"Tongue-Tied" Mary Hart vs. Joan Lunden by John

It rankled Joan for a long time that she’d so narrowly lost her last fight with Mary Hart. Years before, she’d won a narrow victory over her nemesis, but in their recent battle, although both had been betrayed by so-called "friends" who’d "set them up" for a solo struggle when each had expected them to help HER. Mary had, ever-so-narrowly, outlasted Joan in what proved an intense, see-saw, struggle which had left both women completely drained and exhausted.

Now, Joan was intent on regaining an edge over her longtime rival...Mary, too, was still upset; over a lot of things. The closeness of the recent fight with Joan had surprised her: she’d thought that Lunden had slipped some over the years since besting Mary in their first fight, so long ago. Mary had expected some difficulty in beating Joan, but had expected to gradually be able to outlast and overpower her.

In the event, it had taken every ounce of strength, endurance, toughness and willpower she possessed to eke-out the very narrowest of wins. The betrayal, the swerve, both had endured from their "so-called friends" also irked her - but like Joan, Mary was willing to let that go for another time. Right now, she wanted another crack at Lunden to establish an edge of her own over her long-standing rival.

So, unknowingly, these two mature beauties and life-long antagonists, were gearing up for another meeting. The meeting was approaching faster than either could've imagined. Joan hadn’t noticed another woman was in the elevator when she stepped in. The other woman was reading a newspaper that obscured her face behind the pages. Joan was busy fumbling in her purse as she entered and hadn’t really paid attention.

The door closed and the lift began to rise when suddenly the lights flickered. Joan's eyebrows raised in curiosity just as the other woman lowered her paper to peer around. For a brief instant, the eyes of the two women met, then both their faces revealed slack-jawed amazement as Joan and Mary found themselves looking at each other. Then, with a sudden jolt, the elevator lurched to a stop between floors the light went out and - almost instantly, a dim auxiliary light flickered on.

It was way after hours, the building, an office center in the LA suburbs, was empty of anyone else at that hour and it quickly dawned on both women that fate had thrust them together, again!

But both were eager to seize the opportunity and when the dim light finally came on the rivals just stared at each other for a brief, unbelieving moment. Then, wordlessly, each removed her shoes, rings, necklaces and earrings, placing them in their handbags...each then remover her light jacket. Joan was wearing a lovely red dress, knee-length, a bit low-cut. Mary was, amazingly, similarly attired!

"Your mine, at last, bitch!" Joan hissed.

"Maybe so, Mary replied. “…but the LAST time you had me to yourself, I was too much woman for you and you wound up being MINE!"

"This time will be different", Joan said emphatically.

"Yeah", Mary agreed, THIS time it won't even be close; THIS time, you're MINE! All mine, bitch!"

"Well see," Joan answered softly, suddenly aware that whatever else Mary was, she was NOT afraid of her.

"Yes, we certainly will, won't we?" Mary replied, also aware that Joan wasn’t impressed by her recent win and seemed totally unafraid.

As the two women had been sparring verbally, they had approached each other, as well, and now stood nose-to-nose and tit-to-tit. Each wore sleeveless dresses and each could see that the other was more buff and toned than in their last encounter. Stunned by her loss, Joan had been working out. Stunned by the closeness of their last fight, so too had Mary. Now, for the first time, each began to realize, this would likely be their toughest fight to date...Suddenly, Joan just slapped the fire out of Mary's left cheek. Mary recoiled a step, hurt, shocked and ANGRY!

Joan stepped forward to strike again, this time with her left hand, but Mary suddenly sprang towards her, shoving her with both hands on her shoulders, breaking her forward momentum and driving her back on her heels. As Joan's arms flew to her sides as she fought to regain balance, Mary slapped Joan's left cheek a stinging blow, spinning Joan to her right slightly. Now Mary lunged forward to strike again, but Joan stepped away and Mary rushed past her. Both were hurt from their exchange of hard slaps, each had a red welt on her left cheek.

They circled, feinting slaps at each other, but only able to catch each other a couple of glancing blows on their arms, until suddenly they stumbled into a clinch. Now the battle shifted more to wrestling than fighting, and each did her best to back the other into a corner of the car. Mary initially pushed Joan back a bit, but then Joan pivoted, reversing her momentum and slowly backed Mary up. Back and forth they went for several moments, each determined to show the other she was stronger. But neither could quite establish any real dominance. At last, during a stalemate, their right legs tangled as each woman sought to trip her enemy.

Try as they might, neither could outleg the other, either! At last, in frustration, they pushed apart. Both were sweating, panting for breath...and clearly frustrated. With a sudden rush, they flew at each other again, clinching and wrestling furiously for control, tearing at each other's dress fabric for leverage, then, inevitably, at each other's blonde tresses. Each wore their hair now at mid-length, so neither had an advantage there to work with.

Finally, Mary spun away to her right during a clinch, toppling Joan to her knees. Mary bore down on Joan to force her face down on the floor, but Joan hooked her arms around Mary's legs, toppling her to the floor. Mary landed on her left hip, but still had Joan in almost a reverse bearhug, so she tried to roll Joan to her own right to again try to pin Joan face down to the floor. Joan, meanwhile, tried to roll to her own right to get on top of Mary. From there, she would then try to slither around to trap Mary under her in a "69" bearhug, pinning Mary's shoulders to the floor.

Each strained to execute her plan, each moved the other some, then found herself being moved by the other, in turn. Finally, Joan emerged on top, but Mary still had control of her, from behind. Now, Joan tried to slither around inside Mary's hold, to gain control, herself. Just as she seemed about to succeed, Mary rolled to her left, toppling Joan off her. But Joan came free during the shifting of their bodies, and scrambled to get control of Mary.

Rising to all fours, Joan turned to face her blonde tormentress, only to find her next to herself, on her side and rolling right at her! Just as Joan prepared to lunge at Mary, Mary's body collided into her, as Mary rose to all-4's herself. Mary had momentum, but Joan still had a more secure foundation under her, so the collision caused both women to recoil and fall to their sides, facing each other, Joan on her right side, Mary on her left. Still they were close together, and they reached out for each other and clinched. Then they squirmed closer and entangled their legs, as each sought to wrestle her way back on top of the other one by main force.

It was Mary who at last emerged on top of her blonde nemesis, taunting her, "You're MINE!"

But not for long, for with a mighty heave, Joan rolled their locked bodies over and came up on top. "No, my dear," Joan hissed. "It seems that this time…you're MINE!"

Mary heaved back to her right, almost, but not quite dislodging her blonde tormentress. Joan reveled in maintaining her advantage, panting breathlessly in Mary's ear, "See, I told you..."

Only to have Mary place her feet against the nearby elevator wall while she was taunting Mary and using that for leverage, heave again. THIS time, Mary DID roll back on top of Joan, if only just barely.

"Spoke too soon, big mouth bitch!” Mary croaked into Joan's ear, as Joan looked up at her with exhaustion and desperation etched all over her reddened face. Mary noticed small beads of her own sweat falling onto Joan's face, which was also full of beads of sweat. Desperately, Joan heaved. Mary toppled, felt her control slipping away, saw hope flicker across Joan's face, strained back against her as hard as she could, and regained the top position, finally!

"Ready to admit I'm the better woman, you saggy-titted cow?" Mary whispered.

But she’d not noticed Joan drawing up her knees while she (Mary) taunted her and suddenly Joan heaved again, then thrust herself forward at the same time, just as she saw the look of triumph in Mary's features...Mary toppled again, fought to regain control again, as she just had done---but this time, Joan just managed to get back on top. Joan knew that if that last effort had failed, she was finished. Now, maybe, Mary was finished. Joan looked down at that lovely, but reddened, sweat-drenched face and saw the desperation in Mary's expression.

"Ready to admit I'M the better woman, fat-ass bitch!" Joan hissed, as sweat beads from her face dripped onto Mary's.

All this time the two had clamped each other in brutal, breathtaking bearhugs, and both women were spent, and knew it. Mary tried to heave Joan off, came close twice, but could not.

Joan finally lowered her nose right on Mary's, "Give up, washed up hag!" Mary spat right up into her face, surprising her just enough to allow Mary to heave one more time, this time rolling to her left side, toppling Joan off her, but unable to get on top of Joan herself, as Joan responded by spitting right back into Mary's face, stunning her, allowing Joan to stabilize their locked bodies in a stalemate.

At point-blank range they spat, until they at last locked lips, ending their fight! Neither Joan or Mary had intended to end their fierce fight with a kiss, even a competitive kiss. They simply had fallen into a kiss inadvertently, while stalemated, on their sides, and too drained to break their tie. Their spitting contest had become intense, mirroring their mutual frustration at their deadlock, and in seeking to get their faces closer and closer together so as to not miss each other with their next "shot", so to speak, they had come, eventually, to be nose-to-nose.

Their eyes had locked with fierce power as each woman radiated into the other her own determination to win their struggle. But each hated the current nature of their fight; this was nasty and each woman was a bit shocked, secretly, at how far she was willing to go to win. Both were also beginning to go dry in the mouth, so each was fearful of not being able to long continue their current battle; each was consequently desperate to somehow end it.

Then it just happened…their lips, puckered to again spit at each other at such close range, had suddenly and inadvertently touched. Instantly, Joan and Mary each saw an opportunity to end their rival's phlegmatic assault, and had almost savagely locked their mouths together! Eyes wide open, they exchanged a silent - unmistakable - challenge; their tongue-fight was ON!

Quickly, both realized this battle, too, would be close and tough and each secretly recalled the legendary "Inge vs. Conchita" stories from the Internet years before. They began to wonder if the other could stand up to her in such a struggle like the one described between the two women in that old story. Clearly, in any kind of physical fight, Mary and Joan now were face-to-face with the reality that they were almost hopelessly evenly-matched.

Each wondered, ‘Would a sexual combat between us turn out any differently?’

Before they could pursue these reveries for very long AND before either gained any advantage in their tongue-wrestling, the elevator lights began to flicker on and off and from some distance below, men’s voices could be heard calling, "Hullo in the elevator…anyone IN there? We'll have you out in just a few minutes, there was a sudden and violent storm which knocked out all the power around here..."

Slowly Joan and Mary separated their fused lips, their eyes still locked...then Mary answered the distant voices, "Yeah, there are two of us here..."

Joan asked the men below, "How long will it be?"

"About five or ten minutes, ma’am, no more..."

"Just enough time for us to try and put ourselves back together so MAYBE those fellows won't realize what's been happening with us all this time...," Joan said.

"We can TRY," Mary agreed.

By the time they were "rescued" from the elevator they’d been able, just barely - using the undamaged jackets they’d shed before the fight - to cover up the main damage they had inflicted on each other's clothing AND person. They quickly exited the elevator, each handing their rescuers $50 while hastily brushing past them on their way out of the lobby into the cool night air.

Once outside and alone, they stopped, turning to face one another, and looked at each other one more time. They moved close to each other, again locking eyes.

"This is NOT over; ya' know that, right?" said Mary.

"Damn right it's NOT!" Joan replied.

For a brief moment they continued to hold each other's gaze, then, as if by mutual consent, their lovely faces gently inclined toward one another and they lightly and briefly kissed each other on the lips. Then they spun around and walked away to disappear into the night...until they met again!