Katherine Heigl w/Tiffani Thiessen vs. Gena Lee Nolin w/Alexandra Paul by bbb4

Katherine quickly slips under the bottom rope as the crowd rises to their feet. Quietly entering the ring and taking a seat on the small wooden stool in her corner, the busty blonde blushes slightly as the ringside fans chant her name. Looking over her shoulder, she sees her girlfriend Tiffani Thiessen, who gives her a bright smile and a friendly pat on her wide, meaty hips. Looking back to the ring, Katherine flips her dirty blonde hair back over one shoulder and a single bead of sweat slowly trickles down her neck and disappears into the cavernous cleavage between her large breasts. Despite the unpleasant heat from an enormous bank of overhead lights, her unyielding nipples are already straining the tight red spandex of her strapless bikini top. She fidgets, adjusting her seemingly ill-fitting top, then begins to tug at the waistband of her matching red briefs. Clearly nervous about her upcoming shot at the title, she reaches down, unties her scuffed red wrestling boots, then tightens and reties the laces. As she toys with her outfit, Tiffani gently massages her wide, thick, powerful shoulders, running her hands slowly from one brawny shoulder to the other as she tries to ease the tension in her girlfriend's muscular shoulders.

"Ease up... Kid. You're gonna be champ by the end of the night. The ‘D Cup’ Championship is yours for the taking," Thiessen adds, attempting to soothe Katherine's nerves. "That old bat doesn't stand a chance with a bulldozer like you."

"Where IS that bitch?" Katherine mutters. "I can't wait to tear into those titties and make her squeal like a little pig," spits the thickset blonde, again revealing her raw nerves.

"She always makes you wait, honey. It's part of her thing...to get under your skin," Tiffani counsels. A former champion herself, Tiffani knows how often the trick has worked, making the contender sit in front of her, seething in anger. "Remember what we practiced, Kath...wear her down... use your size and power. Slam her around, beat her up, but do NOT let her get you into a catfight...you do and she'll ruin you!" the brunette lectures as she rubs her knuckles deep in Katherine's neck, making sure she has the youngster's attention. "She's dirtiest of the dirty and the bitchiest of the bitches. You sink to her level; you're done." Then Tiffani adds with a wistful sigh, "That's how she took the belt from me!"

With that, the lights dim and the spot light turns to the tunnel where Gena Lee emerges to make her way to the ring. ‘Bad Company’ blares from overhead speakers, but even the rock and roll anthem can't drown out the fevered cries of the crowd as she jogs down the aisle to the raised ring. Gena Lee's perfectly fitted gold and black bikini and new wrestling boots attest to her taste for the finer things in life, no matter what it takes to get them. Her tanned body and perfectly coifed blonde hair contrast with Katherine's slightly rumpled natural blonde curls and fair complexion. Gena Lee's narrower shoulders, waist and slender thighs stand in stark contrast to Katherine's broad shoulders, wide hips and meaty legs. Only in the chest are the two similar; Gena Lee's well-shaped bust juts over a sculpted belly, bouncing invitingly as she jogs up the ringside stairs to the apron. Standing, she turns to the crowd and inhales deeply, swelling her full chest that easily fills her D cup string bikini. The true difference between the two; between challenger and champion, is the oversize gold and leather belt around Gena Lee's waist declaring her the "D Cup" title holder The wide strap, with gold plates running its length, is engraved with the names of past champions evoking Lord Stanley's cup.

Accompanying Gena Lee to the ring is her companion and factotum, Alexandra Paul. Alex carries a load of attitude, though not as high class as the blonde champion. Long, lean and tall, Alex is far from being a contender for the D Cup belt, but is a dangerous woman in her own right having given Gena Lee a run for the ‘Dirtiest of the Dirty’ title earlier in the year! Her long slender frame, and four inch height advantage is a real contrast by the other three, shorter, more buxom, women. Alexandra wears a simple green shirt cut off just above her flat, toned midriff, cutoff jean shorts and cowgirl wrestling boots. Gena Lee prances at the ringside stairs, waiting until Alexandra spreads the ropes open for her. As she dips at the waist to squirm between the ropes, the crowd roars as her briefs ride higher up her tanned buns, revealing a little tan line. Gena Lee turns playfully and smiles with a calculated blush, waving at the boys in the front row as they try to reel in their tongues.

"Oh god...she makes me wanta puke," Katherine spits, watching the champ play to the crowd. Her own wide hips, strong shoulders and generous bust would, while sexy, never inflame a crowd the way Gena Lee's slim waist and tailored wrestling outfit do. Looking down at her scuffed boots and ill-fitting bikini, the anger wells in Katherine’s breast; anger that can only be quenched by victory!
The bell rings with a loud metallic clap, stunning the blonde challenger. Regaining her senses, Katherine quickly walks to the center of the ring and raises her hands for a test of strength. Gena Lee, clearly playing to the crowd as well as frustrating Katherine, lifts her arms to allow Alexandra to undo the catch on her enormous championship belt. Gena Lee catches the strap as it slips from her waist, holding it up to kiss the gold medallion; then holds it up for Katherine see, motioning her over.

"Wanta kiss it, hon? Kiss the gold? It may be as close as you ever get to a real belt..." Gena Lee intones snidely.

She takes a few steps forward, waving the belt a few times, pursing her lips as if to plant a big wet kiss, teasing the slightly taller blonde. Turning her back, she hands the belt to Alexandra who waits patiently on the apron. The sight of Gena Lee prancing about in the ring, wearing the belt, teasing the crowd as well as her, is too much for Katherine. Like a baby bull rushing the red cape, the big blonde charges the champion from behind! But Gena Lee shows why she’s the champ as she snatches the belt back just in time to clock Katherine in the face with it! The metal plates riveted to the belt smash into Katherine's forehead, ringing her chimes and dazing the challenger. The big blonde continues to stagger forward from her momentum after the blow, reaching up to check for blood. Katherine slowly drops to her knees, then quickly stumbles back to her feet only to be further stunned by two more crushing belt shots as Gena Lee uses the huge flat metal surface of the championship belt to demolish young Katherine who collapses into Gena Lee’s corner.

Alexandra grabs Katherine by the hair, winds up and delivers a vicious punch to the forehead, further dazing the already lightheaded Katherine. As the big blonde staggers back, Gena Lee winds up with the belt and unloads across Katherine's lower back, again using the huge metal-studded leather strap to thrash the big blonde's back. Katherine collapses on her knees in the corner, arching her back in misery as Gena Lee lays into her with the strap again with a flesh-rending THWAP! A third belt shot across the back sends Katherine face down to the mat writhing in agony under a rain of leather and gold. Smiling at the red welts appearing across Katherine's pale back, Gena Lee tosses the belt to Alexandra who hops down off the apron and holds the magnificent prize aloft, showing it to the screaming crowd!

Grabbing a handful of Katherine's mane, Gena Lee hauls the besieged blonde to her knees before knocking her back down with a knee lift across her unshielded knockers. The soft breast flesh mushrooms out of Katherine's bra and her head is thrown back before she slumps face first over the middle rope. Gena Lee "dots the i" by raking her nails down her opponent's already rosy red back before deliberately placing her knee across Katherine's neck as she drops her weight on the blonde to choke her on steel ring rope! Gena Lee smiles wickedly at Alexandra as the choking and gasping sounds begin, followed quickly by a sickly gurgling. Katherine's arms whip about uselessly, reaching back trying to throw Gena Lee off as the champion throttles her air flow. Alexandra steps in again, reaching under the ropes to grope Katherine's large breasts through her red bikini top, running the tips of her finger nails gently over the large globes of flesh, tickling the sensitive nipples as Gena Lee chokes her. Rubbing the already stiff flesh of Katherine's nipples with her thumb and forefinger, Alexandra waits until the swollen nub is about to burst through the thin bra before grabbing the oversize teat and twisting cruelly. Despite the rope choke, Katherine's rising, gurgling, cries of misery can be heard. Finished with Katherine’s teat, Alexandra yanks hard on the ripe nipple ripping into the blonde right through the bikini top. Now suffering at the hands and feet of both Gena Lee and Alexandra, Katherine makes a desperate show of power, using her impressive arms and wide shoulders to push away from the ropes, throwing Gena Lee back in the process.

Gena Lee steps back in shock at the display of power from the young blonde before taking a slightly dirtier tact, as is her nature. She reaches down and unties Katherine's strapless top, letting the tight strip of cloth protecting Katherine's milky assets fall away and allowing Katherine's pink wonders to spill from the bikini as Gena Lee whips it out from under arms and holds it up for the crowd to see. Katherine leans back a bit, still gagging from the rope choke, her arms dropping uselessly at her hips. Now exposed, her twin mounds of flesh hang languidly from her heaving chest. The crowd again goes ballistic, as Katherine's orbs of pale, moist flesh are obviously easily ‘D cup’ quality! The front two rows in the crowd rise to their feet, cheering madly, as the large pink nipples grow stiff in the fetid air of the arena. Katherine sways uneasily on her knees, trying to shake off the effects of the choke, blushing as the crowd cheers at the sight of her rosy assets.

Wrapping Katherine’s cherry red brassiere in her fists, Gena Lee silently closes in behind Katherine, then like an assassin with a garrote, she tosses the bikini over Katherine's head and pulls it taut against her throat as she begins to choke her again, hauling back on the stretchy material at Katherine's throat. Katherine gags and thrashes as Gena Lee maliciously hauls back on the bra, choking poor blonde Katherine for a second time and the match is barely three minutes old! Katherine's face turns beet red matching her bikini top but she again displays brawny upper body strength as she pulls on the bikini top and leans forward, flipping Gena Lee over her shoulder into the ropes. Katherine topples forward holding her throat, coughing and hacking.

"Choke the bitch out!" Alexandra screams as Gena Lee tries to collect herself.

It takes Gena Lee a minute to untangle herself from the ropes and she ends up outside the ring on the apron as Katherine turns to crawl away toward the middle of the ring. Reaching through the ropes, Gena Lee grabs Katherine's bikini bottom and pulls her back. The red briefs stretch, exposing Katherine's round cheeks. Faced with the choice of backing up or losing her bottom, Katherine allows herself to be pulled back a few inches. Gena Lee stands on the apron, pulling the handful of Katherine's tights with her, again forcing the big blonde choose. Katherine reluctantly gets to her feet, her back to Gena Lee and the ropes. Gena Lee grabs Katherine's chin and bends her back over the top rope, then unloads a wicked forearm smash down across the blonde's unprotected tits! Katherine's milky assets are flattened by the blow, then swishing from side to side as the flesh reacts to the devastating titty shot. Covering herself too late, Katherine again leaves her throat exposed and Gena Lee leans over the top ropes, wraps her forearm under her chin and returns to the choke for a third time. Rapidly tiring after repeated choking, Katherine acts quickly, leaning forward and flipping Gena Lee over her shoulder back into the ring. Gena Lee lands flat on her ass with a loud THUD, skidding on the rough canvas. Not waiting a second, Katherine lifts both hands over her head as she drops to her knees, demolishing the older woman with a double ax-handle to the back of the neck!

Gena Lee crumples to the mat under the weight of the blow, too stunned to do anything but curl up on the canvas and pray Katherine wouldn't strike again. But she does strike...again and again slamming her clasped fists down onto Gena Lee's neck and head before pausing briefly to catch her breath. Katherine's magnificent bare breasts heave as she sucks in lungfuls of air, the reddish pink mountains jiggling and heaving over Gena Lee's crushed body just in front of them. Slowly, Katherine rises from her knees, lifting Gena Lee up by a handful of short, dirty blonde hair.

"Slam her, Kath!" screams Tiffani at ringside, slapping her open palm on the apron. "Slam the bitch! Make her pay!"

Katherine responds to Tiffani’s urging, easily lifting the smaller woman into her arms, then bodyslamming her hard. Gena Lee bounces a good three inches off the mat, skidding to a stop after a series of spine-wrenching aftershocks. Rising slowly, she’s again assisted to her feet by Katherine, who again heaves her up, this time stepping forward to drop the dirty blonde on her extended knee in sadistic back breaker. Katherine cracks her fist smile as she feels Gena Lee's vertebrae snap and crackle as she’s bent back over her knee. With Gena Lee twisted and bent, draped helplessly over her knee, Katherine slaps her unprotected belly with her open hand, the tan skin ringing as Gena Lee's tight belly absorbs the humiliating blow. Gena Lee rolls off Katherine’s knee holding her belly as she curls up; her back aching from Katherine's powerful back breaker. For a third time, Gena Lee gets hair-hauled to her feet, moaning aloud as the effects of the whipsaw back breaker are felt. Pulling Gena Lee up easily and clasping her against her bare breasts, Katherine parades the ring a bit, carrying Gena Lee in a crossbody carry before taking three running steps and diving on top of her in a brutal powerslam. The soft flesh of Katherine's yielding breasts hardly pads the enormous crushing blow as her body slams down on the champion and Katherine lets out a little giggle as she feels Gena Lee's hot breath expel from her squashed lungs on her ear.

Savoring the ravaged body under her, Katherine rises slowly, rubbing her engorged nipples up and down on Gena Lee's chest before climbing to her knees with another handful of Gena Lee's hair. Pulling Gena Lee up slowly, Katherine climbs to her feet and cockily signals to the crowd by slashing her thumb across her throat in the universal signal for a match ending move. But Gena Lee again proves why she holds the belt and is considered the dirtiest fighter in the league! As the champion is hauled to her feet, she leans into Katherine, resting her face drunkenly against the soft swelling curve of baby fat just above the waistband of Katherine's bikini bottom...then delivers a devastating and wicked ‘beaver buster’ uppercut.

"Uuhhhnkkkk!" gulps the big blonde as she bends sharply forward at the waist, struggling to recover from the stunning shot to the womanhood. A second ‘beaver buster’ shot sends her reeling away still doubled over in pain trying to escape the unscrupulous low blows. Katherine's large pink cheeks, barely covered by her tiny bikini briefs, offer too good a target for Gena Lee to resist and she winds up and punts Katherine’s ass, sending her sprawling tits first to the mat in an agonized heap of hurting womanflesh.

After feeling the brunt of Katherine's power, Gena Lee decides to stay on the low road, not wanting to wrestle the powerful busty blonde she kneels down next to the fallen blonde, grabs one boot and spreads her opponent's legs, leaving one on the mat as she drapes the other leg over her shoulder. Folding one of the stunned blonde's leg up into the air, Gena Lee goes for a matchbook pin, folding Katherine’s body in half. But before Gena Lee can even count to one, Katherine powers her legs upward, flexing her abs and powerful glutes, tossing Gena Lee aside with an almost casual ease.

But with Katherine's legs still draped over shoulders, Gena Lee slips her hand down between Katherine's legs, and forces two fingers past the strip of tight, red spandex over her crotch. Katherine's thighs clamp together, but too late to prevent Gena Lee from having her sneaky, expert way with her!

"Come on, whore spread'em! I know you want!" Gena Lee screams as she works her dirty finger magic. "I got you...spread 'em for me!" screams the enraged Gena Lee as she leers down at her index and middle fingers slipping and sliding into the densely furred thatch of Katherine's pelt to disappear into the hot, wet, seam of her womanhood. "Give it to me bitch! Mamma's gonna fuck you senseless, tonight!" Gena Lee chortles as she feels Katherine’s nubile young body begin to respond to her skillful fingering.

Katherine lets out a loud shuddering groan as Gena Lee deftly probes her womanhood, easily gliding her fingers deep into the wet heat between her legs. Slowly at first, Gena Lee begins to slip and slide her fingers in and out, using every wile at her command to stimulate the big blonde's sweet spot. Reaching down and pawing frantically in vain, Katherine tries to grab Gena Lee's wrist to pull her fingers away, but her attempt fails and Gena Lee sneers as she uses her free hand to swat Katherine’s frantically grasping hand away with a flick of her hand.

Grunting, Katherine sits up, desperately arching her body forward, arms reaching to grab one of Gena Lee's breasts, then clamping down and squeezing it brutally. The veteran champion simply responds by spreading her wet fingers a bit and increasing the pace of her stroking. Katherine gasps and lets out an agonized groan as her body shivers and then slumps back to the mat, her hands covering her face which reveals in its expression a cocktail of pleasure and pain. Leaning into Katherine, Gena Lee keeps up the pressure on the young girl’s clit, pinning her shoulders to the mat as she manipulates the pink until Katherine screams in a mix of humiliation and pain at Gena Lee’s expert maneuvering her toward the inevitable, inexorable end.

Beating her fists on the apron, Tiffani screams encouragement to her girlfriend who is writhing only a few feet away. Having fallen victim to the same nasty finger tickle in her own match, Thiessen knows the delicious feel of Gena Lee's well-practiced touch.

"Fight Katherine! Fight it. Get away...come on...kick her away." In frustration, she climbs onto the apron near Katherine who, lying flat on her back, can see her. "Fight it!" she screams, banging the top rope. But it’s clear to everyone that Katherine’s body has gone too far down the road to turn back the tide welling up in her loins.

Hearing Tiffani's plea, Gena Lee quickens the pace a bit and hazards a glance at Tiffani; grinning and blowing her a kiss, then mouthing, "I FUCKED YOU TOO" over the crowds delirious cheers.

Maintaining her pace for a few more seconds, Gena Lee slowly starts her opponent down the slippery slope to orgasm! Her body completely bathed in sweat, Katherine's previously hollow chirps become throaty grunts as her body’s resistance is slowly overcome by Gena Lee's adept stroking. The challenger's thighs spread wider and her leg muscles relax as she responds to Gena Lee's thrusting fingers. Katherine's arms move away from her red face and flop limp to the mat. Her fingers claw and scratch the canvas in a mixture of joy, pleasure, pain and certainly a lot of humiliation. As the seconds wear on, instead of fighting against Gena Lee, Katherine's eyes shut and her body surrenders; her hips begin to rise to meet each of Gena Lee's plunging thrusts; a rowboat lost in hurricane of sexual arousal and carnal pleasure.

"Ohhh...Ohhhh...OHHHH...OHHHH!" Katherine squeals with Gena Lee thrust.

"Come on sweetie, we're almost there," coos Gena Lee, her devastating caresses taking a toll on the younger blonde, exhausting and humiliating her all at once. Gena Lee cruelly takes Katherine to the brink of orgasm time and again, only to slow down, back off and leave her panting for release; relishing the complete control she has over the powerful blonde - and completely exhausting her in the process; leaving her too weak to fight effectively in the next fall. "That’s it sweetie, we’re almost there..." Gena Lee whispers; the heat between Katherine's thighs growing exponentially as Gena Lee stokes the fire, plunging deeper and stroking faster, until...

"AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Katherine screams as her liquid passion detonates; she claws at the mat, her back arched involuntarily, bawling through clenched teeth. Gena Lee keeps stroking, but lets Katherine's limps leg slip off her shoulder and fall to the mat, useless and limp. Gena Lee continues her skilled touching for a few more seconds as Katherine’s twitching and spasming winds down; her eruption spent in a blaze of screaming and scrabbling on the filthy mat.

"That was very good, Katherine," Gena Lee again coos lightly, but not withdrawing her fingers from Katherine's pussy, never stopping her gentle stroking of the hard clitoris. Patting Katherine on the side of her fleshy butt, she adds, "All we need now is a little submission and we can go on to the next fall." Panting like a winded horse after a long race, Katherine spits, "Fuck you!" and tries to roll her sweaty body away. But Gena Lee keeps her still with a firm pinch of swollen clit, then resuming her stroking - gently - Gena Lee hisses, "No...fuck YOU!"

Before Gena Lee can build any momentum, however, Katherine raises her leg and plants it between Gena Lee's boobs, then kicks her away. The blonde is flung backward across the ring by the power of Katherine's strapping thighs. Picking herself up quickly, Gena Lee checks out the spectacle as Katherine rolls over on her side with both hands between her heavy thighs protecting her groin from further assault.

"I guess we're going to have to do this the hard way," hisses Gena Lee, more stunned than hurt by the kick.

Reaching back behind her, Gena Lee unties her top and lets the small triangles hang loose over her flawless breasts. The crowd rises to its feet a second time, sensing the end of Katherine may be near - as well as to get a glimpse of Gena Lee's marvelous melons peeking out from beneath her fluttering top as Gena Lee reaches down and grabs both of Katherine's ankles, lifting her legs.

Looking down at Katherine's sex drenched briefs, Gena Lee grins, "Looks like someone had a little accident."

With Katherine at her mercy, Gena Lee delivers a wicked stomp to the young woman’s lush belly, her foot sending ripples through the baby fat on the young girl’s smooth belly. Another stomp a little lower follows, but Katherine's refusal to expose her groin softens the blow. Frustrated, Gena Lee folds the younger blonde's legs back over her head in another match book pin. The pressure of Katherine's bikini on her inflamed labia makes the young challenger yip in pain, but when she opens her eyes and looks up, the sting in her crotch is quickly forgotten as she sees Gena Lee's snow capped peaks dangling just inches above her face as the veteran blonde struggles to keep Katherine’s body folded over.

Gena Lee's perseverance pays off as the battered young blonde is soon overcome by Gena Lee's weight and skill. Even Katherine's powerfully built thighs are weakened to the point where she can’t resist Gena Lee's efforts to pin her down. Katherine turns her head to the side, knowing what is coming next! But Gena Lee grabs Katherine's hair and turns her face back as she lowers her succulent tits onto the blonde's flushed face. Weakened as she is after Gena Lee's sexual attack, Katherine does her best to stave off the mounds of steamy titflesh as they envelop her face, shutting off the sights and sounds of the outside world. She tussles, writhing left and right, but Gena Lee is an expert at tit smothering and she patiently keeps Katherine's face trapped in the valley of her dewy peaks. Gena Lee smiles as she feels the blonde's hot breath on her sweltering tits, then the gentle vacuum as Katherine sucks in trying to draw a breath. The gentle suction becomes more and more pronounced as Gena Lee keeps control of Katherine by not so gently pulling and tugging the blonde's hair whenever she gets a little unruly. Taking total control of her, Gena Lee releases Katherine's legs to concentrate on smothering, using one hand under Katherine's chin, propping it up so that even in unconsciousness, the blondes face stays covered. Gena Lee releases Katherine's hair, preferring to cradle to blonde's head, pressing the back of her head up and her face into the grotto between her slack breasts. Slight adjustments, wiggling hips, or moving her shoulders an inch or so consolidate Gena Lee's finisher.

"Come on honey...we're almost there... almost... that's right... suck'em in," Gena Lee gently whispers. As the darkness begins to cloud the edges of Katherine's vision, her initial panicked struggles become no more than random floundering; then end completely. "Almost there," Gena Lee adds - unnecessarily, since Katherine is no longer conscious to hear it.

Katherine's hands stop moving and fall limp to the mat and Tiffani climbs through the ropes into the ring moving to aid of her defeated friend. "Alright, bitch, you beat her! Now leave her alone and let her up!"

Looking up and seeing Tiffani’s menacing glare, Gena Lee unceremoniously drops Katherine's head, which hits the mat with the THUMP of a ripe melon! Katherine's voluminous breasts roll and rock side to side as her head slowly lolls off to one side. The young blonde's flushed face is covered with the fine dew of Gena Lee's breast sweat, but she otherwise looks like a gently sleeping giantess. Rising slowly, untangling herself from Katherine's thighs, Gena Lee gets to her feet face to face with Tiffani. The former champ leans into Gena Lee, getting in her face as they go chest to bare chest.

Pointing down, Gena Lee snidely says, "Look at her... sleeping like a baby. A big fat ol’ happy baby." Alexandra comes up behind her as Gena Lee adds, "Looks like you need a new protégé Tiff. I finger-fucked her brains out and titty smothered her...just like when I took the belt from….oh yeah, YOU!"

With a menacing shove to her now free breasts, Tiffani sends Gena Lee rocking back a step. "Cheating bitch! At least I didn't have to USE my belt on my you."

Smirking, Gena Lee removes her bikini top and tosses it to Tiffani, "Maybe she'll want a souvenir of her only shot at the title...when she wakes up." Turning away, she goes back to her corner where Alexandra greets her with a big embrace and a deep kiss!

"Your girlfriend’s got minutes, bitch...then the bell rings again," Alexandra warns Tiffani.
Tiffani splashes water on Katherine's face as Alexandra holds up the timer and starts the countdown from ten. The flushed-face blonde sputters; startled by the cold water as it cascades over her face and streams down onto the valley of her generous bust.

"Come on sweetie, wake up," Tiffani murmurs, coaxing Katherine to sit up.

Looking around in a panic, Katherine suddenly jerks upright, then the pain in her head from the suffocating breast smother hits her like a truck. "Whur...she was jus...I..."

Still in a panic and suffering an immense hang-over like headache, she slumps back to the canvas, having to be helped back up by Tiffani who purrs, “Don't worry, honey...it's over."

Helping Katherine up, she heaves her to her feet and lets her settle down on the stool in her corner. Tiffani takes a towel from the bucket and wipes Gena Lee's tit-sweat off of Katherine's red face, then begins rubbing down her soft breasts. Katherine squirms as the rough material swabs her well upholstered chest. And as Tiffani works, Katherine, still a bit stunned, looks around dimly, her eyes finally falling on the woman in the opposite corner where Gena Lee sits with her huge championship belt around her waist as Alexandra soothingly massages her shoulders and back. The crown of the enormous belt is framed by Gena Lee's pasty white breasts, her hard, pale, nipples standing tall and firm. She smiles a knowing smile, knowing that Katherine is still wondering exactly what happened.

Squirming uncomfortably, Katherine looks at Tiffani. "Did she...?"

Tiffani says soothingly, "Don’t worry about that now. It's over...time to look forward to the next fall. We'll get her this time..." Then she hems a little, finally she reaches down and snaps the waistband of Katherine's wet bikini panties "We’ve gotta get you out of these first."

Looking down at the crotch of her love-drenched briefs, Katherine has a sudden flashback to Gena Lee's vicious fingering and the evil, leering grin on her face as she sexually dominated the young blonde. With a shudder, Katherine returns to reality, where Tiffani is pulling her up off the stool, letting her back rest on the turnbuckles. Hooking both thumbs at the hips of Katherine's red tights, she gently pulls down, slipping the hip-hugging shorts down Katherine's wide hips and thick thighs. The crimson cloth slides down to expose two pink and powerful ass cheeks that show Katherine's awesome lower body strength. In front, her disappearing tights reveal a tapered strip of well trimmed, but very thick blonde pelt leading down to and surrounding her pussy. Although narrow, the strip is thick and dense with curly blonde pubes.

Taking another wet towel from the bucket, Tiffani presses the cool cloth to the inflamed labia and the young blonde gasps as the cold cloth touches her tortured crotch. Wincing, she eases back onto stool to let the cooling material take effect. Tiffani puts Katherine's hand on the cold compress to hold it in place while she finishes her work. Slipping the tights down, Tiffani runs her hands over Katherine's incredibly strong thighs, source of her true strength. And as she goes about her pulling the tights down and off over Katherine's scuffed boots, Tiffani develops a new strategy.

"You’ve got the best thighs in the world, girl. You gotta squeeze this bitch." Patting Katherine's sweaty flanks, she continues, "She'll squeal like a little piggy after a coupla seconds in these pythons!" Slapping the well developed legs again, she continues to cheer the big blonde up. "Come on, she won't stand a chance in a body scissors." Looking back across the ring, she smiles as she adds spitefully, "And make sure to get her prize tits in the wringer too." With that last piece of advice, the electric buzzer sounds on the second fall. Tiffani helps Katherine to her feet and kicks the stool out under the ropes. Giving Katherine a slap on her bare rump, Tiffani tells her, "Go get her and squeeze her out...”

Katherine lurches out into the ring, her bare breasts swinging pendulously as Gena Lee closes with her quickly at center ring and they lock up; both eager to pounce on the other, one wanting to close-out the match, the other just hoping for redemption. Gena Lee pushes the powerful Katherine back into the ropes with surprising ease, then they separate at a snail's pace; each guarding cautiously against a sneak attack. The wily veteran champion strikes again though, feinting a knee to the groin, then heaving an uppercut up under Katherine's swaying boobs. Her body pinned against the ropes, the big blonde can’t give with the punches as her breasts are whip-lashed like speed bags by Gena Lee's well-aimed and rapid-fire punches. Again and again, Gena Lee’s hard fists flatten the soft, yielding mounds of flesh as she Lee pounds away at Katherine’s hooters with both fists. With Katherine gasping, Gena Lee steps in and drives a forearm smash across the chest that leans Katherine’s upper body back out over the top rope, then quickly unleashes a series of damaging knee lifts up into her free-swinging and vulnerable tits as she recoils back and hunches over in pain.

Katherine desperately tries to protect her bulbous bounty from Gena Lee's pummeling but when Gena Lee merely shifts her attack to Katherine’s well-upholstered midsection. When the big blonde's defenses rise to the task of protecting both her vulnerable breasts and sturdy midsection, Gena Lee continues to work her way still lower, dipping her knees in to deliver a beaver punch that forces Katherine's defenses still lower! The muscles of Gena Lee's back glow with a light sheen of sweat as she works Katherine's assets, pummeling her with boob shot after boob shot and mixing in several body blows when the opportunity presents itself. Gena Lee’s boxing skills are clearly superior to Katherine's and she picks apart the bigger blonde's slow-reacting defenses.

But one punch is all it takes for Katherine to break out! Weathering Gena Lee's speedy, but not all that punishing blows, she lures Gena Lee in and then delivers a haymaker of her own. Gena Lee grunts as Katherine pushes off the ropes with her butt with a sweeping body blow the pounds the older woman's belly with a right. Gena Lee crumples, her arms dropping to protect her ribs and belly just as Katherine's second left to the body completes a combo that leaves the champion staggering backward holding her aching sides with both hands!

Now avenging thea attack on her throbbing tits, Katherine drove two devastating punches to Gena Lee's assets, sending her staggering clear across the ring to the far ropes. Katherine follows, narrowly side-stepping a kick at her groin, to deliver another series of punishing body and breast blows. She stays close to Gena Lee, using her proximity to trap Gena Lee on the ropes as her short, incredibly powerful, shots slam thru Gena Lee's defense, blasting apart her protective armor to punish her golden torso. Each blow saps the older woman's strength until Katherine steps into a knee lift into her midsection that lifts Gena Lee's feet briefly off the canvas. Collapsing to the mat, Gena Lee finds herself suddenly at Katherine's mercy.

"Pound her honey, pound her good!" Tiffani screams, her face outside the ring only inches from Gena Lee’s.

The young blonde pulls Gena Lee up by the hair, turns her around and begins to choke her over the top rope, gaining a small measure of payback for the earlier choking she'd suffered. Leaving the lifeless champion’s body draped over the top rope, Katherine climbs out of the ring onto the apron, where she resumes choking the champion before dropping to her naked butt on the apron and sling-shooting Gena Lee backward. Glancing to Tiffani, she receives a thumbs up, a pat on the thigh and a broad smile from her handler and girlfriend.

Rolling back in under the bottom rope, Katherine brings Gena Lee back to her feet by the hair again, but the champion, ever the dirty fighter, gives Katherine's crotch a thumbing, burying the stout digit deep in the blonde's exposed womanhood! Katherine bellows in agony, but keeps her head, literally. Leaning back, she gives Gena Lee a head butt that drops the dazed Gena Lee to the mat on her ass. Reaching down, Katherine slowly pulls Gena Lee's offending digit from between her quivering thighs and heaves an audible sigh as she separates herself from Gena Lee's damaging digit; tossing the blonde's arm aside with a disgusted grimace.

Gena Lee stirs on the mat, trying to regain her feet, but Katherine plants a stomp to Gena Lee's skull sending her back down to the canvas and gaining a few seconds to catch her breath and decide on her next move. Heeding Tiffani's earlier advise, Katherine sits next to Gena Lee as she tries to regain her footing; spreads her legs and wraps her thighs around the older blonde, like trapping her in a Venus Fly Trap. Gena Lee's reaction is immediate - she screeches in tortured agony as her ribs feel like they're about to collapse down around her lungs. Slapping weakly at Katherine's legs, Gena Lee resorts to a quick rake of fingernails across Katherine's fleshy thighs.

"Gonna take more than that sweetheart!" Katherine adds with a smile, squeezing her stout thighs tighter. "We can sit here all day!" Katherine adds menacingly as she squeezes Gena Lee mercilessly.

The older blonde tries to scratch the fleshy thighs again but Gena Lee's hands flop uselessly at her sides as the pressure on her chest increases and her oxygen begins to run out. Gena Lee raises one hand for the ropes to pull herself free, but they're too far and her hand drops pathetically as she struggles in the crushing body scissor. As planning - or luck - would have it, Gena Lee's hand drops squarely onto Katherine's pelt as the heavier blonde leans back, arching her body as she sends another wave of crushing power into Gena Lee's abdomen. Wasting no time, Gena Lee’s closes in the short, curly hair and gives Katherine a pubic rake that she'll remember for long time!

Still sore from Gena Lee's first fall fingering and thrusting attacks on her womanhood, Katherine can't maintain the scissors as Gena Lee again stabs her thumb into her, then rakes nails over the still aching lips of Katherine's tender womanhood. With a savage cry of a wounded animal, Katherine's leg fly open and Gena Lee escapes while Katherine rolls onto her side, her hands between her thighs cupping her aching groin. Breathless and hurting, Gena Lee crawls away, her body ravaged by Katherine's scissors. Regaining control of herself, Katherine looks to Tiffani at ringside, who holds up her hands, forming a large circle with her arms - signifying she wants a bearhug. Katherine, though fatigued, nods to her partner and struggles to her feet fighting nausea that accompany her rise. She looks across the ring at Gena Lee who is pathetically crawling across the ring to her corner.

Smiling with anticipation, Katherine gently rubs her palms over her own excited nipples and the already firm peaks of stiff flesh grow hard as she kneads them, preparing them to go ‘face to face’ with Gena Lee. Yanking the shorter woman up just before she reaches the shelter of her corner, Katherine replaces the grip on Gena Lee's hair with a double hold on her wrist. Before Gena Lee can figure it out, Katherine turns and Irish Whips the older blonde to the ropes. Her breasts jiggling and her body out of control, Gena Lee springs back off the ropes, coming face to face with Katherine who awaits her with arms spread wide. The young woman crouches slightly, then rises up and into Gena Lee, wrapping her powerfully arms around the older woman’s lower back and locking her grip as she lifts her into a crushing bearhug.

"Ahhhhhh......Uhhh...Uhhhh...Uhhhh!" the red-faced Gena Lee screams, slumping forward into Katherine. Another surge of power from Katherine's muscular shoulders brings another low grunt, but there is obviously little air left in Gena Lee's lungs as her chest is compressed in Katherine's expert clinch. Gena Lee's head slumps forward into the crook of Katherine's neck and, feeling her hot breath on her flesh encourages the powerful blonde to squeeze with everything she has left. Gena Lee's head lifts from her shoulder, her mouth open in a noiseless scream from her gaping lips.

"Ready....to....give?" grumbles Katherine, punctuating each word with a jiggling flex of her arms low on Gena Lee's back. "Come... on... bitch. I OWN YOU!"

But Gena Lee remains stubbornly silent, shocking the younger girl with her fierce will and haughty pride. Easing some of her pressure to appease the burning starting to spread through her own shoulders, Katherine feels Gena Lee's hard breasts slide against her own dripping assets as Gena Lee sucks in what barely amounts to a teaspoon of air. Feeling Gena Lee's chest expand even a few centimeters, Katherine clamps down again, squeezing the struggling champion even as her own shoulder muscles burn in protest. Desperate for even a taste of air, Gena Lee lifts her left hand and gouges Katherine's eye with her thumb. While Katherine is able to turn her head and deflect some of the dirty eye rake, she is still forced to release Gena Lee to avoid further injury.

"You dirty bitch!" Katherine hisses as she takes a step back, rubbing her eye. Gena Lee lunges forward, staggering into Katherine's body; her legs unable to support her weight. The two battered beauties stand near the center of the ring leaning on each other like what they are, two exhausted fighters. Even after the eye gouge, Katherine is still in far better condition than Gena Lee and she slips her hands around behind Gena Lee and reapplies the bear hug. As she wraps her up, Katherine's hands brush the silky smoothness of Gena Lee's black bikini briefs where as they rise up the curve of her firm butt. Wanting to add more pressure to an already destructive hold, Katherine pushes her hands through the leg holes, then clasps her hands at the top of Gena Lee's butt crack under the tight lycra. Cinching up her arms, Katherine resumes the bearhug meeting little resistance. As her clenched fists ride up Gena Lee's butt and settle in her lower back, the older woman's briefs are pulled up, wedgieing her pussy and ass crack.

"OHHHHHhhhhhh...." Gena Lee gasps, her eyes bulging in pain at this new combination of holds.

While her aching back and sore ribs are being crushed in Katherine's iron grip, Gena Lee's briefs ride higher and high, exposing more and more of her tantalizing butt and applying pressure to her crotch. Instead of the subdued, even flaccid, resistance to the bearhug of earlier, now Gena Lee is a wailing banshee, screaming and screeching in misery as her ribs are crushed and her twat is disfigured by her own briefs. Scratching and clawing at Katherine's wide back, Gena Lee leaves a crosshatch pattern of flaming red welts on the pale flesh Katherine's broad back. Beating her fists on Katherine's shoulders, Gena Lee is clearly in a pained panic, driven by the splitting pain in her groin.

"MAKE HER GIVE! MAKE HER GIVE!" screams Tiffani, beating her fists on the apron with her fist. "MAKE HER GIVE!"

Tiffani's advice is drowned out by the cries of the fans screaming their lungs out as Katherine jogs the hold, sending Gena Lee into a fresh series of floundering attempts to escape the worst torture she has ever suffered. Unable to hold the smaller woman forever, Katherine looks to the corner. Then taking a running start, she launches herself into the corner, using Gena Lee's broken body as a cushion between herself and the thinly padded turnbuckles. Like a tackling dummy, Gena Lee's small body is flattened between Katherine and the corner as the crowd lets out an enormous "ooooooohhhhhhh" when Katherine's well-built physique smacks into Gena Lee's smaller frame. A bit winded herself, Katherine takes a step back to admire her handiwork and get respite from Gena Lee's clawing, scratching, and gouging attempts to evade her grip.

Even the fetid breeze in the enclosed arena feels like an icy gale as she separates her sweat-soaked body from Gena Lee's devastated carcass. Katherine wears a wide smile at the sight of Gena Lee's hands trailing down to her groin where she gently begins plucking the black lycra out from between her bulging pink labia. Before she can completely pull the briefs out of her tenderness, Katherine dives right back, ramming her shoulder into Gena Lee's already decimated belly. Grabbing the ropes on either side of Gena Lee to hem her in as well as to give herself added leverage, Katherine rams her shoulder into Gena Lee's unprotected breasts and belly over and over, using her aching shoulders to inflict more punishment.

In a last ditch effort to avoid total annihilation, Gena Lee lifts her knee, catching the bent over and charging blonde in the face. Katherine stops to put both hands to her now crooked nose, but Gena Lee acts quickly, raking her nails from the top of Katherine's bare butt, all the way up to her shoulders. Stunned by the searing pain, Katherine drops to her knees gasping, her hands reaching to soothe the fire on her back. But as she arches her back, it forces her proud breasts up and out; the hard, stiff nipples projecting skyward and Gena Lee again uses her knee to punish the upstart challenger, ramming it home between the ample mounds knocking Katherine onto her back.

Gena Lee reaches down and picks her briefs from between her labia with a loud moan, then pulls her briefs down and steps out of them, leaving them in a sweaty pile on the mat. The crowd again goes wild as twin triangles of pasty white flesh are exposed, one on the round knolls of her firm cheeks, the other the valley of her womanhood. Unlike at the beginning of the match, Gena Lee doesn't play with the crowd's admiration this time, only inserts one hand between her thighs to rub the tortuous burn in her throbbing snatch. But in stepping out of her bottom, Gena Lee trips herself and has to grab the top ropes to keep herself from falling on her face. The pain shooting up from her groin is followed by a tsunami of nausea that threatens to send her into unconsciousness.

She sees Alexandra across the ring, but instead of taking the long way around to her corner, she takes the short-cut straight across the middle of the ring. After the first two steps, however, the pain in her snatch is too much and she collapses to her knees holding her cunt, then rocks back and forth on her knees before she finally tumbles onto her back at the same moment Katherine regains her feet just a few steps away. With a beguiling smirk, Katherine walks over to Gena Lee who is face up on the mat holding her crotch.

"’S’matter bitch?" Katherine asks, adjusting an imaginary halo. "Snatch hurt?" Her eyes widening in mock innocence, she holds up two fingers and asks "Want me to stick my fingers in; rub it and make it allllllll better?"

"Fuck you, whore..." Gena Lee spits out through clenched teeth. "FUCK YOU!"

Gena Lee's dazed eyes take a few seconds to focus as she looks up helpless at Katherine standing over her; a nude goddess of destruction. Without a sound, Katherine drops to her knees straddling Gena Lee, slamming her significant ass down on Gena Lee's stomach. The challenger could have hardly have chosen a more destructive move as her weight crushes Gena Lee's tight midsection, hammering her pulverized ribs and tender breasts; crushing her internals and decimating her tortured lungs. Slowly, Katherine rises, again, standing straddling Gena Lee who lays wheezing; helplessly staring up into the maw of Katherine's bare womanhood. The big blonde drops again, mashing her wide hips down onto Gena Lee's middle, incapacitating the champion. Taking a moment to enjoy her destruction, Katherine next slides back and forth, rubbing her bare sweaty ass and pussy on Gena Lee's taut belly; enjoying the look of agony on Gena Lee's twisted face and feeling the first warm sensation in her loins as she smiles down.

"Ohhhhh girl....you gotta know what's coming next!" Katherine crows as she leans forward. Gena Lee looks up soundlessly, unable to draw a breath or move a muscle; her eyes fixed on Katherine's swaying melons as the big blonde begins to inch forward. Katherine savors the feeling of Gena Lee's heaving breasts under her aroused womanhood. The challenger's eyes flutter and she lets out a small gasp as one of Gena Lee's erect nipples slide between her labia. She grabs Gena Lee's unresisting arms and pins them above her head as she inexorably slides up into a front facesit. Katherine lets out a louder, more base gasp, as her womanhood transitions from the rigid muscles of Gena Lee's midsection to the softness of her bountiful tits and finally her chin, mouth and nose. Opening her eyes again, she prepares for the final attack but first takes a few seconds to look down and smile into Gena Lee's fearful eyes.

"I give...I give...I give," Gena Lee repeats as the wet pelt of Katherine's patch slowly encompases her face. Looking up into Katherine's eyes, however, it's clear submission isn't on her mind as she completes her journey, closing her thighs against Gena Lee's face. "GET OFF!" she screams in a last ditch attempt.

"Ohhhhh...I plan get off alright....sweetie..." Katherine murmurs breathily as she slides her womanhood delicately over the irregular features of Gena Lee's face. "This is where the FUN begins!"

Katherine surrounds Gena Lee's face, blotting out all light, sounds and contact with the outside. Trying to free herself from the hot, wet prison, Gena Lee' hands scratch and claw at Katherine's hips and sides, but the big girl is way ahead of Gena Lee and she recaptures her wrists and pins them back down, then lets out a long, blissful moan as she rotates her hips, gyrating her lower torso in smaller and smaller circles, stroking her clit on Gena Lee's face. The electric tingling in her groin intensifies and multiplies as the big girl rubs her sore snatch over Gena Lee's flushed face. As the pace of her movement increases, her eyes flutter closed as she surrenders to sexual pleasure for the second time in the match; her pendulous breasts slap as they sweep from side to side with her hip swaying rhythm. The grinding and bumping culminates despite Katherine’s resisting the orgasm - trying to prolong the sensation as long as possible until, eventually, she is rewarded richly as, roaring like a tigress after the kill, the big blonde throws her head back and erupts in a screaming orgasm. After a few exaggerated thrusts to wring the last ecstasy from her labors, Katherine's shoulders slump and she falls forward, supporting herself with one hand above Gena Lee's head.

"Get off her, you fat bitch!" screams Alexandra as she climbs thru the ropes to enter the ring.

Still tingling, Katherine spreads her legs and rises on all fours, crawling off of and then away from, Gena Lee, leaving her unconscious in the middle of the ring.

Katherine glances back at her recent love seat. The champions face, wet and sticky as a newborn's with her magma, strangely still and peaceful as Alexandra kneels beside her with a bottle of water as Tiffani saunters into the ring to get in a little trash talking.
"Who's sleeping like a baby now?" Tiffani taunts Alexandra as she helps Katherine up on unsteady legs. Katherine's lopsided grin, and trembling thighs are mute testimony to the magnitude of the orgasm she’s experienced on Gena Lee’s face. As Tiffani steers Katherine back to her corner, she looks at the blonde still sporting a crooked, silly grin as asks, "Are you OK?" Katherine drops to her seat on the small wooden corner stool and slumps against the turnbuckle. "You look a little....ummm...flushed."

"Ohhhhhh...gawd...I feel just ......great," Katherine answers, slurring her answer drunkenly.

"Two trips up Mount Orgasm in one match....are you sure you're not too tired to continue?" Tiffani worries.

"Not as tired as her," Katherine answers wickedly; glancing over her shoulder to where Alexandra still hasn’t awakened the slumbering Gena Lee, even after dragging her back to her corner where she squirts water in her face; finally getting a response out of the dazed and disoriented champion.

"Yeah....she looks beat," Tiffani says. Then turning Katherine's attention to the matter at hand, she scolds her charge, "OK, now snap out of it! Sitting on her face isn't gonna make her quit. This is just the beginning; now she's gonna get dirtier than ever," Tiffani warns as she stuffs a towel filled with ice between Katherine's glowing thighs.

"Ohhhh! DAMMMIT! That's cold!" Katherine protests, scooting back on her stool as Tiffani presses the frigid wrap against she still tingling crotch. Snapping out of her languid post orgasm smile, she grabs Tiffani's wrist but quickly realizes her point. "OK, OK, I get it...it's just that...I finished her soooo hard. She's broken!" Katherine smiles as she takes the ice pack from Tiffani, pressing it against her inner thigh. "I took her down hard and it felt GOOOOoooood."

After a good rubdown of her broad shoulders, Katherine’s ready for battle again at least until she looks up across the ring and sees Gena Lee's freshly scrubbed face wearing a wicked scowl of vengeance. Katherine gives Gena Lee her best toothy grin, dropping one hand down to gently caress her own inner thigh; running it over the silky smooth skin of inner leg. She feels a self-induced shiver and the moment of bliss doesn't pass Gena Lee's attention, as she watches the younger challenger taunt her. Gritting her teeth, Gena Lee continues to wipe her face, trying in vain to remove the last of Katherine's love honey.

As Katherine's stimulated nipples harden, she looks across the ring again, and silently mouths, "You're mine bitch! I'm going to sit on you again." Gena Lee's face screws up into another scowl, but her response is cut off by the CLANG of the bell for the third and last fall of this ‘D Cup’ Championship.

Katherine hauls herself up from her corner stool, sore from the abuse she’s taken and the sexual energy expended in both defeat and victory. Katherine grumbles as the pain in her aching groin and breasts returns with a vengeance. The big blonde looks across the ring to see Gena Lee stiffly rising from her seat, her older body having a harder time recovering from the punishing facesit and bear hug. Gena Lee's swollen breasts bounce as she straightens to stretch her back, arching outward and thrusting her endowment out for the crowd. Cheers begin to rise from the crowd as the champion walks to the center of the ring, ready to defend her belt in one final fall.

From across the ring, Katherine invites Gena Lee to meet her, "Game time, whore, and I want a new belt."

Lowering her chin in a look of absolute concentration, Gena Lee sneers, "Honey, here's where we separate the girls from the women, and looking at those little pink titties, I think you look like a little girl. Time to put a spankin' on that big ol' butt!"

The comments strike a nerve and Katherine's eyes narrow into poisonous slits. Urging Katherine to cross the ring to meet her, Gena Lee continues hammering on the now exposed weakness. "Come on blubber butt...I tell you to haul ass and it's a three day job?" She uses jokes to lure the younger girl in just as she had in the first fall but Katherine has learned her lesson and keeps to the center of the ring away from the corner where she suffered the humiliating pounding in the first fall. Trying one last time to lure the bigger blonde in, Gena Lee snarls, "I made you squeal like a fat little piglet the first time...I can do it again!" Holding up two fingers, she slides them down her pussy, rubbing her mons and screeching, "Squueeeeel! Squeeeeeell!"

"SHUT UP bitch!" Katherine roars, blushing at the all-too-clear memory of Gena Lee's probing fingers plumbing the depths of her womanhood as she feels bile welling up in her stomach.

"Squueeeeel! Squeeeeeel!" Gena Lee continues, scrunching her face as she teases the younger girl.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Katherine bellows as she charges, abandoning her earlier calm demeanor. As the enraged blonde stampedes toward, Gena Lee steps deftly aside, but not before aiming a kick into the softest portion of Katherine's gut below her navel. Katherine’s momentum carries her forward, staggering and stumbling until she hits the ropes and drops to all fours. Gena Lee subconsciously pats herself on the back for baiting the younger girl in as she approaches Katherine from behind. The blonde is still on her knees, leaning forward, one arm draped protectively over her smarting stomach. Eyeing the broad expanse of pale back and shoulders, Gena Lee slowly rakes her fingernails downward, furrowing Katherine’s soft white flesh from the shoulder blades southward at an agonizingly slow pace. Like furrows in a freshly plowed field, the crimson welts erupt on the creamy whiteness of Katherine's pale flesh. The champion takes her time as Katherine arches her back in abject agony, crying out as the sweat pours into the wounds, increasing the already fiery pain in her back.

Rising to her knees, Katherine arches in agony, reaching both hands behind her to soothe the inferno on her shoulders. Her sweaty breasts fall unrestrained from her chest, the oversize nipples still ripe and stiff, ready for the taking. Gena Lee grabs the opportunity to line up a perfect circle kick to Katherine's completely vulnerable breasts. The leather of the golden boot makes a sickening slap as it impacts the soft flesh of Katherine's defenseless tits, mashing the malleable mammaries into her ribs and breastbone. Before the challenger can cover up, Gena Lee lands another ruinous tit-shot to the young girls assets. The pain in her napalmed back suddenly forgotten, Katherine reels forward with blow, collapsing to the mat on her chest with both hands beneath her cradling her aching tits as Gena Lee drops to her knees next to the fallen blonde. Grinning wickedly at the devastation she’s wrought, Gena Lee reaches under Katherine's shattered hulk, wending her hand between the blonde's thighs into her crotch as her other hand glides smoothly over Katherine's fleshy bottom, seeking and the following the valley floor between her buns down toward the promised land.

Gena Lee’s deft fingers quickly discover Katherine's privates and she simultaneously rips the younger girl's hard pubic mound and her soft womanhood in opposite directions as Katherine screams in abject torment as her womanly cleft is pulled apart by the champion's experienced fingers. Her body jackknifes in pain, as she rolls over trying to get away from Gena Lee, leaving a dark sweaty stain on the mat. She after the challenger to her hard fought championship, determined to make a statement to others who seek her belt. Katherine crumples on her back, defenseless, writhing with both hands wedged between her thighs so Gena Lee returns to her vulnerable breasts; two huge mammary mountains rippling from side to side, twin pools of sweaty flesh as Katherine moans and rolls onto her side, trying to escape. Before she can get away, however, Gena Lee grabs both oversized teats, twisting savagely, tearing at the soft flesh of her nipples while Katherine shrieks in pain as her prizes are punished by Gena Lee's experienced fingers and sharp nails.

"Come on....give up!" Gena Lee exhorts, but Katherine’s screams, while loud,don't include a submissive syllable.

"Fuck you, whore..." she spits through clenched teeth and, peeling her hands from her burning pussy, Katherine rises to defend her D cups. Grabbing Gena Lee's wrists she pulls violently, but she can’t separate the older woman's claws from milky wonders. In a last move of desperation, Katherine reels back and head butts Gena Lee's again! Her head snaps back, throwing a spray of sweat from her wet hair as she wobbles back unsteadily, slack jawed from the concussive blow to her head!

Katherine takes advantage of the lull to pull Gena Lee's hands off her breasts and retreat, scooting out from under Gena Lee, dragging her bare butt across the rough canvas. The champion shakes off the brain-busting head butt, shaking her head from side to side as Katherine tries to scoot out from under her. Looking down, Gena Lee's eyes focus back on Katherine blonde thatch as she squirms away with her legs spread. Shaking her head once more to clear the last of the fog, Gena Lee watches the big blonde slowly inch away, then reaching out with one hand, Gena Lee grabs for Katherine's crotch, going for the cunt claw that will finally earn a submission.

But Katherine's hands too got to her groin as she sees Gena Lee preparing to apply the claw, blocking Gena Lee's hands and foiling her attempted submission hold. Frustrated when Katherine's hands beat her to her prize, Gena Lee watches Katherine cover her feminine crease with both hands, preventing the claw hold. Hesitating for only a second, Gena Lee raises up on her knees and drives her fist down into the softest spot in Katherine's belly, just below her belly button. The SMACK of fist on the soft bulge just above Katherine's bikini line echoes in the ring, as does the grunt the blonde lets out when she jackknifes into the blow. But Katherine’s hands remain firmly protecting her most vulnerable asset from Gena Lee's claws until another belly punch lands with a SMAACK that resounds through the arena as she buries her knuckles in the soft expanse of white flesh between Katherine’s belly button and her crotch.

"Come on bitch...give up now...or it's the crotch claw," Gena Lee whispers so that only Katherine can hear. Looking down into the blonde's eyes, Gena Lee reels back and powers a third belly punch into Katherine, but defiance still rages in her opponent's eyes. Giving up on the belly punching, but still wanting to use the claw, she instead settles for using her claw on the blonde's belly, in the spot she’s already tenderized. Gena Lee digs her thumbnail into Katherine's belly button as her other four fingers burrow into the soft white flesh below the naval. Gritting her teeth, she pushes and squeezes with all of her might at the soft flesh.

"OOOAAaaaahhhhh Gawwwwd!" Katherine bellows, as her talons sink into her flesh, but she stubbornly refuses to give up protecting her crotch. As Katherine wails in agony, Gena Lee twists her wrist, exerting more power and pressure on the claw, digging her nails deep into the muscles of Katherine's abdomen. As Gena Lee begins to tire, her hand seemingly on fire from the exertion, she realizes Katherine won't submit to her vicious belly claw and releases it in frustration.

Reaching down, Gena Lee again tries in vain to pull Katherine's hands from her groin so she can put on a crotch claw, but the younger blonde's defenses still too strong. But in looking little higher on Katherine's magnificent body, Gena Lee spots the wondrous breasts that qualified Katherine for a shot at the D Cup championship in the first place and the champion quickly seizes Katherine's prizes, filling her hands with the young girl's sweet bounty. Gena Lee mauls the soft breasts, alternately squeezing, then releasing and then twisting the milky white tissue; feeling the blonde's large, stiff nipples pressing into her palms. But Gena Lee keeps an eye on Katherine's lower abdomen, hoping the challenger will recklessely give her an opening to apply her claw hold on the promised land. Finally, leaving Katherine's breasts, Gena Lee breaks the double bra claw and sits back breathing heavily; her own magnificent chest slathered in sweat, heaving in lungfuls of air.

"Come on, bitch...give it up...." Gena Lee mutters, trying one last time to force Katherine's hands from her womanhood. Gena Lee grits her teeth in absolute frustration, convinced that her strong hands between Katherine's trembling thighs will end the match in short order once and for all. Thwarted in her attempt, she reapplies the belly claw, lower on Katherine's belly this time, centering her attack on the already demolished midsection. As she leans forward into the hold, driving her claws into Katherine's belly, sure that she is mere seconds from a submission, Gena Lee fails to note Katherine's stout thighs rising up and wrapping around her waist. Not until Katherine locks her ankles together in the classic body vice and squeezes for all she's worth, does Gena Lee completely realize the peril she’s in!

Almost immediately, Katherine feels the pressure on her tummy ease as Gena Lee's head snaps back in pain, her eyes squint shut in abject agony. Katherine’s legs pulse again, her robust thighs wrenching a pained grunt from the champion as her body is compacted between Katherine's brawny thighs.

"Ohhh...mmmmffffckker..." the older woman grunts as she is pulped between Katherine's broad thighs. Her hands drop to Katherine's thighs, feeling the tense power in the muscles in her upper legs. Gena Lee rakes her nails down the clammy surface of Katherine's thighs, hoping for an early release from the crushing power of the body scissor, but her wishes are only that....wishes. Feeling the burn in her thighs from Gena Lee's fingernails as well as the incessant pressure she is exerting on Gena Lee's body, Katherine relaxes a second, only to clamp her thighs tight again and Gena Lee’s body slumps in relief. Summoning her flagging energy, Gena Lee drives her elbows down on Katherine's knees and thighs, but the feeble attempts just bounce off of Katherine's thighs. In a last, desperate bid for freedom, Gena Lee jams her thumb down into Katherine's pelt, her thumb stabbing up into her crotch, tearing at the tender flesh of Katherine's womanhood.

Gena Lee takes no satisfaction in Katherine’s agonized wail as her pussy is again pierced by Gena Lee's offending digit. Rolling to her side, Katherine clutches her crotch where Gena Lee cunt raked her tender flesh. With both hands between her thighs, Katherine lifts one leg, planting the sole of her wrestling boot on Gena Lee's immense breasts, then kicks the champion away. Both lie quietly on the mat, trying to heal their wounds from the deluge of destruction, but Katherine is the first to stir and the first to return to the offense. Seeking to end the match and claim the belt she feels more and more confident will be hers, Katherine rises to her feet to find Gena Lee still face down on the canvas, her arms wrapped tightly around her crushed chest.

Katherine steps over the fallen champ, straddling her with one leg on either side of Gena Lee’s defeated body. Then she drops to her knees, slamming her significant ass down on the blonde’s back, crumpling Gena Lee's ribcage under her ass. Gena Lee lets out a low groan as Katherine again stands still straddling her and drops to her knees again! Katherine's bare butt drives another pulverizing blow to Gena Lee's upper torso, crushing her lungs and flattening her bare breasts on the canvas. For a third time, Katherine slowly and painfully rises only to drop her ass on Gena Lee's back again, squeezing the last few molecules of oxygen from her lungs.

Katherine takes her time, sitting on Gena Lee's back as she reaches forward and grabs a handful of hair and slide her exposed cheeks even further up Gena Lee's sweat-slick back. Squatting with her bare butt on Gena Lee's back, Katherine reaches under Gena Lee's arms and hauls her torso up in a camel clutch with her hands clasped under Gena Lee's chin as she rocks back, applying horrific pressure to the blonde's lower back.

"MMMmmfnnnfnnnn..." Gena Lee screams through clenched teeth, as Katherine hauls back and jams her thumbs over Gena Lee's mouth, cutting off her air in addition to rearranging her spine.

"What was that? Did I hear I GIVE?" asks Katherine, clearly seeing the ‘D-Cup’ Champions belt being placed around her waist. Releasing Gena Lee's chin, Katherine slowly rakes her across the eyes. Gena Lee's hands, pulled tight behind Katherine's knees, flap helplessly as Katherine's claws slowly scrape across her face. Another muffled scream comes from Gena Lee as Katherine continues to work over the champion, hoping to earn a submission and her first world title belt. "I know...," Katherine mutters, bring her hands down to Gena Lee's dangling D Cups. As her fingers find the swollen nipples, Katherine begins to maul Gena Lee's sensitive teats, expertly working the pink circles of flesh with her strong fingers. "Give?" she asks again, her tone flat without showing a hint of the emotions boiling inside her.

"Nahhh...fuck...mmmmm...YYYYYyyyyyaaaa!" Gena Lee screams as Katherine pinches the sensitive nubs; then adding to her torture, Katherine leans back hard, pressing her large fleshy asscheeks down on Gena Lee's bowed back. Bouncing a few times, Katherine knows she has the match won when Gena Lee's squeals at the pain in her twisted spine completing with the burning agony as her nipples are pinched, pulled and twisted back and forth...back and forth....back and forth.

"Give?" she asks again. "I can sit her all day..." She punctuates this demand by leaning back, nearly breaking Gena Lee in half.

"OoooOOOkkkkk...I give..." Gena Lee moans, venomous hatred dripping from each syllable.

"SAY IT LOUD....I WANT THEM ALL TO HEAR!" Katherine screams, her mouth only inches from Gena Lee's ear.

"OOOOKKK....I GIVE...I GIVE....I GIVE!" Gena Lee bawls, as tears began streaming down her red face.

Katherine immediately releases the camel clutch, letting Gena Lee’s limp body flop face down on the mat. She stands, raising her arms over her head in triumph. Then, cruelly, Katherine drops a knee across Gena Lee's lower back, further exacerbating the already overwhelming pain on the former champion. Striking the traditional victory pose with one foot firmly pressing down on her decimated foe’s body, Katherine flexes her arms, her nude body glistening with perspiration.

"HEY BITCH!" Alexandra screams as she climbs into the ring to aid her fallen partner. "Get your big FAT ASS off her!"

Sprinting across the ring toward Gena Lee, Alexandra is completely surprised when Katherine launches herself off Gena Lee and spears the tall brunette in the middle of the ring. Katherine's nude sweaty body slams into the taller woman, as Katherine drives a shoulder into Alexandra's wide open six-pack abs. Alexandra begins flailing wildly, scratching at Katherine's wide back, trying to free herself from Katherine's grasp as she pushes her back toward the corner. Just then, Tiffani arrives on the scene and lining up the tall brunette in her sights, she drops an elbow into the space between Alexandra's small, firm breasts.

Climbing to her feet, Tiffani begins to unload boot after boot onto Alexandra's body, stomping her continually until Alexandra's struggling against Katherine stops and her resistance fades. The new champion finally releases Alexandra, who curls up in the fetal position as she tries to protect herself from Thiessen's flying feet as Tiffani continues to land boots to the curled up brunette until it becomes clear Alexandra no longer poses a threat.

Katherine untangles herself from Alexandra on the mat, slowly gets to her feet and walks back to Gena Lee’s corner where she reaches under the bottom rope and picks up her new D-Cup Championship belt. She holds it over her head as the raucous crowd stands to applaud their new ‘D Cup Champion.’ Strutting proudly back to the sobbing, beaten former champ who is still on her belly motionless on the mat, Katherine again puts her foot on Gena Lee’s butt as she poses with the the belt high over her head, basking in another wave of applause for the new champion as she holds the gold belt above her naked, sweaty body.

Katherine slams the belt down across Gena Lee's unprotected ass with a loud clap that echoes in the furthest corners of the arena. Even before the red welts appear on her bottom ... before she can react to the bolts of pain and humiliation ...before Gena Lee even comprehends what is happening, the belt is raised to fall across her ass and back a second time. SLAP! Making sure that the metal studs of the belt are ripping at Gena Lee's already torn body, Katherine lifts the belt and sends another well-aimed shot across Gena Lee's back and bare buns. SMACK! Although curled in the fetal position, to present as small a target as possible, Gena Lee can’t avoid the metal studded leather strap and it once more lays her bare. She flops on the canvas like a fish out of water, trying to soothe the throbbing pain in her torn body.

As Gena Lee wilts on the mat, Katherine turns her attention to Alexandra, still curled up at Tiffani’s feet and snarls to Tiffani, "Strip that bitch so she can get hers too."

With a nasty smile, and a evil chortle, Tiffani lines up her other elbow and drops it into the center of Alexandra's back. As the tall brunette squirms under Tiffani's weight, Katherine drops to her knees beside her, holding her for Tiffani as she too kneels and her hands dive into the waistband of Alexandra's cutoff shorts. The button top jeans last only a few seconds before Tiffani has Alexandra stretched out, pulling the denim shorts from her waist, past her womanly hips, down her long legs and off over her boots. Alexandra struggles wildly, but she’s no match for both Katherine and Tiffani and her shorts soon hang over the middle rope, dangling a few tantalizing feet out of the crowd's reach.

"My oh my!" exclaims Katherine, looking at Alexandra’s hot pink thong. Then glaring into Alexandra's eyes, she asks, "Pretty modest little panties, huh?"

"Fuck you bitch, I'm gonna fuck you up! I'm gonna..." Alexandra spits, struggling to free herself from Tiffani’s grip.

SMACK! Alexandra howls and writhes in agony as Tiffani smacks her across her bare ass with the belt. SMACK! Tiffani winds up and unloads, swingng the belt up over her head with both hands and swinging it down to punish the tall brunette with a whiplash inducing shot from the championship belt. SLAP! With Alexandra now subdued, Katherine quickly pulls up her green shirt and peels it off of the brunette while Tiffani unfastens the front catch of Alexandra's bra, freeing her small, tanned breasts. Unable to resist inflicting more pain, Tiffani grabs the nipples and gives them both a good pinching twist, drawing a pained wail from Alexandra as she tries to cover her chest. Katherine stands up, watching as Tiffani takes the belt over to line up a shot on Gena Lee.

SMACK! Gena Lee slithers across the canvas, trying to escape the devastating belt shots, but Tiffani scoots around in front of her, shutting off her escape route and giving her another ripping belt shot across her naked flesh. SMACK! Looking at Katherine, Tiffani drops the belt next to Gena Lee's writhing, naked body, then Tiffani takes her time; slowly reaching down to unbutton the top of her shorts. Unzipping the khaki shorts, she slides her tight shorts down her hips revealing her dark green bikini briefs.

"That face sit you gave Gena Lee before,” she purrs to Katherine. “That looked like fun...mind if I try?" she asks, batting her eyes.

"Be my guest...," Katherine answers; then looking at Alexandra she adds, "I think I'll go for a ride myself..."

Tiffani slowly lowers her briefs, sliding the tiny triangle of cloth from her lush pelt and down over her thighs, letting them fall to the mat at her feet. Her tan butt glows in the harsh arena light as she steps over the fallen ex-champion; slowly running her finger up and past the small triangle of white skin surrounding her dark pubic patch as she kneels by Gena Lee and rolls her over onto her back, slapping the blonde’s face several times to bring a ruddy glow to her cheeks.

"Ready for a taste of real woman, bitch?" Tiffani asks. Then glancing guiltily at Katherine, she quickly adds sheepishly, "UH...well... I mean...another taste.?"

"Mmm, huh?...I...how did?..." Gena Lee stutters, her eyes opeing to look up and see Tiffani kneeling over to her, naked from the waist down, her shirttails fluttering over her bare womanhood. "Noooo...I..." she stutters, this time vainly trying to scoot back from Tiffani. But the brunette is too quick for the exhausted Gena Lee as she grabs her by the arm and subdues her with a wicked punch to the belly that leaves the blonde gasping. Tiffani quickly scoots up, straddling Gena Lee and resting her bare butt on Gena Lee's well upholstered chest. As Tiffani enjoys her moment of triumph, she looks down int Gena Lee's fear-filled eyes as she bounces her ass on Gena Lee's battered breasts, then settles in, gently rolling her hips to rub her womanhood on the flaming wet heat of Gena Lee's bare, sweaty melons.

"OHHHHhhhhh sweeettie...you have no idea how long I've waited for this moment....this view..." Tiffani sighs, smiling broadly as she rubs her bare butt over Gena Lee's naked boobs. "You remember sitting on my face? Do you?" she asks as she slaps the cowering blonde. "Do you remember how much fun you had getting off on me? Well....guess what? Your time has come...or maybe I should say my time ... to cum," Tiffani adds, chortling at her own joke. Leaning down, she tweaks Gena Lee's nose, and asks, "You ready for a little ride, Gena?" Gena Lee struggles weakly for a few seconds, but after being decimated by Katherine, her body has buckled and her will is near collapsing. "Any last words?"

Tiffani’s question is answered only by Gena Lee's final attempt to buck her off as the blonde thrusts her hips up and forward, frantically trying to dislodge Tiffani. But the brunette is far too experienced to allow Gena Lee’s weak attempt to deter her from her goal and she turns her upper torso to reach back over Gena Lee's belly. Gena Lee's view is blocked by Tiffani’s body, but she feels her groin explode in agony as a handful of her thick, lush pubic hair is grabbed and pulled sharply. Gena Lee squeals as Tiffani jerks violently at the tuft of blonde curly hair between her legs.

"That all you have left sweetie? That it? Are you done? ‘Cause I'm just getting started," Tiffani sighs threateningly as she slides forward and closes her thighs over Gena Lee's face; gently rubbing her boiling beaver on Gena Lee's face as she leans forward, one hand on the mat by Gena Lee’s head as she begins rocking her hips, adding a small circular motion to her thrusting.

"UHHHHhhhhnnnnn..." Tiffani lets out a guttural groan as the tension visibly bleeds from her shoulders.

Relaxed by the ever-changing aspects of pressure and friction against her lips, Tiffani’s pace increases slightly as the all-to-familiar boiling reaches a new fever pitch in loins. The unfamiliar features of Gena Lee's face being scrubbed by her womanhood bring out the beast in Tiffani and she squints her eyes closed as she bites her lower lip. As the pace of her thrusting increases, Gena Lee's muffled cries are drowned out, not only by the raucous crowd, but also by Tiffani’s hip thrusts and grinding lunges until the magma between her thighs bubbles to the surface and she throws her head back and lets out an animal growl as her volcano of lust overflows as she spills herself on Gena Lee's face. Tiffani leans forward, supported by both hands as the crescendo of her orgasm begins to taper, propping herself against the mat with her body arched, squeezing the last drops of pleasure from her arousing performance.

"UN...UN...UHH!" Tiffani grunts as she gives a last exaggerated thrust before collapsing forward onto her elbows, her sweat-drenched body slowly recovering from the intense performance. Her beautiful blue eyes flutter open as she slides off to the side and rolls on her back on the mat, drained and exhausted; releasing Gena Lee from her prison. A bead of sweat slowly rolls down the bridge of her nose as she looks back at the devastated blonde, her face still covered with the dew of Tiffani's love honey.

Breathing heavily, Tiffani's lungs aching as they claw for oxygen, she struggles to her knees and reaches over to pick up her shorts and her underwear. As she does, she hears a faint grunt, and then a louder, guttural groan not unlike the one she’d just loosed herself. Looking to her left, she watches with a wry smile as Katherine clamps her knees against Alexandra’s head as she rocks in a front face sit, inching into the final position to pleasure herself on Alexandra's chin, mouth and nose. Katherine's shoulders are hunched, her soft breasts sag forward as she grabs Alexandra's hair to hold her victim's head in just the right place as...

"UUUUUUuuuunnnnnhhhh....ooohhmmiigggwd....YES...that's it!" Katherine groans as she slides forward and back, the crack of her fleshy buns just exposing the bottom of Alexandra's chin as her grinding becomes more pronounced and Katherine begins to hump Alexandra's face in earnest, plowing her bare womanhood on the tall brunette's face with a renewed vigor. Her large breasts sway and slap back and forth as she works away on Alexandra's face, grinding and gnashing her slit against her victim; letting out low swoon as her boilers light and she begins building steam.

"Yeah....ohhhhhh.....mmmmmmm..." the blonde grunts, slowly building to her third orgasm of the night. "Mmmmmm....right there....yeah..." she adds as her momentum begins to build. “Th...that's it...uuuhhmmm hummm!"

Katherine's thick thighs are flush with excitement as she feels the adrenaline in her bloodstream wiping out the earlier pain and humiliation; flooding her with the warm glow of victory. Already primed by several orgasms, she climbs the peak quickly until, with a throaty moan, arrives on the scene and rewards Alexandra for her lack of resistance with a hot flood of her love honey. Catching her breath, Katherine opens her eyes, brushes her hair back from her face and slides off of Alexandra's blank, unconscious face. The first one she sees is Tiffani, standing beside her, nude from the waist down, holding her bikini briefs in one hand and the golden belt in the other.

Tiffani kisses Katherine hard, long and deep, then sighs happily with a leering smile, "Come on hon...you've got a hell of a victory party to get ready for. But first, let's hit the showers and I’ll give you your first reward for a job well done!"