Katherine Heigl vs. Natasha Henstridge by Jackflash

Hollywood rarely needs a reason to throw a party, but a birthday is always a good excuse for revere. And so it came to pass that a soiree thrown in the Beverly Hills home of a producer was nominally in honor of Natasha’s 30th birthday. The guest of honor glided through the crowd, accepting well wishes as the champagne flowed, and accepting compliments on her Italian mini-dress, which amply displayed both her ample gams and her equally ample bosom, of which she was rightfully proud. Two children and thirty years on the planet or not, Natasha still had the hard body of an 18 year, and she knew it…and thanks to this dress, everyone at the party knew it as well.

Of course, not all in attendance at the party were willing to wish the birthday girl their best wishes.

“So,” came a catty voice behind Natasha. “I suppose this is also your going away party?”

The statuesque Canadian turned to see Katherine Heigl facing her. The sneer in Katherine’s voice was no surprise. Both blondes, in addition to being actresses, were quite active in the LA catfighting scene, and Katherine had been making noise for a few months now about challenging Natasha. Natasha knew it was only a matter of time before the younger woman tried to prod her into a fight.

“And why would you say that, dear?” Natasha asked with feigned naiveté.

“Oh, it just seems sooo obvious,” came the brazen reply. “I mean, let’s face it; time isn’t being very kind with you is it? It must take a whooooole lot more time in the makeup chair each morning to hide the crow’s feet around your eyes and I can’t be the ONLY one seeing the sag in your boobs….am I?”

Natasha bristled because while she was fabled for keeping her emotions in check, particularly in battle, she knew that Katherine was trying to bait her and yet there was no denying the younger woman knew precisely what already frayed nerve to pluck like a harpist playing a tune! For while Natasha’s body was still a magnificent vessel, like many beauty’s she harbored the secret fear that the day was fast approaching when age would start to take its toll on her. Katherine sensed her unease - and cannily played upon it like a virtuoso! The Amazon blonde’s nostrils flared and her eyes blazed with anger, but she held her tongue in check…which didn’t stop her rival from plunging the knife in deeper - and then twisting it!

“And from what I hear,” Katherine purred cattily. “You’re not doing so well in your fights. Oh, you still win a lot, but word is your wins have been against some pretty UNimpressive opponents. So tell us, Natasha…what goes first; stamina or reflexes?”

“Both are just fine,” Natasha replied with a cold edge in her voice. “In fact, they’re never better. I’m at my peak now, so clearly, what you’ve been hearing is wrong, dead wrong!!”

“So,” Katherine responds with a mocking intonation, hands on her hips, her body language challenging the other blond to try something. “Has senility set in too?”

Both women are wearing mini-skirt dresses, cut high enough to reveal the garters supporting their black lace hose. The men who watched this catty exchange were awestruck by both women’s taut bodies and sculpted legs.

With a wry smile and a twinkle in her eyes, Natasha ups the ante. “Care to put yourself to the test, bitch?”

Katherine returns the self-assured smile and says, “Loser retires?”

Natasha appears to be taken aback by the suddenly monumental stakes, but it only takes a heartbeat for her to reply. “Such a shame your burgeoning career is coming to an abrupt end tonight, darling.”

The two women say nothing further, slipping off their high heels while the spectators, all experienced at such battles, move against the walls to give the combatants as much room as possible. Kicking their shoes aside, the two women circle like cats, probing for the right moment to strike. Suddenly, as if on cue, they lunge simultaneously; hands dig into blond manes, ripping and tearing, rending expensive coiffures as they struggle belly-to-belly and breast-to-breast as each tries to overpower the other!

Suddenly, Natasha twists and manages to flip Katherine over her hip to the floor. A kick to the ribs rolls the younger woman over onto her belly, and Natasha mounts Katherine on her back, grabbing her foe’s hair and then ramming her face repeatedly into the floor. But before she can be battered senseless, Katherine plants the palms of her hands to the floor and pushes herself up with a grunt. Natasha, caught unawares by the sudden move, falls off of her opponent to the carpet. Every instinct in Katherine’s body urges her to press her sudden advantage. But she knows she needs to take a few moments to recover from the pounding she has just received and that gives Natasha the time she needs to roll to her feet.

The blondes both rise now and cautiously circle each other, hands darting out only to be swatted away. Then, with cobra speed, Natasha suddenly crouches and lashes her left foot out, sweeping Katherine’s legs out from under her and sending her crashing back to the carpet. But as Natasha lunges at her prone foe, Katherine’s foot darts up, catching her square in the chin as she dives forward. Eyes spinning from the blow, the Canadian’s head snaps violently backwards as her body collapses to the floor.

“See?” Katherine says with a sneer to the assembled crowd. “The reflexes Are the first to go. Honestly, Natasha, you’re just a pale imitation of the woman you were…and that woman at her best was never as good as I am right now.” Natasha growls in angry defiance, but before she can respond, Katherine’s fist slams into her jaw, further stunning her. Straddling her dazed foe, Katherine rains punches down before she switches to slapping to Natasha’s face and bouncy breasts. When she’s satisfied Natasha is suitably softened up by the beating, Katherine stands, grabs Natasha’s hair and pulls the blond to a sitting position. “I don’t know where you found that hideous rag,” Katherine hisses, motioning to Natasha’s expensive designer dress. “But since this’s your birthday, you oughta be suitably attired!”

Katherine pulls Natasha’s mini-dress up and off over her head, maliciously ripping the fabric to ruin it in the process, then she pulls and tugs Natasha’s thong down her long legs, leaving the proud blonde resplendent in her “birthday suit!” Turning to the spectators, Katherine holds the garments in both hands, displaying Natasha’s clothing like the trophies they have become before she tosses them to the spectators who scramble and squabble over them like spoils of war.

Had she been paying closer attention to Natasha instead of preening for the crowd, Katherine would’ve seen the blazing fury in Natasha’s eyes. The blond was justifiably proud of her magnificent body and wasn’t afraid to display it in all its splendor. But it’s one thing to CHOOSE to be nude and something quite different to be STRIPPED by a jealous enemy! As humiliation bred anger, Natasha found renewed focus that helped to clear her head of the fog. Unaware her seemingly helpless opponent was recovering, Katherine again straddled Natasha’s waist to resume torturing her.

Taking Natasha’s nipples between her fingers and pinching, Katherine hissed derisively, “At least THESE are real!”

Natasha was shrieking from the sudden pain…but at the same time, the pain shocked her system back to full recovery. With a sudden blur of motion, she swung both arms up, clapping the heels of her hands against Katherine’s temples! The shocked young blonde swooned back from the duel blows, and a palm thrust under her chin sent her tumbling over backward…right between Natasha’s waiting, spread legs! Like pythons, the Canadian’s powerful gams encircled Katherine’s head as, locking her ankles, Natasha began tightening her grip with the power of steel bands!

Katherine’s body thrashed as she struggled to free herself, but to no avail! The crushing pain robbing her of her strength and her arms flailed weakly; her hands feebly slapping the thighs squeezing her. Finally, Natasha released the vice grip Katherine couldn’t break herself and the smirk on her face showed how fully she enjoyed tormenting her rival. Next, a little tit for tat!

Grabbing Katherine’s mini-dress with both hands, the Canadian beauty coos, “Oh sweetie, you simply must avoid using cheap fabrics like THIS!” RIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!! She tears the dress from Katherine’s lush body, ripping it to shreds in the process and leaving Katherine in panties, garters and stockings.

But as Natasha starts to relieve Katherine of those garments, she sees Katherine stirring from her stupor so she pulls her to her feet and wraps her arms around the blonde in a bear hug. Katherine moans and gasps as her ribs are being crushed. In desperation, she rakes her nails across her tormentor’s eyes! With a startled howl, Natasha releases her bearhug and stumbles back frantically rubbing her eyes to clear her vision. Katherine lands hard onto her butt, her big breasts bouncing wildly! Holding her aching ribs and fighting back the tears welling in her eyes, Katherine sits up.

Natasha, her vision cleared, wastes no time firing a kick between Katherine’s massive breasts that sends her sprawling on her back, sliding across the carpeted floor. Natasha bounds over and throws herself on Katherine, using her powerful legs to grapevine Katherine’s legs as she pins down the impudent blonde’s arms with her hands on her biceps. Natasha’s heavng chest hovers over Katherine’s face and their eyes lock. Then, with a malicious smirk, Natasha lowers her breasts and begins to smother her foe into oblivion.

Or they would have, had the Canadian not acted slowly so as to provide better drama for the spectators. Her delay gave Katherine a brief window of opportunity - all she needed to turn her head just enough to sink her teeth into Natasha’s left breast! Natasha’s scream was bloodcurdling and she reared up and arched back in pain - only to find Katherine’s teeth still clamped firmly onto her battered mammary. A few wild punches to the head finally beat Katherine down, but left Natasha too shocked by the pain to react as Katherine scrambled back to her feet.

Grabbing Natasha’s hair close to the roots, the young woman hauled her up and wrapped her arms around Natasha’s torso. Before the plucky Canuck realized what was happening, Katherine lifted her into the air; then bent forward and drove Natasha’s body straight down…splitting Natasha’s limp legs and impaling her crotch on Katherine’s knee! Crumpling to the floor with a wail followed by pitiable sobbing, all power drained from Natasha’s lush-but-battered body.

With a conqueror’s delight, Katherine used her foot to roll her beaten rival onto her back where, as if to demonstrate her ability to do what Natasha was unable to do, she laid out full length atop Natasha and lowered her impressive breasts onto Natasha until her red face was wedged tight between the young blonde’s massive boobs. Smothered, unable to breath, her body wracked with pain, Natasha’s struggles rapidly slowed until she ceased movement completely.

Her lips curled into a satisfied smile, Katherine slowly sat up and gave Natasha’s right nipple a tweak which elicited no more response than a soft, dazed groan. Standing, the triumphant warrior planted a foot on her beaten foe’s breast and flattened it under the ball of her foot as she raised her arms and flexed her muscles in a show of dominance.

Katherine snapped, “Somebody drag this retiree’s body outta MY party.” Then with a spiteful sneer, she looked around the room and asked, “Anyone ELSE want a fast trip to retirement like that worthless slut?”

Several women, all active catfighters, sheepishly averted their eyes, unwilling to meet Katherine’s blazing glare and risk incurring her wrath. Only one woman was unafraid and looked Katherine squarely in the eye. For several long moments Katherine and Cat Bell stared at one another; a silent challenge made and accepted! But that story will be for another day…tonight there is only merriment for Katherine Heigl as she celebrates at what has become her victory party.

Poll results: Heigl=684; Henstridge=672