Sharon Stone vs. Jennifer Garner (I) by Tank

Based on a typical day in the palace among the harem and harem keepers. The harem consists of Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron, Paris Hilton, Alyssa Milano, Gena Lee Nolin, Catherine Zeta Jones, Elizabeth Hurley, Jessica Simpson, Teri Hatcher, Heidi Klum, Nadia Bjorlin, and Denise Richards.

Demi Moore and Jessica Alba also decide to come to the island and live in the palace as well which brings the total number of your harem girls to fourteen.
You have decided to hire ALL the applicants who applied for the position of “Harem Keeper”, employing them on a rotating basis.

They are Laila Ali, Torrie Wilson, Cory Nadine, Karen McDougal, Naomi Campbell, Marjean Holden, and Gabrielle Union. Recently, Catherine Bell and Angelina Jolie were hired as Keepers as well, which brings the total number of Harem Keepers to nine! (The more the better since you can easily afford to have them around and it makes for a plenitude of interesting relationships and match-ups with the harem fighting each other as well as their keepers.)

Harem keepers are informed that IF THEY ARE DEFEATED by a harem girl while trying to discipline her, the women trade positions in the palace; with the harem girl becoming a keeper and the losing keeper a harem girl. Keepers can also be demoted to harem girls should they lose a fight to another keeper! The Keepers occupy the largest, most opulent rooms in the palace, feast sumptuously, and enjoy the greatest privileges.

This day begins with an interview with Sharon Stone who visits to interview for the job of a Keeper. She’s insulted when you suggest she may be better as a harem girl - for one thing, because you have more than enough keepers and secondly…well, Sharon IS getting a little long in the tooth!

Stone strongly insists she’s amply qualified to help run the harem and, kind-hearted soul that you are, you give her a chance.

Jennifer Garner has been getting on your nerves lately, what with constant long distance calls to hubby, Ben Affleck, so you assign Sharon to a scheduled 12:00 AM visit to her room to "convince" Jen to keep the chats to a minimum.

Normally, discipline is instilled in your harem girls by this method. It allows the keeper a very private and intimate one-on-one opportunity to get her point across to the harem girl. Generally, it’s not so much the seriousness of the violation or the infraction, but the keeper assigned that determines the nature and length of punishment.

Torrie Wilson, for example, was quite lenient in her first assignment, allowing a frightened Teri Hatcher off the hook with a stern lecture.

Naomi Campbell, on the other hand, was a 'domination till dawn' disciple and she had Jessica Simpson whining to you the next day, "If I EVER see her in my room again, I'm leaving and never coming back!"

Somehow, you knew Simpsy was bluffing. No one REALLY wanted to leave and after a taste of life in your palace, the outside world seemed very dull indeed!

Your afternoon consists of a scheduled tennis match on your six hundred acre estate which encompasses the palace. Your opponent is Gena Lee Nolin in a skimpy white tennis skirt that glides above her panties as she runs the court. You allow Gena to keep score, unable to focus yourself. When she defeats you in a tie breaker you’re suspicious of cheating.

"Better luck, next time!" the former Baywatch beauty gloats as you walk off the court together.

Losing to a harem girl at ANYTHING is humiliating to you. You can't put your finger on it but somehow you feel she MUST have cheated. But what if she didn't? What if she beat you fair and square?

"Better to err on the side of discipline," you think and assign Marjean Holden to a 1:00 AM visit to Gena's room.

Marjean has been prowling the halls like a hungry wolf all week in search of action. You inform her to reiterate the rules of score keeping to Gena Lee and to "instruct" the lovely blond on the value of good sportsmanship.

Alyssa Milano and Jessica Simpson are assigned cooking duties on this day and Alyssa scores points by serving a scrumptious dinner of baked lasagna. So when Jessica burns the garlic toast, you assign Cat Bell to pay a 2:00 AM visit to her room.

Cat, on her first assignment, is very eager to "discuss" the incident with Jessica.
* * * * * *
Sharon Stone vs. Jennifer Garner (II)

Sharon, wearing a black blouse and miniskirt with matching boots unlocks the door to Jennifer's room and finds her sitting on her bed reading a book. Jen is barefoot dressed in a flimsy white nightgown and reading glasses. She puts her book down and watches Sharon play the dominatrix as the blond locks the door, sleeks toward her bed and sits next to her.

"You know why I'm here!" Sharon tells her. "You really shouldn't chatter so much. You're becoming a real nuisance, lately!"

Sharon's blue eyes stare into Jen's brown eyes as the blond adopts a stern demeanor toward the younger brunette.

"Is that so?" Jen answers. "What are you going to do about it?" she asks as she rids herself of her glasses and twists her sleek body toward her disciplinarian.

"Be nice, Jennifer, and maybe I'll let you off with a light spanking!" Sharon warns.

Suddenly, Jen arches her back and shoots her shapely legs out as she wraps them around Sharon's neck! The blond presses toward her and rains wild punches which graze the harem girl's face. Jen twists Sharon onto her back with her athletic legs and maneuvers herself on top of her. Sharon struggles desperately but several straight and lethal punches to her face already have her hurt and dazed. The sexy brunette rolls her opponent onto her side and applies a painful arm lock which has Sharon wincing. Jen pushes the blond off her bed and relieves herself of her night gown. The 'Alias' star is now topless in her red satin panties. Jumping off her bed, she lifts Sharon to her feet by her hair and secures her arm lock from behind.

“OWWWWW!" Sharon screams as the angry brunette bounces her toward the door, unlocks it, and forces her down the hallway. "LET ME GO!"


Jen leads Sharon down the stairs maintaining her arm lock as she violently yanks her hair back. Sharon is screaming and sobbing as the fit brunette enters The Great Room where you are seated near the fireplace.

Jen pushes Sharon to the floor in front of you and the vanquished blond falls to her knees sobbing. The younger, stronger Jennifer, her bare breasts heaving, deals her keeper a savage knee to her butt which knocks the sexy blond onto her belly.

“OOOHHHH!" Sharon squeals.

"I deserve to be a harem keeper!” the sultry brunette beauty tells you. “I promise to keep Sharon and the other girls in line!" she says as she stands smiling over her defeated opponent.

"What a fine harem keeper Jen will make!" you think to yourself as you watch the tall, sleek brunette standing over her defeated keeper in her red satin panties!

With Jen the new Keeper and Sharon the new harem girl, you see how quickly fortunes can change in your palace. You wonder if Marjean will be able to handle Gena - or Jessica can, by some miricle, surprise Cat.

"Things are really heating up around here!" you think as you lead the victorious Jennifer to her new quarters, leaving Sharon - knowing her fate - sobbing on the floor.