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Part II - Breaking The News: (Christy Hefner and Cara Wakelin vs. Karen McDougal) by Irish

Karen had just returned to her dressing room and now that she had the chance to relax, the aches and pains of the match really begun to hit her hard. She heard a knock at the door and looked through the peephole to see who it was. It was Christy Hefner, the editor of the magazine with her new toy Cara Wakelin.

Karen opened the door and stepped aside to let Christy and Cara enter. Karen was all smiles, expecting to be named cover model for the newsstand special. She had a small part in Charlie's Angels and had costarred with Lisa Dergan in 'The Arena.' With the exposure of the magazine, Karen's career was really starting to look up.

Christy pushed past Karen, then turned around and stopped halfway into the room while Cara closed the door and slowly came up behind McDougal. Karen sensed that something was wrong when Christy turned to face her and wasn't smiling.

Karen's smile faded as she stopped a few feet from Christy and asked, "What's up?"

Before Christy had a chance to answer, Cara drilled Karen in the back of the head and spat, "Not you bitch!"

Karen was knocked forward, landing facefirst at Christy's feet. The blow caught her completely by surprise and she couldn't even get her arms up in time to break her fall. Karen had been knocked out by the double collision, but that wouldn't last long.

Christy shot a look at Cara and scolded her saying, "I'd planned on having a little fun with her before we broke the news."

Cara just put on a wicked smile and said, "Don't worry boss. There's more than one way to skin a cat."

When she planted a wet kiss on Christy's lips, a chill ran down Christy's spine as she got goose bumps from the unprovoked show of affection. Christy had hoped Cara would want to repay her for the cover shot - but this was too good to be true.

Cara grabbed the still unconscious McDougal by the hair and hauled her to her knees in front of a smiling Hefner. As Cara stood behind Karen, she told Christy to take her pants off so she could help revive Karen. Cara reached under Karen's arms, locking her in a full nelson. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Karen's head back so that it was tilted slightly. Though she was battered and bruised, Karen was still a tempting sight for the loved-starved Christy.

As if reading Christy's lust-fogged mind, Cara said, "Now help me revive her with a little mouth to crotch resuscitation."

It took a second for Cara's statement to register but Christy was soon rubbing herself in anticipation of the unexpected treat.

Christy warned Cara, "Whatever you do, don't let go. I've seen her fight and she'll kill us both if she breaks free."

Cara reassured Christy she could easily snap Karen's neck if she had to. Christy moved into position and began to gyrate her hips as she rubbed her womanhood on Karen's mouth. Karen regained consciousness just as Christy climaxed. She was furious as she struggled to break free from her captors. At first, Christy was scared and jumped back, but when she saw how well Cara was restraining Karen, she started to taunt the helpless beauty.

"Hey Karen, remember when you first came to the mansion and I accidentally walked in on you in the shower? That was no accident! I wanted to fuck you ever since then and now it's looks like I'm finally going to get my chance."

Christy knelt before Karen and said, "Grandma what big tits you have."

"All the better for me to suck!" Christy sighed while she sucked, twisted and playfully bit Karen's breasts.

Karen could stand the humiliation no longer. While she couldn't break free from Cara's grip, she could and did spit in Christy's face as her only method of defiance.

Christy was now the furious one as she screamed, "You fucking cunt!" and began swinging wildly at Karen's face and chest.

After about a minute of swinging, Christy backed off when her hands began to hurt from the blows and she was becoming winded. Her anger had not passed though, and she began kicking Karen in her belly.

Christy asked, "Who's the bad ass now bitch?"

Karen was barely able to answer, "Certainly not you, you fucking tramp!"

Christy delivered one more angry blow, nailing Karen right between her legs and causing her to pass out from the pain. Cara released her hold as Karen crumpled to the floor. She was really impressed with the show of strength by Christy as she let loose with the nasty assault on Cara's fellow Playmate. Cara was about to climax herself. She had found the entire time that she'd spent in Karen's room very arousing and she wanted to orgasm the same way Christy had.

Christy had begun to cool down and told Cara, "We have to get out of here. Maybe we'll call Julia down to mop up for us."

But Cara would have none of that; she wanted Karen to perform the same courtesy for her she had for CEO Christy Hefner.

Cara rolled Karen onto her back with her arms at her sides. She told Christy to sit on Karen's waist facing her head and hold down her wrists. It was now Cara's turn. She squatted on Karen's face facing Christy and began to smile as she ground her bush on the helpless Playmate's flushed face.

Karen was soon awake again but found it hard to breath under Cara's weight. She began to panic as she realized she had to do something fast before she passed out for a third time. With the next sweep of flesh across her face, Karen sunk her teeth into Cara's pussy. Cara fell forward in an effort to free herself and banged into Christy unseating her.

With her arms free, Karen released her bite and shoved Cara away, then she scrambled to her feet. Cara was on her immediately. In a fair fight, Cara at only 5'5"and 113lbs., wouldn't have much of a chance against a bigger. more experienced fighter like Karen, but this wasn't a fair fight. Karen had been in a fight for her life with two other women earlier and now, before she even had a chance to catch her breath, Cara and Christy had used Pearl Harbor tactics to incapacitate her, beat her, and humiliate her in her own dressing room. She was running on pure adrenaline and had no idea how much longer she could last.

As Cara approached, both women locked up in a test of strength. Karen fell backwards slightly dragging Cara forward and downward. With Cara was in position, Karen drove her foot right between Cara's legs standing her upright. As a wave of pain washed over her face, Karen let rip again this time sending her right knee into Cara's pussy and causing her to crumple to her knees. Karen released Cara's hands and grabbed her hair. Holding her head upright with her left hand, Karen began punching Cara in the face with her balled up right fist.

Christy had recovered by this time, however, and she charged into Karen from behind. Christy dove into Karen, nailing her behind the knees with a shoulder tackle. Karen flew across the room headfirst and landed hard on the carpet causing rug burns on her already injured breasts. Christy crawled up Karen's legs and threw several knees to Karen's lower back. Christy scooted upward, straddling Karen's injured back as she locked both hands in Karen's hair and jerked back with all her might, causing pain to shoot up Karen's spine.

Karen was pulling forward with all her might trying to break the hold when Christy abruptly let go causing Karen's face to crash into the floor. Christy quickly grabbed hold of Karen's hair again and reapplied the hold. Karen was being tortured by the hold as Christy wrenched back with all her might.

Karen switched her escape plan as she quickly squirmed and wriggled her body over between Christy's thighs. The sweat of their bodies acted as a lubricant and allowed Karen to get over on her back facing Christy. But she hadn't completely escaped. Surprised by the quickness of the move, but before Karen could go on the offensive, Christy raked her nails over Karen's breasts and locked on a double breast claw.

Karen wailed in pain but she was able to return the favor, locking onto Christy's smaller orbs and the tit battle was on. Both women were giving as well as they got until Karen was finally able to bounce Christy off of her. It was now all McDougal as she began blasting Christy with so many rights that Christy began to beg for a left. What Karen didn't realize was that Cara had regained her feet and was about to come to the aid of her partner.

Cara let fly with a devastating kidney punch that instantly stopped Karen's assault. A second kidney punch forced Karen to release her hold on Christy. With the third punch to her kidneys Karen dropped to her knees and tried to protect her lower back by reaching back with her hands.

Cara knew she'd found a weak spot and grabbed Karen's hair trying to break the beauty in half. Cara knelt on Karen's ankles pinning her legs to the ground, then tucked Karen's head under her left arm and clamped her in a reverse headlock. As Cara rocked forward and down, it increased the pressure and pain on Karen's weakened neck and back. Karen was on the verge of unconsciousness as the incredible pain sapped her of all her strength.

Hef had returned from his business trip early and was looking forward to a quiet evening at home, so he was surprised to see all the cars at the mansion. As he entered his home he was drawn to the room known as 'The Arena' by the commotion he heard from down the hall. Hef entered just in time to see Julia and Alex being helped from the ring. He grabbed the first person that he found and asked what was going on although he already knew the answer before he asked the question. While the cat was away the mice threw a party!

As Hef looked around, he realized the third woman he'd been considering for the cover, Karen McDougal, was missing from the arena. Hef began searching for his wayward daughter Christy; she had some serious explaining to do. This wasn't what he had in mind when he gave her the authority to decide between the three women.

Back in Karen's room, Christy was up on her knees and ready to rejoin the party. She crawled over to where Cara had Karen trapped, cranked back and delivered a roundhouse punch to Karen's fully stretched stomach. Karen tightened her stomach muscles in an attempt to relieve some of the pain but Christy just got more angry when she saw her attack hadn't had the desired affect. She targeted her attack a bit lower and slammed Karen between the legs with all her might.

Whatever fight Karen may have had left in her was drained from her body by the wickedly aimed punch. Christy began to rain punches down onto Karen's belly and breasts, feeling her fists sink into the softening flesh and each blow brought a wider smile to her pursed lips.

"Who does this bitch think she is?" thought Christy. "We're just going to have to beat some respect into her."

Just then the door swung open and Hef stood in the doorway. He pulled the fighting women apart and Karen once more slumped face first to the floor. Hef ordered Cara and Christy to leave and called for the house doctor.

Hef knew exactly what had happened and he apologized over and over while the doctor tended Karen's injuries. He swore that he'd make it up to her. But the only thing on Karen's mind was revenge. Karen told Hef she'd think of something to even things up but that she expected him not to interfere despite the fact his daughter was involved.

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