Melissa Joan Hart vs. Alicia Silverstone by: Hlywdcatft 25-Jan-00

In Hollywood a new movie was going to be made. Cravin Moorehead the director had narrowed it down to Melissa Joan Hart and Alicia Silverstone. But Cravin was having problems narrowing it down. He decided to let them decide it out, he figured this would be fun to see so he told the two blondes to decide who should be most fit for the movie. If the outcome that followed wasn't what he had planned it would have been a disaster, but this is what he wanted to see, the two blondes fight. He knew both of these girls wanted the part real bad and they were stubborn about letting the other have it. He left them there to decide who should be in it and told them he would return in 20 minutes to find out what they decided on.

Cravin Moorehead went to another room where there were some TVs set up and speakers. He sat down and turned the cameras on, turned on the speakers and ran the sound through the sound board and had it mixed with the film on to a video tape he began recording. The camera first zoomed in on Melissa Joan Hart who was wearing a tight white tank top and short cutoff shorts. Melissa's hair was worn up in a pony tail. It then panned over to Alicia Silverstone who was wearing a low cut red sweater and a very short tight black skirt. Alicia wore her hair down.

Back in his office Melissa and Alicia sat glaring at each other.

"You'll get nowhere in this film you little teenage witch or I should say Bitch!!!" said Alicia. "It will bomb out. What do you have to show for it? I've done a couple of Aerosmith videos, Clueless and I'm Batgirl!!"

Melissa laughed.

"And what was that other movie you did that no one knows the name of, oh yeah Excess Baggage! You really are excess baggage hon. Look how fat you're getting again. The director won't want a fat slob in this movie!"

"Fuck you Bitch!!" said Alicia. "I'm not fat!!! I had gained a little weight a year ago when I was depressed!"

"I heard they had to make a special fit bat costume for you because you couldn't fit in the original one!!"

That was all it took Alicia sent a punch that literally sent Melissa flying over Cravin's desk and out of view of the camera, bloodying Melissa's nose. Alicia walked over to the desk to finish her prey.

"Where are you, you little shit stain!!!???" Alicia called out.

Melissa crawled under the desk and grabbed a hold of one of Alicia's legs and tripped her to the floor on her ass. Melissa pulled Alicia by her ankles and slammed Alicia's cunt against one of the legs of the desk making Alicia yelp in pain.

Alicia's hands went up her skirt and down her panties massaging the sting in her c--- where the leg took a direct hit. As Melissa moved in to pin Alicia to the floor Alicia sent up a kick directly on Melissa's jaw causing her to slam her head into the side of the desk. Melissa's bloody nose from the first punch was leaving spots of blood all over Cravin's carpet. Melissa got back to her feet as did Alicia, both now with disheveled hair, Melissa's coming out of her pony tail and Alicia's looking sloppy. Their clothes were wrinkled too. Alicia charged Melissa into a corner knocking the bookshelf off the wall with a loud clatter. Both girls momentarily stopped worrying that Cravin would come in and not hire either after causing some damage to his office.

Alicia by now didn't give a fuck if she got the part, she was more interested in beating the shit out of this other blonde bitch. They didn't have to worry about Cravin being mad about the bookshelf, he was in a room down the hall watching the fight on the monitors pounding his pud. Alicia pinned Melissa against the corner and slapped her face leaving all kinds of palm prints on the slightly younger actresses face. Alicia sent a boot to Melissa's cunt keeling her over gripping her pussy in pain. Alicia gave Melissa a knee to her stomach and bent her over. Alicia threw Melissa face first into the bookshelf that had fallen.

Melissa on her chest moaned in pain while Alicia sat on her back and began pounding the side of her head. Alicia put Melissa in a very painful position and pulled on her hair straining Melissa's neck funny, man would she feel it the next morning. It wasn't too long before bloody strands of blonde hair were piling up on the floor beside her. Alicia twirled around on Melissa's back and reached down Melissa's cutoffs and grabbed a pair of light blue silk panties and gave Melissa a painful wedgie

"Owwww!" cried Melissa "You are hurting me!!!"

Alicia kept on going until she felt it was enough.

Alicia turned Melissa over onto her back and pulled of Melissa's little cutoffs and tossed them aside. The front of Melissa's silk panties had disappeared up her shaved snatch. Alicia pinned Melissa by sitting on her waist. Alicia tore Melissa's tight tank top in half. Melissa was not wearing any bra and her tits were out in the open to be abused by Alicia. Alicia grabbed them and squeezed leaving bloody claw marks that dribbled more of Melissa's blood onto the carpet. Melissa cried out in pain.

Melissa was near the end of her rope when she thought of something. She noticed that Alicia was spreading her legs while sitting on her. Alicia occupied with destroying Melissa's tits never noticed Melissa's hands reaching up her skirt. The next thing that Alicia felt was an awful sharp pain in her clit as Melissa's fingernails buried themselves inside. Alicia's eyes glazed over as she fell to her side gripping her pussy. Melissa was slow to get up but Alicia was not going anywhere too soon. Melissa relieved herself by pulling off her own panties to give her freedom to move without them digging more into her than they already were. Melissa yanked off Alicia's skirt and tossed that aside leaving the slightly older blonde in a pair of white lace panties. Melissa pulled off Alicia's sweater and threw that to the side too.

Alicia was now topless for she had not worn any bra. Melissa grabbed Alicia by her small breasts and slammed her up and down several times bringing out sobs from Alicia.

"It's pay back time you fucking cunt!" said Melissa as she turned Alicia onto her stomach. Melissa grabbed Alicia's panties and yanked them up hard into her crevices.

"AAAAAAHHHHH, You are hurting me!!!" cried Alicia. "Please stop!!!!"

"Shut the fuck up!" answered Melissa.

Melissa with one hand grabbed the panties and with the other grabbed Alicia's long blonde hair. Melissa took Alicia's hair and tied it in a knot around Alicia's hiked up panties putting Alicia in a very painful position. If Alicia were to straighten her head now, she would be giving herself a wedgie.

Melissa rolled Alicia onto her side and stuck her foot into Alicia's stomach.

With one hand now she grabbed Alicia's ankle, with the other her head and bent her body into a reverse bow and arrow hold that painfully pulled Alicia's hair and was torturing her ass and cunt as the panties and hair were stretched.

Alicia's body was folded into a 90 degree angle that yanked out a hank of hair and tore the thin lace panties right off of her leaving her totally nude.

Melissa rolled Alicia back onto her stomach and sat on her back and gave Alicia several spankings that left the blondes white ass beat red. Melissa then pulled Alicia around the carpet by her ankles dragging Alicia's tits across the floor leaving rug burns all over her tits.

Melissa went over and grabbed Cravin's golf bag and pulled out a driving Iron (a Big Bertha). Melissa returned to Alicia and with one hand grabbed Alicia's ankle and spread her legs apart. Alicia was not offering any resistance as she shoved the driving iron head first into Alicia's cunt.

Alicia squirmed about like a fish out of water screaming and crying, her mascara a total mess now. The more Alicia squirmed the more painful it was for her. Alicia's pussy was red and raw and very much in pain. Fortunately for Alicia she passed out.

Alicia was slapped back awake, she came to crying like a baby still feeling the intense pain between her legs.

"Guess what you little piece of shit," said Melissa. "I just kicked your ass."

"Please no more!!!" cried Alicia.

"Oh but you need more!" said Melissa.

"No please don't do...mmmmphh!!" cried Alicia, but was cut off when Melissa sat on her face.

"If you do what I tell you I won't hurt your pussy anymore!" said Melissa. "So start licking mine. Alicia did so without hesitation. When Melissa was happy, she turned around and commanded Alicia to lick her asshole clean. Again Alicia offered no resistance. At this time Cravin came back to his office and silently walked to his desk and sat down without Melissa noticing.

Melissa upon noticing Cravin Moorehead at his desk grabbed Alicia's clit and pinched it again.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" cried Alicia. "I did what I was told, why are you hurting me????"

Melissa kept pinching until Alicia passed out.

"Because I lied, you stupid bitch!" said Melissa.

Melissa stuffed Alicia's panties into her mouth and carried her over to Cravin's desk and laid her out across it. Melissa put her clothes back on. Before leaving the room she went back over to Cravin's desk and from under the high back desk she kicked him in the balls bending him over in his chair. Melissa shoved his face into Alicia's pussy not allowing him any air until he passed out.

"I don't want your stupid fucking part in the film, you can have your little slut here since you are sticking your nose in her pussy!! Shouted Melissa.

"I should kick you in the balls once again for you purposely setting this fight up, but I know you don't have any!!!"

Melissa left the room and slammed the door hard leaving Cravin Moorehead with his face buried in Alicia's pussy both passed out.

The End