Anne Hathaway vs. Katherine "Kat" Heigl Interac

Kat was sitting with Charlize Theron, Jewel Kilcher and Jessica Simpson when Anna Hathaway came in followed by Cat Bell, Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Lopez. As soon as Anne and Kat made eye contact, both froze for a moment, then Anne resumed walking. Later, Kat looked over and saw Anne chatting with Laura Prepon and the hostess for the party. Kat got up and walked over, stopped in front of Laura and stared her down. After a moment, Laura broke eye contact, backed of and excused herself

"Wait a second!" Anne said as she grabbed Laura and turned her back to face Katherine. "Laura was just telling me you two fought before and, while she’d love a rematch, she’s afraid you'd just beat her more."

"Is that true Laura?” Kat grinned. When Laura blushed and didn’t answer, Kat continued, “Well, she’s right. She challenged me and I won. She wants a rematch, I’ll squash her again like the bug she is."

"OK you see, this is something people say about you, Heigl,” Anne snapped. “You don't go looking for fights, but you don't back down. They say, ‘Oh, she’s perfectly built for fighting.’ But you didn't come over here to be nice; you came over to see if you could intimidate Laura. It’s about the bitchiest thing I've ever seen! Why don't you go back and sit with your friends!"

"You know what Anne, you’re a good person and all - and I respect what you're doing here - but don't tell *me* what to do. I don't like any woman trying to tell me what to do."

"Really? Wow. So if, like, Jessica Biel or Kristanna Loken said that, you’d just have a little staredown, then both of you walk away? Both afraid you’d lose that ‘mystique of unbeatability’ if you really fought?"

"What are you trying to do, Anne? Do you *want* a fight? Is that what this is about?" Kat asked, showing her surprise that anyone would dare confront her publicly.

"I don't *want* to fight," Anne said calmly.


"But I WOULD fight! What I *want* is for you to go back to your table, sit down with your ditzy blond friends and let us finish our conversation."

"And if I don't?” Kat bristled. “Do you expect me to believe you’d really *do* something?" she said smugly. Kat took a step forward, but before either woman could do anything, Charlize yelled, "Show her how it’s done, Kat!"

Heigl smiled and pushed Anne who stood her ground and never budged. Then Anne shoved Kat and she never moved either.

"Last chance Anne, walk away," Kat said with a cocky toss of her pony tail.


Some called it the hardest slap they’d ever heard and a small part of the ‘Katherine Heigl mystique’ disappeared as she rocked back on her heels, then dropped to the floor on her butt! Kat looked up stunned, then realized that everyone who had been talking had stopped and turned to gawk. She rolled over and started to get up - but when Kat rose to all fours, Anne kicked her in the ribs and the force flipped Kat over onto her back!

Anne mounted Kat, grabbed the front of her shirt and jacked her up, then started to slap the blonde bombshell, forehand, backhand, forehand then backhand again. After ten hard, cuffing, slaps, Anne stood and hauled Kat up by the front of her shirt and then slammed her back up against the wall.

Shoving her nose against Kat’s, Anne hissed, "Give up, Kathie?"

"No..." Heigl grunted as she reached around, grabbed the back of Anne's hair and snapped her head backward.

As Anne tilted backward, she sat down, brought both feet into Kat’s stomach and as her weight pulled Heigl forward, Anne Monkey Flipping the busty blond a good six or seven feet across the room. The audience let out a soft “whooooooo” as the big blonde bounced twice on her butt and skidded to a stop.

Anne got back to her feet and started walking toward Kat who was crawling toward a couch. The front of her shirt had ripped open and her large breasts swayed easily as they hung down without a bra to support them. Anne grabbed the back of Kat’s shirt and pulled it off, then wrapped it around Heigl's neck and started choking her as she dragged her around on her stomach.

Kat grabbed the shirt and tried to pull it away from her throat but Anne was so strong she actually lifted Heigl into the air, briefly, before she swung Kat around with a twist of her hips and flung Kat clear over the couch. She hit the floor on the other side of the couch hard. As she lay gasping for air and begging for some kind of reprieve, Anne calmly walked around the couch and yanked her head up by the hair.

“Give up yet?”

“Go to hell!” Kat groaned as she slammed her fist into Anne’s ribs. That got the brunette to back up. Kat got to her feet as the blondes at Theron’s table began to chatter excitedly. “Now you’re gonna see the *real* Kat Heigl!”

Kat ran at Anne her hand rose ready to knock her out with one punch but Anne ducked low and lifted Katherine up and slammed her to the floor on her back. Heigl’s legs were sticking straight up in the air and Anne wrapped her arms around them, then Slingshotted Kat towards her brunette friends sitting at Cat Bell’s table.

The blonde crashed to the floor flat on her bare chest with a loud SPLAT!

Kat could feel Anne getting closer and closer and for the first time in her life she felt fear! Kat had badly underestimated Anne and she was paying the price for it - one she couldn’t afford…loss of reputation!

“Again I ask you Kathie girl, DO YOU GIVE UP?”

Kat crawled over to where Charlize was sitting, put a hand on Theron’s thigh and started to pull herself up. “No...” she moaned as she got to her feet.

Kat whirled, her right fist raised to punch - but before she could, Anne stepped in and slammed her fist low in Kat’s belly. Her eyes went wide, the air rushed out her gaping mouth and she dropped to her knees. Anne smashed her knee into Kat's unprotected face, knocking her onto her back with her knees folded beneath her butt.

"I don't need you to say it,” Anne chuckled. “Look at the mighty Katherine everyone. Can we agree she lost."

Charlize opened her mouth to protest, then shut it. Nobody else was saying anything; either because they wanted to see more or they were in shock at seeing the great Heigl in such a state.

Then Laura Prepon stepped up and said, “It really isn’t over until she at least says, ‘I quit.’ You stepped up to her, now you make her say it.” Anne nodded as she bent to pull Kat up, but Heigl leg swept her and then dove on her. Kat grabbed the brunette’s bra and ripped it off!

But that was it for Kat’s offense. Anne grabbed her hair and rolled them over, then as she came up on top of Kat, Anne slammed her head on the floor - twice! BONK! BONK! With Kat again dazed, Anne straddled her stomach, grabbed Kat’s bra at the deep cleavage between her hulking breasts, reared back and SNAP ripped it clean off!

Then Anne stood up, hair-hauling Kat up with her, holding Heigl bent over. Anne brought an uppercut up from her knees that buckled Kat’s legs, then she started hammering uncontested punches up into Heigl’s face. After the fifth one, Anne stood Kat upright, clasped her arms around the blonde’s ribs and pulled her into a crushing Bearhug.

People were so shocked to see the blood streaming from Kat’s nose and the corner of her mouth that they didn’t notice, or pay attention to, anything else until Kat moaned, “UNNNNHHHHH…yuh…you’re cruh…cruh…crushing my TITS!"

Before anyone could really see how badly Anne’s tits were dominating Kat’s, Anne shifted her hip and WHAM, hit a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Anne landed heavily on top of Kat and continued grinding her tits on Kat’s for another minute before she rose off the breathless blond beauty and took a mount position astride her waist.

“Kathiepoo, I’m not gonna stop beating you until you say you give up; do you?”

Heigl couldn’t - or wouldn’t - say anything, so Anne grabbed her tits, jerked her up, swung her around and flung her headfirst over on the back of the couch. Kat landed with her knees on the seat, her body folded over the couch with her hands flat on the floor behind it.

Anne slowly strode around the couch, grabbed Kat by the hair and the waistband of her thong, then dragged her over the back of the couch and dropped her on all fours and then drove a well-aimed kick into Kat’s softly heaving belly. Kat gagged as she collapsed and dropped flat, then curled up with both hands holding her belly. Anne just stood there shaking her head slowly as she surveyed the wreckage, then bent over and yanked Kat’s head up with a handful of hair.

“So, NOW do you give?” Kat was too winded to say anything, so Anna dragged her on all fours back around to the front of the couch, put her foot on Kat’s hip and kicked her over onto her back. Anne mounted her again and explained slowly, “You have two choices…one, you give up, or, two, I work over your pretty face until you do. Well?”

When Kat didn’t say anything, mostly because she still didn’t have any air in her lungs, Anne slapped her face - twice - then drew back her fist to start punching again.


“OK…and what?” Anne snarled as she hauled back and cuffed her again.

“I give up…” Kat whimpered, tears welling in her blue eyes. “…yuh…you…win…”

Anne stood up, winked at her brunette friends, then walked over and stood behind Charlize Theron. She leaned over, put her chin on Charlize’s shoulder as she draped an arm across her shoulders. As her fingers gently plucked and caressed Charlize’s hard, erect, aroused nipples, Anne put her lips to Charlize’s ear and whispered, “Ummmmm, Cat was right, you DO get off on violence. You know, you three better help your friend over there. See my friends?” Charlize looked over to see Cat, Catherine and J-Lo circling Kat’s battered, shuddering-as-she-sobbed, body. “Some would take advantage of your friend while she’s sooo badly beaten….and that wouldn’t be fair to her. Would it?”

“Noooo,” Charlize sighed, responding to Anne’s gentle caressing of her breast.

“So why don’t you go rescue poor little pussykat before the big bad wolves make a meal of her. I don’t want her all used up - I mean, on the off chance she thinks she *has* to redeem her tarnished reputation and wants to challenge me again. I don’t want any excuse, because next time I won’t stop at ‘I quit.’ Tell her that when you get her home, OK hon?”

Charlize nodded silently. As soon as she caught her breath after Anne released her breast, Charlize, Jewel and Jessica hurried to save Kat from the pack of hungry wolves circling her.

What next? Does Kat try to redeem herself? Does Charlize take a run at Anne? Does someone beat them to her?