Alyssa Milano vs. Teri Hatcher THE SCRIPT by (WRDWVR)

The producer pondered his dilemma, he had promised one part to 2 different actresses, both Alyssa Milano and Teri Hatcher. Neither lady was wiling to give up the part to the other and had started feuding privately with each other over who deserved it more. At a party hosted by the producer things came to a head at thebuffet table as Alyssa made a disparaging remark about Teri's dress which led to a confrontation and suddenly both women had their hands in each others hair pulling each other around till they were pulled off of each other screaming and kicking. The producer knew if they fought neither would be in any condition to do his movie and both were just perfect for the part, so thinking furiously he came up with an idea. A private sexfight between the 2 like he had witnessed at a recent private party in L.A. last week. Both women would use their assets trying to make the other come first. The first one to cum would lose the part. At first they both balked at the idea , but upon further reflection both agreed it was the best solution as neither wanted to mare their looks for even a short time.

Before they could change their minds the producer gave then the key to his private bedroom and told them that the winner should come and let him know she would be taking the part. The ladies went up to the room escorted by the butler who was told too wait outside till the battle was over. Both women began to remove their dresses stripping down to their bare essentials before going to the huge round bed that stood in the middle of the spacious bedroom. Teri looked at her foe with a sly grin, confident she would win easily. Alyssa was less sure of herself having never done anything like this before, but was more than game to try, really wanting this part badly and ready to go to any lengths to secure it. Teri began to stroke Alyssa's breasts slowly kneading them as Alyssa copied her move but was a little rougher in her stroking than Teri. Teri started to slowly suck on her nipples causing them to get rock hard, which Alyssa took as a bad omen. She began to treat Teri's breasts as her various lovers would hers, slowly twisting the nipples between her fingertips over and over left and right, she was rewarded as Teri moaned in pleasure, forgetting herself for a moment, then Teri slowly lowered her hand in retaliation and probed Alyssa's cunt finding it soaked already. Alyssa meanwhile was now sucking on Teri's nipples and tit while kneading her firm ass cheeks, both women still kneeling on the bed facing each other. Teri was starting to get very hot so she started to finger Alyssa's clit. Alyssa was being driven wild now and could feel her self getting closer and closer to an orgasm as Teri too seemed to be in trouble.

She was trying to stay in control but, Alyssa's expert use of her tongue on her tits was dooming her to defeat faster and faster. The pace was wild now as both girls were trying to turn the other on even more. Teri was groaning loudly, a twisted look of pleasure and concentration on her lovely face Her sensitive nipples engorged with blood as she fought her own body trying to hold out. Alyssa was even worse off, she was panting faster and faster as Teri played with her clit and stroked her tits and nipples. Teri's breathe was raged and getting faster as moans of pleasure began to escape from her mouth, but it was Alyssa who came first screaming in pleasure as her orgasm washed over her in waves, screaming out again and again as each one racked her body, than realizing she had lost, she cried out.

Watching Teri, eyes closed enjoying her orgasm, Alyssa decided all bets were off and removing her hands from Teri's body she cocked her right fist back and slammed it into the unsuspecting Teri's jaw, knocking her on her back with a cry of pain, stunned. Alyssa straddled her and began to treat her tits to a savage mauling, ripping her nails down the front of them, then clasping them from the underside digging her nails in and twisting them roughly left and right as Teri screamed out in agony and grabbed her wrists trying to free her chest. After a furious struggle Alyssa's left hand was pulled from the right breast but escaping Teri grasp she reached around her back and grabbed a handful of cunt hair and ripped mightily. Teri screeched loudly as Alyssa helped herself to another handful. Teri abandoned trying to free her left boob, instead, attacking Alyssa's with her fists. As the first blow hit Alyssa she moaned in pain, the second shot to her other tit eliciting a scream as she reached back in retaliation and slammed her fist repeatedly into Teri's defenseless cunt till Teri, crying out in pure agony, was forced to shriek out her surrender.

Not yet finished, Alyssa asked her who was getting the part, punching her in the right tit hard when Teri did not immediately respond. Teri reached up and tried to pull Alyssa off her, but she was not strong enough.( this happened before Teri started working out regularly) Finally Teri said she had the part and Alyssa slammed her cunt 3 more times for good measure, then gave each boob a clawed hand slap, her nails slamming into the side of each breast as Teri screamed anew. Alyssa climbed off of a sobbing Teri and walked to the door picking up her clothes as she went to exit and tell the producer SHE would be taking the part. She was in the producers den ready to sign on the dotted line, the producer not having any idea what had happened, when the door crashed open and there stood a disheveled, teary eyed Teri Hatcher in her birthday suit her breasts scratched up and cunt hair half pulled out, a black and blue bruise on her jaw, red faced and furious.

She screamed obscenities at Alyssa rushing at her sitting in the chair and pulling the chair over spilling Alyssa on the floor. A foot to the chest followed by a foot to the stomach had Alyssa stunned, then Teri grabbed her by the hair and dragged her up, planting a right hook in her cunt as Alyssa screamed falling to her knees her hair still in Teri's hands. Teri slammed her head to the floor by the hair then got down next to her and wrapped her sexy gams around Alyssa's chest, crushing her small chest between her powerful legs as she twisted Alyssa head back and forth by the hair. She held her there for 5 minutes as Alyssa struggled franticly to free herself, the scissors crushing the breathe from her, making it almost impossible to breathe. Teri suddenly raised the scissors hold to her neck and rammed her face into her cunt demanding she eat it or else. When Alyssa did not comply right away, she reached down and grabbing the nipple, twisted her right tit savagely, till she felt Alyssa's tongue inside her licking on her clit. After she come in Alyssa's face a few times she released her scissors and stood up, planting her foot across her defeated foes chest as she grinded her toe nails into the tit flesh, much to Alyssa' horror and pain.

Sobbing uncontrollably, her right tit feeling like it's going to explode in pain, Alyssa was forced to give the part to Teri, but silently vowed to get her revenge on this bitch, even though she was the one who first started the catfight. The rest is history as they say, Teri becoming the new Lois Lane.