

"Oooowwww!! Oooowwww!!" cried Gwen as her hair was pulled and her right nipple pinched and twisted.

"Do you give, bitch?" asked Jenny, as Gwen tried to scratch and pry her way loose. "Better give it up, bitch." Frantically scratching, slapping and kicking, Gwen managed to twist her body around and pull out a handful of Jenny's bangs. "Fuuuuuck!" screamed Jenny as her fine, silky locks were ripped out of her forehead.

"Bitch!" yelled Gwen in her face. Grabbing Jenny's wrists, Gwen rolled on top and snaked up her legs with Jenny's as she pinned her hands above her head. "You better give, bitch," grunted Gwen, grinding her chest and hips into Jenny's chest and hips.

Jenny moaned, but kept twisting and squirming as Gwen (tired,sore and groggy) couldn't keep her pinned for long. Loosing her grip on Jenny's wrists, Gwen found herself bucked and yanked off by the hair as Jenny rolled on top of her and straddled her belly.

SLAP! SLAP! "Bitch! Fuckin' bitch!" shouted Jenny as she slapped Gwen twice across the face. Gwen was in tears and starting to beg as Jenny leaned down and bit her across the left tit thru her bra.

"Aaaaaarrrrggggg!!!" wailed Gwen, tugging on Jenny's hair as her breast was chomped.

"Let go, bitch!" shouted Jenny, scratching Gwen's hands out of her hair and pinning her arms under her knees. Flat on her back, Gwen was defenseless with her arms pinned along her sides and tucked under Jenny's knees.

"," sobbed Gwen, tears rolling from her begging eyes.

Sliding her left hand inside of Gwen's left cup, Jenny cupped the bitten tit as her right hand reached behind her and went inside the white panties. Gwen screamed and her whole body quaked beneath Jenny's hips as Jenny dug into the tit with her nails as she ripped out a fistful of pubic hair, then slowly let it flutter down onto Gwen’s red, tear-streaked face.