Alicia Silverstone vs. Melissa Joan Hart (Revenge is a bitch named Alicia) by CROZ 1/18/01

It had been over a year since Alicia and Melissa had their first and only altercation. The two had both tried out for the same part in a movie and as usual their discussion of who should get the part quickly turned into a physical altercation. What started as an even battle turned in Alicia's favor, but just when it seemed the 'Clueless' bombshell had the fight in the bag, the teenage witch applied a devastating twat pinch.

After that it was all Melissa and she even went so far as to shove a golf club into Alicia's nether region. Ironically, Melissa turned down the movie and so did Alicia. Now, it was 14 months later and Melissa had just finished filming the season finale of her TV show. The cute blonde stared in the mirror putting on some make-up. She wore a black dress that was a little revealing both top and bottom. It was late and few people were left in the studio. Melissa continued to get ready to go out for the night until she heard something behind her. Melissa saw someone in the mirror standing at the far wall of her dressing room, their face hidden by shadows.

"Who's there?" Melissa asked with a mix of fear and anger. "Who the hell are you?" She stood up and turned around.

Slowly the figure stepped forward. Her boots made a loud clicking sound as she walked.

"Surprise!" said Alicia Silverstone as she came forward in a black blouse, blue jeans and black boots. Her eyes were painted black, he lips red, and her gorgeous blonde hair hung straight down.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Melissa said, now pissed.

"Oh I figured I would just stop by and see how my old friend Missy is doing," Alicia said in a villainess tone.

"Get the hell out of here or I'll call security," Melissa responded.

"Aww, is the poor little bitch scared of little old me?" Alicia said smiling as she continued to move seductively forward.

"Scared of you? I kicked your fat ass bitch, or are you to stupid to remember?" Melissa said as Alicia walked right up in front of her so the two blondes were face to face.

"Well, you see Missy, that's why I'm here I want a little rematch," Alicia said staring into the eyes of her adversary.

"Sure, when ever you want bitch," Melissa said cockily.

"How about right now," Alicia said smiling as she drove a knee up into Melissa's cunt.

Melissa was totally caught off guard and took the full brunt of the knee lift. The cute blonde gave out a gasp as her hands shot to her groin. Melissa hunched over and fell forward into Alicia waiting arms. She grabbed Melissa and whipped her to the floor. 'Sabrina' lay there on the cold cement floor, staring up at the ceiling, holding her crotch and trying to get her senses straight. Alicia quickly walked to her downed adversary and started stomping on her tight tummy. Melissa gave out groans with each stomp as she brought her hands up to protect her stomach.

As soon as she did that, Alicia would stomp her chest. When Melissa would try to protect her breast, Alicia would stomp her crotch. No matter where Melissa blocked Alicia would stomp some where else. Alicia managed to get a particular painful stomp into Melissa's women hood that caused her to cry out in pain. Alicia walked around to Melissa's feet. Melissa looked up through her blonde teary eyes to see Alicia standing there with her legs being held in the air by her ankles. Melissa's black dress fell down slightly, showing her black undies.

"You little shit. You know how much that hurt when you drove my pussy into that table leg? It felt something like this," Alicia said as she sent the heel of her boot down into Melissa's cunt.

The lithe blonde screamed in pain as she rolled over to her side holding her crotch. Alicia laughed watching her rival howl in pain.

"Oh quit crying and get up bitch," Alicia said as she kicked Melissa onto her elbows and knees.

The blonde had one hand on her crotch and the other over her face as Alicia stepped over her body, took hold of the bottom of her dress, stepped back and tried to pull the dress over Melissa's head. Melissa got a little tangled in her dress and was dragged across the floor as Alicia tried to pull the dress off. Finally, with a big tug, Alicia managed to pull the dress completely off. Melissa was left in her black lacy bra and matching black thong.

Alicia step over her downed adversary and pinned Melissa down by putting her jeans covered knees on Melissa's shoulders and her cute bottom of Melissa's chest. The "Batgirl" grabbed Melissa's blonde locks and started to ram the back of her head into the cement floor.

"How's that feel, huh?"

Melissa could only give out moans of pain, as see was knocked dizzy. Alicia then ripped the barely dressed blonde up to her feet and the whipped her into the wall. Melissa's head took almost the full blunt of the collision. Melissa fell backward on her luscious ass and stared at the stars she saw spinning on the ceiling. Before she knew what was happening, Melissa was pulled up by her hair again and whipped into the wall. She just turned so her back to the hit to the wall, but still she let out a cry as she crashed into the wall.

Alicia followed and ran into Melissa, driving her knee into her tight tummy. The air rushed from Melissa's pretty mouth as she held her stomach and hunched over. Alicia grabbed the blonde by her hair, whipped her back into the wall so the back of her head struck the wall hard.

Melissa lay against the wall with her head spinning while Alicia embarrassed the teenage witch (and made her assets more accessible) by relieving Melissa of her top. Conveniently for Alicia, the bra's clasp was in the front. While Alicia was busy trying to remove the bra, Melissa began to get her head straight. She saw what the viscous blonde was doing and she knew she had to capitalize on Alicia's distraction.

Melissa clinched her fist, gave out a grunt, and with everything she had - left fired a punch at Alicia. Sadly, the punch barely grazed Alicia's cheek because Melissa was still dizzy from hitting the wall with her head. She gave out a sigh of disappointment as her last-ditch effort had apparently failed. The grazing punch was enough to draw Alicia's concentration from removing Melissa's bra and made her realize her adversary still had some fight in her.

"You bitch," Alicia said as she fired another knee shot into Melissa barely covered crotch.


Melissa cried in pain as she leaned back against the wall with her hands down in panties. Alicia resumed her earlier task and managed to unclip Melissa's bra. The black lace bra fell to the floor as Alicia's eye grew large at the sight of Melissa' bounty which was open to attack. Alicia jumped at the opportunity and grabbed hold of Melissa's smallish sized tits. Alicia got a good handful of each boob and pushed the blonde against the wall. Alicia then leaned in until her mouth was next to Melissa's ear.

"I want to hear you scream bitch," Alicia whispered as she turned both of her hands outward, twisting Melissa's breasts in unnatural positions.

Melissa gritted her teeth and tried not to give her adversary the satisfaction of hearing her scream. The tough blonde grabbed at Alicia's wrist and tried to hold back the signs of pain.

"Oh, so someone thinks they're tough huh? Well, let's see just how tough you really are slut!"

Alicia twisted Melissa boobs back and then, this time faster and harder, twisted them back outward.

"Oooooooooooowwww, ooowww, stop please."

The pain was just too much and Melissa let out a moan of pain.

"Yeah, that's what I thought bitch, you ain't nothing but a little pussy girl," Alicia said enjoying the sight of the pain stricken blonde.

Alicia continued to twist Melissa's mounds as far clockwise as they'd go, then back counterclockwise. Melissa couldn't help screaming in pain as her lovely breast where being crushed. She tried to pull Alicia's hands from her breasts, but she was just too weak. Melissa began to sob out loud as tears rolled down her pretty cheeks.

"Yeah baby, cry! Cry you bitch, cry," Alicia said, overjoyed at the sight of the destroyed blonde in front of her.

Melissa couldn't believe she was in this situation. Here she was, being destroyed by a blonde bitch she once made cry out in submission. Melissa knew she had to do something - fast! She gave up on trying to pry Alicia hands from her boobs and tried to mount her own attack. Melissa shot her hands up to Alicia's black blouse, grabbed to collar and pulled. But again, she was just too weak for her attack to succeed and only managed to rip one button off Alicia's shirt.

"What the hell do you think you're doing" Haven't you figured it out yet bitch, you're done! There's no heroic comeback this time, your ass is mine," Alicia said starring Melissa in the face.

Melissa gave out a small weep as Alicia's logic set in. She knew she was at the mercy of this ruthless blonde.


Melissa was snapped out of her thoughts of a come-back when Alicia grabbed her breast and pulled up, forcing Melissa to her tippy-toes.

"Owwww, stop Alicia! Please, stop."

Melissa's boobs felt like they were on fire as they where ripped upwards.

"Not yet, slut," Alicia said, laughing at the tormented blonde.

Melissa closed her eyes and tried to block out the pain. Suddenly, she felt the pain go away and she fell to the floor on her ass. Melissa opened her eyes to see Alicia standing in front of her unbuttoning her blouse. Her relief was short, however, as she was pulled to her feet by her hair.

"I know why you were pulling my shirt," Alicia smiled. "You want to see a real pair of tits. I understand. You must be tired of those small tic-tac's you call a chest. Well here take a look at a real pair of breasts."

Alicia pushed her pink bra covered boobs into Melissa's face. The poor blonde's face was engulfed by Alicia's well-endowed chest. She held Melissa pinned to the wall using her chest. Then Alicia let go of Melissa's hair and grabbed her wrists. She forced Melissa's hands over her head and pressed her against the wall. Melissa felt herself slipping; she couldn't breath, everything was going black. Melissa grew dizzy and lost it.

Then, all of a sudden, she felt oxygen coming back into her lungs. She opened her eyes, but everything was spinning. Melissa felt as if she were floating. Her eyes began to see straight again and she realized she was being carried over Alicia's shoulder. Things where still fuzzy and she couldn't tell where she was being carried to. Melissa felt Alicia stop, then felt her self pushed upwards. Abruptly, Melissa was brought back to her senses with an excruciating pain below her waist. She couldn't feel the ground and when she opened her eyes, it became painfully clear why. She was hanging by her panties from a coat hook on the wall.

"OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Melissa screamed in a mix of terror and pain.

"Remember when you shoved that golf club inside of me? Well I couldn't fuck for a month. You'll be lucky if you'll ever screw again," Alicia hissed menacingly.

With that she began to fire uppercuts into Melissa's tortured womanhood until Melissa was a sobbing mess. All she could do was bawl in pain as Alicia continued her onslaught. Luckily for Melissa, the waistband of her black panties ripped and she fell in a naked heap to the floor.

Melissa heard the clicking off Alicia's boots fading away in the distance and eventually the clicking stopped. Melissa, though in a lot of pain, was relieved by the thought of Alicia leaving her to be. But soon, the clicking resumed again, louder and louder. Melissa began to cry even more at the thought that Alicia was coming back.

"Look at this! A naked little slut crying her eyes out! I guess I understand, probably anybody would cry if they knew what I had in store for you. Ha!" Alicia said devilishly as she gave out a little laugh.

"You remember this?" Alicia pulled from behind her back the golf club that Melissa used against her.

Melissa struggled to look up, and gave out a cry at the site of the club.

"I thought you'd remember 'Big Bertha'. I figured this might come in handy if I brought this with me," Alicia said, still smiling as she began to gentle drag the base of the club over Melissa's back.

The lithe blonde continued to sob and even shudder a little bit with the feeling of the club against her.

"Alicia, please don't. ....sob.sob...I'm...sorry....You," Melissa sobbed in her submission.

"Not yet I didn't," Yelled Alicia as she grabbed Melissa's thigh and shoved the handle side of the club in to her ass. Melissa gave out an inhuman scream and quickly passed out.

"Oh no you don't," Alicia said as she stared slapping Melissa to revive her.

"Dammit, you bitch, I'm not done yet. Hey I know something that'll get you up."

With that Alicia removed the club from Melissa and rolled her onto her back. Alicia then pulled apart Melissa's legs so that she laid spread eagle. The unmerciful blonde then pick up the golf club and stood over the left leg of Melissa.

"This may hurt a little. FOUR!"

Alicia swung the golf club striking Melissa directly into her injured crotch. Melissa jumped out of her sleep, screaming at the top of her lungs. She quickly rolled to her side trying to soothe the horrible pain in her women hood. Alicia just stood there and smiled as she watched her adversary roll around in incredible pain.

"OK, time to finish this once and for all."

Alicia undid her belt, pulled down her pants and pink underwear, and struggled but finally removed her clothes over her boots. She stood there in only her half way buttoned blouse, boots, and bra. She walked over to Melissa, her boots clicking along the way. Melissa was barley moving now; she just lay on her side holding her crotch in her hands.

Alicia kicked Melissa on to her back and stood over the face of the destroyed blonde. She then knelt down so that she was facing Melissa's feet and her bare ass was hovering just above Melissa face. Alicia the grabbed Melissa's left nipple with her right hand and twisted it to bring back some of Melissa's senses.

"Can you hear me?" Alicia asked.

When she didn't get an answer, she twisted Melissa's nipple harder.

"Can you hear me?" she asked again.

"Yes," answered Melissa weakly.

"Good! Now I think you earlier said you kicked my fat ass. Well, personally, and I know I'm not alone in saying this, I think I have a beautiful ass. Don't you agree?" Alicia continued

"Yes," Melissa sobbed.

"Well then I don't think you should have been saying all those nasty lies about my ass. To make up for it, I think you better kiss it," Alicia said as she lowered her butt just the slightest bit closer to Melissa's face.

Melissa gave in! She quickly gave Alicia's cute ass a little peck.

"That's not good enough! I want a real kiss," Alicia demanded.

Melissa leaned up again and this time, gave Alicia's ass a big wet, lingering kiss.

"That wasn't bad, but I wasn't satisfied. I think you should lick the inside of my ass," Alicia said giggling a little.

Melissa refused and wouldn't do it. Alicia leaned forward and smacked Melissa's puffy and bruised pussy lips.

"Do it bitch and maybe I won't smother you out."

Melissa, unable to bear the thought of another slap to her crotch, closed her eyes, stuck her tongue out and licked the crack of Alicia's ass.

"Good! Now, do it again," Alicia ordered.

Melissa did as told, not wanting to be smothered, but while she was licking Alicia leaned back and lowered her ass, covering Melissa's face. The conquered blonde made a feeble attempt to dislodge the blonde, but Melissa was far too weak to even slightly move the dominant Alicia. It wasn't long before Melissa was smothered by Alicia's gorgeous ass.

After about two more minutes of Alicia grinding her ass into Melissa's unconscious face, the victories blonde rose and began to get back into her discarded clothes. She smiled and laughed to herself with the sight of her bruised, battered, and unconscious victim. Satisfied, Alicia finally turned and left, boots clicking and all, smiling with the thought of how she finally got her revenge on Melissa.