Leah Remini vs. Patricia Heaton by TNT

"Taste some more leather, sweetie!" the aggressive beauty snipped as she fired three hard and fast punches to her dazed rivals' lovely but pain-twisted, countenance.

"Uhhhh...unggggh....umppppff..." Patricia grunted as each blow smacked into her head. The once primed and proper beauty's lovely eyes rolled and she whimpered as a tight incredibly hard boxing glove sunk deep into her stomach. She sucked air and tried to steady herself as her knees began to wobble.

"Finish her!" the excited crowd chanted as Leah stepped back, raised her arms and looked around, then looked back to her dazed, but still quite lovely and amazingly and somewhat defiantly upright, opponent.

"Nah; gonna have a bit more fun first," she mused as she looked down at her unsteady rival’s full breasts as they bulged out the bodice of her low-cut, torn, satiny blouse. "Everybody’d love a little show before I finish this smartass bitch!" Leah thught as she tucked her gloves under her arms and, one after the other, pulled them off. She flexed her taped fingers, grabbed a handful of luscious shiny hair and pulled Patricia hard and fast to the ring’s ropes.

"Nooooooo...YIEEEEEEEE!!" Patricia squealed as she smacked into the ropes.

The few seconds she hung on were just enough time for Leah to grab the back of her blouse and rip down hard. Patricia screamed as she felt her top yield to her angry rival and realized that her upper body was clad only in her black lace plunging bra. Most of the crowd was cheering wildly and quite happy that Leah had added a distinctive "catfight flavor" to the boxing bout.

"C'mon girl, lets have some more fun, whaddya say?" Leah snarled as she reached out fast.

"Nuhhyaahhhh.....won't SOMEbody, ANYbody...please come to my rescue?" Patricia's frantic beautiful eyes seemed to plead as she clung to the top rope, holding her swaying body up as she stared blankly out into the wildly cheering crowd, wondering how she’d ever gotten herself into this predicament.

She sighed, knowing all too well how she’d come to this ignominious end. "Too many drinks, and my damn hot temper," she mused as she groaned another weak protest as Leah painfully yanked her hair to force her back to mid-ring for more play.

Patricia and some of her friends had been in a quiet, out of the way bar where they’d heard they held special ‘hot fights’ featuring both celebrities as well as some local talent. The story hadn’t specified that all the combatants would be female… or that Leah would be there…or that Leah would spot Patricia in the crowd and egg her on by issuing an ego challenge to her! No, nobody had told Patricia ANY of that!

Tonight, petite bombshell Leah had arrived dressed for action; short, tight boxing trunks and a sports bra. She’d already fought three times and had beaten two local strippers and then knocked the stuffing out of Pam Anderson, literally if not figuratively! Her first two opponents had been dressed appropriately (for strippers) while Pam. who was also in the audience, had been wearing a very sexy dress. To the crowds delight, Pam stripped down to bra and panties for the fight. Patricia had laughed and snickered with the rest of the crowd as she watched Pam succumb to Leah's lightning fast, efficient punches. The sight of the busty blonde reeling from Leah's pounding punches; her big boobs bouncing, was quite something. But then it was Patricia's turn! How could she save face and not fight? Well, now it wasn't only her face she was concerned about, but the rest of her body...and her dignity!

"Nuyaaaaahh. OUCH! Let GO of my hair, you stupid bitch!"

"Not a real smart thing to say," Patricia realized as she felt Leah slam a sharp elbow down hard into the small of her back in payback for her smart-ass remark and name calling. She grunted as the back of her head seemed to burst into fire courtesy Leah's strong, twisting fingers.

"Get off the ropes Patricia honey, lets have some more fun," Leah chirped as she pulled her opponent off the ropes, gave her face a blistering bitchslap, then raised her open palms and smashed them into two full breasts. Patricia gasped once again in pain and took several steps back, her flailing arms and big gloves seemingly undecided whether to rub her head or her smarting chest.

"The gloves, lady; the gloves," the amused potbellied ref shouted as he scooped up Leah's' gloves and trotted over to her. Leah watched Patricia continue her backward, comic, drunken sailor-like saunter, as she turned halfway and grabbed the gloves out of the refs' hands.

"OK, if I must!" Leah sniffed as she quickly pulled them back on. The ref laced them up as rapidly as possible while admiring both women's beauty. Like most of the crowd, he favored Leah and was hoping for more than just a boxing match; especially since Patricia's raspy voice, bitchy attitude and loveliness combined to make her the perfect victim (i.e., a punching bag for the lovely Leah.)

"Go pound her good, Miss. And if you want, feel free to strip the bitch too," the ref said with a bit of hopeful lustiness; his comment bringing the smile back to Leah's lips as she smacked her gloves together. Leah gave the old duffer a swift kick in the butt to move him aside, then trotted toward Patricia who had recovered and now looked mad as hell!

"Gonna kick your sweet little ass, Leah!" Patricia snarled. WHAM! WHAM!

"Huhhhhmpfffh!" Leah's surprised look and her loud grunt stunned both she and Patricia as, somehow, her rival met her fast approach with two quick punches to her face. But Patricia's blows stung more than they hurt and Leah recovered quickly.

"Tsk-tsk! You hit like a girl, bitch!" Leah snapped as she dug a solid hook deep into Patricia's soft stomach. Two lovely, completely surprised, eyes rolled back as Pat doubled over and her trembling gloved hands dropped to her churning gut. "You're just too predictable, too easy," Leah cooed as she fired a hook to Patricia's jaw that sent her staggering.

"Unnnnhhhhhh...I give. I GIVE!! St....stop hitting me," Patricia whined as Leah snapped several, quick but light blows to her unprotected head, ribs and arms. "AWWWWWWCK! Are you deaf you dumb broad? Stop hitting me. I said I give up!" Patricia wailed angrily, her demanding tone bringing an instant smile to Leah's' confident face. Suddenly, Patricia straightened up and cut loose with a barrage of powerful but totally wild punches. Leah barely ducked the first one but she easily avoided or blocked the rest as she danced back and mocked Patricia, dodging her punches easily, effortlessly, letting her wear herself out burning up her much needed energy. The crowd was soon on its feet cheering, waiting for the inevitable - and hopeful hot - finish.

"Get back here, you coward! Stand still chicken-shit!" Patricia bellowed with all the authority of a girls boarding school head mistress and the charm of a first class matronly nag.

Leah almost burst into uncontrolled laughter herself as she noted her rival's increasing rage and the audience's delight as Patricia's full breasts were bulging a bit more out of her lace bra cups with each move she made. "One, two, three, four..." Leah mentally counted patiently as she ducked several more of Patricia's wild, undisciplined haymakers. Timing, as they say, is everything; and unbeknowst to her, Patricia's "time" was coming slowly, surely.

"Grrrrr! ARGGGGGH!" Patricia cocked her fist, took careful aim, cut loose with a savage growl as she lunged; her fist slamming into only empty air, her glove came to a soundless halt as her belly button took the brunt of Leah's uppercut and her naval felt the burn as her mid-section was slammed back several painful inches.

"Uhhhhhhhh!" the lovely actress grunted, her entire belly erupting in agony from the impact made of a regulation Everlast boxing glove.

"Gotcha sweetstuff," Leah whispered, her soft confident voice sounding like a smart-ass foghorn in Patricia's ears. "Sooooo sorry," Leah chirped, her tone dripping insincerity. "Now how about putting on a show for your fans, huh girl?" she purred as she slipped a glove under Patricia's chin and eased her body upright, holding her as her other hand flashed out and two solid punches slammed into each of Patricia's full breasts from below. "Nice boobs, real nice," Leah laughed as each firm breast was jettisoned up and out of its lace cup to make a grand appearance; delighting the crowd and flooding the refs' face with satisfaction. Patricia's face turned several shades of pink as she felt a hard knee slam up into her crotch. "Oh my, two lost puppies; someone call the pound!" Leah shouted as she smiled, licked her lips and treated each beautiful breast with a light stinging punch. Patricia grunted, staggered back and slowly raised her gloves to her breasts.

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Relishing Patricia's uncanny predictability, Leah fired light but solid punches to Patricia's ribs, then launched a series of stinging punches to Patricia's jutting jaw. THUD! THUD! THUD! Patricia grunted and groaned, her arms flailing helplessly as her now naked breasts bounced and jiggled with each blow, adding a much needed element of eroticism to this one-sided bout.

"Finish her!" the crowd screamed.

"Why of course, and with delight," Leah replied (in her mind.) Strangely, Leah wasn't sure if the crowd had shouted the order or if she'd only imagined it. Leah was a bit bored with the evening but she was one hot blooded fighter and this, her fourth, match had been one big delight though and had given her a lot of satisfaction. Silly smart-ass Patricia; so pretty, so bitchy...so easy!

"Oh Heaton! Patricia dear, stick out those boobs a bit more for us. OK hon?" Leah laughed as she fired an uppercut to the chin that set Patricia flying backward with her lovely chest thrown out; perfect position for two more of Leah's "boobie punches" to each breast. A punch to each eye produced "shiners", something Patricia could keep as an appropriate momento of the fight, then... "Say goodnite to all of your dear fans, Patty dear," Leah chirped as she pushed a glove up under her dazed rivals chin, lifting her head, and grinned.

"Perfect position, for perfect Patricia," Leah whispered as she cocked her arm and... WHAM! Her perfect uppercut slammed into Patricia's perfectly positioned chin! Her lovely head snapped back and she slowly toppled over, her eyes closed, already out before she crashed to the canvas on her back!

"And the winner is..." the refs' words screeched to a halt, or more like morphed into a muffled grunt as Leah landed her well-placed punch slightly below the belt. Both ref and rival hit the canvas at the same time.

"Gonna blow this place quick! Maybe I can find a SUITABLY CHALLENGING OPPONENT over at the PORNSTAR FIGHT CLUB!"