Alyson Hannigan vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by jjj

Jennifer walked to the ring confident although the crowd's reaction was decidedly mixed when they saw her leave her dressing room. She was clad in a tight pair of cut-off cotton shorts that hugged her shapely ass and a matching grey shirt that stopped just below her ample bosom. Her hair was obviously done for the match for it cascaded down over her shoulders and her makeup was flawless; clearly she’d spent a great deal of time preparing both. If not for the outfit she was wearing, she looked as stunning as ever. She entered the ring, walked to her corner and waited for opponent leaning back on the corner ropes.

Her wait was short as Alyson emerged from her dressing room and the crowd’s noise seemed to support her more then Jennifer! She was dressed similar to Jennifer in running shorts and matching yellow tank top. Her short hair was pulled back and pinned behind her head and she wore little make-up. When she entered the ring, Jennifer glared at her trying to intimidate her taller opponent for Jennifer gave up three inches to Alyson who stood 5'6". Alyson entered her corner, and began to stretch as she waited for the fight to start, putting her leg on the second rope and bending seductively. The crowd roared its approval as they got a good look at her tight ass.

Jennifer was getting impatient and decided to start the match without waiting for the bell. She charged Alyson who still had her leg on the rope. Jennifer's eyes lit up as she came within striking distance of her prey. Although her back was to Jennifer, Alyson suddenly dropped to the mat and Jennifer flew over her and landed in the ropes. Jennifer was off balance as Alyson bounced to her feet, showing her athleticism, and fired an open hand slap to Jennifer's flawless face. Jennifer was still stunned from charging into the ropes and was completely taken aback as her head was knocked to the side.

Alyson continued her offense as she closed her fist this time and drove it into Jennifer's firm belly. Jennifer was shocked as the air shot from her lungs as she doubled over. Alyson stepped back to admire her work, then walked behind the hunched over Jennifer and grabbed her hair, then flipped her to the mat. Jennifer screamed as her scalp was on fire and she was flat on her back looking up at the approaching Alyson. Before Jennifer could react, she was yanked painfully back to her feet, then immediately doubled over by a knee to the gut.

Jennifer tried to escape the onslaught but was hit with a side kick to her right knee that dropped her back down on the mat. Alyson wasted no time, as she again brought her knee up and this time it connected square on Jennifer's oversize right breast. Jennifer squealed with pain, as the big breast was flattened by Alyson's kneelift.

On her knees, Jennifer slumped over on her side in the fetal position furiously massaging her aching breast. Alyson paraded around the ring with her arms over her head, clearly quite pleased with how the match was progressing thus far. Alyson decided not to waste too much time and quickly turned her attention back to the hurting Love Jennifer.

She bent over the still aching Jennifer and entangled both hands in her long locks. Jennifer gasped as she was roughly hauled to her feet and slammed back into the turnbuckle. Jennifer's back hit hard and the wind was again knocked out of her. Alyson wasted no time following up as she threw herself into Jennifer, crushing her between herself and the corner padding. Jennifer stood rubbery-legged and dazed as Alyson stepped back and decided to once again focus on her oversized bosom, this time with a slap that set her ample boobs abouncing. Jennifer's half shirt shook uncontrollably as her breasts rocked and shook under the open-handed abuse.

Jennifer desperately tried to shield her breasts with her hands but Alyson must have expected this for she instantly drove her knee up and pounded it deep into Jennifer's crotch! Jennifer opened her mouth and tried to scream as her face contorted with pain, but without any air in her lungs the only sound she made was a pathetic little squeak as she slumped to the mat massaging her pounded pussy.

With Jennifer slumping on the mat, Alyson again paraded around the ring, gloating at how easy a time she was having with the vaunted ‘Love’. Her fans roared approval for the teen beauty while Jennifer was in tears trying to assuage the pain in her pussy.

Jennifer rolled out of the ring, hoping to gain time to recover outside the ring but Alyson wasted no time following her as she didn't want to give her a chance to regain any strength. With Jennifer staggering half slumped over, Alyson viciously grabbed her long hair, pulled her head down and forced her head between her legs in a standing head scissors.

Jennifer yelled as the pressure began building in her head. Alyson, seeing Jennifer's ass wiggling back and forth as she squirmed, reached over her back and grabbed the back of her shorts. As Alyson leaned back and pulled, Jennifer's already short shorts dug into her ass and pussy. She screamed as the gray material was instantly wedged deep into both of her sensitive slits. The crowd screamed at the way Alyson was just man-handling the stunning brunette. Jennifer begged Alyson to stop, but Alyson just laughed at her.

Finally, Alyson let go of Jennifer's shorts, but kept her head still trapped between her legs as she violently brought down both fists into the small of her back in a double ax-handle. Jennifer howled in pain as she was driven to her knees, her hands reaching back to the small of her back while her shorts up her ass left both cheeks exposed.

Alyson smiled evilly as she bent over the obviously hurting Jennifer and hissed, "We’d better get these nasty shorts outta your ass sweetie!"

With Jennifer still holding her back, she never had time to prevent Alyson from grabbing her shorts and quickly removing them, temporarily relieving Jennifer's wedgie but exposing Jennifer's choice of underwear. Her ass looked perfect in a pink thong that accented the curves of her ass perfectly. While Alyson pranced around outside the ring waving Jennifer's shorts over her head, the crowd screamed its approval as Jennifer rolled over and continued to hold her aching back with one hand and half-heartily tried to cover her ass with the other.

Alyson laughed when she saw Jennifer trying to cover her ass and she dropped down to her knees and threw Jennifer over on her back. Just before she flipped her over, Alyson fired another fist, driving it straight down onto Jennifer’s belly button. The wind shot from Jennifer's lungs as she gasped for breath.

Once she had Jennifer on her back, Alyson stood at Jennifer's head with her feet on her long hair. She grabbed both of Jennifer's arms and began violently pulling them up and back while standing on her hair. Jennifer shrieked as her scalp was instantly ablaze with pain, fearing her hair might be ripped from her head as her torso was pulled up off the floor while her hair remained trapped. Alyson let Jennifer's body drop back, only to pull up violently again, forcing another pained scream from the battered brunette.

Alyson let go of Jennifer's hands which immediately went to her head to tend to her aching scalp and ensure all her hair hadn’t been pulled out. With her hands in her hair, Jennifer couldn’t keep Alyson from stomping on her unprotected stomach. Even though her abs were tight, the wind was again knocked out of her trim body. Alyson again looked on with a smile on her face as she laughed at her beaten opponent. Things didn't look good for Jennifer who had yet to show any sign of offense, was again curled up into the fetal position. Unfortunately for Jennifer, her position left her open to another kick, this time to her already sore lower back. She bellowed, her whole body was in pain.

Alyson couldn't believe just how evil she could be, but she was strangely enjoying dominating the spoiled brunette. She dragged Jennifer up by the hair and started to roll her back into the ring. After a brief struggle, Alyson got the weakly resisting brunette in the ring where Jennifer rolled across the ring holding her throbbing back while Alyson jumped onto the ring apron. Standing outside the ring, the redhead again played to the crowd, getting the response she sought. She stepped through the ropes, walked over to Jennifer who was watching her approach with a growing dread. When Alyson came within a few feet, Jennifer shot her fist out and drove her knuckles into her crotch.

Alyson never saw the punch coming and it dropped her to her knees as her body was shot thru with pain. Jennifer was still in to much pain to mount an immediate attack, but she’d gained precious time to recover and regain some composure. Alyson was still writhing on the mat massaging her crotch when Jennifer made it to her feet. When she picked the thong wedgie from her ass and pussy, and the crowd erupted with a chorus of jeers and whistles!

Jennifer held one hand to her back as the other clutched the ropes for support, never taking her eyes off of Alyson. After a few seconds of a much needed rest, she warily approached Alyson who was still in allot of pain. Jennifer pulled her foot back and fired a vicious kick right into Alyson's flat ass. Alyson yelled and then screamed as Jennifer's foot slammed into her a second time, this time her thigh. Alyson couldn’t believe the sudden turn of events as her whole lower body was suddenly hurting.

Jennifer, herself still in pain, bent over and grabbed Alyson's hair dragging her to a standing position. Alyson's leg buckled when Jennifer again kicked her in that same thigh. Alyson collapsed to the mat as her leg gave out at impact but Jennifer bent over the fallen girl grabbing the back of her yellow shirt. She began to scream at Alyson as she peeled the red head's shirt off over her head.

Jennifer removed the shirt easily, then limped around the ring brandishing her trophy to the appreciative crowd. Alyson, who wasn’t intimidated at being left in just her sheer bra, was seething with rage at the perky brunette. Jennifer threw Alyson's shirt aside and focused her attention back to Alyson. Alyson, now in yellow shorts and white bra, rose to face Jennifer but was favoring her leg.

Seeing Alyson in her bra, Jennifer laughed, "What happened to your tits dear? Are those an A?"

Alyson was jealous her breasts were no match for Jennifer’s impressively large rack. She walked toward Jennifer, who slowly retreated into the corner, trying to sidestep the advancing Alyson.

“Afraid of me Ms. Huge-Tits? That why you are running. Don't want me to spank your bony ass, huh?" Alyson taunted.

Jennifer had heard enough and decided to go on the offensive. She ran at Alyson and tried to lock her hands into her hair but as Jennifer raised her hands, Alison lowered her head and drove her shoulder into Jennifer's midsection. Jennifer was stunned as she gasped from surprise, and pain. Again, the tough redhead immediately went on the offensive by grabbing the back of Jennifer's cropped shirt.

"So you wanted to see my bra, huh? Well, let's let everyone see YOURS!"

Alyson pulled the shirt off Jennifer's back leaving her in a pink lace bra and matching pink thong. Jennifer's enormous breasts overflowed her bra and everyone could see Alyson stop dead in her tracks as she gazed at them with undisguised envy.

"Look at these fake plastic watermelons!" Alyson said, as if her spurious accusation somehow diminished Jennifer’s beauty.

Jennifer was much more bashful about her body being exposed than Alyson and she covered her chest with her crossed arms. Alyson used the opening to grab Jennifer by her long hair and run to the corner of the ring. Jennifer squealed as she was forced to run behind Alyson who suddenly stopped and slammed Jennifer’s face into the corner turnbuckle. Jennifer’s body went stiff and when Alyson released her hair, she toppled over backward, landing flat on her back. The crowd loved every second, as Jennifer's near naked body glistened with sweat under the bright ring lights; her lungs rapidly expanded and contracted her massive chest as she tried to get her breath.

Alyson was quickly on her again not allowing her any rest. Alyson grabbed Jennifer's legs and pulled her to the turnbuckle, dropping her legs on either side of the steel upright. She quickly jumped out of the ring, grabbed both of Jennifer's ankles and pulled as hard as she could. Jennifer's crotch slammed into the steel as her eyes bulged and she let out an ear piercing screech. Alyson didn't stop, she kept pulling, increasing the pressure on Jennifer's crotch as Jennifer thrashed her arms, desperate to free her legs. Alyson kept up the pressure for a few moments until Jennifer was begging for much needed relief.

Alyson jumped back into the ring and rolled Jennifer onto her stomach. She bent over the hurting brunette and released the clasp of Jennifer's bra, then jerked back on the straps like she was pulling the reigns of a horse. Alyson reached back and spanked Jennifer's ass while she jerked on her bra straps, the pressure pancaking her tits against her chest as Jennifer’s feet beat a tattoo on the floor. After spanking Jennifer's ass a few more times Alyson pulled down both pink bra straps and the crowd exploded as Jennifer shrieked in humiliation. Alyson pulled Jennifer to her feet and the unsupported bra fluttered away from her flawless body.

Jennifer's nipples popped erect immediately on their exposure to the chilly air as her arms were being pulled over her head. Before she know what had happened, Jennifer was trapped in a full nelson. With her arms raised and her shoulders pulled back, Jennifer's gorgeous 34C's were on full display. Jennifer screamed for release as Alyson roughly forced her to parade her proud puppies slowly around the ring. Jennifer's head hung down in shame, her long hair covering her breasts. Alyson wouldn't hear of this and she sadistically shook Jennifer's body, making her bare boobs to jiggle and bounce to the delight of the crowd as her hair was whipped from side to side.

Alyson paraded Jennifer around the ring, stopping at each side so the crowd could get a good, long look at her famous, naked tits. But Alyson got careless, or perhaps underestimated Jennifer’s condition for the brunette was able to free her arms by dropping straight down on her ass. As Alyson staggered back off balance, Jennifer cupped her bare breasts in her hands and started to scramble on her knees toward the edge of the ring!

Alyson hurried to block Jennifer's escape and caught Jennifer's head between her knees. Jennifer's own legs were slightly parted so the entire arena had an excellent view of her luscious crotch, especially after Alyson bent over and wedgied her thong into her ass so hard it caused the brunette to scream and the crowd to cheer wildly at the sight of the haughty brunette being manhandled. As Alyson moved to secure her grip, Jennifer struggled to her feet and managed to pull free of Alyson's legs.

Jennifer quickly twisted around, but Alyson wouldn’t let go of her thong which was now buried deep in her ass and pussy. The intensity of the wedgie increased as Alyson began to jerk up on the thong when Jennifer struggled to break away. From behind Jennifer, Alison could bounce up and down, making Jennifer's perfect tits shake uncontrollably with each tug. The thong worked itself deep into Jennifer's pussy and with each bounce more and more of her well-groomed thatch of dark hair and swollen labia came into sight.

Jennifer screamed in agony, tears streaming down her flushed face as she cupped one hand down into her thong crotch trying in vain to alleviate some of the pain. Her other arm was crossed over her huge chest in an unsuccessful attempt to hide her massive breasts from the leering crowd. Soon, the thong stretched to it's breaking point, then dramatically snapped, the end sliding painfully out from between her pussy lips and ass cheeks.

Jennifer collapsed to the floor, holding her naked, aching body, seemingly unconscious as she lay sprawled on the mat. Alyson walked over to the quietly sobbing brunette and dragged her to her feet by her hair, then ran her chest-first into the turnbuckle. Jennifer gasped when her naked tits met the ropes but she didn’t try to resist when Alyson spun her around and put both of her arms over the top ropes, pushing her head back and arching her naked body in a wanton display for all to see. Alyson latched onto Jennifer's huge tits and began digging her nails in the soft titflesh, the pain causing the brunette to wail at the top of her lungs in anguish. Alyson stretched and pulled Jennifer's breasts in every direction as Jennifer struggled weakly to free herself from the tangled ropes.

Alyson sensed Jennifer was about to free herself so she gave her a kick square into her pussy. Jennifer shrieked as Alyson's foot slammed into her exposed pussy, then she lost consciousness. Alyson was disappointed the brunette had passed out so quickly, but as Jennifer hung slumped and hanging from the ropes, she raised her hands above her head as the crowd screamed its approval. As a final act, Alyson picked up Jennifer's discarded thong and stuffed it in her mouth without even a murmur of protest from the sleeping brunette. She left Jennifer's body draped over the ropes as she left the ring to the roar of the crowd.