Salma Hayek vs. Catherine Zeta Jones (2 fights)- by WildWest for Stone Rage. Celebrity Pro Match 14-Aug-99

This is a long awaited fight here at Celebrity Pro Wrestling. These women are so equal in size, strength and experience. Lately Salma has gotten the spotlight because of her high profile among the female fight circuit. She had accused Cat of eluding her ever since she lost the role in Zorro to her. And now Salma, the Latin Spitfire will meet the Welsh Witch in the squared circle. Salma has made her way to the ring, dressed in a revealing one piece black outfit which leaves most of her sides revealed and seems to be interwoven at the waist. She wears high gloss vinyl wrestling boots and her long dark curly hair worn loose.

Cat enters the area wearing a long black trench coat with Z emblazoned on the back and a gaucho hat which infuriates Salma as she hangs on the ropes inviting Cat in as she takes in the crowd. Cat gestures to Salma to come out but referee, Demi Moore restrains her. Cat removes her coat on the outside revealing a two piece black outfit trimmed in white piping and black wrestling shoes contrasted only with white laces and socks. Like Salma, she wears her long dark hair loose and with curls. She quickly ascends the steps and the two go at it before the bell can ring. They pummel each other viciously for a couple of minutes with fists, kicks and hairpulls.

Demi separates them many times and each time they wipe their faces and look themselves over for blood. But neither lets anything detract them from each other. They now lockup in traditional wrestling holds. Both are impressive with their knowledge of holds and manage to match each other hold for hold.

Both try for sleeper holds early but can't hold onto them. Going through a series of bearhugs, bodyslams, scissors, armbars, leglocks, neither seems to gain a clear advantage as each sustains the others punishment and gives back as well. Fists to the face and kicks intermingle with holds like head and bodyscissors. The scissors seem to be the longest duration in holds as both seem to enjoy both the pain and pleasure of being trapped and trapping the other in their long ample legs. The only thing to break their concentration was the sudden appearance ringside of Leonor Varela who recently played Cleopatra, taunted both of them. Dismissing her, both seemed to only go at each other harder.

The only time one of them really got upset with her was when Leonor tried to take Cat's coat which she had laid under the ring. Leonor threw it down and Salma capitalized on Cat's momentary distraction getting her in a rollup. Cat kicked out easily. Leonor was removed from ringside by among others, Leelee Sobieski who also recently played another woman warrior, Joan of Arc. Paying no attention to the struggling Leonor and Leelee, Cat and Salma battled on. Now wrestling hard for nearly twenty minutes both were showing signs of the battle in bruises and heavy breathing. Hurt and exhausted neither refused to give a quarter but both were starting to make some mistakes.

Holding each other in a bearhug cheek to cheek they are too close for an effective headbutt but both try and eventually release. Salma bounces off the ring ropes and connects with a clothesline that bloodies Cat's lip and knocks her to her hands and knees. Salma goes for a sleeper but Cat wrests out of the hold jerking her off. A short clothesline has Salma on her back as Cat lifts her up by the wrist and throws her to the ropes. Salma tries to bounce off and use the ropes for leverage but she missteps and goes over the top hitting her back on the ring apron and getting her wrists trapped between the top and middle ropes. Salma is hurt as she hangs helplessly, her feet over a foot off the ground.

Cat starts to pummel her forehead and realizes the predicament Salma is in and what a gift this is to her. Cat exits the ring and continues her assault on Salma outside. Salma has her left hand released but her right is still trapped. She tries to fend off Cat as she pummels her with fists on the ring apron. Cat is having a heyday beating on Salma who can only flail. She headbutts her stomach as she then swings her off the apron letting her fall back hitting the small of her back on the hard canvas edge. Cat notices that Salma is freeing herself and she quickly goes to her coat. Pulling out a pair of handcuffs she jumps up and locks the right hand to the top rope and deposits the key down her front.

A horrified Salma fights frantically flailing away now helpless. Cat takes in the crowd as a mixture of boos and cheers eggs her on. Cat strikes at Salma at will bruising her face and causing her lips and nose to trickle blood. She takes pleasure in striking her with heart punches and punches to the side and armpits at the exposed area of her arm that is dangling. Short stinging jabs has Salma crying out in pain. Salma tries to fight back with her legs and free arm and delivers some effective kicks, one or two that cause Cat to double over. Cat retaliates by trapping her free arm once again in the ropes then grabbing a folding metal chair and whamming it across Salma's legs, her knees getting the brunt of the impact. Again the sound of metal hitting flesh has Salma with a pained expression now just dangling, her legs as limp as the rest of her.

A third attempt is thwarted when Leonor again interferes grabbing the chair. Cat holds on as Leonor drops to her butt on the floor and Cat pummels her with the chair till she manages to escape out the exit for good. Cat goes back to survey her handiwork shoving away a ring official with a medical bag and Demi Moore who has unsuccessfully tried to get Salma loose. She pummels them with metal chairs then reaches into the bag pulling out a pair of paramedic shears. She hits Salma in the stomach with a loaded fist then a headbutt. Then taking the shears she cuts her suit at the leg openings then the laces of her boots, then the top of the suit.

The tight fitting suit nearly pops off as Salma's breasts do manage to pop out of their constraints and her thighs relax from the elastic hold. Cat bites and claws at the exposed breasts and then steps back to enjoy the sight of Salma dangling there with her suit barely hanging on like rags. Cat jumps up to the apron and taking the blunt edged shears lays the blade across the hairline of Salma's forehead pressing down till crimson flows and she does it again and again till she makes a crude Z. She bites at the wound and pounds on it with her fist as Salma passes out from the beating and blood loss.

Cat cuts some of Salma's long locks tossing the hair to the floor and mat making sure Salma sees it but whether she's aware or cares at this point is unknown. With the last handful of cut tresses thrown to the floor Cat throws down the scissors which clank on the cement. Cat once again jumps to the arena floor hitting her a couple last times in the stomach as she is restrained long enough for a security guard to jump up and unfasten the cuffs with his own key.

Cat makes a display of trying to break through to get to Salma but smiling she instead takes in the crowd with a victorious gesture parading around as Salma is put on a litter. As she is being wheeled off Cat suddenly jumps into the ring and off the side onto the litter onto Salma knocking her and the litter over which has Salma fastened to it. This one last attack on helpless Salma satisfies Cat as she now exits the ring victorious and Salma exits to the hospital.

Salma Hayek vs. Catherine Zeta Jones (Re-match) 17-Oct-99

Negotiations are being finalized for this grudge rematch for The "War Queen" Title. Salma, after recovering from her first match that left her handcuffed, beaten, disrobed and stripped of her title had thought of little else but getting revenge on Catherine. Now "War Queen" Catherine was now enjoying that status. She was enjoying defending her title against all comers and defending it admirably against several with the title still in her hands. She had expected Salma to challenge her and was ready to accept. She had heard rumors that Salma was afraid of her, that she had taken the fight out of the previous "War Queen."

Catherine had thought they were only rumors, knowing Salma had taken time to convalesce and take a limited number of fights when she recovered. And now she was sure there was no doubt Salma was ready to take her on again and regain the title and exact her revenge when the terms of the fight were brought by Salma. She wanted a handcuff strap match.

Catherine in her bravado had publicly exclaimed, "If she wants to fight in handcuffs, I'll fight her in handcuffs or anything else she wants!"

Now she was ready to see if Salma was sincere. Both women eyeing the other to see if the other blinked when the match was described as the two being handcuffed and tethered with one end of their handcuffs to a set of leg irons making them a mere 4 feet from each other. No chance to escape until one could retrieve the universal key which would be taped to one of the ring posts, in which case she could then handcuff both or just one her hapless opponent's arms or even her legs to whatever she could, the ring, guardrail, whatever and have her way with her for two minutes. The story of the upcoming fight was now in the fighter's eyes, neither blinking both studying the other intently for fear or hesitation. With signatures signed and neither showing emotion the match was now officially set. But both knew from her own feelings there was both fear and exhilaration at the prospect of this fight. Salma will get her revenge and her title back and Catherine will humiliate her again and keep her now coveted title.

The night of the fight arrives. The fighters are introduced, Salma first. She enters in an Aztec design decorated poncho and ornate headdress. As she slides through the ropes we get a good look at her magnificent tan legs contrasted by white wrestling boots. Catherine enters know in a black robe, her curly long hair blows in the breeze caused by fans to cool off the ring. She jumps in the ring limbering up. Formal introductions are made. Salma carefully removes her accouterments as if this fight were the preparation for an ancient ritual but probably no less important in this modern ritual for her. Catherine is also removing her entrance clothes and seems in awe as Salma is a vision in a bright yellow two piece with white wrestling boots with Aztec designs adorning the sides and white plush socks. The light colors contrasting her bronze skin. Cat pales in comparison wearing a simple black one piece and black boots, the only contrast being some white ruffles on the suit and white laces on the boots against her creamy complexion.

The two approach as the referee motions them center ring where she attaches to each a wristband then handcuffs over Cat's left wrist and Salma's right wrist. The leg iron has already been attached leaving the fighters a mere 4 feet from each other. No need to go to their corners as the bell is sounded. The two tug at each other realizing quickly despite the cotton wristband the metal handcuffs still dig harshly into their soft skin. Both seem to be on the same wavelength as they give up trying to pull each other toward them and fly at each other wrapping the cuffs around their fists. Both collide striking hard each other in the chest. They collapse on the mat.

Slowly rising to their knees they wrap as much of the chain around their fists and begin to pummel the other. The fight taking an early toll as each is beginning to already show marks and cuts as they face each other knee to knee they take the fight to their feet where they know they will be tested. Continuing to pummel each other they've opened gashes to each other's faces. Cat reels back and goes for a crotch kick which winds Salma, then another but Salma catches her wrapping the iron around her ankle and sending her twisting back then flipped to the floor. Salma stomps her mercilessly then ax-handles the Welsh woman with fists of iron. She wraps the chain around her throat and chokes her till her face turns red.

For some reason instead of choking her out she releases it seeming to enjoy inflicting punishment of all kinds she whips Cat over to the ropes and through the middle ropes. Salma leaps over the top rope as the two are now dangling over the ring apron. Salma climbs Cat situating herself securing her boots to the back of Cat's knees and upper calves as she pummels her. The punches are only somewhat effective due to the irons stretching her tethered arm and only having so much room to punch her. Cat blocks many of the punches and manages to throw a few of her own. Frustrated, Salma leaps back over the top rope and drags Cat back continuing her punishment against the ropes.

Both fighters lean back too far and flip over the top rope then continue to drag one another on over to the ring apron. Salma tries to choke Cat but Cat blocks it grabbing her briefs and lifting her up. Salma screams as Cat holds her threatening to DDT her onto the concrete floor below but instead turns it into a suplex and goes off the apron onto the floor with her following her leaping off the apron knowing the chain would send her over anyway. She lands hard with a cross body press on top of Salma. Salma is stunned and winded from the hard fall and Cat landing on her. Cat pummels her with the chain and then rams her into the ringpost.

Up to now both had only minor cuts but this opened a large gash on Salma's forehead. Cat dragged her back into the ring and flipped, choked and beat Salma. Salma gamely fought back at one time slowing the momentum with a well executed headscissor converted to a figure four but Cat escapes and puts on her own squeezing her head between her legs. Both had time to regain some wind. But now Cat had made it over to the post with the key. Untaping it she held it in hand.

Salma tried to wrest it away from her only to have her already bloodied head opened further with a furious fist. Cat unlocked her end of the handcuff rubbing her irritated wrist. Salma getting some of her bearings looked sick as she knew what was coming as Cat dragged her out of the ring tangling her handcuff around the ring and locking her other wrist to her handcuff and the ropes. She takes apart the leg irons and locks her ankles in place one on the ringpost and the other spread across the ropes.

Salma looked like she was forming a big X. Cat had a pair of paramedic shears that could cut through anything and proceeded to once again humiliate Salma by cutting off her clothes and shearing some of her hair. She pummeled her senseless with fists then as a further humiliation on the beaten woman she climbed and held onto her body as she caressed the naked bronze skin for the last of the two minutes she was allotted. Just before her time was up she sunk her teeth into both tits at Salma screamed in excruciating pain.

Cat slid off her and posed in victory but just before she left the hanging Salma she delivered one last crotch shot that made her pass out. Cat leaves victorious and humiliates Salma a second time. Cat is beaming as chants of "War Queen" reign out and Cat responds looking back only once at Salma and smiling all the more through her own pain from the battle.