Katherine Heigl vs.Dominique Swain by blackcape 26-Aug-2000

It was a crisp late summer morning in early September when young screen siren Katherine Heigl began her habitual morning run along the salty California coastline. Now in her early 20's, Katherine had made enough money with her movie roles to purchase a quiet, solitary beach house and three square miles of surrounding property; she often liked to throw parties for her fashionable friends, invite male models over for the weekend, or stare out of her third-story balcony window and take in the sights and sounds of the ocean. Truly independent, she would have considered buying up even more beach front land, had it not been for that atrocious sex kitten, Dominique Swain, who owned a similar home just beyond the property line.

"Stupid bitch," Katherine thought to herself now, as she continued her early run along the shore in a tight white string bikini.

"That girl throws even louder parties than I do; I can hear them from over three miles away. Who the fuck does she think she is, Queen of the Beach?"

What was more, both she and Dominique were in similar professional tailspins. Despite performing in a number of movies and appearing on the TV series "Roswell", Katherine was still remembered primarily for her role as the teenaged Lolita in "My Father the Hero." Conversely, Dominique was forever associated with her role as Lolita in the screen version of Nabokov's masterpiece. The two young women were in desperate need of career makeovers and consequently, they were often competing for the same parts.

Tiring slightly, Katherine decided to walk the rest of the way to her property line. The sun had risen slightly higher over the water, bathing the sand and surf below with a warm glow. Katherine brushed her long dishwater blond hair from her eyes and considered taking off her bikini top.

"No one is really around to notice," she reasoned. "And I can't get busted, because I own this land. How fortunate!"

Undoing the spaghetti strings at the back, she pulled the top off and tossed it to the sand beside her.

"I'll pick it up on the way back," she thought, caressing her firm round breasts and cupping them in her hands. "And anyway, I need to retain my tan."

Katherine continued her walk, her beautifully exquisite body moving along the beach like a svelte lioness, when off in the distance she spotted another runner. Holding a hand over her eyes and squinting slightly, she could barely make out the trim outline of a young female with long brown hair. Like Katherine, this individual had opted to go topless, as was obvious by the perfectly formed breasts that swayed to and fro in motion. The girl also appeared to be wearing a small pink thong, which showed off every dip and curve of her numerous assets.

As the figure drew closer, Katherine growled, a low primitive sound similar to that of a jungle cat about to defend her property. It was her slutty neighbor, Dominique Swain. The rival actress had apparently spotted her too, for she slowed her run to a brisk walk and began a rapid approach.

"Hey, you fucking idiot," Dominique shouted as she closed distance. "You're on my property. Get your ass off my property!"

"Whaaat?" Katherine replied.

By now, Dominique was upon her and in a matter of seconds, they were toe to toe, nose to nose and nipple to nipple.

"I don't know who you think you are, but you're on MY land. You'd better turn your ass around and go home before you get hurt."

Dominique placed her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest, smashing Katherine's ample bosom.

"I don't see any property line around here with YOUR name on it," she hissed.

"Oh yea? Well what's this?" Katherine replied.

With one fluid motion, she kicked out her leg and drew a line in the sand with her toes before her competition.

"THIS is my official property line. Cross it and I'll kick your ass so hard, you'll wish you were back in your outhouse blowing your own daddy for 20 bucks."

"Bring it on, slut!" Dominique snarled.

Shoving Katherine out of her way, she stepped purposefully over the line.

"You asked for it!" Katherine cried.

Curling her upper lip in anticipation, she sent a fist into Dominique's face. Dominique staggered but remained standing, so Katherine plowed a right-handed upper cut deep into her foe's pussy, sending the young actress to her knees. As Dominique knelt before her, Katherine pulled her head up by her hair and smashed her knee into her fallen opponent's breasts three times before shoving her face against her hardened womanhood in an attempt to suffocate the brunette out.

"I hear you like to suck on anything that comes into your mouth," Katherine mumbled. "Does that include pussy?"

Dominique flailed her arms about before latching onto her oppressor's feet and yanking back, sending Katherine to her back on the sand. Still kneeling between her legs, Dominique lurched forward, driving her elbow onto her enemy's cunt with such force that Katherine's arms and legs shot up from the impact.

Sliding onto Katherine's body, Dominique then executed elbow drops to each of Katherine's breasts before straddling the soft mounds and bouncing fiercely, eliciting screams from her opponent. Fighting back the only way she could, Katherine reached up, latched her long fingers onto Dominique's hanging mammaries and squeezed for all she was worth, tit flesh oozing out from between her fingers like cookie dough.

"AAAHH," Dominique cried.

Putting her hands around Katherine's throat, Dominique began to choke the life out of her competition. Katherine gurgled and gasped and her lips began to turn blue. Realizing she was losing her grip on Dominique's breasts, she lunged to the left, rolling Dominique over until the brunette was beneath her. Relinquishing her hold on her opponent's breasts, Katherine took hold of Dominique's head with both hands and began smashing it onto the hard sand beneath her. Dominique responded by breaking her chokehold and jabbing Katherine in both eyes. She wrapped her lithe legs around Katherine's waist and rolled them both to the side once more, ever closer to the salty water nearby.

Katherine, momentarily blinded and unable to catch her breath, found herself almost airless again as Dominique tried to scissor her body in half.

"Uughh," Dominique grunted, working the move for all it was worth.

Desperate, Katherine reached up and took hold of Dominique's breasts once more, tugging and squeezing with the last remnants of her remaining strength. Dominique cried out in response and grabbing Katherine by the hair, punched her repeatedly in the face. These blows, combined with the scissors, began to do their job on poor Katherine. Her eyes fluttered open and shut, but just as she was about to lose consciousness, Dominique rolled her onto her back, straddled her and dropped her breasts roughly onto Katherine's face.

Katherine's nose and mouth were immediately buried deep within Dominique's cleavage, as Dominique wrapped her arms around Katherine's head to insure a perfect breast smother. Katherine kicked and bucked, but gradually her movements grew weaker. Dominique knew Katherine was almost out, but she didn't want the fun to end. Breaking the smother, she stood up and kicked Katherine between the legs.

"Get up bitch, I want to fight!" she snarled.

Groggily, Katherine rolled onto her stomach and got to all fours, only to have Dominique drive a knee into the small of her back. Katherine went down once more.

"Get UP!" Dominique demanded.

Katherine attempted once more, only to have the process repeat itself. On the third attempt, Dominique hauled Katherine to her feet and applied a headlock. Dominique walked her prey to where the ocean was licking at the shore and their toes sunk slightly in the sand as the water lapped at their ankles. Taking the barely conscious actress by the hair, Dominique stuffed Katherine's head between her smooth thighs and did the splits, smashing Katherine face first into the wet sand.

Dominique rocked back and forth, driving Katherine's features deeper and deeper until her entire head was practically beneath the sand. Katherine's legs kicked in vain, her shapely round ass pumped up and down in retaliation, but Dominique quickly pinned her arms beneath her legs to prevent any undue scratching. Arching her back now, Dominique bounced up and down on Katherine's head as the water rolled through her opponent's hair and licked at her lovely round ass. Katherine's legs convulsed, her buttocks twitched, then she was still.

Katherine awoke several hours later. It was mid-afternoon and the sun still shone brightly above her. Suddenly, the light was eclipsed by the smooth form of Dominique Swain, who was standing above her with a twisted grin on her full, red lips.

"Oh, so now you're awake," Dominique said, adjusted her pink thong. "How lucky for you."

Katherine attempted to move, but to no avail. While she had been unconscious, that bitch Dominique had buried her up to her neck in the sand! Katherine could feel her body vertical below her and couldn't help thinking, "This fucking bitch must have dug some hole!"

However, Katherine's second thought was, "I'm trapped with this lunatic above me."

"Don't worry," Dominique said, getting to her knees. "I didn't bury you too close to the ocean. You won't drown. And best of all, you're on your own property!"

Katherine could only gasp in reply, as Dominique moved forward, bent Katherine's head back and planted her perfect ass on the actress's face. With a slow rocking motion, Dominique began to hump Katherine's good looks, while Katherine's pleas were muffled beneath her throbbing womanhood. Dominique started to thrust harder and harder, the back of Katherine's head bumping slightly on the sand, Dominique's back arched and her thighs tightened in anticipation until, biting her lower lip and drawing blood, she came all over her now unconscious opponent's face. She remained seated on Katherine's pretty features for a minute more before scooting back and slapping Katherine awake once more. Katherine groaned, love juices dripping from her face.

"You know," Dominique began, " I really enjoyed riding your face just now. I'm going back to my house to get you some water and then I'm going to fuck your face again. In fact, I may keep you here a few days for my pleasure. You've got nowhere else to go, right? You're on your own property."

With that, Dominique got up and walked away leaving Katherine buried in the sand. Through crusted eyes, Katherine could tell that the sun would be setting in a matter of hours and already she could hear the soft scuttling sounds of crabs along the sand.

"I hope that fucking bitch comes back soon," Katherine thought to herself. "Between the two, I prefer facesitting to being eaten alive by hungry crabs."

END (or is this just the beginning?)