3-way Match Pt. 3 - Karen McDougal vs. Christy Hefner & Cara Wakelin by Irish

Hef apologized up and down to Karen McDougal and promised her the cover of the newsstand special. When he asked her how he could make it up to her, Karen wasted no time in telling him; a two on one handicap match against both his daughter Christy and Cara Wakelin. Karen added one more demand for the match....a referee with no Playboy affiliation. Hef agreed when Karen stated she had a fair and impartial girl in mind.

Hef really didn't want to subject his daughter to a match, but he had promised Karen "anything" and figured Christy had to learn to take responsibility for her actions. When Hef broke the news to Christy and Cara, his daughter wanted nothing to do with the wildcat.

She begged her father to find a way out for her, but Hef stated, "Sorry, a promise is a promise. Maybe Karen'll teach you a lesson in responsibility."

When Hef left the room Christy was beside herself. All she could think about was the punishment Karen was capable of dishing out. Cara grabbed her and tried to calm her down, reminding her the two of them had already weakened Karen. If they concentrated on attacking her injuries they'd have a very good chance against her.

"Look Christy," Cara said, "she wants a match, let's give her a match she'll never forget! She picked the sides, we'll pick the time and place."

Christy was confused at what Cara was suggesting, but when she explained it to her, Christy grew wet with excitement.

Cara explained, "We demand to fight right away, not give her a chance to heal. We both work on her back and take her right out of the fight. Second, we fight her in front of as large a crowd as possible. Just think of what will happen to that cunt's career once we beat the shit out of her and then take turns riding her face 'til she drowns in our juices."

Christy grinned, "Yeah, the only work she'll get after that will be as an extra in lesbian porn movies!"

"And just to be on the safe side," Cara added, "we'll make sure Julia has a front row seat."

Christy was on board and she charged down the hall to Hef's office.

"OK, we'll take that bitch on.... the sooner the better!" Christy ranted and raved. "We want to fight her center stage, in front of everyone in Hollywood on Saturday night. She'll be the one being taught a lesson."

Then Christy left the room laughing, and headed straight to see Julia Schultz.

Saturday night arrived and the arena was packed. It was a who's who of Hollywood.

Hef made his way to the ring where he explained the background behind tonight's match, then introduced a special guest referee, "Ladies and gentleman let's give a warm Playboy welcome to Kyla Cole, a former model from Gallery Magazine."

Kyla made her way down to ringside as every male in the audience went nuts at the sight of the brunette beauty. Next Christy and Cara were introduced and strutted their way down to the ring high-fiveing, waving to all their imagined fans. As they passed near Karen's corner, they smiled at Julia Schultz who was sitting in the front row.

Christy had on a conservative one-piece black bathing suit with black wrestling boots while Cara wore a very small, very tight, red thong bikini. Cara strutted around the ring sticking out her chest trying to rally some support for herself and Christy until Karen was announced.

When Karen was introduced, she made her way down to the ring as the fans went crazy, crushing toward the aisle to get a good look, to touch her or shake her hand. Karen was an extremely popular Playmate and heavily favored in the fight. Soon, however, everyone realized she was walking very stiffly and began to wonder why. Karen had chosen a black bikini that showed off her magnificent curves to best advantage.

As Karen approached the ring she was distracted when Julia jumped to her feet and quickly got in her face. Christy and Cara laughed as they saw their plan begin to unfold. No matter what, after their confrontation, the thought of Julia possibly interfering would be in Karen's mind for the rest of the night.

Kyla quickly jumped down from the ring to separate Julia and Karen. She urged Karen to the ring with some simple advice, concentrate on the match and don't worry about her. Then Kyla warned Julia to keep out of the fight before she returned to the ring. She called Karen and Cara, who would be starting the match, to the center of the ring. Karen stared holes right through Cara.

Karen desperately her revenge on the two blondes for attacking her in her room and although the odds were 2:1 against her, she was confident of winning a fair fight. Just in case Christy and Cara didn't plan on fighting fair, Karen had insurance in referee Kyla Cole, an old friend of hers. When Karen asked Kyla to referee, she told her, "Call it right down the middle, just watch my back if those two sluts try anything funny."

Kyla finished her instructions and had just called for the bell when Cara said, "Wait one minute," and removed the top of her bikini. She stepped back and began shaking her bare breasts for all to see. The mostly male audience showed their appreciation for her effort.

Cara stepped back up to Karen and said, "OK bitch, why don't you whip out those old war horses and we'll see who the people prefer, a hot young talent or a dried up old cunt."

At first Karen was leery, she knew her breasts were still scratched and bruised from the recent fights, but she couldn't let this young slut show her up. Karen was very proud of her awesome body so she reached up behind her neck and started to untie the strap that held her top up as she and Cara continued to glare at each other. When Karen let go, her top slipped down below her breasts. Cara had her poker face on as Karen reached around behind her back to untie the lower string and release her top.

Just as Karen had both hands on the knot at the back of her suit, Cara let fly with a roundhouse punch that caught the brunette beauty flush on the chin snapped her head backward. Before Karen knew what hit her, her back was against the ropes and Cara was working over her lush body like she was pounding a heavy punching bag.

Kyla was as surprised by Cara's sneak attack as Karen but she quickly separated them and shoved Cara back toward her corner and started to berate her for the underhanded sneak attack. Cara just laughed at Kyla for she knew the attack had embarrassed as well as physically hurt Karen. Cara returned to her corner to be rewarded with a big hug from her partner Christy.

The stoppage in the action gave Karen a chance to catch her breath. Now more then anything she wanted to kill Wakelin. Kyla checked to see if Karen was ready to continue and when she nodded, Kyla ordered the two women to fight.

Cara went for the same big roundhouse punch a second time but Karen easily ducked under it and began to rock Cara with body blows that knocked the wind out of her. It was Cara's turn to be on the receiving end this time as Karen battered her back into a corner and continued to light her up. When Karen stopped swinging, Cara just crumbled to the mat leaning against the corner turnbuckle. Karen grabbed both top ropes and began stomping Cara until she was no longer able to defend herself.

Karen looked across the ring and eyed Christy. She too had a debt to pay. Karen hauled Cara to her feet by the hair and whipped her across the ring into her corner. Cara crashed into the corner, striking Christy and knocking her off the ring apron onto the arena floor.

Kyla immediately singled that a tag had been made and ordered Christy into the ring. Christy had just gotten to her feet and wanted nothing to do with the match. Kyla climbed through the ropes, grabbed Christy by the hair and threw her into the ring under the bottom rope to the enraged Karen. Karen began hammering away on Christy, targeting her soft stomach. Christy was no match for Karen and was beaten to her knees pleading for mercy.

That was when Julia Schultz climbed onto the ring apron behind Karen and began to taunt her. Karen quickly forgot all about Christy and turned her attention to Julia. As Karen approached Julia, the war of words turned violent as Julia locked onto both of Karen's breast with her claws. Karen was in excruciating pain but she grabbed Julia's wrists and tried to defend against her brutal attack.

Before Karen had a chance to pry off Julia's grip, Julia jumped down from the ring apron, pulling Karen's bare breasts down over the top rope as Julia maintained her claw hold and hung with her entire weight supported by Karen's breasts. Karen was screaming in pain as her breasts were being stretched beyond her threshold of pain.

Kyla's had her eyes on Christy who was crawling toward Cara to make a tag when she heard Karen scream. Kyla jumped out of the ring and ran around to where Julia was dangling from Karen's breasts and began hitting her to break her grip.

In the meantime, Christy had tagged Cara and, now refreshed and recovered, Cara charged Karen from behind. She began a viscous attack on Karen's weakened back, including several kidney punches. With Kyla and Karen both struggling to break Julia's grip, Karen was defenseless to the blind-side attack leaving Cara free to pound her at will.

Kyla finally grabbed a steel chair and struck Julia across her back breaking her grasp on Karen's breast. For the first time, Karen realized how badly her back hurt. Using one arm to cradle her injured breasts, Karen reached back to protect her back with the other. But it was hopeless, Karen was in big trouble!

Cara wrapped her arms around Karen from behind, lifted her in the air and executed a perfect Olympic slam. Karen lay stunned, motionless on the mat, but Cara wasn't finished yet. She picked Karen up by her hair, lifted her up, jumped and drove her to the mat with a punishing power slam. Cara lifted Karen up again and this time she dropped her across her knee in a backbreaker. Suddenly, the same Christy who moments before had refused to even get in the ring was begging to get a piece of Karen.

With Karen laying motionless in the opposite corner, Cara ran over and tagged in Christy who raced across the ring, straddled Karen, reached down and grabbed both nipples, then stood up - stretching Karen's tender and wounded breasts again. This time it was Karen begging to be set free. Christy knew it was time to humiliate Karen to the point where she'd be too ashamed to ever show her face in public again.

Christy leaned down and asked Karen in a voice loud enough to be heard over the Arena's PA system's mike, "If I let you go, you're going to have to come back to my room and service both me and Cara for the rest of the weekend. Hell, you'll have to service us for a long, long, time!" screamed the maniacal Christy.

Karen was in so much pain; she wished that she would just pass out so the pain would stop. But as badly as she was hurting, she'd never agree to Christy's demand and she shouted back, "Never!"

"Wrong answer," Christy screamed back at Karen.

Christy let go of Karen's breast and began to take off her own suit. Christy wasn't an exhibitionist like the Playmates, but all she could think of was squatting on Karen's face and riding her to a climax so all in attendance could see for themselves what a worthless slut Karen was.

Christy tossed her bathing suit to Julia and squatted down over Karen's face. But before she made it all the way down, Karen threw a forearm smash that hit Christy right between the legs, the low blow dropping her crumpled to the mat.

Karen rolled Christy over on her belly and was about to renew her attack on her when Julia grabbed both of Karen's ankles and dragged her back into the corner, smashing Karen's crotch on the steel corner ring post.

Reacting to Julia's interference too late to prevent the damage to Karen's crotch, Kyla again charged after Julia. This time when she got her hands on her, Kyla held her until event security arrived. Kyla ordered them to remove Julia from the arena.

With Kyla once more distracted, Cara had jumped back into the ring and dragged Christy to their corner. Then Cara grabbed Karen by the hair, dragged her to the middle of the ring and drove her knee into Karen's lower back. With Karen writhing in pain, Cara locked on a camel clutch and hauled back until Karen began to scream in agony. Christy had crawled out of the corner and when she reached Karen, she pushed her nose right up against Karen's so they were face to face.

"When I get you back to my room," Christy taunted. "I'm going to use my 10" strap-on to fuck you right in that tight little ass you're so damn proud of. You'll never work in this town again after I show the video around to all the studios."

Kyla finally made her way back to the ring and ordered Cara to break the hold. Kyla ruled that Christy was still the legal person in the ring and Cara would have to leave. After some heated words between them, Cara released the hold, stomped on Karen's back one last time and returned to her corner.

Christy hauled Karen to her feet and whipped her into the ropes. As Karen's body rebounded off, Christy lowered her head for a sunset flip. But Karen stopped short and slammed a knee into Christy's face knocking her over on her back. Karen did a knee drop to Christy's belly that took all the air out of her, then she began wailing away at her face. Cara tried to come in to help her partner but Kyla cut her off.

When she could not get around Kyla, Cara yelled, "She can't do that!" and pointed at Karen.

When Kyla turned to see what Cara was complaining about, Cara nailed her with a sucker punch that knocked her to the mat. Cara spread Kyla's legs and stomped the heel of her foot down onto Kyla's pussy. With Kyla almost unconscious from the pain, Cara kicked her over and over until she rolled out under the bottom rope and fell to the arena floor.

With Karen still flailing away at Christy, Cara climbed to the top rope and tried to nail Karen with a big splash but Karen saw it coming and dove out of the way just in time. Cara came crashing down right on top of her partner Christy! Karen pulled Cara over and threw her on top of Christy in the middle of the ring. Then with a triumphant scream, Karen leapt in the air and came down on top of them both and pinned them as Kyla got to her feet and slapped the ring apron for a three count.

As they left the ring together, leaning on one another for support, Karen and Kyla exchanged a look and Kyla asked, "You know when you asked me to ref this, you never said what a bunch of cheating, low-life sluts you were up against. Maybe you can set it up for you and me to take on Julia Schultz and Cara Wakelin."

"Blonde vs. Brunette Tag Team next?"