Handicap Match: Connie Selleca vs. Brittany Murphy & Jennifer Love Hewitt by Scott

A couple of months had passed since Brittany Murphy suffered cruel revenge at the hands of Kim Basinger and her partners in crime, Jaclyn Smith and Connie Selleca (Read it HERE). After six weeks healing, Brittany was now ready to extact her first revenge against one of the perpetrators. Her friends warned her to wait a few months to heal completely, but Brittany wouldn’t hear of it. Instead, she agreed to a 3:3 match so she wouldn’t have to bear the burden of a whole match on her own. She was sure she could come up with two other girls that would help her team come out on top - after all their opponents were “old women.”

Brittany contacted Jennifer Love Hewitt because, after Kim Basinger dumped Alec Baldwin, the actor had a brief fling with JLH. Kim and Jennifer quickly developed a healthy dislike for one another had exchanged words on several occasions, even engaging in a brief shoving match in a restaurant before someone separated them. All it took was one phone call and Jennifer was in. Kim agreed to the match as well; feeling confident after destroying Brittany in their last match. But Jaclyn was on vacation so it would have to be a regular (2:2) tag team match. The date was set; Kim and Connie would face Brittany and Jennifer in a tag team bout.

Fight night arrived and the arena was full. Jennifer and Brittany came to the ring both clad in a satin bra and matching panties; Brittany in red with white stocking and Jennifer in turquoise with black stockings. As they stood in the ring waiting on Connie and Kim, Brittany whispered something in Jennifer’s ear that made Jennifer chuckle.

“Are you mad Jennifer?” Brittany asked nervously.

“No, No, I’m fine Brit,” Jennifer said smiling and patting her partner on the shoulder.

Moments later Connie strolled down the aisle like the ‘Bronx Princess’ in tight spandex bicycle shorts and a tanktop. Acting all the diva, Connie insisted the ring girls spread the ropes for her as she entered into the ring, then she pointed snubbed Brit and Jen as she went straight to her corner to loosen while awaiting Kim. But several minutes passed and there was still no sign of Kim.

Finally, Connie leaned over and told the commssioner sitting at ringside, “We’ll have to reschedule this another day. Something must have happened to delay Kim.”

Kim, however, was backstage still in her dressing room. She couldn’t get out because the door had been locked and bolted from the outside and the wall phone disconnected. The only thing working was the closed circuit TV which showed what was going on - or more accurately not going on - in the ring.

The commissioner would have no talk of a postponement, however. “Look at this crowd Selleca; we’re sold out. There’s no fuckin’ way I’m canceling this match.”

“Well I’m not fighting these two harlots by myself!” Connie protested.

“Sure you will,” the commissioner disagreed. “We’ll book it as a handicap match. They’ll have to tag in and out so only one of them will be in the ring at one time. Besides, you’re not only taller and heavier,” he said tactlessly, “but you’ve got decades of ring experience over these two ‘girls’. From where I sit, it looks like THEY’RE the ones with the handicap!” Connie, having just turned 50, didn’t like the idea of having to battle two young women who’d stay fresh by tagging in and out while she had to stay in the ring the entire match by herself. But the commissioner put the capper on the discussion when he played his ‘ace in the hole’ telling the aging star, “If you walk away Selleca, you’ll forfeit your (wrestling) pension.”

Connie hadn’t gotten any offers for acting roles in several years and with her husband’s music career (rightfully) in the toilet, she and her kids depended on her pension from the wrestling league to maintain the high lifestyle she enjoyed. Reluctantly, having no other option, Connie agreed to face the two young women in a handicap match.

The referee was a woman if indeterminate age, about 5’4” but solidly built, maybe 130 or 135 pounds with large, full breasts. She didn’t look familiar and Connie knew she couldn’t be an actress. “Maybe she’s an ex-stunt woman,” she thought. “She sure isn’t pretty enough to be an actress, but I swear I’ve heard that voice before somewhere. With that accent she has to be from the New York area.”

The referee instructed Brittany and Jennifer about the special rules they’d have to follow for a handicap match as the three contestants met in the middle of the ring. Brittany said she’d start first for her team and as soon as the bell rang, Brittany charged across the ring after Connie. The actress sidestepped, but Brittany stopped on a dime and grabbed a leg, spilling Connie to the mat on her butt. When Brittany tried to roll Connie over, she kicked Brittany in the chest with her free leg, sending her sprawling flat on her ass!

The two women get to their feet and lock arms but the more powerful Selleca quickly turned it into a side headlock. They wrestled to the mat with Connie on her back but still maintaining the headlock. Brittany tried to force her way up Connie’s body for a breast smother, but Connie got her left arm around the back of Murphy’s neck, keeping the pressure around Brittany’s neck and forcing it downward. Brittany managed to get her arm around Connie’s neck also, but in her position she couldn’t apply equal pressure.

Finally, the ref tapped Connie on the shoulder ordered her to break the hold.

“What?” Connie asked, not understanding the ref’s call.

“You pulled the hair!” the ref said.

“You’re crazy!”

“Break the hold or I start a count….1…2…3…4…”

Connie broke the hold not wanting to get disqualified even though she hadn’t pulled Brittany’s hair. ‘Maybe the ref missed that one,’ she thought. ‘It happens.’

The two ladies then got back to their feet and locked arms. This time Brittany clearly pulled Connie’s hair throwing her down to the mat hard. Connie looked at the ref you signaled a clean take down

“What’s with THAT?” Connie shouted at the ref. “Aren’t you going to give HER a warning?”

“I didn’t see anything wrong. The move was clean!” the ref explained.

While Connie was arguing, Brittany came up from behind and hammered Connie’s upper back. She stumbled forward, then spun around and looked at the referee expecting her to warn Brittany for using a close fist. Instead, the referee indicated the blow was with an open hand and perfectly legal. Distracted, Connie didn’t see the charging Brittany until too late and she drove her shoulder smack into Connie’s gut, driving her back into her corner where Jennifer grabbed her arms and pulled her back against the turnbuckle, holding her immobile for Brittany who kicked the trapped actress in the belly, then started punching her in the gut and face.

Jennifer was having trouble keeping her grip on Connie’s arms and Connie was able to break Jennifer’s grip and began exchanging blows with Brittany. Jennifer was trying to grab the brunette’s arms again, but Connie shot a backward elbow that connected with Jennifer’s face and sent her flying off the ring apron down to the arena floor. Connie was getting the better of her exchanges with Brittany who was reeling when the ref stepped in and grabbed Connie’s arms, preventing her from striking Brittany.

“Use an open hand Selleca,” the ref ordered, apparently oblivious to the closed fists Murphy had been throwing.

“It goes both ways!” Connie snorted. “Now get out of my way bitch!”

She pushed the ref to the side moving towards Brittany who was bent over in the middle of the ring with her hands on her knees, trying to regain her breath and shake off the blows. The brief interruption allowed Brittany to recover just enough to unleash a low punt when Connie approached. Connie doubled over and Brittany grabbed her arm, then slung her against the ropes. As Connie rebounded, the young blonde bent over at the waist going for a flip, but Connie grabbed the top rope stopped herself in front of Murphy, then kicked her in the jaw, dropping Brit like a rock.

Just then, Jennifer rushed into the ring toward Connie - only to be greeted with a right to the head sending her on her ass as well. The crowd was eating it up as Murphy got back on her feet only to meet the same fate. Then Jennifer was back up - then down again - then Brittany bounced up again - and got knocked back to the mat. Each time one of the young women rose to their feet, Connie deck her until both finally scrambled out of the ring, having had enough abuse.

Brittany and Jennifer stood hugging one another outside the ring as they tried to catch their breath after suffering from Connie’s onslaught. Unfortunately for Brittany and Jennifer, they were standing a little too close to the ring as they shared a moment, and Connie came running from the opposite side of the ring and did a baseball side out under the bottom rope; her feet smashing both ladies’ chests so hard it knocked them both down on the hard cement floor.

As Connie lay on her back with her arms draped over the bottom rope, however, the referee bent over and got in her face, screaming at her to “go to a neutral corner” so that Brittany could re-enter the ring. Brittany naturally took her time as she sauntered to the corner and climbed the stairs, stepping through the ropes while an impatient Connie Selleca pawed her feet at the canvas wanting to charge while the ref held her back, insisting she allow Murphy to reenter the ring.

“Keep her back ref!” Brittany yelled as she leaned through the ropes rubbing her neck.

Connie was pushing the shorter ref who had her hands full trying to contain the 5’9” former lingerie model while Brittany ran along the ropes to her corner and tagged in Jennifer. Connie was so busy with the referee, she didn’t see the tag. She finally pushed the ref aside and as she started toward Brittany, Jennifer charged Connie from her blind side and did her own baseball slide, both feet kicking Connie just below the knee. Connie went down wailing in pain and holding her knee as she and Jennifer wrestled on the mat. Jennifer climbed on top of Connie and slithered up into breast smother position. But this move came way too early as Connie was still full of fight and she was easily able to power out of the hold.

She and Jennifer rolled around some more until Connie was able to get a cross-body pin on the smaller brunette but before she locked it in, Jennifer bent one of her slender legs up against Connie’s stomach and kicked her off. Connie rolled off but quickly sprang back and went for a reverse headlock as the two women remained on their sides on the mat. Connie forced Jennifer on her back and went for the cross body pin again but had to break the hold when she felt a tap on the shoulder by the referee.

“What is it NOW!” Connie complained.

“You pulled her bottom; clear as day,” the referee stated emphatically. “Break the hold!” she growled.

Connie broke the hold but she jabbed her finger into the referee’s bosom warning her to stop making up calls. Jennifer tried the same thing Brittany had done earlier in the match, coming up behind Connie while she was arguing with the referee, but this time Connie was ready for the trick and she turned around just as Jennifer was about to hammer her. Connie kicked Jen in the stomach and threw her against the ropes. When Jennifer bounced off Connie wrapped her up in a tight sleeper hold.

Jennifer thrashed wildly, fighting and struggling, but she was in the middle of the ring and couldn’t reach the ropes. She lurched toward the ropes, one arm pawing but she had no leverage and was making scant progress. Jennifer stood on the middle rope and tried reaching over the top to grab Connie’s hair, but Connie just adjusted her stance, avoiding her groping hands and flashing nails as she tightened her biceps around Hewitt’s pretty head.

Jennifer let out a long, soft sigh as the flow of blood to her brain was cut off. She flailed her arms wildly, frantically hoping to connect with something, anything - but she hit nothing but air and in a minute the sleeper began to take affect and Jennifer’s body began slumping. The referee was checking closely, looking for some reason to break the hold.

“Go ahead, check my arms,” Connie shouted defiantly. “This ain’t no choke hold.”

The ref found no grounds to break the hold as Jennifer’s eye’s started to flutter. The match would be over soon if something drastic didn’t occur - and that’s when something did occur! Brittany came running in, hammering Connie in the back of the neck with a series of hard punches. First Connie let loose of Jennifer who thudded to the mat nearly out as Brittany continued with her blows until Connie was driven to her knees. The referee started a countout against Brittany but each time she was about to get to the ‘FIVE’ which would disqualify Brittany, she was “distracted” by Jennifer who began making some movement.

While the referee was checking on Jennifer, Brittany connected with several kicks to Connie’s back and side until the taller brunette lay flat on the mat. Only then did the referee finally come to her senses and force Brittany to return to her corner. Even so, Jennifer still nearly out of it, slowly crawling back toward her corner while Connie reached for the ropes and slowly pulled herself to a sitting position several feet away from Hewitt, shaking her head and trying to regain her senses.

Jennifer was just inches from a legal tag when Connie realized what was happening. She scrambled to her feet and rushed over, grabbed Jennifer by one ankle and dragged her back out to the middle of the ring. There, she flipped Jennifer onto her back and dropped a knee on the Texan’s thigh causing the young girl to yelp in pain. Knowing Jennifer like to use her breasts to smother opponents, Connie decided to give the stuck-up little tart a taste of her own medicine! After Connie dropped a devastating knee to the groin, Jennifer’s torso reflexed upward and Connie punched her in the face, knocking Jennifer back down flat on her back dazed and almost out cold.

The older actress laid down and crawled up Jennifer’s body until she had her in a full body pin, then continued to inch her way upward over the squirming Hewitt until her breasts covered the lower half of Jennifer’s wide-eyed face. Jennifer was bucking wildly trying to roll to the side while Connie had her legs spread and her arms pinning Jennifer’s, trying to maintain the partial breast smother.

While Connie’s breasts weren’t especially big by current standards, but she was a full bodied woman and her large frame amply covered Jennifer’s upper body while her weight bearing down on Jennifer’s slim body - with one noticeable exception - was causing the younger actress to experience breathing problems. Once Jennifer’s struggles slowed, Connie lifted off the actress and went for the match-ending pin!

“1.....2…” The count never reached three.

Connie looked up and yelled, “HEY! What’s going on? Count already…dammit!”

“She’s got her foot under the ropes,” The ref said.

Jennifer’s foot was near the ropes, but not even close to being under them. Nonetheless, Connie dragged Jennifer to her feet and marched the slumping girl out to the middle of the ring where she gave Jennifer a beautiful Reverse Neck Breaker. With Jennifer well away from the ropes, Connie again went for the pin. This time, taking no chances of a kick-out, she hooked a leg. Now, although the ref may be slow to count, the ‘three count’ was inevitable.

But now Brittany had climbed the corner turnbuckle and she leaped off toward Connie who, being a ring veteran, sensed something like this would happen and scurried out of the way as soon Brittany launched herself into mid-air and Brittany’s flying elbow came down squarely on Jennifer’s huge chest! With Jennifer flopping around in pain, her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, Brittany rolled over and sat up in shocked surprise over the terrible thing she’d done to her partner! Connie jerked Brittany to her feet and landed open hand slaps to her upper chest CRACK that echoed throughout the arena as she backed Brittany up against the corner with a fusillade of chops WHACK, THWAP, SMACK that had Brittany cowering in the corner.

The ref came over to break it up but Connie was fed up with the incompetent ref and shoved her back out of the way, then whipped Brittany to the opposite corner where she hit back first with so much force it caused the whole ring to vibrate. Connie charged the stunned woman, throwing her heavy body onto Brittany’s, then Connie backed off a couple of steps and watched as Murphy, with stars spinning in her eyes, toppled over face first to the mat.

Behind Connie, Jennifer was just making it to her feet, wobbling on unsteady legs to the ropes and leaning on them for support. With Jennifer facing Connie but still dazed, Connie charged and clotheslined her, sending Jennifer flipping backward over the top rope, bouncing off the ring apron and crashing to the arena floor!

Brittany had finally made it up to one knee on the other side of the ring and Connie hurried back to her, grabbed her by the arm and Irish Whipping her against the ropes. She bounced off, careening back towards the middle of the ring where Connie set herself, then propelled herself like a missile…her shoulder slamming into Brittany’s chest and knocking the saucy actress flat on the mat - hard!

Brittany lay on the mat barely moving; easy pickings for the final pin for with Brittany down in the middle of the ring and Jennifer still sprawled on the arena floor, there’s no way the match would NOT be over. Connie went for the pin, straddling Brittany’s chest, hooking a leg and waiting…and waiting…but the referee wasn’t counting!

“Come on what’s wrong with you?” Connie screamed.

“She’s not the legal woman (in the ring)” the ref explained, calmly pointing over to Jennifer.

No tag had been made, so Brittany shouldn’t have been in the ring. Connie couldn’t believe it! She banged Brittany’s head on the mat a couple of tines, then dragged her to her feet and put her in a headlock. She ran with her to her corner where she executed a bulldog, planting Brittany’s face into the mat. Her body bounced once, then lay limp and still. She was just about out as Connie got up and left the ring for the arena floor where Jennifer had finally regained her feet, but staggering like a drunken sailor.

Connie used a handful of her hair to ram her head into the steel post and Jennifer went down in a heap. Connie dragged her up the stairs at the corner and let her hang on the ropes. Brittany was moving a little, but she was clearly still out of it. Connie pulled Brittany’s hand up and took Jennifer’s hand, slapping them together to force a tag. Then she kicked Brittany out of the ring, down the steps onto floor and dragged Jennifer back into the ring. The veteran wrapped her arms under Jennifer, lifting her ass up onto the bottom turnbuckle as she stood in front of her, then put her feet on the bottom rope.

Jennifer beginning to realize what was going on, began slapping at Connie but the bigger woman slugged her in the face a couple of times quieting her down. Slowly but surely, Connie repositioned Jenniferj’s body, lifting her butt onto the top turnbuckle as Connie climbed the ropes; punching Jennifer in the face a few more times to keep her subdued while she pulled her up to the top turnbuckle as she prepared for a Superplex!

Connie executed the difficult move to perfection and Jennifer bounced off the mat, her back arched up, then her whole body collapsed and she writhed around the mat in agony. But Connie had landed hard too and she wasn’t able to cover Jennifer right away, although Jennifer was so wasted Connie had plenty of time. After a few moments, she crawled to Jennifer and dropped across her chest for the pin. Connie not only had the legal woman in the middle of the ring far from the ropes, but Brittany was of no concern as she was still flat on her back outside the ring on the floor.

“You got no excuses this time, count ref!” Connie demanded, glaring up at the referee as she went for the pin. But still, no count was forthcoming. When Connie looked around, she saw the ref was strolling toward the corner. Connie got up off of Jennifer and followed her, screaming, “Get your ass over here and do your fuckin’ job ref!”

“I would but I can’t,” the referee explained.

“What? Whaddaya mean, ‘can’t’?” Connie asked, clearly irritated.

That’s when the referee pulled on her facemask (ala ‘Mission Impossible’) and as the mask slowly pulled away from her face, she explained, “You see, I’m not a referee at all...”

Connie looked in disbelief at what wasn’t a referee at all - it was Leah Remini! Not only had Brittany made sure Kim Basinger was locked in HER dressing room, she also arranged for the real referee to not show. Leah, who had learned about the match on the Internet, was eager to join in Brittany’s scheme because while she and Connie didn’t know each other, Leah was from Brooklyn and Connie was from the Bronx. That, despite their 15 year age difference, was always enough motivation for any girl from Brooklyn who had more than her share of scuffles with Bronx girls growing up - just as Connie had with Brooklyn girls. Adding to Leah’s motivation, however, was her loss to Jennifer Lopez, another Bronx girl, in a most humiliating fashion recently. Leah needed revenge so she wouldn’t be ashamed to show her face back in Brooklyn!

Before the shocked Connie could react to this new development Leah kicked her in the gut. As Connie doubled over, the Brooklyn Bomber grabbed an arm and pulled Connie into an arm bar, slowly forcing her down to one knee as she applied pressure. Connie, however, was able to reverse the hold and forced Leah to the mat, but Connie couldn’t maintain the arm bar. But Connie was still on top of Leah as they scrambled about and for once Leah wasn’t her usual quick self as she was still carrying a lot of weight after the birth of her baby, so Connie was finally able to establish a headlock and pin her.

“What’s wrong Leah? You’ve slowed down a bit. It’s gotta be tough being short…and fat!”

“Better’n being old, tall and ugly!” Leah growled.


In another minute, Connie put Leah on her back and pressed her full weight down on her, even making sure to grind her crotch against Leah’s abdomen and Leah frustration showed as she cursed and screamed at Connie who tried pushing Leah’s arms to her side while scooting up on her body trying for a Schoolgirl Pin. Remini was bucking wildly trying to roll out and Connie was making slow progress, inching closer and closer to her target. Leah put her arms up trying to push Selleca off. Leah though was expending a lot of energy and had a worried look on her face as she tried to keep Connie off her face. Both women were grunting from the effort.

Connie was finally able to get her ass up on Leah’s chest but not able to keep her arms down. Leah interlocked her arms above her to keep Connie from advancing upward. Connie was trying to pry them apart but had to scoot back to Leah’s stomach as she did. This made it easier for Leah to breathe in some air. Connie couldn’t pin Leah’s arms but Leah couldn’t budge her off either. So Connie began to taunt Leah hoping to upset her and cause her to make a mistake.

“Brooklyn girls are weak!” Connie taunted

“We’re all tougher than you Bronx whores!” Leah retorted

Leah kept talking to Connie, stalling for time; keeping her distracted. And it worked because as Connie was busy trash- talking, Brittany finally recovered and made her way over to the two struggling women.

“Better watch out Connie!” Leah warned.

“Shut your mouth!” Connie slapped Leah hard in he face.

Leah turned and spat, then turning back, she glared at Connie with ice cold eyes.

“Your ass is mine Selleca!”

The tone that Leah used was chilling, but the Bronx Babe Connie was undeterred.

“I said, ‘Shut your mouth’!” Connie repeated, slapping Leah again, snapping her head to the side. As she slowly turned back to face Connie, Leah started laughing hysterically.

“You’re not only fat and stupid, you’re crazy!” Connie cracked

“Yeah will this fat ass gal from Brooklyn is going to kick your flabby, OLD, ass!” Leah grumbled.

“Don’t count on it!”

“Well Brittany might disagree…”

“What are you talking about douche bag? She’s had enough of a beating. By now, she’s probably back in her dressing room taking a bottle full of pain killers”

“Well think again sweetie, because she is standing right behind you, you stupid Bronx bitch!”

Connie glanced behind her and just got a glimpse of Murphy before receiving a kick right in the face sending her flying off Leah. Connie rolled over and scrambled up to her knees but Brittany was waiting on her and she delivered a bone-crushing knee under Connie’s jaw that not only sent Connie sprawling on her back, but stunned her.

Now Jennifer had also recovered and she was ready to rejoin her partners. All three attacked Connie like a pack of hungry wolves with a wounded deer, stomping away on the overwhelmed older woman. Connie rolled on her side and curled, tucking in her head to prevent blows from reaching her head and organs. Still, a flurry of kicks landed to Connie’s upper back, lower back and thighs. With her arms covering her head, Connie couldn’t fight back and a series of jarring knee drops from all three of the terrors connected to her neck and the parts of her head not shielded by her arms. The abuse was too much; the classy lady was in trouble.

“Turn her over girls!” Leah instructed. Jennifer and Brittany each grabbed an arm and flipped Connie over onto her back. She fought the best she could, trying to pull away and flailing her legs. Jennifer and Brittany stretched out her arms and dropped their knees on Connie’s shoulders, pinning them to the mat. “That’s it girls. Tenderize those arms!”

Brittany and Jennifer followed instructions, driving knee after knee into Connie’s upper arms and shoulders before they took Connie’s long arms between their legs and dropped to the mat, smashing and bending the actress’s arms in an unnatural angle as they sat on them. Connie was screaming; even if her shoulders weren’t dislocated, they might as well have been; her arms were becoming useless.

The girls rose to their feet, standing over Connie as she writhed in agony. More stomping….this time Connie’s soft tits and groin were the targets and each time a kick brought her upper body up in reflex to a low blow, another kick to her breast or head would slam her back down! Then the heavy Leah jumped in the air and came down feet first on Connie’s stomach! Her body jerked reflexively up - and was met by a well-measured and viscous kick from Brittany to the face! Connie flopped flat on her back, barely semi-conscious; arms limp at her sides, legs spread. She was done, but her tormentors were just getting started!

“OK, enough Jennifer; back off, this is Brittany’s fight,” Leah said, not really caring who beat the crap out of the Bronx woman as long as someone did. “C’mon Jen, I got some toys in my bag.”

Leah and Jennifer went to get some sex toys from the referee’s bag Leah brought with her to the ring, leaving Brittany alone temporarily with Connie. First, Brittany ass dropped her cute tush on Connie’s stomach, knocking the wind out of the older actress whose head jerked up on impact. Brittany grabbed a handful of hair, steadied her, then punch her in the jaw! A second tushy drop to the belly lifted Connie’s head snapping up again, though not as high as the first time - and Brittany’s fist greeted her jaw again. A third ass drop, this one higher, pancaked Connie’s breasts under Brittany’s butt, sent tremors down the actress’s legs and produced a flailing of her arms as well as a low grunt - but nothing more in the way of reaction!

Connie lay still moaning softly while Brittany slithered higher on her body, straddling her neck. After a few minutes there, Brittany slid back down onto Connie’s chest just below her mouth to collect the fluid stimulated in her lower region, then rolled onto her side, rolling Connie with her with Connie’s head trapped between Brittany’s thighs in a crushing scissors.

It was all Connie could do to keep her mouth from touching Brittany’s thinly covered pussy as the struggling aging actress feebly tried to pry her tormentor’s legs apart. But Connie’s abused arms felt like spaghetti and Brittany easily held them down while Connie mewled like a sad kitten at the sudden, unfortunate, turn of events. Still, Connie’s thrashing legs were bothering Brittany so she let go of her arms, reached back and pulled the actress’s legs up toward her.

Brittany squeezed her captives head until Connie thought it was going to explode in Brittany’s vice-like grip. Her face was bright red from the blood rushing up her head and it looked like she was going to pass out any second as spittle flew out the corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. She raised an injured arm instinctively to Brittany’s legs, again trying to pry them apart, but again her efforts proved futile. Connie couldn’t even make a fist her arm muscles and nerves were so damaged and they didn’t even have the strength of a two-year-old. There was no way she was going to budge Brittany’s legs in her weakened condition!

“You won’t get out of THIS ONE!” Brittany devilishly smiled as she taunted the actress as the blonde beauty pulled Connie’s face hard against her crotch. Brittany took great pleasure in scrubbing her essence onto Connie’s face while pressing and holding her face against her cunny for a good long 30 to 40 seconds at a time, smothering her until she was about to pass out, then easing up to let Connie take a breath before smothering her again. After a while, the crotch of Brittany’s nylon panties were soaked. Seeing Connie was close to passing out again, Brittany rolled her onto her back and straddled her upper chest and neck, then began rubbing herself on Connie’s chest and neck as she pinned her arms.

“Please… no more…” Connie whimpered, tears filled her eyes.

“We’re just getting warmed up here honey. And don’t you even THINK of passing out,” Brittany was determined to teach Connie a lesson and she wanted more fun. Besides, Brittany found Connie quite attractive - for an old woman - and she recalled how much fun it had been humiliating Basinger a few years earlier. Brittany longed to feel that feeling again so she nudged the cloth over her crotch to one side and pushed her exposed pussy in Connie’s face, smothering her as she continued to grind against her pretty features as Connie continued to thrash her legs.

Connie’s muffled moaning was vibrating against Murphy’s furry bush bringing pleasure to the libidinous actress. Connie tried sliding her head to the side and gather some air but Brittany’s cunny moved where Connie’s head moved She would not allow any space between Connie’s breathing passages and her hungry pussy. Connie was beginning to weaken, so Brittany let go of her arms and reached back behind her and put both hands on Connie’s breasts, kneading them cruelly while continuing her smother. Connie’s breasts were a little soft, but her nipples were not only hard and fully erect, but proved to be very sensitive as well. Other than a slight shuffling of her legs the vanquished female wasn’t putting up any resistance!

After a few more minutes and with Connie nearly out, Brittany reversed position. Connie got about two breaths of air before Brittany dropped her ass on her face, then lay down on top of Connie facing her legs in a Reverse Headscissors. Connie was still struggling a little, so Brittany reached behind her grabbed Connie by the hair and pulled her face up into the crack of her ass. Connie wanted to lift her arms to push Brittany off, but her arms refused to obey her brain and just lay twitching now and then.

Connie was getting a good whiff of Brittany’s backside and she grimaced as the aroma was getting to her. If Brittany didn’t let up soon, Connie would pass out..but Brittany did let up, if only to adjust her position before planting her ass back down on Connie’s face. Brittany took both of Connie’s limp arms and folded them over her stomach. Except for shuffling her legs, Connie wasn’t moving; too weak to even turn her head more than an inch. The only air she was breathing now was redolent with the foul stench of Brittany’s sweaty, steamy ass.

“Gim opp me…I compt brief,” Connie mumbled.

“I really don’t give a rat’s ass if you can breathe or not. You won’t be interfering in MY matches any more, I promise you that...not after I get finished with you! I’ll let you up when I’m good and ready - not before!” Brittany said as Connie’s thrashing increased in intensity knowing the situation was becoming grim. “The night is still young!”

That ominous statement seemed to break Connie’s spirit and her struggles slowed and almost stopped. Brittany looked up and noticed her co-conspirators were salivating and knew they wanted in on the action too.

“Come on you guys. There’s plenty here for everyone,” she said.

The other two actresses looked like little children up at 6 in the morning on Christmas day sitting in front of a Christmas tree full of unopened presents. Jennifer tore off Connie’s top and started pinching and squeezing her boobs while Leah pulled down Connie’s shorts and ripped them off, then began fingering Connie’s pussy after poking a hole in her tights.

Brittany’s smallish ass was plenty big enough to do its job! She began to rock up and down but was careful not to break the seal over Connie’s mouth and nose as she stimulated herself on Connie’s nose and chin. The raven hair lady weakly whimpered as she drifted in and out of a semi-conscious state. Brittany smiled as she felt Connie’s resistance fade away as she pressed even harder against the face beneath her. As Brittany kept grinding away, Connie’s legs stopped shuffling and began to twitch.

While this was going on Jennifer was sucking away on Connie’s tit. She had the fish face going trying extract some milk. Leah was fingering Connie’s love chute and after a slow and deliberate start, her fingers were now going at a brisk pace. Leah picked up the intensity, pounding in and out of Connie’s love hole at a furious pace.

Brittany was totally oblivious to all this as she was in her own world pumping and humping her captive’s pretty face. She was in a daze, breathing in short rapid breaths, just starring at nothing into empty space. Her only goals were to smother Connie out and to bring herself off.

Connie drifted in and out of consciousness, as the smothering would cause her to pass out only to awaken by being violated by Leah’s sharp digits. Murphy would make sure Connie stayed awake, lifting her fanny occasionally and lightly slapping the actresses face until Connie’s eye’s fluttered open. Then she’d drop her weight back down and cause the older woman to drift into slumber like condition under her suffocating, sweaty ass.

Brittany began moaning and panting. Her humping had intensified and soon she felt the sticky fluids rushing down the tunnel demanding to be released. She began to cum. Her girl juice spurted out onto Connie’s face. She lifted off Connie and fingered herself with her juices squirting on Connie’s face. Then she sat back down squashing the pretty face below and grind away spreading her escaping nectar with youthful enthusiasm. Connie’s legs jerked and stiffened several times, both from being violated and from lack of air, then fell limp.

Leah had made a fist and, although she had small hands, it was still enough to make Connie’s legs tremble asthe actress unconsciously moaned into Brittany’s bottom, the vibration causing Brittany to get tingley as she felt Connie’s body go rigid between her thighs. “She coming! She coming!” Leah screamed when juices started pouring out onto her hand.

Hewitt too was rewarded for her efforts as Connie’s tit expelled a stream of milky juice. Jennifer gave her jaw a break and began pressing and squeezing Connie’s tits, working upward from the base as she kneaded them like two lumps of bread dough. Soon she began giggling.

“What’s going on up there sweetie?” Leah asked in curiousity about what was going on that was so funny.

Jennifer looked at Leah but continued laughing with that infectious laugh until Leah looked around Brittany and saw Connie’s breasts. They both were puffy and swollen, then she noticed they were wet - not just from being sucked. Jennifer had squeezed out some juice from the other tit, something she found humorous, so she went back to squeezing, trying to extract more. The pale liquid bubbled out slowly from the other tit until, like the first tit, it too abruptly spurted, eventually spilling several ounces of baby food onto Connie’s belly and spraying Brittany in the process.

“Brings back memories. It’s just like back home in Texas when I milked cows as a young cowgirl,” Jennifer said laughing.

“Whatever!” Leah muttered, shaking her head in amusement as she continued her debasement of Connie’s flower while Jennifer went back to sucking Connie’s tit dry. Leah withdrew her fingers, bent down and began to lick and suck Connie’s clit as it had come out of its sheath to join the party.

Brittany, still pumping and humping as all this was going on, had built herself into another orgasm and she erupted quickly, screaming out for her mother as she witnessed the involuntary and sporadic movement of Connie’s body caused by its reaction to Leah and Jennifer’s abuse. Brittany’s gushing flow of juices found its way into Connie’s mouth and coursed down her throat. After a few minutes went by Brittany calmed down and she locked her ankles around Connie’s head and spread her cheeks to get a good seal as Brittany’s steamy ass smothered the actress completely into unconsciousness.

The girls then got to their feet and dragged the unconscious Connie over to the ropes where they draped her upper body over the middle rope and spread her legs. Connie was just waking up when as she felt something cool and hard press against her anal star! It was Brittany’s strap-on dildo and she was slowing inserting it in Connie’s ass. Connie began to shake and struggle so Leah told Jennifer to sit on Connie’s upper back. With Jennifer sitting on her back and neck, Connie couldn’t move and she lay draped over the bottom rope with her legs spread as Brittany pressed her sex tool harder and harder until, with a little grunt, she popped it inside. Connie squealed as her ass was violated by the intruding rod.

Leah went to the arena floor and retrieved the portable stairs, put on a strap-on of her own and climbed up the stairs putting her crotch level with Connie’s mouth. Jennifer jerked Connie’s head up by the hair and Leah grabbed her cheeks and squeezed until she forced her mouth open, then thrust her hips forward and drove the 10 incher into Connie’s throat!

Leah began humping while Jennifer got comfortable, rubbing her crotch on the back of Connie’s neck while Brittany pushed the huge black rubber strap-on deeper and deeper. Connie felt her ass was being torn apart but she couldn’t even scream with her mouth was full. After Brittany forced at least six inches of the dong into Connie’s ass, she grabbed the actress’s hips and began to slowly butt fuck her.

Leah was doing the same with Connie’s throat, shoving the tool in deep. Connie grunted helplessly with each thrust as her body was being pushed and pulled from both ends. Tears of pain and humiliation streamed from her eyes, as she felt the sex toys go deeper with every stroke of Brittany’s ass-rape and Leah’s deepthroat violation. All three young women laughed above her as together they violated the veteran’s ass and mouth at the same time. Connie was getting triple teamed now; Brittany ass ramming her, Leah jamming her tool down her throat and Jennifer getting off by rubbing herself on the back of her head and neck.

Connie didn’t even have the strength to even be in pain, she just grunted and groaned a few times until, after a few minutes, she mercifully passed out. Angry, Leah withdrew her tool and asked Brittany and Jennifer to get off Connie. Leah went to the opposite side of the ring, turned and ran toward Connie, then leaped in the air and came down with her big ass on Connie’s upper back. She hit with enough force that the ropes couldn’t contain Connie’s upper body and her head was driven through the ropes (getting some nasty rope burns in the process) onto the mat.

The three women then dragged Connie to the middle of the ring. They still weren’t finished! Leah threw some water on Connie’s face. She then bent down and placed her knee across Connie’s throat cutting off her air supply. With her larynx being crushed Connie’s tongue protruded from her mouth and she began gagging. She strained to bridge out of the choke but her right arm was trapped under Leah’s left knee, Her left arm under Leah’s right knee. In addition, Murphy and Hewitt each took a seat on one of her legs. When her eyes started to roll up her head indicating she was about to go out again.

Leah let up on the pressure not wanting Connie to pass out yet. “You dumb cow. Did you think you could beat a Brooklyn girl? Look at you. You thought you were so high and mighty. You aren’t worth my time. Hell, she’s all yours Jennifer.”

Jennifer took a seat on Connie’s chest and removed her bra, then she began massaging her breasts, making sure Connie caught the view. “Take a look sweetie!”

Connie just sobbed. There was no doubt Jennifer’s double D’s were her best asset and the thought of being smothered by them was more than Connie could bear. Jennifer slowly descends her massive globes downward adding to Connie’s despair. Her watery eyes focused in fear on Jennifer’s bosom as the globes inched their way closer to her face.

“No, Noooo...” Connie whimpered as Hewitt’s musky and sticky breasts enveloped the actress’s face.

At first, Jennifer lifted Connie’s head and buried her face in the globes of her titflesh. Connie coughed into Jennifer’s fleshy mass trying to find some air. Precious little air was available and Connie began kicking her legs. In a few minutes Connie was back into a semi-conscious state and Jennifer gently laid Connie’s head down. She then began tit-slapping Connie which didn’t hurt but was so, so humiliating! She then went for the finish pressing her chest firmly on Connie’s face and wrapping her arms around Connie’s head. Connie bucked a couple of times, her legs and arms flopped about then she kicked into air a couple of times and became still. Yet another victim of Jennifer’s tit smother.

“Ain’t no women in the world who can escape that hold!” Leah remarked in admiration.

“And there’s plenty wouldn’t want to; but when she get those melons on your face, IT’S OVER!” Brittany laughed.

Jennifer released her hold and Connie looked so peaceful as she lay there…but it couldn’t last! Brittany had her dildo again and began to slowly work it in and out of Connie’s cunny unti the sensation woke Connie up. Then Jennifer took a seat on Connie’s chest and Brittany strapped the dildo on and began fucking the naked woman in earnest. When Connie lifted her head, Jennifer grabbed her hair and punched her in the face, knocking her back down. This happened three times before Connie developed a shiner and a bloody lip. She finally stayed down after the third punch to the face, barely awake, just moaning from the pain - and despite her disgust, her own growing pleasure.

Jennifer then gently rubbed her naked covered cunny against Connie’s nose and mouth, not pressing down full weight but instead just enough to stimulate herself. “Stick out your tongue and start licking!” When Connie was slow to comply, Jennifer dug her long nails into her temples and Connie cried, then quickly proffered her tongue. Jennifer withdrew her nails and eased her pussy lips back onto Connie’s mouth. “Oooooh, that’s it!” Jennifer moaning as she felt Connie’s tongue press against her genitals.

Meanwhile, Brittany was violating Connie at a more rapid pace and Connie stopped licking Jennifer. Leah liking what she saw, strapped on the other dildo and began ramming Connie’s ass.

“Don’t stop licking you old hag!” Jennifer demanded as she slid backward to Connie’s chest. “Keep licking or I’ll smothered you and this time you won’t wake up.” Connie just softly sobbed as Jennifer eased back on her face but did as she was told and soon had the younger woman cooing lapping her pussy like a thirsty dog laps a bowl of water on a sultry summertime day.

“Oh yeah. Eat her pussy while we pound your ugly ass bitch!” Brittany laughed, as her and Leah’s thrusting picked up speed. In a few minutes when it looked like Connie would orgasm and or pass out Brittany pulled the instrument out of her love hole. Leah did the same on her side and both punched Connie’s mound several times nearly causing her to lose consciousness

The ladies got up and started stomping between Connie’s legs as Connie’s body shuddered from the brutal stomping. Then Murphy placed her foot and jammed it into Connie’s pussy, roughly rubbing her foot in Connie’s sex at first then sensually She withdrew her foot, but Leah took her place, inserting her own foot back into Connie’s love hole. When the battered woman started to moan in pleasure Leah withdrew her foot before she came then she and Brittany stomped on the vulnerable area. With a facefull of Hewitt, Connie couldn’t move much but what movement she did make caused a vibration that sent chills up Jennifer’s spine.

By this time Jennifer was now pressing her clammy crotch on Connie’s face full force rubbing back and forth fiercely as the woman below writhe with each gyration. Leah and Brittany continued to slam down knees in Connie’s aching mound. Connie’s bound body shook from the impact. The fourth double knee drop and lack of oxygen again caused Connie to pass out. Just then, Jennifer began moaning loudly and began humping and pumping in earnest. After seeing Connie’s legs thrash out and then lay still Jennifer couldn’t contain herself and she began coming on the actress’s face contributing her gooing layer of love juice on Connie’s face. Leah and Brittany waited patiently as Jennifer pleasure herself on top of Connie.

“Whoo! That was great!” Jennifer said with a huge grin on her face.

With her groin area burning with desire Leah wanted to get in on the post match enjoyment. “I gotta have me some face,” Leah said. “All those Bronx girls are good for is giving head!”

“What do you call it when you give head to a girl?” Brittany asked.

“Don’t know, Don’t care. Just know that bitch is going to get a mouthful of a real woman,” Leah laughed. “Hey wake up, Wake Up!” Leah said, lightly slapping Connie’s face as she knelt next to her.

Connie’s eyes fluttered open. Leah quickly scooted up to straddle her neck in preparation for a front facesit. The short but large woman spread her pussy lips wide letting Connie have an eyeful. Connie again cried as she caught a whiff of the brunette’s steamy sex just inches away from her nose. Seconds later Connie felt 140 pounds of female flesh on her face as Leah went to work on the pretty lady. She began to rotate her pussy around Connie’s face in circles, bending her nose as her pussy engulfed it, crushing her jaw as she flexed her buttocks tight.

Leah began rubbing her nude on Connie’s stomach and boobs. The smell of Leah’s bare sex soon overwhelmed Connie and she passed out again. Except for a slight rise and fall of her chest Connie lay motionless, moving only as Leah moved her. The Brooklyn beauty went into overdrive thrusting her hips intensely.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Leah cried out contributing a layer of her juice on Connie.

Leah sat rotating her hips slowly. Covering Connie’s nose, her cum drenched her nostrils. The slurping noises as Leah rubbed the soaked face, drove Brittany and Jennifer crazy and they began licking Connie’s love hole.

New mother Leah hadn’t had sex in a while and her reservoir was full and demanding release. She lifted up for a moment looking down as Connie whose face was clammy and covered with her own hair matted to her face plus some of Brittany’s and Jennifer’s pubic hairs. Then Leah slammed her pussy back onto Connie’s face. As she slowly rotated on Connie’s face she felt that warm feeling build up inside her again. Connie’s wet and cold face sent a shiver up Leah’s spine. She immediately grind herself into frenzy, her soft wet crotch molded itself to Connie’s face. She bucked her hips as she felt her pussy spasm while Brittany and Jennifer’s fingering caused Connie to moan into Leah’s thick bush adding to her excitement until she began to scream out as she felt her greatly unwanted climax arrive as her pelvis filled with waves of pleasure.

“OH SWEET MOTHER!” she cried out tightening her legs around Connie’s head and exploding over her face.

Poor Connie, her body was spasming uncontrollably as the Brooklyn girl came. She must have swallowed a quart of girl-goo. Leah continued to ride out her orgasm Jennifer and Brittany continued fingering her and licking her clit until she was close to coming again even though she was unconscious. Brittany now shoved her fist up Connie’s love hole and followed with her fingers working them in and out rapidly until Connie’s body began to spasm and she spilled her juices over Brittany’s hands.

Unfortunately for Connie, she wasn’t conscious to enjoy it. Leah continued to press her sex on her face until she drained herself dry. Exhausted she then allowed her torso to flop forward over Connie with her sex still covering Connie’s face resting for a few minutes. When Leah finally rolled to her side Connie’s mouth made a loud smacking sound her lips parted breaking the glue like seal courtesy of her attackers. The girls had to help Leah to her feet, then all three strode over to the vanquished woman and each placed a foot on Connie’s chest or face as Brittany shook a finger at their foe. “Don’t even think about interfering with my matches or any of these fine women’s career again or next time you won’t be breathing after we get done with you.”

Of course, Connie didn’t hear a word, she was in dreamland. Her tits were puffy and swollen and her tit juice oozed out. Her own cum was drying on her groin area and dark wet spots formed on the mat around her ass and face. The girl spunk drying on her face was so thick that only Connie’s eyes and part of her forehead were recognizable. She looked more like a glazed donut with a tint of crimson hue than a glamorous Hollywood actress.

“Hey Brit, What did you whisper into Jennifer’s ear before the match started?” Leah wondered.

“I just asked if she minded if Kim didn’t show up so we could all team up on Selleca.”

“Yeah that was fine with me. Connie’s a good friend of Kim’s so messing her up while Kim watched helpless was incredibly satisfying,” Jennifer added. “Plus it’ll give Kim some incentive to face you next time you challenge her - and we can fuck her up too!”

Before they left, the girls stuffed a dildo deep into Connie’s pussy and rammed a second one in her ass. Connie’s body jerked, then spasmed at the dual intrusions, but she felt nothing. The three girls slid out of the ring and walked down the aisle arm in arm toward their dressing room. It was just moments afterward that arena security personnel finally got Basinger’s door open and Kim raced out and ran down the aisle to the ring in tears, sobbing, “Connie! Oh Connie! What the hell have they done to you?”