Melissa Joan Hart vs. Reese Witherspoon by Oberon

They'd seen each other on the big screen and on TV, had read the others interviews in the magazines and on the Internet and for a long time had wanted to test their physical strength, skills and stamina against each other. When it was learned they had a mutual friend who appeared in movies with both of them two years apart, they contacted her in the hope that she could help arrange a private meeting between them so they could fight it out. At first Ali Larter was taken aback by both actresses making the same request of her, but both of them seemed eager to arrange such a meeting. In time they were talking by three way phone making the arrangements of where and when they would get together. Ali's excitement at the prospect of two of her friends fighting grew as she listened to them make arrangements as to where and when they would meet. She added some suggestions of her own as she heard them finalize everything, promising Ali she would know how the "appointment", as they called it, went. As Ali wouldn't be able to actually be present when the fight actually happened, she would be able to watch on the videotape they would be making of the fight. Excited by this, Ali suggested her friends wear something special to their "appointment"; something that would add attitude to their entrances, besides making their own rules and terms of their fight. A week of arrangements later, the two actresses in question met face to face on a local beach, in a makeshift arena that had been constructed for their private meeting.

The evening sun warmed the bodies of the two blondes facing each other. It was setting over the horizon in a sphere of reddish orange to the west, casting the isolated area they agreed to make their appointment in a surreal glow. The two women stood about five feet apart on a grassy knoll surrounded by torches situated, in a circle of high posts that stood ten feet off the ground. They were almost naked save for the skimpy attire on their hips and shoulders. One of them wore a pink sequined thong bikini borrowed from the wardrobe from her recent movie; the other wore a harem girl outfit likened to the "slave Leia" outfit worn by Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi that she made herself. They wore them for the purpose of psyching each other out, but as far as they could see there was no effect on either woman's part. The thin coat of baby oil spread on their arms, legs, chests, stomachs and asses after they met here and placed their street clothes in duffel bags kept nearby was already starting to dry in the fading heat, but their bare flesh glowed in the light of the torches and the setting sun. A breeze washed over them, heralding the coming of night; it felt good to them after a long day in the California heat, making their bodies tingle, making them eager to begin the evening's planned festivities. The video camera they were taping their "appointment" with was close by, recording every word and action for Ali to watch. The thought of Ali watching their fight added to their excitement as they continued their stare-down.

Reese Witherspoon readjusted her bikini, fixing a cup so it hugged her boob tighter, smiling into the other blonde's eyes as Melissa Joan Hart sized her up from head to toe, looking over her breasts as if comparing them to her own, to see if they would be ripe enough targets to go after first. Melissa's legs were spread apart on the warm sand under her feet with the front part of her bikini slave outfit reaching all the way to the ground beneath them, to give Reese a glimpse of her thick, muscular thighs, to let her know what she'd be up against. Melissa's posture said she intended to use those leg muscles against Reese more than once when they started wrestling, and she was eager to wrap them around her curvaceous waist and make her scream from the pressure. Noticing Reese adjusting her bikini top near her chest, she smiled a little, flexing her thighs and mimicking the same gesture with the top of her costume, trying to make it appear as if she hadn't intended to flash Reese a fleeting view of her breast as she did so, even if it was obvious that she had. A smile lit up Reese's face like ice cream on top of cheesecake while she watched Melissa briefly expose herself to her. The pink bikini Reese borrowed from her Legally Blonde wardrobe glittered in the torch light, as she flaunted it to show she was no slouch in the entrance department. Their hair was tied at the back in tight buns to show their shoulders.

A long silence passed by as they said nothing, just stared each other down; then Reese broke it, "What are the rules?" And how come you're not wearing something from Sabrina, The Teenage Witch? I was just wondering…"

"Anything goes, as far as the rules," answered Melissa succinctly, answering Reese's first query. "Biting, scratching, kicking, hair-pulling, choking, boob mauling, squeezing... and we keep fighting until one of us submits, or passes out. Or, of course, until one or both of us gets so wet and excited as we're going at it that we forget all that and fuck the rest of the way through... in that case, first to come loses the fight. As far as my attire," Melissa allowed herself a chuckle, "I considered coming as Sabrina, but I thought this would be nice to compete with you. Speaking more of coming," she added, "after the first to come loses, the loser gets to spend two or three weeks at the winner's house; depending on how much she enjoys her company; cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, and pleasuring the winner any time she wants it, and her friends, too, if they should happen to visit, and get horny watching the loser walk around in her skimpy little maid's outfit. Whoever ends up doing that, I'm gonna enjoy kicking your sweet ass." Chuckling again as she began to circle Reese, Melissa grinned sweetly, adding, "And after I kick your ass, I might wanna lick your ass."

"Not as much as I'll enjoy kicking yours, I believe," Reese answered coyly, circling Melissa, more excited by everything Melissa laid down, but not wanting to show it. "I've a feeling you'll be licking me all over, if this has the results I have in mind. We'll see if I invite Ali over after this is finished, and you wind up licking us both. Also," Reese continued, looking Melissa up and down in her slave Leia costume, "I must say you did a good job at making your appearance, which will make it sweeter for me once I've made you submit to me. So, that settles it, Melissa. May the best woman win."

"May the best woman win," Melissa agreed, adding, "I'm sure Ali would love watching you service me after I tear your body to shreds. Maybe I'll have you lick her all over, too," she imagined. "That'd be delicious to watch!"

As she spoke, Melissa lunged at Reese, using her legs as pistons as she charged, her open palms slapping against Reese's shoulders as Reese raised her arms to defend herself, sliding her hands up along Melissa's biceps until they reached her shoulders. With their fingertips pressing into the yielding flesh of each other's shoulders, they immediately started to swing each other around in wide circles, often slipping their legs between the other's calves, trying to tumble each other so they would be flat on her back and ripe for an assault. The only sound in the circle of torches was the heavy breathing of the two rivals as they spun around and around, in fluid motions and sudden jerks, occasionally stumbling on the other's leg and almost falling, but regaining both feet and engaging each other again. At one point Melissa's leg stuck all the way in between Reese's thighs and she simultaneously kicked and pulled, trying to ground her opponent, but Reese scrambled on her feet, reaching down between Melissa's thighs to grab the fabric hanging from her slave Leia outfit, pulling and kicking in between Melissa's ankles to send her stumbling and almost falling over her legs in the sand. Regaining her own footing at the last second, Melissa bounced to her feet, glaring at Reese as she jumped up.

Melissa charged Reese again, arms outstretched, reaching for her hair. Reese did likewise as Melissa closed in on her; their semi-nude torsos collided with a loud SLAP accompanied by a pair of loud grunts as their fingers slipped into each other's hair, burying themselves in it and trying to undo their buns loose. It appeared more like Reese and Melissa were trying to tear their locks from the follicles as they danced, twisted and stumbled inside the circle of torches, all grunting, yelping, pulling hair and slamming together in their mutual exertions. Each impact of their torsos caused a louder SLAP as their boobs ballooned and mushroomed between them; Melissa's navel ring and the front part of the bottom section of her slave Leia costume rammed into Reese's lower body, knocking a gust of breath from her body with each impact. Reese tugged harder on Melissa's hair in response to each impact, to which Melissa responded by yanking at Reese's hair even harder. The hair-pulling soon escalated to yanking their heads back and forth, right and left, turning their neat little buns into chaotic masses of loose tresses as their stomachs rammed together harder and harder all the while.

Reese groaned through her gritted teeth as Melissa yanked her hair sharply to the side, undoing the bun in back of her head, as she slammed her stomach into hers again, the navel ring and front of her bottoms knocking the wind from her body. Twisting her body to the side Melissa was dragging her head, Reese pivoted on the ball of her foot, dragging her opponent with her as she flipped her over her shoulder and down to the sand. Melissa used the inertia to flip Reese to the sand in front of her, shifting her weight and pulling down on her head, causing her to fall with a louder impact than the one Melissa made when her ass hit the sand. Using that inertia in turn to roll onto her knees, Reese pulled Melissa close to her as she got up on her knees and advanced on Reese. Ramming her heel into Melissa's stomach, Reese lay back, throwing her opponent over her prone body and down to the sand above her with an even louder impact. Their scalps felt as if they were on fire by now as they kept their hands buried in hair that was a mess of tangled locks. As Reese and Melissa rolled onto their knees, their faces were turning red and their teeth were clenched from the strain they exerted into their hair-pulling, twisting each other's damaged buns with pained groans as they rained occasional kicks and slaps on any available part of each other's bodies; faces, stomachs and tits, until they collided in a bone-crunching breast to breast double bearhug as their bare, groaning as their oil-coated torsos pressed tightly together!

Melissa pressed her breasts into Reese's in an attempt to intimidate her early on by establishing whose bust was bigger. Her breasts, covered by the top of her slave Leia outfit, pressed into Reese's smaller bust as their arms tightened on each other; Melissa's right breast buried its way into Reese's cleavage between the cups of her pink sequined bikini, her left pressed against the side of Reese's right breast. Reese's right breast was jammed into Melissa's cleavage in the midst of their mutual embrace, halfway obscured in her opponent's larger tits. Glancing down almost at the same time, Melissa and Reese saw their boobs warring for dominance; eager to press her intimidation tactic, Melissa gave her a tighter squeeze, pressing Reese's left arm closer into her own body as their arms had intertwined one under the other when they came together. Pushing forward as she did this, Melissa bulged and pooched her breasts into Reese as she tried to capitalize on their more generous size. Instead of having the intended effect washing over her, Reese narrowed her eyes at Melissa and began to push back at her opponent, bucking her upper chest as she tightened her bearhug around Melissa's torso in quick pulses, and then rolling her boobs into a position from which she could push them into Melissa's bust, capitalizing on their larger size in a way that would be more advantageous to her. Melissa's lips actually passed a grunt as Reese defied her larger chest, bumping her tits into Melissa's with another pulse of her bearhug. The tighter grip forced a grunt from Reese as it pressed Melissa's left arm in her right side, but a smile briefly crossed her face as she watched Melissa's reaction, that became a grimace as Melissa gave her a tighter squeeze.

"Let's see you smile when these tits are resting on your face, keeping you from breathing," Melissa intoned.

"I'll be smiling plenty when I'm flattening those tits against your chest with my legs," Reese retorted, "or sitting on 'em!" Reese reset her arms around Melissa's torso and squeezed back, pushing her tits into her opponent's a little more as their grips around one another's torsos grew tighter. Grunting louder as she realized Reese successfully fought back against her larger breasts, Melissa concentrated the energy she was pouring through her arms into Reese's stomach and groin, remembering the wind she had taken out of Reese when her stomach and the metallic part of her costume connected with her lower body. Planting her feet as firmly as she could into the sand, Melissa slid the bearhug down along Reese's body as far as she could, tightening her grip in a harsh jerk inward, as she thrust her tummy and groin into her opponent's, grinding their stomachs together as the front of her slave Leia costume ground Reese's crotch in long, calculated strokes. Reese let out another long groan as Melissa ground herself into her waist; she was fighting with clenched teeth to keep herself from letting out a cry of pain as Melissa worked her lower torso, pouring greater energy into grinding Melissa's breasts in the slow circling motions she was using to deflate her opponent. Their grips tightened again, pressing each other closer together as their faces started to turn red from the persistent squeezing pressure their bearhugs were inflicting on each other's bodies. At another grind of Melissa's stomach and crotch into Reese's lower body, Reese reared her head back, breaking the growing stalemate by head-butting Melissa in the face hard enough that her arms loosened somewhat around her and she could take a bit more oxygen in her lungs.

Rearing her head back again, Reese was met with a headbutt from Melissa that connected with her forehead as she brought her forehead forward, meaning to force Melissa's grip to loosen more. The impact of their foreheads striking together in mid-swing had taken both actresses by surprise; as if acting on instinct Melissa rammed her stomach into Reese's one last time as the crushing grips on each other's bodies loosened and fell away. Reese and Melissa were fighting to catch their breath as they stumbled back a few steps, glaring openly at one another while they favored the parts of their bodies their double bearhug had affected most directly. Taking a few tentative steps toward each other as they prepared to resume their fight, they watched each other closely for any sudden moves, which Melissa made an instant later. Arms stretched outward to wrap Reese's waist up in another bearhug, Melissa was in the process of snaking her arms around Reese's middle when Reese's knee suddenly shot upward, ramming her stomach. The impact of Reese's knee in Melissa's stomach caused a startled WHOOF! to spew out of her lips as Reese advanced upon her, building on her sudden position by slamming a quick series of fist shots into Melissa's belly with one hand as her other arm snaked across Melissa's neck, curling around it from the front as she stepped to Melissa's side, bending Melissa's body back. Reese strangled Melissa as her free hand reached over and rained more gut punches. "I'll see how long it takes to make your belly as sore as mine," Reese snarled, choking off Melissa's retort with a quick flex of her arm.

A few moments later a grunt came from Melissa as her back was rammed over Reese's thigh as Reese had dropped to one knee, dragging Melissa down with her, slamming her back on an outstretched leg. Melissa had more air pushed out of her, but not so much that she couldn't lift her legs as she fell, wrapping them around Reese's neck just as she was about to go back to work on her stomach. Holding her in place while she slid off Reese's leg down to the sand, Melissa shifted her weight in the other direction, pushing Reese on her back. Reese landed on her back with a muffled WHUMP as Melissa sat up, leaning back on her hands as she crossed her ankles and applying pressure on her throat. Reese's shapely legs kicked and drummed the sand as Melissa shifted the leglock, getting a firm grip on Reese and squeezing, the backs of her thighs pressing the side of her face as the backs of her knees pressed into her neck and her ankles completed the deadly grip, cutting off her breathing as the fabric on the bottom section of Melissa's slave Leia costume draped lazily across her face. Moving the material aside so she could watch Reese's expression, Melissa flexed her thigh muscles and squeezed, choking off her curt demand that Melissa release her.

"Let go of m…URRRRRRRRRRK!"

"Nothing doing, Reese honey!" Melissa growled as she leaned farther back on her hands, legs squeezing harder as an agonized choked gasp exited Reese's lips. "Let's see how much time passes before your face turns red NOW!"

To reiterate her point, Melissa stretched her body on the sand, extending her legs so that they compressed Reese's throat tighter. Her thighs pressed farther into Reese's face as the scissors gained momentum, compressing her neck on both sides as she added to the submission by leaning on her hands and lifting her ass to pour more energy through her legs as Reese gagged and choked from the scissors. Her hands curled over Melissa's thigh, slapping it as she tightened the leglock around her throat. Seeing this retaliation was not working, Reese slid her hands around to the back of her thigh, gripping the muscle with her fingers to apply enough pressure to open a space in the scissors she could pull her head through as Melissa fought to keep the scissors wrapped around her neck. Finally Reese was able to pull herself out of the scissors, rolling away and choking as Melissa advanced on her again. Ramming a shoulder in Melissa's waist, she flipped Melissa over her shoulder to the sand with a long groan, then turned behind her, grabbing Melissa by the hair to fit her neck between her thigh and calf, leaning into Melissa's throat and hearing satisfying gagging sounds. Melissa's legs shot up, slamming them around Reese's neck and forcing her to the sand, but not before Reese managed to wrap her legs around Melissa's neck on her way down. Rolling on the sand as they tried to wriggle out of the other's leglock, they ended up laying in a 69 position, their legs working overtime to choke the breath from one another.

Reese appeared to be getting the worst of it, as Melissa's thighs were pressing hard into her neck and the sides of her head. Being that the fleshy part of Melissa's thighs were close to her mouth, and the leglock threatened to force the air from her throat, Reese leaned forward to sink her teeth into one of those constricting thighs, just hard enough to force the scissors to spring open. Taking a short breath as Melissa opened her legs with a startled scream, Reese uncoiled her own scissors from Melissa's throat, pushing Melissa on her back with her feet. Mounting her opponent, Reese sat on her head, her ass cheeks obscuring a large part of Melissa's face as she bore down with all her weight, bouncing up and down on Melissa's nose and mouth. Melissa kicked her legs up, trying to get them around Reese's torso so she could topple her, but Reese grabbed her around the thighs and leaned back, pushing her ass farther in Melissa's face. Melissa's legs bent at the knees and kicked violently as she was smothered under Reese's ass; her hands reached up and raked Reese's back in her efforts to free herself, but it was to no avail until Melissa exercises her rights to use her teeth, sinking them into Reese's right ass cheek as she kicked both legs at once, slipping out from under the facesit the moment Reese lifted up to get Melissa's teeth out of her backside. Kicking her legs over her head as she still lay on her back, Melissa knocked Reese to the sand, rolling to her hands and knees to jump her and push her tits in Reese's face!

Reese dragged her nails sideways along Melissa's back, slamming her legs around Melissa's waist as the boobs in the slave Leia outfit lowered themselves onto her face, molding themselves into her nose and mouth, muffling her curses. Melissa grunted from the force of the scissors, grunting again as Reese's fingers slipped back in her hair and yanked viciously. Refusing to remove herself, Melissa grabbed hold of Reese's hair, returning the hair pulls Reese was giving her. Feeling Reese's jaw unhinging underneath her costume, Melissa lifted up just as Reese's jaw clamped shut again, allowing Reese a moment's breath before she slammed her tits down over her face, pressing harder until the scream ripped from Melissa's throat. Banging Reese's head into the sand to get her to loosen her jaw and withdraw her teeth from her left breast, Melissa groaned as Reese's legs clamped on her waist tighter, squeezing it between her thighs to keep her from lifting up with her lower frame and slamming the front section of her bottoms into Reese's crotch again. As they kept their hands in each other's hair, Reese used her grip on Melissa's waist to force her to her side, kicking the scissors tighter around her waist as both actresses grunted and groaned from the discomfort they caused each other. Melissa's groans grew louder as Reese's legs squeezed her waist tighter and tighter.

"You are just pissing me off, " Melissa growled as the squeezing legs around her waist contracted and compressed with increasing pressure. Her eyes flashed at Reese to let her know she meant it as she squirmed in her efforts to escape Reese's legs.

"So I notice," Reese growled, groaning as Melissa yanked and pulled at her hair. "You can bring on anything you want, and we'll see if you can overpower me or not. If you can," she went on, confident of her fighting ability. "Hell, I'll be your servant for a whole month." Her legs contracting Melissa's waist in between her words, she added, "I'll even walk around in that skimpy get-up you're wearing now if you wanna see me wear it while I wash your clothes, bitch." Reese tightened her legs around Melissa's waist a little more as they wrenched at each other's hair, adding, "But when I beat you, I'll 'borrow' it from you until your servant duties are complete!" As Reese spoke, her legs compressed Melissa more and more, prompting Melissa to groan louder as she yanked and wrenched at her hair. "Maybe I'll fit the chain I made for my costume at home around your neck and walk you all around my house on your hands and knees like a little puppy! Then I'll drag you by it into bed with me, and tie you to the bed posts while I practice holds on you!"

Melissa yanked on Reese's tresses as hard as she could, screeching through her gritted teeth as Reese responded in kind, then whipped her body in a convulsive shake that loosened the brutally tight leglock around her enough that she could wriggle her way out of it.

"It's a shame I didn't bring it tonight, bitch," Melissa growled, flipping Reese over by the hair and getting behind her as she wrenched Reese's hands from her hair.She grabbed Reese’s wrists, crossing her arms over her chest as she wrapped her legs tightly around Reese's middle and squeezed for all she was worth; pulling back on her wrists caused Reese's arms to tighten across her chest as she stretched her legs out in the other direction, extending them painfully around Reese's waist. "How's that feel, bitch? Lessee how long I can keep you from breathing now!" Melissa taunted, squeezing and pulling.

Grunting from having her arms folded across her chest, pressing into her boobs, Reese planted both feet in the sand, trying to bridge her way out of Melissa's grasp. But Melissa squeezed her legs together harder, maintaining the leglock until she decided to change tactics, releasing the scissors and pressing her feet into Reese's back as she gripped her wrists. Stretching, she pulled Reese's crossed arms even farther in her chest, wrenching a long groan from the trapped blonde.

Melissa smiled at the sound of it; she leaned in a little as her thick legs bent at the knee, whispering in Reese's ear, "Are you breathing okay? If so, I can compact you a bit more!"

Without a second's delay, Melissa pulled at her opponent again, forcing Reese to plant her feet back on the sand and try bridging again. Melissa used the inertia to pull Reese into the air, stretching her legs all the way up as she pulled Reese's wrists, then sent her crashing to the sand on her ass. As the impact rocketed through Reese's body, Melissa released her arms and wrapped her legs in a tight choke around Reese's neck from behind, leaning back on her hands and squeezing tightly, her feet pointing out in the air as her thighs crushed Reese's throat. As Reese tried rolling left and right to escape, Melissa lowered her legs, using her inertia again to roll her onto her stomach as she tightened the scissors around her neck. Melissa maintained the hold until Reese managed to bite into her thigh again, scratching her legs and gripping in back of her thighs to make Melissa release her. Melissa spun around after uncoiling her legs, then Reese charged her, slamming a bearhug on her as they were still on their knees, gripping her wrist with her other hand and pulling Melissa in, squeezing powerfully. Twisting her body left and right, Melissa ground against Reese, attempting to bump her tits into hers. Reese responded to this by squeezing harder. Melissa responded in turn by leaning forward to bite at Reese's nose as a shake of her head forced her to loosen and uncoil her arms from Melissa's torso.

Catching her breath and considering how overdressed she and Reese might have been, Melissa narrowed her eyes catlike at her opponent, as she made a suggestion. By now the sun had set and the western horizon was a black-orange tapestry, but she noticed how hot the California nights were this time of year.

"Maybe it's just me," Melissa intoned, noticing the hardened state of her nipples that came from the constant physical contact between herself and Reese. “But I think it’s getting much warmer right around now." Removing the top of her slave Leia outfit, tossing it over her shoulder outside of the circle of torches, she turned back to Reese, "That's more like it. I think you'd be a lot more comfortable if you took yours off, too."

Reese saw the unmistakable gleam in Melissa's eyes after noticing her nipples. Without a word, Reese peeled off her sequined pink bikini top, tossing it in the same direction over Melissa's shoulder.

"There," she intoned, looking Melissa straight in the eyes as the torches above them illuminated their nearly naked bodies.

The sweat that had gathered on them as they fought gave their bare skin a surreal glow. A few moments passed without a word from either of them as they inched closer to each other, ever so slowly. They came together in another double bearhug, squeezing like it was the end of the world. After a pained grunt, Melissa breathed a long sigh of satisfaction as she noticed her breasts engulfing Reese's. Seeing how effective her boobs would be now that they were both topless, Melissa capitalized on this advantage, pulling Reese into her and squeezing harder. Reese reflexively tightened her arms around Melissa when she felt her tits overtake hers, sliding her arms lower around her waist and pulling in tight. Melissa answered this with a tight squeeze of her own, accompanied by a surge of her bust into Reese's as her tits rolled and pressed their way into her chest.

Reese wasn’t affected by the sight of this psychologically, but Melissa's larger size was being used to sap Reese's energy as Melissa squeezed harder on the bearhug, pressing Reese's arms tighter around her body as they pressed together like a pair of Siamese twins joined at the chest. Planting her feet in the sand, Reese sought to even it out by lifting Melissa a few inches from her feet, holding her suspended and pulling tighter on her arms. Melissa gave Reese her answer as she pulled herself back to the sand, lifting Reese off her feet and holding her in the air as she pulled tighter on her own bearhug. Setting her opponent down, she pressed her tits into Reese's chest again, inching back and plowing them into Reese's boobs in sharp motions. A series of soft fleshy slaps accompanied each impact of their breasts colliding and mashing.

Reese grunted as Melissa squeezed tighter, her head thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut, her teeth clenched tightly against the pain.... then, she brought her face close to Melissa's, unhinging her jaw as she titled her head and bit Melissa's nose! A sharp cry came from Melissa; she gave Reese an almost Herculean compression before twisting to the side, slipping her leg in between Reese's calves as she fell and landing on top of her chest. Reese used the inertia to roll Melissa off of her, trying to establish a position on top of her opponent. Her legs entwining with Reese's, Melissa twisted again and rolled Reese underneath her. They repeated this again and again, rolling around left and right as they sought a position of advantage until Melissa straddled Reese's curvaceous waist, slamming her bare tits over her face in a fierce downward motion, wrapping her arms around Reese's head to hold it in place as she pushed her tits in her oral and nasal passages. Reese was held under for a little while longer than last time she was in this position; then her teeth sank into the titflesh closest to her mouth. A scream came from Melissa as she lifted up, pulling herself free from Reese's jaws. Curling her fingers into claws, she dug her nails into Reese's bare tits, twisting this way and that. Reese screeched through her teeth, using Melissa's tits as prime targets, gripping and kneading the sensitive titflesh as if her life depended on it. The circle was filled with their sharp cries of pain as they worked each other's boobs.

Reese began slamming her knees into Melissa's back, groaning as Melissa slapped and clawed her sore tits. Melissa's lips gave similar sounds as she grunted and groaned with each impact of Reese's knees on her back. Jackhammering Melissa's back one knee after the next with more calculated impacts, Reese slapped Melissa's tits, gripping them in her fingers until her knuckles turned bone-white. Reese capped off her knee shots by slamming her legs around Melissa's neck from behind, thigh muscles flexing as they constricted Melissa's throat and dragged her backfirst to the sand. On her way down, Melissa slammed her heels into Reese's tits, causing Reese to gasp and suck in wind, massaging her boobs as Melissa came back to and advanced upon Reese. Glaring, Reese slammed a forearm across Melissa's bust, dragging her fingernails across her boobs in the same motion. Melissa grunted as she massaged her wounded boobs, then rained a few slaps on Reese's face as she advanced, raking her fingernails along Reese's eyes. Reese's nails slashed across Melissa's eyes in turn, causing Melissa to let loose with a loud scream of battlelust as she wrapped her arms around Reese's middle, lifting her off her feet and shaking her back and forth as Reese squirmed in protest!

Groaning as the breath was forced from her body, Reese twisted and pulled at Melissa's hair, clawing Melissa's eyes as her body was unmercifully crushed in her opponent's grasp, her tits pushed against her chest in the tight bearhug. Squeezing harder, Melissa slammed her chest into Reese's, pushing more air from her, until Reese's knee rammed into the space between Melissa's thighs. Melissa screamed again as she wrenched the bearhug tight, dropping to a knee and slamming Reese's crotch against her thigh. Reese knelt on the sand, massaging her crotch and fighting to regain her breath when Melissa approached from behind, pressing her tits into the back of Reese's head as her arm snaked around Reese's throat, locking behind the other in a sleeper hold that she managed to maintain for a long while until a savage bite into Melissa's forearm from the kneeling blonde forced the hold to loosen and uncoil. Standing up quickly, Melissa seized hold of Reese's hair, spun around and trapped her in a standing headscissors, reaching over to slap the trapped blonde's ass cheeks before grabbing hold of her sequined pink thong bikini bottoms and yanking, pushing the material into the crack of her ass. Reese groaned and clawed Melissa's thighs as Melissa kept the thong buried in her ass with one hand as she whaled Reese's ass with the other, alternating between her right and left cheek.

Tightening the headscissors when Reese made an effort to bite into her thigh, Melissa stood up and started to bounce up and down on the sand, flexing her thigh muscles around her head as Reese continued her clawing and scratching of her legs. After a while of this, she reached down again, wrapping both arms around Reese's midriff and releasing the scissors before lifting Reese upside down in her arms, flexing them, squeezing Reese's waist and shaking Reese back and forth. Reese's legs kicked and thrashed as Melissa held her, then wrapped around Melissa's neck at the last possible instant as Melissa piledrived her into the sand gripping Melissa's neck by her calves. Reflexively thrusting her legs, Reese slid them forward so her thighs were pressing hard into either side of Melissa's neck, squeezing as hard as she could as she lay back, fighting to clear her head of the cobwebs. Too dazed to stop Melissa's legs from coiling around her neck from behind, Reese gagged as Melissa crossed her ankles and compressed her with renewed vigor. Grunting as Melissa's fists repeatedly slammed her gut, Reese bent her legs and kicked forward again, squeezing her opponent's neck as tight as she could, refusing to let go as Melissa gagged and choked from the fierce compressions.

They took turns stretching their legs as their scissors tightened around each other's throats, cutting off their breathing as their faces reddened from the mounting pressure they exerted. Melissa's fists continued drumming Reese's stomach as she stretched with her legs, arching Reese's body upward, pooching her stomach far enough outward that Melissa could inflict more punishment on her. Feeling herself weakening under the dual assault of Melissa scissoring her throat and whaling her gut, Reese uncoiled her legs from Melissa's neck, lifting up and coming down hard, slamming her ass into Melissa's unguarded tits. Gasping, Melissa squeezed Reese's neck harder, to which Reese responded by lifting up and slamming her ass into her tits a second time. Screaming, Melissa squeezed her legs together, and Reese slammed her ass into her tits yet again.

The exchange continued as Melissa squeezed and Reese flattened her tits against her chest, eventually adding to the punishment she was giving Melissa by sinking her teeth into one of her calves, prying the scissors apart inch by inch until she could wriggle her way out. Both blondes gasped for breath, slick with sweat from the hot California night and fighting not to pass out from the loss of oxygen. It had taken Reese a little less time to recover as she crawled around in back of where Melissa knelt on the sand, wrapping her arms around Melissa's gut and flipping her on her back before she knew what was happening. Melissa kicked Reese in the back as she fell, her hands blindly striking out and reaching for her hips. As Reese crawled away, she realized that Melissa had pulled her thong halfway down her thighs, accidentally at first, then on purpose when she realized what she had grabbed on to. Next thing Reese knew, she screamed sharply as Melissa whipped her naked body with the thong bikini bottom!

In retaliation, Reese grabbed hold of the thin fabric hanging down from the lower half of Melissa's slave Leia costume, dragging it off her hips and lunging forward, wrapping the cloth around Melissa's throat, pulling it tightly and strangling her with her own outfit. Sitting on Melissa's lap, Reese shifted her hands behind Melissa's neck and jerked downward viciously. Melissa's eyes bugged wide open as Reese looked down on her, smiling a little as Melissa choked for air. In an eager move to turn things around, Melissa kicked her legs out from under Reese, wrapping them around her middle and squeezing brutally, causing Reese to groan as she gripped the material with both hands, pulling harder. Melissa's hands clawed Reese's face as the choking sounds grew louder, coming to rest on her neck and pressing themselves into her windpipe as her legs compressed and squeezed Reese's waist. Reese lunged forward, pinning Melissa into the sand and lowering her breasts over Melissa's face, molding her tits over her nose and mouth as she pulled tighter on the makeshift garrote. Melissa kicked a tighter scissor lock around Reese's waist as she did this, thighs pressing in her sides painfully, causing Reese to groan louder as she smothered Melissa's, strangling her with her own costume as her boobs muffled her choking sounds. Biting Reese's left tit, Melissa kicked out with her legs, flipping Reese over and pinning her onto the sand, smothering Reese's face between her breasts as Reese wrenched the fabric around her neck. Wrapping her legs around Melissa's middle, Reese bent her legs at the knees as her crossed feet drummed an eager tattoo on her ass. Grinding Melissa's ribs with her thighs, Reese pulled the fabric tighter around her neck.

Reese uncoiled her legs from around Melissa as the scene of battle turned from fabric strangle and breast smother to mutual headlocks as the warring blondes shifted position and rolled over, toward each other's sides and reared up on their knees, bearing down and trying to strangle each other with their naked arms. Their sweaty bodies glowed in the torch light as they knelt side by side, flexing their arms and pulling in tight. Reese reached over with her free hand and yanked at Melissa's hair as Melissa pressed her breast into Reese's face, grinding the boob against her, trying to cut off her breathing. Pushing herself up to her knees, Reese rolled to the side, plowing Melissa in the sand in an effort to pin her. Wrapping her legs around Reese's waist, Melissa used the inertia to roll Reese on her back in the warm sand, tightening her legs around Reese's body as she pressed her breast farther into Reese's face. Screaming as Reese's teeth sank into the warm breast, Melissa wrenched the headlock tighter around Reese's throat, pushing the wind out of her lungs with a tighter compression of her meaty thighs around her. Raking her nails along Melissa's side, Reese worked her hand up to Melissa's breast, digging her nails into the sensitive flesh and twisting back and forth. Reese cried out sharply a second later as Melissa kicked her legs around her waist, grinding them into her tummy and back. Melissa groaned as she strained her legs around Reese's waist, making Reese bridge between the crushing thighs.

Melissa maintained the scissors on Reese's waist, keeping her from bridging out. Reese wrenched her headlock on her neck, causing Melissa to shift position and roll Reese onto her knees as the chokes persisted. Reese rolled Melissa on her back, and they continued their struggle, seeking to out-strangle the other, their sweat-covered bodies writhing and undulating as they struggled for dominance. Reese eventually slammed Melissa on her back, groaning as she stretched her legs while tightening the choke. Reese responded in kind, and it wasn't long before they realized two things: one, that the situation had reached a stalemate in their efforts; two, in addition to the perspiration that had gathered on their bodies there was substantial dampness in their crotches as they had grown inflamed by the constant physical contact of their fight. This was confirmed when they realized how heavy their breathing had become. At that moment, the two blondes sprang apart, crawling around the sand, their posture and movements more feline than human as they inched closer to each other. Even the sounds coming from their mouths sounded like catlike hisses as their nude, damp bodies slammed together with a sweaty, resounding SLAP! The hisses mingled with long exhalations of breath as their boobs ballooned and mashed between them again, and Melissa wrapped her arms around Reese's waist, pulling her into her chest, not noticing the blonde in the white bikini who was strolling over to the circle of torches any more than Reese noticed her. They were too busy going all out to drain the other as the blonde sat on a nearby sand dune, watching.

Reese's arms wrapped around Melissa's waist again, matching the strength in Melissa's arms as Melissa's tits sought again to overpower Reese's. Bumping and rolling their boobs all over each other, they lowered their heads and threw phenomenal amounts of energy into crushing each other into oblivion, grunting each time their tits parted and slammed together again, warring for dominance. An occasional headbutt or knee shot to a crotch or a rib cage added to the two blondes' growing discomfort as their arms bulged and squeezed, sapping them of all the energy they started their fight with. Soon there were louder cries and screams of pain and rage from both blondes as they appeared to steep up the ferocity of their attacks, squeezing and slamming chests even harder, wrenching their bearhugs tighter and tighter. The blonde watching them from the sand dune was almost spellbound by the erotic sight of these two blondes working to overpower the other in such a sexually charged fight; her hand stole underneath her bikini bottom as she watched the warring blondes.

As she squeezed Reese's body, Melissa glared into her eyes, growling, "Give it up, bitch. You can't outlast me."

Reese's lips formed the single word, "Noooooooooo..." as she matched the strength of Melissa's bearhug with more squeezing of her own; pulling and mushrooming their competing breasts even closer together.

Twisting and stumbling to their feet, they danced around the circle of torches, trying to throw each other to the ground. Seeing they had reached another stalemate, they gave each other a final squeeze as they sprang apart again, colliding with each other as they reached for their upper bodies. Reese snaked her arm under Melissa's armpit, bending Melissa to the side as she slid her leg in front of her opponent's, applying a strength-sapping abdominal stretch that had Melissa groaning in pain and writhing to escape her clutches. Reese stretched Melissa until the trapped blonde began sinking to her knees, then released her and held her up by the hair. Stretching her arms behind her back, she planted her foot into Melissa's back, simultaneously pushing and pulling, then wrapped a sleeper around Melissa's neck when it seemed that more her energy had been sapped from her body. But Melissa showed Reese otherwise by wrapping her arms around Reese's legs, falling backward and plowing Reese to the sand, inching upward and driving an elbow into Reese's belly to prevent the scissors from wrapping around her body. Reese's frame jackknifed from the impact, and Melissa moved behind her, pulling Reese into a figure four scissors and leaning back on her hands, pressing her thighs into her neck. Gagging and sputtering, Reese sank her teeth into the nearest thigh, driving her elbow in Melissa's gut as she rose.

Melissa raked her nails downward along Reese's back as she sat up from the elbow shot, grabbing for Reese's locks. Reese twisted out of the way, jumping behind Melissa and wrapping an arm around her throat. Dragging Melissa to her feet, Reese nailed her with a few knees to her ribs and leaned back, arching Melissa's body backward as she choked the breath from her, then wrapped her arms around her waist from behind and flipped her over her shoulder, slammed her to the sand. Wrapping her arm around Melissa's neck when she moved alongside her, Reese again bent her back, her fist pummeling Melissa's pooched stomach as Melissa's hand reached for her hair, grabbing a fistful of the tresses and yanking brutally. Reese screamed as Melissa brutally wrenched her by the hair, eventually slipping out of the tight choke. Keeping her fingers in Reese's tresses, she flipped her rival onto her back a number of times before releasing her hair stepping back and slamming on Reese's prone body from the side, her belly colliding into Reese's with a SLAP that caused a harsh expulsion of air to leave her body, then another, then another, as Melissa repeated the maneuver over and over again. The last attempt ended in an expulsion of air from Melissa as Reese's knees slammed into her.

Crawling over to Melissa, Reese dropped on top of her, jumping down on Melissa's prone body with another loud SLAP that prompted Melissa to coil her legs around Reese's waist and roll her from her perch. Slipping out from between her legs, Reese stood up and spun around as Melissa got to her feet and charged, slamming her back into Melissa's chest. Reacting just as quickly, Melissa wrapped her arms around Reese from behind, lifting her off her feet and squeezing a gust of wind from Reese's heaving chest before dropping to the sand, sending Reese crashing on her ass as her legs slid forward, wrapping themselves around her waist and hauling Reese off her ass and into the air, bringing her down to the sand again with a resounding THUDD! Slipping her arms underneath Reese's armpits, Melissa stretched Reese's body to agonizing levels, draining her of energy as her legs constricted, compressing Reese into a smaller space with her legs. Twisting her body back and forth, she pressed her tits into Reese's back, as if giving Reese a taste of what would be coming sooner than later. Reese tried bridging out from between Melissa's legs, but Melissa squeezed her crushing limbs around Reese's gut harder than ever, wrenching a grunting cry of pain from her lips. Reese seemed to be faltering from the submission; this only encouraged Melissa to squeeze harder, sure of her abilities to crush the life from Reese, sure that Reese would be unconscious before this epic struggle was over, sure she would win the fight.

Realizing again how turned on their fight was making her, Melissa released her opponent, rolling her onto her back and wearing Reese down by slamming and mashing her breasts into hers for an indefinite period. Besides slamming her tits on Reese's, she ground them into hers, grinding their stomachs and crotches together, not believing at first that Reese was returning Melissa's fervent grinding movements. When satisfied, Melissa slid her boobs on Reese's face, pressing them in her face as far as she could, enjoying the feeling of sexual dominance she got from subduing Reese, knowing her womanly drive was welling up inside her. Looking down at Reese, she had a feeling that Reese was experiencing the same thing. This was also confirmed as Reese's leg slid between Melissa's legs, rubbing her pussy in an effort to inflame her rival further. In addition to her excitement, It was the mounting desperation of knowing they were expending great amounts of energy on each other and were now reaching the last of their endurance, and it was inevitable that one of them would pass out or come to orgasm. Melissa shivered and let out a breath as Reese's leg glided along her crotch; lifting up, she allowed Reese to such in a long breath and planted a lingering French kiss on her lips. She was surprised and a bit pleased to have Reese's lips and tongue return with equal enthusiasm.

"Just taking a little taste of what I'll be getting from you later," Melissa whispered in Reese's ear before lowering her tits on her face again. She ground her breasts into Reese's face, feeling Reese's thigh brushing her pussy in longer, more calculated strokes. Reese's nails dragged along her back again, causing a sigh of pleasure from Melissa that made her realize that Reese was making a last-ditch effort to bring her to orgasm before Melissa could make her pass out. They were almost at the end of their endurance, and still unaware that the blonde in the white bikini was masturbating under her bikini while she watched the erotic display unfolding before her. Redoubling her efforts to grind her boobs into Reese's face as the leg that ground itself into her womanhood moved slower and more purposeful, Melissa repositioned her lower body so that her pussy was in direct contact with Reese's. Lifting her boobs from Reese's face, Melissa watched and waited as Reese almost desperately caught her breath without hyperventilating, then looked deeply into her eyes, saying, "Reese honey, I see you want this as much as I. So let's see who makes who come first!"

Reese seemed quite eager to accommodate Melissa as she pulled Reese's crotch into hers by her feet as she grabbed hold of Melissa's ankles and pulled them the rest of the way so their bodies were intertwined and there was no getting out until one of them came to orgasm.

"You’re going to come first if I can help it," Reese intoned, arching her body and grinding her pussy against Melissa's.

They lay back, going to work on each other, utterly exhausted by now but determined to bring the other to orgasm first. The first waves of pleasure washed over Reese and Melissa as they humped, feeling the swell in their loins starting to steadily build as their legs flexed and stiffened in the throes of their mutual pleasuring. Adding to their rising excitement with consistent verbal taunts meant to psych the other out, they moved faster as their bodies automatically responded to the persistent stimulation, breathing more heavily as each pussy to pussy stroke eased them ever closer to reacting without consulting their reason first. Caught up in the moment, Reese grabbed hold of Melissa's foot, easing it toward her mouth and letting her tongue roll out, flicking it in between her toes and along the bottom of her feet, then taking one toe at a time into her mouth, sucking each digit slowly, lovingly, encouraged by a louder sigh from Melissa as her body responded to the stimulation by grinding Reese harder, anticipating more pleasure from her. As her arousal intensified, Melissa took Reese's foot into her mouth, sucking the toes and running her tongue between them as their wet pussies ground together in harder, faster motions. The warm breaths from both women during their oral stimulation drifted out from their lips in long, pleasured sighs as their free legs slid along bare skin, caressing each other's naked bodies.

Overcome by their mutual desire, Melissa and Reese sat up simultaneously, sharing a passionate French kiss as their pussies ground together harder and faster still, alternating between sucking the other blonde's tits and having her tits sucked by the other blonde as they edged each other closer to orgasm. Shivering at the touch of their damp pussies, they moaned in increasing volume as their bodies reacted to the constant stimulation more automatically. Melissa sank her teeth into Reese's pert, hardened nipple, eliciting a deeper breath from Reese. Her hands slid forward, taking her rival's tits into them, tweaking the nipples, pinching them hard, which in turn made Melissa moan and grind herself into Reese's pussy even harder. Her lower body whipped convulsively, responding to the constant grinding of their loins. Reese suddenly surged forward, pinning Melissa underneath her as she bore down on Melissa's crotch, grinding her harder as she lowered her head and pushed her tongue into Melissa's mouth. Melissa's tongue extended and played with Reese's as she flipped her rival onto her back, grinding her whole body into Reese's again as their damp pussies ground harder. Her tits ballooned and engulfed Reese's again before she repeated the maneuver she used the last time she was on top of Reese, dominating her opponent. Pressing her tits into Reese's face, Melissa smothered her as the joined crotches between them slid, ground and created more friction, building to a dizzying, shuddering crescendo.

Reese clutched Melissa's ass with both hands, her fingers plunging into both cheeks as the grinding of their pussies continued to build in speed and intensity. Her cries of pleasure were muffled under Melissa's tits, vibrating against her skin, prompting her to press down harder and grind herself faster into Reese's pussy, Painstakingly, Reese managed to roll Melissa onto her back, taking a deep breath as she pulled her head from Melissa's cleavage and slid upward to lower her tits onto Melissa's face. "Why don't we see if I can pass YOU out?" she whispered as she ground her tits into Melissa's face, gripping her ass and humping Melissa more fervently. Her moans grew louder still as did Melissa's as they moved faster, their bodies pressed together tightly in their mutual pleasure. The blonde in the white bikini was close to orgasm herself as Reese and Melissa competed to see which of them was woman enough to make the other come to orgasm first. Her mouth opening wide, she breathed silently into the air, the hand in her crotch moving faster as she watched the two blondes grind and hump each other into blissful release, humping and squirming deliciously. Keeping a close eye on the blondes as their moans grew ever so louder, she wasn't sure if either of them would be brought to orgasm before she did the same for herself. But she promised that she would take a piece of the action if she could. She rubbed herself harder at the thought, peeling off her bikini top to massage her own tits.

Naked, covered in sweat, and almost drained of their energy, they fought on, determined to beat each other and end the match with one of them the victor, the other the vanquished. Their movements became less calculated, and more instinctual, as if they were reaching deep into the pits of their souls for the energy to continue their match, and came across something completely primal and animalistic, embracing it in the throes of their passion, letting it take control of their bodies, fueling them to stimulate their respective opponents in their quest for victory. Their moaning grew louder and less civilized as they humped and ground each other, rolling end over end in the sand, sliding along each other's bare flesh, losing themselves and each other in their sensuality, still taking no notice of the blonde in the white bikini who was stimulating herself more fervently as she watched the dazzling erotic display unfolding before her. Reese and Melissa might not have noticed the blonde sitting there if there were neon signs and fireworks calling attention to her, as each blonde inside the circle of torches was completely lost in each other's sexual combat, their will to win.

The two humping rivals moved faster and faster, taking turns mounting each other as their bodies were edged closer to release. At first it seemed Reese would be brought first, as she was firmly pinned under Melissa's body and didn't seem to be putting up much resistance to the point where she might pass out first. Their bodies whipped and shook in stuff, convulsive motions as they ground each other incessantly, sensing the other was close now and dead set on emerging the victor. Their pussies throbbed and abraded viciously, the friction seeming to ignite their crotches aflame. Then, when it seemed that either blonde would be pushed over the brink first, Melissa's body stiffened and shook from the waves of her multiple orgasm as she screamed at the top of her lungs, succumbing to her rival's erotic stimulation. Flipping Melissa onto her back with all the strength she had left, Reese pushed her tits into Melissa's face, muffling her pleasured screams and humping herself to a devastating, screaming orgasm just at the moment Melissa had started to scream herself nearly out of breath. The screams reached a fever pitch of volume just as the unseen blonde's body stiffened in the throes of her own orgasm, her head thrown back, her hair hanging to the sand behind her, her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth hanging open in sheer ecstasy. In time her orgasm subsided and she could look again. Lifting up off Melissa when their orgasms had finally subsided, Reese looked into Melissa's eyes, holding her down in the sand with their bodies pressed together.

"So," she intoned. “Is there something you want to tell me?"

For a time the question was unanswered, not because Melissa didn't want to, but because it took her a long time to catch her breath. When she finally could speak, it was in a low, deep voice oozing sexual promise and lustful desire for her conqueror.

"You win," Melissa sighed, looking up into Reese's eyes, conceding Reese the victory, and considering her excitement at the thought living with Reese as her maid and concubine for the next two or three weeks, anticipating the chance to walk around for her displaying her body in a cleaning lady's outfit. "I'm all yours," she said. “For as long as you want."

"I'd like a piece of that, too!" said a voice from behind Reese, making she and Melissa jump in surprise.

Startled, Reese turned her head to the source of the voice as Melissa looked over her shoulder, following her gaze. As they looked in the direction of the sand dune, they saw someone walking toward them. It was Ali Larter, who showed up unexpectedly to pay Reese and Melissa a surprise visit, hoping to catch the action between them as they battled it out. Looking over the two blondes approvingly as she stopped alongside one of the torches, Ali placed her fingertips in her mouth, licking the love juice.

"That was a very sexy performance," she said as she repositioned her bikini bottoms around her crotch. "But I bet you're both wondering why I happened to show up here unexpectedly." Observing the surprised expressions on their faces, she went on. "I didn't want to miss what we helped arrange together, and I figured from the way you guys were talking to each other that you wouldn't be able to go for long without spending some time in less violent encounters. Guess I figured correctly, huh?" Passing through the two torches on her left and right, she continued, "So it looks like Melissa is Reese's plaything for a while. If you had plans to start a 'spoils of victory' celebration for the three of us later, I'm so horny I'd like to join in, if it's OK with you."

As Ali padded softly toward them, Reese and Melissa's relaxed expressions gave Ali all the answer they needed. The matching smiles of cheer, excitement and desire lit up their faces as they welcomed Ali with passionate French kisses as she knelt down next to them, and they removed her white bikini; top first; then bottom. Tossing it in the direction of Reese's bikini and Melissa's slave Leia costume, Reese and Melissa enjoyed themselves all over again in the company of Ali, spending the next couple hours experimenting with new, interesting sexual positions as their cries of pleasure permeated the night and the video camera above them recorded all the action for the three of them to watch in private.