Fight for the 4th Kymberly Herrin & Terri Welles by kit

"I'm sorry, Kym, but Jim and I have plans with the kids and his parents."


The woman smiled warmly at her young co-worker. "Any other time I would, but..."

"I know," smiled Kymberly. "But I had to ask."

"I know," nodded the woman. "Terri's off, why don't you ask her."

"Yeah, maybe I will." Kymberly would rather drink poison than ask Terri for a favor.

A few weeks ago, Kymberly met Paul and they quickly fell head-over-heels in love with each other. In fact, he was going to ask her to marry him over the 4th of July weekend at his parent's lake house.

"Shit, I've gotta work that Saturday," Kymberly said to him a week ago when he asked her up to the lake.

"Can't you get off?" he asked as they lay naked in bed.

"I'll see," she said as he rolled on top of her.

"I love you," he said, entering her plush womanhood.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "I love you too."

The next day Steve, the bank's branch manager, told Kymberly she couldn't take off that Saturday before the 4th because Ellen and Terri had already scheduled off, but said it would be okay if one of them traded with her.

"I'll have to meet you up there Saturday night," she said to Paul. "I can't get off."

"No. That's okay. We'll ride up there together," he said as they held each other in bed. She could see and hear his disappointment. She loved him and would do anything for him. Quitting crossed her mind, but that was out of the question. She'd have to ask Terri, but knew the bitch would say no. Still, it was her only option.

The next day at work all Kymberly could think about was how to approach Terri. She knew Terri disliked her and was extremely jealous, but that was okay because she disliked Terri as well. "Fuck it!" she muttered to herself after hours of thinking about it. She'd rather work Saturday than grovel at Terri's feet and ask her for a favor.

"I hear you're trying to get off Saturday," Terri said to Kymberly that afternoon in the ladie's restroom.

Was this a ray of hope? Was Terri suddenly doing an about-face and offering to help her out? "Well...yeah, but how'd you know?" asked Kymberly, shocked and yet excited.

"Never mind that, but it's true?"

"Yes. I definately want off Saturday. Are you offering?"

"Maybe," said Terri coolly. "But tell me why?"

"Paul wants to take me to the lake for the 4th."

"Aahh, Paul...I see," smiled Terri. "A little sun, surf and sex, huh."

Kimberly giggled, "And lots of sex."

"Well Paul's a goodlooking man. You should consider yourself lucky. I wouldn't mind takin' a turn in sack with him," said Terri, seductively. Kymberly didn't appreciate the comment, but she let it slide in hopes of Terri working for her on Saturday.

"So will you trade with me?" Kymberly asked eagerly, cutting to the chase.

"It's really that important to you?"

"Yes, it really is," said Kymberly. Now almost begging. "Please?"

Terri took a couple of steps closer. Her eyes combing Kymberly's body up and down. "Would you be willing to fight me for it?"

Kymberly couldn't believe her ears. Fight? "Excuse me? Did you say fight?"

"That's right, bitch; fight. A catfight to be specific."

Kymberly stood straight and folded her arms across her chest. "A catfight? You want me and in a CATfight?" Terri nodded. "I don't think so, bitch," Kym sniffed. "I mean, it a bit childish."

"Don't tell me you're chicken."

"I'm NOT chicken!"

Terri stepped forward. Her arms folded over her chest as well. "Then let's fight. I've seen the way you look at me. You hate me as much as I hate you. I know you wanna pull my hair and slap my face."

Kymberly bowed her back and looked Terri in the eye. "You started all of this. You've been jealous and catty to me since I started working here. Are you pissed that Paul asked me out instead of you?"

"I could steal Paul away from you in a second."

"You better leave him alone or else you will have a fight on your hands," spat Kymberly harshly.

"Then fight me, bitch. Let's lock up and settle this once and for all," challenged Terri, leaning forward and glaring with her eyes.

Kymberly nodded in anger. "Alright, bitch. It's true; I want a piece of your ass!"

"Good. Then after work come to my place."

"It is sssooo on," accepted Kymberly.

Blonde, built and beautiful, it's no surprise that two such leggy ladies would someday meet and battle. Both had lovely, breast-long wavey locks with dark roots and lean, toned bodies bronzed with sexy bikini tans. Terri (24) was as hot and foxy as a woman could be. She stood 5-9 and weighed a perfect 120 pounds. Her measurements were also a perfect 36-24-36. Kymberly (23) also had a body that was second to none. At 5-8 and 124 pounds, her figured measured a flawless 36-24-36.

"Well here we are," said Terri as she unlocked the door to her apartment. "Help me move some of this stuff around."

As they cleared out a space to fight, the two girls agreed that the loser would leave the bank. For Kymberly, winning meant she'd have to work Saturday, but at least she'd have Terri out of her life for good. For Terri, the fight was an outlet of her hate and jealousy she had for Kymberly. She'd gain nothing more than the satisfaction of winning and driving Kymberly out.

After creating a nice square in the floor, Terri dragged out a couple of quilts from the closet and they spread them out for extra padding. Stepping out of their heels, Terri and Kymberly took their places and unzipped their skirts, but left their blouses on for some reason. Terri looked hot in her white blouse and red panties. Kymberly was equally sexy in her plum blouse and black panties.

"Well, bitch," said Kymberly as they stared each other down. "I'm here. I'm ready. Let's get down to it."

"I've wanted this for a long time, bitch," said Terri.

Getting into a semi-crouch, the girls slowly circled and extended out their arms and hands.

"Better watch what you wish for, bitch," said Kymberly with confidence.

"Bitch, I'm not worried. My dreams always come true."

"This isn't a dream," taunted Kymberly. "This is your nightmare."

They clicked their fingernails together before carefully working their fingers deep and tight and clamping down. Shoving, their arms went up and out as their bodies came together at the chest. Glaring, they called each other names as their hands and arms twisted and bent in all directions. Digging into the quilts with their toes, Terri and Kymberly pulled back and strained to break over the other's wrists. They traded more name-calling as they went to their toes and nearly fell forward together.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" winced Terri, almost on both knees as Kymberly turned back her wrists.

"On your knees, you fuckin' slut!" demanded Kymberly, staring down at her.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow! Shit...le' go!" begged Terri, dropping to both knees.

Kymberly gave Terri a shove as she let go. "How's that feel, bitch?" teased Kymberly, admiring the erotic sight of Terri sitting on her ass.

"Fuck you; you just got lucky!" said Terri, wringing out her wrists.

"Get up, bitch, and I'll do it again!"

Revenge showed in Terri's eyes as she got to her feet and locked up with her. After a minute or so of grunting and growling Terri was back on her knees with her wrists ringing in pain.

"You're no match for me, bitch," said Kymberly, pushing Terri over and this time straddling her. Terri squirmed as she lay flat on her back in a schoolboy pin. Kymberly rubbed her foxy ass around on Terri's trembling tummy and twitching hips.

"Ge' off, you fat cow," moaned Terri, struggling to break free.

"Not until you say 'uncle'," said Kymberly, sliding up so that she was now sitting on Terri's chest.

"Uuunngg,'' grunted Terri as Kymberly's hot ass flattened out her breasts.

Kymberly rolled her shapely butt over Terri's chest. Terri's right tit became wedged in Kymberly's crack, and Kymberly could almost feel her asshole engulfing Terri's areola.

"Uuummm. Uuummpphh," groaned Terri. "Uncle! Uncle!"

Kymberly worked her fine ass over Terri's tit a few more seconds before quickly jumping to her feet and backing off. "For someone that wanted to catfight, you sure don't show me much."

"Go to hell, bitch," said Terri, just sitting up and rubbing her breasts. "This isn't over by a long shot."

"Well I think it is. Now either get up and really fight me, or give up and leave the bank."

Terri rose up and lunged with a slap. "I'll show you, bitch."

Expecting just such a move, Kymberly blocked Terri's slap and landed a blistering one of her own across Terri's pretty face. Terri's head spun and she staggered sideways. Kymberly grabbed her by the hair and yanked her into another ringing slap. Terri's knees wobbled again as the left side of her face was cinnamon red.

"You slut!" shouted Kymberly, jerking on a fist of Terri's hair and grabbing her blouse.

Yanking Terri's head straight back, Kymberly stripped Terri's white blouse beyond her breasts and latched on to the right one.

"Oooowww!" cried Terri, pushing Kymberly in the shoulder with one hand and trying to free Kymberly's hand from her breast with the other.

"Slut!" shouted Kymberly, pulling down the cup and exposing the luscious orb.

"Sssshhhhit!" screamed Terri, jerking on handful of hair and trying to pry Kymberly's nails out of her boob with the other.

Kymberly let go of the tit and began to shake Terri by the hair with both hands while swearing at her. For several seconds Kymberly treated Terri like a rag doll, jerking and yanking her head back and forth as Terri pulled her hair with one hand and clawed at a wrist with the other.

"Yeeeeoooowww!" cried Terri, losing, but driving a knee up in defense.

"Uuuunnggg!" Kymberly suddenly and painfully grunted. Letting go of Terri, she stagged backwards, cupping her crotch and trying to catch her breath, while Terri dropped to a knee holding her damaged boob.

"You...bitch," moaned Kymberly, squeezing her snatch and glaring at Terri.

"You deserved it, bitch," said Terri, rubbing her tit and putting it back under the bra. "You hurt my tit."

"I'm gonna do more than that, slut, if you don't give up," promised Kymberly, getting her wind back now.

"Well, so are you, bitch," said Terri, standing up.

"Oh, bitch, you are really askin' for it," said Kymberly, moving forward.

"Let's go, whore!" shouted Terri as they buried their hands high and deep inside of luscious, flowing hair.

Screaming and swearing, Terri and Kymberly got it on in a wicked hair pulling catfight. For several solid moments the two bronze beauties stood toe-to-toe in an epic fight to tear each other apart. Shaking each other as hard and fast as they could, Terri and Kymberly laid seige to each other as both lost a handful of beautiful hair to the other.

"You cunt!" shouted Terri, her right palm slapping the fuck out of Kymberly's soft cheek.

Terri reloaded and slapped the fuck out of her again as both girls now jerked each other down to the knees and fell forward with their chests smashing together.

"Ooowwww!" cried Kymberly as her head was yanked back.

"Uuunngg!" Terri screamed as her head was jerked sideways.

Calling each other a 'cunt' and 'whore', Terri and Kymberly toppled over on their sides pulling hair as their legs wrestled to encase each other. Back and forth the girls rolled on top of each other. Their breasts and hips rubbing and sliding as their silky, tan thighs flexed and squeezed together.

"Fuckin' bitch," huffed Kymberly, rolling on top.

Terri jerked her off, causing her to scream as she tore out a fist of her hair from the back.

"Miserible skank," puffed Terri, twisting around behind Kymberly and sitting across her back.

"Ooowww!" howled Kymberly, bucking as Terri pulled back on her hair.

Terri scooted her fine, foxy ass backwards atop Kymberly's bouncing, bucking buttocks. Their beautiful butts spread out under their skimpy panties which were now riding up their cracks.

"Say 'uncle'," demanded Terri, stretching back on Kymberly's hair with both hands. "Say it, slut!"

"Oooww gggaaawwdd! Mmmy h-a-i-r!" cried Kymberly, one hand pounding the floor as the other scratched at Terri's wrist.

Terri bounced her foxy ass up and down, flattening out Kymberly's foxy ass as she reached around in front of Kymberly and tore open her plum blouse.

"OK! OK! Uncle! Uncle!" barked Kymberly, fearing that her boobs were about to be attacked. Terri pushed Kymberly's face into the quilt and then gave her ass a slap or two.

"That's better, bitch," she said, then getting off. Backing up, Terri ran her hands thru her flaming hair and massaged her burning scalpe. She breathed deeply as she looked down at Kymberly as she rolled over on her back. Her hands rubbing her head as a couple of tears seeped out of the corner of her eyes and drooled down the sides of her rosey cheeks. She too was breathing deeply as she focused up at her rival standing.

"Bitch," panted Terri, "have you had enough?"

Kymberly brushed away her tears and said, "Oh no. This is far from over."

"Then get up and let's settle it," said Terri a few seconds later.

Getting to her feet, she and Terri slowly circled each other as they sucked in their last breathes before continueing on. They were both tired, sore and hurting, and both had her blouse open beyond her breasts.

"Shall we settle it pullin' hair," suggested Terri.

Kymberly shook her head 'no' and raised up her fists. "Let's fist fight."

Used to the more traditional style of catfighting, Terri had seldom used her fists in a fight, and Kymberly could sense her reluctance.

"Chicken? Afraid I'll knock your fuckin' ass out? you cheap slut."

"Alright, bitch," said Terri, balling up her hands. "I'll fist fight your smelly ass."

With their dukes up, Terri and Kymberly continued to circle as they both promised to knock the other out.

"Bitch!" shouted Terri, lunging with a wild swing.

Kymberly ducked under and drove her right fist home into Terri's bread basket. Terri grunted and doubled over. Kymberly slammed her left fist into her ribs and knocked her around.

"You slut," growled Kymberly as Terri's back faced her.

Taking Terri by the back of the hair with both hands, Kymberly gave her a knee in the ass as she jerked back on her hair. Terri wailed out, and then screamed louder as Kymberly put her knee into small of her back and bowed her backwards. Terri went to her tippy-toes as her body was bent into an arc.

"Oooowwww!!" she cried, her hands pulling on Kymberly's forearms.

Pushing forward, Kymberly steered Terri chest first into the wall. Terri grunted harshly as her protuding breasts took the intial impact. Banging Terri's forehead into the paneling, Kymberly grabbed the back of Terri's red panties and hiked them up her ass.

"Fuuuuuuuccckkk!!" screamed Terri as her 36" buttocks were split and spread with red satin.

"You cunt! Whore!" cursed Kymberly, punching Terri in the kidney.

Spinning Terri around, Kymberly shoved her back against the wall and grabbed her by the tits. Running her hands between Terri's open blouse, Kymberly latched on to the bra-covered tits and squeezed.

"Oooooowww! Mmmmmyyy t-i-t-s!" cried a groggy Terri as she doubled over pulling on Kymberly's hands.

Grabbing a handful of Terri's hair, Kymberly brought up her knee and drove it against Terri's belly. Terri groaned, and was then thrown to the quilts by her hair. With revenge on her mind, Kymberly went to the floor behind her and scissored her legs around Terri's bruised and aching waist. With her forearm clutched around Terri's throat and pressing, Kymberly's other hand slipped inside of Terri's white bra and curled around her right tit. Terri's tit fit Kymberly's hand perfectly, and she cried out as it was painfully squeezed.

Pumping her toned thighs across Terri's quivering tummy, Kymberly started to roll the areola in her fingers and stretch it out. Terri, scratching and screaming couldn't break free as her breast and belly wilted under the intense pressure and pain.

"Uncle! Uncle!"

"It's too late for uncle, bitch," said Kymberly in her ear as she ran her fingernails over Terri's right tit.

Kymberly could feel Terri's body collasping against her, and she really poured it on. She flexed and strained her legs as hard as she could while she pressed her forearm tighter against Terri's throat. Terri was no longer scratching or screaming, but instead gasping for air and pulling gently on Kymberly's arm. In total control, Kymberly was tiring, but also in a taunting mood.

"Had enough, slut?" she whispered in Terri's ear. Terri tried to nod 'yes' as she weakly said it.

"Are you going to work for me Saturday?" asked Kymberly, her hand back on Terri's right tit.

Again Terri nodded 'yes'.

"And then quit?" asked Kymberly, twisting Terri's throbbing nipple.

"Ooh...yes," nodded Terri, weakly. "Just...please." Kymberly relaxed, but kept gently tweaking Terri's nipple, as Terri lay still against her, softly sobbing.

"This wouldn't have happened had we been friends," taunted Kymberly. "I wanted to be friends but you wanted to fight. Are we friends now?"

Terri nodded but said nothing.

"Are you sorry?" asked Kymberly, aiding a bit more pinch to her pull.

"Ooww...yes," sobbed Terri, her hand softly pulling on Kymberly's hand.

Kymberly tightened her thighs around Terri's belly and twisted harder on her areola. "Just how sorry a bitch are you?"

"Oooo...ppplease," Terri, wept. Tears rolling down her cheeks. "I'm very sorry. Please...Kym...I'm so sorry."

"That's right, bitch," whispered Kymberly in her ear. "You ARE sorry!"