Sauna Match: Teri Hatcher vs. Denise Richards by Tank

"As far as toughness is concerned, I've always been underrated,” complained the lovely brunette in the sexy lavender bikini. “After ‘2 Days in the Valley’ I was surprised to read a poll indicating most fans actually believed Charlize Theron would take me in a real fight. Well, those people don't know the REAL Teri Hatcher!"

Larry Merchant appeared intrigued as he asked, "What problems does Denise present in this fight?"

“I've trained very hard for this match, Larry,” Teri grinned. “To me, Denise is just a spoiled brat begging for a beating and I'm going to give her one! She won't be able to handle what I have in store for her tonight." She certainly looked as fit as could be as she inhaled deeply, her large, full breasts pushing on her soft tight- fitting lavender bra.

“Teri, there are obviously bad feelings between you and Denise. You look like you can't wait to resolve the issue.”

"I admit I'm angry over her petty tactics during training. But tonight I will conquer the 'wild thing'," snapped the sultry brunette, referring to one of Denise’s films. “When I'm through with her, she’ll be known as the 'tamed thing'!"

With that Teri ended her prefight interview and stormed to her dressing room.

What was it about lovely Denise Richards that infuriated Teri Hatcher? The two of them had reluctantly shared the same training facility in preparation for their 5 million dollar 'winner take all' sauna catfight and tensions between the two beauties were rising each day. On more than one occasion they had to be physically restrained and verbal battles were almost daily. The worst incident revolved around them almost coming to blows outside the shower as they engaged in a tug-of-war over the last bath towel. Promoter Don king was on needles and pins the entire six weeks fearing his $49.95 Pay Per View event may have to be cancelled due to the winner already being decided outside the lucrative format he had arranged.

Denise's hair was long and blond, her skimpy bra and thong canary yellow as she stood next to Larry Merchant, relishing her turn for the prefight interview. Larry appeared to relish it even more.

“Denise, I know you and Teri trained very hard and there is bad blood between you leading up to this fight. What problems does this match pose for you?"

“Basically, Larry, it’s posed two problems. First is deciding whether to wrestle the crybaby into submission, beat her senseless, or just take her over my knee and give her a good spanking,” Denise laughed.

Merchant looked more than amused by the blond beauty as she continued. “But really, my biggest problem was deciding which bikini to wear. Do you like it?" she purred.

“Absolutely stunning, Denise!" replied her carried away interviewer.

“I could’ve chosen something more intimidating, but I didn't want to do anything that might cause her to back down at the last minute,” chirped the self-infatuated actress who looked as firm and toned as ever in an outfit barely covering what it was intended to.

Instructed to cut the interview short, Merchant wished Denise well and the athletic beauty smiled broadly as she swayed her shapely body erotically and began to strut toward her dressing room. Her flippant and flirty interview merely a veneer, Denise's demeanor appeared more cool, confident, and deadly with every step in contrast to the seething anger raging inside of Teri. The two women in their own way were dealing with feelings of aggression just waiting to be unleashed.

Due to the prefight publicity, the money bet on the two combatants was greater than that wagered on the previous matches. Interest was intense as the two women entered the sauna at the same time and began to loosen up. Both stood 5'6” and appeared to be evenly matched except in age where Denise was a good seven years younger.

"I hear you called me a spoiled brat," laughed Denise. “You're hilarious!"

"Not to mention, a cheap whore!" Teri shot back.

"Ready to get beat up, girl? There’s nowhere to hide!” Denise threatened as she stretched her well-muscled thighs with a smile.

"Hide from what? A Tweety bird?" Teri chided.

The barbs were interrupted by the bombastic announcement of the two beauties by Michael Buffer. A minute later, the bell sounded and both women came out fighting!

Denise punched Teri square in the face with a straight right knocking her backward. As the sexy blond moved forward Teri began flailing away with blows to her opponent's face and breasts. The brunette continued to punch as Denise crouched and pressed forward until she had Teri pinned in a corner. Scoring with punches of her own to Teri's belly, Denise heard the brunette beauty start to grunt in pain with each thudding impact of her fist.

Teri grabbed her aggressive rival by her blond hair and pulled her head down before smashing her knee into Denise's jaw. Knocked off balance, the blond beauty fell to her knees on the carpet and Teri wasted no time, throwing herself on Denise as she jolted the blond over onto her back. Climbing on top, the angry brunette grabbed the blonde’s hair a second time and furiously pulled her head up, then slammed her head back on the carpet. Like a woman possessed, Teri pounded Denise’s head on the carpet a second and then a third time! Denise began ripping hard, straight punches up into Teri’s face, forcing her to let go of her hair. But then Teri wrapped her hands around Denise's throat and began to choke her - until a hard left-right to the nose forced Teri onto the defensive. The brunette pulled back, holding her bloody nose in pain.

Denise was finally able to thrust herself upward and power Teri off of her. As both women struggled to their knees, Denise reached out and yanked Teri's bra completely off and tossed it into the heated air. Both women hurried to their feet with Teri the aggressor.

"I'll kill you!" Teri screamed as she angrily rushed the blond, only to be doubled over by a vicious kick to her belly that left her gasping and wheezing. Denise whipped another kick, this one pancaking Teri's exposed right breast and it sent the brunette sprawling backward on the carpet. On her back gasping, Teri crossed her arms over her bare breasts as the lovely blond stood over her. Denise appeared to lick her chops as she glared at Teri struggling to rise off the carpet.

Denise began to remove her own bra and taking a few steps back, she tossed it alongside Teri's top which she’d yanked off n their earlier grappling and groping. Teri finally made it to her feet and found the lovely, topless blond grinning at her, motioning to her to, ‘come and get me.’

"Now I'll kick your butt once and for all!" screamed Teri loud enough for all to hear.

As she stalked forward, Teri realized Denise was holding her ground and she slowed and moved more cautiously. Both women's sweat-glistening breasts were jiggling as they struggled to suck in the hot, moist air of the sauna. Teri, looking more like the aggressor, suddenly launched herself at the blond - and found herself captured in Denise’s Bearhug.

“Oooooohhhh!" Teri squealed, her breasts not only crushed flat by Denise's large, firm breasts but speared by her hard nipples!

"What's wrong, girl?" chided the sensuous, blond beauty as she flexed her biceps and forearms, crushing Teri's breasts with her own.

Though her breast's were as large as her blond rival's, Teri’s were being overwhelmed by Denise’s and she desperately wanted out. Teri grabbed Denise’s hair and pulled her head back, baring her throat. But the sultry blond lifted Teri off her feet as she flexed her strong arms around her and dug her clenched fists into the brunette's lower back; thrusting her breasts into Teri’s! Teri’s struggles weakened dramatically, her mouth gaping wide.

When Denise finally released her, Teri crumpled to her knees on the steamy carpet, her chest heaving and her shapely body beaded with sweat. Denise raised her arms victoriously, but she wasn’t finished yet! Maneuvering her sleek, sexy body behind the panting Teri, Denise wrapped her shapely thighs around Teri's head and yanked the brunette’s head back by the hair until their eyes met. Teri struggled with the little strength she had left but she couldn’t budge the blonde's thighs.

“What's the matter, Teri, feeling DESPERATE?" Denise chided. A quick flex of her thighs sent tears racing down Teri's cheeks. “Give up, Teri?" asked the gorgeous blond.

The brunette hesitated, but Denise's ice blue eyes stared daggers into hers as Denise violently yanked her hair, her thighs poised for another squeeze.

Teri blurted out her surrender. “Yessss! No more Denise," she bawled. “I give up!"

Denise released Teri and began to celebrate her victory. Then looking back at her beaten opponent, she began to stalk toward Teri as if she still hadn't gotten enough. Seeing the hapless brunette on all fours, sobbing and frozen in fear over what she would do next, Denise, surprisingly dropped to her knees beside her weeping prey and wrapped her arms around the quivering brunette!

"What's over is over, Teri!" Denise said softly as she gave Teri a gentle hug.

As their sweat-glistened bodies rubbed against each other, Teri broke down crying with her cheek on Denise's shoulder. The triumphant blond released her and got to her feet, standing in front of the conquered Teri as she raised her arms, her fists clenched.

As she stalked proudly out of the steamy sauna, Denise shouted, "I WANT JENNIFER GARNER!" It was as if the lovely blond wouldn’t be satisfied until she’d 'garnered' another victory!