"It's My Party" Katherine Heigl-Katie Holmes & Laura Prepon by Interac

A huge party for hot young actresses under 25 was being held and among those attending was Katherine Heigl who was sporting a new haircut. Many of the women had been impressed with Katherine after she had won a huge fight with a woman many felt was unbeatable, Shannon Elizabeth.

Katherine was laughing away, basking in the glory of her triumph but Katie was looking over at her with disgust. Even though they were on the same network, Katie did not appreciate Katherine's way of getting noticed, fighting with other woman and wearing revealing clothing. Someone asked Katie why she don't do something about it then

Katie smiled, "What, do you think I'm afraid? Well I'm not and I'll prove it."

She went over to Katherine and shoved her down. Katherine looked up at Katie, shocked that Katie wanted to fight. Katie was motioning for Katherine to get up but instead of standing up, Katherine lashed out her feet and knocked Katie to the floor. Both ladies scurried up to their feet and Katie jumped, grabbing at Katherine's hair but Katherine nailed her with a knee to the stomach. Katie doubled over and Katherine grabbed her by the back of her long hair and slammed her back with a vicious whiplash.

Katherine grabbed Katie up by her ankles and started swinging her around until her body was being slung around parallel to the floor with her dress up over her head. Katie screamed to be let go, so Katherine let go and Katie went flying across the room. She hit the floor and groaned in pain as she rolled onto her belly and started crawling away.

Katherine herself was dizzy from spinning, but she recovered and started to walk after the crawling Katie. Katherine kicked her down with her foot between Katie's shoulder blades and kept it there as she bent down, grabbed Katie's arms, then leaned back pulling on them. Katie's screams filled the entire room. She was screaming her surrender, but Katherine would have none of that.

Finally, Katherine let Katie go but only long enough to pick her up by the back of the dress as she pulled it over Katie's body. Katie was now in her bra and panties as Katherine pulled her by the hair and threw her into a wall.

"You fucking little bitch," Katherine said. "You wanted to fight me? Ha! It's time to learn your lesson," as she choked Katie with one hand against the wall while using the other to continually punch Katie in the stomach.

Katherine stopped punching Katie and let her choke go. As Katie started to slide down the wall, Katherine grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the wall. Then Katherine viciously nailed a knee into Katie's stomach. As Katie pitched forward, Katherine slammed her head to the wall again, cracking the plaster this time. All the other women there were begging Katherine to stop, but she just looked at them, then smiled as she nailed a knee to Katie's pussy.

"I never wanted to fight," Katherine announced. "She started it. Well, you all saw she got off displaying her body in 'The Gift' but let's see how she likes showing it now."

Katherine released the front of Katie's bra and it fell away to reveal a very nice set of firm tits. Katie tried to fight back but Katherine started slapping her face over and over - forehand and backhand. Finally, she stopped and let Katie drop to the floor, her face red from the slaps and her stomach bruised from Katherine's punches and knees.

Katie was begging Katherine to stop but she ignored her pleas as she dropped her knee into Katie's stomach, then she pinned her arms at her sides as she schoolgirled her, punching her over and over in the boobs. Katherine dug her hands into Katie's breasts, and squeezed until Katie's tit flesh was oozing out between her fingers.

Katie screamed for help until she finally went limp and passed out from the pain. Katherine looked around as she still refused to give it up.

"Now I am gonna have some fun with the bitch," Katherine hissed malevolently.

But before she could do anything, Katherine was grabbed by the back of the hair and thrown to the ground. Quickly Katherine got up but as she looked around to see who had done this she knew that unlike Katie, this one wouldn't be an easy fight. She was staring right into Laura Prepon's flashing eyes.

As soon as Katherine got up Laura pushed her.

"You like taking people on like that? You did that to her now try and do it to me."

Laura slugged Katherine in the face knocking her down on her ass. Then Laura stood over her and dared Katherine to get up. Just as she had with Katie, Katherine tried to kick Laura's legs out from under her, but Laura stepped back and kept goading her to stand up.

Katherine got up and ran into Laura running her to the floor. Katherine immediately grabbed at Laura's long red hair but Laura grabbed at Katherine's arms and twisted her around, hitting a knee to the stomach then slamming her into the wall. Laura grabbed Katherine by the hair, swung her around and went for another knee but Katherine caught her leg and pushed Laura forward into the wall knocking the wind out of her.

While Laura tried to get her breath, Katherine ripped down the entire front of Laura's shirt to some 'ooh's' and 'ahhs.' But before she could do anything else, Laura scratched her eyes to stop Katherine's attack. Laura grabbed Katherine's short brown hair and pushed forward. The two large breasted young women crashing to the floor with Laura on top. She held onto Katherine's hair and started slapping her face while Katherine latched onto Laura's large breasts and squeezed with all her might. Laura screamed as Katherine bucked her hips and rolled her over so Katherine was on top. Katherine twisted the large breasts of her red headed rival and again Laura screamed. Forgetting about Katherine's hair, Laura tried to pry Katherine's hands off her tits but Katherine used her weight to maintain her tit claw.

Laura changed her tactic and started scratching at Katherine's arms, digging her nails in as far as they'd go. Katherine was screaming and her arms started to weaken so Laura then grabbed her wrists again and rolled them over, regaining the dominant position for herself. Laura was now on top, but Katherine got a handful of her hair and Laura instinctively grabbed Katherine's hair. Both women went rolling but Laura couldn't get a good enough grip and Katherine ended up on top. She made sure Laura knew it by starting to rip at her hair.

Katherine took two firm grips of Laura's red locks, digging deep into the scalp itself and pulled her head up, then slammed it to the floor. She repeated the move again and as Laura's eyes rolled back in her head, Katherine looked and grinned at the people standing around, then she slammed Laura's head into the floor once more.

Katherine stood up, hauling Laura up with her, and ran with Laura before throwing her into the air over a couch. Laura landed hard on the floor and lay still. Katherine walked around the side of the couch to where Laura was sprawled in bad condition, having trouble getting up.

Laura had just pulled herself a little way up using the couch for support when Katherine ran at her and kicked her hard in the ribs. Laura went flying backward, bouncing off the wall and landing on a coffee table. Katherine was enjoying the party tremendously so far, while Katie turned away every time Katherine looked her way.

"Watch this one," Katherine said as she cinched up Laura's legs with her feet tucked under her arms.

Katherine dropped backwards, flinging Laura over her in a slingshot. Laura nearly went right over the couch again, but her legs got caught and she just laid there. Katherine took off the rest of Laura's shirt and her bra, then hit her with a kidney punch. She was just toying with Laura now. Katherine went over to Laura's boyfriend and put Laura's bra around his neck, then she playfully kissed him.

Seeing her boyfriends face turn the same color as her red hair, Laura got off the couch ignoring her pain and ran at Katherine. Shocked, Katherine took Laura's shoulder into her belly as Laura drove her back and lifted her up as she ran and slammed her against the wall. Katherine's back arched from the impact and Laura rammed her shoulder into Katherine's stomach twice more. With Katherine winded, Laura ripped off her shirt off and punched away at Katherine's soft stomach with both fists.

Katherine was trying to fight back, but Laura was on a vicious streak as she came up grabbing Katherine's hair and bouncing the back of her head on the wall before nailing a knee into Katherine's stomach that doubled her over. Then Laura raked down Katherine's back leaving several red welts. As Katherine slumped on the wall, Laura hit her with kidney punch after kidney punch before she ended up nailing her with a knee lift to Katherine's nose.

Katherine's body sagged against the wall, she was hoping for an end to her punishment as she slid down and hit the floor on her butt. But Laura mounted her, sitting astride her lap. Laura looked at Katherine and pressed her bare breasts on her face smothering her. Katherine felt the fight leaving her as Laura's plentiful bosom was taking her out. Katherine hit Laura with some kidney punches but they didn't do much good. But then she let her hands snake down to Laura's belt line where she grabbed Laura's thong and jerked upward.

Laura shrieked at the wedgie and let go of her breast smother. She started to punch Katherine in the face over and over until Katherine had to let go of the wedgie. Laura got off of the now bloody Katherine, walking a little funny and trying to pick the wedgie out of her pussy and ass. By the time she got it fixed, Katherine was back on her feet, wobbly but standing.

Laura came in, grabbed Katherine by the hair and was about to punch her again when Katherine lifted Laura off her feet with a knee lift that nailed her flush between the legs. Laura dropped to her knees as if she'd been shot, no one could believe Katherine had gotten back into the fight, let alone put herself in a good position to win it!

Katherine pushed Laura over onto her back, stepped over her body and looked at some of the guests.

"Now I'm going to end this and her," Katherine announced solemnly.

But as that was said, Laura shot her foot up catching Katherine in her pussy. Katherine fell back and landed on her ass holding her crotch. There were tears in both women's eyes as they sat facing one another with their legs spread and their hands on their pussies.

Finally, Laura started to get up and she lifted Katherine's head and slapped her, putting her down again. Laura got on her knees and pulled down Katherine's pants but just as she pulled them over her feet, Katherine kicked her away.

Katherine got up and ran at Laura for another knee but Laura caught the knee and shot her hand up between Katherine's legs, putting her in a crotch claw. As Katherine screamed in pain, Laura brought her to the floor twisting her arm around applying more pressure.

"AHHHHHHHHH, leave my pussy alone. Leave me alone," Katherine cried. "Ohhhhh, the PAIN!"

"GIVE it up Katherine I won," Laura shouted at her as she applied even more pressure.

Katherine pushed her hand up under Laura's chin, trying to shove her off, but Laura clung to her position. Katherine then shot out her other hand, striking Laura in the throat. Laura had to let go of her crotch claw as she reflexively brought her hands to her throat. Katherine threw Laura off of her and slowly got up with her hands between her legs. Katherine grabbed Laura by the ankles, lifting and spreading her legs, then started kicking down onto Laura's pussy.

After five kicks Laura was screaming, shaking her head and begging Katherine to stop.

Katherine asked, "Do you give up?"

When Laura didn't answer immediately, Katherine kicked her one more time.

Laura coughing, gasped, "Yes, you won..., please…."

Katherine shook her head, "It's not that easy."

Katherine jumped up in the air and came crashing down with her knee in Laura's pussy. Then Katherine stood between Laura's limp legs and repeatedly drilled her with knee lifts until Laura's battered body was shaking from the pain.

At last, Katherine stood up and looked down at the quivering Katherine who was laying there in just her panties. Katherine stared at her, still pissed Laura had given her such a beating. Katherine sat down on Laura's face, rubbing her luscious ass as hard as she could across Laura's flushed face.

To make it even worse, while Katherine was facesitting Laura, she was also mauling her breasts, twisting and grinding into them with her hands. When she finished, Laura boobs were swollen to twice their normal size. Still not satisfied with the price Laura had paid for her 'interference,' Katherine slid her hands into Laura's pants, ripping out handfuls of her red pubic hair.

When Katherine was done, Laura's body was limp and she was out of breath from Katherine's smothering and her own endless screaming in pain. Katherine got off of Laura, stripped off the rest her clothes and then picked Laura up.

Holding her up by the hair, Katherine said as much for the benefit of the on-lookers as for Laura's, "I don't like fighting, but I will when I have to and this is what happens to anyone who fights me!!!!"

Katherine bent down, heaved Laura's limp naked body over her shoulder and carried her to the outside. She dumped Laura's body in the bushes well away from the house and then went back inside dusting off her hands as if she'd just taken out the trash…which in a way, she had.