Rebecca Romijn vs. Melissa Joan Hart by HAWKEYEJ (Delphi Celebrity Catfight Message Bd. Feb-17-99)

Rebecca Romijn entered the ring on top of the world. In successive matches, the Dutch beauty had beaten and humiliated fellow supermodels Daniela Pestova and Laetitia Casta to land the coveted Sports Illustrated cover shot. Laetitia was in fact still in the hospital from a cracked rib she suffered from the devastating crushing power of Rebecca's long shapely legs. Standing nearly six feet tall, the blue-eyed blonde always relied on her power game and usually that meant her vise-like thighs. Rebecca had rolled through her recent supermodel competition because they had been foolish enough to try and meet force with force, but tonight Rebecca was stepping out of her comfort zone.

In an attempt to broaden her visibility she would be in the ring with one of today's hottest young TV stars. One who could pack a punch to be sure, but one who would also use a distinctive edge in quickness to her advantage. Melissa Joan Hart was a picture of concentration as she climbed through the ropes studying her lanky foe. She wore a baby blue angora sweater top that was cut to leave the midriff bare. She combined that with a similarly-colored g-string. Rebecca had decided to go with a skimpy silver mesh bikini. She had no reason to be modest and wasn't about to start now.

The two blond beauties circled each other. Rebecca wary of how a counterattack might come and Melissa pondering how to effectively chop this redwood down to size. Rebecca slowly cut off the ring and forced Melissa back into a corner. Rebecca bluffed a rush and Melissa was quick to swallow the bait. She tried to drop and roll to the side, but Rebecca just backpedaled and caught Melissa with a perfectly directed heel to the chin.

Melissa sat momentarily stunned, rubbing her jaw. She was the one to have used brains over brawn, but now she knew that Rebecca not only had strength, but guile as well. Melissa regained her senses just in time to see another stomp headed for her face and again she rolled, but this time with success. She avoided the oncoming foot and rolled into the leg Rebecca had planted to provide her force, tripping her and sending her with a thud to the mat. Rebecca was now on her knees and before she could wheel around and face her opponent, Melissa jumped on the supermodel's shoulders and clamped on a standing headscissors. To Rebecca, the pressure felt as if her eyes were going to pop out of her head. In the SI tournament she had always clamped on her vise and been dishing out the pain, but now the favor was being returned.

Rebecca's head was starting to swim as Melissa tensed her legs and locked her feet at the toes to get all the pressure she could muster out of her ivory limbs. Rebecca struggled to the ropes and with them to balance on, she made her way to her feet with Melissa gamely hanging on above her. Rebecca couldn't believe it, more drastic measures were needed. She stumbled across the ring and fell forward early enough so when the two hellcats came to earth Melissa caught her throat flush on the top ring rope. Her head snapped back with incredible force and she quickly collapsed gasping for air. Rebecca shook her head to clear out the cobwebs and turned toward Melissa. She was still gagging and a large red welt had begun to appear on her neck.

"Now it's payback time, you little punk," Rebecca said in a determined tone as she approached the fallen teenager.

But Rebecca had no more gotten the words out of her mouth, than Melissa sat up and landed a straight right into Rebecca's unprotected crotch. Surprise and pain melded together, as Rebecca hunched over from the blow. Melissa was now standing next to her foe. She cocked her arm back as far as it would go and brought a European uppercut through Rebecca's pained, but still beautiful face.

Rebecca collapsed flat on her back, her steel blue eyes rolling. Melissa stood above her. The welt on her neck was deepening into crimson, but at the moment she could feel no pain. She wiped some sweaty strands of hair out of her eyes and did a little stomping of her own, first one into Rebecca's gut that brought her to a sitting position then one to her chiseled cheek bones that left her prone again.

"That," said Melissa, "is how you chop down a redwood."

Melissa stood astride the prostate form of Rebecca and suddenly she leaned backward and let her taut ass fall straight into the cover girl's tummy. "Oooof," Rebecca groaned as the air that had been in her lungs was forced out by the impact. Once again Rebecca had lurched up to a seated position. She started to fade back to the mat, but before she could Melissa cradled her head in her hands. Rebecca meekly shook her head from side to side, but Melissa steadied her grip and brought the movement to a stop.

"If only SI could see you now," Melissa said in a disgusted manner, "what an embarrassment, you are," and she threw Rebecca's head back against the mat.

Next, Melissa bucked her way up Rebecca's lithe body and perched her barely covered crotch on Rebecca's face. She proceeded to sneak her calves underneath Rebecca's head, so as to humiliatingly force Rebecca's face farther into the young star's snatch. Rebecca's arms lay limply out at 90 degree angles to her torso, but Melissa could still feel a little life left in Rebecca's squirming head.

"Don't feel like going out just yet do you?' Melissa giggled as she talked. "Alright then, let's put you in the hospital with Laetitia."

Melissa rolled Rebecca over onto her stomach and took a seat on the small of her back giving her a bird's eye view of Rebecca's delicate region. With both hands, she grabbed at Rebecca's pubic mound and squeezed. Rebecca let out a high pitched squeal. Next, Melissa relieved the supermodel of her g-string and tossed it away. She brought back her right hand and gave an open-faced smack to the already pain-racked pussy. "Thwap". The sound echoed throughout the building followed immediately by another painful shriek from Rebecca.

Still Melissa wasn't done. She stood up, and after turning around to gauge Rebecca's condition, grabbed her legs by the ankles and started to sit back down bringing Rebecca's legs with her. However, as she did so Rebecca reached one of her arms back and pushed Melissa's right leg forward causing her to crash to the mat. Instinctively, Rebecca quickly slid one leg underneath and got a weak scissors on Melissa. Melissa's immediate look of dread quickly turned more relaxed as she could tell Rebecca was in no shape for dishing out punishment. She began to pry Rebecca's legs apart, but as she did so the now loosened grip allowed Rebecca to slide Melissa up her legs until Melissa's midriff was now clamped between her tensile-strength thighs rather than her calves.

"Oh, sh...," Melissa failed to get the entire expletive out of her mouth before Rebecca brought her most feared weapons to full bear.

The end of the word was replaced by the sound of air escaping the lungs in an accelerated fashion. The shots to the groin Rebecca had endured made it difficult to keep the full force applied for anything more than ten seconds at a time, but after a couple of minutes of squeeze and hold, squeeze and hold, Melissa's face had turned a bright red and the flailing of her arms had been reduced to more of a harmless twitching.

Rebecca had learned not to take this young upstart lightly, so when she finally released the hold, she approached Melissa gingerly, taking a moment to gently rub her pussy to ease some of the pain emanating from there. Melissa was on the mat groaning, seemingly semi-conscious, but Rebecca was taking no chances. She snatched up both legs and split them wide apart and delivered a kick that betrayed the soccer background from her days growing up in the Netherlands. No doubt about it, as far as Melissa was concerned Rebecca had scored a goooooooal. And just to show her prowess, now her left leg swung backward, then forward and caught Melissa squarely in the cunt causing the teenage witch to scream in anguish.

Rebecca was now fully enjoying herself. She threw Melissa's legs to the ground and jumped high in the air coming down with her full six-foot frame on top of the quivering Melissa. Once again, she was left breathless. Rebecca now removed Melissa's baby blue angora top, grabbed the young star's pert, creamy breasts and violently twisted. A gurgling sound escaped and then a faint sob. Rebecca stared at Melissa's face. Her glassy eyes and the crimson-stained drool dribbling from the corner of her mouth made it clear, she was as good as gone, but just to make sure Rebecca grabbed another couple of handfuls and squeezed the tender flesh. Melissa could barely muster the energy to become audible, as tears streamed down her face.

"I give, I give," she whispered.

"Sorry, can't hear you, Rebecca responded with a sly smile. "But I'll tell you what I'll put you out of your misery."

With that Rebecca spun around 180 degrees and slowly descended upon her terror-stricken, wide- eyed victim. Melissa knew what was in store, but she was utterly helpless to prevent it. Rebecca delicately positioned her crotch over Melissa's mouth and nose and in a matter of seconds it was apparent Melissa was totally out. Rebecca gleefully played with Melissa's limp arms as she gently rocked back and forth on the face of the motionless form. Finally, deciding that she had enough fun, Rebecca rose and posed for the cameras with her foot atop Melissa's gently moving chest, her arms raised triumphantly.

"Too bad they couldn't have used this shot for the cover," she said to no one in particular.

Several fans in the front row silently nodded their agreement. Rebecca broke into one of her million-dollar smiles, it was another good day.