Ann Margaret vs. Joey Heatherton by femfightlover 4/01

Ann Margaret was in town filming, "Viva Las Vegas" with Elvis as her co-star. She had been putting the moves on Elvis and was confident she would be in bed with him tonight when she overheard him tell one of his men to contact Joey Heatherton. It seems Elvis was a big fan of catfights and had heard that Joey was a no nonsense type of girl.

Ann knew if Joey and Elvis ever met and she started telling him her fight stories Ann would have no chance with The King. She stopped Elvis' man and told him she'd call Joey for him if he didn't mind, then slipped him ten dollars and a tongue kiss so he'd forget all about Joey Heatherton. Then Ann contacted the Sands and found out that Joey was in rehearsal until 2pm.

"Good," thought Ann. "I'll make my appearance then."

Ann had no trouble getting into Joey's rehearsal as the stage hands all knew her and had worked with her on her shows. Joey was finishing up her finale on stage. Ann took a deep breath and removed the skirt she was wearing leaving her in a red body suit with a white sash, tan pantyhose and 3" heels. Watching Joey move on stage in her sheer black body suit and heels, Ann was impressed at the girl's stamina. She was barely out of breath but her thin, waif-like body, looked anything but built for fighting.

Ann waited for Joey to come off stage. As Joey was toweling herself off Ann walked over to her.

"Hi Joey. Just stopped by to wish you well on your current run."

Joey looked at the redhead warily. It was unlike Ann's reputation for her to go out of her way to see anyone without a reason. "Thanks," Joey said as she started towards her dressing room. "But why are you really here?"

"Well," Ann said. "I'm really here because Elvis and I would love to come see your show tonight. We wondered if you could get us up front?"

Ann realized it was a lame comment but she was stuck now. Joey laughed as she opened the door to her dressing area. After a moment, Ann followed her inside and closed the door behind her. The dressing room was quite large with a table on one side with a lighted mirror, a sofa and a large walk-in closet that held Joey's wardrobe.

"You know you and Elvis don't need any special favors to get the best seats in the house, so what is the real reason? Elvis not giving you any time?"

Ann's eyes narrowed to slits at Joey's insinuation that she was somehow incapable of satisfying 'The King'.

"No, actually we spend a lot of time together. But for some strange reason, he seems to want to see your show."

Joey smiled. She realized Ann was jealous.

"Maybe he just wants to see what a real star looks and acts like," said Joey.

Ann was starting to seethe; her face was getting almost as red has her hair. At the same time, Joey was getting aggravated with the red head and her superior manner.

"Look, let me clue you in," Ann purred cattily. "If you wanna catch his eye, tell him you fought someone. If you haven't, you can just make a story up, it won't matter. He loves it."

"I know, but I won't have to make it up. I'll tell him how I whipped your scrawny ass," Joey said as she made her hands into fists.

"Really?" Ann chuckled just before a quick right to her belly doubled the unsuspecting red head over.

As Ann bent over trying to get her breath, Joey unleashed a kick to her ample chest that sent Ann flying across the room into the far wall.

"My scrawny ass will make you scream for mercy you over rated cow."

Joey moved in to press her advantage. Ann ducked and dropped her shoulder into the charging blonde's gut and they both tumbled to the floor. Rolling on the floor, Ann quickly gained the upper hand and pinned Joey to the floor with her knees on the blonde's slender shoulders. Joey kicked and bucked her hips, trying to unseat the bigger woman. Ann grabbed Joey's close-cropped blonde hair and pulled her face up to her chest and tried to smother her.

Joey started gasping and gagging as her air was soon cut off by Ann's ample bosom. In desperation, Joey turned her head and bit through the flimsy material. Ann howled as her right tit was assaulted by Joey's strong white teeth. Ann knocked Joey down to the floor and staggered away holding her chest.

Both women got to their feet and began to slowly circle. Joey kicked off her heels and so did Ann.

"I'll tell Elvis you were a little tired tonight," Joey taunted Ann. "I'll tell him I came over to take your place."

Angrily, Ann charged but Joey stepped aside and drove her knee into Ann's gut. Ann grunted as she skidded to her knees as if she hit a wall. Ann was on her knees leaning forward trying not to throw up when Joey spun and kicked her in the temple.

Ann fell over backward as the room started spinning. Joey grabbed a handful of long red hair and stood her rival up. Looking into Ann's pleading eyes, Joey slammed one... two ... three hard rights into the now softened belly of the gasping Swede.

Letting go of Ann's hair, Joey launched a solid kick straight up between Ann's wobbly but still powerful thighs. Ann gasped and pitched over on her knees holding her bruised womanhood in both hands. Ann's eyes widened in fear as Joey pushed her back with a foot between her firm breasts and straddled Ann's head, dropping her cunt right on Ann's face. Ann started to buck her hips and flail her arms wildly. It was enough to throw Joey off her to the side. Both women lay on the carpet looking at each other as they paused to catch their wind.

"Give it up, Red. I have all this because I've fought for it all my life," Joey whispered.

Ann slowly roses to her feet, still groggy and breathing fast; her cunt on fire but her desire, no, her NEED to hurt her tormentor was even greater.

Ann lunged into the small blonde and wrapped her powerful arms around Joey's chest and squeezed. Joey's tits spilled out to the side of her sheer suit, the material straining to contain her ample flesh. Ann lifted Joey off her feet and ran toward the wall. Joey was slammed hard into the wall but in the collision, Ann hurt her hands as they were between Joey's back and the wall. Ann lost her hold on Joey who slumped moaning to the floor, her back arched upward in pain.

Both women knew the fight had to end soon.

Joey forced herself to get to her feet while Ann willed herself to continue the battle. Joey started slapping at Ann's face and chest. Each slap made Ann's big tits bounce inside her suit. As Joey whipped her hands back and forth Ann's face was spun from side to side as Joey increased her assault. When Ann slumped down under the unrelenting assault, Joey tackled her to the floor, then stood up straddling the dazed red head Joey. Ann whimpered as she held her head while Joey slowly pulled her suit top down to exposed a pair of perfect tits. Ann was stunned that the smaller woman was such a hellcat.

Slowly, Joey lowered herself down on top of Ann.

"This is what The King will be dining on tonight, bitch!" Joey taunted, shaking her breasts in Ann's red, teary and swollen eyes.

Joey leaned down and covered Ann's face with her breasts, squeezing them from the sides to cut off all her air.

"MMMMPH! MMMMPH!" Ann protested, kicking her feet and slapping Joey's hips as the blondes large tits slowly suffocated her. Ann kept kicking and slapping more and more gently until she finally passed out.

Joey waited another minute, holding her breasts on Ann's face until she felt the defeated redheads body limp beneath her. Then she stood up and walked to her dressing table. She opened the drawer and took out a leather case. Opening it, Joey removed a 12" dildo she kept handy for lonely nights when she couldn't find a straight chorus boy or a waitress to satisfy her lusty needs.

"Now," Joey sighed as she turned back to Ann with the dildo, "a little something for you to remember me by!"

Putting the toy down momentarily, Joey struggled to drag Ann's limp body over to the sofa. She was able to stretch Ann's unresisting figure out full length across the cushions. Joey started ripping off Ann's red leotard just as the redhead started to regain consciousness. Joey smiled when she saw the look on Ann's face, her fear was undisguised.

Joey looked down at Ann almost like a warrior queen eyeing a recent conquest - which, in fact, she was. Joey used Ann's own sash to bind her wrists, then she spread her legs apart and secured them to the sofa. Ann tried to protest but a quick backhand across her lush lips told her her protests were in vain. Joey wasn't in any mood to be generous. Just to be sure they weren't interrupted by someone responding to Ann's cries, Joey used two scarves to gag Ann's quivering lips.

Then Joey showed Ann the long, thick sex toy and let her imagine what she had in store for her.

"Probably the biggest thing you'll ever see between these," Joey said, slapping the sensitive inner thighs of Ann's widespread legs. Then Joey started noisily sucking on the dildo, getting it nice and slippery. The sound of Joey's loud slurping started to get Ann surprisingly aroused. Ann wanted, indeed longed, to feel the thick faux dick thrusting inside her.

Tauntingly, Joey rubbed the rigid member up and down slowly between Ann's heaving tits. Ann could feel her juices starting to lubricate her hot pussy. And as Joey continued to lick and slurp the toy boy, Ann tried to relieve her frustration by bucking and writhing on the cushions and straining to press her thighs together. Joey calmly watched Ann's wild, passionate squirming with a practiced eye, knowing that the way she was tied only added to both her arousal and her frustration.

Just when Ann thought she might cum just from watching Joey mouthfuck the plastic dick, Joey reached down and jammed the toy all the way up in Ann's tight little love canal. Ann's hips lifted off the sofa and her eyes widened in a blend of erotic fear and deviant pleasure; her muscles tried to grip and grab at the thick cock as Joey worked it into her.

Then Joey slowly withdrew it and slapped it on Ann's pussy before she thrust it home again; harder and more viciously this time. Ann almost passed out at the second deep thrust. Joey started to pump, working the thick dick in and out and Ann met each thrust with a lift of her hips and a gasp or grunt of pleasure.

Suddenly, with a little cry and a long shudder that shook the sofa, Ann climaxed in a violent orgasm that nearly broke her bonds! As her body relaxed and slumped back into the cushions, both womens taut bodies were bathed in damp sheen of love sweat.

Slowly, Joey pulled herself off the sofa and staggered into the shower to get ready for her date. Ann whimpered for a few minutes longer, then she passed out from exhaustion, still tied down on the sofa. Joey quietly left for her date, leaving Ann's body tied to the sofa.

"If you're still there when I get back," Joey whispered on her way out, kissing Ann's pouting lips as she slept. "I'll tell you all the juicy details about my date while I show you some more fun things to do with my little plastic toy."

Fortunately for Ann, she was discovered (and eventually freed) late that night by the janitor - but not before he had some fun of his own as payment for untying her. But that's not a subject for this site or part of this story.

(Joey Heatherton beat Ann-Margret 116-92 in the vote.)