Teri Hatcher vs. Tori Spelling by Lonewolf (Celebrity Sexfights and Catfights Forum) 1-14-00

Tori Spelling sat inside her dressing room trailer having a heated discussion over the phone.

"I'm telling you she won't expect anything. As far as she knows it's just another party at the house."

The voice at the other end belonged to Shannon Doherty. "If you're sure she doesn't know, that's fine with me. I've been wanting to pay back that Bitch since the last time we fought."

"Well all you gotta do is show up at the mansion this Friday night and even the score."

"I thought you and Tiffani were close. Why all of a sudden do you want to see her get her ass kicked?"

"Tiffani's been a real bore as of late and she's beginning to get on my nerves. When Sandra Bullock beat up Jessica Alba she actually wanted to stop the fight because she felt sorry for poor little Jessica. So the first thing I thought of was why not get the Bitch up against someone I knew who could kick her ass. That's why I called you. I figured since Tiffani humiliated you the last time you fought I kinda thought you'd want to get even."

Shannon tightened the phone around her hand. "You're damn right I want to, and this time I'm gonna hand that little slut her tits!"

Great! Remember it'll be this Friday."

Tori hung up the phone as a smile crept across her face. She didn't like Shannon very much but she knew that she was the girl to take Tiffani down a notch. She knew that this fight was gonna be the talk of Hollywood for months to come.

Unknown to Tori, Tiffani stood outside her trailer door. She had heard everything. At first thought she felt like going in and beating the Hell out of Tori. Then she realized if she did her acting career could be ruined. Tori's father would definately fire her from the show and probably make it hard for her to get any work. She stormed off the set and headed for the parking lot.

It wasn't the idea of fighting Shannon that bothered her, it was the idea that Tori, who was suppose to be her friend, would try to set her up like that. As she approached the parking area she noticed Teri Hatcher loading up her car with a view things. Suddenly Tiffani realized the best way to get back at Tori was ' to do onto others what others do onto you ........ only do it first'

It had been six months since Teri Hatcher had been barred from attending any of the Spelling parties. Ever since she and Tori got into a scrap on one of the studios lots. Tiffani wasn't there at the time but she heard that Teri had beat up Tori for supposedly keeping her from getting two very important jobs. Even afterwards it seemed that Teri could only get mediocre jobs and she rightfully blamed Tori. Tiffani knew that she still held a grudge against her and was using her influence to keep Teri from getting any real acting jobs. It was rumored that she even hired Gillian Anderson to fight Teri for the part of Catwoman in an upcoming movie.

"Hi Teri!" Tiffani called out. "Do you need a hand?"

Teri looked up and saw her approach.

"No thanks. I just about got them in." Just as she said that a few of her parecels fell to the ground.

"Well maybe a little."

Tiffani bent over and picked up the boxes and helped put them inside the car.

"Look Teri I got a little problem and I think you can help me out with."

Tiffani related the whole story. When she finished she wasn't sure how Teri would respond but her suspicions were confirmed.

"That Bitch has got a lot to answer for. Where is she?"

"She's probably back on the set now. She's working late tonight and her car is right over there." Tiffani said with a hint.

Teri picked up on it right away.

"You make sure you just do your part and I'll do mine."

A few hours later Tori left the studio and headed towards her car. As she placed the key into the door she heard a voice from behind.

"About time you showed up."

She spun around and saw Teri standing there with her hands on her hips. She wore a black two piece blouse and skirt with a white top underneath. Her black nylons accentuated her long gorgeous legs and her black high heeled shoes finished the work or art.

"What do you want?" asked Tori.

Teri smiled "To kick your fuckin ass, BITCH!"

Tori smiled back. "There's nothing stopping you." After a long day she was dressed rather casually. She wore a pair of blue jogging shorts. She suddenly felt the sting of Teri's slap across her right cheek.

"Owwww! Fuck!" Tori's face darkened to a shade of red as she retaliated by sinking her hands into Teri's hair and began shaking her head back and forth. Teri fought back in the same manner and for the next couple of minutes the two women tried to throw the other to the ground. It wasn't until one of Teri's heels broke that one had an advantage. As Teri tried to get up Tori began kicking her in the side and her tits. Teri tried to roll out of the way but most of Tori's kicks found their mark. As she continued to roll Tori reached down and ripped off both of Teri's jacket and blouse from her chest leaving her topless. When Teri rolled onto her back Tori jumped on top of her and sat on the squirming girls stomach. Teri grimaced in pain as Tori landed..

"Get off me you Bitch! You weigh a ton!"

"Shut up!" Tori said as she began slapping Teri's tits back and forth.

After about the tenth slap Teri managed to grab Tori's wrists and kept her from striking her breasts and began to buck wildly in an effrot to unseat Tori. After several tries Teri was able to throw her off. As Tori landed Teri quickly grabbed her top and yanked it over her head.

"Now we're even!" Teri said as she threw Tori's shirt aside. Tori looked up at Teri who was standing a few feet away daring her to try something.

Suddenly Tori leaped forward wrapping her arms around Teri's legs attempting to push her to the ground. As she tried Teri managed to open her legs and trap Tori's head in a standing head scissors and squeezed real hard. Tori squealed in pain as she continued to try and put Teri to the ground. She dug her fingernails into Teri's calf attempting to gain her freedom but Teri's leg muscles were too strong and she barely felt Tori's attack. Tori suddenly screamed even louder as Teri squeezed her legs around Tori's head even harder. Teri continued her attack on Tori's neck as she managed to pull her shorts down, grab her panties and pulled up on them so the thin material would be wretched into Tori's ass and pussy.

"S-Stop It!" screamed Tori.

"Do you give?"

Before she could respond, her panties ripped in two and the pain slightly subsided.

"Fuck You!" was her response.

Tori desperately reached up with her hands and grabbed both sides of Teri's skirt and yanked them down part way. As soon as Teri felt her skirt being pulled she made the mistake of trying to keep them on. Tori was then able to grab her ankles and more easily trip her to the floor When she hit the concrete Tori was able to escape her head scissors. As she did she also grabbed Teri's skirt and began a tug of war with them. After about ten seconds Tori came away with the skirt leaving Teri clad only in a pair of red panties, which was more then Tori had.

"Lose something?" Tori said as she flung Teri's skirt away.

"You're gonna be losing something when I rip your fucking hair out!"

"Just try it!" Tori screamed as the two women crashed together in a mutual hair pulling fest.

Both ladies screamed in pain as blonde and bruntte hair was pulled from each others scalp They pulled each other around until they hit the side of Tori's car. Tori bent Teri over the hood of the car and began to bang her head off of it several times.

"Are we having fun yet, Whore!" Tori laughed.

Teri thrust her right leg around Tori's and managed to push her back, tripping her. As she fell Tori refused to let go of Teri's hair and as she fell she managed to drag Teri down underneath her. As Teri landed her head hit the concrete stunning her which gave Tori an opportunity she couldn't pass up.

She raised her knee and slammed it into Teri's cunt and grinded it in. Teri cried out in pain as she tried to massage the pain from between her legs. Tori easily pinned her down underneath her as she fastened her teeth to Teri's left tit. teri screamed even louder from this new assault.

"Why don't you shut the fuck up, Bitch!" Tori said as she pressed her large breasts over Teri's face.

Her muffled cries could be heard as Tori tried to snuff her out. After a few more seconds Teri's body went limp and Tori slowly got to her feet. Just then Tori spied her friend Tiffani hiding behind one of the parked vans with a video camera in her hands.

"How's this for a victory pose?" said Tori as she looked down at Teri's naked body and put her foot on her face.

Suddenly teri grabbed Tori's foot and bit into it. Tori cried out in pain and tried to pull away and when she did Teri sat up and punched her as hard as she could in her pussy. Tori dropped to her knees holding her crotch looking over at Teri who was still feeling the effects of her crotch shot, but not as bad now. Teri pushed Tori to the ground face first and jumped on her back pulling back on her hair.

"You Bitch! You Cunt! I'm gonna kill you! Teri yelled as she pulled out a handful of Tori's hair.

Tori attempted to roll over and as she did Teri was able to wrap her nylon clad legs around Tori's head once again. Tori squirmed and tried to pry open her legs, but to no avail. Her scratches and bites inflicted minor damage as Teri squeezed with everything she had. Tori began to kicking and wailing in a last attempt to escape Teri's deadly scissors hold.

"You ain't going anywhere, Slut!" Teri said as she grabbed hold of Tori's left nipple between her thumb and forefinger and twisted it viscously.

She then dug her fingernails into her tit and began scratching them. While never letting up on her head scissors.

"STOP!" begged Tori "Don't hurt me anymore! I give! PLEASE I GIVE!!!!!!!"

Teri shifted her position so she was sitting on Tori's chest. Teri looked down at Tori who was crying. At this point Tiffani came up and started video taping up close.

"Smile for the camera" Tiffani said with a laugh.

"What are you gonna do?" asked Tori.

"We ain't gonna do anything. You're the one that's gonna do what you do best." answered Teri.


"Use your tongue." Teri said as she slid her pussy over Tori's face.

Teri stayed in that position for over ten minutes grinding her superior pussy into Tori's face. Getting up only long enough for Tori to get enough air. Tiffani continued to video tape enjoying Tori's predicament. Both she and Teri knew that as long as they had the video there were gonna be some changes.
Teri Hatcher vs. Tori Spelling (Rematch) by Lonewolf (Celebrity Sexfights and Catfights Forum) 1-14-00

To say that Tori was pissed would be an understatement. When she lost the fight to Teri Hatcher she was uncontrollable. On the set and off. She thought of nothing else then to get even with that skinny little bitch. She made the mistake of taking Teri too lightly and vowed to get revenge...Spelling style.

It was easy for her to have word passed around the Hollywood jet set that she was itching for a rematch with Teri. It didn't take too long for her to get a response either. When she picked up the phone she recognized the voice at the other end immediately. "So I hear you're looking for me."

"What took you so long? Finally come out from under your bed?"

"If I remember correctly it was you who I left laid out in the parking lot crying and begging."

"Maybe so, but it was a cheap shot that beat me. Not you." "Well if you wanta get your ass kicked again just let me know, because I'd be glad to beat your ass once more!"

That was what Tori was waiting for. "Alright Bitch, why don't you come on over and try to kick my ass!"

"Anytime! Anywhere! SLUT!"

"Right here and right now! I'll be waiting, but don't keep me waiting too long, cause it'll just piss me off even more!"

Tori hung up the phone and began to clear the living room area so that the two of them would have enough to fight. After she finished she went into her bedroom and found the sexiest outfit in her closet. It was a pink one piece dress that came up just above her knees. She wore matching pink 3" stiletto high heels and white garters which made her already sexy legs just that more delectable. She went back out to the living room and sat waiting for Teri to show up. Every once in a while she would get up and look out her large bay window to see if Teri was approaching.

On the third glance Tori saw Teri pull into her driveway and park her car just out front. As Teri stepped out of the car Tori saw that she was dressed in a one piece black mini skirt leather outfit, with black high heels and sheer black stockings. Tori continued to watch Teri as she approached the house. The door bell rang and Tori called for Teri to c'mon in. Teri stood inside the doorway and looked directly into the eyes of Tori. If looks could kill both girls would be laying on the floor. Tori smiled "I wondered if you might have chickened out since you are a fucking chicken shit!"

Teri smiled back "I was thinking you might have ran and hid when you saw me, you stupid ugly cow!"

"Alright Bitch!" Tori started "Before I start kicking your worthless ass, is there any kind of rules you'd like?"

"Only one rule! There aren't any! That is unless you're too scared to face me!"

Tori's smile grew even wider "I was hoping you'd say that!"

Teri stepped into the room and the two of them began to circle one another with their hands outstretched like claws. Teri was the first to take the offensive as she threw a punch towards Tori's face. But Tori saw it coming and easily side stepped it and delivered one of her own which connected on the side of Teri's left cheek. Teri ended up falling backwards and tumbled to the floor onto her ass with her legs spread almost wide enough for Tori to see her sexy womanhood.

Tori just smiled and let Teri get back to her feet. They circled again and Teri tried to punch Tori once again. This time was the same as last. Tori ducked the swing and brought in her fist in and hit Teri in the stomach. Teri gasped as she bent over and when she did Tori cold-cocked her in the jaw which again knocked Teri onto her ass. Tori looked down at Teri smiling with her hands on her hips. Teri looked up at her with her eyes filling with tears. She looked angry.

When Teri got to her feet she charged at Tori and grabbed her around the waist and forced her backwards across the room until Tori's back was slammed up against the far wall. Tori grimaced but fought off the pain as she grabbed two handfuls of Teri's brown locks. At the same time she lifted her sexy nylon clad leg and slammed it into Teri's chest. She repeated her attack until Teri let go of her from around the waist and attempted to pull away from her. Tori still had a good hold of Teri's hair and when she tried to back away Tori jerked her back towards her.

Teri squealed in pain as she was yanked by her hair forward. She grabbed Tori around her waist and legs and began to scratch at her sexy legs, ripping her stockings in the process. Tori felt the pain from the scratches and brought her knee up and slammed it into Teri's forehead. Teri fell backwards from the blow and this time Tori let go of her hair and she ended up on her back on the floor. Teri tried to clear her vision and as she did that she noticed Tori step forward and field goal kicked her right between the legs. The blow landed with such force it would have made a football kicked jealous.

Teri screamed in pain as she reached between her sexy legs to massage her wounded cunt. It made it easy for Tori to roll Teri onto her stomach and grab the bottom of her mini skirt outfit and pull it up over her head. Tori didn't completely remove the outfit. She left it over Teri's head which completely blinded her. With Teri's hands still trying to ease the pain from between her legs and her dress over her head she quickly became entangled in the outfit. Tori jumped into the air and landed squarely on the small of Teri's back. Teri groaned in pain as she landed but could do nothing because of her predicament.

Tori grabbed a hold of Teri's pink panties and wedged them up her ass really hard. Teri screamed again and pushed her crotch up off of the floor to try and relieve the pain but it did very little as Tori pulled harder on her panties and the material was yanked further into Teri's ass. Teri was frantic. She struggled on the floor to get her dress off of her head and to free herself. The pain she was suffering from Tori's wedgie was putting her on the verge of passing out. But as luck would have it her panties tore in two from the abuse they were taking which gave Teri temporary relief.

Teri managed to free herself from her dress and as she did Tori shifted her position so she was now sitting on Teri's back but facing the back of her head. Tori sent two punches around the side of Teri's head and each landed on the opposite cheek. Teri cried out in pain as she tried to cover her face with her arms.

"What's wrong Bitch? Am I hurting you too much!" Tori said as she reached behind her and started to pinch Teri's beautiful naked ass.

Teri's stocking clad legs kicked with this new insulting attack.

Tori again grabbed two handfuls of Teri's hair and pulled back on her head bending it into a very uncomfortable position. While she did that Teri managed to get herself onto her hands and knees.

Tori then stood up and moved forward slightly while still holding onto her hair in both hands until her legs stood on either side of Teri's head. She then locked her sexy white nylon covered legs around Teri's head and squeezed.

Teri cried out in agony as Tori's legs wrapped around her head like a vice. Tori squeezed harder and was again rewarded with a moan from Teri's lips. Teri was frantic. She was being totally demolished by the same girl that she beat only weeks ago. She had to do something. Teri reached up with both of her hands and started to claw at Tori's gorgeous legs. She ripped and tore away at Tori's stockings and started to scratch her legs. Tori felt the pain but not as bad as she would have considering her leg muscles were bulging as they poured on the pressure around Teri's neck.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Tori dropped to her knees. As she did this Teri's face was slammed into the carpet almost knocking her out. Tori got up and stood over Teri's near unconscious body, playfully kicking her in the side.

"Let's see how big your tits really are, SLUT!"

Tori then bent over and easily removed the bra from around Teri and then threw them aside. She rolled Teri over onto her back and looked down at her.

"Ha! Those little sacks of shit aren't big enough to choke a cat! Now this is what I call tits!" said Tori.

She seductively pulled her dress over her head and dropped it to the floor. She then undid her bra and then let fall onto Teri's prone body. Looking at the two of them anyone could see that Tori's tits were larger then Teri's.

"Now these are what I call tits!" said Tori as she played with her nipples.

She then lay directly on top of Teri and pinned her arms outstretched with her own. Her own boobs were pressed into Teri's practically engulfing them.

"See Bitch! I told you, you had worthless tits!" Tori emphasized her statement by pushing her tits harder into Teri's.

Teri groaned and tried to fight back by arching her back which coincidentally pushed her chest into Tori's. This only lasted for a few seconds as Teri was spent and had little left for resistance.

"So Bitch, you still have a little left huh!"

Tori then rolled off of Teri's body and before Teri was able to move Tori had her legs again wrapped around Teri's body. This time she targeted her waist. Tori wasted no time and began squeezing her again. Teri's hands went directing to Tori's offending legs and tried to pry them open. When that didn't work she again began scratching Tori's legs. Her stockings were practically torn off and Teri left several jagged scratch marks on Tori's sexy legs and a little trail of blood. But the damage that Teri was doing didn't seem to faze Tori in the slightest as she squeezed more tightly.

Teri groaned and moaned as Tori's legs worked over her midsection.

"Oh for God's sakes, Please stop it!"

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. Did you say you wanted more?"

Tori released her hold slightly and moved her legs up until they were covering Teri's tits and then started to squeeze once again.

"OH GOD!" cried Teri "My tits! You're hurting my tits!"

"Huh." Tori said as she mockingly put her hand to her ear. "What did you say?"

Tori tightened her leg scissors as Teri's soft tit flesh oozed out from between them.

"Oh Please! Don't do this! I can't take it anymore!"

"Oh! You want more! Okay!"

Tori again released her hold but just as quickly she wrapped her legs around Teri's head. She grabbed a hold of Teri's hair with one hand and pulled on it and positioned her face so that her lips were brushing against her panty clad pussy.

Teri's hands were again grabbing and scratching at Tori's legs but by this time her attack was meaningless and did little or no damage at all.

"Please Tori I give! Don't do this!"

"What's that Bitch!" screamed Tori "I can't hear you!"

Teri sobbed "Please Tori, let me go! Don't hurt me anymore!"

Tori smiled. "Fuck you Bitch! You got this coming!"

Tori then unsnapped her own panties which gave Teri a full view of her bushy snatch.


Teri's plead was cut off as Tori used both of her hands and forced her face full into her sweaty pussy. Tori's leg strength still tightened around Teri's neck and her two hands full of Teri's hair made a combination in which Teri couldn't fight against. She tried to pull away from Tori's crotch but was unable to.

For several minutes Tori kept Teri in this position and soon her struggles ceased. Even after Teri was rendered unconscious Tori kept her there for ten long minutes making sure that she was really out cold.

Afterwards Tori stood up and showered, leaving Teri spread-eagled on her living room floor. When Tori returned she had changed her clothes and was now wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. She went over to Teri and woke her up by dumping a glass of water onto her face. Tori then grabbed her by her hair and jerked her to her feet and dragged her over to the front door and threw her outside. She then threw out Teri's leather dress.

"Anytime you want a rematch Cunt! You know where to find me!"

Tori slammed the door and Teri made her way over to her car. She left crying, knowing that she had been totally defeated.

The End