Salma Hayek vs. Anna Falchi by NewGUY (July 2000)

Salma Hayek is just sitting down across from her tormentors, Alessia Merz and Anna Falchi. She's wearing a very small bikini the Italians gave her. The bottom is a g-string that is totally up Salma's ass, and there is a very tiny triangle covering up her pussy. Two more even smaller triangles barely cover her hard nipples. Salma is blindfolded - and very afraid - not knowing what will happen. Suddenly, Salma feels the limo come to a stop, and she is now being pulled out of the limo. Her blindfold is taken off, and she sees a big mansion in front of her. She is lead inside by Alessia, Anna, and the limo driver, Maria Grazia Cuccinota.

Salma is forced to crawl into the mansion, and to keep crawling throughout the mansion like a female dog unless they tell her to stop. The three Italians told Salma that she will be treated like a female dog, and that they will change her name to bitch. She will also eat like a dog. Salma will have to eat from a dog bowl, and drink from a dog bowl.

Maria says, "We will not make you eat dog food, because you are not worthy eating that shit. Instead, you will eat Mexican food."

Salma lunges at Maria, but she is brought back down to the floor hard on her back when Anna pulled on Salma's leash. Salma is coughing a little bit because Alessia pulled on the leash very violently.

"You see," says Maria, "that is why we have you on a leash and collar, because you are a dog. Now, Alessia, do you think you can handle Salma for a while."

Alessia's reply is, "Sure! What do you want me to do to her Maria?"

"I want you to get her cleaned, because we don't want a dirty Mexican servant."

"Fuck you!" Salma says very angrily. "Why don't you let me go? Damn Italian slut!"

"Anna, why don't you go and get cleaned up because you had Salma's sweat and shit put on you. Get into some special clothes too."

"OK," Anna replies, and she leaves.

"Now, what did you say to me?" Maria asks Salma before she kicked Salma in the cunt, "Do you mind repeating what you said?"

Salma sobs, "No"

Salma was taken upstairs to a bathroom where she was going to take a shower. While Alessia watched Salma, she kept swinging a weapon, a baseball bat she'd been carrying since the limo ride. After that, she served the three Italians like taking them drinks, food, fan them if they are too hot, etc. At one point, Anna ordered Salma to lick her pussy like she did at the arena. Anna was wearing a long red dress with a long slit in the front. Salma couldn't believe that she had to lick Anna again. This time, Salma sucked up all of the cum without being forced to do it a second time. At the end of the day, the Italians told Salma that they would give her a chance.

Two days after serving the Italians, and after the match, Salma was told what she had to do. She would have to take on the three Italians one at a time. She has to win two out of three. Salma will fight the three Italians women tomorrow. When Salma wakes up, she has to find the Italians somewhere inside or outside of the mansion.

* * * *

The next day, Salma finds herself outside, behind the mansion near the pool. She gets up and she looks down. Salma sees that she is wearing a purple g-string bikini bottom, a black knee high leather boots, a purple leather collar, and that is it. Salma sees a bat next to her feet, and she picks it up. Salma looks around, and she starts to stare at the beach behind the estate. Salma knows that the estate is closed off, and that there were other things that would keep her from escaping. She stops staring at the beach, and she makes her way down the path to the beach.

After a few minutes, Salma reaches the beach, and she sees someone on the beach, and it is Anna. Anna is wearing a black vest and a pair of small black bikini bottoms. Salma is ready with her bat in her hand. Anna gets up, and she sees Salma coming, and Anna is ready for her. Salma comes swinging with her bat, and she misses every time. Anna catches the bat, and she shoves it into the Latina's chest. Salma lets go of the bat, and she is hit in the cunt with it.

Anna throws the bat aside, and she goes to work on Salma's big tits. Anna grabs both tits, and she lifts Salma into the air. Then Anna slams Salma crotch first into her knee. Salma falls onto her back with her hands between her legs. Anna grabs the bat again while Salma gets up, but she is hunched over. Anna swings the bat, and she hits Salma in her ass. Salma stands straight up, and she is in great pain. Anna hits Salma in her back, and then she goes for the tits. Amazingly, Salma caught the bat, and she kicked Anna in the cunt.

Salma waits for a few seconds to recover, and then she starts to run. Anna is able to catch up to Salma as she runs closer to the sea. The water touches their feet as Salma swings at Anna, and Anna is just staying out of harms way. Anna takes off her vest to show off her big beautiful tits. Anna throws the vest at Salma's face, and then she lunges at Salma. Salma drops the bat, and she is struggling with Anna to get on top, but eventually Anna is the one on top. Anna traps Salma's body and arms between her legs.

Anna pounds on Salma's tits over and over again. Then Anna pinches each nipple, and she pulls each nipple up, to the side and then pulls one nipple to the, and the other to the left. Anna stops her attack for a while, and she watches Salma beautiful tits, and the water that hits them. Anna decides to smother Salma with her tits. Salma is immediately out. Anna thinks that it was too easy, but she goes on with her plan. Anna goes back to where she was lying down so that she picks up a shovel and a piece of rope in a leather bag near her towel. She picks a spot, and she starts shoveling. She is going to waste some of Salma's time to get out by burying her in the sand (leaving her head sticking out) and squatting down in front of her, and forcing Salma to lick her pussy.

Anna goes back to Salma to strip her of her bikini, and bury her for the torture. Anna moves Salma deeper into the water to wake her up. Anna stands over Salma and slaps her a few times before falling into the water with her hands on her legs.

Salma gasps for air while she reaches for the sand. Salma then reaches for the bat, and she gets up. Salma swings for Anna's head when she gets up, and Salma connects. Salma walks out of the water, and she waits for Anna. Anna gets up, and she angrily charges at Salma. Salma ducks the clothesline, and hits Anna in her ass. Anna puts her hands on her ass, and she turns to look at Salma with big angry eyes. Salma swings again to connect with Anna's tits, and then her pussy. Salma swings one more time to knock Anna out. Salma collapses onto her back, and she has another amazing win. Salma searches Anna's bag for a rope because she was told that if she won, she would have to tie the loser up, and then strip them, and keep the clothes. Salma rips the bikini bottom off, and she ties Anna up. Salma decides to rest a little before searching for the other two.

After twenty minutes, Anna woke up. Salma gets up, and she walks over to Anna, "The tables have turned you Italian bitch." She squats over Anna's face and says, "Now, you better start licking bitch." Anna obeys once Salma shows her the bat. In a few minutes of licking, Salma cums onto Anna's face. "Oh no! You didn't eat it all, you have to do it again!"

Anna does it again and this time Salma is moaning even louder than last time. This time, Anna ate up the cum and Salma was feeling less tense. Salma hit Anna in the tits with the bat a few times until they are all red and swollen, then drives the fat end of the bat into Anna's cunt a few times. Anna cries and curses Salma, so she smothers Anna unconscious again, then puts on Anna's vest, ties Anna's panties around the bat and leaves.

After she's rested up, Salma will go looking for her next Italian, Alessia Merz…