Melissa Joan Hart v Jenny McCarthy (Hart's Heaven) by S.P. Eider 13-May-00

Jenny McCarthy was looking forward to her next wrestling match with even more enthusiasm than usual. The reason for her anticipation was that this would be her first match as a brunette since recently dying her hair jet black. Needless to say, her opponent simply had to be a blonde. It also had to be a blonde Jenny was confident she could defeat, someone younger, a bitch who deserved a beating. Or perhaps a Witch. Jenny knew just the girl. She made a couple of calls and the deal was made, the match was set.

Time passed slowly for Jenny but eventually came the day before the match. Jenny was at the local pool for a final swim, relaxing her muscles in preparation for the approaching battle. It was mid-morning and few people were there to disturb the brunette as she swam leisurely lengths of the pool. Those who were present, specifically those of a male persuasion, were intoxicated by the red swimsuited beauty as she glided through the water with an almost sensual grace.

Concluding her last length, the 30 year old seductress pulled herself up from the water and sat on the edge of the pool, feet dangling into the chlorine tainted liquid. Jenny was not the only woman in the room wearing a tight swimming costume. She was, however, the only woman that the men present were gazing at.

Rising to her feet, a few gasps could be heard as her select audience were finally able to see Jenny in all her glory. Her normally full, black hair was wet and hung straight down, clinging to her broad shoulders. Her face, devoid of makeup, was still exquisite, full red lips and intense blue eyes that would have put the sky to shame. Water dripped provocatively from her chin onto her chest, from where it ran slowly into her welcoming cleavage. Within the confines of her tight costume, her ample bosom heaved in time with her breath. Through the wet material, Jenny nipples were as plain to see as if she were topless.

The swimsuit clung equally provocatively to her flat stomach and down into the well of her groin, showing just enough pink flesh on either side of her tempting crotch to send many of the men present into sudden, guilty coughing fits. As Jenny toweled herself down and made her way to the changing rooms, her fan club finally went back about their business.

* * * * *

Melissa Joan Hart was late.

She normally took her morning swim well before 9 o'clock but today she had overslept and didn't get to the pool until 11.30. Tomorrow was the day of her match against the hopeless Jenny McCarthy and Melissa was taking it easy. She viewed her upcoming bout with McCarthy as little more than a display of her own greater skill and technique.

The large changing area was deserted, not that it mattered to the occasionally immodest Ms Hart. She peeled her T-shirt off over her head to reveal the top half of a dark blue swimsuit that clung to her skin like a symbiotic life-form. Her sunshine hair became tangled as she removed the T-shirt and Melissa shook her head, running her fingers through the blonde locks as she did so. Tossing her head back, her dark hair fell onto her shoulders, emphasising her alluring face.

Icy blue eyes betrayed a fiery passion, doubtless gleaned from her mother. Her blood red lips seemed almost eager to be kissed and Melissa was unlikely to be short of willing volunteers. Melissa's feline like beauty was quite appropriate for a girl who often fought with tenacity of a wild cat.

Taking off her sneakers, the 24 year old slipped out of her jogging bottoms to fully reveal what had heretofore been hidden. Standing upright in only her blue swimsuit it was clear that Melissa's taut muscled body was as sexual as it was athletic. Her breasts demanded the most attention and usually got it. Crammed into her tight outfit, her cleavage heaved when she so much as blinked. Her stomach was flat, toned to perfection and below, her blonde thatch was scarcely hidden by the blue fabric of her swimsuit. The masterpiece was completed by Melissa's sensual but powerful legs.

Placing her clothes and trainers into her locker, Melissa headed towards the doorway that would take her to the pool. Before she got a hand to it to pull it open, the door was pushed open from the other side and Melissa stepped back to let whoever it was into the changing room. She could not have been more surprised if a talking cat had walked into the room.

"You?!" said Melissa, staring dumbfounded at a wet, swimsuited Jenny McCarthy. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Jenny was equally taken aback but had time to restrain her amazement. "I'm getting ready to beat you!" she replied coolly.

"Oh please, spare me," mocked Melissa, now over the initial shock. "You couldn't beat an egg. I'm gonna hurt you bad tomorrow."

"Why wait?" said Jenny. The last two weeks had seemed a lifetime for Ms McCarthy and waiting one more day was more than she could bear.

"What?" asked Melissa.

"You heard. Why wait till tomorrow? I'll take you on now!" Jenny smiled and said the one thing she knew would guarantee her desire. "Unless you're scared?"

"Slag!" screamed Melissa and launched herself at the older woman.

Jenny had expected an attack driven more by temper than skill and quickly intercepted Melissa's approach with a kick to her midsection. Melissa wheezed as Jenny's bare foot caught her in the pit of her stomach and she lurched forward, gasping for air. Jenny took immediate advantage, grasping Melissa's long fair hair and pulling her viciously into the centre of the changing room. The room was long and wide with double doors at each end. Apart from rows of metal lockers that lined the walls on either side, the area was sparse. Needless to say, Jenny had ample space to continue her assault on the squealing Ms Hart.

Melissa grabbed Jenny's wrists and attempted to pull her tormentor's hands from her hair. Jenny merely sunk another foot into the younger girl's gut, noticing Melissa's rump jerk outwards as her foot connected with a satisfying thud. Melissa instantly released her grip on Jenny's hands and went into a prolonged bout of coughing. For her part, Jenny tightened her grip on Melissa's hair and pulled the winded blonde over to the lockers along the wall. The former Playmate then pulled back Melissa's head and smacked it hard into one of the lockers. The noise was tremendous, both the loud crash of head into metal and Melissa's subsequent scream.

"Who says blondes have more fun?," spat Jenny, her hands still ensconced in Melissa's hair.

A quick tug pulled Melissa's head down as Jenny's knee came up to meet it. A sickening crack echoed throughout the room as Jenny's knee impacted mercilessly with Melissa's face. Melissa flew backwards as Jenny finally released her grip on the now bloodied blonde.

Melissa stumbled to the floor, blood pouring from her nose. Her resolve to fight back burned strongly but the cloud in her head was dulling her reflexes. She staggered to her feet, only to be flung wildly against the lockers. Again they clattered noisily, the sound amplified by the amount of space in the room. Jenny moved fast, pinning the teenage witch against the cold metal and driving a knee up into the blonde's abdomen.

Already severely winded, Melissa's breathing became harsh, the rasping sound of someone desperate to draw in air. That would be a long time coming if Jenny had anything to do with it. By now Melissa was leaning against the lockers and Jenny no longer had to hold the wheezing beauty in place. With her hands free, Jenny fired a robust punch deep into Melissa's left breast. The battered girl finally found her breath, enough to scream in pain with at least. Jenny smiled cruelly and fired an identical blow into Melissa's right breast. Melissa screamed again, though considerably weaker this time.

Jenny was thoroughly enjoying herself when a noise at the far end of the room caused her to look around. An elderly woman had entered the changing room and looked suitably bewildered at what she saw. Without hanging around to take names, the woman turned on her heels and ran from the changing area.

Jenny shrugged and turned back to her victim. Melissa's arm moved in a flash and her fist headed straight for the distracted Jenny's face. Jenny ducked her head at the last second and repaid Melissa's defiance with an uppercut to one of the fair-haired girl's melons. To Jenny, it was like punching a heavy water-balloon. To Melissa, it was sheer agony. Jenny's knuckles dug into the soft underbelly of her left tit and forced it savagely upwards, distorting it's normal shape as the punch followed through. Melissa's left breast had not recovered when Jenny repeated the technique on the bruised girl's right breast, knocking the large bosom upwards till it hit Melissa on the chin.

By now Melissa was sobbing to herself, frustrated at her complete lack of success and in agony from the cornucopia of blows being executed onto her ineffective body. In stark contrast, Jenny was ecstatic. She had waited so long to destroy this bitch and now she would - her only regret was that no-one would see it.

Suddenly the doors at the end of the changing area burst open and a crowd of people piled in, headed by Melissa and Jenny's earlier female visitor.

"There I told you," yelped the old woman, "Somebody stop them!"

There were about ten people in the crowd and only two of them were women. Most of the men had followed the distraught lady simply because it meant getting into the women's changing rooms. When they saw Jenny pounding on the sobbing Melissa, all were surprisingly reluctant to intercede.

"None of our business," came one cry.

"Let them sort it amongst themselves," came another.

A woman's voice, though not that of the anxious old busy-body, spoke up.

"We should stay and keep an eye on things though," she said. "Just in case."

The men agreed unanimously. The old woman was aghast and stormed from the room in a huff.

"Well, really..." were the last words heard from her retreating back.

"Well," smiled Jenny. "Looks like we've got an audience."

Unperturbed, she continued her relentless attack on Melissa. It was a matter of ease to hip toss the defenceless Ms Hart to the hard floor. Melissa moaned as she hit the ground, missing the slightly more forgiving surface of the ring. She lay there, hands at her recently abused chest. Jenny was on her in a second, rolling the protesting blonde onto her front where her bruised bosoms were squashed harshly into the floor as Jenny sat astride the lamenting girl's back. Melissa groaned as Jenny's pert rump sat on the small of her back, magnifying the pain in her tits ten-fold as they were flattened beneath her trapped form.

Desperate to alleviate the pain in her mashed mammaries, Melissa tried to brace herself by putting her hands on the cold floor and pushing up slightly. For a moment it worked, until Jenny saw what Ms Hart was attempting and quickly grabbed the brunette's arms. Twisting them behind the captive girl, Jenny forced both Melissa's arms up behind her back in a cruel double hammer-lock. Melissa groaned as the pressure on her shoulders and upper arms became unbearable. But Jenny was far from finished. Moving forward slightly, Jenny placed her knees on Melissa's pretzeled arms, holding them in position and placing all her weight onto them in the process.

With her victim in position and now under her total control, Jenny began her demonstration in earnest.

"Now this," she said to her makeshift audience, "is called a camel clutch. So named because I only use it on sluts with a face like a camel."

Reaching forward, Jenny cupped both hands beneath Melissa's chin. She then jerked backwards, pulling the screaming blonde's head back and viciously stretching the helpless fighter's neck. As her upper body was hauled from the floor, Melissa had less then two seconds to appreciate the pressure being taken off of her battered tits when the pain from the camel clutch cruelly bit in.

Melissa felt as though her head was being ripped from its shoulders and squealed as Jenny pulled back harder, sinking her nails into the trapped fighter's chin as she did so. Barely able to open her eyes, Melissa could just see the small audience that the two fighting vixens had recently acquired, all eyes watching her very closely. Through the pain of the camel clutch and the hammer lock, Melissa became aware of the blood running down her face from her smashed nose. For a second she was almost able to step outside of herself and see what her spectators were seeing - a girl being completely subjugated by another. They could see a pathetic hopeless failure. They could see a loser.

The flame of Melissa's temper flared like a nuclear fireworks. Suddenly the pain no longer mattered, nothing mattered except regaining the pride that had been stolen from her by this cheap tart. Melissa screamed, not in pain but in fury. Such was the power of the shriek, at least four of the stand in gathering literally jumped in shock. So did Jenny. No longer was she sitting on a servile and defeated opponent - now she was grimly hanging on to a girl who's new-found strength had turned her into a raging banshee. Jenny desperately tried to reassert her authority by pulling back on Melissa's chin. Instead, Melissa writhed out of her grip, bucking the brunette off her back as she did so. Free of the excess weight that had been crushing her for so long, Jenny struggled to her hands and knees. Still weak, she was unable, for the moment at least, to stand up.

Dislodged from her throne, Jenny fell with a jolt onto her behind. Furious that she had the bitch slip from her grasp, she stood up and kicked the still downed blonde hard in the tit. Melissa yelped and hit back with a hopeful, flailing punch from her prone position. She had hoped to catch Jenny in the stomach, knocking the wind from the girl long enough to regain her own strength. Unfortunately for Melissa, she missed. Unfortunately for Jenny, Melissa's unintentional target was a much more effective one.

Jenny caught Melissa's glancing blow full in the crotch. What the punch lacked in strength, it more than made up for in accuracy. Jenny groaned as pure pain spread swiftly from her groin and beyond. Melissa staggered to her feet, pleased with the effects of her blow. Bruised and bloodied she turned and addressed the gathering for the first time.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Melissa Joan Hart."

An incredulous look passed across the assembled faces.

"Oh, don't worry" continued the battered beauty. "We do this for a living."

Melissa's cavalier attitude to the audience had belied the keen awareness she had on the situation. As she spoke, she was well aware of Jenny slowly recovering from her lucky shot. Now it was time to make that luck count.

"You Witch!!!" spat Jenny. "I should've finished you when I had the chance!"

"Yes," said Melissa calmly, "You should've."

Jenny grunted as Melissa's fist quickly buried itself into the yielding tissue of her stomach. Melissa followed up immediately with a similar blow to the winded girl's kidneys. Jenny pitched forward, gasping for air and found herself on the receiving end of a knee to the midsection that efficiently removed the remaining oxygen from her lungs. Collapsing to her knees, hands at her belly, Jenny did her best to object as Melissa pulled her upright by her raven hair. The hoarsely whispered "please don't" was about as effective as a glass hammer and was totally ignored by the now in control Ms Hart. Dragging Jenny to the lockers, Melissa slammed Jenny's back against their icy metal exterior.

"You couldn't wait, could you?" said Melissa, still holding Jenny by her long black locks.

Getting no response from the dazed McCarthy, Melissa viciously smacked the back of the girl's head into the locker, one, two, three times. Each strike sounded like the striking of an old grandfather clock.

"Could you?!!" demanded Melissa again.

Jenny did not even seem able to talk after the blows had struck, let alone willing. By now it was taking all her will power to hold back the tears, which she promised herself she would not shed.

"You really think you could've taken me?" asked Melissa.

Her face was contorted in fury, anger at Jenny's impatience, anger at the fact that she had nearly lost and mostly because she just didn't actually like Jenny McCarthy.

"You're gonna wish you had stepped into the ring with me," spat Melissa. "Maybe then someone would have stopped me doing this!!"

Melissa's hands released Jenny's hair and immediately grasped the shoulder straps of the brunette's scarlet swimsuit. In one abrupt movement Melissa pulled the straps off Jenny's shoulders and down around her arms, just above the Jenny's elbows. The effects of the action were twofold. The first, and most noticeable, not least by the eight grinning men in the room, was the sudden release of Jenny's bountiful bosom. Both substantial breasts spilled over the top of Jenny's costume and literally bounced about for a moment or two. Jenny cried out in embarrassed fury and attempted to throw a punch at the smug face of her tormentor. It was then that the second effect of Jenny's semi-stripping came to light.

The straps that had so recently been keeping Jenny's boobs in check, were now doing the same to the 30 year olds arms. Although the straps were not particularly tight, Jenny's upper body movement was limited enough that even a simple punch would mean first extrapolating herself from the confines of her swimsuit. The likelihood that Melissa was going to give her that opportunity was less then promising. Jenny's position also meant that defending herself was now an added problem, one that Melissa was well aware of. The two tempting targets of Jenny's bare mounds was not something Melissa was about to deny herself. Or deny Jenny, for that matter

Melissa's uppercut powered into the base of Jenny's exposed right mammary, bringing a howl of anguish from the lips of the bosom's owner as it shot upwards, stinging from the force of the strike. Clearly not wanting to demonstrate favouritism, Melissa ensured Jenny's left tit was given its share of the fun. A straight punch, driven from the powerful shoulder of Ms Hart, sank into the pliable tissue of Jenny's breast. Jenny's back slammed against the lockers as the force of the blow temporarily mashed her pulped tit out of shape. Jenny gasped as the wind was knocked out her and slumped downwards towards the floor.

Her descent was halted by Melissa, nowhere near satisfied at the beating she had administered. Grasping each of Jenny's sore nipples between the thumb and forefinger of both hands, Melissa slowly pulled the squealing brunette upright by her tits. When Jenny was once again vertical, held aloft by her trapped teats, Melissa resumed her attack, this time opting to take the fight downstairs.

Melissa's knee shot up and crashed into Jenny's pussy with an intensely satisfying thump. Jenny yelped in utter agony as she felt the harsh, unforgiving surface of Melissa's knee crash into her unprotected crotch. Pain tore through her lower body like lava from a volcano and a wave of nausea washed over her instantly humbled body. Biting her lower lip, still desperate not to weep in front of her victor, Jenny saw Melissa's knee rise again.

Melissa smiled in triumph as her knee buried itself up into Jenny's groin for a second time. Melissa could feel the beaten bitch's sex almost collapse under the pressure of the blow and pinched tightly on Jenny's nipples as she fired a third devastating strike into Jenny's pounded pussy.

As her knee connected again with Jenny's most vulnerable area, Ms McCarthy literally jumped upwards. Her entire body shuddered, as though a cold snap had suddenly passed through the room. No longer even able to scream, Jenny uttered a muted grunt and finally broke into a stream of inevitable tears. Jenny slumped downwards and Melissa soon realised that her new found toy was only being kept aloft by her own grip on Jenny's tits.

She released them with a final vicious tug and quickly grabbed Jenny's black hair before the battered youth could fall to the ground. Pulling the brunette's face down into a somewhat spiteful, but nonetheless gratifying knee strike to the face, Melissa finally allowed Jenny to drop to the floor like a used tissue.

The small crowd looked at both girls, their faces a mixture of both pleasure and discomfort. Not knowing quite to how to react, a few of the throng began shuffling towards the door. Melissa quickly called them back.

"Hang on a minute," she said. "We're not done yet."

In one swift, euphoric movement (for the men present at least) Melissa slipped out of her swimsuit to stand stark naked. For a second there was silence as the small audience took in the feast of flesh before them. On the floor, Jenny saw Melissa's bare body and, fearing the worst, she desperately tried to get up. Melissa placed a restraining bare foot on Jenny's face and pushed her head against the floor.

"I never said you could move," she said, and quickly dropped to sit astride the protesting girl's chest.

Allowing Jenny's bare breasts to take the full weight of her body, Melissa leant forward and grasped Jenny's raven hair in her hands.

"Please, Melissa.....not here." begged Jenny.

"Oh don't worry," replied Melissa. "I'll do it to you in the ring tomorrow."

Moving slowly and with an application that implied she wanted to savour every moment, Melissa moved forward so her crotch was just above Jenny's neck. She paused for a moment, as though giving Jenny time to draw breath. She would soon need it. Pulling upwards on the beaten girl's hair, Melissa gasped in pleasure as she hauled Jenny's face up into her crotch. With her face deep in Melissa's love mound, Jenny's already weak protests became muffled noises, like those of a gagged woman. They were easily drowned out by the prolonged groans of pleasure that were starting to emanate from Melissa's full ruby lips as she ground her lower sexual lips into the features of her beaten rival. Moving her hips in small circles, Melissa jerked on Jenny's hair, as though needing to tug the captive beauty's face up even further into her pussy. By now, Melissa's steady breathing was growing quicker and it was clear she was approaching the pinnacle of pleasure.

As her gratification increased, Melissa wanted more. She had beaten bitches like this before. This time she wanted something extra. Maintaining Jenny's face in its airless vacuum, Melissa rolled on to her side and then her back, simultaneously applying an inescapable headscissors to the sobbing woman trapped between her legs. Jenny was given little choice but to follow and the two girls soon found their positions altered, in so much as Jenny was now lying on her front, her face still firmly ensconced in Melissa's blonde pussy. Jenny pulled ineffectively at Melissa's thighs as they enveloped her restrained head. Her recently bruised bosom rested on the cold hard floor, still sore from Melissa's earlier assault. Melissa, who was no longer hindered by the floor beneath her knees, pulled down on the sobbing Jenny's hair to yank the young girl's features utterly into her crotch. She then locked her ankles and squeezed her thighs around the suffocating girl's head.

Jenny screamed a silent scream, all sound stifled from her smothered mouth. Her nose was deep in Melissa's wet pussy and the blonde girl's thighs crushed against her cheeks in a vice-like grip. The little air Jenny could breathe was musty and all Melissa's own. She could feel her cheeks growing red as Melissa's ever tightening thighs increased their firm grip. The muscles in the Hart girl's sturdy legs became ever more defined as she continued to increased the burden on Jenny's head.

Lying on her back, with Jenny's face drawn intimately into her throbbing womanhood, Melissa was no longer able to contain her absolute ecstasy. Her orgasm blossomed like a field of passion flowers and she cried out in elation, tightening the muscles in her legs almost involuntarily as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Her scream of delight reached a crescendo and the satiated brunette finally relaxed her grip on her vanquished victim.

For the next few minutes, both girls did not move. Melissa lay on her back, legs apart and her desirable body glistening with a sheen of sweat. Jenny was still lying on her front, her face nestling on the younger girl's crotch. Not unconscious but without the strength to move, Jenny was forced to remain in the humbling position for a few minutes longer.

Eventually two of the male audience walked up to the women, lifted Jenny's limp form from the floor and sat her against one of the lockers, where she slumped down into a fit of sobbing. Melissa rose slowly to her feet unaided and shot a smile in the direction of her contented new fan club.

Melissa walked over to the bare breasted washout and squatted alongside her so as to communicate face-to-face.

"Well that's the 'undress rehearsal' out of the way," said the sexually stimulated blonde. "Tomorrow you get the real thing."

"Tomorrow?" sobbed a confused Jenny.

"Of course," smiled Melissa. "I can't wait to show you what I've got planned for tomorrow's match."

With that, Melissa Hart stood up and wandered across to the watching sea of tight swimming trunks. She planned to spend the rest of the day in bed. And she didn't plan to be alone.

THE END......for now