Katie Holmes vs. Alyson Hannigan: A Lesson Learned by S.P.Eider 24-Apr-00

When Katie Holmes heard that Sarah Michelle Gellar had been teaching Martial Arts, The Dawson's Creek star was considerably less than impressed. It seemed farcical to Katie that an actress who used a stunt woman in her fight scenes could claim to have any knowledge of the Eastern Fighting Arts. Katie, herself a black belt in a number of styles, took Sarah's arrogance as an affront to an ancient tradition and visited the Buffy star's Dojo to tell her just that.

Dressed in a basic Karate suit, Katie went to Sarah's base of operations, intending to challenge the beautiful actress to test her skill on a real fighter. On entering the Dojo however, the brunette's anger turned to fury at the sight before her. There was Sarah in a (vampire?) blood red kimono instructing her Buffy co-star, Alyson Hannigan on how to execute the perfect roundhouse kick. Alyson herself was sparsely dressed in what would have been the traditional dress for a jujitsu warrior, if only the Japanese had hailed from a continent where the ambient temperature was about 95º Fahrenheit. Her only covering was a modest black thong. The whole ensemble was less jujitsu 'gi' and more 'G-string.'

"Katie," said Sarah, looking up. "What brings you here?"

"You do," replied Katie. "What the hell makes you qualified to teach Martial Arts?"

"You'd be surprised what I can do," smiled the petite blonde. "I notice you're dressed for a fight," continued Sarah indicating Katie's karate outfit. "Think you can take me?"

Katie pondered this for a second before coming to a conclusion.

"No." she said simply. "If you're such a great teacher, you must have faith in your students right? I'll take on Alyson here."

Sarah frowned but Alyson simply shrugged her shoulders.

"No prob'," said the vibrant redhead. "I need a good workout, right Sarah?"

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" asked Ms Gellar, a concerned look on her face.

"Oh sure," said Alyson. "I mean," she continued quietly, "look at her. She ain't much bigger than me!"

Somewhat reluctantly, Sarah agreed. Katie seemed almost oblivious to Alyson, still looking straight at Sarah who walked from the mat leaving only the two combatants. Acknowledging Alyson for the first time, Katie noticed her simple costume.

"Hmm, kinky," she said, "Still, 'when in Rome' I guess."

Katie smiled and slipped out of her gi to reveal a slim body dressed only in the smallest white lace panties and a bra that contained two firm, pert breasts. Her tanned figure was closer in shade to Sarah's and was a stark contrast to Alyson's pale form. Alyson looked Katie up and down as they faced each other at the centre of the mat. She couldn't deny Katie's physique seemed almost perfect for combat.

"Begin," whispered Sarah.

Alyson immediately went on the attack unleashing a rapid punch to Katie's face. For her part Katie merely stood her ground and did not move. Alyson's fist stopped millimetres from the skin of Katie's cheek.

"First point - Alyson," said Sarah, barely concealing her pride in her student.

Katie merely smiled. "Points?" she said. "I don't think so."

Her mouth had barely finished forming the word 'so' when her right foot flew forward and impacted squarely between Alyson's legs. Alyson screamed in pain, her hands dropping to her groin. Then, Alyson felt the sole of a foot against her face, the power in Katie's high kick was undeniable. Katie's heel hit her jaw with enough force to loosen teeth. Katie moved in quickly to Alyson's dazed frame and brought her knee up hard into her opponent's midsection. The move left Alyson both winded and in great pain and she collapsed to her knees nursing both her stomach and groin, her eyes moist with tears.

"Tell me this isn't your best," mocked Katie.

She grabbed a handful of Alyson's hair in her hand and looked squarely at Sarah.

"My grandma could've beaten this wuss."

She punctuated the sentence with a fierce knee to Alyson's face. Alyson's head reeled back but only as far as Katie let it, not yet ready to relinquish her grip on Alyson's red mane. She pulled Alyson forcefully to her feet and still holding her hair in one hand, punched Alyson hard in the gut with the other. Not once, not twice, more times than Sarah wanted to count.

"Will - you - stop - teaching?" spat Katie.

With each word she punched Alyson in the stomach, treating her as little more than a training dummy.

Sarah swallowed and looked away, "No."

"I - was - hoping - you'd - say - that," said Katie, now interspersing her punches with the occasional knee to Alyson's groin. "This - will - be - more - fun - the - hard -way."

She finally released Alyson's hair, who somehow managed to stay standing just long enough to intercept a perfectly executed roundhouse kick to the face, delivered with precision by Katie. Alyson slumped to the floor, barely clinging to consciousness.

Katie walked across to her stunned rival and looked down with distaste.

"A real class wouldn't have let you in the door," she said as she knelt down beside Alyson.

Alyson was vaguely conscious of Katie rolling her onto her front. She felt Katie's taut buttocks and the weight of her body against the small of her back and was suddenly aware of Katie's hands cupping under her chin.. What followed was a jerk and a sudden, sobering pain as Katie pulled Alyson's head back hard and without mercy, trapping her in a hold known in wrestling terms as the 'camel clutch'.

Through blurred vision Alyson could see the outline of Sarah directly in front of her. Katie had clearly manoeuvred her into a position to offer her teacher the best view of her humiliation. Despite the ringing in her ears, Alyson heard Katie speak. She was no longer concealing the venom in her voice as she literally spat the words at Sarah.

"Now will you stop teaching?" Katie asked as she pulled back even harder on Alyson's chin causing her to utter a weak scream that served to underline Katie's request.

This time Sarah said nothing. She merely looked at Alyson and silently mouthed the word 'sorry.' With that she turned and slowly left the Dojo.

"NO!" roared Katie who immediately leapt from Alyson's battered body. "Get back here and face me!" she screamed in rage and frustration, her words lost in the emotion that she felt.

This was not what was supposed to happen. She was going to fight her, to beat her, then she would be the best. All Katie had ever wanted was to be the best.

Katie breathed deeply and brought her emotions under control.

"Very well," she thought, "if she won't face me then I'll get the next best thing. Her 'star' student is mine for the taking. I'll make that snooty bitch regret ever leaving me alone with this talentless bimbo."

Smiling a smile that didn't reach her eyes, Katie turned to face Alyson, contemplating the workout she could have on her helpless foe. Needless to say, the foot that connected with her face could not have come as more of a surprise.

"Hello again," said Alyson.

Katie staggered back, not only from the force of the kick but from the amazement of seeing Alyson back on her feet. For her part, Alyson continued the happy reunion with a powerful sidekick to Katie's stomach. The sound of sole slapping against skin echoed around the Dojo. Katie, who was still too dazed to offer any kind of counter attack bent double, the wind knocked out of her.

Alyson seized her opportunity in a flash. With her opponent bent forward, head facing down, it was not difficult for Alyson to step over her faltering competitor and clamp her fair thigh's firmly around Katie's head, facing towards her exposed back..

With Katie's head resolutely ensconced between Alyson's legs, the rest of Katie's body was now an easy target. Alyson drove elbow after elbow into the small of Katie's back, still maintaining a tight grip with her thighs so Katie could not drop to the floor and escape further punishment. Seemingly tired of raining blows onto her rival, Alyson instead grabbed Katie's flailing hands and began to force them up her back in a painful double hammer lock, simultaneously applying further pressure to Katie's head by squeezing her thighs even tighter.

"I give," came a plaintiff cry from Alyson's captive foe. "Please, I give, I'm sorry."

Alyson allowed Katie's arms to drop to her side and released the grip on her head. Katie's stood up, shaking her head from side to side.

Offering her hand to Alyson, she said "Good moves girl, I mean that. Thanks for the workout."

Alyson was breathing hard but smiling a triumphant smile.

"Anytime," she said and took Katie's hand to shake it.

It took Katie less than three seconds to apply the armlock. As soon as Alyson's hand was in her own she gripped it tightly and simultaneously turned 360º still maintaining her grip. The move twisted Alyson's arm painfully and left her completely at Katie's mercy.

"Wow," said Katie. "Talentless AND stupid. That's some combination."

She stopped and appeared to be thinking to herself.

"Hey," she said after a moment. "You must be hungry. Are you hungry?"

Alyson remained silent, pondering ways to escape the armlock. Although the pain in her arm was not intense, any movement she attempted soon caused it to be so.

"I said are you hungry Bitch!!"

Katie was angry again and twisted Alyson's captive arm further to make her point. Alyson's response was a sharp scream of agony.

"Is that a yes?" asked Katie, an unpleasant smile having returned to her face.

"Good. Then eat this!"

Her leg flew up in a smooth arc and her the front of her foot impacted against Alyson's face with a piercing slap. Alyson's head snapped back and her knees shuddered but she did not fall.

"Sorry, what was that?" mocked Katie. "You want some more?"

This time Alyson tried to block the move with her free hand but Katie anticipated this and instead drove her foot into the pit of Alyson's stomach. Winded and still trapped, Alyson could offer little resistance to Katie's next attack. Again the path of Katie's foot was only stopped by Alyson's face, blood now flowing freely from her lower lip. Katie kicked her again. And again. And again.

Despite the near constant barrage of blows, Alyson managed to stay on her feet. It was difficult to tell if this was due to fierce pride on her part or the application of the armlock forcing her to stay standing. Whatever it was, it had clearly begun to enrage Katie further.

"OK," she screeched, "Now it's time for dessert."

She released the armlock and immediately went on the attack, giving Alyson no time to appreciate her unexpected freedom. Katie grabbed Alyson's shoulders with both hands and literally buried her knee into her crotch, driving it up hard between Alyson's legs, whilst simultaneously pulling Alyson forward. Alyson screamed louder than at any point in the fight so far but could not deter Katie's unrelenting attack. A roundhouse to the face impacted with savage accuracy causing Alyson to spit blood.

This was followed by a series of punches to her breasts, Katie immersing her fists into Alyson's fleshy orbs. Alyson was little more than a punching bag at this point, whatever move Katie thought of, she was able to execute with little or no resistance. When Alyson did try to attack, it only left her in more trouble than before.

Alyson threw a weak punch that would have done little damage even if it had connected. Not that this was an issue, Katie caught Alyson's outstretched arm without a moments thought. Moving quickly behind the stricken fighter, Katie forced Alyson's arm high up her own back trapping her in a hammerlock not unlike the one Alyson had inflicted on Katie what now seemed a lifetime ago.

With her right hand forcing Alyson's captive arm still higher and causing unbearable pain to her shoulder muscle, Katie's left arm coiled itself around Alyson's neck and tightened like a Boa Constrictor around a soon to be ex-mouse. Katie smiled as Alyson began to cough.

From her vantage point directly behind her helpless antagonist, Katie could clearly see the colour in Alyson's face growing redder by the minute. Such a reaction might have caused any other fighter to relax their grip slightly. Not being just any fighter, Katie instead tightened her grip viciously, pulling Alyson's head back so she could speak directly into her victim's ear.

"Interesting situation, isn't it," asked Katie, almost conversationally. Alyson said nothing, out of both choice and necessity.

"I mean," continued Katie, undeterred by the lack of response, "what'll happen first?"

Still Alyson remained silent, her face now turning a disturbing shade of red that almost matched her hair.

"You're either going to submit..."

At this point, Katie forced Alyson's arm up higher than she had so far and producing the closest thing to a moan that Alyson could muster.

"... from the pain of the armlock," said Katie spitefully. "Or," she said transferring the increased pressure from the armlock to the chokehold, "you'll just pass out from suffocation."

Katie grinned.

"Either way, you - unngghh!!"

Whatever Katie had planned to say next was lost in the sudden cry of pain she uttered, due in no small part, to the heel of Alyson's foot that had just connected with precise accuracy directly between Katie's legs.

Although Alyson's back kick had little power, her aim more than compensated. Katie immediately released her grip on Alyson and stepped back, nursing her painful groin.

"Bitch!" she spat. "I'll kill you!"

"Wait a minute," said Alyson, still dazed from her recent assault, but gradually regaining clarity. "You could fight me," she said, grateful that for the moment at least, she seemed to have Katie's attention. "And I don't doubt you'd beat me. But what would you gain from that? Sarah will never fight you unless you beat me on her terms. A fair, non-contact fight. First one to five points wins."

Katie paused, thinking about the situation. Alyson was right about one thing, beating her would be simple, she had already proved that much. And if she was to face Sarah, she would have to play their kiddies game, for now at least.

"Fair enough," she said. "Points then. Consider yourself very lucky."

"Oh, I do," said Alyson, and smiled sweetly. "Trust me."

They stood at the centre of the mat and faced each other, just as they had earlier, albeit a little more bruised in Alyson's case.

"Let's go," said Katie.

Alyson immediately went on the attack unleashing a rapid punch to Katie's face. For her part Katie merely stood her ground and did not move. Alyson's fist did not stop millimetres from the skin of Katie's cheek. In fact, it did not stop until it had smacked into Katie's cheek and sent her stumbling backwards, her expression a mixture of both pain and shock.

She maintained this expression up until the point it changed into a grimace of pure agony as Alyson kneed her hard in the groin three times in quick succession, each strike more powerful than the last. Winded and already barely conscious, Katie's vision began to blur.

When it cleared she saw a flash of pink flesh and five toes, then felt a sensation not unlike being slapped repeatedly by a leather glove as Alyson released kick after kick to the brunette's previously attractive face. The first was a powerful roundhouse, the sole of Alyson's foot connecting hard against Katie's cheek. As Katie's head was knocked sideways with the force of the blow, Alyson pirouetted on the ball of her left foot whilst extending her right leg out like a ballet dancer, unleashing an unstoppable spin kick. Her heel connected with the bridge of Katie's nose with a jarring crack.

Literally knocked of her feet, Katie fell to the mat nearly a metre from where she had been standing. Fighting off the dark veil of unconsciousness that threatened to engulf her, she lie there for a while trying to ascertain what had gone wrong. The bitch had lied, she'd said non-contact. Katie's bruises were a testament to the inaccuracies of the that statement. Furious beyond belief, Katie staggered to her feet, her strength imbued by pure rage.

"Come on," she screamed at Alyson, who had been watching Katie calmly from the far side of the mat since her last attack.

"You wanted it this way, let's go! I'm gonna rip you apart!!"

She charged at Alyson like an enraged bull, only with less judgment. At the last possible moment, Alyson side-stepped with ease and grabbed Katie's shoulders from behind, just stopping her from crashing into the Dojo wall. If Katie had thought Alyson's intention had been charitable, she was soon proved sorely mistaken, with emphasis on the word sorely. With her hands tight on Katie's shoulders, Alyson drew her knee back and released it with a vengeful passion into the redhead's back. The impact shook the Dojo and white hot pain coursed through Katie's body as she screamed in agony and frustration.

Exploiting her advantage, Alyson quickly released her grip and instead hooked her arms under Katie's shoulders and linked her hands behind her opponent's head. With the full nelson firmly in place she then snaked her legs around Katie's body like vines encompassing a building. Once her ankles were as locked as her hands, she squeezed tightly. Katie let out a cry of pain and the pair fell to the mat.

Katie struggled to free herself from Alyson's controlling grasp but her injuries had left her in no position to offer any serious challenge to Alyson's dominance. Alyson merely tightened both her arms and legs simultaneously leaving Katie unsure which was causing the greater discomfort, her neck or her waist.

"Interesting situation, isn't it," asked Alyson, mimicking Katie's previous comments. "I mean," she continued, "what'll happen first? You're either going to submit-" Alyson squeezed with both her arms and legs, bringing a weak cry from Katie's mouth. "Or," she continued unabated, "you're going to submit." Again Alyson crushed the little remaining breath from Katie's helpless body, this time Katie could manage nothing more than a gasp of escaping air. "I'm afraid your choices are somewhat limited." Employing every ounce of her strength, Alyson stretched her legs, increasing the pressure on Katie's stomach exponentially. Meanwhile she forced Katie's head so far down as to force her chin painfully into her own chest.

Although it didn't take long, neither Katie nor Alyson ever did establish which of the holds that had been employed was the cause of Katie's blackout. For their own unique reasons, neither of them really cared.

* * * * * * * * *

During Katie's first moments first moments of consciousness, she wondered what the weight was pressing down on her breasts. She realised who it was, before her vision finally cleared. Alyson was sitting astride her, stark naked. Her bikini had been discarded at the far wall of the Dojo. Next to it, Katie noticed a white lace bra and panties and was shocked to learn that they were her own. She looked up at Alyson and demanded to be told what she was playing at. "You've beaten me bitch!" she spat. "I ain't playing your kinky games any more. Just get off me and I'm out of here!!" She shifted and struggled beneath Alyson's magnificent form, but all to no end.

Alyson smiled.

"Sorry Katie," she said after a time. "But didn't you hear," said Alyson, looking down at her vanquished opponent. "It's never over till the fat lady sings."

Moving slightly forward, just enough that her crotch was now resting across Katie's neck, Alyson clasped her thighs firmly around her victims head, ensuring there could be no reprieve from what was to follow. Alyson then gripped Katie's short red hair with one hand and pulled her face into her red thatch, grinding Katie's nose deep into her pussy whilst the rhythm of movement in her hips began to gain speed. Alyson's excitement started to peak and she pushed Katie's face still further into her vagina. Just as earlier, Katie had treated Alyson like a training dummy, now Katie was being used in a similar sense. Katie tried to protest but any words were muffled and unintelligible.

Alyson did not mind though and said as much, "Tongue." demanded Alyson, her thighs tightening with the threat of strangulation if Katie failed to comply.

Katie was forced to open her mouth, kissing the wet pussy of her conqueror to put the final seal on her utter and total defeat and humiliation. Through her rapturous thrill Alyson spared a moments thought for her cowed slave. "Don't worry Katie," she breathed through the pleasure.

"This is NOTHING compared to what Sarah is going to do to you..."