Teri Hatcher vs. Kristen Kreuk by Raccoon
The time: Summer, 2000 (at 36 y/o, Teri is twice the age of 18 y/o Kristin.)
The place: The ‘Smallville’ studio set.

Kristin Kreuk, a young new actress on the scene was making heads turn wherever she turned up. In addition to starring in the new series “Edgemont” Kristen had just gotten the part of Lana Lang in “Smallville.” All in all, life seemed good...until she had found out that she had to take part in a weird ‘rite of passage’ - to ‘fight’ another actress in front of an audience. Of course she hadn’t believed that ‘fighting’ really meant, like, physically fighting.

Allison Mack, another girl who would be on Smallville, had taken her to the initiation. She clearly knew what it was all about, but all she had said was, “Wait and see!”

Unsure what was going to happen, Kristin had worn sensible clothing which included a sleevless black shirt, blue jeans and sneakers


Now Kristin was standing in a brightly lit large room. Curtains covered the walls, hiding the many doors into the room. The middle of the room was empty save for a mat like those in a gym. Around the walls were soft armchairs and couches where a number of women sat sipping drinks - and looking at her.

She recognized some of them: Grace Park, a costar on ‘Edgemont’ was sitting with Allison admiring what, Charlize Theron’s legs? Certainly Theron was proudly showing off her athletic legs and she clearly didn’t mind the caresses the two younger actresses were giving them.

Next to her were some Baywatch babes. Gena Lee Nolin was watching Alexandra Paul and Yasmine Bleeth arm-wrestle and, intrigued, Kristin stopped to watch Yasmine overpower the taller brunette as she slammed her hand on the table. Then the three began comparing their biceps. What was this?

Suddenly, Kristin’s attention was drawn to two women who appeared from behind one of the curtains. Kristin recognized both of them; Stacy Haiduck who played Lana Lang in the Superboy series of the late 80s and early 90s and Teri Hatcher - Lois Lane on ‘Lois & Clark.’ Teris was wearing a miniskirt and black ankle boots.


And Teri didn’t look pleased to be there.


“Stop complaining - it’s your turn!” Kristin heard Stacy tell her.

“You’re Teri Hatcher right?” Kristin gushed excitedly to Teri. “I watched you on TV when I was a kid. You were a beautiful Lois Lane.”

“Well, thank you,” Teri said, blushing at the compliment while her hackles rose at the implied remark on her age.

“I’m Kristin Kreuk,” Kristen said, offering her hand. “I’m Lana Lang on the new ‘Superman’ series, ‘Smallville.’”

“How very nice for you,” Teri sneered. “But we’re not here to discuss our careers.”

“Why are we here?” Kristen asked. “What are we supposed to do? No one has told me anything!”

“Hasn’t anybody briefed her?” Teri said, turning to Stacy and clearly annoyed. “I told you I don’t have time for this crap!” She looked around at the spectators but it was clear nobody one was going to take responsibility and they certainly weren’t in the least bit sympathetic. “This is a farce!” Teri sighed, “Everybody knows I don’t fight newbies!” Then she looked at her two inches shorter opponent and shook her head, “Well, I guess the good thing is it won’t take long!”

Teri flexed her arms and turned around to show her cut arms to the audience. The display was rewarded with approving shouts and applause; all of which left Kristin even more confused. Teri took her stance in front of Kristin and snapped, “Well, Kristin, let’s get this thing going!”

“What?” Kristin said, noticing Stacy had left Teri to sit with the other spectators. “What are we supposed to be doing?”

“Fighting!” Teri said.

SLAP! She slapped Kristin hard enough to rock her back on her heels. Kristin was shocked! ‘Why did that old woman slap me?’ she wondered.

“I’m not...”

SLAP! Teri slapped her again.

Without even thinking, Kristin slapped Teri, knocking her off balance. Teri had to take a step back and the audience began cheering.

“How dare you!” Teri screamed, holding her cheek.

Without warning the former Lois Lane charged the new Lana Lang. Teri pounced, grabbing Kristin’s wrists and pulling her on the floor. They rolled around on the floor in a tangle of flailing arms and legs until the more experienced Teri gained the upper hand and managed to get behind Kristin, wrapping her legs around the youngster’s slim waist. Teri hadn’t yet managed to control the girl’s wildly flailing arms which would normally have been a bad thing, but in this case Teri didn’t anticipate a problem.

“Try to get out of this!” Teri said, crossing her ankles and squeezing her powerful thighs.

The younger girl groaned as the pressure increased. Kristin was amazed by the muscles she could feel in Teri’s thighs — sure Teri’s legs looked amazing in a miniskirt but never before had Kristin seen them fully flexed…and this close. In other circumstances she might have admired the legs a bit longer but right now she had to get away from their grasp!

“The pain ends when you submit,” Teri said, her voice brimming with confidence. “...or when you pass out! It’s your choice, really!” A muffled grunt was Kristen’s only reply. “As you wish...

“AAAAgggh!” Teri cried in astonishment as her legs were suddenly pried apart. She was experienced enough not to waste time wondering ‘how’ and instead clamped her arms around Kristin’s neck, putting the girl in a headlock. It worked and Kristin’s attention quickly shifted to her constricted neck.
* * *
Teri looked terrified at the younger woman. They were both standing but the situation had changed significantly. A minute before Teri thought she had Kristin at her mercy - how foolish of her! The young girl had, to everyone’s surprise, shown incredible strength as she slowly forced Teri’s arms from around her neck. Sitting up and turning her upper body, Kristen then stunned Teri with a blow to the shoulder and easily freed herself from Teri’s legs before she crawled away.

Teri’s confidence had been shattered. She’d expected Kristin would be pushover, but so far it was Teri who’d taken most of the punishment. Nevertheless, Teri attacked; her left fist hitting Kristin’s side and her right digging into Kristin belly.

Kristin yelped as she took the blows. She’d never been in a fist fight before and felt awkward when she returned the punches. Her first punch hit Teri’s jaw and sent the woman backpedaling. Surprised by her success, Kristin followed up and her next blow - a beautiful hook - knocked Teri on her butt to the mat! Teri groaned loudly on the floor holding her midsection. Kristin smiled contently as she watched the older woman squirming in pain.

“Looks like Lana Lang is tougher than Lois Lane!” Kristen chirped as she prodded Teri with her foot. “Are you getting up anytime soon or...” she looked up at the spectators, “...have I won?” She put her foot on Teri’s hip and assumed a victory pose. The audience went wild, cheering and applauding their petite heroine.

Kristin noted an empty chair and it gave her an idea. She skipped happily over to the chair and brought it back to Teri who was still groaning on the floor. “I’m so sorry Ms. Lane, but the audience demands it!” Kristen hair-hauled Teri to her feet, sat on the chair and dragged Teri across her lap. Slowly lifting her skirt, Kristin bared Teri’s firm butt encased in a pair of boy-cut lacy panties. Teri’s whole body stiffened in expectation of what she knew would happen next.

“NO! Don’t...” she gasped. ‘This can’t be happening to me,” she thought. ‘I must...’

Teri’s thought was abruptly short-circuited by the impact of Kristen’s palm on her taut butt cheeks.

WHAP! She let out a short shriek, but before she’d taken another breath...


Teri howled as young Kristin continued to spank her butt.


After just two minutes, tears were streaming down Teri’s ruddy cheeks and her jiggling bottom was bright red.
* * *
After the spanking, Kristin spent several minutes posing with Teri - to the delight of the crowd; giving Teri time to catch her breath and recover a bit. Once she thought Teri was ready for the next round, Kristin went back to the quivering woman.

“Please...no more,” the broken busty beauty cried.

But Teri received no mercy as her head was forced down between Kristin’s strong thighs. Teri could hear Kristin giggle at her feeble attempts to free herself. Then she almost passed out when Kristin flexed her sinewy legs.
* * *
Kristin was standing, holding Teri in front of her in a headlock and Teri was sobbing freely. The unthinkable had happened - she had been completely dominated by the young actress. Kristin kept parading Teri in front of the spectators, showing her dominance over the older actress. Kristen changed holds several times, explaining she did it “...just because I can.” She even dragged poor Teri around on the floor by an arm or leg. Kristin enjoying the approving hoots she kept receiving from her castmates and crew.

“Anybody want her?” Kristin asked, stretching Teri by lifting one leg straight into the air. “She’s pretty, but not much of a fighter. You want her?” she asked, pointing to Grace. “Anybody else?” Kristen shoved the weeping Teri into Grace’s lap, turned and walked to the middle of the room, picked up one of Teri’s boots and threw it at Grace. “Here, this comes with the dummy.” Grace raised the boot overhead and brought the sole down hard on Teri’s rosy red rump.

THWAPP! Teri let out a squeal and everyone laughed at her predicament.

“I guess she’ll do,” Grace chuckled. “I haven’t cleaned the apartment for a while. She might come in handy after all…”

Feeling on top of the world after beating Teri Hatcher so soundly, Kristen looked around as if seeking another victim. She saw several of the Baywatch girls. As she walked over to them, Alexandra Paul stood up to congratulate her.

“Step aside beanpole!” Kristin snarled as she shoved Alexandra so hard the tall brunette fell into Charlize’s lap. Charlize wrapped her arms around Alexandra from behind, trapping her arms at her sides, and cradled her to her chest while nuzzling her neck and purring happily.

Kristin stepped over Alexandra’s squirming legs and confronted Yasmin Bleeth. “I saw your impressive arms earlier. You look tough enough - think you’d fare any better than that pitiful Hatcher?”

Yasmin looked up at Kristen with renewed respect but just as she opened her mouth to answer…(we ran out of time)