Melissa Joan Hart vs. Katie Holmes by CROZ 12-Feb-00

Melissa returned to her Hollywood home after some jogging around the neighborhood to see that she had a new message on her machine. She walked over and played the message.

"Hello Miss Hart, this is Lisa from the Brinker production company. I'm sorry to inform you but the director has decided to go with some one else for the after school special. I'm sorry for any inconvenience."

A pissed Melissa called the company back screaming. "Hello Lisa, what the hell do you mean they went with someone else. John himself told me I had the part."

"Yes I know Miss Hart but that was until Miss Holmes called back saying she would take the part. She originally turned it down, but I guess she changed her mind."

Melissa slammed to phone down in anger. "How could they pass me up for that bitch?" Melissa thought to her self. We'll see who gets this part.

On the day of the shoot, Katie stood in her dressing room staring into the mirror as she put on her lipstick. Dressing the part of a typical schoolgirl Katie wore denim shorts, sneakers, and a navy blue tank top. Katie looked in the mirror to see Melissa standing in the doorway of her dressing room. Katie slightly startled turned around to see Melissa standing there in leather boots, a black skirt, and a gray short sleeve sweater.

"What the hell do you want?" Katie proclaimed.

"To hear your prissy bitch ass scream." Melissa said as she locked to door behind her.

"What did you say to me you cheap slut?" Katie angrily shouted back. Melissa just responded with a right cross to Katie's cheek. Katie fell to the ground as her lipstick flew from her hand. She perched up on her elbows gazing up still dizzy from the punch when Melissa began to stomp her prone victim.

Melissa began to stomp the brunette repeatedly.

"Lets see is if everybody loves you when pretty face is black and blue." Melissa continued her insults as Katie had curled up in a ball for protection. Unable to get a good shot in Melissa reached down and pulled the Dawson cutie up by her hair. Melissa held Katie head down as she began to knee the brunette in her sides. Katie began to give out some groans as Melissa went to work on her ribs. Katie gave out a squeal as Melissa scored a knee to Katie's left tit.

The teenage witch pulled Katie up to her hair and threw her against the wall, the brunette's head taking the worse of it. Melissa walked over to her dazed adversary and gave her a knee shot to crotch. Katie mouth dropped open, but no sound came out. Melissa leaned forward and whispered in to Katie ear.

"You shouldn't have ever of fucked with me little girl."

Melissa leaned back and threw Katie to the floor where she landed on all fours. With Katie trying to massage away the pain in her women hood, Melissa walked in front on Katie and pulled her shirt off from over her head. Katie now sporting a white bra stayed still slightly dazed Melissa kept up her insults.

"What the hell is that a training bra? What do you say we get a closer look at them."

Melissa reached down and unclipped Katie's bra. With Melissa so enjoying her humiliation, she let Katie take full advantage as she gave a sort of upward chop to Melissa pussy. The blonde gave out a screech as she dropped the bra in her hands and sank to her knee's holding her crotch. A topless Katie jumped to her feet and went right after Melissa.

"You're going to pay you fucking slut," Katie said as she jumped to her feet and kicked Melissa right in the side of her head.

Melissa was knocked on her back as Katie dove on top of her. Katie grabbed two fists full of blonde locks and began to drive the back of Ms. Hart head into the ground. Wanting to inflict more damage Katie would hold Melissa head up off the ground by her hair with one hand and the slap her face back to the floor. Melissa tried to cover up to protect her face, but that only pissed off Katie more.

Ms. Holmes stood up, bringing Melissa with her and threw into the closet door. Melissa bounced off and laid on the floor starring up in a daze. She opened her eyes to see a Katie standing above her peeling off her gray sweater. She struggled a little, slightly stretching out the sweater, but after Katie punched her in the left tit Melissa gave up the tug of war. She was still too dizzy to amount an attack. Melissa shook her head again to get her sight straight, what she saw made her gasp in fear. Katie was now siting on her stomach with her own black bra in left hand and Katie's right hand coming down.

"Owww, Owww, stop Owwww, please!" Melissa pleaded as Katie was just lacing punch after punch in to her breast.

With a smile, Katie threw the bra aside and helped her self to Melissa bounty as she grabbed both firm melons in her hands. Katie really began to squeeze as the blonde screamed and try to pry Katie's hands away from her chest. The brunette held firm as Melissa tried to break her hold by returning the favor. Katie gasped in surprise and pain as Melissa had managed to take hold of each of her breast. Both girls gritted the teeth in what became a battle of who could last longer. Melissa changing her hold grabbed Katie's nipples and began to slam both luscious orbs into each other.

"Ahhhhh, my tits. I'm going kill you." Katie screamed out in pain and frustration as the blonde was getting the best of her.

Katie enraged grabbed both of Melissa boobs tightly and pulled her slightly off the ground by them. Melissa gasp and the soon moaned and Katie slammed her back down to the ground by her tits. Katie repeatedly did this move as Melissa cried out in pain each time she was slammed back to the ground. Katie began to laugh; she was really enjoying watching her blonde adversary suffer.

"Lets have a little fun now, what do you say? Katie said as she stood up and pulled her sobbing victim with her.

Katie grabbed Melissa and through her into the brick wall of the dressing room. Melissa got her hands out in front of her to take most of the impact but that wasn't what Katie had in mind. The Brunette vixen walked up behind and put Melissa in a full nelson. Melissa struggled but soon Katie had her under control with some knees to the side.

Katie rammed Melissa forward making her tits take the full impact. Melissa began to scream as Katie couldn't help but laugh out loud as she punished the Hart girl. Katie then held Melissa tight against the wall and began to shake her back and fourth, making her chest rub against the harsh wall. Melissa was flat out crying at this point and pleading for Katie to stop.

But her cries fell on deaf ears as Katie kept on swinging her pack and fourth. Katie pulled Melissa off the wall and brought her over to the make-up counter. She threw her into it, knocking the wind out of poor Melissa's stomach. She laid there with half her body on top of the counter and the other half barely standing up.

"I think you need a make over, lets start with those lovely blonde locks of yours." Katie said sadistically as looked on the shelves for a pair of scissors.

Melissa half out of it looked up into the mirror to see Katie looking for the scissors. Melissa saw in front of the mirror a can of aerosol hair spray. She grabbed the can and stayed down.

"Oh here they are, I really think you will look good bald, Melissa," Katie walked over to the half naked blond and grabbed her by the hair.

Suddenly, Melissa turned around and sprayed the hair spray into her eyes. Katie let out a cry, dropped the scissors and covered her eyes. She began to stagger around. Melissa pushed her self up from the counter and went right after Katie. Melissa acted like she was kicking a 30-yard field goal as she gave a horrible shot to Katie's crotch. Katie went to her knees as Melissa looked around for something else she could use.

She saw a hair dryer on the counter and grabbed it by the handle. With one swing Melissa cracked the hair dryer over Katie's head. She slumped to the floor as Melissa began to stomp her all over. Melissa then picked her up by the hair and threw her back first into the counter. Katie gave out a moan as her back slammed in to counter top. Melissa ran over and gave another knee shot in between Katie's legs.

"Time to pay the fiddler little girl." Melissa said as she walked up to Katie and began to unbutton her denim shorts.

Kate still partially blinded started to resist. Melissa just grabbed the back of her head by her hair and held it to the counter top. Katie body was trusting out. Melissa than sank her hand down into Katie shorts and pulled out some brownish fur. Katie let out a glass-shattering scream. Melissa just laughed in spite. Melissa gave Katie another knee to the crotch and then threw her to the ground.

Katie laid there on her back sobbing and holding her woman hood. Melissa knelt down in front of her and pushed Katie's hands out of the way and gave another knee to Katie's throbbing pussy. Melissa then perched her self on top of Katie chest and licked her fingers and palms.

"Time to say good night little girl."

Melissa reached down and covered Katie's mouth and pinched her nose shut. Katie tried desperately to unseat Melissa, but to no unveil. Katie's face started to turn blue. In a last ditch effort Kate grabbed Melissa scrapped right boob with both hands and began to squeeze for all she was worth. Melissa caught of guard gasp in pain; she sat up and letting go of her smother and dropped an elbow into Katie's crotch. Katie let out a yelp, but that was soon smothered as Melissa was now sitting right on top of Katie face with her woman hood covering her nostrils. Her knees kept Katie's arm from moving and her hair pulling kept Katie face in place.

"I guess we'll have to go to plan two," Melissa said as she held the smother in place.

About 4 minutes later Katie lay still and Melissa rose from her fallen adversary. Melissa grabbed her clothes, all but her bra, which she couldn't find and walked over to the mirror. She saw how badly her chest was scraped and became furious.

"You fucking cunt, I can't believe what you did to my boobs."

Melissa ran over and kicked the unconscious Katie. She got dressed and walked out to the studio. Her hair was slightly a mess and her sweater was stretched out.

"There you are, we've been waiting for 10 minutes for you. I was just about to send someone to go get you. Hey, you're not Katie, who the hell are yo.... wait! Ms. Hart what are you doing here, where's Katie?"

The director asked puzzled.

"She had some stage fight...ummm, I mean fright. She told me to do the part," Melissa said innocently.

"Well OK then, lets get started," the director said.

Melissa began to step forward until she was suddenly speared in the back. Melissa, knocked to the ground, turned to see a topless Katie filled with rage start to punch her in the face.

"What the hell is this? Bill start taping…fast!" the director ordered as Melissa tried to cover up from the onslaught of punches Katie was raining down.

Katie then actually ripped Melissa sweater from her neck in only two tries. She then grabbed both naked breast and began to crush them like silly putty. Melissa tried to fight back by grabbing Katie chest, but every time she did Katie gave her another punch to the face. Melissa's mouth was now dripping blood. Katie gave her a chop to the throat that made the blonde choke.

The brown hair hellcat yanked Melissa up by her hair and threw her into some technical equipment. Melissa laid there in pain as Katie pulled her up and threw her again. This time Melissa laid face down on the cold, hard cement of the studio floor. Katie grabbed a wire from one of the camera and began to choke Melissa from behind with it.

Melissa tried desperately to pull the wire off from around her but to no unveil. She started to black out as she felt the wire being pulled off from around her neck. She fell to all fours. Katie stood up and seeing the camera called over to the cameraman.

"Here's one for the highlights."

Katie put Melissa in a standing headscissor as she faced the blonde back. First she scratched her nails down Melissa back, eliciting a scream. Then she lifted up Melissa's skirt and took hold of her black thong underwear. She yanked towards her giving Melissa and painful wedgie. Her cotton underwear was pulled hard in to her pussy and the crack of her ass. She moaned in pain but was still only half-awake any way.

Katie kept pulling on the black thong but used her right hand to start spanking Melissa cute buns. Katie looked up to make sure the camera had a good view of the action as she rotated between Melissa's left and right ass checks. Katie finally tired of this and let Melissa fall to a heap on the floor.

"Time to finish the shit, bitch," Katie said as she kicked Melissa on to her back.

Melissa barely had her eyes open and Katie sat on top of chest. Katie began to bounce up and down crushing Melissa boobs with her well-shaped ass. Melissa gave out meager groans as she bordered on the line of conscience. Katie then slide up on the Melissa so that her ass was right on top of Melissa mouth and nose.

"Night, Night slut," Katie just leaned back and let her cute butt suffocate Melissa in dreamland.

After only 2 min Melissa was out cold and Katie rose off of her.

"Excellent! Did you get it all?" the director asked as he looked eagerly over to the cameraman.

"Make sure I get a copy of that," Katie said smiling.

"OK Katie. Now, go take a shower and rest up. I'll have security take care of Ms. Hart. Well start filming in an hour," said the director.

"All right. Oh, by the way what is this after school special about?" asked Katie

"Anti-Violence" the director responded. They both started to laugh.

The End