Watcher Rematch: Rachel Stevens vs. Melissa Joan Hart by Interac

This is a fight the 'Watchers' knew nothing about; but involving what they call 'natural enemies' i.e., two women who upon seeing one another break into a fight.

Rachel Weisz was packing up some stuff when she heard her door open to her bedroom, knowing only a handful of people had a key to her place she was hoping it wasn't one person. As the person walked in, Rachel had a wide-eyed look in her face.

Rachel Weisz, " Melissa what are you doing here?"

She was talking to Melissa Joan Hart who, a few weeks previously, had been in a very long and grueling fight with Rachel Stevens. . Melissa was wearing a gray T-shirt with a tight pair of jeans and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She and Rachel were both good friends of Rachel Weisz'. Melissa sat on the edge of the bed, not paying much attention to Rachel, but staring toward the still open door.

"I know you gave me a key to your place to check on it when you were in England," Melissa began. "But I just had to come here and talk to you about what happened between me and..."

Before she could finish, Rachel Stevens walked in wearing a red T-shirt and jeans; her hair a ponytail. She was carrying some clothes in one hand.

"You think Jo will like thi... " she began. "Why Melissa, what a surprise! What are you doing here?" Rachel said as she put the shirt down on a chair.

Melissa got up from the bed as Rachel walked toward her, stopping at one corner of the bed with Melissa a few feet away at the opposite corner.

"I was just going to give Rachel a message for you," Melissa said, taking a step toward Rachel.

"What is it? Something about not starting something that doesn't end the way you like?" Rachel asked in a snide tone as she took her own step toward Melissa.

"More like how I hate not finishing things the right way," Melissa said as she took another step.

"What happened before is the only finish!" Rachel said, taking the last step that left them face-to-face.

Rachel Weisz looked at the two of them and shrugged, muttering, "Just try not to break too much, OK?"

Then Rachel left the room and as soon as the door closed behind her, the two beauties bumped chest to chest as they each grabbed at the collar of the other's shirt. Rachel started pushing Melissa back, telling her, "Why don't you apologize now before something bad happens."

But Melissa stopped Rachel in her tracks and shoved her back until they were back where they'd started, "What, like me beating you so bad nobody will recognize you?"

Melissa tried throwing Rachel down but Stevens wasn't letting her do that. They struggled, reeling from one side to the other, the pulling and tugging working their shirts up higher and higher until both shirts were above their boobs. Finally, Melissa threw Rachel onto the bed flat on her stomach and jumped on her back, grabbing her by the back of her hair; pulling her head back as she slapped her in the head.

"Do you really think you'd have beat me in a test of strength? That lesson should have been learned in our last fight."

Melissa reached down and grabbed Rachel's shirt, pulling it up over Rachel's breasts, then started choking her with her own T-shirt. Rachel grabbed at her shirt, then dropped her hands and pushed up between Melissa's arms, knocking Hart back and off her. Melissa fell at the edge of the bed and before she could get up, Rachel turned and kicked her completely off of the bed onto the floor. Melissa landed with a loud THUMP! Rachel rolled off the bed onto Melissa's stomach and grabbed her ears, pulling her head up and then slammed it back down to the floor.

"Tests of strength, fighting and toughness," Rachel laughed. "Hell, I beat you in all three!"

Rachel pulled Melissa's shirt up over her breasts and started choking the blonde as Melissa bucked her hips and used her strong legs trying to unseat the tough Brit. Once she threw Rachel off, both got up and Melissa rushed at Rachel, knocking her back against the wall, then dragging her down along with several pictures.

Rachel wrapped an arm around Melissa's neck and turned her around on the wall but rather than pin her there, she locked her in a headlock. Before she could lock her hands, however, Melissa threw her towards the bedside table knocking a lamp off. Rachel turned around and got backhanded as she hit the wall. Melissa followed with a knee to Rachel's stomach, doubling her over. Then grabbing Rachel's shirt, Melissa pulled it over her head covering her face and blinding her as she started throwing uppercuts with her free hand.

"Well, come on tough girl; Ms. Unbeatable," she taunted.

Finally, Melissa pulled Rachel's shirt completely off and as Rachel straightened up to regain balance, Melissa nailed her with a punch that whiplashed Rachel's body as she crumpled to the floor. Melissa sat on Rachel's back and grabbed one of Rachel's arms, pulling it back over her knee. But Rachel knew what was coming as Melissa grabbed for her other arm while her other hand grabbed under Rachel's chin.

"No..." Rachel kept repeating as she kept her one free arm moving so Melissa couldn't capture it; so Melissa forgot about it and locked both hands under Rachel's chin.

"Yes!" Melissa crowed as she locked in her camel clutch just as Rachel Weisz peeked in to check on the damage that Melissa had done to Rachel who had her eyes closed against the pain shooting through her neck and tears streaming from her squinted eyes as she tried to pry Melissa's hands away from her chin using her free hand.

But she couldn't and Melissa continued to haul back on Rachel's neck while Rachel Weisz looked on, seeing one friend beating up another and wondering what Melissa would look like doing this naked; recalling the two women's first fight in which their equally stunning bodies fought naked.

Rachel tried once more, bringing her free hand down and grabbing Melissa's ankle but Melissa let her go as soon as she felt Rachel's hand on the ankle. Melissa grabbed Rachel by the hair, her eyes on Rachel Weisz standing in the doorway as she lifted Rachel to her feet and threw her towards the dresser. Melissa knew Weisz wouldn't interfere because both were her friends, so Melissa confidently walked toward Rachel and used her open hand to slapped Rachel in both sides.

"Lousy bitch, I'll make you hurt so much for claiming victory over me. No one beats one!"

But instead of answering, Rachel just looked over at Weisz and smiled, then she shot her foot back, her heel crashing upward between Melissa's legs. Melissa started to drop but Rachel grabbed her by the hair, lifting her head up as she drove a knee into Melissa's stomach. The impact put both women down on the floor with Rachel on top! She grabbed Melissa's shirt and pulled it up covering Melissa's face as she ground her knee in Melissa's belly with a sick smirking grin plastered on her face.

Rachel let go of the knee grind and turned Melissa around. Pounding the knee into the small of her back, Rachel grabbed Melissa by the back of her hair while her other hand clawed at Melissa's mouth, her nails digging at the inside of her upper lip.

"Does it feel good weakling? I AM unbeatable," Rachel screamed in Melissa's ear.

But Melissa's hands were under the bed, feeling around for something and when she found it, she swept her hand back with the object, hitting Rachel in the forehead and knocking the Brit off of her flat on her back on the floor.

Looking up, Rachel shook her head and mumbled, "What the hell was that?"

Melissa smiled as she looked down at what she was holding in her hand; her eyes got wide and she shrieked as she flung it toward the door where Rachel Weisz was standing. She looked down and picked it up, muttering, "So THAT'S where my vibrator went! Thanks 'lissa, I'm going to go do something alone for a while, you girls just keep fighting." Weisz blushed as she backed out the door with the vibrator and headed down the hall at a brisk pace.

The two young beauties jumped at each other and the impact of their bodies hitting echoed throughout the room. Like a vampire, Melissa sank her teeth in Rachel's collarbone as she pushed her down to the floor. As they separated, one of Melissa's boobs popped free of her bra and both of Rachel's boobs were pushing as if they wanted out as well.

"Here lemme help ya with those suckers," Melissa said as she scratched and clawed Rachel's round boobs until she ripped her bra off. Rachel gasped as the bra was ripped from her body. She tried to fight back, lunging with both hands for Melissa's bra. She grabbed Melissa's left breast in both hands, brought her head up and opened her mouth to bite into Melissa's perky boob.

"Unh-uh!" Melissa said as she put her hands on Rachel's forehead and, after a struggle, slammed it down on the floor. But Rachel managed to rip Melissa's bra loose in the process and when she sat up, Melissa's bra slipped down around her waist as she looked down at a dazed English pop star, then began to slap her over and over.

"How're you liking it Rachel?" Melissa screamed. "How's it feel to know there's one woman who can do whatever she wants to you? We're the same size but I'm just so much better! When I leave here, you'll know that. Now, get up!"

Melissa brought Rachel up to her feet with her but Rachel hauled back and punched Melissa in the pussy as she came upright. Melissa's mouth opened but no sound came out as she crumpled to her knees holding her battered pubic mound. Rachel leaned into a slap that knocked the cringing Melissa flat on her back where she lay with her tearing eyes squeezed shut, her knees drawn up and her mouth gaping as she sucked in some badly needed air. Straddling Melissa's chest and trapping her arms under her knees, Rachel grinned down at Melissa.

"Open your bloody eyes and look at me," she hissed.

Melissa did look up and saw her red hand print on Rachel's reddened face, but it was the trickle of blood from the side of Rachel's mouth that made Melissa least until Rachel hauled back and hit a series of hard slaps to Melissa's face. When Rachel took a breather after the tenth slap, Melissa was sobbing and her face was flushed a brilliant crimson.

"No American; not Lacey, not Jennifer - and damn sure not you - can ever beat me!" Rachel announced as she gave Melissa two more slaps, than she sang out for Rachel Weisz. "Hey Rache, come see me beating this pathetic wench - again!"

"Noooooo..." Melissa screamed and with all her power and might she bucked Rachel off of her chest.

Rachel had her back against the bed and as Melissa moved toward her, she raised her foot and kicked Melissa in the face, knocking her away.

"Yes!" Rachel exclaimed as she forced herself to her feet while Melissa struggled to get up.

Melissa threw a sloppy punch which Rachel ducked and then countered with a hard punch to Melissa's exposed boob. Melissa rocked back on her heels and Rachel followed with a punch into Melissa's side. Melissa hopped to the side as she reeled from the second punch.

"Oh yes!" Rachel said as she followed Melissa and went for the knockout, but Melissa got an arm up to block it and brought her knee up between Rachel's legs.

"No!" Melissa grunted as she stopped Rachel from falling and threw her head first into the wall. Melissa stepped up to Rachel who had fallen to her knees holding her head. But the instant Melissa came close enough, Rachel kicked her foot out, hitting Melissa in the stomach and knocking the wind out of her momentarily. Rachel got up to try and take advantage, but they both wanted to get close and they collided, then spun around and around till they tripped and tumbled onto the bed with Rachel on top. She quickly pushed one hand down between them and unbuttoned Melissa's jeans while her other hand held Melissa's head down by the hair.

Melissa screamed, got her hands up and raked her nails across Rachel's eyes. She pushed Rachel off of her and started unbuttoning Rachel's pants as Rachel kicked her legs and slapped at Melissa, almost knocking her off the bed. Rachel rolled off the bed one way and as soon as she dropped to the floor, she kicked her unbuttoned pants off freeing her legs. Melissa came off the other side of the bed and, like Rachel, she quickly kicked her pants off.

"You know something, I really don't like you. There’s just something about you, that irks me."

"Could be you know I'm better’n you"

"Well get on the bed and prove it hot shit!"

"Fine by me!”

They jumped up on the bed and grabbed hair, twisting around, then crashing down and breaking the box spring. Melissa reached down with one hand and grabbed at Rachel's panties, hauling up. She felt Rachel's hand release her hair to retaliate so Melissa snapped her head down and bit Rachel's boob. She pushed Rachel onto her back, let go of her bite and wrapped both hands around Rachel's throat and started choking

"Feel your air being cut off?” she asked. “Do you know what that black dot in your vision means Rachel. It means you lost, and I won. Go ahead scratch away at my arms if you like, this is how I wanted to beat you….to choke you out, to look down at you as you pass out and know I took all you had to give and.... OH SHIT!"

Rachel somehow managed to push Melissa off of her and scrambled away gasping for air. Melissa got to her feet and ran at Rachel who heard her coming and just as Melissa leaped at her from the bed, Rachel turned and hit her with a punch to the stomach. Melissa missed Rachel and crashed to the floor, face down. Rachel sat on her back and put Melissa in a choke hold.

"You are tough Melissa, but I'm tougher!"

Melissa reached back and grabbed Rachel's hair, pulled and flipped her over her shoulder. Both women were quick to their feet and they hit each other with a punch almost simultaneously. "Let's finish this," they muttered in unison, then went full out, hitting each other with thunderous blows both high and low, including knees. Neither was going to give an inch; what one dished out the other replied in kind until after a long, hard, two minutes of trading haymakers and power blows, Melissa hit an uppercut and Rachel hit the wall. Rachel threw her own punch as she pushed off the wall with her butt, but Melissa went low, picked Rachel up as she pivoted and spiked the British song bird into the carpet.

Melissa got up and dragged the dazed Rachel up by one arm and put her in a head scissors. Rachel fought valiantly but Melissa arched her back, grunted and Rachel stopped fighting and collapsed on the floor. Melissa kept her scissors for another minute, then got up and hoisted Rachel up over her shoulder. She carried her out to the other room where Rachel Weisz was sitting with her legs spread, working the vibrator between her thighs. Grinning proudly, Melissa dumped Rachel’s unconscious body at their hostesses feet.

"Take that trash back to England!" Melissa said. Then she heard Rachel start to stir and just as Rachel looked up, Melissa dropped a knee down on her face knocking her out cold again. "And tell her when she wakes up to make sure I never see her again, because if I do, I'll do a lot worse," she added.