Geri Halliwell vs. Liz Hurley by Harry 27-Sep-00

Geri (Ginger Spice) Halliwell was disappointed that on her recent trip to Ibizia with MTV that she had not bumped into Mel (Scary Spice) Brown to challenge her to another fight; she actually missed both Mel B and Posh Spice by days. Growing bored of waiting she took herself off to the South of France to stay with her friend Robbie Williams. With her extensive wardrobe she was able to dominate the social scene and her pictures were all over the local and UK papers. Never one to waste such an opportunity she was able to make bitchy and snide remarks about all and sundry (mainly the remaining Spice Girls). All was well with Geri until Liz Hurley suddenly appeared. As she was minus Hugh Grant all the photographers rushed to see the British actress and who she was stepping out with. An the experienced media handler that she was, Liz dazzled them with her own wardrobe and interviews.

The two women barely knew one another as they both orbited different worlds in the show business solar system. But it was clear that there was only really room for one superstar to bask in the warm glow of publicity. It was all brought to a head when Geri and Liz were supposed to attend a charity evening at a Casino and engaged in a game of chicken as to who would arrive second, thus upstaging the other. This did nothing but irritate the organizers and bring the local roads to a grinding halt. Later on having both now arrived they met by accident in the ladies room. Geri and Liz exchanged bitchy comments, before Geri suggested that Liz pop round the following afternoon to discuss the matter fully in private.

Miss Hurley arrived dead on 3pm and having been let in, was taken to the large walled garden bathed as it was in baking hot sunshine. On the far side Liz could see Geri reclining on a sun lounge wearing shades. She walked over, causing Miss Halliwell to get up and pick up a telephone. By the time Liz was close to Geri it was clear that the ex-Spice Girl was giving the staff the afternoon off. Having finished issuing instructions, Geri put down the phone and removed her sun glasses.

"What you see is what you get!" she said simply. Geri was wearing a white string triangular bikini that was straining to do its job and black and white hooped knee socks. Her body was tanned and covered in a sheen of sweat, with her now blonde hair worn long.

"All I see is a tramp and whore who has no dress sense!" sneered Liz.

She reached down and slipped off her sandals then let her skirt fall to the ground. Miss Hurley revealed her paler body and that she was wearing a laser blue triangular bikini and a matching blouse that was unbuttoned and tied in a knot just beneath her breasts. Her dark hair was worn natural.

"I mean, even a silly bimbo can see that the socks don't go with the little miss slut bikini!"

"They will be all the better to gag you with when I have finished with you!" sneered Geri.

Liz's response was to spit a mouthful of saliva at her blonde opponent, hitting Geri just beneath her nose. Geri didn't react.

"I'd heard rumors", said the singer "Heard you fought like a cunt hungry slut and I guess this proves it!"

As she finished Geri sent a mouthful of her own saliva at Liz hitting her cheek.

"I guess that there's no point going inside?" said Liz bringing her hands up.

"Only if you want to fuck honey. I'm here to fight!" replied Geri bringing her hands up as well.

They started to circle cautiously, slowly moving to clear ground. It was Miss Hurley who pounced first, leaping forward and getting inside Geri's hands and taking two fistfuls of blonde hair. As Geri staggered back she recovered to take two handfuls if Liz's hair and thrust her body forward so that their encased breasts collided and flattened momentarily. Liz grunted and then thrust her own body forward, making clear her intent to match Geri blow for blow. The two women battled with two handed hair holds twisting their bodies and trying to inflict more hurt than they were suffering, feet jostling in the short grass to gain maximum advantage.

It was Liz Hurley who secured an early advantage by stepping backwards and pulling Geri's head down so she could secure a neck lock with her right arm. Geri fought to free herself with one hand whilst her other tenaciously clung onto Liz's well conditioned hair. As she struggled to maintain her hold Ginger Spice was able to get in some particularly nasty tugs that yanked Miss Hurley's head back. Liz responded by tightening her hold round Geri's neck and pulling the hair from the top of the singers head.

Geri realized that she wasn't going to win from this position and moved her hand from Liz's hair and instead used it to rake her nails across the models thighs. Although Miss Halliwell kept her nails short they did mark the otherwise creamy skin with ugly red marks and caused Miss Hurley to squeal. In retaliation Liz turned her attention from Ginger's blonde hair and instead twisted the exposed ear of her opponent. The unmelodious squeal from the roving UN Ambassador disguised Geri's intent to up the ante in this fight, of which Miss Hurley had no notion until the fist was driven up into her crotch. The blow was a testament to both women's bitter experience; Geri for her ability to land the blow from her posture and Liz for being able to withstand the blow. Although the blow did not land with the force with which she intended, Geri was grateful when Liz broke her hold and staggered forward. Miss Hurley was grateful to be still standing as she staggered forwards clutching her womanhood.

But Miss Hurley had no time to wallow in self pity as Geri charged forward, wrapping her arms round the actresses waist propelling her forward. Ironically it was Geri who stumbled first, her socked feet skidding on the grass, that caused the two British superstars to fall to the floor.

Liz landed with a grunt as her breasts were pushed back into her rib cage, that was rapidly followed by another grunt as Geri landed on top of her, narrowly missing banging her face on the back of actresses head. Liz recovered and tried to get up onto her hands and knees, despite Geri having grabbed hold of her hair on either side of her head and begun to pull. To emphasize her being in the upper berth, Geri slammed her crotch down on Liz's butt and continued to grind downwards. Liz struggled and squirmed to free herself, whilst Ginger battled to stay on top.

Liz had been in this sort of trouble before and was able to push her body up and then twist round so that Geri slid off onto the grass. Geri reached out and grabbed a handful of Liz's blouse and began to pull. But this didn't stop Liz twisting slightly further so that she could now look at her opponent and use a hand to grab hold of the blonde hair. Geri tried to move her head out of the way, but to no avail, and she yelped as a surge of pain shot through her scalp, The two superstars now began to kick and lash out with their feet, causing little pain but emphasizing their desire to fight.

Ginger's hold on Liz's blouse had pulled it out of position increasing the exposure of her chest. This was an opportunity that Geri could not ignore and she swiftly moved the her hand from her opponents now ruffled hair and placed it over a bikini clad breast. Liz gasped and Geri smiled. But almost instantly Liz moved her spare hand, despite the awkwardness of her posture and clamped it over one of Ginger's breasts causing the singer to gasp. Neither woman was applying any serious pressure and as the lay there they smiled wanly at each other.

"So you know how to fight!" said Geri as if making a bitchy comment over drinks increasing the pressure on her opponents breast which was matched by the actress.

"You really are a common little slut!" sneered Liz Hurley

"That really is rich coming from you honey. You may swan around with model's and actresses but I hear that you and Divine Brown went more than a few rounds to settle who could satisfy that limp-dicked boyfriend of yours!" Liz snarled at Geri's mention of that infamous incident several years ago and sent a mouthful of saliva into the singers face. As Geri returned this with interest the two women began to squeeze hard on one anothers breasts and pull hair, neither wanting to show signs of pain.

It was Liz who broke the deadlock of the struggle by bringing her knee up Geri's leg, ignoring the sensual feelings that it generated and into her blonde opponents crotch. It wasn't as hard as Liz wanted it to be, but the second such blow caused Geri to go pale and try and push herself away. Liz was reluctant to let go, but in the blind anger of her pain Geri managed to land a stinging slap on the model's breasts. This allowed Miss Halliwell to roll what she thought to be far away to concentrate on checking that there was no damage.

Having satisfied herself on this count she rolled over once more and was about to get on to her hands and knees, when she felt Liz position herself across the small of her back. Before she could fight back, two hands were thrust into her hair, taking a firm and cruel grip on her dyed blonde locks and began pulling hard. Geri shrieked with pain and frustration and began to buck and thrash.

But Liz had a plan and she began to stand up pulling Geri with her. Rather than lose any of her precious hair Geri pushed herself up on her hands, slightly easing the pain. But in doing so there was nothing that she could do when Liz reached down with one hand and with a deft tug undid Ginger's white bikini top which fell to the ground like one of Newton's apples. Geri just began to shriek invective, sexual innuendo and abuse like an old fisher woman when Liz let go of her and she followed her bra downwards. And to make sure that she did so, Liz planted a foot between her shoulder blades, pressing her opponent into the ground.

There was a wail of pain from Ginger at the pressure on her breasts. But there was still plenty of fight in the ex Spice Girl and she reached back with a hand and grabbed the ankle of Liz's foot that was still on the floor and pulled. This took the actress/model by surprise and she lost her balance and fell backwards letting go of Ginger's hair. She landed on her butt between Geri's legs with her own legs across the prone singers thighs. This seemed to momentarily stun Miss Hurley, but brought relief to Miss Halliwell who was able to ease the pressure on her breasts. She looked over her shoulder and having seen where her opponent was placed began to scramble forward, forgetting her modesty and leaving her bikini top where it fell.

The sight of Geri's butt moving away from her, straining under the minimal white bikini bottoms brought Liz back to her senses. She scrambled after her opponent and reached forward just able to grab Geri's long hair. The tug on her scalp set alarm bells ringing in Miss Halliwell's brain and she stopped, pulled herself up onto her knees and turned to face her actress opponent. This was just in time for their two bodies to collide.

Liz sunk both her hands into Geri's hair and started to shake her head from side to side. This was a distraction to Ginger who was intent on protecting her breasts by keeping her body close to Liz's. She too was engaged in a two fisted hair pulling effort. The two women yelped and grunted with pain as their bodies swayed back and forth in the heat of battle. Geri spat in Liz's face and was able to follow this up by pulling the actresses head back so that she was looking up at the azure blue sky.

Liz tried to return this favor but by pure willpower Geri managed to keep her head in place. Miss Halliwell moved a hand from Liz's dark hair and instead grabbed a handful of the blue blouse. She pulled hard and the knot in the blouse unraveled opening the top open and exposing Liz's body. Geri needed no second invitation and pushed a hand inside the top, clamping it over the right, bikini encased breast. Liz let out a cross between a sigh and a squeal as Geri's fingers began to squeeze.

Despite the pain of losing hair, Liz brought her head forward so that she could look at the smirking Miss Halliwell again. Out of frustration and enmity she spat hitting Geri just under the nose, but there was no reaction from the ex-Spice Girl. This changed when Miss Hurley moved a hand from Geri's hair and squirmed it down between their two bodies. Geri defended herself by releasing her breast hold and grabbing Liz's wrist. The two British superstars struggled for a few moments, before realizing that it was going nowhere and pushed away from one another.

They stood up facing one another, their faces sweaty masks of hatred. Their bodies were also covered in a sheen of sweat, knees covered in grass stains and hair disheveled. They started to circle, fingers curled like talons feinting and stepping away. Liz jumped forward intent on torturing Geri's exposed breasts, but instead found that Geri grabbed hold of the arm of her blouse and used the hold to throw her to the floor; in the process ripping off the arm of the top. Liz landed flat on her face and groaned with the pain of the impact. As she struggled to get up onto her hands and knees ready to defend herself, Miss Halliwell pounced upon her back pinning her to the ground.

Ginger grabbed the hair on either side of Liz's head and pulled it back so that she could whisper in her ear, "Enjoying yourself at my little party?"

Liz's response was to buck and thrash her body trying to throw the singer off but all it did was to make Geri whisper, "The way your struggling, you'd think it was Hugh on top of you!"

Geri placed her knee's either side of Liz's prone body and began to pull the singers chest from the ground by the roots of her hair. Liz howled with pain, but could do nothing other than what Geri wanted. Having gained some room in which to play with, Geri then moved a hand round the front of Miss Hurley's body and pulled aside the minimalist blue bikini top. Geri couldn't see the pert breast with erect nipple but she knew what to grab hold of from her previous experience.

As her fingers bit into the tender flesh, Liz howled and moved a hand up to protect herself, but could no stop Geri inflicting cruel punishment. In desperation, Liz twisted her body and drove her right elbow into Geri's midriff. Although this maneuver caused Liz some discomfort, it caught Geri by surprise and as the bone connected with skin she yelped with pain and fell to the left letting go of her opponent. As Geri lay on the floor her legs across the actress one hand clutching her stomach, Liz twisted the other way and pounced on top of her grabbing hold of her hair with both hands.

Geri brought her hands up into Liz's hair, grabbing it at the back of her head. Whilst this struggle took placed their breasts mashed together and their legs fought for an advantage. The two superstars exchanged the crudest of insults and mouthful's of saliva in a fight that Divine Brown would have felt at home in!

Geri took a handful of the back of Liz's blouse and pulled hard, causing the item to rip open. This allowed her to then undo the back of the actresses blue bikini top. Liz realized that there was nothing she could do to stop the attack, so instead concentrated on hurting her opponent through hair pulling and positioning her body on top of Geri's. As they struggled Liz took hold slammed her crotch down against Geri's causing the singer to groan with pain and frustration that no amount of hair pulling could diminish.

Ginger responded by using her hold on Miss Hurley's dark hair to pull her head back and then place her other hand under her chin and start to push upwards. Not only did this hurt Liz, but it caused the two combatants upper bodies to part like the pages of a book. Both women groaned with pain and discomfort, but Geri's expressions of pain were upped several decibels when Liz slide her hands down her body and clamped them over her now exposed (and slightly larger) breasts.

"Oh, you filthy fucking slut!" wailed Geri Halliwell.

As she moved her hands away from Liz's hair and chin and clamped them firmly over the actresses breasts. The battle was arousing both women, which may have hinted to any observer to the women's sexuality, and in doing so it gave them both opportunities to inflict pain. Through willpower, determination and by biting back the urge to scream at the pain she was suffering, Liz managed raise her body and place her knees either side of Geri so that she was sat astride her waist. This was no mean achievement given the intense struggling and thrashing from Miss Halliwell who was desperately trying to free herself.

It was as Liz turned her cruel intentions to Geri's large and stiff nipples that the singer reacted with a fury she normally reserved for her ex band mates. She released her hold on Liz's breasts, leaving a pattern of red marks and began to rain slaps about the head of the actress. When this seemed to have no affect Geri grabbed Liz's hair, pulling hard with one hand so that she could ensure that her blows landed truly. These seemed to stun Liz Hurley and although her grip on Geri's orbs lessened slightly, she continued to cling on as if her life depended upon it. In doing so she denied herself any ability to move out of the way. Her only response other than to twist Geri's left nipple hard was to raise her crotch and slam it down on to Miss Halliwell's stomach. But in doing so she presented Geri with a window of opportunity that the ex-Spice Girl was not about to ignore.

As Liz rose to repeat the attack, Geri took the hand with which she had been slapping her fellow Brit and instead thrust it towards the actress. Before Liz had realized what was about to happen, Geri had pushed aside the small blue triangular cloth that was the bottom part of Liz's bikini and into the dark tangle of pubic hair. Liz gasped with shock and pain as Geri's fingers set about their work with a passion. Her initial reaction, once the shock had subsided, was to let go of the UN Ambassador's right breast and try to pull the hand away. But this had no affect and Liz began to alternately whimper and shout with pain.

The more that Geri's fingers became more entwined in Liz's thinning minge, tugging and pulling hairs free, so the actresses efforts to break free became more urgent. She tried scratching at Geri's arm, but this had no visible affect.

Whilst Liz's face was contorted with pain, Geri moved her hand from mauling her breast and instead took hold of her hair, and then used this hold to roll the pair of them over, all the time continuing to inflict pain. As both women lay on their sides on the warm grass, Geri prepared to mount her opponent. But despite being crazed with pain, Liz was sufficiently alert to realize that she didn't want Geri on top of her (not even in her wildest fantasy!) She withdrew both her hands, which Geri took to be a sign of submission, but then drove a fist into the singer's left breast!

Before Geri could react a second fist hit her right breast, this time landing directly on the nipple, driving it and the breast back into her chest. Ginger Spice screamed with agony, which was then raised an octave or two as a third blow landed. It would have taken a photo-finish to determine who rolled away first and fastest. Both women were hurting badly and they wanted the chance to massage themselves and assess the damage.

Having put clear space between one another, both women began to check how badly they had been hurt. As they ran their hands over their bodies, they wailed with anguish, especially Liz who saw what had happened to her once lush pussy. As they faced each other on their knees their eyes blazed pure hatred and they shouted fresh insult.

"You third rate fucking slut, Geri. When I've finished with your cunt, you'll wish you'd never crossed me!"

"You'll wish you were back with Divine Brown and Hugh Grant when I finish with your pitiful arse!"

They threw themselves at one another, hands slapping and reaching for a telling hold which could be exploited. Liz let fly with a mouthful of saliva and sunk her fingers in Geri's long blonde dyed hair, pulling her opponent towards her. Geri took hold of Liz's darker hair pulling viciously and returning the spit. As the two sweaty bodies slapped together Geri winced and groaned with pain as her breasts still felt very tender.

Drawing on all her experience that had taken her to the very pinnacle of her acting career Elizabeth managed to twist and throw Geri, face down. to the grass. Before Miss Halliwell could get up, Liz placed both hands firmly on the singers shoulder-blades so that all she could do was lash out with her socked feet. Liz then wrapped one hand with strands of blonde hair and pulled the singer woman up onto her knees. When the ex-Spice Girl was upright, no mean feat given her struggles, Miss Hurley decisively took a handful of her opponents already battered right breast.

As Geri wailed in pain, Liz leaned forward and hissed nastily into her ear, "You know what they say about sluttish bottle blondes don't you Geri! Not only are you a talentless cow you really don't have any class, maybe that's why the other Spice sluts kicked you out!"

Geri tried to pull the hand away from her breast, without success. So instead Geri twisted her body as far as she could despite the pain and drove an elbow back into the actresses left breast. This took Liz completely by surprise and she let go of Geri with both hands before letting vent her pain with a torrent of expletives and cries of anguish. Geri started to turn round, eager to get to grips again with her tormentor, only for Liz to take a painful hold of her hair again.

Geri managed to place both her hands on Liz's upper body sufficient to push her over, only to be dragged down with her by the roots of her hair. The two women landed in a sweaty heap totally unbecoming to women of their stature. Having recovered their composure slightly the women began to roll back and forth across the grass for a couple of minutes exchanging vicious hair pulling which left a trail of debris, vile insults and mouthfuls of saliva.

This was tiring work even for women in such high physical condition and they ended up with Liz lying across Geri, at a slight angle. They paused, as if two lovers, for a few moment to catch their breath before returning to the fray.

Geri used her hold on Liz's messed up hair head over her sore breasts to prevent further attacks. Liz also reached out with her right hand and had a hold on Geri's equally disheveled hair, whilst her left held the singer in place. Miss Halliwell withdrew her right hand, spat on it several times and then started to rub it over Liz's face. Liz tried to shake her head to get away from this unpleasant attack, but the hold on her hair meant she could do little except gag.

"Is that you surrender I hear you begging for Liz? You'll have to speak up, I can't hear you bitch!" snarled Geri, clearly believing that she now had the upper hand.

But Liz was burning with hatred at the damage that her pussy had suffered and moved her left hand to grab Geri's crotch, still hidden from sight behind the skimpy white triangle of her bikini bottom. It didn't take the brains of an Archbishop, or a Spice Girl, to realize what was about to happen, and Geri tried frantically to move her lower body out of the way. But it was in vain as Liz pulled aside the thin white material, breaking the string that held the article together to reveal Geri's lush ginger minge that revealed the natural color of her hair. There was a slight pause before the inevitable happened and Liz took a vicious grip of the short minge hair.

"You dirty fucking cunt!" screamed Geri at a level that could have been heard in Monaco as she arched her back in pain.

Whilst Ginger Spice was wracked with agony, Liz let go of Geri's hair and took advantage of her pain to pull the aside the wet hand that had been tormenting her face. Able to breath properly again Liz set about devastating Geri's aroused pussy with a passion, that only added to the waves of agony and ecstasy that wracked the singers body. Maddened by pain and with tears welling in her eyes, Geri shifted her hold on Liz's hair to the fringe which allowed her to yank back the actresses head to remind her that she was in a fight. She then used her other hand to grip Liz's neck, digging her fingers into the soft flesh. But despite the strangled gurgle of pain from Liz she didn't relent in her assault on Geri's pussy, indeed her fingers moved closer to her erect clit.

"Give bitch!" whispered Liz hoarsely, using up valuable breath.

But as there was no response from Geri except renewed pain in her scalp Liz realized that she was on the horns of a dilemma, and surprisingly it was not a pleasant sensation. As much as she defended herself with one hand she was losing. So with great reluctance she let go of Geri's pussy and used the hand to free her neck. When this had little affect, Liz put the last of her strength into pulling herself away, to which Geri added her efforts. As the two women parted to lie a couple of metres apart there were new and weary expressions of pain as hair was parted from the scalp.

They lay on the grass in the warm sun, there bodies perspiring heavily. Liz Hurley was gasping for air like a fish out of water. Geri Halliwell, meanwhile, massaged her hurt twat and as the scale of the damage dawned on her she let out a cry of animal fury. Liz was lying on her side with her back to Geri massaging her throat She heard Geri's cry of rage and started to get up onto her hands and knees. As she did so, Geri swiveled and let fly with a vicious kick that connected solidly with the actresses backside. This was a bolt out of the blue to Miss Hurley and it sent her further away from her opponent.

As Liz struggled to collect herself and get up again Geri leapt forward onto her back, knocking the British actress forward and pressing her already sore breasts into the ground. As Liz started to try and get up, Geri repositioned herself so that she was sat astride her lower back and used both hands to pull on her opponents dark hair. This pulled Liz's head back and caused her bend her back in excruciating agony that caused her to wail and scream with agony. As tears started to flow Geri released her right hand and reached back. Miss Hurley struggled desperately to free herself and felt a hand pass over her backside and again plunge into her already heavily ravaged crotch.

As Geri's fingers plucked at short sweaty curly hair, pinched and probed, it all became to much for Liz and she began to sob uncontrollably. As the actresses struggles grew weaker so her sobs increased as waves of pain and disturbing pleasure swept her body. Geri kept up her attacks until she was totally convinced that Liz had no more fight in her.

When Miss Halliwell was certain she had won, she commanded Liz to roll over, which she did only with some rough assistance from Geri. Geri repositioned herself astride Liz's crotch with both hands holding Liz's battered breasts. Sweat was dripping from Geri's body onto Liz's.

"So then, Liz darling. Who's the better woman?"

Liz' only response was to spit defiantly into Geri's face. Geri smiled and responded with a barrage of her own, spitting and squeezing Liz's breasts. Liz wailed and screamed like a stuck pig and begged for mercy. Geri kept her grip for slightly longer than was necessary before slipping off her socks while remaining astride her now beaten opponent. She held them in her hand savoring the unpleasantly sweaty aroma, then clamped them over Liz's mouth. As the actress struggled, Geri lay atop of Liz, mashing their bodies together. Slowly Liz ceased to struggle and the only sign she was still OK was her shallow breathing.

When she finally came to, the sun was much lower in the sky. Geri was no where to be seen, but there was a heap of ragged clothes next to her that allowed Liz Hurley to return to her villa. As the humiliation sank in she decided to flee back to Britain and did so heavily disguised. When she returned to her Kensington apartment there was a package waiting for her. To Liz's intense dismay and shock it contained several Polaroid pictures detailing her humiliation at Geri's hands (and a note to say that there weren't the only copies) and the sweaty socks that had her humiliated her so.