Melissa Joan Hart vs. Rose McGowan by LoneWolf

The Spelling mansion had always been a place where the Hollywood society would meet. Whether it would be because of a new movie being casted, a birthday perhaps, or even a social get together. Those who were not invited always wished they had been. Anyone who was someone was always there.

On this particular day Aaron Spelling's daughter Tori decided that she was gonna hold a garden party and invite many of the top female actress's to the mansion for an afternoon of jovial fun and meaningless activities. Since it was the summer most of the filming of TV series were in rerun and this gave the stars more leisure time for themselves. Dozens of female stars were in attendance this day. Names like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman, Melissa Joan Hart, Christina Applegate, Tiffani Amber Thiessen and others.

They mingled together during the afternoon talking about various things. Mostly careers and what they were doing, but some also talked about boyfriends and husbands which also led to rumors and gossip about who was sleeping with behind who's back. Also there was Rose McGowan. She was a close friend to Tori's and always seemed to get the inside scoop from her as to when certain directors were gonna need an actress for upcoming movie parts or television cameos. Recently she was told of a part that was available in the television show "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch."

She went and tried out for the part and was told that it was hers if she wanted it. She did. Later that same day she received a phone call from the studio and was told that there were changes made and that her services would no longer be needed. She asked why and was told that there was a script change and that the character that she was gonna play was written out of the episode. Things like this happen about obviously Rose was disappointed, but her disappointment changed to anger when she found out from one of the people that works on the set that the only reason the script was changed was because Melissa Joan Hart found out that Rose was gonna be on the show and she flipped out.

"There's no way in HELL that that c--- is gonna be on MY show!" Melissa was quoted in saying.

Rose was both upset and hurt at the same time. What did she ever do to Melissa. The more Rose thought about it the more it pissed her off. So she went to the set where the show was being filmed with the intention of confronting the blonde. While waiting she ended up meeting Melissa's boyfriend and began a nice long conversation with him. She realized the best way to get back at Melissa was where it hurt most. So after a while Rose took him by the hand and led him to where Melissa's trailor was parked. They went inside and made out like bandits. The two of them did almost everything imaginable.

After they were finished Rose got dressed and walked out of Melissa's trailer. She bumped into one of her co-stars who looked Rose over knowingly and smiled. Rose smiled back because she knew that sooner or later Melissa would find out and that would piss her off. Considering that was what Rose wanted to do in the first place she left satisfied.

At The spelling mansion Rose went inside to get herself a cold beer. She walked into the kitchen and found Melissa standing there talking to Sarah Michelle Gellar. The two girls turned to see who had come in and when Melissa saw Rose, her face turned an angry red.

"You f---ing slut!" screamed Melissa "You have some nerve showing up here!"

If Sarah hadn't realized there was a problem before, she sure did now as she excused herself from the room. Rose just smiled as she walked past Melissa, purposely bumping into her as she reached for the refrigerator door.

"YOU CUNT!" screamed Melissa as she grabbed Rose from behind.

She wrapped her right arm around the brunette's neck and with her left hand she hammerlocked Rose's left arm behind her back and pushed it upwards.

Melissa pushed forward and slammed Rose into the refrigerator door crushing her large tits flat against it. Melissa pushed her own body up against Rose's back causing her smaller tits to be flattened against Rose's back and her belly against her back as well. Rose grimaced in pain from her arm being twisted around and the force that Melissa was pushing against her caused her flattened tits to cry out in pain. Rose used her free hand to try and get Melissa's arm away from her neck but was unsuccessful.

"Listen you little Whore." Melissa said whispering in Rose's ear. "You f---ed my boyfriend, now if you don't get the f--- outta here I'm f--- you up!"

Melissa heightened her statement as she bit down on Rose's cheek.


Melissa held Rose against the fridge for a few more seconds before letting her go. Rose shook her arm to try and get the feeling back as Melissa looked straight at her. Thinking that Rose got the message and didn't want to continue Melissa turned to leave, but that was a big mistake. With an angry yell Rose launched herself onto Melissa's back. The attack caught the blonde off guard and under the weight of Rose she fell to the linoleum floor with a heavy thud.


Rose's body was completely on top of Melissa's back. Her large firm breasts were pressed into Melissa's shoulderblades rubbing seductively against her as they struggled. Her stomach was tightly against Melissa's back and her crotch was rubbing into the ass cheeks of Melissa's sexy butt. Rose grabbed a handful of Melissa's blonde hair and pulled back on it causing her to cry out. Rose then pushed her head forward smashing Melissa's forehead into the floor beneath them.

Rose repeated this attack three times as the blonde struggled under her furiously. Melissa's head kept striking the floor but with the resistance she was giving, Rose wasn't able to connect full force.

Rose then quickly got up off of Melissa's back and grabbed her the T-shirt she was wearing and pulled it up over her head.

To Rose's surprise and delight she saw that Melissa wasn't wearing a bra. Rose smiled as she let go of the blondes shirt with her arms still trapped inside and kicked out with her left foot and booted Melissa directly on her right tit pushing her nipple and tit backwards until it connected to her ribcage.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" moaned Melissa as she managed to free her arms from their confinement.

She went to protect her chest from further assaults but was too slow because Rose again punted her tit into her ribcage. The heel of the shoe she was wearing connected viciously to her already sore boob.

Melissa covered her tits so the Rose would not ber able to damage them any further. She curled up into a fetal position crying as Rose laughed at her.

"What's wrong Bitch? Can't take a little beating? Just remember, you started it! I'm gonna finish it!"

Rose then reached down and grabbed her by her long hair and began to drag her around the floor. Melissa screamed as some of her hair was torn out. She grabbed a hold of Rose's wrists and tried to pry them open to relieve the fire that was burning in her scalp. When that didn't succeed she then dug her long, sharp fingernails in a scratched the hell outta Rose's wrists.

Rose tried to ignore the pain but was soon crying out in pain as Melissa's nails tore away at her flesh. She let go of the blondes hair and stepped back as Melissa crawled to her knees and stared at rose who stared back as well. Both had hatred in their eyes. All of a sudden Tori's voice was heard as she was seen standing in the doorway.

"If you two wanta continue this then I suggest you continue it outside! that way everyone can see it!"

Both Melissa and Rose stared at each other for a few seconds. Neither knew what the other really wanted. Melissa then climbed to her feet and walked past Rose and Tori. She stopped at the big picture window and turned back with both of her tits standing up proudly.

"Well Cunt, what are you waiting for?"

Rose smiled as she followed Melissa out into the yard in front of everyone's shocked eyes. They stood about ten feet apart in the center of the lawn. Rose bushes decorated one side and the pool was on the other. Rose then began to take off her clothes. Melissa looked at her with a surprised look on her face.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I ain't getting my clothes ripped or dirty because of you! They're worth ten times more then what you make and I ain't losing on a count of some stupid Bitch!"

Melissa saw red and as she looked around she saw most eyes looking in her direction as waiting to see if she would match Rose. It only took a few seconds for the blonde to make up her mind as she stared to undress herself.

As soon as she removed her panties Rose pointed and laughed at the dark pubic hair surrounding her crotch.

"Look's like we've found out that Melissa's a blonde from a bottle!"

Melissa was pissed and she didn't wait any longer as she charged into Rose. They came together hard with a loud "Splat!"

Their tits were pushing and shoving into one another in an attempt to flatten the other. Rose's boobs were much larger then Melissa's and the blonde soon found that her tits were being completely dominated and smothered by the brunettes bountiful breasts. Their naked stomachs were also pressed tightly together. So tightly in fact, that you couldn't tell where one started and the other began.

They slid over each other's skin quite easily as the sweat between their bellies gathered. Their crotches were also in close proximity. Both of their hairy pussies her thrust together with the jerking movement they were performing.

First, Melissa's crotch would bang into Rose's; then, in return, Rose would thrust her hips forward and bang her hairy snatch into Melissa's. This continued for some time as they each wrapped their hands into one another's hair and pulled for all they were worth. Soon clumps of Dark and Blonde hair was gathering on the lawn and the other guests were cheering on their favorites.

"C'mon Melissa! Kick her f---in ass!"

"Get her Rose! Rip the Bitch another asshole!"

The cheering from everyone caused the two fighting girls to fight even harder. Neither wanted to lose in front of everyone so they fought on.

Suddenly Melissa brought up her knee and slammed it into Rose's pussy. The blow made a loud crack as the blondes rock hard knee connected to Rose's pubic bone. The brunette moaned and doubled over in utter anguish. Melissa raised her knee and again slammed it home into Rose's waiting pussy. The second blow made Rose fall to her knee's right in front of Melissa. She held her head down and tried to massage to pain from her sexy organ. Melissa then knelt down in front of Rose and placed the brunette's head in between her knees. Then with Rose's ass stuck up in the air, Melissa then began to spank the brunette while the others looked on and cheered.

"That's the way Melissa! Spank the Bitch! Show her what happens to people who f--- your boyfriend!"

The spanking continued as Rose's ass began to turn a bright red. She squealed as each blow struck her ass cheeks. Her ass muscles tightened as slap after slap connected.







Rose began screaming in pain as her sexy ass was treated to a severe spanking. It's normal pink color had changed to an angry red. Out of desperation Rose lifted herself up with all of Melissa's weight on her neck and threw her off. Melissa cried out as this move caught her completely off guard. The blonde was through over top of Rose and landed a few feet away. Rose quickly rolled to the other side and tried to examine the damage dealt to her ass. She couldn't see it but she felt the heat on her ass as she tried to rub the pain away. Melissa was already on her feet and racing at Rose.

At the last second Rose moved to the side and tripped Melissa who ended up on her stomach. Rose then rolled over on top of the blonde and sat down on top of her ass. Both of their butts were sexy to look at and with them plastered together like they were it made it extremely sexy, especially with both of them struggling the way they were. The sweat and movement made their asses slip and slide all over each other.

As Melissa struggled to get Rose off of her, her right tit slipped out from under her chest and rested on the ground beside her. Rose noticed immediately and then went to work. She latched onto it with her right hand and yanked back on it as hard as she could, digging what fingernails she had into the soft tit flesh.

Melissa screamed in obvious pain. Her face was a combined look of terror and pain. She felt as if her tit was being ripped right off of her chest. She tried to roll herself over onto her back, but Rose shifted her position further up her back which made her rolling over impossible. Rose's fingers dug into Melissa's small tit and twisted to the right and then to the left. Her nipple sticking out erected, but having nothing to do with pleasure.

"Rip the cunt's tit off Rose!" screamed someone from the crowd.

"C'mon Rose! Pull on her tit harder! You might make'em grow bigger!" yelled somebody else.

Rose was enjoying herself as she listened to people cry out in support of her. She gave Melissa's tit another hard and agonizing twist to the left. She was rewarded by another scream from Melissa.


"That's the general idea Bitch!" answered Rose as she twisted Melissa's inflamed boob to the right.


Rose was tired of listening to Melissa's crying so she let go of her tit and reached down to the ground and dug up some dirt with her hand. She used her other hand to hold onto Melissa's head with her hair and then rubbed the dirt into the pretty blondes face. Melissa cried out in protest so Rose took another handful and again rubbed it into her face. Melissa managed to get her eyes closed before Rose got the dirt into them. if she had then this fight would have certainly been over.

With her tit now free from Rose's grasp Melissa tried again to roll over and this time she succeeded. Rose still managed to stay on top but at least now Melissa was facing her antagonizer.

Rose smiled sadistically as she saw for the first time the damage she had done to Melissa's right tit. It was a bright red around the nipple and areola and looked to be very sore. Rose didn't need to second guess her next move as she again latched onto Melissa's right nipple. This time she used both hands. One hand was at the base where her breast met her chest and the other was ripping away at the erected nipple. The pain that Melissa felt was immense as Rose yanked on her tit, stretching it far more then it was meant to. She looked for an escape and found one.

She reached between Rose's legs and wrapped her fingers into the brunette's thick pubic bush and then began to pull.

Rose's eyes widened as the skin around her pussy was being stretched and her dark pubic hairs were being ripped out. She immediately let go of Melissa's tit and grabbed her wrist and tried to force her hands away from her pussy. She succeeded in getting the blondes hands away from her crotch but in the process she also ended up causing herself more pain because Melissa refused to let go of her hair and ended up pulling some more out. Melissa used this opportunity to start bucking wildly trying to unseat Rose from her dominant position. She thrust her hips up and cause her own pussy to smack into Rose's ass. Rose bounced from the bucking and landed her ass back down on top of Melissa's cunt. The blonde continued to try. She thrust her hips and smacked her pussy into Rose's ass. Rose again bounced off balance and again landed her ass on top of Melissa's cunt. Several more tries which caused the two girl's sex organs to smack together finally paid off as Melissa managed to upset Rose.

The brunette landed on her side and Melissa immediately wrapped her gorgeous legs around Rose's middle and squeezed for all she was worth. Rose felt the pain that Melissa was giving her and began to scratch at her thighs trying to get the beautiful blonde to release her hold. Melissa was more determined and when she felt the nails scratching her legs, she tried to ignore the pain and squeeze even harder.

"That's it Melissa! Squeeze the Bitch in two!"

"Squeeze her until her tits pop! They're too big anyway!"

Melissa tightened as hard as she could as Rose continued her scratching.

"LET GO OF ME BITCH!" groaned Rose.




Almost together, both of them released their holds and rolled apart. They rolled to their knees and stared at each other for over a minute while trying to recover. Then they slowly got to their feet and rushed at one another one more time.


Their bodies smacked together as they each wrapped the other into a bearhug. Rose's large tits continued where they left off earlier as they engulfed Melissa's smaller orbs. Rose placed a lot of pressure on Melissa's back forcing her tits more tightly into her own. This caused the blonde more pain in her tits as well as they were being crushed by Rose's huge boobs and being forced backwards into her ribcage. Their glistening bellies, which were covered in sweat were also pressed together.

They slid over one another's form easily as they continued their mutual bearhug. Their bellies were practically in constant contact with each other except when each of them relaxed their grip for a second only to go back to their squeezing bearhug. This would then cause their sexy bellies to smack together again with the sweat flying off from the slapping contact. The naked pussies were also waging a war between themselves.

Both of the two girls grunted as they squeezed one another around their back and as they did their bodies shifted and caused their own naked pussies to come into contact with the others. Their pussy hair became entangled as the contact between them continued and instead of just being happy in banging pussies they began to try and grind them together. The bearhug made it hard for them to keep the contact very long but each still tried.

Rose squeezed harder causing Melissa to groan and return the favor. Melissa's tits could hardly be seen because of Rose's larger tits completely dominating and engulfing them. The blonde tried to fight back and squeezed her bearhug around Rose causing their bodies to continue their rubbing. Rose noticed that Melissa seemed to be getting weaker so she did her best to keep up the pressure. Rose gritted her teeth as she squeezed as hard as she could muster. Her arms were getting weak from this constant pressure but she was damned if she was gonna let this bitch beat her in front of everyone. She felt Melissa's warm breath of on her skin. She felt the pain in her back and in her mashed aching breasts. Rose knew that Melissa felt the same and probably a hell of a lot worse in her boobs. Rose felt Melissa weakening. She knew that the outcome was assured. She let go briefly just to rake her nails along the side of Melissa's stomach. The blondes cries sounded weak as Rose's fingernails scratched her skin. Rose's talons left a long jagged scratch against Melissa's flesh as she reapplied her bearhug.

Melissa groaned as her arms hung loosely at her side as her tits were again crushed into defeat against Rose's superior tits. Rose poured on the pressure as Melissa dropped to her knees, arching backwards as Rose crushed her from above. Melissa threw her head back crying in pain and trying to gulp in much needed air. Rose released the defeated girl, whose body sagged to the ground.

"Get me some water." asked Rose.

Within a few moments Rose was handed a glass of water which she used to dose Melissa's face. The blonde came to and found herself underneath Rose who was sitting on top of her with her arms pinned under her knees.

"Seems to me someone is in a lot of trouble."

Melissa began crying as she realized her predicament.

"Please Rose. You win. Let me go."

Rose shook her head side to side.

"Not just yet."

Rose then held Melissa's head on the ground by the hair on both sides of her head and moved herself up Melissa's body until she was practically sitting on the blondes neck. Melissa's eyes were wide with fear as she stared directly into Rose's waiting snatch.

"Please Rose don't ma.......uummphhhhhhhh."

Melissa's pleas were cut short as Rose forced her face deeply into her face and began to grind her hips in a circular motion. "Get your f---in tongue in there and do what you do best, you whore or I'll tear your f---ing c--- apart so bad you won't be able to f--- for a month!"

Rose began to moan in pleasure as Melissa's tongue began to flick in and around her pussy. Teasing her clit with it's every movement. Everyone there was watching with amazement. Some were even betting on how long it would be until Melissa made Rose cum.

"C'mon Melissa! You know how to work that tongue a lot better then that!" someone called out.

"How's she taste Melissa?" some else yelled out getting several of the girls laughing.

"Smile for the camera!" said Tori as she stood over top of the two girls and focused on Melissa's face with a camera in hand.

Only her eyes were visible as she continued to work on Rose's pussy. Tears were running down her face as she saw what was happening to her. She didn't think she'd ever live this humiliation down.

All the girls were laughing at Melissa's situation. Rose stuck her hand behind her and pushed it into Melissa's crotch and began to play with the blondes clit. Tori continued to circle the two girls getting a picture from every possible angle. She even got down behind the two and stuck the camera close to Melissa's c--- and took several more photos as Rose continued to work over her pussy.

Within a few moments Melissa's body stiffened as she came all over Rose's hand. Tori was right there capturing the moment. When Rose moaned in pleasure Tori raced around to the other side and began taking more pictures as Rose too came. Her love juices spilled out of her pussy and ran down into Melissa's tear stained face. Tori continued to take the pictures.

Rose then got up off of Melissa. The blonde lay there crying for a few moments listening to everyone laugh at her. She quickly jumped to her feet, gathered her clothes and rushed out to her car. She wanted to get far away from the laughing.

As she pulled out into the street she was thinking of ways to get revenge on Rose McGowan.

The kind of revenge she was thinking would be very painful and very humiliating. For Rose.

The End