Happy 18th Birthday Hayden Panettiere (vs. Vanessa Anne Hudgens) by Jackflash

It’s always a special occasion when a new fighter debuts in the exclusive Southern California catfight circle. But in this instance, it’s extra-special, for Hayden Panettiere will begin her very first match at one minute past midnight on her 18th birthday, August the 21st. A “Birthday Bash” is rare enough to merit requests for invitations from some of the wealthiest and most influential people on the Coast.

The young blond had been training for months in anticipation, shedding her last vestiges of baby fat and building her nubile body into a fighting machine. She paid almost as much attention to her appearance, shopping for just the right bikini to wear; she finally settled on a pink and red candy stripped number that played well off of her golden hair and alabaster skin.

The day before the inaugural match, she pampered herself with a full spa treatment. By the time she arrived at the Malibu mansion where the battle would be held, she felt herself to be at her peak physically, mentally and emotionally.

She would be facing Vanessa Anne Hudgens, who had reached her own milestone 18th birthday late last year, and quickly established herself as a rising catfighting star. Part of her success was that many of her opponents automatically assumed that Nessa was the same sweet naïf she played in so many Disney productions. In fact, however, she proved herself to be a gifted...and cruel...fighter who didn’t hesitate to punish opponents to satisfy her own sadistic urges.

Perhaps most ominous for Hayden is the fact that Vanessa is downright furious about this match, feeling resentful that she herself was never feted with a Birthday Bash, and more than a little jealous by all of the attention being paid to the blond. Privately, Nessa swore to destroy Hayden, and to make the spectators realize that it was she, not some rah-rah Barbie cheerleader, whom they should be worshipping.

‘And they will after this match,’ she darkly promises herself.

At the stroke of midnight, as the wrestlers are introduced, further insult is heaped upon the Filipino/Native American beauty (in her own estimation, at least) when she is brought out first. As the more experienced fighter, she should’ve been introduced after her novice opponent. But there was no conspiracy against Vanessa in this...it simply reflects the fact that Hayden is making a very special debut tonight.

Nessa struts into the spacious living room like a tigress on the prowl, her red bikini contrasting perfectly with her black mane and bronzed skin, her body sinewy and fit. The burst of cheers and applause from the onlookers is genuine; many have seen her wrestle before, and they have marveled in her fierce tenacity. Even in rare defeat, she was nothing short of magnificent.

The applause which next greets Hayden is, perhaps, a bit louder and goes on a bit longer. But again, this is reflective more of the special occasion than of any crowd bias for the blond. Of course, the brunette doesn’t interpret it that way, and it gives her just one more reason to hurt her opponent very, very badly.

Oblivious to the seething jealousy of her opponent, Hayden beams a wide smile as she soaks in the adulation of the crowd. Holding her arms outstretched, she does a 360 degree turn to better show off a body which heretofore had not been fully seen and valued in all of its glory. It is a gesture...and a view...not unappreciated by the onlookers.

The formal introductions made, there is nothing left for the host but to say, with a most anticipatory smile, “Ladies...you may begin.”


Hayden goes down into a guard position, hands at the ready, and starts to circle her opponent while Vanessa, exuding supreme self-confidence, casually walks in as if this were nothing more demanding than a visit to the beach.

With a smirk, Vanessa says, “Wow, here I am facing the great Hayden Panties! When I’m done with you, can I have an autograph? I’m a huge fan!” Warned by her trainers to anticipate trash talking, Hayden doesn’t reply, giving no inkling the mockery jarred her as much as it had. As they circle slowly, closing the space between them, Vanessa continues, “So, today’s the big one-eight for you, huh Hayd? This is quite a party they’re throwing for you. I remember my 18th birthday...of course, they didn’t invite ME to wrestle MY first match on my birthday. Guess I’m not All-American Girl Next Door enough for them, huh?”

“Or maybe they just didn’t see you as anything special?” Hayden suggested; a barb of her own delivered with a wry smile.

Arching an eyebrow that fairly cries out, ‘Oh, no you didn’t!’ the brunette says nothing for several moments, then resumes her smirk. “Very clever,” she says. “But that’ll be your best shot of the night. What do you say we get this party started, and I play some pin the tail on the donkey?”

With that, Vanessa reaches out a hand toward her adversary’s hair, which is swiftly batted away. That answers the brunette’s silent question as to how fast her foe is...and it also tells her that the blond is far too over-anxious, and probably just barely restraining herself from going on the attack. That’s good, Nessa thinks...she can use such eager beaverness to her advantage.

“Know what I think?” Vanessa asks. There is a pregnant pause, and although she doesn’t respond, the slightest shift in Hayden’s body language makes it clear her concentration has slipped just a tiny bit as she awaits the punch line. When the ‘punch line’ comes, it’s not words but in a blur of motion!

‘Nessa feints to the left, Hayden falls for it, and the blond is rewarded with a backhand blow across the mouth for her effort. As the startled Hayden stumbles back several steps, Vanessa finishes her thought, “I swear, you blondes are dumb enough to fall for anything!”

The combination of the blow to her face and the jab to her ego enrages Hayden, and with a roar she charges at her antagonist...which is precisely the reaction which Vanessa wanted to provoke. In a fluid motion, she side-steps Hayden’s charge, drops to the floor, and ensnares her legs around her foe’s ankles. With a shocked yelp, the blond is sent crashing to the carpet face-first.

Moving with cobra swiftness, the raven-tressed teen folds her opponent’s legs back at the knees, crosses her ankles, and throws her own body atop that of the blond to press her down. With one hand she pulls Hayden’s right arm behind her, jacking it up between her shoulder blades, while her other arm snakes around Hayden’s neck for a Choke Hold. Before the birthday girl can even begin to fathom what is happening to her, she is painfully trapped and left gasping for air.

“This is a whole lot different from your little sparring sessions, isn’t it?” she sneers into her hapless opponent’s ear. “All the training in the world doesn’t do a damn bit of good against an opponent who’s just better than you. And I am, you know. You lost this fight the second you agreed to wrestle me.” Hayden squirms in a futile effort to break free, a gurgled gasp escaping her lips. Unmoved by her plight, Nessa continues, “You can give up anytime you like, Hayd, but I’m hoping you don’t do it soon...I didn’t get all dressed up to not have any fun tonight.”

The giggle which accompanies the barely-dressed girl’s words...both girlish and sinister...hints of greater woes to come for the blond. The brunette releases the hold of her own volition, quickly grabbing her opponent’s hair and roughly maneuvering her into a seated position. Then, from behind, Nessa wraps her dance-trained legs around Hayden’s waist and crosses her ankles, then fills her fists again with golden mane.

With a small grunt, Vanessa hoists her challenger up into the air, and then brings her back down to for a Keister Bump. The carpeting does not blunt the jarring impact which races up Hayden’s spine from the blow. Coupled with the crushing vise around her waist, and the searing pain in her scalp, it is more than sufficient to cause the embattled blond to cry out in anguish. She barely has the chance to catch her breath before Hayden again finds herself lifted up, then deposited abruptly back to the floor. Hayden’s fingers dig the insides of ‘Nessa’s knees, trying to force her legs apart. She knows she’s hurting her, but Vanessa won’t give her the satisfaction of revealing it. Instead, she says in a voice brimming with confidence, “I’m so glad you want to play some more. I was starting to get bored.”

Vanessa releases her hold and, with a groan, Hayden massages her aching ribs, but an instant later she finds her wrists grasped, and then her arms jerked awkwardly behind her back. Nessa then lifts her own legs and wraps them around the arms in a Butterfly Lock, causing Hayden to yelp in new agony.

“Let’s see…” the brunette says almost matter-of-factly. “…on that little TV show of yours...you know, the one that has about one-tenth the audience of my HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL...you can heal from every injury. So tell me, Panties...when I pull your arms out of their sockets, will you still be able to put up a half-decent fight?” Vanessa’s girlish giggle is chilling with implied menace.

Sweat glistens across Hayden’s skin as her head sways back and forth, as pain upon pain saps her strength and weakens her resolve. This was certainly not what she had expected tonight! She had training, and she had a strategy...but Vanessa has an animal ferocity that is just too powerful for schooling and plans to overcome. And for the first time in her life, the blond knows what it is like to be truly helpless. And it terrifies her.

Again, it’s nothing that Hayden does that liberates her; Vanessa, simply bored with her dominance, opts to move on to a new torture. As Hayden massages her newly-freed shoulders, she’s suddenly rocked by a Backheel Kick which catches her hard right between the eyes.

She sprawls backward to the floor, her half-shut eyes glassy and uncomprehending. Grabbing Hayden under her arms, ‘Nessa hauls her to her feet with a grunt, and keeps Hayden upright on unsteady legs with one arm around her waist from behind while her other hand reaches around to grabs her bikini top, pulling it down to spill Hayden’s breasts free.

“We couldn’t do this twenty minutes ago without breaking some laws, could we birthday girl?” ‘Nessa taunts in her ear...though it’s doubtful Hayden even comprehends what she said, what is being done, or even where she is.

Arms still wrapped tight around the blonde’s midsection, Vanessa walks the stumbling Hayden closer to the spectators, who certainly don’t mind taking a long ‘up-close and personal’ look at her newly legal and emancipated ‘girls.’ But they’re also unsettled by how thoroughly their ‘guest of honor’ is being dominated in the fight and ‘Nessa’s caustic words don’t ease their disquiet. “So, this is your Great White Wonder, huh? The pretty little blond you were all falling over yourselves to suck up to? Well, you’re getting the same lesson she is tonight...I’m a bitch whose ass you should be kissing! And believe me, you will!!”

A telltale moan signals that the blond is coming out of her stupor, so Nessa throws her back down to the floor. Planting her feet alongside Hayden’s head, standing on her hair, and grabbing her wrists, Vanessa yanks her foe up, causing the blond to shriek in fresh pain. The pain also serves to shock her fully from her daze, which is precisely what the brunette intends. She wants Hayden to fully grasp everything which is happening to her.

Dropping her opponent’s arms, Vanessa suddenly drops to her own knees, straddling Hayden’s head. She then drops her butt down on her rival’s face, her red-clad derriere enveloping the blonde’s features as Hayden frantically thrashes, her muffled howls the proof of her panicked distress. Vanessa places her hands on her hips and gives a smugly triumphant smile as she cruelly smothers her foe into humiliating oblivion.

Or she would, if she hadn’t once again decided to release a hold. Standing up, she exultantly stalks in circles around Hayden, who has curled into a fetal position. Sobs wrack the devastated blonde’s trembling body as tears streak down her face. She is a pitiful sight, and many in the crowd find they cannot bear to look at her directly, so unnerved are they with her annihilation. They, in their desire to witness her presumed greatness, had been the agents of her destruction tonight, and it shamed them.

Shame, of course, was the last thing that Nessa was feeling. But she was more than happy to dish it out. “Tell you what, Panties,” she cockily snickers. “We’ll finish up here...just as soon as I tear that tacky bikini off of you, and then you plant your lips right smack dab on my delicious booty and tell everybody here how perfect I am. Sound good to you, snookems?” Leaning over, Vanessa grabs Hayden’s damp locks and pulls her up onto her knees.

Then something happens for which the word ‘unexpected’ is woefully insufficient to define. With a jungle roar, Hayden suddenly slams her fist squarely into ‘Nessa’s crotch, the impact causing the brunette to leap up off of her feet and then collapse to the carpet with an agonized yowl. For a few moments, it appears this was the blonde’s last gasp...a final defiant rage against inevitable doom. Yet Hayden doesn’t act like a doomed woman, indeed, her body seems to fairly course with fresh power as she throws herself at her stunned opponent, flailing wild punches toward the brunette’s head.

Rising to her feet, Hayden brushes her hair away from her face, and reveals a visage twisted into a mask of anger, and eyes blazing with an almost feral glare. Gone is the strategy planned for this battle, and forgotten are the intricate submission moves. Seized by fury, Hayden gives in to her primitive instincts.

Realizing she better put distance between herself and her revitalized rival to buy time to recuperate, Vanessa starts to drag herself across the floor. But her escape is fleeting as Hayden grabs her ankles, spreads her legs wide, and drops her knee onto ‘Nessa’s already-aching groin!

Hayden goes for a Bow and Arrow, pulling Vanessa’s arm and leg, stomping her feet into Vanessa’s back and ribs. For the first time, a look of worry appaers on Vanessa’s angelic face. What seemed a certain victory is suddenly less sure! She realizes that if she is to have any hope of reclaiming the win, she has to bring the blonde’s attack to a halt somehow!

Unfortunately for Vanessa, Hayden wasn’t giving her much chance to counter. Having released the Bow and Arrow, she swiftly rolled the brunette over onto her belly, folded her legs back at the knees, and pressed down hard, all the while using her hands to bend and twist ‘Nessa’s ankles and toes, causing her to cry out. Burying her face into the plush carpeting to stifle her screams as her fingers dug into the rug, the hapless Vanessa could do nothing but suffer from the crude but effective tactic.

Finally releasing her foe, Hayden roughly pulls Vanessa to her knees, so that the two teens are facing one another. Grabbing a handful of dark tresses with one hand and cocking her other fist back in preparation for a savage punch to the face, Hayden appears to be in complete command of the battle. But then, more out of desperation than anything else, Vanessa reaches up and grabs her opponent’s still-bare breasts, sinking her talons into the soft flesh. The blond screeches, but then does likewise, tightening dual grips upon the brunette’s breasts.

The beauties gasp from the pain, their sweat-slick bodies swaying as they pour every last ounce of strength into their hands. It is a primordial display of destruction, one that bespeaks of the primal hatred they feel for one another. And it cannot go on forever.

A wince betrays Vanessa’s growing weakness, followed by a whine as she starts to slowly bend backward. A minute more of this torture, at most, and she’ll be too spent to continue waging war…which is why she switches strategies!

Without warning, Vanessa releases Hayden’s breasts and rakes her nails across the eyes of the blond. Shrieking, Hayden releases her twin grips as her hands instinctively fly to her eyes. Blinded, she doesn’t know of Vanessa’s Finger Thrust until it rams painfully into her windpipe. With a gurgling gasp, Hayden falls backward, writhing on the floor holding her eyes and throat; gurbling in pain.

Wincing with every movement, Vanessa doesn’t hesitate! Moving with a speed far greater than one would still expect in her condition, she crawls atop Hayden’s prone body. First, she tightens her thighs around Hayden’s head in a Scissors, then she grabs the blonde’s thighs and slowly wedges Hayden’s legs apart, hyperextending them.

“Whaddaya suppose gives first, Panties?” the brunette rasps. “Your skull or your hamstrings?”

The response does not come with words but in ‘Nessa’s sudden scream! Hayden...her head trapped between the brunette’s thighs...sinks her fangs into Vanessa’s groin! The thin bikini briefs give scant protection from Hayden’s teeth and Vanessa frenetically opens her Scissors and releases the blonde’s legs so she can scurry to safety. She stops as far from Hayden as she can get, tears welling in her eyes as she rubs her aching womanhood.

“You damned bitch!” she hisses through clenched teeth.

It is all that Hayden can do just to crawl toward her rival on her hands and knees. Nessa follows suit. Both young warriors are panting heavily, sweat gleaming across their taut bodies, as they come to grips and tumble from their knees to writhe on the floor; shapely legs entwined; hands yankin hair, clawing flesh and rending whatever their talons can snatch. The two teens roll back and forth across the floor, neither able to gain the advantage! Both hiss profane insults with whatever breath they can muster. The hatred between them is so strong, it’s palpable.

After several minutes of the bizarre tableau, the tide slowly begins to turn. For the first time in this match, Hayden is able to wed her fury with her intellect, executing a move made not by gut instinct, but as a reslut of deliberate planning. Keeping Vanessa’s legs Grapevined, Hayden clamps her hands over Vanessa’s mouth and pinches her nose shut! At first, Vanessa is so deep into her own berserker fury, she fails to comprehend what is happening but quickly the light of reason comes into her eyes...followed almost immediately by the glint of panic as she realizes she’s being smothered out!

Grabbing Hayden’s wrists, the brunette urgently yanks, hoping to pull them from her face even as her glazed eyes begin to roll back into their sockets. This time, though, it is the blond who voluntarily releases her hold. Untangling her legs from Vanessa’s, Hayden rolls onto her back, staring up at the ceiling as she gulps in precious air as she marshals her waning strength for a last offensive.

Getting to her feet, she grabs ‘Nessa by the hair and arms and forces the stupefied girl to stand up as well. Then, with a grunt, she hoists Vanessa up onto her shoulders and stands upright, bending the dusky-skinned beauty’s body in a Torture Rack! That Hayden can command this much power at this late stage in the fight is surpassed in its awe-inspiring might only by the fact that Nessa is able to withstand the punishment and not scream her submission.

But being able to withstand pain, and being able to carry on with the battle, are two entirely different things. And eventually, both reach their limits. Hayden suddenly bends over, slipping her unwilling cargo from her shoulders and letting Vanessa drop to the floor. Or, rather, to the blonde’s outstretched knee, over which ‘Nessa’s back folds with a sickening THUD!

Violently pressing down on both ends with the middle is draped over her knee, Hayden goes for broke in her bid to win...and that may very well include breaking Vanessa’s back! The agony is blinding, yet still Vanessa amazingly refuses to accept the embrace of inky unconsciousness. All the same, her proud warrior spirit knows it can only withstand so much and, finally, she accepts the inevitable.

In a heavy whisper choked with sobs, Vanessa gasps, “Eh-enough...I give...!”

Hearing the words, Hayden releases her crippling assault and shoves her beaten rival off of her knee, letting Vanessa drop to the carpet. But after all that has happened tonight, mere victory isn’t enough! The blond wants a trophy.

“Since you couldn’t see fit to respect me enough to call me by my REAL name,” Hayden says, “It’s only fair I live up to your nickname for me. So I’ll just claim...THESE!”

The girl she called ‘Panties’ slides Vanessa’s red panties over her butt, down her legs, and off over her unresisting feet. The garment is intended to be the first in a long string of trophies Hayden wants to collect in the weeks and months (and years) to come. It’s taken Hayden Panettiere 18 years to reach this moment, but now she’s here to stay a good long time. But first, there’s birthday cake to enjoy...