The Part (Teri Hatcher vs. Nicole Kidman by SamDog 02-Oct-99)

Teri Hatcher wanted the part and she was determined to get it. She'd learned that she was a finalist for a part in an upcoming movie, one that could possibly do very well at the box office. The other finalist was Nicole Kidman, but Teri learned that the producer was having trouble deciding which woman would get the part. Finally, the producer summoned both women to his mansion. He decided that the they would fight each other for the part, to which both women quickly agreed. The producer had a ring in the basement of his mansion, where they would fight. Both women would wear opera gloves, as not to scratch up their opponent. Nobody would interfere unless one woman was at the point of killing the other.

A little later, Teri was warming up slowly in her corner of the ring. Dressed in a black shirt and blue boxing trunks, she began shadowboxing, imagining herself beating on her opponent's face and tits with her fists until she was lying battered and defeated on the canvas. Out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw Nicole entering on the opposite side of the ring. Nicole was wearing a blue bikini that complimented her form perfectly.

"What's wrong, bitch?" Nicole taunted, "Afraid that your body can't compare to mine?"

Teri simply took off her shirt, revealing a black bikini top that was tied together tight to produce maximum cleavage. Teri then stripped off her shorts, leaving a black thong.

"Maybe, but I'm sure that my tits can."

Teri cupped her bigger, fuller tits and shook them, taunting the redhead.

Turning her back on Nicole, Teri picked up her clothes and hung them on the ropes, a big mistake. Suddenly, Teri was stunned by a club to the back of the head. Nicole slammed her knee into Teri's back as she pushed her into a corner, mushrooming the brunette's tits against the turnbuckle. Screaming, Teri struggled to push back and free her mashed tits, but Nicole punched her in the back until she stopped resisting, continuing to flatten her tits against the turnbuckle. Grabbing her hair, the redhead slammed Teri's head into the top turnbuckle five times, as the brunette's body went limp.

Pulling her away from the corner, Nicole wrapped her arms around Teri's firm midriff in a reverse bearhug. Lifting her up, Nicole smashed her down, the brunette's pussy crashing down on her outstretched knee. Teri screamed as Nicole's knee slammed into her pussy, crashing to the canvas as she sobbed in agony.

Straddling Teri, Nicole ripped off her bikini top, unleashing her large tits. Grinning, the redhead began slapping Teri's tits back and forth.

"You're not gonna be so proud of your tits when I'm through, bitch!" Nicole taunted.

Struggling to clear her head and fight back, Teri desperately punched at Nicole's face. Angry, Nicole slammed her fists into the outsides of Teri's tits, crushing the flesh between them as she ground her knuckles into them. Teri screamed in agony, grabbing Nicole's wrists as she desperately tried to pull her hands from her tits. Only succeeding in freeing her left tit, Teri screamed in agony as Nicole twisted her right tit around and then punched Teri's face until her arms dropped to the canvas.

Nicole sank her fingers into Teri's tits and began to twist and squeeze as she bellowed out in pain. Teri's jugs were taking quite a mauling from the redhead, but she seemed to be weathering it as Nicole grabbed both nipples and tore her tits upwards. Nicole began to slap her tits with all her might, leaving bright red hand prints on each one as tears began to form in her eyes.

Nicole fastened onto Teri's breasts and began squeezing them again, this time even harder than before. Teri groaned loudly and desperately reached up and ripped off Nicole's top, but was too spent to continue. Lying on the canvas, she moaned softly as Nicole continued to wreck her soft boobs, red from her assault.

"Don't you dare touch my tits, bitch!" the Aussie taunted, "I'm gonna show you who the better woman really is!"

Nicole grabbed Teri's nipples and began pulling and twisting them, as the brunette sobbed in agony. Standing, Nicole pulled Teri to her feet and slammed her foot into her cunt, knocking the brunette into a corner. With a cruel grin on her face, Nicole started punching Teri in the belly and breasts. Reaching down, Nicole ripped off Teri's thong and tossed it aside. She then started gouging her fingers in Teri's pussy, as the brunette howled in pain. Suddenly, Teri grabbed Nicole's hair and head butted her, knocking the redhead to the canvas.

Teri walked slowly along the edge of the ring, holding onto the ropes while her other hand tried to massage the pain from her pussy. Suddenly, she was hit by a clothesline, the force of the blow knocking her over the top rope and onto the hard floor as she landed with a dull thud. Climbing out of the ring, Nicole walked over to her downed foe and pulled her to her feet, enjoying the confused look on her face.

Pulling her fist back, Nicole slammed a punch into her face, snapping Teri's head back. Teri responded with a punch of her own, but Nicole blocked it and slammed her fist into Teri's gut. The brunette moaned weakly and held onto the tall redhead as she struggled to stay on her feet. Grabbing her hair, Nicole slammed Teri's head into the ring apron, the brunette immediately collapsing. Pulling her up, Nicole whipped Teri into the ringpost, but Teri somehow managed to reverse it, the redhead howling as she hit the cold metal. Teri tried to hit her foe, but as she closed in Nicole slammed her foot into the brunette's belly. Grabbing her hair, Nicole slammed Teri's head into the ringpost three times, the last blow opening a nasty gash above her left eye as Teri fell to the floor.

Nicole picked Teri up and rolled her back into the ring, climbing in as well. Picking her up, Nicole bodyslammed her down onto the canvas, Teri gasping in pain as she hit the mat. Nicole picked her up and bodyslammed her again, the brunette groaning as she lay on the canvas. Lifting her one final time, Nicole smiled and brought her down hard onto her outstretched knee, nailing the brunette with a perfect backbreaker. Teri screamed in utter agony, almost passing out as Nicole rolled her onto the canvas. Straddling her downed foe, Nicole slapped Teri's battered breasts, relishing her cries of pain.

Reaching down, Nicole grasped Teri's tits and began squeezing them, enjoying herself as the brunette screamed loudly. Her eyes closed, Teri grit her teeth and tried to hold back the tears as Nicole began pinching and twisting her nipples. Grabbing Teri's dark locks, Nicole slammed her head a few times into the canvas, stunning her.

"You piece of shit! When I'm done, your face will be so fucked up you'll never show it in public again!" Nicole shouted.

With that, she began punching Teri in the face, battering her with each blow. Teri desperately reached up and began pulling on Nicole's tits, but the redhead reached back and began pulling on the brunette's clit until she finally let go. Bringing her head down, she sank her teeth and bit down on Teri's lip. The brunette screamed as blood flowed from her lip.

Pinning Teri's arms to the canvas, Nicole lowered her head and sank her teeth into her right tit. Teri's eyes went wide as she screamed in agony, bucking and pulling back on the redhead's hair to no avail. Enjoying herself, Nicole sank her teeth even deeper into Teri's breast, twisting her head back and forth as the brunette sobbed uncontrollably.

Letting go of her tit Nicole taunted, "You're washed up, cunt! It's time I finished this!"

Not able to resist one final act of bravado, Nicole climbed up onto the top turnbuckle and launched herself into the air for the glorious finisher, ready to splash down hard on Teri's body. Suddenly, Teri brought her knees up, the full force of Nicole's weight driving her knees deeply into her stomach, stunning her. A small grin appeared on Teri's face as Nicole gasped in pain, the brunette rolling the redhead off her.

On her knees, Teri pulled Nicole's legs apart and ripped off Nicole's bikini bottom. Grinning, Teri pulled out a handful of Nicole's pussy hair and began gouging her cunt walls, as the redhead screamed in pain.

"You dumb Aussie! I'm gonna make you pay for what you've done to me!" Teri shouted.

She started twisting Nicole's pussy lips mercilessly, the redhead screaming as her pussy felt like it was on fire. Rising, Teri stood on Nicole's hair. Reaching down, she grabbed the redhead's nipples and yanked upwards viciously. Nicole screamed in total agony as her back arched off the ground, struggling to lessen the pain. Teri let go for a moment before pulling on Nicole's tits even harder, the redhead crying out even louder as she flailed wildly.

Pulling Nicole to her feet, Teri threw her into a corner. With a cruel grin on her face, Teri began punching Nicole in the face, snapping her head left and right. Nicole weakly raised her arms in an effort to defend herself, but Teri began hammering her fists into the redhead's belly. Teri pulled Nicole's arms away from her body and them began punching her smaller breasts, flattening them against her chest as Nicole screamed loudly. Grabbing Nicole's hair, Teri pulled her head down. She then began slamming her knee into Nicole's chest again and again, as the redhead began sobbing in pain. Finally, Teri slammed her knee three times into Nicole's face, her kneecap mashing against the bone of her nose as she let the redhead fall to the canvas.

Nicole laid face down, badly battered as blood began to flow from her nose. Suddenly she felt Teri sitting on her back. With a cruel grin, Teri wrapped both of her hands around Nicole's chin and started pulling back, putting her in a camel clutch. Nicole's eyes went wide as she screamed in agony, her spine feeling like it was about to snap in two. The redhead struggled to free herself, but Teri bent her bend her upper body back even further, applying more pressure as she destroyed all resistance in her foe. Finally, the brunette let go, much to the relief of the ravaged redhead. Suddenly, Teri reached back and started clawing at Nicole's ass and pussy. Nicole screamed like never before, sobbing uncontrollably as the brunette destroyed her cunt.

"How's that feel, bitch?" Teri taunted. "Still think your body is better than mine? You and Tom certainly won't be having sex for a LONG time!"

Teri laughed, as they both knew who had won. It was only a matter of time.

As Teri rose to her feet, Nicole rolled onto her side, clutching her aching pussy. Suddenly, Teri began kicking her chest, flatting her swollen boobs against her chest. Nicole tried to protect her breasts, but to no avail as the brunette mercilessly continued to kick her. Pulling the redhead to her feet, Teri grabbed her tits and began mauling them. Nicole screamed and grabbed Teri's tits, squeezing them in a desperate attempt to free herself. Nicole squeezed as hard as she could, but suddenly she caught a look in Teri's eyes, showing how little effect it had on the brunette. Teri slammed her knee as hard as she could into Nicole's cunt. Nicole's face went white as she screamed in absolute agony, her hands dropping to her sides as her legs buckled underneath her. Letting go with one hand, Teri slammed three punches into Nicole's face, splitting the redhead's lip as blood sprayed everywhere.

Finally, Teri pulled Nicole into a somewhat standing position. Bending her over, Teri pulled Nicole's head between her legs and began squeezing on her neck. Nicole moaned weakly as the brunette crushed her throat and tried to pull her legs apart, but the redhead was too weak. Reaching down, Teri grasped Nicole's nipples and began pulling on them, twisting them as the redhead sobbed in pain. Grinning, Teri grabbed Nicole's pussy lips and began pulling and twisting them as the redhead sobbed, begging for mercy. Finally, Teri lifted the redhead off the floor.

"Time to say goodnight, bitch!" Teri taunted. With that, she dropped Nicole in a piledriver.

Teri let the redhead's legs fall to the canvas, as Nicole was practically destroyed and on the verge of passing out. Straddling her foe, Teri draped her tits over the redhead's face, slapping her a few times with them just to let her know who had the better pair. Finally, she covered Nicole's face completely, smothering her. As Nicole's struggles became weaker, Teri really began hamming it up for anyone who might have been watching through the surveillance cameras that covered the room, until finally the redhead went unconscious. Standing, Teri stepped out of the ring and left the room, leaving Nicole to fend for herself.