Rachel McAdams vs. Katherine Heigl by CanadianLou

Prologue: There is a fine line between wrestling and catfighting, and Rachel McAdams was about to receive a very valuable lesson. Rachel, like most celebrities, was drawn to the mysterious and seductive world of Celebrity Catfighting. The rivalries between most actresses were downright legendary and most "battles" played out in the press. However, behind closed doors in Hollywood, there was-to put it mildly-another way.

Rachel began training for her debut for months. Training celebrities for these matches was a very lucrative job, and some actresses had become so well versed in the art that they would make more money as a teacher then they would in films. This industry hit several boom periods, and was currently in the middle of a new golden age. Several leagues run by highly reputable owners had begun to pop up, and the exploits in these matches were transcribed and posted on "fictional" web sites.

Rachel McAdams’ career was a supernova. Despite a humble beginning in the field, she quickly found success in a string of films including "The Notebook", "Mean Girls", "Wedding Crashers" and "Red Eye". The movies collective box office far surpassed expectations, and her name suddenly became bankable. The one drawback to this fame is that you suddenly have a target on your back, and there are a number of women who are less than thrilled to relinquish their place in the hierarchy of Tinseltown. One former Oscar winner called her catfight agent and demanded that this fresh-faced young girl be pulled into this brutal world. The unnamed Oscar winner along with several other notable women had been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the beautiful girl.

When Rachel got her agent's call, she knew that she had arrived. Her months of training would not go to waste, and she could now carry on her star power to a new genre, and could finally get a chance to dominate her peers physically as well as financially.
Several top stylists called Rachel's agent, begging to design her ring attire. Sure, crafting a red carpet dress was considered a coup, but right now nothing was hotter than dressing the celeb combatants in daring battle gear. Once a designer was selected, Rachel went for her first fitting. After three hours and dozens of designs, she settled on a surprisingly classic look, a sold colored two-piece with a full bottom. Her trainer's rationale was the more clothing you have on, the harder it is for someone to remove it. With her first set of tights secured, the next step was to negotiate an opponent.

In Los Angeles, there are several top Catfighting federations, each boasting a cavalcade of superstars. The local promoters frequently loaned out talent to one another, but the thought of getting a rising star like Rachel set off an intense bidding war. Rachel's management team set up several pitches from several of the top leagues, and by the end of the day, she would find her first home in the catfighting world.

Sitting in a lush conference room, Rachel and her team (agent, trainer, manager, publicist) waited to field the offers. The first man walked in dressed to impress, and he quickly cut through with the formalities.

"Sweetie, you sign with me and your career will be unmatched. I am looking to make you a cornerstone of my organization. Some of my previous finds went on to world titles and Oscar wins, and they didn't have nearly as much charisma as you. You will get a push unheard of since the debut of Britney Spears. I have several top contenders for the unified titles waiting to face you, and I can guarantee you now that in six weeks you'll be competing for a belt."

With his pitch firmly thrown at them, the next honcho walked in. He was portly and had a thick beard and an equally thick Russian accent to go with it. "Rachel, I will make you a star. You're delicate features and smile make you a poster child for any company, and I will help connect you with the top instructors in the business." Rachel's trainer didn't take too kindly to this and the Russian was promptly removed.

Third time might be the charm for Rachel as the next promoter walked in. "As the only female promoter in the top tier, I have a unique perspective on what it's like to be in this business. I can sympathize with this tough decision, but I can promise you something these other guys won't, creative control. You can pick and choose who you face and under what conditions. Your decisions will always be final and nothing would make me happier than the someday position you as a world champion."

The last promoter walked in, and unlike the other three, he was not looking so hot. His shirt was wrinkled and untucked, his belt had missed a few loops and his hair was parted like the Red Sea. "My name is Lou Depi and I want you to sign with me. Look, I'm not the biggest promotion and I'm not the flashiest, but at the end of the day, you come to my corner of the catfighting world and in a few months, you'll be unbeatable. I'm not going to lie to you like those other guys. They promise you the world, promise you the power to book matches and the chance to secure Oscar scripts, but fall out of their favor and you'll be lucky to be a curtain jerker in there with some movie-of-the-week has-been. Me, I hate you now. I think you're not the top star they say you are and you're not the next Julia Roberts. But I think that a few months of hard knocks and tough fights will turn you into the next Angelina Jolie. The other guys don't like to promote this, but she was my first big find. When I got her she was just some whacked out chick with no direction. Now? She can out-act and out-fight anyone in this business, and I helped her do it. But hey, the choice is yours."

With that, the negotiations were closed. Candidate number one was the official recommendation from her whole network of advisors, but Rachel liked what the Lou Dipi had to say, and against everyone's wishes, signed with him.
Rachel arrived to the arena ten minutes before her assigned time hoping to make a good impression. Her signing was kept confidential and no one was expecting her to debut at this show, considered a low-rent house show with a crowd of no more than 2,000.

Rachel walked down the empty hallway to her dressing room. It was unmarked so as not to tip off the press, and it was stocked with all of the amenities a diva-in-training needs. Rachel quickly changed into her wrestling tights and began to stretch. After a few stretches, she called for her trainer.

"Okay, I think I'm ready," she said with a nervous smile. Her trainer, however, did not look so euphoric. "What's the matter?"

"I think we need to call off the fight tonight. Postpone it. In fact, I think you should get your lawyer to get you out of this contract."

"Why? Did they screw me out of money, because I don't care. I just want the chance to..."

"No, that's not it. It's your opponent."

"I thought I was fighting some jobber girl. Some poor nobody. Lou said it would be me versus some victim."

"Did he give you a name?"

"No, but he promised it was going to be one sided."

"It is, but not the way you want it to be."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"He's got you facing Katherine Heigl."

"What? I'm not fighting that giant in my first match." Rachel began to breathe heavy. "I...I mean...I thought it would be Love Hewitt or Winona Ryder or something. You know, I come out, smile, wave, go in the ring and in like two minutes I'm in the showers without a scratch on me."

"He said this would be tough. You wanted this to be..."

"Well yeah, eventually. I thought for now I could just pound on some weaker girls and that's it."

"Well that's not it, and there is no way you're prepared for this fight."

"Why not? I paid you enough."

"You paid me to train you to grapple. Katherine doesn't grapple. She dominates and then..."

"I don't want to hear it. I'm going out there and I'll just have to beat the crap out of her in spite of the fact that she's bigger than me."

A defiant Rachel stormed out of the room, destined to topple her foe and start her career as the next great Celebrity Catfighter.
The crowd was abuzz. The night so far had exceed expectations. In the opening match, Gwen Stefani outlasted Tara Reid in what could be a fight of the year contender. After that, Christian Applegate put down Alyssa Milano in an epic battle. And now, word had been circulating throughout the arena that Katherine Heigl was up next. Katherine's reputation from other leagues preceded her, and ever since working for Lou, her vicious temper and decisive wins have become a major attraction in this world.

The ring announcer stood in the center of the ring, waiting to unveil Kat and what everyone hoped would be her next victim. "Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce our next contest. It is set for one fall. Coming down the aisle, at a commanding 5'9, she is undefeated in competition in our illustrious federation, she is Katherine Heigl!" The curtain peeled back and out walked a goddess. Dressed in a silver one piece, Katherine beamed with the glow of a champion. Her body looked like it had been sculpted by artisans, and her confidence shone through her big, beautiful eyes. She stepped into the ring and was finally prepared to accept the adulation from the capacity crowd. She took a slight bow in appreciation, and began to limber up in the corner. As per her request, she never likes to know who her opponent is, and each night she hopes it will be a combatant wearing a world title belt. But for poor Katherine, her wait for gold would have to continue.

For poor Rachel, her wait was about to end. Her confidence had escaped through the bottom of her wrestling boots, and all that was left was a scared little girl with a foolish sense of pride. When she heard her name called, the arena almost imploded from the noise. No one was prepared for this moment, and the months of rumors about her debut had been flooding the Internet. Would these fans be witnessing the beginning of a new era? Would they be seeing a match that could be forever known as THE match? And for some, would they get to see what lies under Rachel's trunks?

Katherine's reaction was evident. She didn't even try to hide her disgust. How dare Lou put her in there with this novice. She was sure that this was her night for a championship strap, and now her anger and frustration has to be channeled from Lou's head to the body of Rachel McAdams. Rachel who has been getting magazine covers and television interviews. Rachel who has been getting choice movie rolls and lucrative endorsement contracts. Rachel who, on this night, is trying to steal her spotlight.

Rachel stared up into the ring and saw the Amazon waiting to pounce. Her mind was swirling. The crowd was ecstatic to see her, and suddenly her butterflies were gone and her adrenaline was rushing. She charged the ring, slid under the ropes and ran right towards Kat. Who cares what her trainer thinks? She's Rachel McAdams, and she's a star.

Before the bell rang, Rachel unloaded with some well-placed right hands. Her 5'5 frame was lunging upward, but from the sounds of the impact, they were finding their marks. Katherine was shocked by this onslaught, and in her panic attempted to cover up. No one in this crowd had seen anything quite like this, a David vs. Goliath match-up where someone forgot to tell the little girl that she was David. Rachel backed Kat into a corner, and the referee had to physically pull McAdams off of her opponent. While she was being held back, her arms and legs were still flailing wildly. Somehow, this environment had unleashed a hellcat, and everyone in that arena knew this was going to be something.

Katherine was beyond angry. She was humiliated. This girl...this rookie...was 4 inches shorter than her and she just made the Amazon cower. No one has done that, and Kat was damned if it was going to happen again. The two locked up in a collar-and-elbow tie up, and this would prove to be Rachel's first big mistake. The taller Kat easily dominated the push and pull, and she quickly backed McAdams into the turnbuckle. The ref looked for a clean break and Kat put her hands up in a sign of compliance, and just as she did that, Rachel swung and lightly clipped her on her chin. Twice in a row Kat was showed up. Once the punch connected, Kat charged the smaller girl, and once again the ref intervened, this time trying to hold back the enraged Heigl. Unfortunately for the ref, Kat was stronger, and she was able to sidestep the zebra.

Rachel's cocky attitude evaporated once she saw that her opponent was no longer being restrained. She tried to cover up, but Kat hit her hard with a big splash. Their bodies collided for the first time in the match, and it was the first time Rachel had ever really been hit in combat. While in time she will grow to overcome this, right now her body went into shock. As Kat stood back, Rachel tried to walk from the corner, and after a wobbly step or two, she collapsed on the floor. The smile returned to Heigl's lips, but the crowd was less responsive. In the opening minutes of the match, their hearts were stolen from the impressive Katherine and handed over to the plucky underdog Rachel. The smile was gone and the sneer made its first appearance.

Rachel was hoisted to her feet by her hair, and Katherine took the young girl and flung her into the ropes. The cables bit into Rachel's back, and she was instantly regretting not wearing a one-piece. As she came hurdling back to the center of the ring, she was greeted with a hard clothesline across the throat. Once again, she was on the mat. Once again Kat paused to admire her handiwork. Rachel was again hoisted to her feet by her hair, but her pained face still showed the determined look of a fighter. Kat scooped Rachel up and quickly slammed her to the mat. Rachel's first real bodyslam. Her back spasmed and she tried in vein to alleviate the pain by shifting positions on the canvas. In between squirms, she looked up but didn't see Katherine staring down at her. Then, in an instant, Kat appeared above her with an elbow hurtling towards her chest. The point of the elbow came right down on the center of her breastbone, and now not only did her back hurt and her head spin, but she now couldn't catch her breath.

Kat grabbed Rachel's left leg, and in one spinning motion, slapped on a textbook figure four. Rachel shot up and began to grimace in pain, but she wouldn't give Kat the satisfaction of making any noise. Finally, the silence in the ring was broken, but not by Rachel. "You know, I thought you were going to be tough. I thought you were going to give me a challenge." Kat punctuated each sentence by twisting her leg a little more. "Instead, this is barely a match. You can't even take a few simple moves. But don't worry, because I'm in no rush, and by the time I'm done with you, you'll beg me to put you out of your misery. You'll beg me."

"I'll never beg!" Rachel shouted, and in an incredible show of power, reversed the figure four, putting the pressure on Kat's never-ending legs. Kat's pride showed her as she refused to break the hold, even though it would stop the pain in her legs. She was convinced she could turn Rachel over, but after a few moments of struggling, she broke the hold. Rachel crawled to the ropes and used them to get her to a vertical base. Despite the pain, she was convinced she could win this. She took some abuse but she's still in this.

As Kat got to her feet, she was greeted by a dropkick. Rachel's flying feet struck her right in the stomach, and the big woman went right back to the mat. The fans cheered as the rookie finally scored a big move. However, like the animal she shares her name with, Kat quickly got to her feet and was looking for revenge.

Rachel was amazed at Heigl's recovery time, and she quickly realized that this was harder than she thought. Without warning, she sprung backwards, bouncing off the ropes and heading towards Katherine. She hit the star with a clothesline that rocked her, but didn't topple her. Rachel tried again, and again Katherine would not go down. On her third try, she put all of her energy into her charge, and ran head first into Katherine's outstretched boot. The crowd let out a sigh of disappointment as Rachel's forehead struck the sole of Kat's shoe, and with a sickening crash, she fell to the canvass.

Katherine shook off the cobwebs and decided that she was tiring of this brawl. She scooped up Rachel with her right hand and dropped her for a sidewalk slam. The impact drove Rachel's already aching back once again into the mat. Kat liked it so much that she decided to do it again. She scooped up Rachel, but this time McAdams began to throw punches into the small of Heigl's back. Rachel was almost free, but at the last second she was once again unceremoniously driven into the mat. Katherine hoped that this killed the spirit in her opponent.

Kat stood up and surveyed the down and out McAdams. Katherine still had three very impressive moves left in her arsenal that she had yet to unleash, and she thought that this would be the time to do it. Grabbing Rachel again by the hair, she gave a slashing gesture across her own throat, signifying the choke slam. Rachel was standing on her own power, but it was clear she wasn't sure where she was. Katherine pulled back her arm and slapped her hand against McAdams’ neck. In an impressive move, she hoisted the poor girl over her head and drove her straight into the mat. Kat then paraded around the ring, taunting the crowd that just recently abandoned her.

Rachel, however, would not give up. She laid there, staring up at the lights, and every bone in her body wanted her to quit. Katherine was just too big. Katherine was just too strong. And if she got up, she would realize that Katherine was just too mean. But she pushed that all aside, and fought a war with herself to get to a vertical base. Katherine decided against attacking the girl, because her new goal was to break McAdams’ spirit as well as her body. Rachel rolled to the ropes and with all her might, pulled herself up, rope by rope. Finally she was up, and as she turned around, she saw Katherine heading right for her. She saw the clothesline a mile away, and whether it was instinct or exhaustion, she dropped and Kat went sailing over the top rope with a hard landing on the floor.

The crowd jumped to their feet as they saw a small window of hope open up. Heigl was in a pile on the floor, and their Rachel was standing tall. Suddenly, she saw her trainer come down to the ring. This was a highly unusual sight to see, but the lack of officials rushing in made it clear that Lou Dipi was going to allow it.

"Rachel, are you okay?"

"I think so."

"Listen, there's one thing I didn't teach you, and that's that you have you fight dirty."

"Like eye gouges?"

"No. Like...unorthodox techniques. If you don't, she will."

With that, the tardy officials came rushing down and carried her trainer to the back. Rachel turned her attention to Katherine, who was climbing back into the ring. Rachel charged her again and tackled Kat with a spear. Heigl was down and holding her ribs, shocked at the velocity of the hit. Rachel immediately went to the mat and synched in a headlock, the first real wrestling move of the match. Rachel was taught that this move would help exhaust her opponents, but once she put it on, she began to notice something else.

The positioning of the headlock was such that while Katherine's oxygen was being cut off, her face was thrust right into Rachel's cleavage. Rachel suddenly got what her trainer was saying, and the evolution of McAdams was continuing. A smile finally came back to her lips as she realized how to beat the bigger woman. She began to wrench her arms, which made the move much more painful for Kat and pushed her face deeper and deeper into Rachel's left breast.

"Mmmph...I...mmrph...hate...you...." Kat forced out in between breaths.

"Sorry, I can't hear you. I think my tit's in the way."

With that, the true war began. Katherine had never been so much as stripped in a match, yet here she was pressed up against some novice's bosom. If power moves weren't going to work, it was time to dip into her bag of tricks. Reaching back with her right hand, she found Rachel's red briefs. Rachel was too busy enjoying the crowd's reaction to notice, but her briefs were quickly snatched by Kat, who pulled back on them with all of her might. The material in Rachel's briefs may be stylish, but comfort was not taken into account. The sudden tug wedged the material between her ass cheeks, and the sudden pain was something she had never felt before and prayed that she would never feel again.

"Oh no...oh no...oh no..." she kept thinking as the material worked deeper and deeper into her lower extremities. "I'm not prepared for this. I can't...I...", her thoughts were cut short as she felt a sharp sting on her left breast. Katherine's pearly whites had sunk into her soft flesh, and her top provided little protection to her poor boob. The double attack was incredibly effective, and Rachel quickly broke the headlock and rolled away.

The tingle was back in Kat's body. Most specifically, her crotch. She hated to be dominated, and the humiliation she was feeling was unbearable, but the strength of that emotion was nothing compared to the sudden feeling of adrenaline and excitement. Now, not only would she be the first one to beat Rachel, she would be the first one to feed her a dose of humiliation. Watching Rachel rub her aching breast with one hand while freeing her trunks from her ass with the other hand was enough to start the electricity in Kat's pussy. And as if this sight wasn't enough encouragement, she quickly let her hand trail down between her legs and gave a quick and gentle rub, warming herself up for what should be an incredible main course.

Rachel, on the other hand, did not like this one bit. She thought she was tough, and it was evident when she got up from the chokeslam that she was, but the most recent attack was not what she bargained for. The area covered by her tights had never been a target, and the thought that they would be was too much to comprehend. Getting pinned is one thing, but this is completely different. What if someone got a picture of her butt cheeks when her trunks were wedged up there? This match could not only ruin her wrestling career, but her acting one as well. Now she had something to fight for.

The two warriors locked up again, this time with the idea to finish the other one off. One wishing to dish out the humiliation and the other looking to avoid it. Unlike before, Katherine wasn't able to overpower Rachel as quickly, and the struggle in the collar-and-elbow tie-up was a sight to see. Both women's sweaty bodies were struggling, both women looking for dominance. "You don't know what you've done tonight, rookie. When I'm through with you, you're going to pray that you had submitted in the figure four. At least with that you could have kept some dignity."

"I told you, I don't beg." Rachel gave one final push, but it didn't work and Katherine backed her into the nearest corner. The referee was wise to stay as far away from this as possible. Katherine had Rachel literally against the ropes, and now that she had the power again, she felt it was time to start the destruction.

Unfortunately, Rachel had other ideas. In a move that took more guts than brains, she raised her knee and slammed it right into Kat's pubic area. The look of shock and pain in Heigl's face was nothing compared to the looks of shock from the audience. And even they couldn't compare to the shock that Rachel had on her face. Was she capable of doing that to someone? Apparently so! Heigl went down to the mat, unable to catch her breath or stop the pain in her crotch.

"Ooooh..." she moaned, unable to defend herself.

Rachel brushed back her hair and began to stop on the fallen Amazon. The boots were finding their marks, as each kick halted Kat's attempt to regain her breath. Rachel rocked back off the ropes and delivered an elbow right to Katherine's stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Then, the sinister glint in her eye began to twinkle. She grabbed Katherine's long legs and dangled her foot precariously over Katherine's groin. Kat heeded Rachel's words and didn't beg, but looked up defiantly at McAdams. Rachel saw this as a challenge, and put all of her might down into stomping the unprotected region. Kat began to wail when the boot hit her body, and the pain was resonating quickly.

"Guess you're not so tough, huh, Kat?" Rachel finally began to feel the tingle between her legs, and her lust for domination unleashed itself. She was sexually charged and looking to humiliate her foe. Standing over Kat's body with one leg on each side, she dropped down ass first onto Kat's stomach. Whether intentional or not, her knees were pinning down the larger woman's arms. "Who wants to see what's under here?" she asked as her hands began to lower towards the trapped woman's chest.

No one had ever done this to Katherine. She had never been exposed, and now to have it done against her will was unthinkable. Rachel pulled each strap down, drawing out the process as long as possible. Finally, when everything was in place, she put her hands on the top of the one piece and slowly peeled it back. Kat shook her head but nothing could stop the inevitable. Katherine's breasts were works of art. They had been featured in magazines, but never had they been unobstructed. The cameras began to flash from all angles, and at that moment, the fans in the crowd got their money's worth and then some.

"If no one ever did that to you; then I bet no one ever did THIS!" Rachel reached down and began to lightly pinch Katherine's nipples. Once she got a good grip, she reared back with all that she had, stretching the poor tits to their limits. Katherine screeched in pain, experiencing humiliation and torture that she had never faced before. Her legs were kicking furiously, and as if by chance, one of them struck Rachel in the back of the head.

Rachel was seconds away from scooting forward and smothering her opponent out. She was already fantasizing about what it would feel like to have those big, ruby lips rubbing against her most sensitive region. Unfortunately, she didn't get the chance, because once the kneecap struck her in the back of the head, she was seeing stars! Katherine seized her opportunity and pulled up her tights to once again cover her bounty. Rachel was knocked silly and this would be her chance to regain control. Not wishing to take any chances, she picked up McAdams, bent her over, thrust her head between her legs and prepared her for the piledriver.

The fans hoped it wouldn't end like this. No one gave Rachel a chance but they loved to watch her fight against all odds, and mere moments ago she had victory in her grasp. For the first time ever, someone was going to topple Katherine Heigl. But now, she-like all the rest-found her head between Kat's legs and about to face a dreaded piledriver.

Katherine snaked her arms around Rachel's waist, and with more effort than normal, she hoisted the girl up. Katherine normally savors this moment. She revels in the feeling of the helpless victim's weight and the thoughts that she imagines her victims must have. But not now. This was not joyous. This was not fun. This was a war. She drove Rachel's head into the mat, and with that, the fight was done. McAdams was out in the center of the ring, and now it was Katherine's time to regain her dignity. But first, she wanted a deal clincher. She picked up the poor actress and once again put her head between her standing legs. It was time for the powerbomb. The end of the end. She hoisted Rachel's 5'5 frame up, and despite the pain, drove her into the mat in textbook fashion.

Rachel, tougher than anyone had given her credit for, was somehow conscious. Had she been conscious through this whole ordeal, or did the powerbomb jolt her back? Even she wasn't sure. All she knew was that she was wishing she was out cold, because as much as she wanted to, she couldn't fight back. Her body was useless. It was exhausted and beaten. She was so close. So close.

Katherine knew that she had this in hand. The rest-the fun part-was academic. It was her belief-as was the belief of most of the women-that the victor should cement her win. Utter domination. Perhaps she didn't reach this level of the match the way she would have liked, but come hell or high water, she was there. First came the moment that some fans were still secretly hoping for…the stripping of Rachel McAdams!

Katherine grabbed on to the sweat soaked top and began to tug. Tears began to form in Rachel's eyes as she knew the inevitable was coming, but she couldn't stop it. Her hands meekly tried to stop Heigl, but they were easily slapped away. The top came off after some effort due to all of the sweat, but ultimately Rachel's breasts were in full view. They were natural and they were perky, and there were all Katherine's and she sank into them like they were mounds of clay as she began to grope and fondle with selfish glee. No one had ever done this to Rachel before, and since turnabout is fair play, Katherine was going to make sure that the poor girl remembered this moment. Kat took her time, rotating them clockwise, then counterclockwise, then she began to slap them, whipping them back and forth like batting at a tetherball.

Finally, she decided to repay Rachel for the nipple tweaking! "I’m going to ruin your career, sweetie, and you can't do anything about it."

Kat kissed Rachel gently on the forehead, sending shivers down her spine. Rachel hated this moment but knew it would only get worse. Katherine's extended tongue met Rachel's left breast, the same one that Kat snacked on before, and she began to gently lick it. The licking turned to sucking as she felt the small bud stiffen. She repeated the trick on the right one, and when Rachel was at full attention, Katherine grabbed on to the tits and pulled upward.

The pain was too much for Rachel, and despite her previous attempts, this time she couldn't remain silent. Her wails were painful for the crowd to hear, but music to Katherine's ears.

"Owwww! Ohhh! Owww!"

Satisfied that Rachel's tits were tender, she slowly crept her hands down lower. McAdams hoped for a miracle, but none would come. Katherine pulled on the waistband and let it SNAP back, sending a quick jolt down Rachel's body.

"Do you know what I'm going to do now? Do you? I'm going to do what no one else has ever done. I'm going to touch and caress and rub your pussy, and while I'm doing it I want you to think about how much you hate me. But don't enjoy this too much, because the real fun is just coming up. Or should I say cumming up?" Katherine's hand hovered over Rachel's crotch, and then she gently rubbed it ever so slightly with the palm of her hand.

"I hate you," Rachel muttered before trying to block out the humiliation. Katherine's glancing rubs became slower and longer, until she was grinding her hand into the unprotected pussy, causing both pain and pleasure in Rachel's fallen frame.

"No, this just doesn't feel right. I don't want you to enjoy this if I'm not. But first, for those fans that enjoy this..." Katherine mounted Rachel in a grapevine, putting all of her weight onto the poor girl. She then inched closer until her covered chest was just above Rachel's face. "Sorry, but people love the breast smother. And since you showed them what mine look like, it's only fair that you get a closer look." Katherine lowered her breasts onto Rachel's face and in an effort to enhance her enjoyment, she stared right into the girls' eyes. While Kat would normally hold this until her opponent was out cold, the damage her tender boobs took before prevented her from keeping this on longer. "Sorry, but I think you've hand enough time to enjoy those. But I do think these people want to see this come to an end, but not until they've seen your end." Kat sat up on Rachel's stomach, and in a quick swivel motion, was facing her toes. "Panties go bye-bye." Katherine pulled them off in one fowl swoop, and now the last of Rachel's dignity was exposed. "See, we DO have something in common. Neither of us are big fans of bush. Don't worry, you'll see soon enough."

The words echoed through Rachel's head. She began to come to grips with the fact that she was going to be on the receiving end of the most devastating and humiliating maneuver in history, but not before her pussy was treated like a toy.

"It's so CUTE!" Kat teased, as she lightly teased Rachel's lower lips with her nails. "I wonder what's inside?"

Katherine slipped a finger into Rachel's vagina, probing as if she hoped to find gold. Rachel couldn't believe what was happening as, with tears coming down her face, she did what she swore she wouldn't do. "Puh...please stop...please stop fingering me." The words made her cringe. "You..” (sniffle) “...you win…j…just leave me alone."

Katherine had finally gotten what she wanted; she’d broken Rachel's spirit. "I tell you what. How about I diddle your pussy then sit on your pretty face? Is that okay?"

"No! Please…” SMACK! “AIIIEEEEEEE!" Rachel's words were cut off with a hard slap to her groin.

"Wow! Your pussy made a loud slap. I think I want to do that again." Kat reared back and delivered another SMACK to the poor girl's pussy. "This is good, but ass spankings are so much more fun." Kat scooped up Rachel's legs, and from her position atop Rachel's stomach, delivered a few hard slaps to the once proud girl's bottom. "Oh my goodness. You know what I realized? No one's probably done that to you either. You're like my own little virgin toy. Everything I do to you is a first. First breast smother, first fingering, first spanking. Now, now finally here comes the first facesit of your short and now finished career."

Had Kat's bucking knee not hit Rachel's head, history would have been made. No one had ever smothered out Heigl and no one had ever come close. Rachel would have been a contender around the world, but now she was going to be nothing more than a vibrator with limbs for Katherine Heigl. Kat turned around so that she was facing the whimpering McAdams’ face.

"This must be so humiliating for you. So I tell you what, the faster you get me off, the faster you can go home and try to block this horrible experience from your mind. Okay? Deal?"

Rachel knew there was no answer to save her. Nothing could save her. Katherine's shadow was coming closer and closer, and with inches to spare, Rachel got her first smell of Katherine Heigl. Kat was excited. Kat was ready. Kat was wet and she wanted this more than anything in the world. Her covered pussy lowered onto Rachel's mouth, and the thin material did little to nothing to protect McAdams. For the first time in her life, she was tasting another woman. A woman bigger and now better than her had thrust her pussy onto her face and her lips were now mashing up against Heigl's lips. Her nose was flush against Kat's crotch and all she could smell or taste was Heigl.

"This didn't have to happen, but I'm so glad that it did. This is amazing." Kat announced as she slowly began to undulate; grinding her sex onto the beautiful features of Rachel McAdams. This wasn’t some superstar on the rise, some new era leader, but simply Katherine's latest victim. She grabbed Rachel's hair and really forced her nose into her crotch, wedging it right where it needed to be to do its job. "Oh! I am going to cum all over your face, loser!" The grinding mixed with the humiliation was intoxicating, and there was nothing Rachel could do. Kat rocked back and forth, left and right and up and down, making sure her thighs felt McAdams’ cheeks, her chin, her lips and her nose. This was the most satisfying moment, and it was about to get better.

"Oh...oh...oooohhhh..." Kat moaned as she felt herself get closer and closer to "victory". As she grinded, she kept mumbling, "I'm better than you. I'm better than you. I'm better than yoooooohhhhh...."

Rachel was somehow still awake. Still conscious. While the smother was effective at getting Heigl off, it was ineffective in knocking Rachel out. Rachel had to feel every bump and every thrust, and then when Kat hit her peak, Rachel felt the flow of Kat's sex come all over her pretty face. She sobbed. She had this match won, and now she had an Amazon humping her face. She had been stripped. She had been spanked. She had been groped, fondled and slapped. She had been fingered. And worst of all, she had been forced to beg.

"Oh shit, that was good. That was gooood." Kat rubbed Rachel on the head. "You were great. In fact, I think I'll give you a reward." While still atop her face, Kat began to rub Rachel's unprotected pussy. Her fingers began to do the trick, and Rachel was coming closer and closer to an orgasm. Then, Kat stopped. "This thing really isn't as nice as I thought. In fact, it isn't worth my time to soil my hands with your...cunt."

Rachel was so beaten at this point, that this release was all she had left in her. She needed to feel some pleasure. Something good. So in a sad display, she began to insert some fingers into her pussy in the hopes of cumming. Kat just sat, like the rest of the crowd, and watched. They watched a once proud prospect lower herself to the point that they only joy was in self-gratification. The crowd realized they’d backed the wrong horse and began to take up the cause of cheering for Katherine Heigl as she strode toward the back, more a winner now than ever before!