Holly Hart vs. Julia Schultz by Southgate (22-Aug-99)

Tall, blonde and just 20 years old, Julia Schultz has vengeance on her mind. While athletic and strong, Julie's inexperience has cost her first three Playmate matches. Schultz dominates Stacy Sanches in her debut match, kicking her ass all over the ring, but the nasty and more experienced brunette catches the young blonde off-guard, nails her with a vicious throat punch and steals the victory. Julie holds her own in her battle with Karin Taylor, but she fails to pace herself. A savvy ring veteran at 28, Karin head-butts her way to a win. But her loss to the 23 year old Holly Hart bugs Julie the most. In their match, Hart absorbs all that Julie can dish, then turns the match around to beat the crap out of the over confident blonde.

Schultz takes herself off the circuit and goes back to the gym. She hooks up with Victoria Zdrok. After several months of intense training, a determined Schultz is ready to return to the ring to make a name for her self. She contacts the promoters. No interest, she is no longer a hot property. She contacts Sanches directly. Sanches won't give her a rematch. Julie takes matters into her own hands. Finding Stacy in the gym, Julie goads her into a fistfight and handily dispatches the Texan in a one-sided thrashing. But still no bites from the promoters. Zdrok pulls some strings on Julie's behalf. She is able to arrange a rematch with Holly.

Julia, wearing a red bikini, paces like a caged cat in her corner. She's wired for this fight--wired! Victoria stands on the ring apron, calmly coaching the young blonde through her game plan. Holly Hart waits till the last minute to enter the ring. When she appears, she's accompanied by Kimber West and Elan Carter. Holly vaults over the top rope. She stands, relaxed in her corner and chats with Elan. Hart kicks her leg out, lays it on the top rope and stretches out over it. As she turns her ankle to the left and then to the right, every sinew in her supple leg pops. The ebony beauty wears a white bikini and a confident smile. Kimber struts half way around the ring and starts to harangue the two blondes. Neither will take the bait.

Julia fixes her eyes on Hart. Zdork covers her back. Blah, blah instructions., then the bell rings. Both women move forward quickly, fisted raised. Legs twitch as the fighters look for an opening as they circle. A few fakes, then Julie lashes out with a kick. Holly slips it and counters in a flash. Her left hand strikes out, backhanding Julie's face. Jolted, Schultz turns away from the stinging slap. Holly's right fist hammers hard into the blonde's kidneys as Schultz turns away from the stinging slap. Schultz trips to one knee but quickly stands.Holly grabs the recovering blonde around her waist, extends her leg in front and throws Julie to the mat. Schultz hits hard but rolls forward and is quickly on her feet. She glares at Hart, fury in her eyes.

Holly approaches, fists raised, left leg poised for a kick. She strikes. Her foot slams into the blonde's ribs. Wincing, Schultz holds her ground and straight arms her right fist into Hart's ear. Hart appears to stumble forward, but quickly jolts an uppercut into Julie's chin. Hart wraps her arms around Julia's waist, lifts the taller woman off the ground and throws her backward to the mat. Schultz lands heavily on her shoulders. Holly dives on top of her. Hart grapevines the thrashing blonde's legs, spreading them wide apart. Seizing the blonde's wrists, she pins her arms to the mat and presses her body flat on top of Julie's.

"You own her sorry ass, she be nothin' at all!" West shouts from ringside.

Julie labors to free her legs. Hart bears down. An intense struggle follows. Frozen in combat, Julie's face turns beet red. Then, slowly, she seems to gain some ground, drawing her legs closer together. Holly's now grim face betrays her own intensity as her legs quiver and strain. Julie twists to the right, lifts her left shoulder off the mat, her arms trembling as she inches Holly's body up. She feels the momentum shifting. Hart feels it too. Holly arches her body up from her waist for leverage. She glares down at Schultz. The blonde curls her lip as she meets her gaze. Hart jerks her arms straight out, forcing Julie's arms over her head. Hart forces the blonde's shoulders back to the mat. Her muscular legs stop the blonde's progress. Gaining strength, Hart forces Julie's legs wide apart once more. Schultz lets out a frustrated howl. Mustering everything she has, her thighs straining, Schultz tries to break the grapevine. Hart braces herself, stiffens her legs. Schultz suddenly draws her legs up, bending her knees. Her left foot slips free of the grapevine. Julie bucks and rolls to her left side. She pulls her right arm free and wallops her elbow across Hart's face. Julie shoves Holly off, over and onto her back.

"Look out for her legs," shouts Zdork.

Too late.

As Schultz scrambles on top of Holly, Hart pulls her legs up and clamps her thighs tight around Julie's waist. The blonde wails are muffled as Hart wraps her arms tight around Julie's neck and pulls her head down onto her chest. Holly rolls to her side and cranks up the pressure on Julie's waist.

"Break the bitch in two," urges Kimber.

Schultz grunts and groans as she doggedly tries to work her way onto her knees. Twice, the blonde fights her way to her knees. Twice, Hart bears down with her scissors and propels Julia over onto her side. Hart is all concentration as her scissoring punishes Julia relentlessly. Hart shifts the blonde between her thighs, intent on ending the fight with a final, rib-crushing squeeze. Julie's face is buried in Hart's chest. No one can see her eyes bulge as she struggles for each breath.

Desperate, Julia's left hand claws down Holly's side. Hart tries to ignore the pain, to concentrate on her scissors, but Julie scratches and claws up and down her side. For a third time, Julie fights her way to her knees. The blonde begins to pound her left fist into Holly's ribs, slamming and grinding the knuckles into Holly's ribs. Her left hand claws across Hart's lower back. Julie rolls to her knees and yanks her head free. Hart's legs snap open.

The women struggle on the mat. Face to face on their knees, Julie beats Hart to the draw driving a huge uppercut into Holly's chin. Hart's head snaps back. She crumbles to her side, Still on her knees, Juliea grabs Hart's left leg, forces it back as she attempts to twist Holly into a matchbook. The blonde rakes her fingernails down Hart's thigh and slams her elbow into Holly's crotch. But Holly pulls her free leg up, reaches forward to grab a handful of blonde hair. She draws Julie's head between her thighs and locks her ankles together. Julie manages to thrust her right arm in between and reaches for Holly's throat as she sits back on her haunches. Hart intercepts Julie's wrist before it can clutch her throat. As she digs her fingernails into the blonde's wrist, Holly smiles a nasty smile. Holly squeezes her thighs tight. Julia's body shutters.

"I was going to make this easy for you, girl, but now you done made me mad!" growls Holly.

The blonde gurgles and gags. Her free hand beats on Holly's thigh with little effect. Julia rakes her fingernails down the inside of Holly's thighs. She claws her fingers into the backside of Hart's right knee joint. Hart's legs open, but Holly hauls down on Julie's hair with her left hand. Her right fist blasts the blonde in the side of the face. Hart pulls the stunned blonde into a waist scissors once more. Schultz, bent forward on her knees, jams her right elbow into Holly's gut and shoves down for all she's worth.

Hart is hurt.

Julia pulls her head free, rears up and slams an ax handle down on Holly's breast bone. As she pulls her arms up to slam Hart again, the black woman pulls her left leg back and kicks out, mashing her foot into Julie's left boob. Holly rolls away. Julie gulps in air and takes a moment to rub her breast and her ribs. Holly rubs her lower back, her side and the back of her thigh, feeling the angry welts left by Julie's fingernails.

"You dumb bitch," snarls Holly, "I'm gonna break your neck for this."

Julia flashes Holly the bird and quickly glances towards her corner.

"Cripes, Julie, take her legs out before she kills you," Victoria councils.

Julie raises her fists and moves in on Holly. Hart throws a kick. Her left foot thuds hard into the blonde's very sore ribs. Schultz retreats, her hands cover her bruised rib. Hart advances, spins and kicks again. Her foot slams against Julia's ribs again, but the blonde manages to wrap her right arm around Holly's leg, holding it firmly at her side. Schultz drives her left elbow down on Holly's kneecap. Hart screams. Julia's left hand juts out as she slams her palm into Holly's chin. Twice more Schultz drives her elbow into Holly's kneecap. The blonde shoves and twists on Holly's trapped leg and drops Hart onto her back. Schultz twists viciously on Holly's ankle, cranking it to the right for all she's worth. She steps forward and stomps the brunette first in the crotch and then repeatedly in the belly. Schultz cranks Holly's ankle hard to the left, twisting Holly on to her side as she shoves the trapped leg close to the mat. Schultz twists up on Holly's ankle as she drops with her full weight, knees first into the side of Holly's leg. Hart screams wildly.

Standing quickly, Julie grabs Holly's ankle again, straightens her leg up and drives her knee into the back of Holly's thigh. Twisting Holly's ankle with both hands, the blonde rolls Hart over and over till Holly's is on her back near the ring ropes, just outside of Julie's corner. Schultz pulls Holly's leg straight up, twists it left and right, then shoves it down so that it catches the bottom ring rope.

Kimber rushes around the outside or the ring but Zdork intercepts her. Seizing West around the waist, Vicki throws her into the first row of groping fans.

Schultz jumps and lands a double knee drop on Holly's knee. Hart lets out a banshee wail and rolls around on the mat, clutching her knee. Schultz grabs a handful of hair, yanks Holly to her feet and shoves her into the corner. Julie grabs a handful of Holly's hair and yanks her head back.

"Who done now, asshole!" growls Julie.

Holding Holly by her shoulder, Julia draws back her right fist and then lets it fly, burying it deep in Hart's gut. As Holly doubles over, Schultz booms her knee up into Hart's head. Trapped in the corner, Hart is an easy target as Julia grabs the ropes for leverage and machine guns her knee into her opponent's belly. Schultz stops, grabs Holly roughly by the face.

"I asked you a question, Holly. Who's done now!" taunts Julie.

Hart's glassy eyed defiance infuriates Schultz. Julie lashes out with her right foot catching Holly between the legs. Holly falls, clutching her crotch. Julie grabs the brunette's injured leg, throws it over the bottom rope again and once executes a knee drop on Hart's extended leg. Schultz hauls Hart to her feet, shoves her back into the corner and pummels her gut. Beating on Hart's belly with two fists, the young blonde allows herself to smile. And then the palm of Holly's left hand shots up and cracks into Julie's chin, snapping her head back. Hart launches herself out of the corner, and tackles the blonde.

Flat on her back with Hart covering her, Schultz wraps her arms around Holly's back and squeezes. Hart clamps her hands around Julie's mouth and nose and quickly breaks the bearhug. Still smothering the blonde, Holly tries to straddle Julie's waist, but finds the pressure on her injured knee is too great. Schultz arches up, trying to buck Holly off. Hart slides forward, grabs Julie's hair and rolls onto her right side and then onto her back. Holly drags Julie's head up and clamps her right leg tight around Julie's neck. Holly holds her own right foot with one hand and Julia's blonde hair with her other to secure the figure four leg lock.

"I can beat you with one leg," spits a determined Holly.

Julia reaches back trying to clutch something, but Holly grabs both of her wrists. Holly rests on her elbows. For the next several minutes, Hart dominates as she takes the fight out of the big blonde. Just for fun, Holly periodically lets go of one of Julie's wrists, grabs a handful of blonde hair and tugs. Schultz face shows her immense frustration as she seems to slowly loose her will to struggle.

"Her knee, Julie! Julie, roll left, roll left," screams Zdork from the blonde's corner.

Schultz responds. She twists her body violently to the left, crunching Holly's injured knee into the mat. Hart tries to brace her right foot against her injured left leg as best she can, but the young, resilient blonde pulls her head free. Holly lifts her right leg and slams it down on top of the blonde, but Julie rolls away. Hart is slow to rise. Julie rests in her corner for a moment. As Hart hobbles towards her Julie charges. She drops low and lets her shoulder drive into Holly's knee. The brunette crumples to the mat. Schultz stomps on Hart's knee, then drops to the mat and twists her legs around Holly's, clamping on a figure four leg lock of her own. Hart shrieks as her knee feels like it will explode.

"Give up," commands Julie.

Elan starts shouting and cursing at Zdork, "Shut your hole, woman, you ain't her freakin' mother."

While Vicki is distracted, Kimber is through the ropes in a flash. Her foot lashes out and kicks a completely blind-sided Julie in the side of the face. Julie slackens and Holly rolls free, holding her leg in obvious pain. Zdork clambers into the ring, rushes at West and tackles her. Vicki straddles Kimber's waist, grabs her by the hair and ploughs her head into the mat. As West's head bounces up, Zdork slams her elbow across her throat. Carter is on the ring apron, but thinks the better about going the fray.

"Julie," yells Victoria, "Julie, finish her! Finish her!"

Julie shakes her head to clear the cobwebs as steadies herself as she gets off the mat. Holly leans against the ropes. Schutz charges again. Hart braces and grabs on. She manages to clamp a headlock on Schultz and slam her fist into the blonde's face. Hart starts wringing Julie's neck while she blisters the side of her face with persistent jabs. Schutz, determined to win this fight, wraps her arms around Holly thin waist, hoists Hart off her feet and slams her down, tailbone first, onto her knee. Holly writhes on the mat. Julie walks over slowly and reapplies her figure four leg lock.

"Do I have to ask? taunts Julie.

Hart wails out her submission.