Alyson Hannigan vs Michelle Williams by Oberon (from CWC3)

Alyson Hannigan heads down the hallway to the apartment where Michelle Williams is waiting for her to arrive. Aly is wearing a long, shiny black overcoat that reaches down to her ankles, and high heels. The overhead lights reflect off the shiny material as she walks past one fixture after the next. Her heels give muffled clicks from the carpet under her feet. Reaching the door to the apartment, she rings the doorbell, waiting to see if someone will open it from the inside. After a few moments the door unlocks and swings open, revealing Michelle Williams, wearing a long white satin skirt and matching top. Michelle smiles as she sees Alyson, the look on her face betraying her eagerness to get started.

Retuning her smile just a little, Alyson slithers her way past Michelle and walks into the room. Not looking her way, she opens her overcoat and lets it fall to the floor as she snakes into the living room, revealing the black lingerie underwear she wore for their match. The contrast between her attire and her alabaster body presents a contrast to the California girl aesthetic that magazines say is the be-all, end-all of female attraction. The sight of her opponent doesn’t appear to undermine Aly’s confidence; neither is she fazed when Michelle closes the door, pulling a key from her top and locks it. Tossing the key into a far corner of the room, leaving no opportunity for escape, the blonde slowly approaches Aly.

For a time Aly and Michelle stare each other down in the living room, not speaking. A few moments pass before Alyson addresses her opponent for the first time.

“I see how much you’re looking forward to getting it on,” she purrs seductively. “I am, too, but I’ll give you the first move to see what you’re made of,” she adds, running both hands along her slender body as if inviting Michelle to attack.

The diminutive blonde smiles, her hazel eyes following Alyson’s hands. “You’re so gracious,” Michelle says, running her thumbs and forefingers around the waistband of her skirt, then peeling it down to her ankles and kicking it away to leave her in slight white satin panties and a frilly, diaphanous top that’s just opaque enough to leave the imagination in play, but too tight and dipping too low to give the impression anything is beneath it. Stepping close enough to Alyson that their bodies are almost touching, she stares Aly hard in the eyes. “We can start as soon as you’re ready,” she intones softly, keeping the redhead’s gaze.

Not to be outdone, Aly moves a little closer to her rival, lightly brushing her boobs against Michelle’s. “Before we do,” the redhead offers. “Why don’t we up the stakes a little?” Although her tone of voice already seemed to imply much more.

“Exactly what do you mean by upping the stakes?” Michelle inquires of her.

“Well,” Aly explains, her voice dripping with anticipation, “instead of one of us winning by forcing a submission, why don’t we have a win-by-orgasm match? In other words, I make you come before you can make me come, I win. Oh, and after that, the loser becomes the winner’s sexual toy for the night.”

The idea, while unexpected, is intriguing to Michelle. After a moment’s consideration, she agrees. “OK, you’re on. I’m looking forward to seeing your face when I fuck you into defeat.”

“We’ll see about that,” Alyson coos, delighted that Michelle accepted her offer. She watches as Michelle steps back a foot or two, never diverting her gaze from the redhead’s piercing eyes.

“Everything’s in play, Red,” Michelle says. “If you see it, go ahead and use it, ‘cause you know I won’t give it a second thought.

Michelle motions with one hand around the living room, expecting Aly’s attention to be diverted. Knowing how Michelle means to begin the match, she feigns taking the bait, following the direction of her outstretched arm with her eyes. As Michelle accepts Alyson’s invitation by surging forward and grabbing for the slightly taller redhead by the locks, Alyson quickly thrusts up her arm to block the incoming hand, then slaps the unsuspecting Michelle across the face.

Michelle, annoyed that she failed to catch Aly off guard before the contest even commenced, Michelle reaches for her hair with both hands. Slipping her fingers into Aly’s hair, she shakes Aly’s head from side to side. Pulling Alyson into a headlock, the blonde twists Alyson’s neck while keeping a tight grip on her hair.

“Pretty good first move, eh Aly?” Michelle taunts Aly with an amused lilt, watching the redhead choke from the tight arm gripping her head. “However, it’s the second, third, fourth, and fifth, you better worry about.”

Though she was gagging from the tight headlock, encouraging the blonde to squeeze tighter, Alyson was still delighted that Michelle had gone for the bait she set up for her so willingly. The trap had worked perfectly. Allowing the blonde to think she was in control of the situation, she began coughing louder and slapping at the blonde’s arms with a series of diminishing impacts. The coughing sounds soon began to merge with hoarse gasps for air. Hearing this, Michelle flexed her arms and tightened the headlock even more, sensing Aly was weakening early and this match would be a cinch.

Wrenching the headlock brutally, Michelle continues to yank Aly’s hair, pulling the redhead further into her side, pushing her face into the side of her boob. Aly appears to sink to her knees little by little, prompting an amused chuckle from the dominant blonde. Pleased, Michelle chuckles lowly to herself as she watches Aly’s predicament increase. Aly’s choked grunting soon degenerates to choked wheezing, as the redhead’s deteriorating arm slaps grow weaker... weaker...

Then, without warning, Aly balls her hand into a fist and slams it into Michelle’s unsuspecting belly, knocking the breath from the blonde before she is aware of what is happening. In the crucial moments that follow, Alyson curls her fingers, raking them harshly across Michelle’s soft, yielding stomach in a quick, brutal succession of three strokes.

As the blonde gasps from the sensation of Aly’s nails slashing across her belly, the redhead wraps both arms around her waist, grips her wrist with her other hand and squeezes powerfully. Michelle gasps in pain as Alyson works both sides of her ribcage, tightening the bearhug with each passing moment. Grinding her ribcage on her other side with her clenched fists, Aly pulls Michelle into her body, pushing her shoulder into the side of her ribcage closest to her.

Leaning into the arm crossing her throat, Alyson sinks her teeth deep into it, causing Michelle to cry out as the headlock loosens and falls away. Moving with the speed of a striking cobra, Alyson shifts position and slides in front of Michelle, quickly wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist. Bear hugging Michelle from the front, her hands pressing into the small of Michelle’s back, Aly concentrates the strength in her deceptively waif-like body into crushing her ribcage.

Holding that position for a few more drawn out moments, delighting in the pained groans she forces from her crushed adversary, Aly uncoils her arms from the blonde’s body, releasing the tight bearhug. Before the blonde can get respite, Aly twists her fingers into claws and slashes her fingernails hard across her back. Michelle cries out sharply as Aly’s nails drag across her skin. The slashes feel like someone just dragged razor blades dipped in flame across her back.

Using her nails to slash Michelle’s back a second time, Aly switches direction, working her way up to Michelle’s locks and burying her fingers there. Yanking Michelle’s head back with vicious suddenness once she has a firm grip, Aly yanks her head forward while she darts to the side, slipping a foot around Michelle’s ankle and flipping her to the rug. Jumping on her and grapevining her legs, Aly wrenches her hair with one hand while the other claws her face.

“I think you’re the one who should be worried,” purrs Aly, pinning Michelle’s arms to the carpet, suppressing Michelle’s thrashing legs by flexing her own and tightening the grapevine, “seeing how easily I fooled you so early in our fight!”

Michelle bucks with all her might, thrusting her pelvis upward to build some space between her and Alyson. Next, her backside pushes against the carpet, her body shimmying to twelve o’clock. But with Alyson’s slender, alabaster lower limbs snaking around hers, the redhead stays right with her. Sighing while their bare bellies grind together, then flexing her thigh muscles to hold the blonde in place, Aly grins down at Michelle, pink tongue poking between perfect pearlies. Grabbing Michelle’s golden locks again, Alyson throws Michelle’s head down against the rug, the blonde grimacing and reaching for her the back of her skull with one hand while trying to control Alyson’s free hand with the other.

“You’re in over your head, sweetheart,” Alyson intones softly, still licking her lips.

Michelle knew she was in danger. She’d been suckered in and now she was paying the price. Throwing Alyson’s free right hand away from her face, the blonde reaches up to rake at the redhead’s eyes, but Alyson was far ahead of her again. The redhead, having released her grip on Michelle’s hair, blocks the effort with her left hand. Grabbing Michelle’s wrists, she pins them to the floor. She moves in close, nearly nosetip to nosetip, a inch away from Eskimo first base.

“Don’t tell me you’re this easy,” Alyson taunts her again, flicking her tongue across Michelle’s lips.

Michelle flicks her tongue to symbolically meet Aly’s, then grits her teeth in pain as the redhead moves her head out of range and raises up to maintain the grapevine, unsuccessfully trying to free her legs. Only one chance left. Suddenly, the blonde’s forehead shoots up and conks Alyson on the brow. Realizing her maneuver dazed the redhead, Michelle follows it up with another butt to the bridge of the redhead’s nose. The sound it causes reverberates off the walls.

After Aly reflexively releases her handholds to protect her face, Michelle uses the opportunity to drive a short clipping right to her kidney, then another, and another. Michelle was still tied up downstairs with Aly’s stubborn grapevines, but the blonde had enough slack around her torso to rotate off her back and lean on her left elbow, Alyson doing the same on her right, the women on their opposite sides. Michelle slaps Alyson’s face for good measure as she moves to strike.

Realizing that Michelle has undermined her advantage, Alyson withdraws her limbs from the grapevine to keep herself from flopping onto the carpet and becoming an easier target for the blonde. Pushing herself up by her elbow, Michelle slaps Aly’s face again, then returns to hammering on Alyson’s kidney with her right fist, enjoying the grunts of pain the blows elicit from the redhead. Aly tightens her stomach muscles to lessen the blows, but Michelle just pounds harder

Feeling the ache in her kidney rising as Michelle keeps whaling her there, Alyson reaches out and knocks Michelle’s left arm out from under her, ramming the heel of her left foot into Michelle’s soft stomach as hard as she could at the same instant. Michelle, stopped from landing another punch to Aly’s kidneys while her fist is in mid-air, grunts as the breath is knocked out of her, then grunts again as Aly’s heel slams into her stomach a second time, kicking her onto her back.

“How did that feel, bitch?” Alyson snarls as Michelle massages her stomach and gasps for breath. “Let’s just see how easily you breathe when I do this...”

Pressing her retaliation as she finishes, Aly snakes her left leg across Michelle’s stomach as her right pushes its way under her back, crossing her ankles and establishing a tight scissors. Stretching her legs to apply fierce pressure, Aly suppresses the groaning blonde’s squirming with a powerful compression of her legs. As Aly maintains the scissors, hungrily crushing Michelle’s body with her thighs, she uses her left hand to rake her breasts through her flimsy top.

Seeing that one of these rakes dislodged the thin fabric halfway from Michelle’s body in the process, Aly punctuates the move with another powerful leg compression around Michelle’s waist, causing the blonde’s body to jackknife. Aly rakes her nails along Michelle’s breasts again, tearing her top completely off this time. As Michelle fights to escape the redhead’s clutches, Aly gives her a tighter squeeze of her legs, forcing Michelle’s pained body to jackknife again

Shifting her position as Michelle jackknifes from the compression of her legs, Alyson slithers behind the blonde, bending her legs at the knees as she scissors her waist again. Using a free hand to assault her breasts with vicious rakes and scratches, Aly strangles Michelle with her own top, wrapping the material around her throat, bunching it up behind her neck and pulling, shaking Michelle’s head back and forth as her thighs compress the blonde tighter and tighter.

Grunting, gagging and crying out in agony from the triple assault, Michelle rakes her nails along the thighs crossing her midsection. At first this prompts the redhead to rake harder and squeeze tighter, but Michelle pushes her fingers under Aly’s thigh, where it meets Michelle’s sides. Finding purchase, Michelle tears and gouges at the thigh pressing into her, trying to pry the scissors open. Aly responds by kicking her legs as far as they can go, crushing the squirming blonde between them.

Gagging louder as Aly pulls tighter on the material around her windpipe, choking off more and more air, Michelle uses her other hand to scratch and rake Aly’s thighs, seeking out the sensitive muscle behind Aly’s legs and clamping down with her fingernails. This eventually forces the redhead to release the scissors around Michelle’s waist, but not before Alyson steels herself and twists Michelle’s top with both hands, tightening her grip and throttling her with the fabric.

Her face turning as red as Alyson’s hair, Michelle reaches behind her, grabs Alyson’s tresses with both her hands and is somehow able to flip the redhead head over heels, sending her crashing to the carpet with a loud, resounding THUD. The sudden movement is enough to knock the wind from Alyson, who lays there gasping for breath. Moving forward to build on her retaliation, Michelle sees stars when Aly suddenly lashes out with her foot, catching the advancing blonde with an unexpected kick to the forehead.

Rolling to her hands and knees as Michelle fights to regain her bearings and shake the cobwebs loose, Aly arches her backside in the air, hissing like an alley cat preparing to spring at another alley cat. Next thing Michelle knows, Alyson is springing at her, grabbing her around the torso and knocking her to the carpet. Straddling her and grabbing her breasts with both hands, Alyson twists and pulls, leaning in to sink her teeth into one of them, jaws clamping on her nipple.

With a scream, Michelle reaches around Alyson’s body, grabbing hold of her top where it clasps at the back, tearing it from her body in a smooth, swift motion. Flinging it across the room, Michelle slashes her nails violently across the redhead’s back, working her way to Aly’s ass. Reaching it, Michelle digs her nails in, applying a firm grasp. Aly bites harder into her nipple, twisting and pulling with wild abandon, Michelle rakes and claws Aly’s ass in sharp motions.

“Get your fucking teeth out of my tit!” Michelle screams, enraged at Aly’s extreme tactics.

Aly does, but only to snarl in defiance, “I’ll tear them from your body and hang them on my bedroom wall!”

As if determined to make good on her words, Aly returns to clawing and biting at Michelle’s boobs, not letting up in the slightest. Screaming, Michelle’s response is to buck her hips and roll Alyson under her, raking her nails upward along Alyson’s back in the process. Grabbing hold of Alyson’s hair after she straddles the redhead, Michelle twists and pulls the caught locks every which way, digging her nails into Aly’s eyes in an effort to force Aly to release her breast.

Howling from the intrusion, Aly slap-claws Michelle’s face with both hands, prompting Michelle to respond in kind. Next thing either of them know, they are furiously slapping each other’s faces and slashing each other’s flesh, twisting and rolling around the room like enraged leopardesses. Screaming louder still, Aly rakes her nails across the blonde’s eyes, grabbing her hair with one hand as she sticks her fingers one each in her nostrils with the other. Immediately Aly takes to wrenching and pulling Michelle’s nose in an uncomfortable angle as her other hand wrenches and pulls her hair.

Screaming as Aly flips on top of her, Michelle wraps her legs around Aly’s midsection, wrapping her arms around the redhead’s slender torso as she rolls the redhead underneath her. As Aly rakes Michelle’s back in response, Michelle digs her nails into Alyson’s butt cheeks. Uttering a long grunt, Alyson does the same to Michelle’s ass cheeks, pushing her fingers under Michelle’s panties and into the crack underneath. Letting loose with a long, loud cry of pain as Alyson works her crack, Michelle reaches her fingers toward Alyson’s womanhood, pushing her fingers under Aly’s bottom.

Curling her fingers, Michelle traces five stilettos up the valley between the redhead’s cheeks. Alyson whimpers in protest but swallows much of the searing pain, determined to show Michelle who could take more, knowing full well she could give it. Michelle’s full, pouting lips quivered open wide to wail in pain in response to Aly’s maneuverings.

But even as she let pain overcome her vocal cords, the blonde’s left hand slips down the front of Alyson’s black, the redhead’s face growing paler than it already was. Her assaults momentarily vanish as Michelle sinks her nails into the tender tissue, squeezing and scraping and clawing at Aly’s cunny.

“YOU BITCH!” Alyson screams. “AHHHHHNNNGH!”

“You go low; I’ll go lower,” Michelle hisses between gritted teeth as she pulls her opposite hand from Alyson’ glutteal cleavage, instead circling the front of Alyson’s throat between her thumb and forefinger, contracting Alyson’s windpipe even as she maintained the choking grasp of her crotch. Aly’s eyes bulge and she gasps for air, her hands encircle Michelle’s wrist to try and remove the most pressing concern.

With a heaving push, Alyson extricates Michelle’s wriggling digits from beneath her panties and between her legs, a couple of curly auburn hairs poking from beneath Michelle’s manicure. Smashing a punishing palm into one of the blonde’s bare breasts, she flattens the C-cup into a fleshy pancake, eliciting a pained grunt. An already leaning Michelle loses her balance completely, tumbling to the side; Alyson quickly takes the opportunity to pry free of Michelle’s legs.

Uncomfortably, she pushes to her feet and gathers some breathing room, rubbing some welts on her ivory backside with one hand and tending to some front yard gardening with her other. With slightly bowed legs, she turns back to find Michelle.

“You are so…uuuunnnnnnnnngh!”

Michelle, waiting on her back, had thrust a foot up into Alyson’s mound, instantly doubling her over, Alyson’s ruby lips curling into a breathless ‘O’ as she raises to tiptoes. Michelle grins around heavy breaths, her pooled breasts heaving, as she draws in deep pulls of oxygen.

“Second verse,” Michelle mocks, right leg A pulling from slot B and pistoning back for another go. “Same as the first.”

The slender, abbreviated stem flies forward again, but Alyson finds the wherewithal to snag it before it can find its target. Angrily, Michelle sends her left leg hurtling toward the dark triangular patch of cloth covering Aly’s womanhood, but again the redhead makes the interception, deflecting the blow, then grabbing Michelle around either ankle before pulling the wishbone wide. The frustration in Michelle’s hazel eyes instantaneously turns to fear, the blonde waving her hands and desperately shaking her head as an evil little smirk again parts Aly’s lips.

“You went low first, unless you forgot,” Alyson growls. “However, I will spare your slit for the time being.” That being said, Aly flips Michelle onto her stomach, flattening and pressing her breasts hard into the soft carpet. Still holding on to Michelle’s ankles, Alyson bends her legs at the knees as she fits her ankles under her armpits. Moving quickly forward and sitting on the blonde’s back, the incensed redhead stretches her limbs towards her head. Trapped and unable to escape, Michelle howls in agony as her limbs are curled agonizingly in the opposite direction.

“Oh, don’t cry, blondie,” Aly taunts her, stretching her legs further, “it doesn’t hurt that bad. Besides, I have other plans for your snatch once this is over... so many plans, you won’t know where I get the energy from...”

Letting those words linger in the air, Aly continues working Michelle’s limbs, wrenching and pulling as the blonde slaps the carpet, crying out as her thigh muscles are stretched and every nerve vibrates from the strain. Pushing herself up by her hands, Michelle finds herself forced to the carpet again as Aly pulls harder on her legs, placing more strain on her thighs and lower back. Bouncing on Michelle’s back to increase the pressure, Alyson leans forward, remorselessly grinding Michelle’s breasts into the carpet, twisting her ankles. Michelle’s cries grow progressively louder as her boobs are mashed painfully beneath her and her legs are wrenched numb.

“My tits - AAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LEGGO, BITTCH!” Michelle finally screams as Alyson continues mashing her into the floor. Growing desperate, she writhes left and right to escape the redhead’s clutches, prompting Aly to bend her legs farther backward, bouncing harder to increase the strain she is exerting on her thigh and back muscles.

“Not nice to call me names,” Alyson coos, delighted at the pain she’s inflicting on her rival. “Especially when I can keep this up for as long as I want to...” To demonstrate this point, Alyson stretches her opponent’s legs farther still, twisting them at the ankles and bouncing on her back with greater enthusiasm. The pressure on Michelle’s thighs and back is considerable as Aly indefinitely maintains the pain.

“If you think this feels good, you ain’t felt nothin’ yet...” Aly taunts Michelle in a singsong voice, borrowing a line from the Judas Priest song “Heavy Duty.”

Satisfied that she has exerted enough pressure on her rival’s legs, Alyson releases them, letting them fall to the carpet behind her. Moving quickly forward, she grabs Michelle’s hair, dragging her to her knees while she rises to her feet. Standing with one leg on either side of her opponent’s head, Alyson pulls Michelle between her thighs by her hair, pressing her inner thighs against her cheeks and applying inexorable pressure.

Seeing Michelle firmly trapped in the standing headscissors, the redhead gouges and tears at the blonde’s eyes as her other hand plunges two fingers up her nostrils again, twisting and pulling her inflamed nose in seemingly impossible directions.Michelle’s screams are louder than Aly had anticipated as the redhead works her without mercy. In an effort to suppress her cries, Alyson parts her thighs a couple inches and then thrusts them closed around Michelle’s head.

Aly repeats the maneuver again... and again... and again, her inner thighs ramming the blonde’s ears repeatedly as her fingers work Michelle’s eyes and nose.The physical torment seems to go on forever until Michelle suddenly grabs Alyson’s ankles with both hands, yanking backward and causing Aly to lose her balance. Alyson cries out in shocked surprise as she pitches forward, colliding face first into the carpet where she lays, disoriented and motionless.

Crawling toward the redhead while she regains her bearings, Michelle drags her nails downward along Alyson’s back, prompting an enraged mewling sound from the hellcat.Having reached for Aly’s crimson hair, Michelle is pulling her to her knees when Aly suddenly twists around and lashes out with a sharp fingernail slash across her eyes, followed by another nail slash Michelle’s eyes with her other hand. Aly presses on as Michelle backs away, covering her face.

The fingernail slash across Michelle’s bare breasts causes the blonde to gasp and suck in breath as Alyson knocks her to the carpet, advancing on her with her fingers twisted into claws. Driving a knee into Alyson’s crotch when the redhead is almost upon her, Michelle quickly wraps her legs around Alyson’s midsection, crossing her ankles and squeezing with all her might.

Aly grunts from the tight compressions, then lowers her head to bite into the invitingly bare breasts in front of her face. Screaming, Michelle reaches over to work her fingers into the space between Alyson’s butt cheeks, digging a finger in and tearing at the redhead down there as her other fingers scratch and claw between Alyson’s cheeks, Aly lifts her head from Michelle’s breast and cries in raw agony, but there also seems to be some sort of arousal at the intrusion.

Before Michelle can react Aly leans in to bite into Michelle’s breast a second time, this time flicking her wet tongue around her engorged nipple. Alyson continues this until Michelle steeps up her retaliation. There is something about the sight of the redhead throwing her head back to cry out that Michelle finds oddly exciting.

“It’s been awhile hasn’t it, Red,” Michelle laughs, delighting in the agony she’s creating in both her physical abuse and the control she seems to be gathering.

Alyson’s back arches fitfully and she chirps upon Michelle’s continued excursions around and into her tender tissue. Making the pale beauty her hand puppet hadn’t been the plan, but whatever worked is whatever Michelle is willing to do. With the waist scissors cinched in place, Michelle pulls Alyson back on top of her, forcing body against body. Withdrawing her digits from Alyson’s inner sanctum, she cups both hands behind Alyson’s head and the auburn mane that flows from it.

“You like the taste so much, how about a second helping.”

The face of a wide-eyed Aly is swept down into the considerable cleavage, Michelle forcing Alyson in, then spinning on top so she can use gravity to seal the redhead in a landslide of molten, salty, satiny flesh.


Alyson’s muffled protests vibrate against her tits, the soft pulls for breath causing Michelle goosebumps. But this was no time for distractions. Fun could come later. Still force-feeding from behind, she keeps Aly wedged in and air-tight, Michelle’s face shifting from side to side to avoid Alyson’s flailing arms, at the end of which were ten talons of which the blonde is intimately familiar.

“Just breathe in, bitch. Keep it... CUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Michelle is cut off mid sentence, a darting, flitting tongue emerging to travel across her globes, Alyson’s head finding some wiggle room the more distracted the blonde becomes. Michelle pulls her breasts off ever so slightly to regain a little focus in the task at hand, but in doing so, Alyson’s flawless, if greasy, features appear for the first time in a couple dozen seconds. She desperately sucks in a breath and tries to get her hands between Michelle’s jugs of mass destruction and her suddenly less than confident countenance.

Alyson draws a momentary grimace from the truculent Oscar nominee as she successfully tears into the underside of Michelle’s bosom, but Michelle quickly relieves the pressure, forcing Alyson’s arms wide with a grip on each wrist. The blonde lowers upon her victim once more, perky C-cups tear dropping slightly as they brush against Aly’s cheeks.

“Stupid cow,” Alyson protests, her head now able to shift to the side and avoid the full blossom of the bare mammaries. She spits out Michelle’s invading tissue from the corner of her mouth.

“Isn’t this so much better,” Michelle coos. “So much better than your slashing and tearing and twisting. I’d kick your ass that way too, but this is so much more relaxing.”

Michelle is doing anything but, all four limbs straining to keep Alyson at bay, the redhead’s slender legs kicking high in the air to dislodge her rider. Michelle’s body slides further up Alyson’s with every buck, her breasts even with Aly’s brow, then forehead, then flaming red locks.

At first, Michelle tries to put herself in reverse, but finally gives in. While her smother is being forced up and out of play, her scissors is still making its way up Alyson’s body until it collects in Aly’s armpits. Michelle releases the leglock, sits up, and uses Alyson’s perky chest as a cushion. Michelle rises to her knees then thrusts her glossy, ivory rump down, flattening the redhead’s breasts and the thin black lacy lingerie still covering them as she plants her ass on her face. Alyson coughs out some remaining oxygen, while the blonde gazes down at the her in a full facesit pin.

“OK. As I was saying,” Michelle says with a smirk.

Alyson was hoping Michelle would establish such a position as she had just established. The redhead had used her sexual wiles to test the waters of Michelle’s resistance, in lieu of the enjoyment she had planned for later. The real objective, however, was to allow Michelle to believe she was in control of the match when, in reality, she was walking into another trap. For the second time since the catfight began, it worked. Looking up at Michelle, Alyson stares directly into the blonde’s eyes..... and smiles, in spite of the pain in her breasts.

“It appears I have tricked you again, blondie,” she says in the sweetest tone of voice imaginable. “Bon appetit!”

Michelle’s smirk vanishes as Aly’s teeth embed themselves in her womanhood through her lingerie bottoms. The snappy retort poised on her tongue abruptly degenerates into a shriek that grows loud enough to shatter crystal. Michelle screams again, her thighs and derriere stiffening, realizing too late that Alyson had set her up. Aly immediately goes to work on her cunny, chewing the tender folds of flesh like a ravenous wolf feasting on prey.

Michelle goes on shrieking, forgetting all about the schoolgirl pin as her womanhood throbs. Alyson’s nail rakes along Michelle’s inner thighs, adding to the blonde’s agony as her jaws clamp down hard. Michelle’s scream sounds like an air raid siren as Aly continues chewing on her womanhood, hands reaching around her thighs and toward her backside. There she reaches two fingers into the crack of her ass and into her sphincter. Her fingers flit and stimulate Michelle’s pain and pleasure centers as she alternates between biting her cunny and flicking her tongue up and down along it.

Now it’s Aly’s turn to smirk as she notices the expression on Michelle’s face. “I was saying, blondie,” she taunts, “you ain’t felt nothin’ yet. It’s gonna be such fun to win this match, and hear you scream in pleasure!”

Before Michelle can clear her head and mount a retaliation, Alyson brings her slender legs up, slamming them around the blonde’s neck from behind and crossing her ankles. With a sudden violent thrust of her lower body, Alyson drags Michelle to her back, squeeeeeeeeeeezing her gams around the blonde’s throat. As she does this, she pulls Michelle’s lower body forward as the blonde is still on her knees, making it close to impossible for her to try scissoring Aly’s neck.

Michelle alternates between screaming and moaning as Aly continues working her cunny and bum, expertly stimulating the blonde’s private parts. With the scissors locked on tightly, Alyson can silence the squirming blonde if Michelle’s screams become too much for her ears. “Ever tried erotic asphyxia, blondie?” Aly taunts Michelle at the sound of her choked cries. “Having your breathing partially blocked when you come makes the coming so much sweeter...”

Excited by her position of dominance, Alyson uses her hands to tear away at Michelle’s flimsy bottoms, shredding the thin material and allowing the pieces to fall over their writhing bodies. “I see you are nice and wet down here,” Alyson purrs as she goes to work on Michelle’s naughty bits again. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....”

Try as she might, Michelle is unable to escape or attempt a countermeasure, as Alyson continues her all out assault of biting and stimulating her womanhood... stimulating her butt and scissoring her neck. The blonde’s legs are immobilized, and any attempt to free them is rewarded with a sharp bite to Michelle’s clit. Aly has her just where she wants her. Worse, she discovers that her own body is beginning to automatically respond to the redhead’s erotic manipulations.

“Please,” Michelle squeaks, only now realizing what she’d got herself into.

Coming back was one thing, but coming back without rules and against a master manipulator of both body and mind had been a fatal mistake. Both lower orifices being worked to perfection, the naked blonde whimpers between throaty moans. With the threat of Alyson making her a hot lunch, Michelle is hesitant to even move, though from her position, the redhead seems to have her tied in knots in any case.

“What can I do?” Michelle cries.

“I don’t know,” Alyson giggles, giving her tongue a rest, but keeping Michelle rigid and dutiful with a driving two-finger thrust. “But I can guess it’d be pretty much anything I want you to.”

Alyson swishes inside her, driving a chill down Michelle’s spine and building more lubrication for the redhead’s entries.

This wasn’t a fight, Michelle thought. She could handle a fight. This was so much worse and so much more. She gulps audibly as Alyson lays a tender kiss on her lower lip, the gulp turning to gasp. Michelle feels the warm tickle grow with every heartbeat, the blonde having to consciously deny herself a pelvic thrust to match Aly’s manipulations.

“No. I won’t,” she sobs.

“Oh,” the pale redhead whispers, her breathing somewhat ragged from her efforts and her own excitement, “I’m pretty sure you will.”

“Unnnnnnggggghhhhhhh nuuuuuuuuungh,” Michelle groans, in a way, agreeing despite herself.

Alyson’s scissors falls away as her certainty in Michelle’s tidal forces grows. On the mat who knew how things would be decided, but this was her domain and she ruled as queen. Flexing her thighs to prevent the blonde’s arms from moving, Aly withdraws her hands from the blonde’s derriere and rakes her nails along Michelle’s thighs. The nail slashes tear fresh waves of agony through Michelle’s lower body as she continues to work her ever-dampening cunny. Together with the immense pleasure Aly is giving her, the effect is slowly taking hold of her.

A pleased expression crosses Aly’s face as her nails slash her thighs again and again, progressing toward the blonde tuft of hair between her legs. Plunging her tongue deeper into Michelle’s tender recesses, Aly begins wrenching Michelle’s pubes, twisting left and right. Michelle’s cries of pain and pleasure grow louder, more pronounced. Her body squirms from the persistent sensations. Aly flexes her legs again, pressing her thighs and calves into the blonde’s biceps to hinder their movement.

The blonde moans, then cries out sharply as Alyson twists her pubes in between tongue-lashes of her womanhood. Michelle’s body bucks left and right in her exertions to wrench herself from the redhead’s clutches. Alyson responds with another vicious tug at her pubes, and another bite to her clitoris that elicits an agonized mewl from the trapped blonde.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.... I’ll do anything.....” Michelle sobs, her tone of voice suitably pitiful. The sudden change in Michelle’s attitude is only fleetingly perplexing to the redhead. ‘Is this a ploy to get me to yield my advantage?’ Alyson wonders. Is an attack being planned behind that almost too-perfect whimpering? Considering for a second the self-satisfied smirk that was on the blonde’s face only moments ago, Aly tightens her grasp on Michelle.

“Save it,” the redhead intones. “I doubt a woman as cocky as yourself would be reduced to begging for mercy so easily; not after all we’ve been through together. You’re faking.”

Aly returns to her combined assault and stimulation of Michelle’s inflamed womanhood, determined to press onward. A few moments later, she pulls her legs from Michelle’s arms, re-establishing the scissors she had had around her neck earlier on.

“On the other hand,” she adds, with a sweet yet sinister smile surfacing on her face, “that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not generous. I’m still willing to show you how ecstatic it is to cum with only minimal amounts of oxygen.... just enough to keep breathing, and perhaps to scream with release....”

Alyson releases her pussy pincers long enough to insert her darting tongue once more and Michelle uses the exchange for a last-ditch effort.

“You like it so much,” Michelle grunts, her voice raspy. “Why don’t I show you?”

Kicking her legs up, she wraps them around the redhead’s cheeks and temples. Clamping on her ravaged, welted, thighs, Michelle flexes every iota of strength remaining, knowing full well she’d pay the price for showing any fight. Alyson had read her like a book so far, but that didn’t mean she knew the final chapter.

Her vision starting to blur from Alyson’s continued scissors, Michelle prays that her other senses will likewise be dulled when the inevitable…


Michelle wails as her foe turns from tongue and lips to piercing pearlies once more, clamping on to her sex like a jungle cat feasting on its prey. If Alyson is deterred by her straining gams, it’s slow to show. Michelle clings to hope. It couldn’t be easy to breathe, giving her vagina mouth to mouth while compressed by the sinewy strands in her upper legs.

Michelle begins to hyperventilate and lets loose with another shrill shriek.

“She’s hurting. She’s hurting,” Michelle gasps, desperate to convince herself there’s a point to holding on, to not giving what Aly wanted.

Then, she sees it. Alyson’s hands, instead of prying at Michelle’s legs, trying to get back in, start to flutter and flail. They pound and slap against the outside of the blondes legs instead. Michelle screams once more, but this time there is a hint of a growl down low, underneath. Alyson had been right again. She wasn’t ready to give in, but perhaps the arrogant bitch had been TOO right and she’d now get hers.

“Give, you fucking cunt! GIVE!!!” Alyson wills the blonde. Slapping Michelle’s thighs with decreasing energy, she retracts her legs and kicks them out again, squeezing tighter. As her teeth remain embedded in Michelle’s womanhood, the blonde persists in compressing Aly’s head, crushing her cheeks and temples with thrumming thighs. Aly feels as if her head is about to burst from the constant pressure.

Soon her jaws unhinge from Michelle’s crotch as she lets out a long wail of pain, yet she refuses to release her scissors around Michelle’s neck even as her slaps to Michelle’s thighs grow weaker. Again her legs contract and kick, wrenching another groan from Michelle.

Aly’s teeth are clenched from the pain of Michelle’s thighs; a series of quick, low grunts emanate from the redhead’s throat as Michelle’s scissors continue to converge around her head. Her face is in the process of turning as red as her hair as Michelle pours on the pressure.

The slaps to her thighs remain consistent in their frequency, but lessen in impact as time goes on. This encourages Michelle to squeeze tighter still, sensing a chance to turn the fight around before she falls to Alyson’s strength.

“She’s hurting... she’s hurting...” Aly hears Michelle still growling to herself through the blood rushing in her ears.

“Not as much as you’re gonna be,” Aly growls back through her clenched jaw, defiant as ever, as the contest of thigh power continues.

While Michelle seems to have the firmer grip on Alyson’s neck, her scissors being applied from above the redhead’s heaving chest, Aly has more leverage to maintain her scissors since her back and derriere are in contact with the floor. Perhaps Aly could capitalize on this if she wanted to see the fight through to the end she was after. Coughing and gagging from the tight leglock around her head, Aly begins to torque her slender body left and right, trying to topple Michelle from her supposed position of dominance. Her compressing legs jerk convulsively around Michelle’s neck after the blonde tightens her scissors, drawing a long, agonized choking gasp from her.

“GAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ffffffuuuucccccccck you Aly...” the rest degenerates into an indecipherable stream of words as the redhead crushes Michelle’s windpipe for all she’s worth.

“On the contrary, blondie.... GACCCCK!....... fucck... GACCCCCCCK!.... YOU.... “ the redhead returns, the defiance and determination in her tone considerable.

The chorus of gagging and choking noises from both combatants is fast reaching a fever pitch as Alyson fights to roll Michelle into a position of lesser advantage, and Michelle struggles to stay right where she is, on top of Aly, squeezing all the breath from the redhead. Responding to each sudden jerk to the side from Alyson, Michelle fights to right herself so as to remain atop her rival. The redhead’s resolve to escape this predicament is unmoved, however, and her vicious side-to-side jerks somehow increase in inertia.

Almost impossibly, Aly manages to roll onto her right side as both women maintain their brutal scissors, dragging Michelle to her left side. Michelle fights desperately to keep her scissors locked around Aly, to keep her thighs pressing into the redhead’s ever-reddening face, even as Alyson begins to work her head lower into the leglock. An instant later Michelle screams piercingly as Aly’s teeth embed themselves into her upper thigh, chewing as if the redhead’s life depends on it.

Screaming like a firebell, Michelle struggles to keep the scissors around Alyson’s neck for what seems an eternity, but Aly won’t be denied as she redoubles her efforts to force the leglock open. Michelle suspects she has found herself in deep trouble as her legs finally loosen and come apart from around Alyson’s head.

Fighting to stay conscious without hyperventilating as she sucks in much needed oxygen, Alyson rolls Michelle onto her back. Positioning herself so she is out of range of Michelle’s wildly kicking legs, Alyson props herself by her right elbow and pours on the pressure, stretching her legs, clamping thighs choking the remaining fight from her.

Holding Michelle between her clamping legs for what seems an eternity forever, Alyson purrs, “Does that feel good?”

“FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCK YOU...” Michelle half-screams, half-chokes, nails attempting unsuccessfully to pry the redhead’s thighs apart.

“I suppose I should take that as a ‘no’,” Alyson taunts her rival. “But I have something in mind that might make you reconsider, unless you lose all control first!” With that, Aly rolls Michelle facedown on the carpet while her legs are still wrapped tightly around the blonde’s neck. Pressing her calves into Michelle’s throat, Aly grinds her into the carpet so there is no way she can launch a counter-offensive. This done, Aly leans toward her naked backside and exposed womanhood.

Parting Michelle’s thighs, Aly proceeds to bump and grind her breasts into Michelle’s cunny, covering every nook and cranny. Michelle gasps from the waves of pleasure that overtake her body at the first sensations of Aly stimulating her this way, prompting the redhead to smile.

“Just ride it out, honey,” she purrs. “It shouldn’t be long now...”

Her body failing her, Michelle sobs in dismay, that is, between uncontrollable throaty groans. She had felt Alyson’s will melting like a cherry popsicle on a mid-summer day. But somehow, the redheaded bitch responded and grasped control once more. And this was a control like no other, Michelle biting her pouting upper lip, sighing and panting. Whatever was going on below, it was intoxicating, soft warm skin fit snugly against her inflamed pussy, the supple tissue a tender caress urging her forward.

“BITCH!” Michelle screams, realizing Alyson’s despicably clever change in tactics.

The blonde reaches behind her in order to find something, anything, but can reach only the straining slender thighs of her tormentor. She scratches at the silky stems, but this only seems to draw a further pulse of strength from the legs, Alyson’s calves compressing around either side of her neck, slowing the jugular flows to her brain. Slowly but surely, Michelle’s weakly thrashing arms fall to the carpet, the only movement left, two sets of fingers clenching at the fibers.

The blonde’s pelvis thrusts disobediently toward Alyson’s continued ministrations, the raised ivory butt cheeks and cunny drawing an evil grin from Aly, the redhead knowing the softly pumping pale ass is a sign that Michelle has lost this contest of physical strength, mental trickery and sexual stimulation. And they both seem to know it.

“Got something to say, sweetheart?” Alyson asks sarcastically as she continues to grind her tits between the spread legs of her almost-vanquished rival. “Well, let’s hear it!” Alyson halts for a moment, Michelle gulping, a droplet of sweat hanging from the tip of her nose.

“I…I…” Michelle stammers. The redhead’s fingers walk over Michelle’s sex, red and moist, tips sinking inside. Alyson drops her bosom back on top and giggles as she grinds anew. “I GIVE. I FUCK’N G-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-IVE,” Michelle howls, eyes rolling back in her head as she desperately tries to deny Alyson the ultimate satisfaction.

“You’re not getting off that easy, blondie,” Aly purrs. “Remember: we agreed before we started. We fight until one of us comes. And from the looks of it, that ‘one of us’ is going to be you...”

Tightening the scissors around Michelle’s throat then, Alyson intensifies her stimulations, grinding her breasts into the squirming blonde’s womanhood. The friction on her cunny combined with the lack of oxygen to her breathing has an effect on Michelle much like Aly had described earlier in their match. Having her air cut off seems to increase the raw pleasure being given her by the redhead, as all her other senses are on full alert. And still Alyson tightens the leglock around her throat while rubbing and grinding her breasts into her inflamed, ever-dampening womanhood. Slowly, but surely, Michelle can feel the onset of an orgasm coming on as Aly persists in pursuing her hard-fought victory..

When she comes, her entire body stiffens from her torso to her toes and she screams her throat raw through the tight leg scissors Aly has clamped on her. Hearing the scream from the defeated blonde, knowing she has won the match, Alyson releases the scissors from Michelle’s throat and removing her breasts from Michelle’s loins. But the fight itself is not quite over. Rolling Michelle onto her back, Alyson quickly slams a figure four scissors around her throat, tucking her right calf firmly behind her left knee and fiercely compressing her windpipe.

Gasping, Michelle claws the thighs cutting off her air, but to no avail. Michelle had expended most of her energy during the match, and in the wake of her orgasm she is almost completely spent by now. All she can do now is try to continue breathing for as long as she could before Alyson sent her off to dreamland. Aly pushes her right calf into the blonde’s windpipe, grabbing her foot and pulling the scissors tighter. Michelle’s face turns red as Alyson’s had been earlier.

Almost desperate to escape the devastating scissors, Michelle rakes Alyson’s thighs and calves with her fingernails, leaving bright scratches and even drawing miniscule drops of blood along the way. If Michelle thinks this will deter Aly from choking her out with her legs, a tighter squeeze of the figure four tells her otherwise. Aly chokes on, determined to make her pass out. Alyson can feel the blonde’s energy slipping away with each passing second, and knows the blonde will passing out at any given moment now.

Pulling the figure four tighter still, Aly cinches her calf under Michelle’s chin, gritting her teeth as Michelle’s fingernails leave fresh red scratches across the smooth skin of her thighs, drawing a few more droplets of blood that pool around the scratches and begin to drip down her legs. In spite of the pain her nails cause her, Aly hears Michelle’s labored gasping grow hoarse as she fights for breath. The verbal submission had been enough for Aly; making her pass out is simply a matter of course.

Groaning as Michelle’s nails assault her soft thighs yet again, Aly tightens the figure four with a loud grunt. To convince Michelle to cease the persistent scratching of her legs, the redhead reaches over and places one hand over the blonde’s mouth. The other pinches her nostrils shut, cutting off all her air. Michelle’s eyes bug wide open as Aly does this, but the redhead removes her hands after a few tense moments, staring down hard into Michelle’s eyes.

“Don’t do that again!” she warns Michelle about scratching her legs.

Michelle passed out a few minutes later. The blonde had held on as long as she could, which impressed the redhead, but in the end Aly’s persistence had won the fight. But before Michelle had succumbed to the power of Alyson’s legs, the blonde forced herself to open her mouth with the final vestiges of her strength. At first Aly thought this was due to the lack of air, but Michelle’s mouth reflexively closed each time she tried to open it. It was then that Aly realized that Michelle was trying to form words.

“N…Ne…” was all Michelle could force out, her voice rasping, choking, and gritty, “Next time I’ll be the one to make you come and pass out, then you will be MY sex toy!”

As soon as she had pushed those words past her lips, Michelle slumped and went limp in Alyson’s legs. She was completely and utterly out cold. Exulting in having outwrestled Michelle, Alyson contemplated the promise the blonde made to her before drifting off night-night. In a no-rules catfight where anything and everything was allowed, the idea of both of them going into it to make the other come first was something that interested Aly very much, most of all when her opponent was just as much the type to throw fair play to the wind as she, from what she had heard.

Alyson withdrew her legs from the unconscious blonde who lay there like a sack of wet laundry. Looking down at her, she placed a foot on Michelle’s bare chest in victory, whispering. “Maybe it will turn out that way, and maybe it won’t... But for now, I intend to take my prize, and show you a few things about what a redheaded wildcat can do to a hot little blonde in the sack!” Still naked, she grabs the unconscious Michelle by the hair and drags her into the bedroom. Coming back into the living room to retrieve the remnants of their attire, guessing they’re still fit to tie a passed out woman with, Aly heads back into the bedroom, shutting the door softly behind her...