When Starlets Collide; Denise Richards vs. Salma Hayek by Samdog 22-Feb-00

It was a cold night as Denise Richards walked across the parking lot to the door of the gym. Searching inside her purse, Denise pulled out a key that had been lent to her and unlocked the door, walking in. Inside, all of the lights had been turned down, except for the main light on the boxing ring. Standing in the middle of the ring was Salma Hayek, stripped down to a black bra and panties with her hands on her hips.

Glaring at her, Salma shouted, "I didn't think you'd show, bitch. Ready to get your ass kicked?"

Stripping to a blue bra and panties, Denise replied, "I'm gonna have so much fun shutting you up once and for all, whore! When I'm through, I'm gonna rip your tits off and shove them up your ass!"

With that, she climbed into the ring, facing off against her foe.

Denise and Salma were starring together in an upcoming movie. However, there was an obvious antagonism between the two of them from the very beginning, which soon turned to full-fledged hatred. Insults and innuendoes were traded back and forth between them, and there was no aversion on either lady's part to spread lies and rumors about the other. Both tried to influence the producer to get the other kicked off the movie, offering him "special favors" which he was eager and willing to capitalize on, playing both sides. Finally, the two decided to settle their differences with a catfight. The winner would stay, and the loser would leave.

The two came together, instantly ripping off each other's bras and attacking each other's breasts. Denise grabbed Salma's tits and started squeezing, as the Mexican squealed and returned the favor, crushing and pulling on the brunette's breasts between her strong fingers as Denise grimaced in pain. Denise screamed in pain as Salma twisted her tits back and forth, digging her nails into Salma's breasts as she continued squeezing and tried to keep up.

Salma suddenly shifted her hold and jabbed her fingers deep into the underside of Denise's tits, relishing her foe's loud cry of pain. Desperate, Denise let go and began raking her nails across Salma's big tits, as the Latina cried out in agony. Denise then began pulling and twisting Salma's nipples, as Salma screamed and frantically tried to crush Denise's tits in her hands. However, Denise yanked down on Salma's tits twice, as the Mexican fell to her knees.

Denise's look of triumph suddenly turned to one of pain as Salma slammed her fist into her cunt, as she sank to her knees as well. Denise grabbed Salma's tits and tried to maul them, but screamed in pain as Salma slammed her fists into her cunt again, as her hand dropped to protect it. Standing, Salma grabbed Denise's hair and began slamming her knee into the brunette's tits, relishing the cries that poured from Denise's mouth as her tits were flattened. Pulling her up, Salma bent her over and continued pounding on her tits with her knee, as Denise's screamed again and again. The brunette wrapped her arms around Salma's waist in an effort to remain on her feet, but the Mexican slammed a pair of ax handles onto her back, as Denise collapsed to the floor. As she lay face-down, Salma nailed her with a leg drop to the back of the neck, as Denise groaned in pain.

Pulling her back up, Salma flung Denise into a corner, as the brunette hit the turnbuckle hard. Walking over to her foe, Salma began slapping Denise in the face, rocking her head back and forth as she cried out with each blow. Stepping back, Salma admired her handiwork, as the brunette hung from the top ropes, totally stunned by the Mexican spitfire. Grinning, Salma brought her leg up and kicked Denise in the gut, as the brunette fell to the canvas holding her stomach as she groaned in pain.

Standing over her foe, Salma rolled Denise onto her back and came down knees first onto her chest, flattening the brunette's tits as Denise screamed in agony. Denise reached up to attack her foe as Salma straddled her, but the Mexican slapped her across the face again and again, stunning her. Salma then began punching the brunette in the face, as blood began to flow freely from Denise's nose. Salma began punching Denise's defenseless tits, moans of agony escaping Denise's lips with each pain-filled blow. Salma began squeezing breasts as Denise howled in agony. Twisting her boobs around, Salma's face showed how much she enjoyed dishing out punishment to her foe.

The Mexican shouted, "I'm gonna really have fun ripping your tits to pieces, slut!"

Salma began twisting Denise's nipples back and forth as the brunette moaned in pain. She then latched onto Denise's tits, digging in with her nails as her thumbs pressed her nipples into her tits. Denise's cries echoed across the gym as Salma clawed at her tits, bloody scratches soon appearing. Salma began twisting Denise's tits left and right, as the brunette screamed in agony. She then began wrenching her boobs around, as Denise howled and desperately tried to pull Salma's hands from her aching tits. Frantic, Denise punched wildly at Salma's tits, missing most of the time though Salma gasped in pain with the punches that did connect. Denise cried aloud as Salma began slamming her tits together and desperately grabbed her ass clawing at it. Grimacing in pain, Salma slammed her tits together harder, grinding them together as tears flowed from Denise's cheeks.

Desperate, Denise swung her legs up around and locked them around Salma's neck, before using all of her strength to pull the Latina backwards off her, slamming Salma's head into the canvas. Locking her legs around Salma's neck, Denise began to choke her with her legs. Denise poured on the pressure to Salma's neck as the Mexican struggled frantically between her legs, as her air began to run out. Denise almost choked Salma unconscious, but let go before she passed out.

Lashing out with her legs, Denise wrapped them around Salma's waist from behind and began squeezing, as Salma screamed in pain. Salma screamed in agony as Denise reached around and began squeezing and pulling on her breasts viciously. Denise brought her legs up and wrapped them around Salma's chest, positioning her knees so they were driving into her foe's bigger tits as Salma screamed in pain. Denise shifted her scissors so she could crush the Mexican's breasts between her thighs, smiling as Salma moaned and struggled in agony.

Desperate, Salma started driving her elbows backward into Denise, connecting with her tits as the brunette cried out from the constant blows. Soon, Denise could take no more as she opened her legs, struggling to get away from her foe. Twisting around, Salma grabbed Denise's hair and slammed her head into the mat several times, stunning her.

Standing, Salma pulled Denise up and threw her into a corner. Grinning as Denise hung dazed on the ropes, Salma began throwing uppercuts at her tits. Denise screamed as her knuckles ground into her flesh and drove her nipples deep into her breasts. Salma rammed her knee into Denise's cunt several times, relishing in her cries. Grabbing a handful of her hair, Salma proceeded to punch the brunette in the mouth till she split Denise's lip. Then she began to punch Denise's battered tits, bruising and swelling them some more before clawing them with her nails, scratching them as Denise screamed in agony.

Denise began to sink down to the canvas, but Salma grabbed her tits and yanked her back up. Reaching down with one hand, she ripped off the brunette's panties and began to claw at her pussy, as Denise sobbed loudly. Salma then began to rip out Denise's cunt hair, balding her as the brunette moaned in agony.

Grinning, Salma taunted, "How's it feel to be fighting a real woman, bitch? I'm gonna give you the ass kicking you deserve!"

Desperate, Denise stumbled forward and clinched with the Mexican. Salma almost felt sorry for her foe as she wrapped her arms around her waist, desperately trying to delay the inevitable. However, a sudden look of fear crossed her face as the brunette began to lift her up. A wry grin crossing Denise' face as she savagely dropped Salma down across her outstretched knee, causing her to cry out as her crotch slammed into her thigh. She let Salma fall to the canvas as the Mexican lay sobbing.

Denise taunted, "I'm feeling a lot better than you are now, honey! You won't be much of a woman when I'm done, slut!"

Dazed and confused, Salma was lifted off the mat again and subjected to another atomic drop as she screamed in pure agony. In pain, Salma begged for mercy as Denise picked her up and dropped her a third time, before the brunette finally let her fall to the canvas as she sobbed uncontrollably holding her aching cunt.

Grabbing Salma's hair, Denise pulled her to her feet, berserk with rage. Throwing her into a corner, Denise began to pound on Salma's tits with her fists, knocking them up and down and from side to side as the Mexican howled in agony. Digging her fingers into Salma's big tits, Denise began to crush and pull on them as the Latina moaned in pain. Grabbing her nipples, Denise began twisting them back and forth as Salma screamed aloud, grabbing Denise's wrists and trying to pry her hands from her breasts.

Letting go, Denise pulled one of her hands from Salma's grasp and backhanded her, stunning the Mexican as her hands fell to her sides. The brunette then drove her knee into Salma's belly three times, as she groaned with each blow. As Salma hung on the ropes stumbling out of the corner and struggling to stay on her feet, Denise stepped back before hitting her with a clothesline, sending her flying over the top rope onto the concrete floor face down, as the small Mexican hit with a loud thud.

Groaning in pain, Salma slowly struggled to recover from the landing. Her entire body aching, her head hitting the concrete had dazed her and had opened a nasty gash above her right eye. Suddenly, the Mexican began to moan in agony as Denise had made it onto the floor, kicking her in her tits and her belly. In pure anguish, Salma desperately made it to all fours and desperately tried to crawl towards the door, hoping to escape her tormentor.

Laughing, Denise straddled her foe's back and began spanking her ass, taunting, "Giddyup, bitch! I wanna hear you scream!" as Salma continued to crawl around, crying with each blow.

Finally, Denise slammed her ass several times into Salma's back, knocking her to the floor. Sitting on the small of her back, Denise grabbed hold of Salma's panties and yanked upwards, driving them into her pussy as she screamed in agony. Denise continued to pull as Salma sobbed and begged for mercy, before the panties finally gave and ripped off.

Grabbing Salma's hair, Denise began to yank her head backward by it as the Mexican screamed in pain. At the same time, Denise reached back and began clawing at her ass, as Salma bawled loudly. Rising, Denise grabbed Salma's hair and dragged her back over to the ring.

Standing her up, the brunette taunted, "Where do you think you're going, bitch? I'm not done with you yet!"

She then slammed Salma face first into a corner post. As the Mexican fell, Denise kicked her in her cunt, lifting her upwards before she fell to the floor, holding her aching cunt as she sobbed uncontrollably. Grabbing her tits, Denise yanked her up to her feet by them, as Salma screamed the entire way up. She then threw her back into the ring, as Salma lay in on her back in the middle of the ring, trying to massage the pain from her battered breasts.

Climbing into the ring, Denise stood over her fallen foe. Grinning, she came down onto Salma's body, slamming her ass into the Mexican's chest and flattening her tits as Salma screamed in agony. Denise continued to bounce her ass on Salma's tits, crushing them as she cried loudly beneath her.

Straddling her foe, Denise smiled as she surveyed the damage she'd inflicted.

"No, Oh God no. Please don't hurt me, I can't take it," Salma pleaded, sobbing out her surrender. "I give up. Please, no more..."

Denise replied, "You lousy slut. I'm gonna deflate those cow tits of yours and I'm gonna enjoy hearing you scream while I do it!"

The brunette then each of her nipples and twisted them viciously and Salma kicked and screamed. Getting a better grip on her tits, Denise pulled upwards and lifted Salma's upper body off the canvas, the Mexican screaming as her breasts burned in pain. Slamming her back down to the mat, Denise ripped at both of Salma's giant orbs, clawing bloody streaks down them. Salma was in pure agony, her breasts feeling like they would burst at any second. Denise mashed Salma's battered breasts together, grinding her knuckles into them as the Mexican sobbed uncontrollably.

As Salma struggled beneath her, Denise reached back and started ripping out her cunt hair, shoving it down her throat.

"Maybe that'll shut you up, cunt!" the brunette taunted as Salma almost choked on her own pubic hair.

She then started to punch at Salma's tits, crushing them under her fists. Denise began to grind her knuckles into Salma's massive tits, grinning as the Latina sobbed in agony. Grabbing her tits again, Denise continued to maul her breasts, twisting, pulling, and squeezing them as Salma hardly put up a fight, her moans and cries slowly getting weaker and weaker. Finally, totally defeated, Salma passed out, totally destroyed by the pain and agony.

Rising, Denise stood over her foe victoriously, enjoying her victory. After getting dressed, Denise bound and gagged Salma with the remains of her bra and panties before picking her up and carrying her back out to her car. Tossing her in the trunk, she slammed the door shut on her beaten foe before getting in the driver's seat and leaving the gym. Driving away, Denise relished her victory as she imagined how surprised the producer would be the next morning when she left him a little "present" on his front door step.