Salma Hayek vs Catherine Zeta Jones by LoneWolf 14-Apr-00

Since finding out that she wasn't going to get the female lead in The Mask Of Zorro, Salma Hayek became visibly upset. She had hoped that with landing this part it would lead into more work and to work alongside Antonio Banderas was the icing on the cake. But Robert Rodriguez, who was the original director backed out for some unknown reason and left Anthony Hopkins in charge of directing the film. Anthony brought in his own cast and replaced Salma with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Salma had been calling Anthony for the last several days to plead her case with him in hopes that he would change his mind and give her the part, but he had yet to return her call. When suddenly the phone rang.


"Salma, this is Anthony Hopkins. I'm sorry I hadn't returned your call until now, but I've been swamped with work. Are you still interested in the female lead in Zorro?"

Salma couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Yes! Yes I am!"

"Well I'll tell you what. I'll give you a tryout and see what happens. Be at my place tonight at 6."

"I'll be there."

Anthony hung up.

"Well what did the little upstart Bitch say?" asked Catherine as she stood several feet away from Anthony.

"She said she'll be here."

"Good. I've been wanting to beat the hell out of that sawed off little cunt."

"You'll get your chance tonight."

Salma arrived shortly before 6 and as she pulled into Anthony Hopkins driveway she noticed that there were several cars parked there. She was greeted by the butler and directed into the living room where there were already several people milling about. Almost immediately she noticed Antonio Banderas standing over on the other side of the room. He was talking to Anthony and Catherine. Salma walked over and greeted them warmly. Both Anthony and Antonio returned the greeting but Catherine was cold towards Salma. Salma figured it was because she had a chance to take the role away from her so she let it slide. Before too long Anthony quieted everyone down as he stood in the center of the room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen now that everyone is here it's time to start with the festivities. As you know The production of Zorro is going into full swing in a few days. I expect everyone to do their part to make this a great picture. Now it seems that we have a slight problem with the female leading role. Mr. Rodriguez first gave the part to Salma Hayek, but when he stepped down and I took over, the part became Catherine Zeta Jones's. To be fair, I've asked Ms. Hayek to come over and tryout for the part."

Salma stepped forward.

"I only want a fair chance."

"First off Salma, this tryout probably isn't what you expected. You see the part is still Catherine's and for you to take the part, you have to take Catherine."

Salma stood there slightly confused, "I don't understand."

Anthony motioned outside.

"You see that large rectangular rose garden."

Salma nodded.

"You and Catherine are going to fight inside that Rose Garden. With the winner getting the part in Zorro."

"Fight? You didn't say anything about a fight. All you said was to be here and you'd give me a tryout."

"And here it is."

"What's the matter, Chica, scared?" taunted Catherine.

Salma looked around the room to find all eyes focused on her. Then she noticed Antonio smiling at her. Those eyes she thought. What beautiful eyes.

"Well?" asked Anthony. "Do you want the part or not?"

"Forget about her Anthony. The little slut is too chicken."

Salma forced her eyes away from Antonio, "I'll show you who's a coward, Bitch!"

Anthony smiled as he slid open his picture window and everyone began to move outside. Salma lagged behind and was the last to exit. When she did she found Catherine already in the Rose Garden waiting for her.

"Come on Bitch.! I haven't got all night!"

Salma stepped over the bushes and stood on the grass inside the rectangle. Catherine was already taking off her clothes so Salma did the same. Catherine was wearing a set of Black and White lace bra and panties and Salma was wearing pink with a pair of stockings which made her legs look even more gorgeous. The look on Catherine's face was pure jealously.

"The fight will be no holds barred and will continue until one of you submits, and just to make things more interesting. The winner can do whatever she likes to the loser. So let's get it on!"

The thought of losing and what Catherine would do to her made Salma incredibly nervous, as the two of them cautiously moved toward each other.

Catherine was first to make an assault as she charged into Salma, wrapping her arms around her waist as they fell to the ground. Salma used the momentum to roll Catherine off of her as she scrambled back to her feet.

Anthony and Antonio stood next to each other.

"I'll bet you 1000 dollars that Catherine beats the little Bitch's ass!"

Antonio watched as Catherine got back to her feet and the two females began circling each other, "You're on!"

Salma seemed a little hesitant as Catherine threw several punches at her. They broke nothing but air, but Salma made no motion to return any punches. Finally after about a minute of pointless jabs Catherine finally got close enough and grabbed hold of Salma's hair and pulled her in close. Salma squealed as she grabbed a hold of Catherine's wrist that was pulling her hair and returned the favor.

With Catherine's free hand she sent three unanswered punches into Salma's face, splitting her lip in the process. Salma tried to back away but could only get a few steps as Catherine refused to let go of her hair. Catherine sent another punch to Salma's jaw before Salma managed to throw one back. It was unsure as to where Salma was aiming but it landed squarely on Catherine's right tit, flattening it with a thud.

Catherine grimaced as she let go of Salma's hair to hold her breast. Salma stepped back and attempted to shake the cobwebs from her head. She saw that Catherine was hurt so instead of giving her a chance Salma hauled off and kicked her in the stomach, which doubled her over. She immediately grabbed two handfuls of Catherine's hair and began to pull her around the grass by it.

"So Cunt! You wanta pull hair, huh! How do you like it!"

Salma wasn't paying attention and it cost her. Catherine curled up her right hand and punched her right on the pussy. Salma's eyes bugged out as the pain hit her like a sledgehammer. Catherine wasted no time as she reached for Salma's bra and tore it from her chest with one mighty yank. As her breasts bounced free Salma could here catcalls and whistles from the onlookers. Before she had a chance to do anything Salma felt Catherine's hands back in her hair as she began pulling for all she was worth.

The pain in her scalp was almost as painful as the agony she felt between her legs. Salma tried to get Catherine to release her hair but as soon as she moved her hands away from her crotch Catherine sent another vicious kick up between her legs. Salma's legs buckled as she felt the impact and would have fallen to the ground if it wasn't for Catherine hair whipping her onto the Rose Bushes.

Salma screamed as several sharp needles scratched her sides and naked tits leaving short jagged scratch marks on her body which began bleeding. Catherine stood with her hands on her hips laughing as Salma desperately threw herself from the bushes. The damage was evident. Salma had multiple scratch marks on her body. The sharp needle even tore away pieces of stockings and ripped holes in her panties. Catherine walked confidently over to Salma who had rolled over onto her back and started insulting the Latin lovely.

"After I get through with you, you stinking little tramp, you not only won't be able to show your face in Hollywood again, you won't be able to fuck for months. Then how will a slut like you ever get anymore jobs!"

Catherine bent down and grabbed both of Salma's tits and attempted to drag her to her feet. She succeeded in getting her to her knees but as soon as she did Salma curled up her fist and punched Catherine straight on the pussy, not once but twice. As she bent over Salma delivered an uppercut to Catherine's chin that sent her onto her back stunned. Salma, who was mad as hell, grabbed one of the long thorns that was lodged in her stockings, wrapped her legs around Catherine's waist and squeezed. As Catherine groaned and tried to free herself, Salma managed to rip her bra off letting loose Catherine's large breasts in the process. She then took the thorn and started to jab Catherine's left breast with it. Catherine began screaming and bucking in a fierce attempt to free herself. Salma then moved her legs up from Catherine's waist until they were now wrapped around her sore breasts and continued to squeeze.

"Let's see what we can find here?" said Salma as she pulled at Catherine's panties.

Catherine felt Salma tug away at her panties and attempted to keep them on as she made a grab for them as well. It was a tug of war in which Salma won. Catherine's pussy was now open to the public as the crowd cheered Salma on.

Salma then took the thorn and again started to jab away at Catherine. This time her target was Catherine's pussy. She took several attacks to her crotch until finally she was able to free herself from Salma's hold.

From the onlookers point of view, Catherine's tits and pussy were bleeding from Salma's attacks and it didn't look like she would continue, but life is full of surprises. After circling Catherine, Salma finally decided it was time to finish off this Bitch. She grabbed hold of her hair and was about to pull her up when suddenly Catherine wrapped her arms around Salma's legs and buried her face into her crotch.

Salma screamed like a wounded animal as Catherine savagely sunk her teeth into Salma's womanhood right through her panties. Salma fell to her back as Catherine refused to let go. When she did finally let go it was only to tear away Salma's panties and go right back to her pussy again.

Catherine's teeth were imbedded in Salma's pussy as blood began to trickle out of the side of her mouth. Catherine let go for a moment and then sunk her teeth into some of Salma's pubic hair and started to pull them out. Salma was desperate, she knew that she couldn't take much more of this so instead of submitting, she sat up and gouged Catherine's eyes with her long fingernails. Catherine screamed and fell back holding her eyes. For almost five minutes the two of them raced to massage their own assaulted body parts. It was surprising to see Salma recover first as she crawled over to Catherine who was sitting on her ass still rubbing her eyes.

Salma stood up and got behind Catherine and pulled her to her feet. Catherine swung wildly but because Salma was behind her she didn't connect. Salma then threw her into the thorn bushes by her hair, tearing some out in the process. Catherine landed with a scream as the sharp needles did their work on her naked body. Her pussy, ass and tits were assaulted by the thorns as she tried to get up. Then the next thing you know Salma is on top of her in the thorn bush trying to pin her down.

A few thorns were jabbing Salma but she took no notice of them. More were sticking Catherine and she was frantic trying to get out of this predicament. Within moments Salma had Catherine pinned down in the bushes with the needles jabbing Catherine's body. Two thorns in particular were jabbed inside Catherine's ass and one was pushed against her pussy.

"Say it!" screamed Salma.

Catherine only screamed in pain.

"SAY IT!" Salma yelled again as she bounced up and down on Catherine's stomach causing her immense pain.


Salma immediately got up and jumped out of the Rose bush, leaving Catherine to slowly crawl out. As soon as she cleared the thorns Salma grabbed Catherine by the hair and made her walk over on her hands and knees to Anthony Hopkins who was handing over 1000 dollars to Antonio.

"Now what was it you said Anthony? Oh yes now I remember. The winner can do whatever she likes to the loser."

Salma let go of Catherine's hair and rolled her onto her back and stuck out her foot.

"Alright Bitch! Kiss my foot!"

Catherine gently grabbed Salma's foot, pressed her lips against it and kissed it.

"Now the toes!"

Catherine obeyed as she kissed and sucked on Salma's toes for several minutes.

"Okay Bitch, it's time you take the tour. I want you to lick my body from foot all the way up to my pussy and do it nice and slow."

Catherine stuck out her tongue and slowly made her way up from the inside of Salma's legs to the thick pubic hair of her pussy, bringing her to orgasm twice as her tongue caressed her sensuous body.

As soon as Catherine's face was in front of Salma's pussy, she grabbed her by the side of her head and forced her face into her already moist crotch.


Soon Salma was orgasming once again. this time all over Catherine's pretty face. Salma looked over towards Anthony who was standing there watching the spectacle.

"Come on over here." Salma said seductively

Anthony walked over and stood beside the two females. Salma took Catherine's face from her crotch and then wiped it all over Anthony's crotch. He got a hard on immediately. She then grabbed the back of her head and then slammed Catherine's forehead into Anthony's nuts. He dropped to his knees holding his one eyed Charles.

"That's for setting me up, you fucking bastard!"

Antonio smiled quietly to himself as Salma went back to Catherine. Salma forced her onto her back and looked down at her hairy crotch.

"That'll never do. It looks like you need a trim, Salma style!"

With that Salma buried both her hands into Catherine's pubic hair and began tearing it out by the handful. Within moments Catherine passed out from the pain.

"Fuck that idea Bitch! You ain't getting off that easy!"

Salma slapped Catherine across the face until she regained consciousness and then went back to ripping out her pussy hair. She even pushed her hand inside Catherine's pussy and grabbed and scratched at her clit causing it to bleed some more. For several minutes Salma kept up her torture on Catherine's cunt until she passed out again.

Salma then stood up over Catherine's head and squatted over her face.

"I told you, you ain't getting off that easy!" Salma then began to pea all over Catherine's face which brought her back to consciousness once again.

"P-Please Salma stop! I-I give! You W-Win stop it! You can have the p-part!"

Salma looked down into Catherine's eyes, "I DON"T WANT IT!"

She then sat squarely down onto Catherine's face making sure her nose and mouth were covered by her wet pussy. Catherine's eyes were wide and her legs began to kick in a futile effort to unseat Salma. Soon her legs stopped their struggling and Catherine's eyes closed as she entered the black world of unconsciousness for the third time. This time Salma left her there. She stood up and kicked her one last time in the pussy and walked over to Antonio.

"This is all I want!"

As the two of them walked away arm in arm, Salma booted Anthony in the nuts.

"You can take your part and shove it! And if that little Bitch wants another piece of me I'll be more then happy to beat her ass again!"

The End