Alyson Hannigan vs. Paige Moss by Fritz

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional. I know of no personal bad feelings between either of these two ladies. The personalities of the persons mentioned here are based largely on the characters they portrayed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
It was the evening of the last day of the Buffy/Angel convention. Everything had officially closed. The only thing remaining was a final garden party for the participants at the home of one of the high-ups in the Buffy Fan Club.

As is usual in such conventions, there were one or two big name actors from both series and the rest of the participants were lesser known actors/actresses who had guest starred in a couple of episodes, writers, make-up artists, etc. This time, the big name star had been Alyson Hannigan, who had played Willow. Among the less well known participants was Paige Moss, who had guest starred in three episodes as “Veruca” the sexy female werewolf who’d been Willow's rival for the affections of Oz (Seth Green).

Veruca had been portrayed as stronger and sexier than Willow. It bothered Alyson that this little known actress was making Willow, and thus Alyson, look bad. Although this was the way the writers had portrayed the characters, Alyson thought that Paige went out of her way to upstage her.

She may have been right. Paige had hoped that appearing on Buffy would do for her career what it had done for so many other previously little known actresses such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter and Alyson. She did everything she could to be noticed. This was not hard to do as she did several scenes seminude and she had a great body. Better than Alyson's.

In addition to her scenes on camera, she also did everything she could to get noticed off camera too, including wearing sexy clothing and flirting with the men, especially those in a position to advance her career. She was no fool. She knew what sells and she knew that she had it.

Paige was bitterly disappointed when Veruca was killed off after only three episodes. Although the official explanation had been that Seth Green was leaving the show and without him, Veruca was no longer needed, she had always felt that perhaps Alyson had pulled some strings to get rid of her.

Paige had pretty well stayed away from Alyson during the convention. When ever they met, Alyson always flaunted the superiority of her career. Paige responded by flaunting her better body. Far more people lined up to get Alyson's autograph than Paige's, although business picked up for Paige when she wore a low cut blouse.

At the night of the final party, however, the crowd was much smaller and it was harder to avoid each other. Alyson wore a flower print dress which stopped several inches above her knees. Paige wore a black halter top that buttoned in front and matching black tight shorts. Alyson's new husband, Alexis Denishof, had not been a part of the convention, but he joined his wife for the party.

"Hello, Veruca," Alyson said when they could no longer avoid each other. "Hello Willow," Paige replied. They frequently referred to each other by their characters' names. Veruca is, of course, Latin for wart and Alyson felt that it suited Paige perfectly. Willow was a wimpy loser when Paige was on Buffy and that is the way she preferred to think of Alyson.

"Done any good commercials lately?" Alyson asked. "Have you decided to get those tiny boobs of yours enlarged?" Paige replied. "With the way your implants are sagging, no way," Alyson responded. "Why you..." Paige said as she started towards Alyson. "Girls, girls, please no unpleasantness," Alexis said, as he placed one hand in front of each woman. They stopped and Alyson left to visit the ladies room.

Alyson emerged from the ladies room and started to rejoin the party, when she came to a screeching halt. She saw her husband and Paige talking and laughing in a friendly fashion. Paige was batting her eyes and flirting openly. Alex had a big, dumb grin on his face. "He's enjoying having that little slut throw herself at him," Alyson thought. Then she saw her husband's eyes lower as he scoped out Paige's cleavage. She was furious. She marched over to them and gave Paige a shove away from Alex.

"Aly, please, I can explain," Alex began.

Alyson suggested that her husband do something that might just be possible, if he was double jointed and had a trapeze. Then, she turned her attention to Paige.

"Why don't you go stand on a street corner?" she yelled. "Where you might find a near-sighted, mentally-deficient loser who’d think you’re attractive."

"Like your husband?" Paige asked, smiling sweetly.

Alyson was enraged. She struggled for a clever retort, but was too angry to think. "Kiss my ass!" she finally blurted.

"Kiss my tit!" Paige responded.

"Kiss my fist!" Alyson yelled as she drew back and punched Paige square in the mouth, knocking her on her butt. "Man, that felt good," Alyson thought, pleased with herself.

Paige got up slowly, her hand to her mouth. It was as though she was trying to comprehend what had happened. She looked at her hand and saw her own blood. She had a split lip. She ran her tongue around the back of her teeth. None were loose. Then she started to get mad. Her face took on a wild, feral look. Her eyes narrowed. Her nostrils flared. Her mouth was open, lips pulled back, her teeth showing. For a moment, Alyson was reminded of the scenes in which Veruca transformed. A shudder of fear ran through her. "Get a grip!" she told herself, "This is real life."

Just then, Paige threw herself at Alyson, a savage almost inhuman snarl escaping from her throat. Alyson sidestepped her, sending her to the ground face first. Then Alyson leaped on Paige from behind. One arm went around Paige's neck and the other to her bosom. Alyson unfastened the halter top, baring Paige's large breasts. She wrapped her hand around a breast and squeezed with all her might. Paige let out a shriek like a wounded animal. Paige was on all fours on the ground. She tried to take one hand off the ground to reach for Alyson's hand on her breast, but as she did, she started to fall face down on the ground. She quickly replaced her hand on the ground. If she was flat on her face on the ground, she wouldn't be able to maneuver at all.

In the meantime, Alyson was squeezing, twisting, pinching and scratching Paige's breast for all she was worth. Tears ran down her cheeks. She did not know how much longer she could stand the agony. She lowered her head as far as she could, then brought it up sharply. She felt the impact as the back of her head hit Alyson's face. Alyson released Paige's breast and fell to the ground beside her. Paige gently massaged her wounded breast and looked at Alyson, who was holding her bleeding nose with both hands. Now both women had drawn blood. "I hope its broken," Paige thought. Alyson gingerly felt her nose and assured herself that it wasn't broken.

Paige got to her feet first. Instead of rebuttoning her halter top, she removed it completely, giving herself more freedom of motion, and threw it to the ground. She was too focused on the fight to care that her breasts were exposed. Only one thing mattered. Kicking Alyson's butt.

Alyson had also gotten to her feet. The two tigresses charged each other and locked up, each trying to take the other down. After struggling for a while, they fell to the ground together. They grappled on the ground, first one on top, then the other. They punched, kicked, scratched and pulled hair, anything they could think of to hurt each other. Curses filled the air.

Alexis did not know quite what to do. It didn't seen very manly to simply stand by and watch his wife fight, but he certainly didn't want to get between the two hellcats. It was really turning him on to watch his wife fight Paige. He wasn't sure what would turn him on the most, seeing Aly triumph over Paige, or seeing his wife beaten and humiliated by Paige. The latter thought made him feel disloyal. Whatever his private feelings may have been, he knew what side he had to take publicly. "Give it to her Aly," he yelled, "Kick her arse."

It appeared that Aly did not need his help as she seemed to be holding her own with Paige. Then he saw the look of hatred on Aly's face as she fought with Paige. "She wouldn't want my help," he thought. "She wants Paige all to herself." He felt less guilty.

For the moment, Alyson was in the ascendancy, straddling Paige, slapping her face and pulling her hair. Alyson's dress was hiked up above her thong clad buttocks, revealing a deep set of claw marks on each sexy cheek, some oozing blood. As they struggled together, Paige worked one knee between Alyson's legs and brought it up as hard as she could. Alyson gasped and her face went deathly pale, but she was not dislodged from her position astride Paige. Paige repeated the maneuver. This time, Alyson was thrown off Paige and landed face up on the ground beside her. Paige got to her feet and kicked her in the side.

Now it was time for Alex to act. "You can't do that to her," he yelled as he ran towards Paige. She waited until he was just the right distance away and kicked him sharply between the legs. Now both husband and wife were on the ground, writhing in pain. Alyson looked like she was struggling to get back up. Paige walked over to where she lay and stood beside her for a moment. Alyson started to reach for one of Paige's legs, to pull her down. Paige just bent her knees and fell forward on Alyson, knees first. One knee struck her breasts and the other her belly. Now the fight was over. Alyson writhed on the ground in absolute agony, gasping for breath, tears streaming down her face.

Paige slowly walked to where her halter top lay, picked it up and replaced it, wincing in pain as she covered the injured breast. Then, for dramatic effect, she turned to the onlookers, who stood gaping in astonishment, seemingly unable to move and said, "Anyone else want to fight?" There were no takers. She walked back to where Alyson lay, bent over her, took careful aim, and spit directly in her face. Then she walked to her car and drove off into the night. Finally the onlookers began to help Aly and Alex.