Tara Reid vs. Alyson Hannigan by Oberon

Tara Reid and Alyson Hannigan circled each other warily, keeping their defenses up so as not to leave an opening for one of them to exploit as they mentally prepared themselves for their physical contest. Their black bikinis clung to them like a second skin; both women made sure to dress as scantily as possible before making their appointment. Neither of them appeared intimidated by the amount of skin the other revealed, however, as their eyes flitted up and down along one another's semi-nude bodies, sizing each other up, searching for weak points. Though the redhead was decidedly thinner than Tara, it seemed they appeared evenly matched as their eyes came to rest on each other's hair. Neither of them had opted to tie it up before they met, and their tresses seemed to beckon being pulled out by the roots. As their eyes came to rest on each other's hair, Tara and Alyson gave each other matching half-smiles, half-smirks as they slowly approached each other.

Alyson broke the tense silence between them with, "Let's see how much of that I can tear out, blondie!"

"Go for it, red," Tara shot back, eyes narrowing as she returned Alyson's bravado. "We'll see who can rip out the most!"

"When I'm done with the hair up top," Alyson sneered. "Maybe I'll go after the hair down under!"

Angered by Alyson's bold challenge, Tara stepped forward and pushed Alyson hard, knocking her back a few steps. Alyson stepped up and pushed back, sending Tara reeling a few more steps than she'd been sent. The shoving match that ensued from this ended in a flurry of slaps to each other's faces, followed by the softer sounds of fingers sliding into hair as they grabbed tight holds of each other's locks, twisting and stumbling around the room and screaming curses loud enough to shatter eardrums as their fingers curled gold and red tresses around them, yanking viciously. Almost immediately on the heels of this came slaps of skin on skin and louder thumps as the hellcats proceeded to rain kicks and knee shots to any part of their bodies they could easily reach. They often connected with thighs, stomachs, ribs, and even managed to go as high as a breast from time to time. The brutal shots forced matching UHs and UNGHs from them, but neither one of them was willing to give her opponent an inch of advantage.

"Give me more, you blonde bitch," Alyson hissed in between grunts from Tara's assault. "I love the pain."

"If you love pain so much," Tara growled, "I'll be giving you a lot of enjoyment tonight!"

This exchange was fast reaching a stalemate when Tara suddenly twisted her body to the right, turning around as far as she could and flipping Alyson over her hip as the redhead's hands were still buried in Tara's blonde hair. Alyson landed on the floor with a scream and a grunt as Tara's foot slammed hard into her unguarded stomach, jack knifing her body. Alyson used the inertia of this motion to kick herself back to her feet at the same instant Tara began dragging her up by the hair. Darting to Tara's side, she pivoted and flipped Tara to her back hard enough to jar her hands loose of her hair. The sudden stomp to Tara's solar plexus persuaded her to release Alyson's hair completely. Gasping for air as Alyson composed herself and walked around her, Tara could do little to stop the redhead as she stopped by her side and came down on her, her stomach slamming Tara's in a severe belly flop that knocked even more wind from her.

"I'll get more enjoyment making you scream in pain, slut," Alyson cooed in Tara's ear as Tara jackknifed from the impact.

From the pained UUUNNNNGGGGGHHHH! erupting from Tara's lungs, the belly flop had knocked the wind from her and then some. Alyson was not about to allow her respite as she quickly got back to her feet and belly flopped her again, even harder this time. Before the blonde could react, Alyson scrambled to spin around so that her back was pressed against Tara's waist. Snaking an arm behind one knee and wrapping the other arm around Tara's neck, she pushed herself to a sitting position, pulling Tara with her while she brought her arms together, locking them by grabbing her wrist with an open hand. Alyson uttered a thick grunt as she pulled simultaneously on Tara's upper and lower body. Tara was about to protest, but what came out instead was a choked scream as Alyson stretched painfully, enjoying her position.

"Scream as loud as you want, blondie," Alyson mocked Tara as she suppressed her feverish struggles to free herself. "Of course, I can always give you more incentive to scream!"

Unwilling to lose the contest, Tara reached upward along Alyson's back with one free hand, seized hold of a sizable clump of hair and yanked savagely, causing her head to snap back. Screeching through her teeth, the redhead pulled tighter, bending the squirming blonde further around her torso. Tara mewled and wrenched Alyson's hair in protest, sinking her teeth into Alyson's breast when the redhead had pulled Tara too far into her side. Yelping in pain and surprise, Alyson uncoiled her arms from Tara's neck and leg, whirling to face Tara as her one hand still held onto her hair. Grabbing hold of Tara's hair, Alyson reared up, twisting to the side and throwing Tara across her hip to the floor. Refusing to let go, Tara shook her head free and rolled in kind, pinning Alyson and covering the redhead's flushed face with her boobs.

"Let's see how long you can keep breathing with these over your mouth, whore," Tara hissed.

A moment later Alyson's legs shot up and wrapped around Tara's midriff, crossing at the ankles and squeezing down hard as her jaw unhinged and caught one of the boobs pressing into her face. Tara screamed louder as Alyson worked her midsection with her gripping legs, chewing her breast like a wolf devouring carrion. Tara twisted her fingers into claws as she lifted up enough to allow what she had in mind next, plunging her nails into Alyson's eyes, she twisted her wrists in sharp, harsh back and forth motions, causing Alyson to release her hair, attacking her face with claw-hands of her own. Screaming curses from the fingernails assaulting her face, Tara leaned forward, biting at the probing fingers.

Alyson screamed from the sensation of Tara's teeth sinking into her fingers. "I'll bite your cunt for that, sleaze!" she spat as she gave Tara a punch to the head for her efforts.

Alyson stretched her legs as far as they would go, crushing Tara between her slender thighs. "Get your hands out of my face before I cave in your ribs!" Alyson snapped as her hands gripped Tara's fingers, trying to pry them from her face. Alyson finally succeeded at this with some effort, then channeled her energy into her tightening leglock, working Tara's sides and ribcage in slow, grinding movements. "Try and stand up to the squeeze, bitch," Alyson growled as Tara groaned from the scissors. Encouraged by the sounds of pain escaping Tara's lips, Alyson's legs pushed progressively inward, leaving a diminishing space between them and leaving less room for the blonde to breathe. Growing almost desperate to retaliate before she was squeezed into unconsciousness, Tara reached down again, grabbing Alyson and yanking her into a sitting position, wrapping her arms around her waist and applying a brutal bearhug.

"How long before YOUR ribs cave in, cunt?" Tara groaned as her arms squeezed Alyson's midsection.

Pushing her breasts into Tara's face to force her to withdraw her arms, Alyson shifted to reposition her legs around the blonde's middle. Taking her chance, Tara pulled on the bearhug until it seemed she might pull Alyson right through her, chomping the nearest breast in range of her opened mouth. Alyson's shriek could have shattered crystal as the blonde reared back and delivered a headbutt directly into the unprepared redhead's nose, dazing Alyson for as much time as Tara needed to switch tactics. Slipping behind Alyson, Tara slid an arm around the redhead's throat, trapping Alyson in a sleeper and holding on until she forced Alyson face down to the floor. Wrapping her ankles around Alyson's ankles, Tara as she released the sleeper, grabbed her wrists and rolled to her back, pushing Alyson into a ceiling hold.

"I can hold you like this for a long time, bitch," Tara spat, stretching Alyson's arms and legs as far as they could go.

Alyson did her best to bite back the screams as Tara worked overtime to weaken all four of her limbs, but eventually they came as Tara held her indefinitely, stretching Alyson's arms and legs backward in her fierce determination to defeat the fiery redhead. Alyson writhed left and right to ease the pressure on her limbs, which only encouraged the blonde to stretch her higher toward the ceiling. Alyson's screams were eventually reduced to a series of thick grunts as Tara's grasp showed no sign of letting up. When the fiery redhead had ceased her struggles out of sheer exhaustion, Tara lowered her back to the floor by rolling to her side, sending Alyson crashing down next to her.

"Let me go NOW, whore," Alyson forced through her quivering lips, "or you'll see how much pain I can put you through!"

"Letting you go is just what I had in mind, skeeve," Tara shot back, giving Alyson one more stretch for good measure. "But I'm not done with you quite yet!"

Opting to capitalize on her position after she released Alyson, rolled away and regrouped, Tara crawled to where Alyson lay curled up like a fetus, confident she could wear the redhead down. Planting one knee across Alyson's back, Tara grabbed her left leg and arm, rolling off Alyson's back so she was sitting next to her. Planting both feet in the middle of Alyson's back, Tara stretched her caught limbs, stretching her out in increasingly long intervals, exerting greater amounts of energy each time Alyson slapped the floor in agony and frustration. Keeping this up for an extended period of time, Tara released her, rolled her to her opposite side and gave her two other limbs the same treatment. Alyson screamed as Tara poured it on, pulling on her arm and leg like they were oars to a row boat she was sitting in.

By the time Tara was finished with this torture, Alyson appeared almost completely spent and beyond fighting back. A small smile crossing her face, Tara rose and walked around the redhead's prone body, big leg dropping her across the throat. Scrambling around, she perched herself on Alyson's chest, pressing her ass into Alyson's boobs, performing a little bump-and-grind on her before she slid forward and wrapped her legs around Alyson's head, pressing the redhead's face in her crotch as she crossed her ankles. The bottom of Tara's bikini was pressed right against Alyson's nose and mouth as her womanhood smothered the redhead's face. Tara's legs flexed and stretched tight around her head, her thighs pressing against Alyson's ears as she leaned back on her hands and squeezed for all she was worth.

"How long will it be before I pop your head like a blister, cunt?" groaned Tara she compressed the headscissors.

Alyson's response was cut off as Tara constricted her head with the unrelenting leglock. At first Alyson was fighting like a wildcat to extricate herself, but the struggles diminished and eventually she appeared unable to move a muscle. Tara believed she was wearing Alyson down, but a sudden pulse of the scissors snapped her back to the moment, revitalizing her drive to beat the blonde bitch despite having been drained by the relentless stretching of her arms and legs. All too aware of the loss of oxygen Tara's scissors was causing her, and knowing she had to do something, Alyson opened her jaw and sank her teeth right into Tara's womanhood through her bikini, chewing furiously as she began raking Tara's legs! Tara's scream was louder than all of Alyson's screams combined as her legs reflexively sprang open! Tara hopped away on her knees massaging her aching womanhood, turning to give Alyson a narrow eyed glare.

"I should maul your pussy for that," Tara spat, her voice dripping with vengeance. "See how loud you can scream."

"I highly doubt that, blondie," Alyson sneered as she rushed Tara, knocking her flat on her back. Getting quickly to her feet, she jumped in the air and came down on Tara's stomach with both her knees. Uttering a WHOOF, the blonde jack knifed in a sudden jerk. Grinning, Alyson slipped behind her, giving Tara a taste of her own medicine as she slapped a sleeper hold on her, shaking her back and forth like a ragdoll. Tara twisted her body this way and that to get out, but Alyson wasn't about to release her until she was satisfied she had taken enough wind from her sails. As the gasping blonde slumped against the redhead's chest, Alyson withdrew her arms and slugged the undersides of her rib cage, then lifted her in the air by reaching between her legs and grabbing her around the neck.

"Tell me how THIS feels," Alyson intoned as she slammed Tara back-first over her thigh, pushing down on her chin and thigh as she bent Tara backward over her knee.

"I'll rip your arms and legs from their sockets, cunt!" Tara screeched as Alyson poured pressure on her spine.

"Not before I snap your spine, skank!" Alyson sneered back, pushing harder on her chin and thigh.

Holding Tara by the throat while bending her over her knee, Alyson took to whaling the blonde in the stomach with her fist, pummeling her belly repeatedly, until Tara somehow managed to knee her in the side of the head, knocking her off her knee. Tara was crawling to Alyson, ready to turn the tide of the contest back in her favor. "How's your head, bitch?" she taunted as Alyson lay prostrate on the floor, holding the side of her head where Tara had nailed her. "I can always do it harder if you're not hurting enough," she finished as she approached Alyson, reaching out to grab hold of her hair.

When Tara had arrived within range, Alyson suddenly lashed out with a bare foot, catching the unsuspecting blonde in the forehead and knocking her to the floor. Crawling on her hands and knees, Alyson reached Tara as the blonde regained her own knees, crept up from behind and secured a bearhug on her heaving waist, pulling Tara up as she stood and lifting her in the air as she compressed her grip. Squeezing Tara with great determination, she loosened her grasp a bit, just enough to allow her to switch tacks before the blonde could regroup and retaliate. The redhead, eager to squeeze her rival's body in her grip again, spun the blonde around, reset her arms around Tara's midriff and bearhugged her face to face. "I want to watch your expression when I crush your ribs, bitch,' growled Alyson, glaring into Tara's eyes.

Groaning, Tara pushed at Alyson's shoulders, trying to force the redhead to loosen her grip altogether. Alyson just shook herself loose, lowered her shoulders and squeezed tighter still, grunting from the energy she threw into crushing her. The sound of Alyson's grunts mingled with the sound of Tara gasping for air as the bearhug persisted, seeming to grow stronger with each passing second. In a ditch effort to reestablish an advantage, Tara wrapped her legs around the redhead's thighs to cause her to lose her balance. It worked; however it only worked so much. Alyson was uprooted, but she pitched forward with her arms still coiled around Tara's middle as she fell, plowing Tara into the floor. Rolling Tara to her stomach, Alyson bent her legs inward, sitting on her ankles as she reached forward and grabbed her wrists.

"Time to make a wish!" Alyson beamed as she began pulling at her. "Wish to pass out before I break you into two pieces!"

Bearing down on Tara's ankles, Alyson leaned as far back as possible, stretching on Tara's arms and back as the blonde rocked back and forth, whipping her head side to side in silent protest as Alyson went to work on her. Stretching and relaxing, stretching and relaxing, Alyson maintained the punishment indefinitely, leaning farther back each time she pulled on Tara's arms. Bouncing on her trapped ankles to capitalize on the waves of agony washing over the blonde's body, Alyson had a field day getting payback on her blonde rival, taking care to work each part of her body as Tara had done to her earlier. Alyson seemed to grow bored with holding Tara in this position as she released Tara's wrists and grabbed her under the chin, wrapping her legs around Tara's middle and pulling her along as she rolled to her back.

"Don't go to sleep just yet, whore," Alyson continued mocking her. "I want you to stay awake for this..."

Keeping her grip on Tara's chin, Alyson uncoiled her legs and pressed her knees into Tara's back, resting her feet in back of the blonde's knees and forcing Tara to reach back and grab her own ankles just to keep her balance. Securing the hold, Alyson pushed out with her knees as she pulled back on Tara's chin, stretching her body at an agonizing angle and cutting off her breathing at the same time. Tara's stomach was pooched out from the painful stretch; her face turned as red as Alyson's hair as she fought to catch her breath. Holding her in this position, pushing out farther with her knees when Tara squirmed to break free, Alyson demanded a submission, her voice that of a steel kitten. "Give!" she screamed. "Give before I really get pissed!" To emphasize her point, Alyson stretched harder, eliciting a long groan from Tara's lips.

Despite the extreme pain of being stretched at this uncomfortable angle, Tara vehemently refused to concede Alyson a submission, prompting the redhead to increase the intensity of the hold, putting more pressure on Tara's ribs as well as her upper spine. The blonde was wheezing from the loss of oxygen, her ribs felt like Alyson was draping them in hot coals as the redhead arched her back at greater angles. Still she remained silent on the submission Alyson wanted from her. Alyson was overcome with frustration at Tara's refusal; giving her a good long stretch, she released the hold and forced Tara into a sitting position, scissoring her and wrenching her arms backward by the wrists. "I suggest you give in soon," the redhead hissed as she continued her vicious pulling and wrenching at her trapped adversary.

"Not... quite... yet... slut!" Tara forced the words through her lips, fighting desperately not to lose consciousness.

Feeling her strength waning as Alyson squeezed and pulled, Tara bent both legs at the knees, planted her feet on the floor and tried bridging, eventually forcing Alyson to release her wrists and slip an arm around her neck, securing a sleeper hold. Tara continued bridging, but the pressure of Alyson's legs mounted the longer she maintained the leg scissors. The additional pressure of the sleeper hold sapped more of the blonde's energy. Fearing she would pass out under the increasing constrictions unless she did something, Tara repeatedly slammed her backside into Alyson's pussy, demanding to be released. Alyson's only response was to squeeze her legs and arm tighter in her determination to crush the blonde unconscious. Equally determined to turn the fight around, Tara slammed Alyson's womanhood with harder impacts. "How does... that feel... bitch?" wheezed Tara as she slammed her ass into Alyson's pussy. "Let... me... go!"

"It's gonna take more than that to get me off you, cunt," Alyson shouted back as her encircling legs squeezed tighter.

At first it appeared as if this was having no effect on the fiery redhead, but as more time passed Alyson started to emit a series of grunts with each impact of Tara's ass on her womanhood. Gasping for breath under the sleeper, Tara heard Alyson's grunts and steeped up the power of her retaliation, ramming Alyson's pussy harder and harder until she felt the legs around her waist beginning to loosen. Encouraged by the turn of events, Tara raked her nails along Alyson's arms to force the redhead to release the sleeper, finally sinking her teeth into Alyson's forearm when she managed to open a space wide enough to move her head into position. Shaking her body from the dual compressions, Tara lifted one leg and brought the heel down hard on Alyson's crotch, reveling in the redhead's sudden agonized gasp. She was free!

"Now you're gonna get yours, skank," Tara glowered at the redhead. "Payback's a bitch!"

"I'll... fucking... kill you... bitch..." Alyson breathed heavily. "when... my... pussy... feels better..."

Still feeling depleted from their fight despite her defiant, and knowing she would have to put Alyson away quick if she hoped to win, Tara jumped the redhead as she fought the waves of pain caused by the kick to her crotch. Slamming one arm around Alyson's throat, Tara pulled her all the way in, securing a forearm with the other forearm as she exerted fierce pressure. Rearing up on her knees when Alyson tried to writhe away, Tara wrenched the choke, her hands balled into fists from the amount of energy she poured into strangling the redhead. Soon they were lurching around on their knees as Alyson fought like a wildcat to escape and Tara fought to keep her where she was. Tightening the choke on her with slow rolling motions of her arm, Tara kept the hold locked tight on her as she plunged her knuckles into Alyson's eyes, twisting back and forth. "Let me know if I blind you, bitch," she growled as her knuckles worked Alyson.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! My eyes!" Alyson shrieked as Tara's knuckles twisted back and forth, whipping her body one way and the next to squirm her way out of Tara's clutches. "Fucking cunt!"

Alyson was whipping her body in fierce convulsive shakes to get away from Tara; Tara felt like she was suppressing the wild struggles of a crazed bull as she held on for dear life, knowing full well that if Alyson managed to escape she would be done for. Matching Alyson's whipping with sudden harsh jerks of her own, Tara worked furiously to pin her. Alyson was gasping and sputtering as Tara strangled her like the end of the world was around the corner, locking her arms tightly around Tara's waist and squeezing them around her ribs to force Tara to release the choke. Tara stubbornly refused to relinquish her grip, however. "Save your energy, bitch," she intoned softly as her arm flexed and choked Alyson.

When Tara twisted her way out of the bearhug and pinned Alyson underneath her to put an end to her infuriated twisting and writhing, the redhead tried wrapping a leglock around her waist. Tara grapevined Alyson's legs and tightened the chokehold, sensing she was sapping Alyson's energy as she alternated between tightening the hold with both arms and keeping it locked on and gouging Alyson's eyes with her knuckles. Alyson continued to gasp and sputter from the incessant choke, screeching like a wounded tigress and bucking like a crazed bronco as Tara continued to work her eyes with vicious twists of her knuckles. When she was satisfied that she had drained enough of the fight from Alyson, Tara dragged her to her feet, working Alyson's muscles with an abdominal stretch on one side of her body and an abdominal stretch on the other, working both arms, legs and both sides of her ribcage for what seemed an eternity.

"Ready to give yet, bitch?" Tara asked Alyson sweetly, sensing Alyson was expending much energy and was faltering.

"Suck my clit, cock-monger!" Alyson choked-screamed defiantly, spittle flying through her lips as she spat the words.

"Guess not!" Tara joked as she flexed the choke tighter, knuckles digging deeper into Alyson's eyes. She held Alyson there indefinitely, enjoying the feeling of the redhead's diminishing struggles as she was drained of more and more wind.

Once done with this, Tara kept hold of Alyson's arm, stretching it upward so Alyson was forced to bend at the waist. Lifting her leg, she draped it over the back of Alyson's neck, curling it at the knee as she twisted at the wrist in her grasp. Alyson was unable to retaliate since she had to maintain her balance with her free hand reaching to the floor. Working the redhead's throat and arm, Tara repeated the maneuver with her other arm, applying greater pressure as the redhead answered Tara's demand for a submission by screaming curses at her blonde adversary. Disliking the swear words, Tara released her neck and flipped her to the floor by her arm, rolling her facedown, securing her neck between her thigh and calf and leaning into it, grabbing Alyson's legs and bending them toward her as her leg crushed Alyson's windpipe.

A second demand for submission was greeted by another string of curses, so Tara hauled her over her shoulders, bouncing the redhead painfully before dropping to one knee, slamming Alyson's back across her thigh. The redhead glared defiantly up at Tara, as if aware she was reaching the end of her endurance from the energy she threw into the fight and the strength-sapping holds Tara used on her, and vowing payback with her eyes. The blonde's only response was to roll Alyson facedown and lock her in a brutal STF, tangling her legs with her own and grabbing her underneath the chin, applying the hold with the intent of knocking Alyson out cold. The redhead writhed and squirmed in Tara's grip, but the determined blonde maintained the hold, feeling Alyson run out of steam and eventually pass out into dreamland.

Smiling at her handiwork when she was sure Alyson had gone to sleep, Tara deftly removed her bikini, hog-tying Alyson's hands to her feet with her top and stuffing the bottom into her half-opened mouth. Flexing her muscles as if posing for a crowd that was cheering her victory over Alyson and applauding wildly, she stared down at her defeated rival with a contemptuous look for a long while. "Bet ya didn't think I had it in me to kick your ass in, didn't ya, bitch?" she gloated as she sharply turned her back to the unconscious redhead, leaving Alyson to wake up to a taste of her own love juice.