Katherine Heigl vs. Denise Richards 2001 by Blizzard

Denise Richards felt like she'd hitched a permanent ride on Cloud 9. She was at a wonderful place in her life, and could not have been more fulfilled. The 5'6" brunette beauty was now 30 years old, and after having suffered through her share of dead-end Hollywood relationships, she had finally found the man of her dreams, Charlie Sheen, the infamous Tinseltown bad boy. He’d finally gotten his life under control thanks to an unexpected flourish of personal fortitude - and the endless support of his family. He’d been spiraling out of control for years, consumed by demons and his uncontrollable obsessions. Booze, drugs, and women were a volatile cocktail and Charlie had been on a bender accompanied by all three vices. He shocked his peers and instilled a sense of pride in his loved ones when he finally grabbed the stick and pulled out of his nose-dive.

The love and resolute support of a woman was his recipe for atonement, and as if answering a desperate plea, Denise was there. She met Charlie on the set of 'Good Advice' in 1999, but his tarnished image kept her at bay until some time later. Once Charlie commenced the life altering transition from his crash and burn ways to those of rediscovered inspiration, Denise was waiting. She admitted to unabashedly pursuing the actor and the risk she took had a great reward. Her Mom had told her that when she found the right man she'd know it, and this time she knew it. The romance blossomed. She moved her things into Charlie's Westwood pad and even guest-starred in a recurring role on his show 'Spin City'. Denise was deliriously happy.

The busty brunette was flitting around their home one afternoon straightening up the living room after the previous evening's fuck-fest and left it in shambles. She didn't mind this kind of clean up at all. The images of the night before were still vivid, and they brought a smile to her face as well as a tingling between her legs. When she heard the doorbell she peeked out the window and saw 'Spin City' star Heather Locklear standing at the door.

"Hi Heather!" greeted the dark-haired woman as she opened the door. "If you're looking for Charlie, he's not home."

"I'm glad he's not," answered the brooding blonde babe as she stepped inside. "I need to talk with you privately." Denise wore a puzzled look as she closed the door and invited Heather to sit down. "There's no reason to sugar coat this, so I'm just going to tell you flat out." said Heather. "The other day after a cast meeting at the studio Charlie had an unexpected visitor.”

"What do you mean?" asked Denise apprehensively.

"Don't fly off the handle at me, Denise. Charlie loves you....I mean, absolutely ADORES you. You helped him turn his life around and that’s wonderful. Just hear me out."

"Okay..." agreed Denise, her tone anxious.

"That boisterous bitch Heigl came around parading her big tits in front of Charlie. She looked like a tiger slut on the prowl. It was cheap and sickening. I overheard her proposition Charlie when she thought they were out of earshot."

"She WHAT?" growled Denise as her body tensed.

"Trust me...Charlie declined adamantly! He told her he was madly in love with you and to get lost. Anyway, before he sent her packing she slipped him a note with her e-mail address." The veins in Denise's neck were visibly pulsing. "He crumpled it up and tossed it in the trash." finished Heather.

"That fucking slut!" hissed Denise.

Heather sighed and said "Didn't you work with her on a movie recently?"

"Yeah...'Valentine'," replied Denise.

"You think this is personal, or is she just interested in Charlie?" asked the blonde.

"She's doing it to spite me, I know it," answered the angry brunette. "We didn't get along very well on the set. We’re far from friends."

Denise hopped up and began pacing back and forth nervously.

"I got her e-mail addy out of the trash," said Heather. "Thought you might find a use for it."

"Thanks Heather," said Denise as the blonde handed the wrinkled slip of paper to her. "You're damn right I will."

"I can't stomach conniving little sluts like her," stated Heather as she stood up. "I’d love to slap some respect into her myself, but it's your man she's pursuing so I figured you'd want that pleasure."

"I really owe you for this, thanks," said Denise.

"You don't owe me a thing, hun," said Heather. "Just kick the tramp's ass."

"Charlie and I are supposed to go to this celebrity golf thing in Arizona this weekend," said the pondering brunette. "I'm going to pretend to be sick and set this bitch up for the fall."

They embraced and Heather headed to the door, then stopped and told Denise, "Fuck her up, girl."

Friday evening Charlie was seriously bummed that Denise wasn't making the trip to Arizona that weekend. Denise pulled off one of her better performances feigning a sudden stomach bug and he bought it. Concerned about leaving her alone for the weekend, but she reassured him she'd be fine after she beached it on the couch for a couple of days. He reluctantly left at 7 PM to fly with a few buddies to the tournament and before his tail lights were out of sight, Denise was on the phone making a reservation for Saturday night at the nearby Lake Almanor inn. The eager brunette's next step entailed composing a lustful e-mail message to Katherine from Charlie.

"I've changed my mind. I want to shove my love rocket between your beautiful tits. Meet me tomorrow at 2 PM at the Lake Almanor Inn, Suite 2. Denise is gone off on a weekend shopping spree. Don't reply...just get your sweet ass there tomorrow."

The next day inside spacious Suite 2, Denise nervously paced the floor as 2 PM approached. She envisioned the impending fight vividly, and rehearsed her strategy and potential defenses against suspected tactics to be employed by Katherine. She was dressed casual and comfortable, and was ready for battle in her khaki shorts and a tight fitting tank top. At five minutes 'til, she got into position. First she went into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. She unlocked the suite door, left it slightly ajar and then got in the closet, leaving the door open a crack. It was 2 PM on the nose when she heard a soft knock. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears as she tensed up and gripped the closet door knob.

"Charlie?" called out Katherine anxiously as she stepped inside and closed the door. Denise held her breath as the busty 36-26-36 blonde swept past the narrow crack in the closet door toward the bathroom. "Charlie?" called Katherine.

Denise peeked through the slit in the hinge side of the door and saw her nemesis standing at the door to the bathroom. Katherine grinned devilishly and lifted her legs one at a time as she slipped off her heels. She pulled her top off over her head revealing a lacy lavender bra straining to contain her perfect tits. Unfastening her mini skirt, she slid it down her legs and stepped out of it. As the hussy disappeared from Denise's field of view into the bathroom, her hands were behind her unhooking her bra. Denise was incensed and ready for battle!

She emerged from the closet and moved quickly to the bathroom doorway as adrenaline surged through her 36-24-34 frame. There at the shower stall door stood Katherine, bare-assed with her lacy lavender thong laying twisted up on the floor behind her. Denise suppressed a growl as she rushed toward Katherine menacingly. The larger blonde noticed movement in the vanity mirror in her peripheral vision and defensively whirled around and screamed as Denise converged. They collided with a groan and they scratched and clawed at one another as they awkwardly wrestled on their feet. Fingers entwined in hair simultaneously and the shrieks rang out as Denise and Katherine viciously yanked each others head to and fro in a wild hair-pulling and grappling melee.

"I'm going to kill you, you back alley whore!" snarled Denise as she gave Katherine's hair a malicious yank.

Katherine held her own as she meted out her own hair-pulling abuse and eventually was able to force her attacker back against the wall. She pumped her knee into Denise's belly and crotch repeatedly eliciting an agonized groan from the brunette. Denise retaliated with a sudden slash of her fingernails, raking Katherine's cheek and leaving a crimson streak in their trail. Katherine cried out in sudden pain and abruptly freed up one of her hands from Denise's mane to bury a punch in the brunette's gut. Denise's body convulsed in response as a whoosh of air was forced from her lungs. Another nasty belly blow immobilized the feisty brunette whose mouth froze open in breathless torment as she slowly slid down the wall and sunk into a squat as she clutched her abdomen. Katherine remained holding her rival with a handful of hair as Denise gasped for air in a panic.

"I don't know what the fuck’s going on here, but I'll beat it out of you!" hissed Katherine.

She roughly hauled Denise up and unceremoniously sent her stumbling out the bathroom door with a shove. Denise lost her footing as she entered the large room and fell face first to the carpet with a grunt. Katherine was on her quickly and as the dark-haired girl struggled to her hands and knees Katherine snapped her heel into Denise's rump, sending the yelping girl flat once again. The busty Katherine stomped her foot between her adversary's shoulder blades and crushed her into the floor causing Denise to groan heavily.

"Did Charlie send you?!" asked Katherine angrily. She pounded another foot stomp into Denise's back impatiently. "Answer me, bitch!"

"Screw...you!" groaned the battered Denise. "He doesn't know!"

Katherine savagely kicked her foe in the ribs leaving Denise convulsing in sheer agony. She leaned down and grasped a handful of Denise's mane and jerked her up to her knees. The suffering girl had been quickly beat down and right now she didn't have an answer for Katherine's fierce assault. Before she could react her tank top was yanked up and twisted around her neck tightly. She gasped and clawed at the material choking her as Katherine used her free hand to grip the back of Denise's shorts. With a snarl Katherine used her helpless rival as a battering ram and smashed her headfirst against the wooden frame of the sofa. Denise released a sudden yelp and then flopped back to the carpet on her belly as her rival released her.

"He doesn't?!" exclaimed Katherine with a laugh. "So YOU must be the one that wants to fuck my sweet ass then! Sorry bitch, I don't play that game. How 'bout I just beat the shit out of you instead?!"

"I'll......die.......first!" moaned Denise into the carpet. Katherine was handling her without breaking a sweat, and she had to dig into the depths of her soul to turn this around. Nobody was going to dishonor her like Katherine had by propositioning her man and not pay for it.

"I'm not going to kill you, dummy!" joked Katherine as she stomped Denise's ass. "Just kick your pathetic ass."

Katherine wrapped her hand in Denise's tank top until it snugged against the brunette's throat and then pulled the grunting girl up to her knees. Denise's hands reached back behind her and clawed at the blonde's arms who maintained the choke as she weathered the scratching assault.

"I’d never have realized you were such a wimp!" teased Katherine as she toyed with her rival.

As Denise's hands pawed and clawed, they brushed against the unmistakable soft, spherical swell of Katherine's bare breasts. With newfound fury, she attacked the unprotected globes eliciting an immediate shriek from the blonde. Denise's hands squeezed and crushed the sensitive tit flesh, her fingernails savagely piercing into it. Katherine howled in agony and desperately hammered her fist on the back of Denise's head. Her head jerked forward from the blow and she cried out but stubbornly refused to let go. Katherine was screeching in anguish when she unloaded another punch, this one crashing into the back of Denise's jaw and she yelped as she was sent sprawling to the carpet.

Katherine's breasts were freed from her torment and she gingerly cupped and massaged the aching and reddened tits as she winced. She looked down at Denise who was face down and barely moving in a semi-conscious fog. She dropped to her knees and straddled Denise's legs after removing the brunette's athletic shoes. Reaching under the unresisting girl, she unfastened her shorts and worked the zipper open.

"I'm gonna strip you bare-assed and bare-titted, then give you a dose of your own medicine, cunt!" she snarled.

Denise's shorts were shucked off her as she lay moaning, with her black cotton bikini panties to follow. Katherine yanked Denise's tank top free from her head and then stripped her of her brassiere as a wicked smile appeared on her lips.

"Let's get to it, you wanna?!" she hissed.

Denise weakly slapped at her rival after she was rolled onto her back. Katherine grabbed the brunette's wrists and tucked them against the girl's hips before she pinned them there with her knees as she straddled her. Denise's unfocused eyes gazed up at her foe who held out her hands while flexing her fingers menacingly. The pinned brunette convulsed in agony and cried out when Katherine thrust her claws into her full and vulnerable breasts. The blonde scowled as she traumatized her defenseless rival's tits, pinching, clawing and twisting them cruelly. Denise's hips bucked as she screamed out in anguish, but she was unable to dismount her determined attacker. Katherine continued her breast assault until the sobbing Denise's struggling had vanished, leaving the brunette's tits scratched, swollen and throbbing. The dominant blonde finally relented, and sat atop her whimpering foe proudly.

"What kind of a woman are you, anyway?" asked Katherine after a humiliating slap to Denise's face. "Is this how you fight for your man? I mean, is this ALL you got for me, you pussy?!" She cuffed the humiliated brunette again. "Charlie’d be embarrassed at the sight of your pitiful ass. He deserves a wildcat like me, not a worthless girlie girl." She grabbed the sobbing girl's chin and squeezed it and forced Denise to look at her. "I'll bet he misses screwing a real woman. I'm going to refresh his memory once I'm finished with you."

Denise was trying to ward off the overwhelming feeling of devastation at this juncture. She had been convincingly thrashed. The inspiration for this skillfully crafted set-up was to defend her and her man's honor. She was fighting for her man, the man she had searched for for so long before finally finding him. She was failing miserably, but she had meant business when she said she'd die before she was defeated by the whore straddling her. That wasn't going to change....no matter how bleak things appeared. The smug grin that her big-titted rival wore kept her focused on her goal. She wanted to tear it right off the bitch's face. Katherine was thoroughly enjoying her mastery of the brunette beneath her. She knew Denise's spirit must be crushed. It gave her a feeling of total dominance, and it was a powerful sensation. But not nearly as powerful as the sensation she felt when Denise suddenly jerked her head to the side and chomped down on her thumb.

"OOOWWWWWWW!!!" shrieked the blonde as Denise bit down hard on her digit.

When Katherine's body lurched upward in response to the intense pain, Denise freed her arms, released the blonde's thumb and then pumped her fist into Katherine's face. The blonde grunted as her head snapped back roughly. As it slowly tipped back forward toward Denise, the brunette whacked it again with a stiff punch. The battered Katherine went limp as she toppled backwards and hit the carpet with a thud and a groan on her back. The ceiling tiles spun in circles above her as she faded in and out of consciousness. The spiraling form of her rival suddenly appeared as Denise had scrambled to her feet and now stared down at her with rage flickering in her eyes.

"Nobody fucks with my man!" snarled Denise. "Nobody!"

The spiteful Denise kicked open Katherine's legs leaving them spread wide. She placed her heel against her foe's trimmed, dark bush and nastily began to grind it into Katherine's cunt. The dazed blonde howled in pain as her legs jerked and flopped about. Her hands reached for Denise's ankle and grasped it as she wailed in agony. Denise responded with a sharp kick to the sensitive region leaving Katherine screaming out with a look of sheer torture plastered across her face. The wheels of retribution were rolling.

Katherine wailed when Denise sunk her fingernails into her sore breasts and gradually forced her to stand. The blonde girl swung a tepid slap at her foe but Denise wisely ducked under it as she continued to grip the anguished girl by her tits. The brunette pushed her foe backwards until Katherine smacked against the wall. Before Katherine could retaliate Denise sunk her fist into her hated rival's stomach. Katherine groaned as the air was forcibly expelled from her and her upper body lurched forward. She commenced to slide down the wall as she held her pummeled gut but Denise stopped her collapse with yank of her mane.

"Let me show you what kind of woman I am, slut!" hissed Denise.

Her hips swiveled as she unloaded a vicious backhand slap across her foe's face, snapping Katherine's head to the side as the blonde spewed out a yelp. Katherine's legs buckled and her arms went limp and dangled at her hips. A trickle of blood ran from the corner of her split lip which immediately began to swell. Once again Denise prevented her from collapsing as she thrust her hands into the blonde's breasts and pinned her against the wall.

"The only fucking you're gonna get is from the manager when drags your busted ass outta here!" growled Denise as she kept her crushing grip on Katherine's tits as she began to walk the blonde toward the bathroom. Katherine's legs buckled again and she whimpered as she nearly went down. "Don't you go out on me yet, bitch!" warned Denise as she pushed her stumbling rival into the bathroom and spun her around to face the mirror. Holding held her in place with a handful of mane as she stood behind her, Denise pressed her tits into the blonde's back. "Some people think you and I look alike. I bet they wouldn't say that now." said Denise.

The battered and bloodied blonde's eyes gazed lazily into Denise's through the mirror and she mumbled, "They....shouldn't! My tits....are...better.....bitch!"

Ire flashed in Denise's eyes and she swiftly snaked her arms around her rival, grabbed her tits in her fists and snarled, "These fucking udders?" She unleashed another agonizing assault upon the shrieking blonde's breasts. "They're gonna be a coupla deflated balloons when I'm done with them!"

Katherine's face conveyed the anguish she felt as she grabbed Denise's wrists and vainly tried to pry them away from her bosom. The blonde's chin dropped to her chest as she was tormented by the savage Denise. In desperation she suddenly threw her head backward, drilling her rival square in the forehead with a reverse head butt. She thrust her hips back into her stunned foe catching her in the crotch with her broad ass. Denise yelped and was abruptly knocked back as she released her tit hold. She smacked against the wall on momentary rubbery legs as Katherine unsteadily turned to face her. She was bruised and aching but she had to fight back. It was now or never.

She flung herself at Denise and squashed her body into the dazed brunette, pressing her throbbing tits into the girl's face. She leaned all of her body weight against her rival and began to tit smother her as she held her pinned against the wall. The pain in her breasts was intense, but she sucked it up, determined to defeat her foe with the tits she was so proud to possess.

Denise struggled frightfully, her air passages effectively suppressed by Katherine's heavy breasts. The blonde was pressed tight against her, negating any chance of kicking or kneeing her in retaliation. As Denise's hands shot for Katherine's long mane, the blonde captured them by the wrist and pressed them against the wall above Denise's head. Unable to breathe, Denise neared a panic state as her rival squashed her tits into her face. She began to jerk her left arm downward trying to free it from Katherine's grasp. The blonde held it stubbornly and pressed herself against her rival as hard as she could. Denise was approaching the pass-out point when she finally managed to slide her foot over to the top of Katherine's. With all her might she pressed her heel down causing Katherine to cry out.

"You little bitch!" snapped the blonde as she tried to pull her foot free.

The brief interruption caused Katherine to slightly loosen her grip on Denise's left wrist, and once Denise sensed this she wrenched it free. Her liberated left hand immediately grabbed at the back of the blonde's head and yanked it back abruptly. Katherine screeched as her hair was pulled and slowly her upper body was pulled away from Denise's face. The dark-haired girl gulped in air and then quickly moved her left hand from Katherine's mane to her throat. She clamped on a tight choke hold and forced the gasping girl back a step. Katherine caught Denise with a stinging face slap, but the inspired brunette took it resolutely and responded with a powerful uppercut that cracked underneath Katherine's chin. The blonde staggered back, stunned from the blow. Denise nearly left her feet as she unloaded a wicked slap that hit Katherine's bruised and swollen face with a resounding SMACK!

Katherine cried out sharply as she was spun around by the potent blow and her hands grabbed the edge of the sink vanity to keep her from collapsing. She was practically out on her feet. Denise was now operating on auto-pilot, and her system was programmed for complete enemy destruction. She proceeded relentlessly as she grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her overmatched rival's head and made eye contact with her in the mirror.

"Objects in mirror are closer than they appear," Denise laughed as she slammed Katherine’s face into the mirror.

The blondes body quaked as she cracked the mirror with a sickening grunt. If Denise hadn't continued to hold her by her hair, she would have crumpled to the floor in a heap. Denise guided her barely conscious and stumbling rival back into the other room, then stopped and stood facing the wobbling Katherine. The blonde was a demolished mess; her lip bleeding, tits torn up and swollen and a distinct lump growing on her forehead. She looked like she'd been hit by a truck. Her knees buckled, then locked only to buckle again as she swayed, barely managing to remain on her feet as her hands hung defenselessly limp at her sides.

Denise regarded her with utter disdain before she buried her fist in Katherine's lower abdomen, just above her bush. The blonde spewed a guttural groan and her ass lurched backwards as her legs gave out. She dropped to the carpet and landed on her knees, tremoring briefly and gasping in defeat before she toppled face first to the carpet at Denise's feet. Katherine lay in absolute agony with her hands under her to hold her tormented underbelly. Denise strode into the bathroom and plucked the blonde's thong off the floor, then returned to the groaning woman and proceeded to bind her wrists behind her back with her skimpy thong. Katherine offered no resistance other than a pathetic whimper; she was finished! Denise picked up her rival's high heeled pumps from the floor and held them menacingly as she dropped her ass on Katherine's back facing her rear.

"OWWWW!!! AAANNGGHHHHH!!!" shrieked the defenseless blonde as Denise began to beat her high heels into her ass. A haphazard pattern of red welts began to form on the soft skin as Katherine cried out in agony, her body jerking and convulsing uncontrollably as she cried, "P…P…PUH-LEASE!!! ST…STOPPPPP!"

Denise worked her over maniacally, even dragging the sharp heel up through Katherine's slit and sending the poor blonde into hysterics. The brutal brunette finally got off her traumatized adversary and rolled her onto her back. Katherine's beat up face was streaked with tears as she looked up at her foe in terror, her body trembling from a combination of fear and overwhelming pain.

"Denise....I'm begging!" she whined nasally as the brunette stood over her confidently, still holding the shoes in either hand.

"You see these tits?" growled Denise as she tapped her globes with the toes of Katherine's shoes. "These are the only tits Charlie fucks now.....and forever." She leaned down and battered Katherine's demolished tits back and forth with the sharp heels sending the girl into another round of anguished cries. "Not these fucking sacks.......MINE!" Denise snarled.

"G…G…God!!! No m…more!" whined Katherine mournfully. "Pleas…s…s…se...."

A subtle smile curled the corners of Denise's full lips. It was the first time she had smiled all day. The despicable slut was hers.......and victory was so damn sweet. She reverse straddled Katherine's face and slowly lowered herself to her knees as the delirious blonde stared at the glistening gash approaching her face. When Denise had settled on her knees, her pussy was scant inches above Katherine's nose and the blonde's senses were permeated with her rival's musky scent. The crushing weight of total defeat left Katherine traumatized. She’d fucked with the wrong woman's man.

"See this pussy, slut?" asked Denise nastily as she smacked her moist cunt against Katherine's face. "This is the pussy my man worships now......and forever."

Katherine sniffled and began to whine as she watched Denise's hands move toward her unprotected snatch, still clutching the shoes. Denise snarled and tore into Katherine's cunt with the heels, jabbing it and plowing the heels through the tender folds of the blonde's slit. Katherine bellowed like a wounded animal and her body erupted into a quivering and convulsing display of agony as her rival abused her womanhood savagely.

"Not this smelly, stretched out gash......MINE!" hissed Denise.

Katherine was a routed, trembling and whimpering lump of abused femme flesh by the time Denise ceased with her cunt attack. She babbled incoherently through her fat lip and drifted in and out of consciousness, unable to withstand the colossal torment inflicted upon her body by her foe. Denise dropped the shoes to the carpet and craned her neck to look down at her devastated rival over her shoulder.

"If you ever go near Charlie again...and I mean EVER…nobody will recognize you when I'm done. UNDERSTAND?" snarled Denise.

"Y…y…yes.......I'm s…sorry...."

Denise slammed her ass into Katherine's face and ground the girl's nose into the crevice of her fanny and hissed, "Fucking right you're sorry!"

Then she began to bounce her butt up and down on Katherine's face, squashing it beneath her damp ass. She took Katherine's nipples between her thumb and forefingers and viciously yanked on them, stretching them upward as the scratched and blotchy breast flesh jiggled with each tug. Katherine's cries were smothered by Denise's grinding ass. Her trembling legs soon lay still as she was smothered out by her dominant rival. Denise felt Katherine’s resistance fading and finally released her tits. She poked the bitch in the belly and got no response.

Brutal revenge had been served, and the exhilaration that enveloped Denise awakened a wicked desire between her legs. She moaned as she began to scrub her pussy back and forth upon Katherine's inert face, using the blonde's nose burrowed in her moistening slit to get her off as her hip strokes raked her hard clit on Katherine's nose. In a display of voracious and unadulterated "to the winner go the spoils," Denise rocked her pussy frantically until her increased moans erupted in a shrill climax as her pussy flushed it's sex fluids over Katherine's face.

Denise slumped forward and supported herself on her hands as she lifted her electrified cunt off the blonde's wet, sloppy face and burst out in a fit of triumphant laughter. She’d been scorned by the despicable whore and now she’d paid her back with a humiliating, crushing beat down. Denise's body finally calmed down and she straightened up on her knees and sighed deeply. She looked back at Katherine's face and smiled with satisfaction.

"Slut!" she spat.

She kicked her limp rival onto her side and untied her hands. Katherine flopped onto her back and lay unmoving, still out cold. Denise stood up and wiped her creamy slit with the blonde's thong, smearing it with her sex, then stuffed it in Katherine's mouth and gave her cheek a soft slap. Grabbing the girl's shoes, Denise knelt at Katherine's hip and carefully worked both heels into the blonde's cunt as far as she could. Getting to her feet with a grunt, the triumphant brunette slowly dressed and then paused by Katherine’s body on her way to the door.

"That's how I fight for MY man, you bitch!" she sneered. "Who's the worthless girlie girl NOW?"

She was laughing as she turned and left the suite, leaving the battered and demolished Katherine stretched out on the carpet.

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