Teri Hatcher vs. Sarah Jessica Parker by Doug Haig

Teri Hatcher smashed her fist into Sarah's stomach, instantly doubling the blonde over in pain as all the air in her lungs was driven out. While Sarah Jessica Parker was gasping for breath, Teri grabbed a handful of Sarah's hair and threw her down on her back, and Sarah landed with a sickening, jarring thud on the floor. With Sarah's hair still wound tightly in Teri's hand, Teri stomped down on her belly, driving her heel into Sarah's already wounded midsection, while yanking her head up by her hair.

Knowing that she was losing control of the fight, Sarah managed to grab Teri's foot and twist it over to the side, forcing Teri to crash to the ground or risk a broken ankle. But Teri quickly recovered from colliding with the floor and wrapped her slender legs around Sarah in a waist scissors, and started to crush with all her might as Sarah moaned in pain at the intense pressure on her sides. Teri reached around and ripped of Sarah's black lace bra, unleashing her slightly smaller breasts and latched onto each one with her hands. Sarah screamed out in pain and thrashed about as Teri expertly crushed and mauled her tits in her strong hands.

As Sarah's face twisted in pain, she whipped her shapely body around until she was face to face with Teri, and then slammed a hard fist into the woman's tight abs. Seeing Teri shake off the blow Sarah raised her attack, her fist almost flattening out Teri's large left breast as Sarah drove her knuckles into it, as Teri Hatcher moaned out in pain for the first time.

Another punch to the woman's tit had the same effect, as Sarah dug her manicured nails into the top of Teri's larger breasts and dragged her nails deeply into the titflesh, ripping off Teri's white lace bra in the process. Sarah took both huge nipples in her hands and squeezed as she turned and twisted the larger mounds. Teri was beside herself with pain, as it felt like both her nipples were about to split open, but she continued to bear down and crush Sarah's globes as each tried to outmaul the other. Sarah's face was showing the effects of having her tits ravaged while her sides were being crushed. The brunette still had a death-grip on Sarah's fiery nipples, as she pulled them taut one way before tugging them hard another way. Teri could see her foe weakening so she kicked her attack up a notch, crushing, pulling, squeezing, and twisting Sarah's swollen red and aching breasts with everything she had, the muscles in her forearms really standing out as Sarah slowly reached the limits for titmauling. Sarah reached down and clutched Teri's panties. As she ripped them off she took some pubic hair with them, and smiled through her pain at the look of agony that crossed Teri's face.

Sarah cocked her fist back and slammed it down repeatedly onto Teri's pubic bone as the beautiful brunette screamed in pain. Finally, Teri's legs sprang open and Sarah's sides were released, but she kept on squeezing Parker's breasts even as Sarah smashed another punch into her damaged cunt. Her pussy on fire and throbbing, Teri released her tit hold and fell back, shielding her pussy with her hands. Sarah came right after her, as both women struggled to their knees. Sweat poured off both of their glistening bodies as the came together, and after they secured tight grips on each other's breasts.

Sarah cried out in pain as Teri smashed her smaller tits together with a loud smack. Sarah pulled Teri's larger breasts opposite directions until the titflesh strained to its limits and beyond. But Sarah was being driven backwards as Teri again sent her breasts smashing hard into each other, making a loud wet smack.

Teri soon had Sarah on her back and was twisting savagely as tears began to stream down the blonde's face as Teri built the pain up to an unbearable level. Teri just grinned and mashed her sore tits together again until a furious Sarah grabbed her nipples again. The brunette's already sore right nipple was crushed between the blonde's strong fingers, as Sarah grinded the breast between her fingers and rings. Teri continued to smash the woman's tits but she began to lose ground as Sarah's attack sapped her strength, and soon it was Teri who had tears running down and had to release her hold to grasp Sarah's wrists. With a snarl Sarah gave a mighty tug and hefted Teri onto her side by her nipples.

But Teri wasn't finished yet. While Sarah crushed her breasts to the bursting point Teri once more wrapped her legs around Sarah's tight midriff. Sarah gasped in pain as the brunette's powerful legs crushed her body again, the muscles in Teri's legs standing out from exertion.

Both women rocked back and forth as they fought, grunting and moaning in pain. Sarah's sides were screaming to be released, as she kept both hands locked on Teri's nipples, doing her best to rip them off her breasts completely. Sarah tried to free herself, but Teri's legs were too strong, so desperately she grasped Teri's right hand around the wrist, painfully digging her thumb into the inside of the brunette's wrist, and rapped Teri's fist on the hard wood floor with such force that she managed to dislocate a knuckle, and with a scream of white-hot pain Teri relaxed the body scissors. Teri punched Sarah in the face without thinking what she was doing and cried out in agony as her knuckle hit Sarah's jaw weakly. Sarah recovered immediately and brought her fist smashing down as hard as she could on Teri's right breast, driving the larger tit hard against her ribcage as her fist sunk in.

Sarah wiped the sweat that was running down her face an got to her knees, while Teri was moaning out and trying to crawl away. Sarah gripped Teri's right ankle in her hands and twisted it savagely, spraining it as Teri turned her face to the floor and screamed in pain. Throwing the swelling ankle down hard on the floor, Sarah spread Teri's legs apart widely.

"Payback time, Bitch," she said as she smashed an uppercut into the woman's pussy.

Teri's body quivered as Sarah smashed another punch into her cunt, twisting her fist painfully and raking her nail across Teri's vagina.

"Give up?" Sarah breathed, keeping her fist pulled back a she leaned over the brunette's body.

"Go fuck yourself," was her only answer before Sarah rammed her fist between Teri's legs, her knuckles painfully parting Teri's pussy lips.

"Give it up, you bitch, or I'm gonna pussy-punch you to death!" Sarah screamed, as her fist plowed into Teri's cunt over and over. Getting to her knees, Sarah rolled Teri over onto her stomach and straddled her, pressing both hands flat down on Teri's sweaty back, as her opponent's large breasts spilled out of her upper body. Sarah raised her knee and brought it down hard on Teri's left breast, crushing the mammary between her kneecap and floor. Teri turned white with pain before letting out a tremendous scream. Sarah slid up onto Teri's sweaty back, and brings her kneecap smashing down on to Teri's right breast, crushing the firm mound flat between her knee and the floor as Teri moans in pain. Pulling her head back with a fistful of dark hair, Sarah twists her head about, as she continued to grind her knee into Teri's breast.

"Do you give?" Sarah snarled through puffy lips, pushing hard onto her tit while pulling up hard on her hair.

"Fuck you," was Teri's only reply.

Sarah thrust her long fingers deeply into the sides of Teri's raw breasts After doing that, Sarah reached her hands under the brunette's midsection and dug her strong fingers into Teri's stomach and pulled them back, putting the woman's abs through torture. Sarah's right hand grabbed Teri's hair and wrenched her head back hard, the brunette's neck muscles straining. Sarah lowered her body and rubbed her sweaty breasts across Teri's lush back. Sarah's left hand flew back to Teri's groin, and she snatch-slapped her hard on her pubic mound. The actress curled up her two middle fingers into Teri's pussy and raked her cunt walls deeply with her red manicured nails. Teri's body was wracked with pain, as her clit was torn apart.

"Quit now I swear to God I'll put you in so much pain you won't have sex for weeks!"

Teri sobbed out her surrender, as Sarah let her head drop to the floor. Sarah Jessica Parker rolled her sweaty body of Teri Hatcher.
Cupping her red and swollen breasts, Sarah hissed, "You want to fight again, you know where to find me, you fuckin' cow. But next time I'll really rip your tits off and break your body in half!"