Gena Lee Nolin vs. Angie Harmon by Scott Feb. 02

Hollywood producers were interested in making a feature length movie about Hooter girls. Wanting a big audience they wanted to cast a hot looking woman for the lead role but they were also considering casting an actress that might also attract a female audience.

Two actresses were still in the running for the lead, they were Gena Lee Nolin and Angie Harmon.

One day during auditions the two former models happen to be in the changing room at the same time. Both were in the typical Hooters outfit with the tight top and Hooter pantyhose. Angie, about 5'10", looked beautiful with her long legs, slim body, jet-black hair and beautiful skin. Her breasts were firm albeit a little bit on the small side. Gena was about 5'9" with gorgeous long blonde hair and a shapely, toned body. Her legs, though not quite as long as Angie's, were well defined and her breasts were firmer and much larger and fuller than Angie's.

Both had already taken off their shoes when Gena lamented, "I can't believe the producers are considering you for the part."

"Yeah they want to class this picture up," Angie responded.

"What with you? You're a pitiful excuse for a woman. Hasselhoff said the reason 'Baywatch Nights' was canceled was because no one wanted to see your bony ass," Gena Lee told the woman who'd co-starred in the short-lived series. "And I've seen 13 year olds with bigger tits than you," she added with a chuckle.

"Funny you'd mention 13," Angie chided. "'Cause I heard that's your IQ!"

"Real funny. None of the other actors and actresses want you here. They know the movie will bomb if you're in it. Why don't you just leave?" Gena said, obviously irritated.

"No dice, I've already got this part. The producers only invited you here so they could get in your pants. They know you'd do anything for this part. They consider you nothing more than a movie whore," Angie smirked.

The last statement caused Gena to see red.

"Why you little bitch! I'll tear you apart," she said menacingly as she slowly approached Angie.

"Go for it, you blond bimbo," Angie challenged.

Angie was probably being foolishly, not realizing that not only was Gena Lee in great condition from her work on the 'Sheena' series but also that she'd learned some fighting skills for the show. Even before she was 'Sheena' it was well known that Gena once knocked out a woman with a single punch to the face.

Not at all afraid of the thinner woman Gena charged Angie. Angie did the same. Right away they grabbed at each other's hair getting a death grip on the other's scalp. Neither could gain an advantage and they pulled for several moments when Gena let loose of Angie's hair and punched her in the stomach. Angie did not let go of Gena's hair after the first blow so Gena kept punching over and over until finally...


A powerful blow to Angie's midsection doubled her over, knocking the air out of her and forcing her to release Gena's hair. Next, Gena grabbed Angie by her hair and lifted a knee to her face, straightening her up. Angie stumbled back from the blow, a little blood running from her nose. Gena went right after her and landed multiple slaps to both sides of Angie's face, snapping it back and forth. Gina also landed a chop to the upper chest again causing Angie to stumble backward. Three more forceful chest chops sent Angie crashing to the floor.

Gena picked up the dazed Angie from behind and put her in a full nelson. Angie screamed in agony as her neck was being bent until her chin pushed against her chest. Angie knew Gena had the strength to break her neck and she wasn't strong enough to power out of this hold so she did the only thing she could, a mule kick between Gena's legs.

The low blow broke the hold and sent Gena reeling, gasping for air and holding her crotch as she let Angie loose to massage her crotch trying to rub out the pain. Meanwhile, Angie was rubbing her sore neck and catching her breath after the blonde's attack. As she rubbed her neck, Angie noticed Gena was recovering and she began to realize that Gena may be too strong for her. She decided to leave the dressing room. She only went about 5 steps before she was grabbed from behind.

"Whoa! Where daya think you're goin' sweetheart?" Gena asked, grabbing the actress's Hooters top and yanking her back.

Angie swung her fist at Gena's head but the blonde ducked, drove her knee into Angie's stomach then gave her a hammerbutt to the back of Angie's neck as she doubled her over. When Angie folded forward, Gena pulled her head between her strong legs and squeezed like it was in a vice. Gena moved forward a few inches to firmly wedge Angie's neck between her legs, her muscular thighs rapidly weakening the thin woman who's knees began to buckle under the pressure.

Breathing was becoming an issue for Angie, as was blood supply to the brain. She kept squirming, but Gena had her locked in good and it took Angie several minutes before she managed to squirm out of the deadly scissors. When she broke free, Angie was off-balanced and tumbled over backward onto the carpet. Her ears and face were bright red and she was obviously dazed. Angie took deep breaths; her body swelling with each inhale before she released the oxygen. Before she could get to her feet Gena landed a sharp kick to her chin, then added a couple of stomps to the head and chest as Angie struggled to get to her feet.

Going for the kill, Gena dragged the groggy brunette up by the hair. The blonde was taunting Angie, telling her what a beating she was about to receive. The overconfident actress let her guard down, giving Angie an inviting target. Angie saw it and she took it! With Gena's legs apart, Angie shot her hand straight up, slamming Gena between the legs. When Gena immediately doubled over in pain, Angie swung a knee up into Gena's face but the sturdy blonde didn't fall.

Angie went after Gena, grabbed her by the hair and tried to bang her head against the wall. When she did, Gena put her leg up on the wall, thwarting Angie's plan. Gena threw an elbow back in Angie's side..... then another! Gasping, Angie let go of Gena's hair upon which Gena spun around and gave her a knee to the gut, doubling her foe over again.

Gena buried her hands in Angie's jet-black hair to holding her in steady, then brought her knee up to the brunette's face. Angie couldn't fall because Gena held her up by the hair but she was reeling badly. Gena slammed Angie's head into the wall but still had hold of Angie's hair which she used to keep her on her feet. Gena didn't let go until she'd rammed her head into the wall five times and made a hole in the plaster from pounding Angie's head on it.

Gena then shoved Angie backwards and she promptly fell to the floor like a drunken fool. Gena pulled Angie to her knees and again pulled her head between her thighs. She squeezed for a while and this time Angie didn't have enough strength to escape. She was slapping Gena's thighs but pretty soon she didn't even have the strength to do that and her body went limp. Just when it looked like the young actress was about to pass out, Gena reached around her waist, lifting her legs straight into the air, then drove her head into the carpet with a pile driver.

Thank goodness for Angie the carpet and padding were both thick. Even thought the blow didn't knock her out, it left her completely stunned and she lay motionless on the carpet except for a slight shuffling of her legs. This gave Gena enough time to pull off Angie's top as well as her own, reducing both women in just their sheer pantyhose.

Gena lay down beside Angie and wrapped her muscular legs around Angie's stomach. Angie was vaguely aware of what was happening but by the time she comprehended what was about to happen to her and tried to wriggle free it was too late. Gena had the scissors locked on. Angie immediately screamed and began slapping and scratching at Gena's legs. The scratching did no damage to Gena's legs as her thick nylons protected them.

Still, Gena though didn't want to take the chance of Angie's nails penetrating to her skin so she edged her upper body forward and tried to pry the actress's hands from her legs. When she did, the incredibly flexible Angie lifted her legs and managed to get her calves around Gena's head. Angie was trying to pull Gena downward with her legs to break the waist scissors but she was in an awkward position and couldn't apply much pressure to Gena's head. Gena was pushing Angie's legs as she tried to pull her head back out of the hold.

Angie's slick nylons weren't helping her maintain her scissors and within moments, Gena was able to slip her head out of the actress's legs. Angie's lower body plopped back to the floor and she heaved a sigh of disappointment. The effort to counter Gena's scissors used a lot of energy and when it failed it left Gena more pissed. She tightened the steel, vice-like grip of her thighs around the raven-haired beauty's waist bringing a gasp of pain from Angie's lips. Knowing if she didn't escape quickly, she would be done for, Angie devoted all her remaining energy to a last ditch effort.

She lifted her torso off the floor and began sending elbows into Gena's side. Angie was grunting both because of the pain around her stomach and the effort behind her elbow strikes. Unfortunately, Angie couldn't put much power behind the blows and she wasn't damaging Gena's tight stomach. The blows were annoying, however, so Gena grabbed Angie by the hair pulled her forward and pounded her hard right fist to Angie's jaw knocking her back down to the floor.

Gena grabbed Angie's right arm as she inched up Angie's body still maintaining the deadly scissors driving the air out of Angie's body and crushing her ribs. Angie was noticeably wheezing and having trouble breathing by this time. As Gena maintained the scissors and armbar, she bent Angie's wrist back causing her to scream in agonizing pain. Unable to break free Angie just pounded the carpet with her free hand in frustration. Then Angie began crying, knowing she was beaten and now completely at Gena's mercy.

In total control, Gena resembled a python as she constricted her thighs in a suffocating grip around Angie's waist each time the slender woman exhaled. Her rippling leg muscles showed the effort Gena was putting in the scissors as she tried to put Angie away. Angie was getting light-headed and her breaths were becoming more and more shallow. Her innards felt like they were being compressed. A nauseating feeling was coming over her.

Gena knew Angie was hers for the taking, so she eased up on the pressure and slid out of the hold. Angie rolled into a fetal position, moaning in agony, sobbing and hoping her ordeal was over. She was in no condition to counter or even defend herself. Gena wasn't finished with her scissors but she wanted to stretch her legs before she shifted her attack upwards. She roughly grabbed Angie by the hair and easily pushed her legs past Angie's arms as the thin actress made a feeble attempt to fend her attacker off.

Gena then wrapped her legs around Angie's skinny neck and squeezed. Angie immediately began choking. Her breathing was labored and her face turned red. She wildly shuffled her legs and feet trying to find some kind of leverage.

"You should have quit when you had the chance," Gena told her.

Gena pulled Angie's head between her silky thighs until her nose was wedged tightly against her pantyhose covered crotch. She started flicking Angie's eyes and nose with her fingers, knowing how irritating it felt and how humiliating it was to Angie who was helpless to do anything to stop it. Then Gena hooked her fingers in Angie's nostrils and pulled up. The sudden pain sent Angie's body thrashing like crazy as she screamed like mad. She slapped and pushed at Gena's arms but couldn't budge the blonde's grip.

Tired of listening to Angie's screaming, Gena let loose and used a handful of hair to jerk Angie's face into her muff, then concentrated on squeezing the beauty's head til it popped! Enjoying being cruel, Gena would ease up the pressure when it looked like Angie was about to pass out only to put the squeeze on again a few seconds later. Gena loved pulling Angie's head back to look at the dazed expression on her face. Her hair was soaked wet and matted against her face; her eyes puffy and tear stained; her breathing labored.

"Please……stop," Angie barely gasped, pleading with Gena to end her torture.

Angie again tried to pry Gena's legs apart but in her weakened condition her efforts were futile. Minutes later Angie was making terrible wheezing noise each time Gena flexed her legs, applying tremendous pressure on the head and neck. Angie's arms lay draped limply over Gena's thighs, her legs kicked meekly a few times ….then they too went limp.

Gena decided she didn't want to scissor Angie unconsciousness so she released Angie and got to her feet. The brunette's body lay between Gena's legs, barely moving. Looking at Angie's long lean body just lying there was too tempting a target for her, so Gena landed an elbow to Angie's sternum…popped to her feet and landed another. Angie would thrash about each time contact was made but she was far too weak to move out of harms way. Finally, Gena dropped a leg across Angie's chest knocking what little remaining air she had left from er body.

Gena played to the crowd as she yanked Angie to her feet by her hair. The actress was barely able to stand; her legs were wobbly and she was bent over at the waist. Gena had to hold Angie up to keep her from falling. A knee to the face snapped Angie's head back and sent her staggering backward until she hit the wall. Out of energy, her legs like jelly, Angie slowly slid down and sat on the floor with a fat lip, bloody nose and goofy look on her face.

Remembering Angie's earlier blows to her crotch, Gena grabbed Angie by the ankles and dragged her to the middle of the room. Raising her legs in the air and spreading them shoulder width apart, Gena laughed as she kicked Angie right in the cunt! Angie's torso jerked up, her hands flailing mindlessly toward her crotch…..but then a second kick to the crotch put a stop to her resistance and send her flopping back down flat on her back sobbing and holding her head. Still holding Angie's legs apart, Gena hopped in the air and came crashing down with a devastating head butt to Angie's groin.

"UUGGGG!!" Angie gave a loud gasp…her chest thrust violently upward at the pain exploded into her brain as her nerve center overloaded and shut down.

Then she passed out.

Gena poured some water on Angie to awaken her before she once again dragged her to her feet. This time she stood Angie up facing everyone, stood in front of her and put the slender brunette in a crushing bearhug. Gena's large breasts totally engulfed Angie's tiny tits as Angie's skinny body was crushed by her powerful grip. It was no trouble for Gena to lift the taller but much thinner woman off her feet. At first Angie tried to pry Gena's arms apart, but with no strength left in her arms, she could only slap weakly at Gena's back and arms as the powerful blonde held her and shook her like a cat with a mouse.

Angie's weak blows bounced off Gena's fit body harmlessly. In a final attempt to escape she tried to claw Gena's eyes but Gena was able to turn her head aside at the last second and frustrate even that futile attempt. As she did with the waist scissors, Gena tightened her grip with each breath Angie took. In a few minutes Angie went limp in Gena's grip, her arms dangling limp at her sides. With a disdainful snort of derision, Gena unceremoniously tossed Angie's limp body on the floor.

Turned on by her easy conquest, Gena now wanted sexual satisfaction. She straddled Angie and blew lightly on her face until she opened her eyes. With Gena sitting on her chest the beaten Angie could barely breathe. Gena began rubbing her crotch on Angie's chest and face. After a few minutes of arousing herself, Gena planted her nylon clad cunny on Angie's face covering her breathing passages and began to hump her face. Gena held Angie by the back of her head as she forced it against her pussy.

Moments later, Angie visited dreamland again. Gena lowered her head back to the carpet and went for a ride, grinding and humping herself into a frenzy. Several minutes later, Gena slowed her gyrations and thrust her sex slowly but powerfully against her unresponsive victim's face. Her orgasm had begun. Gena was screaming like mad now - lost in her pleasure.

Thank goodness the room was soundproof. Speeding up only to slow down then speed up again, Gena humped and bumped for several minutes, draining herself on the beautiful face below. A few final thrusts of her pelvis indicated she was finished, but just temporarily.

Gena slithered off Angie and looked down. Her pantyhose soaked up much of her cum but plenty escaped to cover Angie's face with a slimy coating that gave her a clammy, deathlike look. The blonde tore a hole in the crotch area of her pantyhose, then slapped Angie several times until she awakened only to go into reverse facesit. Purely from instinct, Angie lifted her legs trying to hook Gena's neck. In her condition the attempt was pathetic; she could hardly lift her legs past her waist but it was enough for Gena to get a hold of them.

As Gena continued rubbing herself on Angie she spread Angie's legs and began fingering the actress' pussy. With her sharp nails, Gena was easily able to puncture a small hole in the panel of Angie's pantyhose. Though Angie was semi-conscious, her body began to react to Gena's magical fingering.

Minutes later, Angie came under Gena's hand. On the verge herself, Gena released Angie's legs and leaned back with her full weight on Angie's face as she began a slow, sensual grinding. Every now and then, Gena would lift herself up and check behind her to make sure Angie was still barely conscious. After a few more minutes of having Gena mash her face with her slimy pussy, Angie went into dreamland.

Gena smiled seeing that Angie had passed out. She sat back down and humped her prize at a furious pace, roughly pinching and pulling Angie's small but erect nipples as she panted and grunted like a rutting bull. Moments later, Gena exploded in her second orgasm on Angie.

With no nylon to soak it up, her sweet nectar cascaded down over Angie's face and into her open mouth, overflowing it and running in rivulets down her pink cheeks onto the floor beneath. Gena rocked back and forth for several more minutes, savoring the moment as she continued stretching and tugging at Angie's pert nipples. Gena was ripping Angie's sweet little titties from her body while smothering her adorable dimpled face.

Gena continued rocking slowly side to side enjoying herself immensely before she gave a last mighty tug on the actress's nipples causing them to stretch and then bounce back as if made of rubber. Angie's breasts were as swollen and puffy as her ass covered face. Satisfied with her victory, and sexually satisfied as well, Gena finally rose off her prize.

"You won't be needing these since you aren't going to be in this movie," Gena said as she got up and stripped Angie of her Hooter hose. While Gena was stripping her of her hose, Angie started to come around.

Gena muttered, "Hey, we can't have that!"

She laid her body on top of Angie's, her breasts over Angie's face. The actress was still to groggy to put up and resistance save for instinctively raising her hands and laying them harmlessly on Gena's back. Gena wrapped her arms around the beauty's head as she pressed her bosom down. Her big, soft breasts pancaked, covering Angie's nose, mouth and then some. Only Angie's hair was visible as Gena bore down, wrapping her arms around Angie's head. She continued to press hard, making sure Angie never caught her breath. Within seconds, Angie's arms slid down off of Gena's back to the floor, signaling her descent into a last, long, deep sleep once more.

Gena stood up and planted her right foot on the actress's neck, choking her even though she was already out. As she was choking Angie, Gena took the time to adjust her pantyhose starting with her left ankle and working her way up the leg which she had placed on Angie's forehead. The only noise heard was the snapping of Gena's hose. Finishing her left leg, Gena repeated the hose adjustment starting with her right ankle while keeping her foot on Angie's neck. By the time she reached her waist, Angie's body was spasming from the cumulative abuse. Her thrashing only lasted a few seconds before it stopped. When Gena was finished, Angie was completely still and she lay spread-eagled on the floor.

Gena dressed and went to the producer's office to tell him, "Miss Harmon is no longer interested in this project."