Demi Moore vs. Salma Hayek by HLYWDCATFT

This match appeared as if it would be intense as Demi Moore waited in the ring already in her usual camouflage bikini and 3inch black heels. The fans booed Moore, for she was a "villainess" in this league of wrestling. She was well known for her rule breaking and post match humiliation. She had ended the careers of many other wrestling actresses. Demi had put on a lot of weight, all in muscle, her biceps bulged, she was approaching almost 6 feet in height, and 150 lb. of pure muscle.

Next the fans turned their attention down the aisle to an extremely beautiful brunette, Salma Hayek. The crowd erupted in cheers as she came down the aisle smiling but with a little hint of nervousness in it. She was a fan favorite and she wore to the ring a white sports bra with a Mexican flag on it and tight black bikini briefs and came barefoot. She went over to ringside to get a kiss for good luck from her long time boyfriend, Edward Atterton who was sitting in the first row.

Demi yelled at Salma from in the ring, "I'm going to send you back to Mexico you wetback bitch!!"

Salma replied "Just you try you fat cow!"

Salma entered the ring, Demi definitely was bigger, dwarfing Salma's 5'2" 105 lb. body, but Salma was quicker and a master of aerial moves. Demi immediately threw Salma into the corner jolting her bouncing her off to be thrown again. Demi attempted an avalanche but Salma moved causing Demi to smash into the corner. Salma dropkicked her larger adversary down twice, then followed that up with grabbing Demi by the hair, which has now grown in somewhat after GI Jane, and socked her in the face, making Demi wobble.

Salma yanked down Demi's bikini top and let loose a flurry of punches in Demi's boobs. Salma increased the pain on Demi's boobs by dropkicking them. Demi held on to her tits moaning as Salma climbed up the turnbuckle. Salma attempted a high crossbody block from the turnbuckle, but was caught in midair by Demi. Salma began to panic now knowing her quick stream of luck ran out. Demi nearly broke the fragile beauty in half with a sidebreaker before powerslamming poor Salma in the ring leaving her lying motionless. Demi yanked off Salma's sports bra and threw it into the audience before pinching Salma's nice nipples making the Latin beauty cry in pain.

Demi then squeezed and twisted Salma's giant globes for all they were worth making Hayek fall to her knees crying like a little girl sobbing, "Owwww, your hurting me!!! Stop!!!!"

Demi didn't stop, instead she lifted Salma high in the air by her tits holding her there for 30 seconds while Salma sobbed and begged before being slammed down crotch first on Demi's muscular knee.

Salma still standing, was hunched over gripping her sore pussy moaning when Demi plowed her with a clothesline leaving her lying on her back. Demi went for an elbow drop but Salma moved at the last second causing Demi to crash to the mat. Salma bulldogged Demi, then stomped Demi in the tits repeatedly. Salma picked Demi up by her hair and kicked her in the stomach several times. Salma put the much taller Ms. Moore in a headlock and punched her in the face causing Demi's nose to bleed and Demi to lose balance and fall to the floor.

Salma put Demi in a Boston crab, but Demi kicked her off sending Salma into the ropes, on the rebound Salma attempted a leg drop with her legs spread open, a perfect target for Demi's 3inch heel as it nailed the Mexican hottie in the cunt square. Salma's face got all red as she staggered around the ring bowlegged, her hands down her briefs massaging her pussy. Demi came over and chokeslammed Ms. Hayek putting her nearly unconscious as a worried Edward Atterton looked on. Demi whipped Salma around the ring several times tossing her about like a rag doll by her long dark hair, flipping her about. Demi swung the cute Latin beauty around in the air by her hair releasing her spinning into a turn buckle. From this point on, the little Latin beauty was completely woman handled and dominated. Salma by now regretted entering this match.

Salma was next lifted high in the air by the front and back of her bikini briefs putting more pressure on her bruised pubic bone, before getting slammed onto the top rope. Demi dragged Salma down by her hair and then began pulling her around the ring by the front and back of her briefs, the bikini going right up her crevices so high, that her hairy labia popped out around the black cotton material that went up her cunt. After Demi made a complete trip around the ring, she stood Salma up in the middle of the ring by her hair. Salma now predicting what was about to happen began begging Demi in tears not to, but she did anyway, yanking down Salma's black briefs leaving her completely nude ring center for the whole audience to see her big hairy pussy. Salma began bawling, after now knowing her dignity was destroyed, still regretting those "Desperado" scenes, but now this made those scenes look like nothing.

Demi took Salma's briefs and tossed them into the audience where an actual fist fight broke out battling for the ownership of Salma's worn sexy briefs. Demi body slammed Salma. Demi then pressed the 105 pound Latin high over her head dumping her naked pussy first onto the rope. Demi then grabbed hold of Salma's legs and dragged her by them across the rope causing major rope burn on Salma's clit.

Salma began bawling again this time sobbing in her sexy but broken up Mexican accent, "Please don't hurt me, I'll do whatever you want, I'll be your slave!"

But Demi wasn't interested in a slave, she wanted to hurt the little cutie real bad for some grudge in the past, then humiliate her when she felt like it. Demi shoved Salma out of the ring onto the floor. Demi went out of the ring and bodyslammed Salma onto the metal steps, then grabbing Salma's sexy tan legs and further slamming the Spanish beauties bleeding twat into the outside metal turnbuckle. Demi brought Salma back over the metal guard and threw her to the floor, the little Latin bombshell, now looking more like she got bombed, her hair all disheveled, makeup running from the tears from all her crying, bruises on her breasts and labia, clit and ass all red and raw. Salma lie on the floor a sweating and stinking mess.

Demi yelled down at Ms. Hayek "Go back to Mexico you little cunt!!"

Demi then pressed Salma over the top rope back into the ring. When Demi entered Salma was on her knees in tears promising she would go back to Mexico if Demi would just pin her right now.

"Please," Salma cried. "Pin me now, I'll let you, don't hurt me anymore, I'll go back to Mexico."

Demi picked Salma up by her hair from the floor and carried her to the corner horizontally where she draped the Mexican bombshell over the turnbuckle inverted. Demi pulled of her own bikini and used it to tie Salma's ankles to the top turnbuckle. Demi socked Salma in the crotch hard causing Salma to scream loud. Demi then sat her sweaty ass down on Salma's face suffocating her, putting her unconscious almost instantly. Salma was brought back to consciousness by yet another hard knuckle to the cunt. Demi untied Salma, and Salma crumpled to the floor.

Demi picked Salma up by her hair and sent her to the ropes, Demi plowed Hayek so hard with a clothesline that Salma spun in a complete 360 before lying out cold on the mat. Demi wasn't done yet as she power bombed the Latin beauty so hard that she bounced off the mat almost a foot in the air. Demi ended the match with a cranium crunch submission hold, but Salma was already out, well she attempted to squirm a little for two seconds, other than that the official raised Salma's arm three times just to have it fall limply down. The bell was rung. Demi dumped Salma to the ring floor in an unconscious pile, as Salma's nerves in her legs twitched a little. Demi looked down at Salma's out cold form and spit on her.

The audience sat in silence, not believing what Ms. Moore done to their heroine. Demi still was not finished, there still was a hunger in her eye to inflict more damage on the destroyed Latin beauty. Demi got a ladder and a rope, climbing ring center attaching the rope to the rafters on the low ceiling. Demi tied both of Salma's ankles to the rope, and raised her crotch to eye level. Demi momentarily left the ring, while Salma dangled helplessly upside down. Demi yanked Salma's black bikini bottoms from the guy who took a black eye for that sexy souvenir, Demi punched him in the other eye and laughed, taking Salma's bikini bottoms back into the ring. Demi took Salma's bikini bottoms and forced them into the Mexican cutie's mouth forcing her to taste her own soilings in the briefs gagging her. Demi then took a razor and shaved Salma's hairy cunt bald, Salma's pubic hairs floating down onto her face. Demi then began cutting Salma's hair.


Edward Atterton was pissed and tried to rush the ring to save his destroyed and humiliated girlfriend, but security personnel stopped him. Demi left the ring and left Salma dangling helplessly upside down, humiliated, and Edward Atterton crying. Salma was untied by ring personnel, and carried from the ring on a stretcher. After getting water poured on her, it still took a day for the Latin cutie to regain consciousness, but she never would gain her dignity back. Salma did not appear in public for a long time, but she broke her promise and stayed in the U.S. and continued to film, much to most people's happiness of seeing this awesome beauty again, except Demi's. Will there be another match??????