Clash in Cannes: Demi Moore vs. Natasha Henstridge by Blevins

Basking in the soaring success of their Charlie's Angels movie on its release in North America, co-stars Demi Moore and Lucy Liu made a surprise appearance at a July 4th party held in Cannes, France. They were there to promote the North American blockbuster to the European market, while blondes Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz were off conquering the Asian film market. This night, Demi was out to party proudly in a sultry stars and stripes; red, white, and blue gown. The ageless American hard-body was feeling invincibile and demanded the full attention of her demure young boy-toy. Alas, it was not to be and it agitated Demi beyond words!

Making a challenging statement in Cannes was gorgeous Natasha Henstridge who entered the July 4th gala displaying her glamour gams in distinctly foreign attire. She looked awesomely Canadian in a slinky red side-slit gown festooned with tiny white maple-leafs, white heels and silky sheer suntan pantyhose only enhanced her lovely legs. A few fabulous Frenchmen in the forum greeted the blondes arrival with cheers that overwhelmed the applause for "Charlie's Chicks."

Finally, to shamelessly pander to her French fans, Natasha also wore a saucy red French beret. Seated closest to the interloper were the All-Americans, Demi and Lucy with Demi's boy-toy Ashton who had the best angle on things.

"Oh my!" squealed Lucy.

Glamazon stars showing off lots of leg in this French fashion forum got noticed - for better or worse! Legs were in fashion and pantyhose in vogue! Instead of Demi's pneumatic breasts, Ashton's wandering eyes 'applauded' the sultry Canadian Glamazon's shimmering glamour gams and he even was foolish enough to utter a hearty, "hubba-hubba!"

"Oh come on Ash!" his annoyed sugar-momma badgered. "Those twigs? Puh-leeze, even Theron has better pins!"

"I'm so sorry my dear!" her meek young man muttered, "I promise I won't look again."

"Oh my!" gasped a shamlessly drunk Lucy. "Hee-hee."

In any event, Natasha's slit was hiked high on her thigh, looking more like a miniskirt at the moment. The gorgeous Glamazon seemed oblivious to it as she turning toward the 'Charlie's Angels' table with her long legs brazenly crossed - the leggy Canadian beauty displaying her lady-like leg-lines in the light of a leg-lamp. You could almost see right up "there" or so everyone claimed later as they discussed what happened that night. A buzzed-up, bitchy Demi sensed the danger and launched a preemptive strike as the ageless American pepper pot turned and harshly sneered, "Pull your dress down hon! We don't wanna see your underwear!"

"Oh Demi!" Lucy cackled. "You're such a card. Tee-hee!"

Demi's plan worked - or so it seemed. Even her young boyfriend started laughing because her rebuke was said in a tone that the leggy Glamazon couldn't ignore, but to which she could only take silent offense. But then in an unexpected response, the sexy star of the 'Species' movies smiled coyly and flpped up her slit for a brief flash, before dropping it back down.

"Oh my!" Lucy gasped, licking her lips hungrily. "THAT'S a tiny thong! That WAS a pink thong I saw, wasn't it Ashton?" she inquired of the slack-jawed young man who was frantically trying to shove his eyeballs back in their sockets!

Demi's bullied boyfriend just sat glued to his chair, not knowing what to do or say next or to even admit he'd seen anything. Even the usually voluable Demi was stunned into silence as Natasha tossed her head and gave then a haughty, smug grin.

Shortly thereafter, Natasha headed to the ladies room and Demi and Lucy excused themselves to follow her. They were all touching up their lipstick and adjusting their outfits, basically ignored one another when right there in front of Demi, the young Canadian cutie hiked her dress again, displaying her prize gams as she turned her back to the mirror and began to straighten the seams of her stockings. The proud American pepper-pot saw her leggy antagonist was making another provocation and Demi blew a fuse!

"You'll need more than those, honey..." Demi mocked as she thrust out her chest, "...if you wanna steal my man!"

"Oh my!" Lucy gasped, toward the door and hoping they wouldn't be disturbed.

"Oh, I don't want your man!" the daring Canadian Glamazon chirped in response "He's too young for me!"

Lucy's smile widened, wondering if Natasha had her eyes on Demi...or perhaps she wanted to lure HER away from the buxom brunette!

Natasha appeared to have forgotten her place, for showing even greater disdain for Demi, she hiked her dress higher and propped her foot on the sink as she smoothed her pantyhose. Then, to further agitate her, Natasha left her leg up to block Demi's way when the brunette tried to leave in a huff.

"Oh-oh!" Lucy thought an instant before Demi took the bait.

"Is that all? Come on you skanky slut! Is that all you got!" Demi barked as she chest-bumped the bigger blonde back.

"Oh!" gasped an aghast Natasha as she staggered back stunned, unsure how to respond to the sudden physical contact by the ageless American hard-body.

"Oh boy!" Lucy gulped, feeling the tension rising. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!"

Things escalated quickly from there! The two actresses started pushing each other, their red and white (plus one blue) clad bodies bouncing off the walls. Then with hands in the others hair, the two angry actresses came careening out of the ladies' room door into the party locked in a nasty Can-Am snarling embrace. Their pretty smiles were now twisted grimaces; their tangled arms and flashing legs the epitome of female aggression. Click-click went their heels; zip-zip went their pantyhose; swish-swish sang their skirts as they went swirling past the buffet tables toward the bar.

"Oh my!" Lucy gasped, clapping excitedly.

"OH SHIT!" Ms. Moore's boy-toy groaned.

"OUI! OUI!!" excited French fans howled as all attention in the room turned to the sudden commotion.

Ignoring the crowd, the actresses slapped back and forth in a fantastic display of frenetic feline fury. Everyone quickly stepped back to give the proud American hard-body and the gorgeous Canadian Glamazon plenty of room to settle their dispute on their own terms. And what a crowd to fight in front of! Gasps turned to cheers, jeers and shouts. The fight was on, and the girls went at it with a vengence! The hair-pulling was in earnest and neither pair of proud puppies was off limits! Flailing away furiously, both women landed several hard smacks; both were rocked by punches and both reeled as knees and pointy shoes were driven home to sensitive body parts with unbridled delight! Open-mouthed patrons cheered as the two struggling starlets traded hard slaps and screamed vile curses as they hobbled about in clumsy, high-heeled clatter.

"You bitch!"

"You slut!"

The first real bit of damage was inflicted by Natasha when she caught and ripped a sleeve from Demi's flimsy stars and stripes gown, then swung her around to deliver a crisp slap to her red face. SMACK! In a manic counter-attack, Demi swung wildly at the challenging Glamazon, her fists forcing Natasha back. The ageless American Amazon hesitated briefly, allowing nasty Natasha to dance in and deliver another blow, popping Demi with a second sharp SMACK! Far from a knockout blow, it was humiliating nonetheless. Natasha seemed ready to turn the older American into mincemeat and claim her prize but Demi had been in too many of these catscraps to go down easily and she had other ideas!

In response to that indignity, Demi lunged at the catfighting Canadian and tied her up in a tussle. She wrestled the big blonde Canadian down to the floor where they rolled around on the dance floor in a tangle of flailing arms and legs and clumps of ripped out hair. Gowns were pulled up and bikini panties flashed through the shimmer of sheer pantyhose while the crowd giggled. Stiletto heels snapped, then broke and flew off feet. Whisk-whisk whispered the lashing ladies nylon clad legs as they rubbed and tangled in close contact while the desperate dueling damsels twisted, yanked and smacked away; grabbing hair, clothing and any available body part. Natasha desperately kicked out and lashed as her more limber body displayed her ability to battle while proud Demi got bounced on her butt yet she repulsed every Natasha advance!

"USA! USA! USA!" Ashton cheered whenever Demi tipped the balance back toward herself.

SMACK! Dangerous Demi bitch-slapped the young Canadian, more than evening the score. Wasting no time, Demi yanked the dazed Natasha back into place; grabbing and pulling her blonde tresses. If there was one thing Demi loved, it was pulling hair; any hair and every hair she could get her claws into! She destroyed her stunned antagonist's elaborate doo, shaking her like a rag-doll. During their nasty hair-pulling imbroglio, Natasha lost several handfuls of her long blonde tresses, but she desperately fought back to defend herself and the tables turned once again as the rip and strip started!

Natasha reached up and took a tight hold of the older American's delicate gown and, suddenly, Demi's glamorous gown gave way, peeled down to her waist to expose a big black bra. Demi fell back shrieking with rage at the destruction of her USA party dress but what was worse yet, one firm silicone breast bounced out of her bra as European movie moguls roared with laughter.

"You bitch!" Demi screamed. "So that's your game!"

Tucking the terrific tit back in her battle bra, Demi really ripped into things herself. The respite for Natasha’s Canada flag-design dress was short lived, as Demi attacked it like a whirlwind. The ageless American wildcat caught the pretty Canadian Glamazon's delicate dress at the neck and tore her pesky opponent’s garment apart at the seams. RIIIPPPPPPP! Revenge was sweet as dangerous Demi made short work of Natasha’s delicate dress; turning her from a proudly battling Canuck beauty into a humiliated bikini-queen in seconds. Shards of red and white fabric were strewn across the floor like they’d been put through a shredder! Everyone got a souvenir and the appreciative local lads cheered wildly as the humiliated Canadian cutie was exposed in mismatched beige bra and pink bikini panties. But it didn’t end there! Although the defrocked Canadian dame was deeply demoralized, she tried bravely to fight back but it all happened just too fast! Demi had control of the show and went for her fading opponent's tits intent on destruction.

"Noooo!" slobbered Natasha as her beige bra was snapped down.

"Look at them ripe, juicy tits!" a young fight fan roared. “Ohmygod, lookit those nipples!"

The European crowd clearly loved the look of the topless Canadian's torpedo tits and succulent rosebud nipples. But Demi loved working those boobies over even more in a terrible Tennessee tit-twisting tussle. Dangerous Demi got off pulling, plucking and pinching opponent's naked breasts and she did it to a farethewell! Eventually tiring of the tit torture, Demi changed tactics and delivered a delicious backhand slap that popped Natasha good, making her see stars and stripes! The ageless American hard-body cracked the Canadian cutie straight-up like she'd been pole-axed. In effect, the ageless American amazon gave the younger Amazon an All-American ass whipping; pounding her body with her F-16 thunder punch. A great catfight turned into a one-sided slaughter as Demi showed a mean streak Natasha couldn't match as she laid her out on the carpet like a wet noodle.

The crowd cheered wildly as dangerous Demi climbed on top of Natasha and schoolgirl pinned her moaning adversary to the carpet; slowly inching up until she was ever so close to settling down in a humiliating face-sit pin. All the overwhelmed panty clad Canadian girl could do was bicycle her long nylon-clad legs in the air in frustration as Demi came on stronger and stronger. The ageless American amazon employed all her years of experience, skill and strength to slowly wear down the younger, bigger Canadian and make her taste the full humiliation of her ultimate defeat.

"Fart in her face!" proud punk Ashton shouted, to roars of laughter.

Demi would have done almost anything to please her boy-toy, and was soon perfectly perched on her frantic foe's flattened face, farting in fine feminine form. Waves of torrid snatch gas disoriented the trapped blonde as for several long, degrading moments her head was buried in Demi's rich creamy American ass. It was the most devastating finishing move in all of women's catfighting - a saturated, sopping stink-face. Demi’s panties and sheer nylons couldn’t contain the moisture from her steaming snatch and her pungent pussy-juice soaked right through to wash the Canadian girl's once proud, made-up face as she smeared her make-up under a sheet of America's creamiest cunt custard. It was more than a treat, it was a treatment!

American goddess Demi happily ground her lusty wet juicy beaver right in there, fulfilling her latent lesbian lust with a flourish. What a way to win a fight! But the determined dominatrix was far from done with the topless Canadian trollop! The fans were in for a special treat for once the manic American superstar got worked up, she wouldn’t quit until the show was closed! For Demi, that meant inflicting the ultimate humiliation on the deserving Canadian bitch…as if Demi hadn't done enough already!

Snapping her victim back in place by the pantyhose, Demi reached in and ripped off the vanquished Natasha’s prized pink panties, in the process giving the whimpering Canadian an awesome snuggie. The snuggie made the humiliated slut soil her underwear before the crotch of her nylons and panties tore free. There was a sudden flash and almost everyone got a good look at the loser's gaping pink chute. It came as a shock - it all happened so fast! The crowd went crazy as everyone pushed forward to get an eyefull.

One envious French fan - long disappointed by Laetitia Casta’s failures in similar venues - roared over the noise of the crowd, chanting, "USA! USA! USA!"

Only one old French movie producer howled in protest - over some young punk jumping up to blocked his view at the pivotal moment - and then snatching Natasha’s pilfered panties out of his reaching grasp! It just wasn’t fair! He felt doubly cheated when Lucy suddenly grabbed his favorite fruit-pie out of his clenched fist.

The conquered Canadian cutie cried uncle, begged for mercy trying to cover up as best she could while the ageless American Amazon pinned her and cruelly humiliated her; cursing Natasha and telling her she deserved it; then using a handful of hair and dire threats to force Natasha to agree!

"I am a dirty Canadian slut," Natasha 'confessed' with a slobber as Lucy helped Demi smash the remains of the French Fruit Tart in her face with her agile Amer-Asian ass.

It was one more great victory for America's ageless goddess, Dangerous Demi “Gimme” Moore! The determined dominatrix got up off the defeated, stripped, mashed, and thoroughly humiliated Canadian and threw herself into the eager arms of her thrilled, excited boy-toy boyfriend. Her adrenaline rush had Demi in a sexual frenzy and she covered her torn stars and stripes gown with her proud young stud's jacket as she pranced out proudly, arm in arm with her man. Back on the dance floor, Lucy remained; grinding her heiny on the loser's face to finish her off before Natasha was tossed out with the rest of the trash.