WARNING! This match features a one sided beating, domination, nudity, humiliation and graphic descriptions. Authors note: As far as I know, Julie Strain was never considered for the part that Salma had in "From Dusk Till Dawn" but I thought it would be a good start to the storyline. This takes place around that time.

Salma Hayek vs. Julie Strain by HlywdCatft 12-Jan-00

Julie Strain was livid.

"Who's this bitch taking my part?" Julie screamed.

Julie wanted the part in "From Dusk Till Dawn" but was skipped over for it in favor of Mexican beauty Salma Hayek. It was Julie's chance to get in a mainstream movie, but she was pushed aside by some relatively (then) unknown actress. Julie arranged for a match to be set up. Salma agreed, unaware who Julie was or how big she was.

The match happens.
Salma Hayek comes down to the ring first waving to her cheering fans, this takes place a couple of years ago therefore Salma still has her hair long and black like it was during Desperado or From Dusk Till Dawn. Salma comes down to the ring in a white cut-off T-shirt that says, "Latin Girls do it best" and tight faded jeans cut-offs. She takes her top layer of clothes off just leaving herself in a skimpy bikini in the color of a Mexican flag, a green white and red string top and bikini bottoms that were Rio cut green white and red like a Mexican flag with that symbol on the flag just above her crotch. Salma dances to the Latin music played overhead for her as the fans cheer her on.

Julie Strain comes down the aisle, Salma had never seen the Amazon in her life. Salma looks very worried at the big girl. Julie enters the ring and it already appears to be a mismatch with Julie Strain at 6'1" 150 pounds or more and muscular, Salma only stands 5'2" and is about 105 pounds. Julie wears a leather bikini top and thong.

Salma makes the mistake of turning her back for a moment as Julie charges the small raven haired beauty and nails her with a clothesline spinning the Mexican 360 degrees, leaving her lying flat on her back staring at the ceiling.

Julie doesn't even give Salma a chance to gather her senses as the Amazon picks Salma up by her long black hair and whips her back and forth across the ring by it like a rag doll. Julie drags Salma around the ring by her hair. Salma finally realizes what is happening to her as she begs Julie to stop. Julie does stop momentarily, but just to whip Salma into the turnbuckle. Salma bounces off hard and rebounds towards Strain.

Julie nails Salma with a clothesline that leaves Salma hanging in the air momentarily horizontal. Julie picks the begging Latin off of the mat by her hair again and whips her into the turnbuckle, this time Salma tumbles into the turnbuckle head over heals rolling up it and nailing her pussy at the top. Salma bounces off and grabs ahold of her sore crotch and moans in pain. Julie watches Salma roll around on the mat and laughs. Salma starts to get up and Julie approaches her. Salma seeing Julie gets on her knees and begs Julie not to hurt her anymore.

Julie laughs, "Not a chance you Mexican slut!!!! I am having too much fun dominating you!!!"

Julie grabs Salma by her hair and lifts her in the air and tosses her across the diameter of the ring. Salma rolls across the ring finally coming to a rest. Salma starts to get up and Julie grabs Salma with one hand in her cleavage, the other between her legs and gorilla presses the 105 pounder high above her head. Salma's face is full of panic. Julie bench presses Salma up and down several times.

"Please put me down!!!" Salma cries.

"Oh you want to go down, OK!" says Julie.

Julie throws Salma out of the ring as she crashes through the Spanish announcers table, the hot Latina on the announcer's lap.

Julie leaves the ring and shoves the announcer's face into Salma's crotch. Julie picks Salma back up by her hair and gorilla presses her back into the ring over the top rope, Salma rolls halfway across the ring. Julie reenters. Salma is now quite worn out and very sore. She is sweating profusely in the heat in the packed arena. Julie comes up to Salma and kicks her several times in the body, her stomach, tits and crotch receive several kicks, all Salma can do is moan in pain. Julie stands Salma up and leans her against the ropes and tears off her bikini top leaving Salma's chest exposed.

Julie slaps Salma's tits causing sweat to fly off and leaving red hand prints on them. Julie punches Salma's tits a few times leaving them jiggling from the force of the punch and bruises starting to show. Julie next latches onto Salma's sweaty tits and squeezes. Salma screams in pain and begins bawling like a baby. Julie lifts the Latin high in the air by her breasts as she continues to squeeze.

"Please stop hurting my breasts!!!!" Salma cries out. "You are really hurting them!!! Owwwwww!!!!"

Julie slams Salma's crotch down on her knee. Salma's brown eyes get all wide as she hobbles around holding her aching crotch in pain, her face contorting from her pubic bone getting bruised and almost broken. Salma falls to her knees sobbing. Julie does not care and is not about to give any mercy either. Julie grabs the front and back of Salma's bikini bottoms and lifts the Mexican beauty in the air. Gravity is taking effect as Salma's bikini bottoms disappear up her pussy and into her asshole, her pubic hair showing out the sides. Salma screaming and crying again in pain.

"Please Julie why do you have to hurt me!!!!" Salma sobs. "I'll do anything, just don't hurt me anymore!!! Why do you want to hurt me????"

"Because I can you stinky slut!!!!" shouts Julie.

Julie slams Salma down onto her back. Salma is motionless and her eyes are closed, her long black hair now sticking to the sides of her face and to her sweaty large breasts, her bikini bottoms stretched almost up to her chest. Julie rolls Salma over onto her stomach and sits on her back. Julie continues the wedgie on Salma. Salma cries out in pain and tries to stick her ass in the air just to relieve some of the pressure from the wedgie.

Salma is picked back up by her hair and is placed over the top rope, folded over at her stomach, Salma's ass faces in the ring. Julie peels the bikini bottoms out of the crevices as they stick to Salma's sweaty crotch. Julie pulls them completely off and waves Salma's sweaty bikini bottoms in the air above her as the audience cheers. Julie takes a sniff of Salma's sex in them, but makes a face and stuffs them right in Salma's face. Julie then spanks Salma on her ass.

Salma, falling from her position, gets tangled in the ropes. Salma sits tangled in the ropes and cries more wishing that Julie would just put her out of her misery. Julie pulls Salma back in the ring and puts Salma in a full nelson lifting her in the air. Julie parades Salma around the ring giving the audience a view of Salma's nude body glistening and shining from the sweat. The audience once again shows it's approval.

Julie whips Salma into the turnbuckle, Salma hits it with such a force that she ricochets out of the ring onto the outside floor. Julie leaves the ring, a semi conscious Salma lays face down on the outside mats her ass on show to the world. Julie picks Salma up by her hair and slams her head into the steps. Julie then whips Salma into the outside turnbuckle hitting with a loud crash and flying off into the audience fence.

Julie picks Salma up and bodyslams her nude body onto the announcer's table. Salma lays on the table, the sweat pouring off of her body into a puddle on the table, her hair is soaked and sticking to her face, shoulders and breasts, her thick black pubic bush is all matted down. An announcer gets his face shoved right into Salma's sweaty muff. He is held there until his oxygen is almost cut off. When he gets his breath back, Julie shoves Salma's sweaty bikini bottoms into his face nearly cutting off his air passages again. Salma is pulled off of the table and is whipped by her hair over the audience fence into the crowd, Salma lands upside-down in an audience members lap as several audience members try to grab a feel of her. A male audience member takes a quick lick of her snatch.

"Don't do that!!!" shouts Julie. "you don't know where that nasty slut has been!!!"

Julie throws Salma over her shoulder and carries her back into the ring. Julie hangs Salma upside-down over a turnbuckle and punches Salma several times in the crotch, one punch after another leaving the Mexican in pain. Salma is slammed off of the turnbuckle. Julie positions the tiny Mexican's head between her thighs and jackknife powerbombs her onto the mat. Salma's body bounces a foot off of the ground before coming to rest spread-eagled and motionless.

Julie picks a barely conscious limp Salma up by her hair and lifts her up in the air in a one arm chokehold. There is no resistance out of the Hispanic beauty as her body hangs limp. Julie chokeslams Salma to the mat, her body once again bouncing and lying still.

Julie isn't done with Salma though. Julie gorilla presses the Mexican beauty and carries her over to the ropes and drops her crotch first onto the ropes. Salma's body bounces off, the pain in her cunt brings her out of her semi consciousness as Salma once again rolls on the floor holding her throbbing pussy. Julie picks Salma up and lifts her in an inverted reverse bearhug and holds Salma upside-down for a few moments before piledriving her head into the mat. Julie picks Salma up again still not giving the pretty Latin any mercy and puts her in a torture rack across her back. Salma's body has once again gone limp as she lays across Julie's shoulders not stirring.

Julie throws Salma to the mat like a rag doll then she sets her motionless form up onto the turnbuckle. Julie climbs it and grabs Salma by her breasts. Julie standing on the top rope lifts Salma by her breasts and leaps off slamming Salma onto the mat. Salma is totally out like a light. Her limbs twitch as they lay spread out wide. Julie poses above the unconscious Salma getting a three count while placing her foot on Salma's stomach.

Julie is not finished. She pulls down her bikini bottoms and reverse face sits Salma. Julie grabs a wad of Salma's black pubic hair and yanks it out. Julie then places Salma against the ropes tying her arms in the ropes and grabs her T-shirt that says, "Latin girls do it best"

"What is it they do best?" asks Julie. "Hmmm, perhaps are dominated the best."

Julie takes the T-shirt and rubs it back and forth through Salma's sweaty cunt and ass and tosses it out to the crowd.

Julie takes Salma back off of the ropes and rolls her onto her stomach ring center and takes her string bikini top and hog ties all of her limbs together. Julie takes Salma's sweaty bikini bottoms and gags Salma with them stuffing her own dirty bottoms in her mouth. Julie once again poses above Salma's unconscious hog tied and humiliated form placing her foot on her beautiful tan ass as the crowd takes pictures.

Julie heads down the aisle keeping Salma's cutoff shorts as a souvenir. Medical personnel rush to the ring with a stretcher for poor Salma. They un-gag her, untie her and carry her off to the first aid room. The medics try to revive Salma but she is not waking out of her unconsciousness. She is rushed to the hospital where she later gains consciousness. She only faintly recalls the beating that she took at the hands of the B-Queen.