Alyssa Milano vs. Salma Hayek by technetium (Delphi Celebrity Catfights Jun-2-99)

Things were going in a perfect way for Salma. She was one of the most known actress, overcame in fame just by the fresh Oscar-woman Gwyneth Paltrow and the on-every-magazine-coverpage Nicole Kidman. She knew that all that fame should last just for a month, but she was very happy anyway. Her last movies were showed in Cannes, in the film festival, and the European audience went mad about her. Lot of fans were in Cannes, and every newspaper spent some words for her. One important magazine interviewed the Mexican beauty, and the interviewer asked her opinion about other Latin actresses. She prompted out some names, and Salma told her opinion about them.

Obviously, Salma wasn't very kind with her colleagues, but when she heard the name of Alyssa Milano she laughed loud and replied: "Don't ever mention that name again. She's just a bitch with no talent, just two small fake boobs that someone -I don't know how- find sexy! But she's not even an actress; she's nothing!".

The interview was published when the festival was over and Salma was back to the States. When Alyssa read it, she was furious: that Mexican bitch have said mountains of rubbish for years, but this was really the worst thing. She took her cellular phone and contacted Salma.

"Hello, Mexican slut. I can smell you even through a telephone! You're just a fool, and you will pay for your rubbish!!!"

"Ooooh, Ms Milano is angry. Hey little wannabe-a-baby, are you enjoying the family life? or maybe sometime you come back to your bi-tri-sexual life?"

Milano was enraged more than ever and shouted: "I will make you pay for every single word you have spoken in your insignificant life!!! I will slap your ass until you will scream your submission!!!"

"Are you sure of challenging me, bitch???? So, I will arrange the place for your complete defeat!!! wait for my call!!!!"

Ten minutes later, Salma rang Alyssa, telling her the meeting point: a motel in Mission Beach, California, on Thursday at 11 am.

Alyssa arrived to the place at 9 am. She took the key and went into the room, that was at the ground floor of the motel. She entered and found a quite small room, with a wall very close to the door on the right side. On the same side there was a small table, parallel to the wall, with the TV on it, and on the opposite side there was a regular double bed, perpendicular to the wall. On the same side of the door there was a large window, that Alyssa opened to give fresh air to the dark room. On the remaining side of the room there was the door to the bathroom. No air conditioning was in the room, and since the day seemed to be getting very hot, Alyssa decided to have a refreshing shower before meeting her foe. When she finished her shower, she opened her small suitcase and put out her dress for fight: a pink bikini, a little undersized for her, so all her beauties were partially visible, a white T-shirt, blue shorts and a pair of sandals. She was nervous and waited for Salma in front of the opened door, going in and out and losing the sweet fragrance she had gained in the shower.

Salma arrived with more than twenty minutes of delay, dressed with a stunning one-piece red dress and red high heels. She was sweating, but she was anxious too, even if she was fully conscious of her possibilities. Alyssa complained about her smell, and suggested Salma to have a shower. Salma firmly replied: "Why?? I don't need it right now! I'm going to defeat you and then I will have a very relaxing and sweet shower...But now..." and without any warning, she started the match, pushing Alyssa backwards and closing the door behind her.

Alyssa was in front of the door of the bathroom, the only place of the room with enough space for fighting without hitting any furniture. She waited for Salma to come, and then tried to slap her with her right hand. Salma blocked it in the air, and fired a punch to Alyssa's stomach. Alyssa tried to hit Salma with her other hand but the Mexican blocked it too. Alyssa in frustration raised her right legs and hit Salma 's left leg twice, and finally managed to get free pushing Salma against the table. Salma hit the table's corner with her ass, and fell backward, with her back on the table. Alyssa went closer to Salma and punched her in the stomach, but her foe's reaction wasn't very sweet. Salma raised her legs and closed them around Alyssa's body, using them also in helping herself to lift her back from the table. She grabbed a handful of Alyssa's hair and pulled them hard, causing the first scream in the little brunette. Lizzy stepped back, trying to push Salma's body away from her. Salma slowly opened her legs, going to a standing position, but maintained her hold on Alyssa's hair, controlling the opponent, who was too much in pain to react.

She slammed Alyssa's head against the wall, releasing her hold on it, and making Alyssa fall to the ground, confused. She started to kick Alyssa's exposed right jaw with her right shoe, making Alyssa crawl away in fear , finding nothing than another wall. Salma continued to kick her, this time using the tip of her shoe to hit Alyssa's crotch. Alyssa tried to stop her opponent's action grabbing both Salma's ankles, trying to unbalance her. Salma tried to escape, but Alyssa was faster and raised her body when Salma's open legs were upon her, hitting her crotch with violence. Salma clutched her aching pussy, stepping back and looking at Alyssa with anger. Alyssa raised up, taking off her T-shirt.

She started to touch her bikini top and her tits, proud of them, yelling: "Now let's see whose tits are the most useful..."

She run to Salma, jumping on her and pushing her on the bed, where they started to struggle. Alyssa's aim was to grab Salma's big breast under the dress, and using the advantage of being on the top, she succeeded in it, ripping Salma's expensive dress a little bit, in order to discover her tits. She popped them out of the red bikini top, and then tried to sit on Salma's body to take full advantage of the situation. But Salma reacted, turning on her side and putting Alyssa down before she realized what was happening.

Now it was Salma on top, and she was sitting on Alyssa's body, trapping her arms under her legs. Salma started to slap Alyssa's face with all her strength, making Alyssa cry at the first slap. Alyssa tried to remove Salma's body, but had to suffer for a minute before succeeding in her attempt. She crawled away, reaching the top of the bed. and started to kick desperately Salma's body. Salma was thrown outside the bed, and she fell to the ground. Alyssa went to continue her action, and found Salma who was trying to raise again, massaging her aching head. Alyssa joined her hands and hit Salma's head again, making her collapse to the ground in pain. Lizzy grabbed Salma's hair and forced her to raise up, slamming her against the door. Salma was standing, but really confused and Alyssa finished to remove Salma's dress, leaving it around her ankles.

Then, she grabbed Salma's tits and started to squeeze them again, making Salma cry in great pain. "Give up, bitch!!! You're nothing!!!!!". Salma was unable to react and started a deep cry, trying to remove her dress for her ankles, but she resisted and finally managed to throw Alyssa away. Alyssa looked back for a while and saw the chair that was near the table. She held it and raised it up, trying to slam it on Salma's body to finish the match. But she didn't calculate everything well, so Salma was able to escape the hit. The chair hit the wall and before Alyssa was able to lift it again, Salma execute a back drop kick that caused Alyssa to lose the hold on the chair. Alyssa herself was thrown to the wall, where she hit her tits and face.

Salma quickly grabbed what remained of the chair and used it to hit Alyssa, making her fall on her knee. Alyssa tried to protect her head, but Salma managed to slam the chair again against Alyssa, hitting her weakly, but strong enough to make her fall down, dazed and hurt. Salma discovered Alyssa's tits, pinching her nipples and forcing her to get up in order to follow her tender flesh. Alyssa was slammed to the window, that she hit with her tits first, leaving a white mark on the glass (and a red mark on them). Alyssa was pushed several times against the window, and finally Salma grabbed her hair again and threw her on the other side of the room again, making her hit the table. Alyssa was sliding down to the floor, trying with no effort to support her body holding the table, when Salma came behind her and started to kick her bottom and legs. Alyssa fell to the ground and tried to crawl away from Salma's kicks. Salma blocked her, grabbing her ankles and lifting them up, finally hitting Alyssa's crotch twice. Alyssa ceased to struggle, bringing her hands to her burning crotch. She raised on her knees, exposing her back to Salma's kicks.

Salma stopped to kick Alyssa, who tried to raise using both bed and table as supports, and screamed: "Now I will help you, little defeated bitch!!!"

She put her right hand between Alyssa's aching legs, tightening the hold and forcing Alyssa to raise in pain again, while with the other hand she was squeezing Alyssa's left nipple. Alyssa's face was clearly showing all her suffering, but Ms Milano was still struggling to get free. Salma decided to push her to the bed, where she made her falling down with her face and stomach touching the blankets. Then, she proceeded to remove Alyssa's bikini bottom, turning Milano on the other side, exposing her pussy to her further attack.

She knelt on the bed and started to rip Alyssa's pubic hair, making the girl scream louder every single hair she removed. Alyssa tried to pry Salma's hands away, hitting them in a confuse way, but Salma changed her target. She proceeded to grab Alyssa's tits in her hands, turning and twisting them, careless of Alyssa's screams and crying. Alyssa's body was trapped under Salma, and her attempts to escape the hold were in vain. She was suffering without being able to react, and this was obviously turning the match in favor of Salma. Milano decided to perform the only possible move: she grabbed a table lamp that was on her left and smashed it in Salma's head twice, breaking her torture.

Salma tried to cover her head, but Alyssa went on, adding some punishment with her free hand, beating Salma's body and head repeatedly. Salma managed to slap Alyssa's face several times, but Alyssa's rage was great, and she went on despite the pain she suffered. Alyssa made her legs slide under Salma's body, getting free. Then, she hit Salma's big boobs with her feet, causing the Mexican to stop to protect her aching tits (Alyssa was still wearing her sandals). Alyssa added a kick to Salma's face, that immediately made her nose bleed. Salma wasn't defeated yet, and leaned forward, falling on Alyssa. Both girls were trying to punch and slap each other, and fell down to the floor, still struggling and screaming.

Both of them raised up holding their opponent's hair, trying to pulling them harder than their opponent. It was Alyssa who broke the hold first, lifting her right knee and hitting Salma's crotch and stomach. Salma released the hold and Alyssa continued her action, stomping Salma's feet until Salma fell to the ground. Salma's head hit Alyssa's tight, giving her the opportunity to bite it. Alyssa screamed in pain, pushing Salma away and finally sitting on the bed, touching her aching part. Salma tried to recollect, but Alyssa stretched her legs and hit Salma's body again, pushing her back. Salma was almost beaten, she was breathing with troubles and Alyssa saw her victory close.

She grabbed crying Salma by the hair and carried her to the bathroom, where she pushed Salma's body against the wash-basin. But her action was too weak, as she seemed to suffer the bite more than what was expected. Salma hit the marble twice, but then managed to hit Alyssa's face with her elbow, turning around and pushing Alyssa inside the shower, where she collapsed to the ground in pain. Alyssa tried to raise immediately, but her legs didn't support her and she fell again, exposing her body to Salma's punishment. Salma raised Milano's body just in order to punch it repeatedly in the stomach, preventing it from falling down again by putting a hand between Alyssa's legs, continuing the work she stopped some minutes before.

After five minutes of one-sided action, Salma allowed Alyssa's body to fall down, completely limp. Salma went close to Alyssa's left nipple and started to suck it, causing shrives of pleasure in Alyssa's body. But her tender lick suddenly turned into a hard bite that awoke Alyssa, making her cry louder and louder: "Please stop!!! Stop!!! You won!!! My tits...please stop!!!!" Salma replied: "OK; but then the lights will be out again for you, little defeated slut!!!". Salma grabbed Alyssa by the hair and pushed her face between her big tits, smothering sobbing Alyssa. Furthermore, she used her and Alyssa's bikini to tie up the little sleeping brunette. Then she had a relaxing shower.

But she suffered so many humiliations in her losing matches that she thought that Alyssa needed more punishment. First of all, Hayek called a journalist she knew, telling her to come with a camera and a good tape recorder. Then she dressed with Milano's fancy dress that was in the suitcase -that was a little bit small for her, but enhanced her shape well-, ripped the other dresses that were in the room, even the bikini that were used to tie Alyssa -so Alyssa had nothing to put on - and waited for the journalist. When she came, Salma went out of the door, carrying the still unconscious Alyssa with her. "Now we will have some fun and a good interview!!" she said, slapping Alyssa's face to make her come back to reality. Alyssa beg Salma not to humble her, but the Mexican laughed and told Alyssa that she didn't want to stop.

"Now, you'd better tell my friend everything happened today and the reasons why you are just a stupid bitch, while I'm a gorgeous actress!!!!". Alyssa knew she had to obey Salma, and started to talk. They crossed the street and went to the beach to relax, passing in front of the Banana Bungalow where twelve tanned guys watched Alyssa's nude body pass in front of them, not believing their eyes. Obviously, when the three finally reached the beach, more than a hundred people were there to see the two beauties talking with that journalist, and the number increased every single minute. When the interview was finished, Alyssa was left to the beach, completely nude and with nothing of her belongings, not even the car key (that was sent to her home as soon as Salma came back to town).

Fortunately for Alyssa, she found a towel in a garden of a nearby house (and nobody was there) so she covered a little bit. She phone her friend Shannen Doherty, telling her to come and pick her. Shannen came some hours later, with a T-shirt and a skirt that Alyssa was happy to wear. She did everything as soon as she could, making Alyssa thought that she did it to satisfy her. But, in fact, Shannen was curious and secretly happy to see her 'friend' so humiliated. Even if Shannen was playing the part of the good friend, they have

been enemies for so many time (and in so many matches) that no working experience could cancel their rivalry. Staying in the car for more than ten minutes, Alyssa noticed this bad-hidden feeling in Shannen's eyes, and thought that she made a big mistake calling her. But this was her only chance. Silently, in her mind, Alyssa started to think about Shannen and Salma and.....??